G ~ K

Gatsby: The Songs In Concert
9/30/11 ~ New York
Matt Cavenaugh, Max Von Essen, Jenny Powers, Autumn Hurlbert, Megan Sikora
Unsung Musicals Company presents the world premiere of the original score from Gatsby. Presented as part of the 2011 New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF). Songs only-no dialogue. Filmed between heads with spotlight washout, and some generational loss. Filmed from left so the 5th singer (on the right) isn't seen. DVD includes Wonderland B-Roll filmed on side of building so people walk by throughout B+

Gem of the Ocean
2/6/05 ~ Broadway
Phylcia Rashad, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, LisaGay Hamilton, Anthony Chisholm, John Earl Jelks, Eugene Lee, Raynor Scheine
Final performance of this show; great picture and sound A+

Gene Kelly: The Legacy
3/1/14 ~ Pasadena, CA
Patricia Ward Kelly
One quick blackout toward the beginning of the show that lasts about a minute, but the show is otherwise completely intact with no obstruction and no washout; clips occasionally go slightly skewed or off center, but are always watchable; good clear sound; filmed in 16:9 and alternates between close-ups of Patricia and widesnof the video screen. A

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
4/13/06 ~ Rockford, IL
Christina Wolfe, Lindsey Clayton, Nick Mannix, Dawn Timm, Gabriel Beck, Jean Liuzzi, Miki Berg
Crystal clear picture and sound. Beautiful DVD of rarely performed show A+

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - Encores!
5/12/12 ~ New York
Megan Hilty, Rachel York, Aaron Lazar, Steven Boyer, Brennan Brown, Stephen R. Buntrock, Simon Jones, Deborah Rush, Sandra Shipley, Megan Sikora, Clarke Thorell
Filmed from the back of the balcony. Many heads appear in the frame to start, then when the filmer gets his bearings, the video improves greatly. There are a few times (mostly at the beginning) when the filmer replaces some poor video moments with still shots. These still shots are less than 2 or 3 minutes of the entire show. Great video A

A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder
11/3/13 ~ Broadway
Jefferson Mays, Bryce Pinkham, Jane Carr, Lisa O'Hare, Lauren Worsham, Joanna Glushak, Eddie Korbich, Jeff Kready, Jennifer Smith, Don Stephenson, Price Waldman, Catherine Walker Show
Act One shot between heads which at times obstruct the bottom of the stage and the far sides. Clear for Act Two so there's no obstruction there. A-

A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder
5/3/14 ~ Broadway
Jefferson Mays, Bryce Pinkham, Lisa O'Hare, Lauren Worsham, Jane Carr, Joanna Glushak, Eddie Korbich, Pamela Bob
Very well filmed with clear picture and excellent sound; nice video 2 DVDs A

George M
9/12/70 ~ Television Production
Joel Grey, Bernadette Peters, Red Buttons, Jack Cassidy, Blythe Danner, Nanette Fabray, Anita Gillette, Austin Pendleton
Directed by Martin Charnin. Great quality, some dropouts but fine overall. B

2/26/90 ~ New York
Dilys Waiting, John Castle, Stephen Elliot, Melissa Hart A production of New York's Wing's Theatre Company.
Unfortunately, because the filmer sat so close, what is captured is mostly close-ups of the actors legs and feet, but after about an hour or so he moves the camera up a little and actually captures the actor's faces but it's still all filmed in close-ups. B-

Getting Away With Murder
March 1996 ~ Broadway
Christine Ebersole, Terrance Mann, John Rubenstein, Kandis Chappell, Al Espinoza, Frankie R. Faison
Stephen Sondheim's one and only PLAY, co-written with George Furth. A "comedy-thriller" which flopped on Broadway with just 17 official performances. Fuzzy-ish video, but still watchable. This is the only known video of the show. C+

Ghost, The Musical
2/13/10 ~ London, Workshop
Oliver Thompsett, Sharon D. Clark
A musical adaptation of the 1990 film which starred Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg with usic and lyrics by Dave Stewart (of the Eurhythmics); staged reading filmed with multiple cameras, with sound patched directly in from the soundboard. A

Ghost The Musical
8/12/11 ~ London
Caissie Levy, Richard Fleeshman, Sharon D. Clarke, Andrew Langtree
Nicely filmed from the balcony, but heads appear in the frame throughout, occasionally obstructing the action onstage. B+

Ghost The Musical
3/17/12 ~ Broadway
Richard Fleeshman, Caissie Levy, Moya Angela (u/s Oda Mae), Bryce Pinkham, Tyler McGee, Lance Roberts, Michael Balderrama
Beautiful capture and performances of this long awaited Broadway transfer. Well filmed and good clear picture and sound throughout; nice video; a pretty technical and imaginative production. 2 DVDs A

Ghost The Musical
7/28/12 ~ Broadway
Richard Fleeshman, Caissie Levy, Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Bryce Pinkham, Michael Bladerrama, Tyler McGee
Great HD capture of the show toward the end of the run; great dvd to compare the previous one from march with the changes that were made from the previews and the original Oda Mae; good clear picture
and sound 2 DVDs A-

Ghost The Musical
10/4/12 ~ London
Mark Evans (Sam Wheat), Siobhan Dillon (Molly Jensen), Sharon D. Clarke (Oda Mae Brown), Andrew Langtree (Carl Bruner), Ivan de Freitas (Willie Lopez), Craig Stein (Subway Ghost), Ashley Knight (Hospital Ghost), Lisa Davina Phillip (Clara), Jenny Fitzpatrick (Louise)
Nice copy, very well filmed.  The start menu has Start and Chapters on it, but when pressed, nothing happens.  You have to click on the Ghost option to play. A

Ghost: The Musical
2013 ~ UK Tour
Stewart Clarke, Rebecca Trehearn, Wendy Mae Brown, David Roberts, Ivan de Freitas, Stevie Hutchinson
High definition capture filmed on an odd angle with clear picture and nice sound; good video 2 DVDs

Ghost The Musical
1/12/14 ~ Chicago, IL
Steven Grant Douglas, Katie Postotnik, Carla R. Stewart, Robby Haltiwanger, Fernadndo Contreras
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions. Very well filmed with clear picture and great sound 2 DVDs A

Ghost Brothers of Darkland County
10/26/13 ~ Rockford, IL
Emily Skinner, Bruce Greenwood, Peter Albrink, Travis Smith, Jake La Botz, Kylie Brown, Kate Ferber, Lucas Kavner, Eric Moore, Joe Tippett
Beautiful HD capture of the tour from 2013 with no obstructions. Very interesting story and concept by Stephen King and John Mellencamp. 2 DVDs A

Ghosts, The Musical
2006 ~ Altoona, PA
Quinn Allen, Carl Hedberg, Sam Wagner, Dale Busche, Megan Marcaurelle, Gigi Campbell
Filmed using multiple cameras. Crystal clear, nice video A

2/27/11 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Lisa O'Hare, Matt Cavenaugh, William Atherton, Millicent Martin, Susan Denaker, Chryssie Whitehead, Jason Graae, Angela Ara Brown, Richard Bulda, Luke Lazzard, Jonathan Sharp, Leslie Stevens, Yvette Tucker
Very nice video of the production at Reprise in Los Angeles; show contains many of the revisions Lerner made to the original Broadway version during the 1985 London production; one black out during The Contract but it only lasts about a minute, and the rest of the show is intact with no obstruction and very little washout; excellent sound 2 DVDs A

3/28/15 ~ Broadway
Vanessa Hudgens, Victoria Clark, Corey Cott, Dee Hoty, Howard McGillin, Steffanie Leigh. Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions of the Broadway transfer from DC. Vanessa is having so much fun on stage, which it fun to watch. Dee and Victoria never fail in bringing great characters and voices to the stage. Very enjoyable production! 2 Dvds

The Gin Game
1977 ~ Broadway
Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy
Filmed from a single camera on a tripod. Probably filmed to be used as Press Reel footage for promotional purposes. Full show. Considering its age-amazing quality. Some slight generational loss. A-

The Glass Menagerie
1973 ~ Broadway Archive
Katharine Hepburn, Sam Waterston, Joanna Miles, Michael Moriarty
Emmy winning production pro-shot and filmed for television; good quality A

The Glass Menagerie
3/18/05 ~ Broadway
Jessica Lange, Josh Lucas, Sarah Paulson, Christian Slater
Great video lots of close ups a bit of spotlight washout here and there but not bad at all. A+

The Glass Menagerie
9/19/10 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Judith Ivey, Patch Darragh, Keira Keeley, Ben McKenzie
No major blackouts, just one quick drop out in each act; some  obstruction on the sides and bottom, but it doesn't block the action and it's much better in the second act; sound is a bit quiet and buzzy but you can hear everything 2 DVDs B+

Glee Live
5/25/10 ~ Rosemont, IL
Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Dianna Agron, Mark Salling, Amber Riley, Jenna Ushkowitz, Kevin McHale, Chris Colfer, Naya Rivera, Heather Morris
Full show from start to finish with some cover-ups throughout but good clear sound and picture A

Glee Live
5/28/11 ~ Los Angeles
Cory Monteith (Finn), Lea Michele (Rachel), Darren Criss (Blaine), Chris Colfer
(Kurt), Naya Rivera (Santana), Dianna Agron (Quinn), Mark Salling (Puck), Amber
Riley (Mercedes), Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina), Kevin McHale (Artie), Heather Morris(Brittany), Chord Overstreet (Sam), Ashley Fink (Lauren), Harry Shum Jr (Mike).
Some heads in the way a couple of times during the show.

Glee Live
6/3/11 ~ Rosemont, IL
Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Dianna Agron, Mark Salling, Amber Riley, Jenna Ushkowitz, Kevin McHale, Chris Colfer, Naya Rivera, Heather Morris, Chord Overstreet, Darren Criss, Ashley Fink
Awesome concert of the cast of Glee in concert performing many of their hits from the hit Tv show. This one is filmed close and from a side angle; there is about a 4 minute blackout near the end but not too bad A-

Glee Live
6/4/11 ~ Rosemont, IL
Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Dianna Agron, Mark Salling, Amber Riley, Jenna Ushkowitz, Kevin McHale, Chris Colfer, Naya Rivera, Heather Morris, Chord Overstreet, Darren Criss, Ashley Fink
Awesome concert of the cast of Glee in concert performing many of their hits from the hit Tv show. This one is captured from head on and further back, which gives the typical theatrical setting.
Amazing and such a great concert A

Glengarry Glen Ross
4/30/05 ~ Broadway
Liev Schreiber, Alan Alda, Jeffrey Tambor, Gordon Clapp, Tom Wopat, Frederick Weller, John Williamson, Jordan Lage
Amazing video; proshot quality with great sound A+

1963 - CBS TV
Glynis Johns, Harvey Korman, Keith Andres, George Mathews.
"Glynis was a mystery writer, and her penchant for mysteries and her active imagination often got her into trouble, especially when she tried to help Keith with one of his cases (often without his knowledge). She was usually aided in this by Chick Rogers, the superintendent of their apartment building, who happened to be a retired police officer. Generally speaking, Glynis and Chick would discuss a recent crime in the news and be convinced they knew 'who done it'(and usually did), then they would run off to prove it. Glynis never wanted Keith to find out but he always did, and had to come to her rescue. This delightful comedy aired Wed. nights for only 4 months before it was cancelled. Produced by Desilu Studios and created and directed by Jess Oppenheimer whose most successful production, "I Love Lucy", centered around a female wanting to make it big in her husband's career. Unfortunately, lightning doesn't always strike twice. Glynis Johns plays Glynis, a novice mystery writer married to a criminal defense attorney. Glynis finds herself involved in murders by accident, and of course, comes out in the end a winner. Her husband is usually clueless, and instead of a female friend for Glynis, which would be too much of an obvious rip-off of "I Love Lucy’s premise, she has a retired policeman friend to rely on." Three episodes included: 3 Men In A Tub", "Ten Cents A Dance", and "Keep It Cool". In black and white, no commercials... the first two episodes are excellent quality, the third has a bit of generation loss. A real gem to see!

The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia?
2002 ~ Broadway
Mercedes Reuhl, Bill Pullman
Excellent quality video with great picture and sound A

God of Carnage
5/28/09 ~ Broadway
Hope Davis, Jeff Daniels, James Gandolfini, Marcia Gay Harden
Filmed in 16:9 Widescreen; nice clear video with good sound and closeups; nice video A

God of Carnage
2/8/14 ~ La Mirada, CA
Hugo Armstrong, Jamison Jones, Amy Sloan, Maura Vincent
No blackouts and no washout and a slight obstruction across the bottom of the screen that never block the action; clear and steady video and excellent sound; Includes curtain call. A

God Said, Ha!
Saturday Night Live alumna Julia Sweeney scores in a funny and moving one-woman show about a tumultuous year in her life. Her adored brother is diagnosed with cancer and takes up residence in her bedroom, and her parents move down from WashingtonComedy and tragedy comes (like her brother's chemo drip) in measured doses. Official DVD proshot, excellent sound and video. and into the guestroom -- forcing Sweeney to relive her childhood in a bizarre nuclear-family flashback.

Godspell on Camera Three
December 1971 ~ CBS-TV
Meg Bennett, Michael Forella, Bob Garrett, Randee Heller, Ryan Hillard, Joanne Jonas, Elizabeth Lathram, Dean Pitchford, Mark Planner, Howard L. Sponseller Jr.  
Airing just 7 months after the show’s opening and featuring the first replacement cast, this episode was entitled “The Parables Of Godspell”, and features 30 minutes of scenes and songs from the show. Camera Three was a Sunday morning program devoted to the arts. It ran on CBS from January 22 1956 to January 21 1979, and moved to PBS in its final year to make way for the then new CBS News Sunday Morning.  The PBS version ran from October 4 1979 to July 10 1980.  Camera Three featured programs showcasing drama, ballet, art, music, anything involving fine arts.  The DVD has been enhanced with chapter stops for easy access to any scene.  Pristine quality.  30 minutes. A

Godspell Goes to Plimoth Plantation
1972 ~ PBS Television
PBS Thanksgiving special featuring members of the Boston Company of Godspell. Very rare. 30 minutes long A

1997 ~ Dusseldorf, Germany
Bernie Blanks as Jesus.
A little generation loss. Occasional heads in frame but no real obstructions. Songs are in English, dialogue in German. B-

2000 National Tour
Todd Buonoparte, Natalie Joy Johnson, Joseph J. Carney, Kevin Kirkwood, Jessica Carter, Lauren Lebowitz, Sharon Francis, Paige Pardy, Esteban Giron, Sal Sabella, Sarah Hubbard, Michael Yuen
Sharp, crisp video, missing the first few minutes and starts with "Lazarus" scene. Great taping with excellent color and sound.A

Date Unknown ~ New Brunswick, NJ
Semi-pro shot video from the Plays in the Park theater company.  Great production. Some generational loss and spotlight washout. B

11/13/11 ~ Broadway
Hunter Parrish, Wallace Smith, Uzo Aduba, Nick Blaemire, Morgan James, Telly Leung, Lindsay Mendez, George Salazar, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, Joaquina Kalukango (u/s Celisse)
Nice steady capture of this very small show. First five minutes are "wandering" and mostly dark while cast was in audience with cellphones for the Prologue. This is a great ensemble cast show. A-

November 2013 ~ Hamilton, Canada
Eric Charters (Jesus), Dustin Jodway (Judas)
Pro shot, A

Going Hollywood
1983 ~ New York
Harry Groener, Christine Ebersole, Norman Snow, Mary Louise Wilson, George S. Irving, John Glover, Virginia Seidel
Presented at Westside Arts theater. One of at least two readings from that year with more readings scheduled for this coming year; some generational loss. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. B+

Going Out Of Business
3/11/13 ~ Palm Springs
Billed as Kaye Ballard's Farewell Show with appearances by Carol Channing, Peter Marshall, Shecky Green, Gavin MacLeod, Mimi Hines, and others

Golda's Balcony
2007 ~ Pro-Video
Valerie Harper
Written by William Gibson. In a one-woman show with archival films in the background, an almost unrecognizable Valerie Harper recreatesnthe role she took on tour. This is a taped version of the play, with no changes made to the script, but instead of performing on a stage, it is filmed in front of a green screen with video images. This video was released commercially and almost immediately it was pulled from distribution, and is now out of print. A

The Golden Apple
date unknown ~ Chicago, IL
Christine Janson, Ellie Quint, Culver Casson, James Bank, Scott Cheffer, Samuel Franke
The Light Opera Works and Pegasis Players production with full orchestra, full staging, full production based on William and Jean Eckerts design for the original. Professionally filmed with zooms, nice picture and sound throughout 2 DVDs A

The Golden Boy
Great performances and production, but all the Japanese actors are in blackface and afro wigs to represent the black characters. Very odd. In Japanese. Pro shot for video.

The Golden Boy
8/23/89 ~ Coconut Grove, FL
Lillias White,Andre deShields, Obo Babutunde, Lelianie Jones
House camera recording. Mostly full stage with occasional zooms but is a beautiful capture of the show. Clear picture and sound, no generation loss. Beautiful recording A

The Golden Boy - Encores!
3/22/02 ~ Broadway
Alfonso Ribeiro,William McNutley, Anastasia Barzeel, Norm Lewis
Filmed from the orchestra, with occasional heads at the bottom of the screen. Missing the very end of the show. B

The Gondoliers
3/7/08 ~ Southport, UK
Nick Donnolly,Andrew Gardner, Kelli Bond, Heather Lowe, Shaun Moran,Vicky Aindow, Ian Mackley, Caroline Grindley,Tom Mackley, Mark Cracknall, Sue Lee, Sergio Filipe, Steven Wright
Imaginative and creative production of this Gilbert and Sullivan piece, very talented cast, pro-shot filmed with mulitple cameras, excellent audio and video quality. A

Gone with the Wind
2008 ~ The Making of the London Musical
Broadcast in the UK, a Turner Classic Movies camera crew has been given exclusive access to shadow the production, following the process of the cast and crew, led by director Trevor Nunn
and stars Darius Danesh (Rhett Butler) and Jill Paice (Scarlett O'Hara), as they prepare to bring the show to the stage. Nunn, Danesh and Paice are amongst those  who will be interviewed, alongside other members of the cast and crew, as they rehearse the production; there will also be behind-the-scenes footage of marketing campaign meetings and photo shoots. A

Good Doctor, The
Jack O'Brien directed this 1978 televised production of Neil Simon's The Good Doctor. Adapted by Simon from a collection of stories by Russian author and playwright Anton Chekhov, the play features several characters all portrayed by the same six actors. The performers are Edward Asner, Bob Dishy, Gary Dontzig, Lee Grant, Marsha Mason, and Richard Chamberlain, who portrays Chekhov himself. ~ Matthew Tobey, Rovi

Good News
1993 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Michael Gruber, Kim Huber, Linda Michele, Timothy W. Robu, Anne Morrison, Scott Schafer
Video includes a Broadway Beat CD recording and a local news story on the show; nice video with good picture and sound B+

Good People
2/8/11 ~ Broadway
Frances McDormand, Tate Donovan, Estelle Parsons, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Becky Ann Baker, Patrick Carroll
Good clear video with nice picture and sound; disc also includes around a half hour of reviews and interviews. A

Good Vibrations
4/24/05 ~ Broadway
David Larsen, Kate Reinders, Tituss Burgess, Brandon Wardell, Jessica-Snow Wilson, Milena Govich
Some spotlight washout in full shots but not bad; cover ups at the end of songs and an exposure adjustment; last show A

The Goodbye Girl
1993 ~ London
Ann Crumb. Gary Wilmot
Full stage shot with some generation loss and spotlight washout and head in the way sometimes. B

The Goodbye Girl
1993 ~ Broadway
Highlights starring Bernadette Peters and Martin Short in Neil Simon's classic with music by Marvin Hamlisch. Colorful. A must for Bernadette fans! Great performance shots. Plus, a special about the show's opening night. Interviews with Carol Channing, Gwen Verdon, Neil Simon, Marvin Hamlisch and others. A-

The Goodbye Girl
October 1997 ~ Walnut Street Theatre
Donna McKechnie, Tony Freeman, Alyse Wojciechowski, William Ryall, Barbara D Mills Gardner, Mark Zimmerman, Juliet Lambert, Wade Williams, Robert Jensen
Some spotlight washout and minor generation loss; good sound; decent video B

The Goodbye Girl
1998 ~ 1st National Tour
Eddie Mekka, Connie SaLoutos, Amanda Crocker
Filmed during the show's first US tour. The first 20 minutes are recorded through the house camera, then it switches to being filmed from a tripod with zooms and close ups. Some generational loss, nice video B

The Gorey Details,A Musicale
2000 ~ Off-Broadway
Kevin McDermott, Alison Crowley, Allison DeSalvo, Matt Kuehl, Daniel Levine, Christopher Youngsman.
Written and designed by Edward Gorey, with music by Peter Matz. RARE! Well filmed but some spotlight washout. B+

The Gospel at Colonus
1987 ~ Philadelphia, PA
Morgan Freeman, Sam Butler JR, Kevin Davis, Robert Earl Jones, Isabell Monk, J. D. Steele
Pro shot for video. This was filmed on the road in Philadelphia during it's pre-Broadway tour at the American Music Theater Festival. Once the show got to new York-it only enjoyed 61 official
performances. Very nice video A

Gotta Getaway! A Magical Musical Voyage
7/10/84 ~ New York
Liliane Montevecchi, Tony Azito, Loretta Devine, Alyson Reed, The Rockettes
Presented at Radio City Music Hall. Well filmed, and not too bad considering it's age. Some spotlight washout, and color fading. The disc also includes a TV commercial for the show. A-

9/20/12 ~ Broadway
Paul Rudd, Michael Shannon, Kate Arrington, Ed Asner
Well filmed with good picture and sound; good video A

The Graduate
4/17/02 ~ Broadway
Kathleen Turner, Jason Biggs, Alicia Silverstone
Excellent quality video; nice closeups and zooms A

Grand Hotel
10/17/89 ~ Broadway
Brent Barrett, Chip Zien
Camcorder video, major generation loss C

Grand Hotel
June 1991 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Brent Barrett, DeLee Lively, Liliane Montevecchi, Mark Baker
Recorded at the Pantages Theatre from the balcony. Well filmed, but some generational loss. B

Grand Hotel
1/9/92 ~ Broadway
Cyd Charisse, Greg Zerkle, Chip Zien, Lynette Perry, Caitlin Brown
One steady shot from the orchestra with some head obstruction.  Good sound but spotlight washout B

Grand Hotel
8/20/92 ~ London
Brent Barret, Lilianne Montevecchi, Jane Krakowski, Karen Akers
Cam shot, Decent zooms and color, good audio. Well filmed. A little grainy, but not bad beyond that. The audio is good overall, good video. Nice color. B+

Grand Hotel
1995 ~ Australia
Recorded from the House Camera, so it's a stationary full stage shot. A nice capture of this production.A

Grand Hotel
2/23/11 ~ Munich
Elisaweta Gruschinskaja - April Hailer , Otto Kringelein - Gunter Sonneson, Flämmchen - Milica Jovanovic, Baron Felix von Gaigern - Lucius Wolter, Generaldirektor Preysing - Hardy Rudolz, Raffaela Ottanio - Marianne Larsen, Oberst Dr. Otternschlag - Dirk Lohr, Sandor / Zinnowitz - Hansjörg Hack, Rohna, Empfangschef / Chauffeur - Thomas Peters, Erik, Portier - Mario Podrecnik, Jimmy 1 - Tom Schimon, Jimmy 2 - Vladimir Maxim Korneev.
Great capture of this show from the right

A Grand Night For Singing
1993 ~ Broadway
Victoria Clark, Jason Grage, Alyson Reed, Martin Vidnovic, Lynne Wintersteller
Broadway flop with only 52 performances. A revue of Rogers and Hammerstein's songs; nicely filmed with good closeups and sound throughout A

The Grapes of Wrath
1991 ~ Broadway
Gary Sinese, Robert Breuler, Ron Crawford, Mark Deakins, Francis Guinan, Terry Kinney, Sally Murphy, James Noah, Jeff Perry, Christopher M. Russo, Lois Smith, Rick Snyder, Alan Wilder
Pro-shot for PBS; good video A

The Grass Harp
Date Unknown ~ CBC Television
Margaret Whiting and Carol Brice
Good copy of the Camera Three production which was severely abridged but about as close as we'll ever have to a document of the entire musical. Includes some background on the show and lots of dialogue as well. In color, but there is some static at times which can be minimally distracting. A

8/15/95 ~ Manila, Phillapines
Lea Salong.
Great picture and sound. Just a little generation loss. B+

1996 ~ London, Revival
Linzi Hately, Richard Calkin, Samantha Janus, Ben Richards,Adam Garcia, Steven Serlin, Glenn Carter
Very nicely filmed, but tracking "scar" across top of picture and some generational loss. Also missing is a scene at Marty's house and Greased Lightning. C

January 2005 ~ Pittsburgh, PA
Christian Delcroix, Emily Lynn Miller, Nina Petrucci
A production of Pittsburgh Music Theatre at the Bhyam.  Includes pre-show banter with the audience by Miss Lynch.  Semi-pro shot, using one camera on a tripod. A

7/28/07 ~ Broadway Revival
Max Crumm, Laura Osnes, Mathew Saldivar, Jose Restrepo, Ryan Patrick Binder, Daniel Everidge, Lindsey Mendez, Robyn Hurder, Jenny Powers, Kristen Watt, Alison Fischer, Jamison Scott, Susan Blommaert, Jeb Brown, Stephen R Buntrock, Natalie Hill.
Broadway Preview! Includes Curtain Call.

1/4/09 ~ Broadway
Derek Keeling, Ashley Spencer,Ace Young, Xavier Cano,Todd Buonopane, Ryan Patrick Binder, Janine DiVita, Helene Yorke, Lindsay Mendez, Kirsten Wyatt, Allison Fischer, Jamison Scott, Susan Blommaert, Mike McGowan, Natalie Hill, Stephen R. Buntrock
Nice capture of the final show on Broadway, featuring "You're the One that I Want" contestants Derek Keeling and Ashley Spencer, American Idol's Ace Young, and Helene Yorke in her pre-Glinda days; a few blackouts, but most of them are very short.The longest one is during the scene in Marty's bedroom,
and it lasts about 2 minutes, but the video starts again before Freddy, My Love.The first couple minutes of each act are also blacked out, as is the very last minute of act two; a couple of heads in the way, which get annoying at times, but taper tried to work around them; very slight washout, good sound with closeups and wide shots 2 DVDs A

5/6/09 ~ Orange County, CA
Eric Schneider, Emily Padgett, David Ruffin, Nick Verina,Will Blum, Brian Crum, Allie Schulz, Kelly Felthous, Bridie Carroll, Kate Morgan Chadwick, Erin Henry, Scot Patrick Allan, Roxie Lucas, Dominic Fortuna, Dayla Perkins, Taylor Hicks
Fairly steady video with very little washout and blackouts; wanders a little here and there, but nothing too terrible. Filmed with mostly wides and mediums, but a few close-ups throughout; clear sound; includes curtain call and Taylor Hicks' encore performance of Seven Mile Breakdown. 2 DVDs A

February 2010 ~ London
Noel Sullivan, Siobhan Dillon, Toby Anstis, Matthew Goodgame, Victoria Hamilton-Barritt, Lucas Rush, Fay Brookes
Nice capture with a good mix of wides, mediums and close-ups of a very enjoyable production; a bit of obstruction from the railing during the wide shots but it never obstructs the action on stage. Clear sound A

12/18/10 ~ Dusseldorf
Lars Redlich, Sanne Buskermolen, Riccardo Greco, Selvi Rothe, Tino Honegge, Karen Selig, Omri Schein, Annette Potempa, Michael Heller,
Ilka Wolf, Brady van Vaerenbergh, Jasmin Mauter, Yara Hassan, John Davies, Suzana Novosel, Isabel Dan, Kym Boyson, Lauren Strigari, Brian Bishop, Christopher Bolam, Aaron LeBlanc, Christoph Jonas
2 DVDs

2011 ~ U.K. tour
Danny Bayne, Carina Gillsepie, Robin Cousins, Kate Somerset How, Ricky Rojas, Jason Capewell Starring the winner of ITV "Grease Is the Word", A+

The Great American Trailer Park Musical
12/2/05 ~ New York
Marya Grandy, Linda Hart, Shuler Hensley, Kaitlin Hopkins, Leslie Kritzer, Orfeh, Wayne Wilcox.
Matinee performance. Video was filmed from the orchestra section of the theatre, so there are heads at the bottom of the picture, but the filmer does his best to shoot around them. Occasionally blurry. Some nice close ups. Missing the very last minute up the show. B+

The Great American Trailer Park Musical
12/4/05 ~ New York
Orfeh, Shuler Hensley, Linda Hart, Kaitlin Hopkins, Leslie Kritzer, Wayne Wilcox, Marya Grandy
Final performance; some spotlight washout and missed camera shots but nice zooms and sound throughout A-

Great Expectations,The Musical
1995 ~ New York
A staged reading of a musical version of Dicken's classic.A presentation of The Amas Six O'clock Musical Theatre Lab at the Amas Musical Theatre in New York. A

Great Expectations
3/21/13 ~ London
Jack Ellis, Christopher Ellison, Paula Wilcox, Paul Nivison Presented live from the Vaudeville Theatre in the West End.
Video includes red carpet arrivals from the February 7 premiere and behind the scenes footage exclusively for cinema audiences. A

Great Joy! A Holiday Celebration from Broadway
12/15/03 ~ New York
Craig Bierko, Liz Callaway, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Raul Esparza, Tovah Feldshuh, Heathey Headley, Richard Kind, Eartha Kitt, Marc Kudisch, Ricki Lake, Nathan Lane, Norm Lewis, Patti LuPone, Lypsinka, Donna McKechnie, Stephanie Mills, Alfred Molina, Brad Oscar, Rosie Perez, Alice Ripley, Sherie Rene Scott, Marisa Tomei, Stanley Tucci, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Mary Tyler Moore
Actor's Fund concert in association with Sh-K-Boom Records; pro-shot video A+

The Great Sebastians
4/1/57 ~ Producers Showcase / NBC Television
Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne, Akim Tamiroff, Lisa Ferraday, Simon Oakland, Arny Freeman, Stefan Schnabel, Eugenia Rawls
Black and white; good quality picture and sound for its time; the only time, with the exception of the movie "The Guardsman in 1930, you would be able to see the Lunts acting together. Good video A-

Greater Tuna
1983 ~ Kennedy Center, Washington D.C.
Semi pro-shot from house cam, featuring original performers (and co-creators) Jaston Williams and Joe Sears.

Greater Tuna
1985 ~ Ft. Worth, TX (commercially-released production)
Starring original performers (and co-creators), Jaston Williams and Joe Sears, and pro-shot before a live audience at the Will Rogers Memorial Auditorium in Ft. Worth, TX.  Note: this is NOT the rare, copyright-infringing 1984 HBO Broadcast (produced by Norman Lear). This is from a commercially-released taping of the show, produced the following year.

The Green Bird
6/3/00 ~ Broadway
Didi Conn, Ned Eisenberg, Edward Hibbert, Lee Lewis, Katie MacNichol, Kristine Nielsen, Sebastian Roché, Derek Smith, Bruce Turk, Andrew Weem
Good balance of wide angle shots with some really nice close-ups. Took some getting used too; slight shuffling halfway through act I, when the actors are not only onstage but also in the left and right boxes with nice close-ups. B+

7/18/97 ~ Sarasota, FL
Andrew Driscoll, Maxine Wood, Walter Willison, Marianne Carson Rhodes
Music, lyrics and book by Frank Loesser. Presented by the Golden Apple Dinner Theatre. Filmed using one camera on a tripod.  Some slight generational loss. Missing the last few minutes of the show. A-

Greetings From Yorkville
October 2007 ~ New York
Anya Turner, Robert Grusecki
Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Good video A

Grey Gardens
Press Reels

Grey Gardens
3/18/06 ~ New York
Christine Ebersole, Matt Cavanaugh, Sara Gettelfinger, Sarah Hyland, John McMartin, Michael Potts, Bob Stillman, Audrey Twitchell, Mary Louise Wilson
Excellent video with great closeups and nice sound throughout; includes reviews and stories from NY1 A

Grey Gardens
4/9/06 ~ New York
Christine Ebersole, Matt Cavanaugh, Sara Gettelfinger, Sarah Hyland, John McMartin, Michael Potts, Bob Stillman,Audrey Twitchell, Mary Louise Wilson
Great picture and video with good closeups and nice sound throughout although first couple of minutes of Act 2 are audio only but rest is complete A

Grey Gardens
4/30/06 ~ New York
Christine Ebersole, Matt Cavenaugh, Sara Gettelfinger, Sarah Hyland, John McMartin, Michael Potts, Bob Stillman, Audrey Twitchell, Mary Louise Wilson
Excellent video, nicely filmed with great closeups and sound throughout; amazing quality. A+

Grey Gardens
Act One 11/3/06 and Act Two 11/17/06 ~ Broadway
Christine Ebersole, Mary-Louise Wilson, Erin Davie, John McMartin, Bob Stillman
Beautiful video. Shot from balcony. Excellent picture and sound. First video of the Broadway production A-

Grey Gardens
12/6/06 ~ Broadway
Christine Ebersole, Mary Louise Wilson, John McMartin, Bob Stillman, Matt Cavenaugh, Michael Potts, Erin Davie, Sarah Hyland, Kelsey Fowler
Good sound and great close ups make for a very good video; includes interviews and reviews from NY1 A+

Grey Gardens
6/12/07 ~ Broadway
Christine Ebersole, Mary-Louise Wilson, Erin Davis, John McMartin, Matt Cavenaugh
First performance after the Tony Awards; filmed from the left orchestra level with the stage so there are heads sometimes; there are some nice closeups A-

Grey Gardens
7/17/07 ~ Broadway
Maureen Moore (alt), Dale Soules (alt), John McMartin, Matt Cavenaugh, Erin Davie, Michael Potts, Abigail Ferenczy (u/s Jackie Bouvier), Kelsey Fowler, Bob Stillman
Shot from the balcony, so rather high but with absolutely no obstructions or heads. Act 2 looks darn near perfect, but unfortunately Act 1 had tape issues so the colors switch between normal and some weird green/purple concoction; still very watchable and very very nice 2 DVDs A

Spring 1985 ~ Broadway
Ben Vereen, Lee Wallace, Stubby Kaye, Joey Faye, Marion Ramsey, Leilani Jones,Timothy Nolen
Some good closeups but generation loss; surprising good for its age B

Groucho: Gabe Kaplan is Groucho
1982 ~ HBO Films
Gabe Kaplan, Michael Tucci
Professionally filmed for HBO, nice video A

Guys and Dolls On The Record
1992 ~ Broadway
Nathan Lane, Peter Gallagher, Josie DeGuzman, Faith Prince
Documentary style, recording of the cast album.

Guys and Dolls
5/15/92 ~ Broadway
Nathan Lane, Peter Gallagher, Josie DeGuzman, Faith Prince
Washed out, but nice sound. Complete show. C+

Guys And Dolls
2/94 ~ Fort Lauderdale, FL, Tour
Lorna Luft, David Garrison, Richard Muenz, Patricia Ben Peterson, Kevin Ligon, Al DeCristo, James Dybas
This was probably filmed from the lighting booth with the permission of the producers for the cast and crew. Very nicely filmed, and surprisingly good for being more than 20 years old, although some slight generational loss. Fort Lauderdale was the end of the run for Lorna Luft and David Garrison, who toured with the show for two years and 717 performances. They were replaced, and the tour continued for another two years internationally. A- 2 DVDs

Guys And Dolls
1996 ~ Music Theatre Of Wichita, KS
Stephanie J. Block, Stephen Zinnato, Charles Parker
Semi-pro shot using one camera on a tripod. Slight buzzing sound occasionally throughout video-but nothing too bad. Also includes some press reels footage and interviews. A-

Guys And Dolls
July 2005 ~ Long Beach, CA
Patrick De Santis, Bets Malone, Kevin Early, Dynell Leigh, John Massey, Robert Marra, Tami Tappan Damiano, Nils Anderson, Dan Conroy
A production of Musical Theatre West, filmed using one camera on a tripod. Nice video A

Guys and Dolls
11/1/06 ~ West End, London
Patrick Swayze, Samantha Janus, Norman Bowman, Vivien Carter (u/s Sarah), Dominic Watson as (u/s Nicely Nicely), Denise Pitter as (u/s General Cartwright), Nick Cavalier
Good cast; great video with nice picture and sound; excellent video A

Guys And Dolls
2/21/09 ~ Broadway
Oliver Platt, Lauren Graham, Craig Bierko, Kate Jennings Grant, Titus Burgess, Steve Rosen, Mary Testa
Great capture of this fun revival and the best capture of this revival out there. Good picture and clear sound A

Guys And Dolls
3/7/09 ~ Broadway
Oliver Platt, Lauren Graham, Craig Bierko, Kate Jennings Grant, Titus Burgess, Glenn Fleshler, Adam LeFevre, Jim Ortlieb, Steve Rosen, Mary Testa
Quite a few blackouts; most of them are short, except for a long 7 minute one toward the beginning of act one as well as a bit of obstruction, especially on the right side, but taper worked around it as bestas possible; more spotlight washout due to bright lights; good clear sound and some nice closeups; includes complete curtain call 2 DVDs B

Guys and Dolls
3/10/09 ~ Broadway
Oliver Platt, Lauren Graham, Craig Bierko, Kate Jennings Grant, Titus Burgess, Glenn Fleshler, Adam LeFevre, Jim Ortlieb, Steve Rosen, Mary Testa
Video is a nice mix of closeups and full stage shots to see the set and dances; some blackouts, due to ushers seating people who came late; nice capture of this production. Also as a bonus the video also has "Bushel and a Peck" the scene between Nathan and Adelaide and "Adelaide's Lament" from the 2.14.09 Preview Performance also filmed by the taper A-

Guys And Dolls: Hollywood Bowl Concert
7/31/09 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Scott Bakula, Ellen Greene, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Jessica Biel, Ken Page, Beau Bridges, Ruth Williamson, Jason Graae, Herschel Sparber
No blackouts, and only a few seconds of obstruction here and there. Mostly wides and mediums and some washout in places as well, but it's all very watchable. The sound is excellent as always. 2 DVDs A

Guys and Dolls
October 2012 ~ Beverly, MA
Jonathan Hammond (Nathan Detroit), Mylinda Hull (Miss Adelaide), Kelly McCormick (Sarah Brown), Kevin Vortmann (Sky Masterson), Wayne W. Pretlow (Nicely-Nicely Johnson), Ben Roseberry (Benny Southstreet), Jamie Ross (Arvide Abernathy).
Presented “in-the-round” by the North Shore Music Theatre. Filmed using once camera on a tripod with audio patched in from the sound board. The disc also includes a three minute highlights montage used for promotional purposes. A

Date Unknown
Angela Lansbury
About 12 minutes of highlight footage with the time stamp right in the center of the screen B+

1990 ~ Broadway
Tyne Daly, Crista Moore, Jonathan Hadary
Great video with excellent picture and sound A

1991 ~ Waltham, MA
Jana Robbins, Tim Joliat, Michele Pigliavento, Jennifer Condon, Shawn Ingram, Kristin M. Brophy, Terri Ingram, Brenda Haijar
Presented by The Reagle Players; filmed using two cameras; some generation loss and spotlight washout B+

May / June 1992 ~ San Diego, CA
Karen Morrow, Heather Lee
Color washout and mild generation loss. Old but nice for its age B

1992 ~ Music Theatre Of Wichita, KS
Teri Ralston, Sharon Mahoney, Jessica Boevers, Gene Austin, Danny Gurwin
Pro-shot video with some washout and shaky camera movements but great clear sound and nice color, 2DVDS B

1993 ~ Hallmark Entertainment
Bette Middler, Peter Riegert, Cynthia Gibb, Ed Asner.
Better Middler is amazing as Mama. Digital DVD. A+

1998 ~ Papermill Playhouse, New Jersey
Betty Buckley, Deborah Gibson, Alexandra Kiesman, Lenny Wolpe, Laura Bell Bundy, Joe Machota
Well shot video. Some slight graininess, generation loss B-

4/3/03 ~ Broadway
Bernadette Peters, John Dossett, Tammy Blanchard
Shot from 1st row balcony; very clear, no heads, lots of closeups. A

8/13/06 ~ Ravinia Festival
Patti Lupone, Jack Willis, Jessica Boevers, Jen Temen, Leo Ash Evens, Debra Watassek, Jane Blass, Derin Altay and theChicago Symphony Orchestra
Final performance of Patti Lupone in Gypsy at Ravinia; amazing video, very well filmed with great sound and closeups A+

7/29/07 ~ City Centre Encores!
Patti LuPone, Boyd Gaines, Laura Benanti, Leigh Ann Larkin, Tony Yazbeck, Nancy Opel, Alison Fraser.
Final Performance. Another terrific production by Encores! Wonderful performances by all. Includes curtain call part where Patti calls Laurents and Sondheim on stage. A-

Gypsy Revival
3/25/08 ~ Broadway revival
Patti Lupone, Boyd Gaines, Laura Benanti, Leigh Ann Larkin, Tony Yazbeck, Marilyn Caskey, Alison Fraser, Lenora Nemetz, Katie Micha.
A not to be missed production, very detailed and near perfection. Beautifully captured and performances that rival the definition of musical theater. A

Gypsy Revival
4/5/08 ~ Broadway
Patti LuPone, Boyd Gaines, Laura Benanti, Leigh Ann Larkin, Tony Yazbeck, Marilyn Caskey, Alison Fraser, Lenora Nemetz, Katie Micha

2015 ~ London
Imelda Staunton, Lara Pulver, Peter Davison, Billy Hartman, Gemma Suton, Dan Burton, Louise Gold, Lucinda Shaw, Anita Louise Combe.
Staunton’s portrayal of the ultimate showbiz mother was one of the must-sees of 2015, and indeed she’s been hailed by many as the best Momma Rose ever seen on stage. Filmed at London`s Savoy Theatre for BBC. 2 DVDs A+

Gypsy - Ultimate Edit DVD
Using the best available footage from videos, press reels, talk show performances and the internet, this is a best of video featuring the recent revival cast of Gypsy with Patti LuPone A

3rd Gypsy Of The Year Awards
12/3/91 ~ New York
Hosted by Jonathan Hadary, with special guest Maureen McGovern.  The third annual fund-raising event for BC/EFA raised a total of $205,000.00, and featured performances from the casts of Return To The Forbidden Planet, Grand Hotel, Once On This Island, Cats, The Phantom Of The Opera, Pageant, Forever Plaid, City Of Angels, Nick & Nora, Les Miserables, And The World Goes ‘Round, The Secret Garden, Nunsense, The Will Rogers Follies, and Miss Saigon.  Filmed using one camera on a tripod.  Some slight generational loss.  A-

11th Gypsy Of The Year Awards
1999 ~ New York
Pro-shot for video. A

12th Gypsy Of The Year Awards
2000 ~ New York
Pro-shot for video. A

15th Gypsy of the Year Competition
Pro-shot for video. A

17th Gypsy of the Year Awards
2005 ~ New York
Hosted by Brad Garrett and Lee Wilkoff.  Judges for the event are Bryan Batt, Walter Bobbie, Judy Dove, Judy Kaye, Andrea McArdle, Hal Luftig, John E. Walker.  Featuring casts from: Peter Pan, Urinetown, Sweeney Todd, Beauty & The Beast, Trailer Park Musical, The Lion King, Fiddler On The Roof, Spelling Bee, Menopause The Musical, In My Life, Chicago, Wicked, Hairspray, Mamma Mia, Naked Boys Singing, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Movin Out, in parodies of their shows and others.  Very funny and very enjoyable! Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS 17th annual benefit  presentation.  Filmed at New York's Neil Simon Theatre.  Pro shot for video.   A

18th Gypsy of the Year Competition
12/5/06 ~ New York, 12/5/06
A Chorus Line, Urinetown, The Lion King, Beauty & the Beast, 25th Annual Spelling Bee, Fame Becomes Me, Hairspray, The Times They Are a Changin', Spamalot, Rent, The Drowsy Chaperone, The Fantasticks, The Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia, Little Dog Laughed, The Color Purple plus more, Pro shot. A

23rd Gypsy Of The Year Awards
12/6/11 ~ New York
The 23rd Annual Gypsy of the Year Competition raised an all-time high $4,895,253, thanks to the tireless work of 53 participating Broadway, Off-Broadway and national touring companies during six weeks of intensive fundraising during the fall season. Since 1989, the 23 editions of Gypsy of the Year have raised a total of $49,031,973 to benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. The previous fundraising record was $4.6 million in 2009. Last year's event raised $3.7 million. Hugh Jackman, Bernadette Peters and Daniel Radcliffe announced the grand total to a standing-room-only audience at the New Amsterdam Theatre, home to Disney's Mary Poppins. Multi-camera, pro-shot for video.   A

The Habit of Art
4/22/10 ~ London
Richard Griffiths, Alex Jennings, Tom Attwood, Laurence Belcher, Danny Burns, Martin Chamberlain, Philip Childs, John Heffernan, Frances de la Tour.
Multiple cameras Proshot of the new production at the National Theatre. Broadcast live in cinemas through a satellite feed and this was captured from that feed. Perfect 5.1 sound and HD video. Includes a behind-the-scenes featurette. 2 DVDs

Ha’penny Bridge
2005 ~ Ireland
Written by Alastair McGuckian. Directed by Cathal MacCabe.
Starring Annalene Beechey, Stephen Ashfield, Eileen Reid, Joseph O' Gorman, Flo McSweeney, John Conroy, Karl Harpur, Mark Lambert and Mark O' Regan.
Pro-shot A+

Hair... For the Next Generation
1988 ~ New York
United Nations Concert pro-shot performance with Melba Moore, Paul Jabara, Heather MacRae, Treat Williams, Nell Carter, Andre DeShields, Donna Summer, Bea Arthur, Frank Stallone, Jay Leno, Rex Smith, Chuck Magione
Great picture and sound quality. Includes nine new songs. A

Unknown Date ~ Company Theater, Norwell, MA
Older capture from videotape, but clear. Good color, performances and staging. Steady camerawork. B+

August 1998 ~ Beverly, MA
Tom Stuart, Matt Walton, Rachel Stern, Jennifer Cody, Kimberly Jajuan, Cathy Trien, Kevin R. Free, Sean Jenness
Filmed using multiple cameras, with sound patched directly into the camera from the soundboard. Not the complete show-highlights only, but almost all of the show is included. Some slight generational loss.

Hair - Encores
8/5/00 ~ Broadway
Idina Menzel, Tom Plotkin, Luther Creek, Miriam Schor, Michael McElroy, Brandi Chavonne Massey, Kevin Cahoon
Excellent video with lots of zooms A-

Hair - Reprise Concert
June 2001 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Sam Harris, Steven Webber, Jennifer Leigh Warren, Rod Keller, Allan Louis, Stacy Francis, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Alisan Porter
Rare and interesting concert version of the show. Excellent video with great closeups and sound. A

2001 ~ Vienna Austria
Drew Sarich, Kyrre Kvam, Sasua Meyer, Ilse La Monaca, Kundra Owens, Pehton D. Quirante, Cedric Lee Bradley, Shelia Marie Kasey, Erick Minsk, Dave Moskin
Great Production.  Some generational loss, and a bit on the dark side.  In English.   B-

8/19/03 ~ Provincetown, MA
Adam Berry, Anna Henning, Steven Allen Couch
A Production of Provincetown Theatre Company. House camera with great sound. A

Hair - Actor’s Fund BCEFA Concert
9/19/04 ~ New York
Shoshana Bean, Laura Benanti, Kathy Brier, Jim J. Bullock, Liz Callaway, Paul Castree, Chuck Cooper, Gavin Creel, Darius de Haas, Lea DeLaria, Raul Esparza, Harvey Fierstein, Ana Gasteyer, Annie Golden, Ann Harada, Jackie Hoffman, Jeffifer Hudson, Norm Lewis, Brandi Chavonne Massey, Michael McKean, Euan Morton, Julia Murney, Nancy Opel, Orfeh, Adam Pascal, Billy Porter, Jai Rodriguez, RuPaul, Christopher Sieber, Shayna Steele, John Tartaglia, Toxic Audio, Lillias White, Harris Doran
Final Rehersal of the BCEFA one night benefit; very clear, first generation video! Complete show, but with frequent breaks for stage directions etc. Performers are in their street clothes A

Hair - Actor’s Fund BCEFA Concert
9/20/04 ~ New York
Shoshana Bean, Laura Benanti, Kathy Brier, Jm J. Bullock, Liz Callaway, Paul Castree, Chuck Cooper, Gavin Creel, Darius de Haas, Lea DeLaria, Raul Esparza, Harvey Fierstein, Ana Gasteyer, Annie Golden, Ann Harada, Jackie Hoffman, Jeffifer Hudson, Norm Lewis, Brandi Chavonne Massey, Michael McKean, Euan Morton, Julia Murney, Nancy Opel, Orfeh, Adam Pascal, Billy Porter, Jai Rodriguez, RuPaul, Christopher Sieber, Shayna Steele, John Tartaglia, Toxic Audio, Lillias White, Harris Doran
BCEFA Pro video of the one night only Actors’ Fund Benefit Concert at the New Amsterdam Theatre A+

July/August 2007 ~ Amstetten, Austria
Rob Fowler (Berger), Mark Seibert (Claude), Sabine Mayer (Sheila), Kudra Owens (Dionne), Pehton Quirante (Woof), Ruben heernveen (Hud), Ruben Heernveen (Hud), Christa Helige (Jeanie), Lucca Züchner (Crissy)
Pro-Shot! In German! 2 Discs! A+

7/9/08 ~ Theory’s Preview Performance, New York
Jonathan Groff (Claude), Will Swenson (Berger), Bryce Ryness (Woof), Kacie Shiek, and rest of cast. This footage is from the free performance preview of the Public Theatre's Shakespeare in the Park production of "Hair" at Theory's New York store on the Plaza. Only three songs (Hair, I Got Life, Let The Sunshine In) on one DVD with scene selection.  Total run time is about 12 minutes.   A

3/15/09 ~ Broadway
Gavin Creel, Will Swenson, Caissie Levy, Sasha Allen, Allison Case, Andrew Kober, Megan Lawrence, Darius Nichols, Bryce Ryness, Kacie Sheik
Fantastic widescreen capture. About 10 minutes of tiny blackouts during Act 1 when the Cast is in the Aisle, but besides that very steady capture with great close-ups, and wide-shots. Absolutely not a touch of spotlight washout. A

9/4/10 ~ London
Kevin Kern, Steel Burkhardt, Caissie Levy, Sasha Allen, Kacie Sheik, Allison Case, Matt DeAngelis, Darius Nichols, Ato Blankson-Wood, Lauren Elder, Allison Guinn, Phyre Hawkins, Crystal Joy, Kaitlin Kiyan, Andrew Kober, John Moauro, Aki Omoshaybi, Brandon Pearson, Megan Reinking, Paris Remillard, Oliver Roll, Hannah Shankman, Maya Sharpe, Patrick Smyth,  Donna Steele, Liam Tamne.
Second-to-last performance, final matinee; video is incomplete, running just under 90 minutes and includes the following songs and scenes: Act 1: Ain't Got No (partial), I Believe in Love, Air, Draft Notice (scene), I Got Life, Initials (partial), High School (scene), Going Down, "Haggle of hippi"
(scene), Hair (partial), My Conviction, the yellow shirt scene, Easy to Be Hard, Hung up (scene), Frank Mills, burning the draft cards scene (the second part of Hare Krishna), Where Do I Go; Act 2: Claude's gift-giving scene (starting with Kaitlin's gift), Black Boys/White Boys, Walking in Space (partial), Roll Call, Minuet, Yes I's Finished, Abie Baby, Give Up All Desires, Three-Five-Zero-Zero (partial), What a Piece of Work Is Man, How Dare They Try, "Last night of the world" (scene), Good Morning Starshine, all song reprises, The Flesh Failures/Let the Sun Shine In; excellent video A

10/28/10 ~ Washington, D.C.
Steel Burkhardt, Paris Remillard, Phyre Hawkins, Matt DeAngelis, Darius Nichols, Caren Lyn Tackett, Kacie Sheik, Kaitlin Kiyan
Beautiful capture of the Opening Night performance of the Tour cast. Very nice video with clear picture and sound A

1/30/11 ~ Costa Mesa, CA
Paris Remillard, Steel Burkhardt, Caren Lyn Tackett, Phyre Hawkins, Matt DeAngelis, Kacie Sheik, Darius Nichols, Kaitlin Kiyan, Allison Guinn, Josh Lamon, Lee Zarrett, Lulu Fall, Shaleah Adkisson,
Nicholas Belton, Marshal Kennedy Carolan, Mike Evariste, Nkrumah Gatling, Allison Guinn, John Moauro, Christine Nolan, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Arbender Robinson, Cailan Rose, Sara Ruzicka, Jen Sese
Great capture of the tour; a total of four blackouts in Act I: the first two minutes of "Aquarius", both "Ain't Got No", and the last minute of "Hair" with the rest of the show is intact, with no obstruction and very little washout. Includes curtain call. Very nice video 2 DVDs A-

Hair - Hollywood Bowl Concert
8/1/14 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Hunter Parrish, Benjamin Walker, Kristen Bell, Amber Riley, Jonah Platt, Jenna Ushkowitz, Mario, Sarah Hyland, Beverly D'Angelo, Kevin Chamberlin, Amanda Balen, Carly Bracco, Jennifer Foster, Taylor Frey, Courtney Galiano, Nkrumah Gatling, Rhett George, Kyle Hill, Jeremy Hudson, Joanna Alexis Jones, Yani Marin, Kimberly Moore, Maurice Murphy, Jane Papageorge, Louis Pardo, Matthew Peacock, Corbin Reid, Johnny Rice, Haylee Roderick, Cailan Rose, Constantine Rousouli, Rustin Cole Sailors, Hanna-Lee Sakakibara, Isaac Tualaulelei
Filmed on a tripod, so it's very steady except for the occasional jerkiness when panning; video sometimes a little grainy due to the distance from the stage, but well captured with no blackouts; filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups; excellent sound and includes curtain call and encore; nice video 2 DVDs A-

Ultimate DVD Edition
2 DVDs

Press Reel ~ Broadway
Harvey Fierstein, Marissa Janet Winokur, Matthew Morrison, Laura Bell Bundy, Kerry Butler, Linda Hart, Dick Latessa, Corey Reynolds. A

7/29/02 ~ Broadway
Harvey Fierstein, Marissa Janet Winokur, Mattthew Morrison, Laura Bell Bundy, Kerry Butler, Linda Hart, Dick Latessa, Corey Reynolds, Clarke Thorell, Mary Bond Davis
Digital, Shot from first row mezzanine. Lots of close-ups. Second act has some scenes where it's just the whole stage, because of ushers watching. A+

8/31/02 ~ Broadway
Harvey Fierstein, Marissa Janet Winokur, Mattthew Morrison, Laura Bell Bundy, Kerry Butler, Linda Hart, Dick Latessa, Corey Reynolds, Clarke Thorell, Mary Bond Davis
Good video with coverups throughout and some heads in the way; nice sound; A-

10/9/02 ~ Broadway
Harvey Fierstein, Marissa Janet Winokur, Mattthew Morrison, Laura Bell Bundy, Kerry Butler, Linda Hart, Dick Latessa, Peter Matthew Smith (u/s), Corey Reynolds, Mary Bond Davis
Begins during “Nicest Kids in Town”; one or two cover-ups and slightly shaky but beautiful video and comparable to 7/29 one; Camcorder-1st generation . Video includes the 2002 Gypsy of the Year skit after the show A

1/4/03 ~ Broadway
Harvey Fierstein, Marissa Janet Winokur, Mattthew Morrison, Laura Bell Bundy,
Kerry Butler, Linda Hart, Dick Latessa, Corey Reynolds, Clarke Thorell, Danelle Eugenia Wilson, Mary Bond Davis
Digital video. Quick cut during "Cooties" for a battery flip A

11/5/03 ~ Broadway
Harvey Fierstein, Kathy Brier, Matthew Morrison, Jennifer Gambatese, Dick Latessa, Chester Gregory, Clark Thorell, Mary Bond Davis
Excellent video with great picture and sound. A-

9/4/05 ~ Philadelphia, PA
Keala Settle, JP Dougherty, Jim J. Bullock, Serge Kushnier, Jane Blass (u/s), Charlotte Crossley, Chandra Lee Schwartz, Alan Mingo Jr, Worth Williams, Paul McQuillan
Second Act only; video is excellent quailty, filmed from the 4th or 5th row left side of the mezz. Tons of closeups, no real obstructions. A

12/13/05 ~ Chicago
Keala Settle, Dale Calandra (u/s), Jim J. Bullock, Melissa Larsen (u/s), Aaron Tveit, Charlotte Crossley, Susan Henley, Tara Macri
Clear picture and sound; about four minutes total of blackouts but sound throughout A

1/31/06 ~ Broadway
John Pinette, Michelle Dowdy, Stephen DeRosa, Darlene Love, Tevin Campbell, Michael Cunio, Tracy Miller, Kevin Meaney , Becky Gulsvig , Julie Halston, Leah Hocking
Good video with issues; act one cover up right before "It Takes Two" and through to end of song; act 2 starts with sound only for first 4 minutes to the end of "Big Doll House", last 4 minutes of act 2 is sound only and no cutain call. B+

9/27/06 ~ Rockford, IL
Brooklynn Pulver, Jerry O'Boyle, Pearl Thomas, Alyssa Malgeri, Happy McPartlin, Dan Ferretti, Christian White,Yvette Monique Clark
Clear picture and sound with excellent closeups and nicely captured show in general A+

11/25/06 ~ Broadway
Shannon Durig, Blake Hammond, Diana DeGarmo, Stephen DeRosa, Darlene Love, Tevin Campbell, Jonathan Dokuchitz, Lisa Jolley, Isabel Keating, Tara Macri, Kevin Meaney, Naturi Naughton, Aaron Tveit
Amazingly clear picture and sound, shot from the front row of the mezzanine with no obstructions, gorgeous close-ups and one short cover up; easily the nicest Hairspray video I have ever seen, makes me want to see it again. 2 DVDs A+

3/25/07 ~ Broadway
Michelle Dowdy (u/s), Paul Vogt, Alexa Vega, Ashley Parker Angel, Scott Davidson (u/s), Susan Mosher (u/s), Jonathan Dokuchitz, Darlene Love, Hayley Podschun (u/s), Tevin Campbel, Leslie McDonel (u/s), Naturi Naughton Some great close ups, but moments of obstruction due to heads in the way and the video is a little shaky; after the first 6 minutes, it gets better; still a nice video for a first timer.
Great moment at the start of Act 2, from the taper “during the jail scene when the Matron says "exercise!" and they all start to do jumping jacks.. Alexa started her jumping jacks and her harmonica flew up out of her pocket and without losing a beat she caught it and continued the scene. It was a riot. She was laughing.” 2 DVDs A-

August 2007 ~ Music Theatre Of Wichita, KS
Annie Funke, Blake Hammond,Todd DuBail, Stephanie Martignetti, Deanna Glover, Alex Still,Audrey Neenan, Robert Hartwell
Filmed using one camera on a tripod with sound patched in directly from the sound board. Disc also includes TV commercials for the production. 2 DVDs A

10/16/07 ~ West End, London
Michael Ball, Mel Smith, Leanne Jones, Ben James-Ellis, Tracie Bennett, Elinor Collett, Johnnie Fiori, Adrian Hansel, Rachael Wooding.
Very good, clear video with excellent sound and a very excited audience; very good video A

12/16/07 ~ Broadway
Shannon Durig, George Wendt, Ashley Parker Angel, Ashley Spencer, Gretchen Bieber (u/s Velma), Lance Bass, Tevin Campbell, Terita Redd (u/s Motormouth), Naturi Naughton, Hayley Podschun (u/s Penny), Tom Rooney
Beautiful filmed with lots of great closeups. Shot around heads so there are some heads in the way during full stage shots, but overall its a great video. A

2/1/08 ~ Thousand Oaks, CA
Brooklynn Pulver, Jerry O'Boyle, Sharon Malane, Constantine Rousouli, Donnell James Foreman, Pearl Thomas, Jarret Mallon, Kristin Stewart, Dan Ferretti, Angela Birchett, Marsena Eunice Bowers, Arjana Andris, Greg London
A little shaky now and then, and a little dark; one brief blackout during "The Nicest Kids in Town". The only minor obstruction is when action is at farthest downstage; still a nice video A-

7/11/08 ~ Broadway
Marissa Perry, George Wendt, Jennifer Lewis, Ashley Parker Angel, Karen Mason, Tevin Campbell, Ken Marks, Leslie Goddard (u/s Penny), Ashley Spencer, Susan Mosher, Clarke Thorell, Naturi Naughton, Kevin Meaney
Highlights; contains the following: "Good Morning Baltimore", part of "Nicest Kids in Town", "Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now", "I Can Hear The Bells", "Miss Baltimore Crabs", Detention, "The Madison", "Welcome To The 60s", end part of "Run and Tell", Motormouth's Record Shop, "Big, Blonde & Beautiful", Act Two is complete through the end of "Timeless To Me"; video is a combo of full stage shots and closeups, with no real obstructions. B+

11/19/08 ~ Philadelphia, PA
Amy Toporek, Michael Walker, Josh Young, Kate Fahrner, Joilet F. Harris, Ben Dibble, Liz Kimball, Domonique Paton, Denise Whelan, Neil Totton, Connie Shafer, John-Charles Kelly
Highlights; nice video of a solid regional production; contains all the musical numbers (except the song "Hairspray"). No real obstructions. It's interesting to see "Hairspray" staged different than the Broadway production, although some things are the same; nice sound and good video A

1/3/09 ~ Broadway
Harvey Fierstein, Marissa Janet Winokur, Clarke Thorell, Constantine Rousouli, Kate Loprest, Niki Scalera, Tevin Campbell, Charlotte Crossley, Susan Mosher, Melissa VanPelt, Karen Mason, Ken Marks
Third to last performance on Broadway, and only video done during Marissa and Harvey's final run. Quite a few blackouts, but none of them last for more than 30 seconds or a minute; filmed mostly wide and medium shots, with some close-ups; head in the way at times but taper films around it; some washout in the wides. Curtain call is included. 2 DVDs A-

3/20/10 ~ Cologne
Uwe Ochsenknecht (Edna Turnblad), Jessica Jäde (Tracy Turnblad), Martin Berger (Wilbur Turnblad), Nicole Berendsen (Velma von Tussle), Leoni Oeffinger (Amber von Tussle), Rob Fowler (Corny Collins), Leila Vallio (Penny Pingleton), Michael Heller (Link Larkin), Amber Schoop (Motormouth Maybelle), Julius Williams III. (Seaweed J. Stubbs), Denise Obedekah (Inez), Eric Minsk.
Quality: 2 DVDs A-

4/8/10 ~ Cologne
Jessica Jäde (Tracy Turnblad), Tetje Mierendorf (Edna Turnblad), Martin Berger (Wilbur Turnblad), Nicole Berendsen (Velma von Tussle), Tineke Ogink (Amber von Tussle), Michael Ernst (Corny Collins), Jana Stelley (Penny Pingleton), Daniel Berini (Link Larkin), Deborah Woodson (Motormouth Maybelle), Tedros Teclebrhan (Seaweed J. Stubbs), Denise Obedekah (Inez), Eric Minsk (Mr. Spritzer/Mr. Pinky).
Digitally filmed. Really good sound & picture.  2 DVDs A

4/11/10 ~ Orange County, CA
Danielle Arci, Jerry O'Boyle, Ryan Rubek, Erin Sullivan, Amber Rees, Richard Crandle, Benjamin J McHugh, Debra Thais Evans, Colleen Kazemek, Mark A Harmon, Marsena Eunice Bowers, Jorie Janeway
Good video of the non-Equity tour; filmed in mostly wides and mediums, with a few close-ups; very little washout except in some of the wides with no obstruction or blackouts. Nice clear video with great sound A

5/2/10 ~ Cologne
Uwe Ochsenknecht (Edna Turnblad), Maite Kelly (Tracy Turnblad), Martin Berger (Wilbur Turnblad), Nicole Berendsen (Velma von Tussle), Tineke Ogink (Amber von Tussle), Rob Fowler (Corny Collins), Jana Stelley (Penny Pingleton), Daniel Berini (Link Larkin), Julia Davine (Motormouth Maybelle), Tedros Teclebrhan (Seaweed J. Stubbs), Denise Obedekah (Inez), Sarah Schütz (Prudy Pingleton), Eric Minsk (Mr. Spritzer/Mr. Pinky).
Digitally filmed. Really good sound & picture. 2 DVDs. Quality A

9/24/10 ~ Cologne
Cast: Tetje Mierendorf (Edna Turnblad), Maite Kelly (Tracy Turnblad), Leon van Leeuwenberg (Wilbur Turnblad), Nicole Berendsen (Velma von Tussle), Tineke Ogink (Amber von Tussle), Lars Redlich (Corny Collins), Marleen de Vries (Penny Pingleton), Daniel Berini (Link Larkin), Deborah Woodson (Motormouth Maybelle), Tedros Teclebrhan (Seaweed J. Stubbs), Denise Obedekah (Inez), Sarah Schütz (Prudy Pingleton), Eric Minsk (Mr. Spritzer/Mr. Pink).
Quality: 2 DVDs A-

2010 ~ UK Tour
Brian Conley, Les Dennis, Laurie Scarth, Liam Doyle, Gillian Kirkpatrick, Danny Bayne.
This lavish show is perfectly shot with no obstructions or blackouts, best one I have seen
Since the video from the music theatre of Wichita surfaced. Great performances. A+ 2 DVDs

February 2011 ~ UK Tour
Michael Starke, Laurie Scarth, Mickey Dolenz
Act 1 and Act 2 were filmed on different nights, and Act 2 has some understudies. Very nicely filmed and crystal clear with no obstructions. 2 DVDs A

July 2011 ~ Plays in the Park. NJ
Melanie Porras, Richard Colonna, Michael Fernandes, Amanda Braun, Emily Phillips, Lyle Dungee, Eric Harper, Jonathan Fishman, Mimi Francis, Cindy Chalt, Amber Palmer
Pro-shot video with clear picture and sound; very nice video 2 DVDs A

Hairspray: Hollywood Bowl Concert
8/6/11 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Marissa Jaret Winokur, Harvey Fierstein, Diana DeGarmo, Susan Anton, Corbin Bleu, Drew Carey, Mo Gaffey, Nick Jonas, Darlene Love, Tara Macri, Michael McDonald, John Stamos, Chyka Jackson
Filmed in a 16:9 ratio in a combination of wides, mediums, and very few close-ups; a few obstructions and a couple of washouts, as well as somewhat fuzzy in the close-ups; picture is shaky at times; songs cut out were "The Legend of Miss Baltimore Crabs", "Velma's Revenge", and "Cooties." Otherwise a nice video B+

5/10/13 ~ Glasgow, UK Tour
Mark Benton, Lucy Benjamin, Marcus Collins, Freya Sutton, Luke Striffler
A wonderful cast! Freya is outstanding. Filmed with an iPod from the front row of the Grand Circle. Stationary full stage shot, off centre though. Act 1 only, cuts off about 35 minutes in due to camera stopping. Some pretty bad spotlight washout throughout the video. The only known recording of this cast so far.

Hairspray OBC On The Caroline Rhea Show
6/25/03 ~ TV
Featuring Matthew Morrison, Marissa Jaret Winokor, Linda Hart, Laura Bell Bundy, Jackie Hoffman, Clarke Thorell, Joel Vig, Danelle Wilson, Shayna Steele, Judine Somerville and Kamilah Marshall. Harvey Fierstein introduces.

Half a Sixpence
May 2002 - Australia
Steve O’Neil
Good clear video with great closeups and clear sound; production from the Ballarat Light Opera Company B+

Hallelujah Hollywood: A Tribute to Magic World of MGM
1981 ~ MGM Grand, Las Vegas/HBO
Hosted by Gene Kelly. The lavish extravaganza with a cast of over 100 including topless showgirls in the closing performance after 5000+ shows. Also on the DVD is Cher in Concert in Monte Carlo. A-

2009 ~ BBC Television
David Tennant, Patrick Stewart, Penny Downie, Oliver Ford  Davies, Mariah Gale, Edward Bennett
Proshot for BBC by the Royal Shakespeare Company A+

Hand to God
4/12/15 ~ Broadway
Steven Boyer, Geneva Carr, Marc Kudisch, Michael Oberholtzer, Sarah Stiles.
Beautiful HD capture of this hilarious new play. With glowing reviews this will for sure be a Tony contender. The cast is hysterically perfect with lightning fast paced comedy and larger than life characters! 2 DVDS

Hands on a Hardbody
6/2/12 ~ La Jolla, CA
Keith Carradine, Hunter Foster, Allison Case, Jay Armstrong Johnson, David Larsen, Jacob Ming-Trent, Kathleen Monteleone, Keala Settle, Jon Rua, William Youmans, Dale Soules
Beautiful HD capture of the Pre-Broadway production with no obstructions. A very solid cast and a fun story based on a real documentary of the same name from the late 90s. Great clear picture and sound 2 DVDs A

Hands on a Hardbody
4/10/13 ~ Broadway
Keith Carradine, Allison Case, Hunter Foster, Jay Armstrong Johnson, David Larsen, Jacob Ming-Trent, Kathleen Elizabeth Monteleone, Mary Gordon Murray, Jim Newman, Connie Ray, Jon Rua, Keala Settle, Dale Soules, Scott Wakefield, William Youmans
Very well-filmed video with good close-ups, stage shots and nice clear sound throughout; good video. A

Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates
2/9/58 ~ NBC-TV
Tab Hunter, Peggy King, Basil Rathbone, Dick Button
The ice sequences got more attention than the songs,  but the show was a tremendous ratings success. In Black and white. A-

Hansel And Gretel
4/27/58 ~ TV
Red Buttons, Barbara Cook, Rise Stevens, Rudy Valee, Stubby Kaye, Hans Conried

The Happiest Girl In The World, In Concert
10/25/00 ~ San Diego, CA
Music by Jacques Offenbach, lyrics by E.Y. “Yip” Harburg.  Presented during San Diego State University’s “Hip To Yip” Celebration. This 1961 Broadway musical comedy is based on Aristophanes' Lysistrata and set in ancient Greece, where the women of Athens hold a sex strike to stop the war in which their husbands are engaged.  Filmed using one camera on a tripod. A-

The Happiest Millionaire
5/19/11 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Paul Michael Nieman, Andrea Stradling, Darryl Maximilian Robinson, Robert Altpeter, Eric Mello, Brian Alexander
Written by Kyle Crighton. Presented by The Glendale Center Theatre. Presented "in-the-round". Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Good clear picture and sound A

Happy Days: The Musical
1/9/09 ~ Milwaukee, WI
Joey Sorge, Steven Booth, Cynthia Ferrer, Felicia Finley, Whitney Bashor, Chris Fore, John Massey, James Micahel Lambert
A new musical based on the beloved TV series that had a brief national tour in 2009. An excellenct capture of a fun musical that is very faithful to the series and a must for any fan; clear picture and good sound A

Happy End
1985 ~ Washington D.C.
Casey Biggs, Marilyn Caskey, Richard Bauer, Joe Palmieri.  
Kurt Weill/Bertolt Brecht operetta performed live for TV.  A presentation of The Arena Theatre, Washington DC.

The Happy Time
3/7/07 ~ New York
Timothy Warmen, David Geinosky, Sarah Solie, George S. Irving
Concert version of Kander and Ebb's 1968 show as part of the Musicals Tonight! series; sound is fine and action is well captured albeit with spotlight washout and camera covering up; John Kander was reportedly seen wiping away tears in the front row; interesting video B

The Hard Problem
4/16/15 ~ London
Pro-Shot Olivia Vinall, Damien Molony, Anthony Calf, Kristin Atherton, Rosie Hilal, Parth Thakerar, Vera Chok, Jonathan Coy
Multiple cameras Proshot of the new production at the National Theatre. Broadcast live in cinemas through a satellite feed and this was captured from that feed. Perfect 5.1 sound and HD video. Includes a behind-the-scenes featurette and optional English subtitles throughout the performance.

The Harder They Come
Summer 2008 ~ London
Rolan Bell, Joanna Francis, Marlon King, Susan Lawson-Reynolds, Joy Mack, Marcus Powell, Chriss Tummings,Victor Romero Evans, Karlene Wray, Derek Elroy, Christopher J A Murrell, Joe Speare,
Matthew J Henry, Jacqui Dubois, Kirk Patterson
Hard matted widescreen, otherwise an excellent preservation of this fantastic show. Audio from the soundboard. Very little washout. Has audience comments at the end. A

3/9/14 ~ Los Angeles
Wayne Alan Wilcox ("Rabbi" Josef Roman Cykowski), Will Blum (Ari "Lesh" Leshnikoff), Matt Bailey (Harry Frommerman), Will Taylor (Erwin "Chopin" Bootz), Chris Dwan (Erich Collin), Douglas Williams (Bobby Biberti), Leigh Ann Larkin (Mary Hegel), Hanna Corneau (Ruth Stern)
Beautifully filmed from the balcony, A 2 DVDs

Harold And Maude
February 1980 ~ Broadway
Janet Gaynor, Keith McDermott, Denny Dillon, Jack Bitnor
Very rare video of this Broadway flop with only 4 actual performances. Surprisingly good video for being so old but very low sound. A-

Harrigan ‘n Hart
1985 ~ Broadway
Christine Ebersole, Harry Groener, Mark Hamill, Armelia McQueen, Tudi Roche, Kenston Ames
Filmed from a little left of center; clear and in focus with very little spotlight washout and lots of zooms
and close-ups; good video, a little better than the one disc one above; an odd thing about the 2 disc capture is that it doesn't break after Act 1. The first disc contains about 2 hours of the show, which is all of Act 1 and part of Act 2. The second disc starts at the beginning of Act 2 so there is duplication on the
second disc 2 DVDs A

Harry Potter: A Very Potter Musical
2009 ~ University of Michigan
Darren Criss, Joey Richter, Bonnie Gruesen, Jamie Lyn Beatty, Lauren Lopez, Joe Walker, Dylan Saunders, Joe Moses
HP the Musical was written and produced in early 2009 by a bunch of college kids/recent grads through a non-profit student run theatre company.The songs were written by Darren Criss (who plays Harry Potter) and AJ Holmes (who plays piano in the band).The script was written by Matt Lang (who also directed the show), Nick Lang (who assistant directed and made the dragon puppet) and Brian Holden (who was busy working at a real job while the rest of us were making a goofy play).The full credits (including actor and tech credits) are at the end of the last video. HP the Musical was a completely non-for-profit parody show made by Potter-fans for Potter-fans. All of us involved love the books immensely (and strongly encourage everyone to read them if you haven't) and it is with the utmost admiration that we celebrate and poke fun at them with this musical adaptation. (Captured from Online Video; The DVD Catches at the Very end)" A

Harry Potter: A Very Potter Sequel
July 2010 ~ Orlando, FL
Darren Criss, Joey Richter, Bonnie Gruesen, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Lauren Lopez
Proshot video; the Death Eaters using the Time-Turner to go back in time to
Harry's first year at Hogwarts. 2 DVDs A

Harry Potter: A Very Potter 3D
11/8/12 ~ Chicago (Senior Year)
It features nearly all of the StarKid actors and actresses, including actor Darren Criss, who returned to the company to reprise his role as Harry Potter, and Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the original film series.
A Very Potter 3D: A Very Potter Senior Year (stylized as AVPSY) is the conclusion of the
Very Potter trilogy of Harry Potter-inspired musicals produced over four years by StarKid
Productions. Rather than a full musical, as with its previous installments, the production took the form of a live staged reading of the script (written by Matt Lang, Nick Lang and Brian
Holden), with performances of the songs, at LeakyCon in Chicago, Illinois, on August 11,
2012. Converted from pro-shot youtube videos.

9/22/58 ~ CBS-TV
Art Carney, Charlotte Rae, Elizabeth Montgomery, Larry Blydon, Fred Gwenn, Marion Lorne, Jack Weston
The DuPont Show Of The Month; in black and white. 90 minutes, complete with original commercials. A-

1972 ~ NBC-TV
James Stewart, Dorothy Blackburn, Martin Gabel, Fred Gwynne, Marian Hailey, Madeline Kahn, John McGiver, Richard Mulligan, Jesse White
A Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation; not bad for its age but it does show some generation loss and age; black and white and commericals have been edited out B

5/20/12 ~ Broadway
Jim Parsons, Jessica Hecht, Charles Kimbrough, Larry Bryggman, Carol Kane, Peter Benson, Tracee Chimo, Holley Fain, Angela Paton, Rich Sommer, Morgan Spector
Filmed in HD 16:9 Widescreen; very well filmed with clear sound and picture; great video; disc includes bonus interviews and behind the scenes footage A

November 2001 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Stephanie Block, Mark Edgar Stevens, Sandra Purpuro, Richard Gould, Nathan Holland, Betsy Beard
Multi-camera pro shot producer's copy. Occasional sync issues but an excellent video 2 DVDs A

He Say, She Say, But What Does God Say?
2004 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Clifton Powell, N'Bushe Wright, Tommy Ford, Cassie Davis, Red Grant, Orlando Wright. 
"He Say, She Say, But What Does God Say? is a revolution in inspirational theatre.  Skillfully walking the fine line between faith and fear, this dynamic play tells the story of the hapless congregants of True Vine, a small, store-front church nestled in one of Detroit's roughest neighborhoods.  The church-goers find themselves located next door to the Twenty Grand, a seedy nightclub laced with hustlers, murderers and gangsters.  The action never stops as both vow to own the block and rid the community of each other.  This play chronicles an all-out war between God-fearing people and gangsters who fear no one."  Pro-shot for video at the Wilshire Theatre in LA.  Letterboxed.  (This musical is part of the "Soul  Theatre Series."  Also see: The Fabric Of A Man, and Love On Layaway)  A

Heart and Soul Life and Music of Frank Loesser
2006 ~ PBS
Pro-Shot Profiles the tough-talking, tempestuous, big-hearted musical genius who made an indelible imprint on American musical theater and popular song. Best known for his Broadway smash hits, "Guys and Dolls," "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying," and "The Most Happy Fella,"

Heartbeat of Home
October 2013 ~ Dublin, Ireland
Irish Dancing show, similar to Lord of the Dance.

Heartbreak House
1985 ~ Showtime-TV
Rex Harrison, Amy Irving, Rosemary Harris, Dana Ivey, Tom Aldridge, George Martin
Adapted from the play by George Bernard Shaw and filmed for television; good clear video A

1997 ~ London
Cliff Richard and Helen Robson
A+ (Pro Shot)

Heather Headley - Home
5/24/04 ~ New York
Pro shot BCEFA concert featuring special guests Norm Lewis, Adam Pascal, Clay Aiken, Michael McElroy and The Broadway Inspirational Voices; excellent video A

Heathers: In Concert
9/14/10 ~ Concert at Joes Pub
Annaleigh Ashforh (Veronica), Jeremy Jordan (Dean), Jenna Leigh Green (Heather Chandler, Corri English (Heather McNamara, Christine Lakin (Heather Duke), James Snyder (Kurt), PJ Griffith (Ram), Julie Garnye (Martha).
Not the full reading but basically all of the musical numbers in their entirey. Very close picture, fantasic audio. A great fun night. A

Heathers the Musical
5/25/14 ~ New York
Barrett Wilbert Weed, Dan Domenech (u/s JD), Charissa Hogeland (u/s Heather Chandler), Elle McLemore, Alice Lee, Katie Ladner, Evan Todd, Jon Eidson, Molly Hager, Cait Fairbanks, Rachel Flynn, Dustin Sullivan, Matthew Schatz, AJ Meijer, Anthony Crivello, Daniel Cooney, Michelle Duffy
First minute of act one is blacked out, but otherwise fully intact with no blackouts and only slight washout in a few wide shots; steady clear video and excellent sound; includes curtain call, encore 2 DVDs A

Hedda Gabler
1/5/54 ~ ABC-TV
Tallulah Bankhead, Alan Hewitt, Luther Adler, John Baragrey, Eugenia Rawls.
The first minute or so is unwatchable due to tracking issues, and then the quality improves enough to be able to enjoy it, although there are still is still some generational problems.  Black and White. Commercials have been edited out.  B-

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
1/2/99 ~ Producer's Copy
John Cameron Mitchell
Broadcast Quality; Excellent performance of a superb show captured with wonderful quality, a must see. Filmed on 3 camera angles. Perfection. Video includes the 1999 Easter Bonnets skit after the show A+

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
11/7/99 ~ Boston
Kevin Cahoon, Cory Waletzko
Boston highlights A

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
5/25/03 ~ Pittsburgh, PA
Anthony Rapp, Sarah Siplak
Excellent video; 1st generation from the master A

Hedwig And The Angry Inch
6/17/04 ~ Rochester, NY
Aaron Berk, Aysa Morehead
Crystal clear video, semi-pro shot, using one camera on a tripod. Broadcast quality video A

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
5/4/14 ~ Broadway
Neil Patrick Harris, Lena Hall, Justin Craig, Matt Duncan, Tim Mislock, Peter Yanowitz
Stunning HD capture of the triple Tony winner with no obstructions; this was the performance where a lady brought her dog to the show,  and Hedwig had fun with that! Also includes Bonus footage from a
different performance: Origin of Love, Wig in a Box, Wicked Little Town, Long Grift, Wicked Little Town (Gnosis Version), Midnight Radio. 2 DVDs A+

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
8/20/14 ~ Broadway
Andrew Rannells, Lena Hall, Justin Craig, Matt Duncan, Tim Mislock, Peter Yanowitz
No major blackouts, but the video occasionally wanders for a few seconds at a time; heads on each side
that block the action for a few seconds once in a while; filmed in 16:9 mostly in mediums and close-ups, with a few wide shots; great clear sound and picture; very nice video. A

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
8/31/14 ~ Broadway
Andrew Rannells, Lena Hall
Beautiful HD capture of Andrew stepping in to the role. Great show with clear picture, nice close-ups
and great sound throughout; good video 2 DVDs A

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
11/5/14 ~ Broadway
Michael C. Hall, Lena Hall
Beautiful HD capture of Michael stepping into Hedwig's heels. Very well filmed with excellent picture and clear nice sound; Lena also does the BCEFA speech at the end as Cyndi Lauper, which is great 2 DVDs A

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
1/31/15 ~ Broadway
John Cameron Mitchell, Lena Hall
Beautiful HD capture of John's triumphant return to the role of Hedwig; many changes, lines, ad-libs
and jokes added to the show with excellent clear picture and sound; very nice video 2 DVDs A

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
3/27/15 ~ Broadway
John Cameron Mitchell and Lena Hall. Beautiful HD capture of JCM's "Crate" Show. This post injury and features the leg brace and crate. Tons of new jokes, blocking and musical phrasing, which is quite different from the January capture. JCM is quite the chameleon and this performance is not to be missed! 2 DISCS

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
4/11/15 ~ Broadway
John Cameron Mitchell, Shannon Conley
Excellent HD capture; well filmed with great clear picture and excellent sound; lots of funny jokes 2 DVDs A

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
5/7/15 ~ Broadway
Darren Criss and Rebecca Naomi Jones. Beautiful HD capture of Darren and Rebecca who recently joined the production. Darren really did a stunning take on Hedwig with the deck stacked against him. Great performance, new vocals and filled his own set of high heels! A very worthy successor to JCM and thoroughly entertaining! 2 DISCS

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
7/3/15 ~ Broadway
Darren Criss, Rebecca Naomi Jones
Excellent HD capture of Darren toward the end of his run. Some great new jokes and variations on the songs. The bottom of the screen is cut off a little sometimes but otherwise clear with great sound; nice video 2 DVDs A-

1/10/55 ~ TV
Jeannie Carson, Elsa Lanchester, Wally Cox, Natalie Wood, Richard Eastham, Bil & Cora Baird Marionettes and Jo Van Fleet.

Heidi Cronicles
1995 ~ TV
Pro-Shot This is the TV adaptation of Wendy Wasserstein's Pulitzer-Prize winning play about one woman's quest for fulfillment. Jamie Lee Curtis stars.

The Heiress
10/13/12 ~ Broadway
Jessica Chastain, David Strathairn, Dan Stevens, Virginia Kull, Judith Ivey, Caitlin O'Connell, Kieran Campion, Molly Camp, Dee Nelson, Ben Livingston
Complete show. One scene, which takes place in the night is rather dark. Mostly steady shots with some shakiness between scenes. Good video 2 DVDs A-

Helen of Troy
6/13/05 ~ New York
Bruce Vilanch, Eden Espinosa, Alice Ripley, Cary Shields, Brandi Chavonne Massey, Klea Blackhurst, Will Swenson
This is a concert reading of the new musical. Filmed from the front row so your looking up.the music stand is in the way and blocks people; a couple of coverups; sound is very good. B-

Helen Reddy Sings Andrew Lloyd Webber
Helen Reddy is joined by Betty Buckley (then appearing in "Song & Dance"), Reese Holland ("The Phantom Of The Opera," Los Angeles), and a group of 4 back up singers (Rosemary Law, Stan Chandler, Cheryl Stern, Jim Heinman) in this concert of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music. Some slight generational loss, but still very clear. Also included on disc: Whoopi Goldberg on Broadway.

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned
2014 ~ New York
Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley, Patrice Lovely, Muhammed Ayers,  Monica Blaire,  Zebulon Ellis,  Candice Pye,  Ray Lavendar.
Pro-shot recording of Tyler Perry's stage play

Hellman v. McCarthy
10/9/14 ~ PBS Television New York
Roberta Maxwell, Marcia Rodd, Dick Cavett
Filmed in March for Channel Thirteen (New York City's local PBS affiliate) new series called Theater Close-Up, Jan Buttram's production of Brian Richard Mori's play at the Abingdon Theatre Company A

Hello Dolly, 'Round The World
196? ~ NBC-TV
Hosted by Mary Martin.  A TV documentary about the many different productions of the show from Broadway  to London to Japan and beyond.  Includes many rare clips.  Most of the video focuses on the Japanese production, featuring Martin.  Some generational loss.   B-

Hello Dolly
12/17/77 ~ Melbourne, FL
Carol Channing, Eddie Bracken, Lee Roy Reams, Robert Lydiard, Alexandra Korey, K.T. Baumann
This is a "Producer's Reference Tape", which was filmed so that future touring companies would have a reference, and ensure that choreography, blocking, direction, etc. would remain consistent in future productions. Filmed using two cameras, with sound patched in from the soundboard. This revival tour started in 1977, and opened on Broadway on March 5, 1978, where it played for a total of 147 performances.  Some generational loss, but considering it's age, nothing too bad. B+

Hello Dolly
1984 ~ London
Danny La Rue as Dolly Levi.
Infamous London production, which was the first time in theatrical history that the part of 'Dolly' had been played by a man and the first time that a man had played a female role in a major musical. Semi-pro shot using one camera on a tripod. Suffers from some generational loss. C+

Hello, Dolly
1994 / 1995 ~ Tour
Carol Channing
Final National Tour by Channing; upgraded video, much much improved clearer video with good sound; B

Hello Dolly
1997 ~ Ballarat, Australia
Wendy Holgate, Steve O'Neil
A performance of the Ballarat Light Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre in Ballarat, Australia. Nice production filmed using one camera on a tripod. Some generational loss. A

Hello Dolly
9/5/98 ~ ??

Hello Dolly
1998 - Berlin, Germany
Angelika Milster.
Full-stage shot, some slight generation loss and spot washout. Very beautiful and uniquely staged production, just sounds a
bit awkward since Angelika has a higher vocal range than most Dolly's.

Hello, Dolly
4/21/02 ~ Pittsburgh, PA
Lenora Nemetz, Jeffrey Howell, Tom Rocco, Michael McGurk, Sharon Connelly Schaller, Angela Bloomquist, Amy Orlandi
A production of Pittsburgh Music Theatre at the Bhyam. Semipro shot using one camera on a tripod. A

Hello Dolly
4/11/05 - The Netherlands
Willeke Alberti, Jos Brink, Jamai Loman, Marleen van der Loo, Barend van Zon, Melise de Winter, Armand Pol.
Very clear quality, filmed around a head from the right orchestra. Intersting production. Rather "modern" look and synthesized sound. The woman playing Dolly has an interesting singing voice, although you don't hear much of it since she unfortunately speak-sings most of her lines. Still worth a look, though.

Hello, Dolly
2008 ~ UK tour
Anita Dobson, Carol Ball, Samuel Board, David Mc Alister, Sophie Wilkins, Darren Day, Louise English
Proshot video transferred from PAL; nice clear video 2 DVDs A

Hello, Dolly!
June 2012 ~ Beverly, MA
Jacquelyn Piro Donovan, Gary Beach, Annalisa Leaming, Matt Loehr, Eric Man, Mara Newbery, Sarah Peak.
Presented in-the-round by the North Shore Music Theatre. Filmed using once camera on a tripod with audio patched in from the sound board. The disc also includes a three minute highlights montage used for promotional purposes. A

Hello, Dolly!
10/29/13 ~ Rockford, IL
Sally Struthers, John O'Creagh, Matt Wolfe, Lauren Blackman, Garett Hawe, Halle Morse,
Brad Frenette, Hilary Fingerman
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions. Great performances and clear picture and good sound;
good video 2 DVDs A

Hello Jerry! A Celebration Of Jerry Herman-His Music, His Life, and Himself
6/13/02 ~ Chicago, IL
Jason Graae, Karen Morrow, Paige O'Hara with Jerry Herman and Don Pippin
One night only concert to benefit The Chicago Humanities and The ASCAP Foundation Jerry Herman Legacy Series. Jerry Herman himself is the star and centerpiece of this musical salute showcasing his 40 years of hit songs. Nicely filmed from the audience. About 80 minutes long; nice video A-

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah
3/3/93 ~ New York
Tovah Feldshuh, Jason Graae, Mary Testa
World premiere of the off-Broadway musical based on the Allan Sherman song of the same name. Some generational loss, filmed from the left side with good sound B+

Henry IV
11/29/03 ~ Broadway
Kevin Kline, Richard Easton, Ethan Hawke, Dana Ivey, Audra McDonald, Michael Hayden, Stephen DeRosa, Byron Jennings
Video is dark because the show is but the filmer did a good job with what was available; nice picture and sound. A 2 DVDs

Henry IV Part I and Part II
5/14/14 and 6/18/14 ~ London
Antony Sher, Elliot Barnes-Worrell, Martin Bassindale, Jasper Britton, Antony Byrne, Sean Chapman, Paola Dionisotti, Nicholas Gerard-Martin, Jonny Glynn, Robert Gilbert, Nia Gwynne, Alex Hassell, Jim Hooper, Youssef Kerkour, Jennifer Kirby, Sam Marks, Keith Osborn, Leigh Quinn, Joshua Richards, Simon Thorp, Trevor White, Simon Yadoo
Multiple cameras Proshot of the new production at the RSC. Broadcast live in cinemas through a satellite feed and this was captured from that feed. Perfect 5.1 sound and HD video. Includes a behind-the-scenes featurette and interviews. 4 DVDs

Hercules: The Musical
Disney Cruise Line
There are two ways of watching this video. Full Shot, which means the footage from a place with no close-ups and Close-Ups which I guess I don't have to explain, right?

Here Lies Jenny
6/5/04 ~ New York
Bebe Neuwirth, Greg Butler, Shawn Emamjomeh, Ed Dixon, Leslie Stifelman
Nice video with excellent picture and sound. A

Here's Love
1998 ~ US Non-Equity Tour
Book, music and lyrics by Merideth Wilson. Musical based on "Miracle On 34th Street." Had a short run on Broadway in the early 1960's. Pro-shot, multi camera video. A

Hero, The Rock Opera
2004 ~ Tulsa, OK
Michael Tait, Mark Stuart, Rebecca St. James,T-Bone, Billy Buchanan, Paul Wright, Michael Quinlan, Shannon Bain
Pro shot for video. Good picture and sound A

Hey, Mr. Producer!
1988 ~ London
Lea Solonga, Elaine Paige, Michael Ball, Colm Wilkenson, Bernadette Peters
Officially released performance in concert. Conceived and taped as a royal gala for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the concert was filmed at the Lyceum Theatre in London. Includes fully costumed numbers from Cats, The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, Oliver! and many more. Introduced by Julie Andrews. 2DVDs

High Fidelity
12/16/06 ~ Broadway
Will Chase, Jenn Colella, Christian Anderson, Jeb Brown, Andrew C. Hall, Matt Caplan, Rachel Stern
Filmed from high in the balcony. Mostly a full shot with occasional obstructions and much spotlight washout, but you still can get a good sense of the show. A video exists, finally. C

High Fidelity in Concert Also known as Kitt and Green
6/18/07 ~ New York (Birdland)
Tom Kitt, Amanda Green, Christian Anderson, Matt Caplan, Paul Castree, Jay Klaitz, Julia Murney, Amy Spanger, Rachel Stern, Emily Swallow, Jon Patrick Walker, J.B. Wing, Kirsten Wyatt.

High Fidelity
June 2012 ~ St. Louis, MO
Jeffrey M. Wright, Kimi Short, Mike Dowdy, Zachary Allen Farmer, Terrie Carolan, Taylor Pietz, Chrissy Young, Sarah Porter, Talichia Noah
Presented by The New Line Theatre in St. Louis; pro shot video with good sound and nice closeups 2 DVDs A

High School Musical
2006 ~ Movie
Zac Efron, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Alyson Reed.
Two high school students who are worlds apart (the school's hoops star and the president of the science club) secretly decide to audition for their school's musical, a decision that turns their world and their school upside down.  A

High School Musical 2
2007 ~ Movie
Zac Efron, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Ashely Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Corbin Bleu, Monique Coleman.  Over summer vacation, the East High Wildcats are ready to enjoy their vacation and earn some money at summer jobs. Troy Bolton lands a job at the country club, Lava Springs, not knowing that his job is a part of Sharpay's plan to steal him from Gabriella. Accidentally foiling Sharpay's plot, Troy not only helps Gabriella get a job as a lifeguard, but also lands jobs for Chad, Taylor, Zeke, Martha, Kelsi, Jason and the rest of his Wildcat pals. Making it worse, Sharpay finds out Kelsi has written a duet for Troy and Gabriella that's sure to outperform everyone at the club's annual Midsummer Night's Talent Show. Reminded of her humiliation over the winter musical, Sharpay is determined not to suffer a repeat and forms her own campaign to make sure she's not upstaged again. As they go head to head, Troy is enjoying the life of the privileged set, and begins to question what he's willing to give up for what he thinks he wants. A

High School Musical
August 2006 ~ Stagedoor Manor
Jordan Campbell, Andrea Ross, Olivia Baackes, Dylan Tedaldi, Eric Reinemann, Sarah Konowitz
World premiere performance! Stagedoor Manor - the summer theatre camp made famous by the movie "Camp" -is home to the first stage production of Disney's original movie "High School Musical."  Performed by a cast of High School aged kids. Multi-camera shot. The end of the video has a few glitches, but nothing too bad. A

High School Musical
1/28/07 ~ Atlanta, GA
John Jeffrey Martin, Arielle Jacobs, Patti Murin, Bobby List, Allison Fraser, Ron Bohmer, Shakiem Evans, Shaullanda LaCombe, Olivia Oguma
Stage Manager's Calling Copy so you hear a voice calling the show throughout the video; house camera video with good sound but no closeups A

High School Musical, On Stage
June 2007 ~ Music Theatre Of Wichita, KS
Desi Oakley, Matthew Elliot, Sophia Drummond, Evan Kilgore, Emma Craig, Alex Johnson, Karen L. Robu, Timothy W. Robu
Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Very clear with excellent sound and closeups; nice video 2 DVDs A

High School Musical
8/12/07 ~ Chicago, IL
John Jeffrey Martin, Arielle Jacobs, Renee Marino (u/s Sharpay),
Bobby List, Shakiem Evans, Shaullanda LaCombe, Ellen Harvey, Ron Bohmer
Nice video with good closeups and picture and sound throughout; also includes performance from Taste of Chicago. A

High Society
4/19/98 ~ Broadway
Marc Kudisch, Melissa Errico, Stephen Bogardus, John McMartin, Donald McDonald, Randy Graff
Some mild generation loss B+

High Society
June 2005 ~ Australia
Alexandra Gard, David Probert, Trish Spence, Andrew Crayford, Richard Grieg, Julia Whittle
A presentation of the Therry Dramatic Society at Adelaide's Art's Theatre. Pro-shot for video with some cast interview footage preceding the start of the show; nice video A-

High Spirits
11/22/97 ~ San Diego, CA
No Cast Information Available
Wonderful performance from the Don Powell Theatre with great clear picture and sound; very nice video A-

The Hired Man
2011 ~ Kilkenny, Ireland
47 minutes of song excerpts from The Hired Man.  Kilkenny Musical Society

The History Boys
5/6/06 ~ Broadway
Samuel Anderson, Richard Griffiths, Samuel Barnett, Dominic Cooper, Clive Merrison, James Corden, Frances De La Tour, Sacha Dhawan,Andrew Knott, Clive Merrison, Stephen Capbell Moore, Jamie Parker, Russell Tovey
Great close ups and sound throughout; there is one minute cover-up in act 2; DVD includes interview with Richard Griffiths and Theatre Talk interview with Alan Bennett A+

Hit List in Concert
12/8/13 and 12/9/13 ~ 54 Below
Jeremy Jordan, Krysta Rodriguez, Andy Mientus, Carrie Manolakos
65 minutes long. A

H.M.S. Pinafore
2005 ~ The Arts Centre, Melbourne
Anthony Warlow, David Hobson, Colette Mann, Tiffany Speight, John Bolton Wood, Richard Alexander. An Opera Australia production filmed with multiple cameras for television broadcast. Beautiful production with great performances. A

H.M.S Pinafore
10/14/11 ~ PBS
Hosted by Rainn Wilson, Robert O. Berdahl (Captain Corcoran), Christina Baldwin (Little Buttercup), Barbara Byrne (Queen Victoria), Aleks Knezevich (Ralph Rackstraw), Seri Johnson (Cousin Hebe), Heather Lindell (Josephine), Jason Simon (Dicke Deadeye), J. Tyler Whitmer (Bob Becket), Robb McKindeles (Bill Bobstay) and Peter Thomson (Sir Joseph Porter), produced by Minneapolis' Guthrie Theatre in August 2011, playwright Jefferey Hatcher has massaged the libretto and wrote "additional material", most prominently an entire scene featuring Queen Victoria with lyrics that include "There is none that is finer/And she's the one/That we call Regina, goal sadly unattained appears to have been something along the lines of "Monty Python's Pinafore. Its Broadway style choreography (by David Bolger) plus its disco and rock-opera orchestrations (by Andrew Cooke) the show strongly resembles a show trying out for New York, Queen Victoria even makes a joke about taking a wrong turn at Peoria, 2 1/2 hours long

6/9/56 ~ Max Liebman Presents NBC Special
Doretta Morrow, Keith Andes, Kitty Carlisle, Bambi Linn, Rod Alexander,Tammy Grimes, Charles Weidman, Jacques d'Amboise
Made for television production; black & white but great quality for its age; good sound B

Holler if You Hear Me
6/6/14 ~ Broadway
Saul Williams, Christopher Jackson, Ben Thompson, Tonya Pinkins, Saycon Sengbloh, John Earl Jelks, Joshua Boone.
The disc also includes a TV commercial, and 2 short behind the scene clips. Mostly just a full stage shot-no zooms-probably filmed with an iPhone or something similar.

Hollywood Arms
2002 ~ Chicago, IL
Linda Lavin, Michelle Pawk
Large gray bars across the screen for the first 10 minutes only; nice video afterwards A

Hollywood Pinafore
5/8/97 ~ New York
Judith Jarosz, Nathan Hull, Ron Lopez, Amy Barker, Amy Baxter, Gillian Burke, Louis Butelli, James Cole, Laura Lindsay Cole, Mark W. Hardin, Greg Horton, Stacie Kellie, David Kroll, Christopher Sutton, Melissa Jane Martin, Lisa Yeager, Cristiane Young
Filmed on a slight angle; nice video with a little generation loss but very watchable and clear sound B+  

Holy Musical, [email protected]!
March 2012 ~ Chicago, IL
Joe Walker, Brian Holden, Nick Lange, Jeff Blim, Dylan Saunders, Lauren Lopez, Nicholas Strauss, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Chris Allen
Presented by StarKid Productions at Chicago's Hoover-Leppen Theatre. Holy Musical [email protected]! is a parody musical based upon DC Universe's Batman; first StarKid production that Darren Criss was not involved in, neither acting nor songwriting, due to his involvement with FOX's Glee. Filmed using multiple cameras, but recorded from an online source, so it's a little pixilated at times. B

The Homecoming
2/20/08 ~ Broadway
Ian McShane, Raul Esparza, Eve Best, Michael McKean, James Frain, Gareth Saxe
Good video with nice picture but low sound A

Homme Fatale: The Fast Life And Slow Death Of Joey Stefano
1998 ~ Sydney, Australia
Shane C. Rodrigo.  A Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras presentation of a play in one act by Barry Lowe.  "Joey Stefano was a gay porn star in the 1980s. This play is the tale of his rise and ultimate demise. With a cast consisting solely of Shane C. Rodrigo, this Brechtesque show is not for the faint-hearted, with drug use and nudity prominent throughout.  Rodrigo's performance is good considering the play is a 90-minute-long solo effort. He builds a rapport with the audience (especially with the front row during the striptease). He effectively portrays the porn world's objectification: ``Come back when you've got breasts as big as Dolly Parton's, a penis enlargement and perfect teeth, honey!''. One of the most gripping scenes is when Stefano accepts a penis-shaped award in a tuxedo coat with no pants and talks into the microphone about how lonely he is. This scene ends with a little boy's voice begging his father not ``to make me do it'', a reference to sexual abuse."  Filmed using multiple cameras.  Contains nudity, adults only.   A

Honeymoon in Vegas
11/28/14 ~ Broadway
Rob McClure, Tony Danza, Brynn O'Malley, David Josefsberg, Nancy Opel, Matthew Saldivar, Catherine Ricafort, George Merrick, Raymond J. Lee, Zachary Prince, Leslie Donna Flesner
Nice video with some issues in the first half hour with blackouts and wandering and a black bar at the bottom of the screen; greatly improves after that; clear sound throughout; nice video with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. 2 DVDs A-

Honeymoon in Vegas
12/5/14 ~ Broadway
Rob McClure, Tony Danza, Brynn O'Malley, David Josefsberg, Nancy Opel, Matthew Saldivar
Good video with clear picture and sound; a head pops up once in a while but is worked around well; Nancy Opel gets stuck in the rigging at the end of the show and crowd loves it; very nice video 2 DVDs A

June 2000 ~ Beverly, MA
Gavin Creel, James Hindman, Nancy Opel, Ken Prymus, Natasha Harper, Mary Stout
From the North Shore Music Theatre. Pro shot, using multiple cameras, performed in the round. A

July 2001 ~ Wichita, KS
Arthur W. Marks, Susan Hofflander, Josh Prince, David Ruprecht. 
Another amazing production by The Music Theatre Of Wichita.  Semi-pro shot, using one camera.  Very nicely filmed.  Includes scanned program info. A

Honky Tonk Highway
Unknown Date ~ Connecticut

Hot Feet
4/27/06 ~ Broadway
Keith David, Michael Balderrama, Allen Hidalgo, Vivian Nixon, Samantha Pollino, Wynonna Smith
Excellent video with great picture and sound A

Hotel Paradise
1949 ~ Max Liebman Presents NBC Television
Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca, Mata & Hari, Sydney Smith, Bobby Lane & Claire, James Starbuck
Directed, produced and written by Max Liebman. A Broadway style musical comedy hour about the "Hotel Paradise." Black & white in good quality and sound B+

House Of Flowers
2/20/91 ~ Westbury, NY
Patti LaBelle
This presentation was the beginning of what was referred to as "an extended tour" after which the producers had expectations of bringing it back to Broadway (which never happened). Presented "in-the-round" at the Westbury Music Fair. Filmed from the back of the house with a single mostly stationary camera, one head appears in the shot. 2 DVDs B

The House of Blue Leaves
5/25/87 ~ PBS Television
Swoosie Kurtz, Christine Baranski, John Mahoney, Ben Stiller, Julie Hagerty
Professionally filmed for PBS. Features a young Ben Stiller in his  first show. Very nice video A
Also available on 2 DVDs please specify.

The House Of Blue Leaves
May 2009 ~ Theatre Arlington, Texas
Lana K. Hoover, Ted Wold, Lisha Brock, Skyy Moore, Eugene Chandler, Elizabeth Conly, Beverly Murray, Becca Nordeen, Hilary Evitt, Tyler Kirk
A tripod shot including a fund-raising speech after the show. A

The House Of Blue Leaves
6/22/11 ~ Broadway
Ben Stiller, Edie Falco, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Christopher Abbott, Susan Bennett, Jimmy Davis, Hailey Feiffer, Mary Beth Hurt, Alison Pill, Thoams Sadoski, Tally Sessions
First few minutes (which is just Ben Stiller sitting at a piano) are audio only and last 20 seconds and curtain call are audio only as well (all with still images over the sound) due to ushers. Disc also includes interviews and opening night footage. A

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
11/11/09 ~ Los Angeles, CA
John Larroquette, Stefan Karl, James Royce Edwards, Melinda Glib, Danny Gurwin, Rosemary Loar, Issadora Tulalian, Stuart Zagnit
Very cute little show from the sitdown LA produciton with the "White Cast"; great capture with no obstructions although about 1 minute of wandering when the lights come up for the "sing along".
Nice video A-

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
12/16/12 ~ New York
Jeff McCarthy, Ken Land, Gilbert L. Bailey II, Tori Feinstein, Paul Aguirre, Natalie Hill, Philip Hoffman, Rosemary Loar
From the Theater at Madison Square Garden; a few blackouts lasting a few seconds long due to late seating; some slight wandering when the audience lights are on and everyone joins in for "You are a mean one, Mr Grinch"; nice video A-

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
1995 ~ Broadway
Matthew Broderick, Megan Mullaly
Incredible classic video; excellent picture and sound A

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying
1996 ~ US Tour
Ralph Macchio, Roger Bart, Shauna Hicks, Richard Thomsen, Pamela Blair, voice of Walter Cronkite
Recorded through the house camera, so it's a stationary full stage shot with sound patched directly from the sound board into the camera. Tour based on the recent Broadway revival. 2 DVDs B

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying
June 2002 ~ Music Theater of Wichita, KS
Charles Parker, Josh Prince, Garrett Long, Kristen Williams
Semi pro-shot, using one camera. Includes scanned program information. Very nice video 2 DVDs A-

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying
2/28/11 ~ Broadway
Daniel Radcliffe, John Larroquette, Tammy Blanchard, Rose Hemingway, Christopher J. Hanke, Rob Bartlett, Mary Faber, Ellen Harvey, Michael Park, Cameron Adams, Cleve Asbury, Tanya Birl, Kevin Cobert, Paige Fuere, David Hull, Justin Keyes, Marty Lawson, Erica Mansfield, Barrett Martin, Nick Mayo, Sarah O'Gleby, Stephanie Rothenberg, Megan Sikora, Michaeljohn Slinger, Joey Sorge, Matt Wall, Ryan Watkinson, Charlie Williams, Samantha Zack, Anderson Cooper
Fantastic video with no obstructions at all with great closeups throughout that features some material that has since been cut from the show; disc also includes around 45 minutes of reviews, opening night footage and interviews. A+

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
3/5/11 ~ Broadway
Daniel Radcliffe, John Larroquette, Rose Hemingway, Tammy Blanchard, Christopher J. Hanke, Rob Bartlett, Mary Faber, Ellen Harvey, Michael Park
Slightly shaky in a few parts, but nothing too bad. Act Two does not have a lot of close ups and mostly mid stage shots with no whiteouts; a total of about 4 minutes of black outs throughout the show; great sound and good video A- 2 DVDs

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying
1/11/12 matinee ~ Broadway
Darren Criss, Beau Bridges, Rose Hemingway, Tammy Blanchard, Christopher J. Hanke, Nick Mayo, Charlie Williams, Kevin Covert, Colt Prattes, Marty Lawson, Joey Sorge, David Hull, Andrew Madsen, Michael Park, Holly Ann Butler (u/s Smitty), Ellen Harvey, Shannon Lewis, J. Austin Eyer (u/s), Justin Keyes, Stephanie Rothenberg, Cameron Adams, Paige Faure, Tanya Birl, Samantha Zack, Cleve Asbury
Good video with closeups and stage shots; includes 30 minutes of interviews with Darren Criss; nice video A-

How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
1/11/12 evening ~ Broadway
Darren Criss, Beau Bridges, Rose Hemingway, Tammy Blanchard, Christopher J. Hanke, Michael Park, Holly Ann Butler (u/s Smitty), Ellen Harvey, Rob Bartlett
Excellent capture of Darren's three week stint with the show. Tons of excitement from the audience which made the cast sparkle even more. Show is top shape and video is clear and follows the action throughout; nice video 2 DVDs A

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
2/4/12 ~ Broadway
Nick Jonas, Beau Bridges, Rose Hemingway, Tammy Blanchard, Michael Urie, Mary Faber, Ellen Harvey, Michael Park, Rob Bartlett
Excellent capture with clear picture and sound; good closeups and very well filmed 2 DVDs A

Hugh Jackman: Back on Broadway
10/30/11 ~ Broadway
Hugh Jackman, Robin Campbell, Kearran Giovanni, Anne Otto, Lara Seibert, Hilary Michael Thompson, Emily Tyra
First couple of minutes audio only. Good video with some coverups and missed shots but otherwise a nice video; disc includes around 20 minutes of interviews B+

1984 ~ Showtime TV
Jason Robards, Jack Dodson
Recorded in June 1981 at Hyde Park Festival Theater, NY. The premiere production of Eugene O'Neill's play, directed by Jose Quintero. Very good quality with very slight buzz in sound. DVD includes The South Bank Show featuring Noel Coward is also on the disk. A-

The Human Comedy
July 2006 ~ Pittsfield, MA
Debbie Boone, Heath Calvert, Eamon Foley, Cheryl Freeman,Andre Garner, Donald Grody
New piece, performed at the Boland Theatre in the Bershires. Mostly a full stage shot. Occasional heads at the bottom of the screen. A

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
11/8/14 ~ San Diego, CA
Michael Arden, Patrick Page, Ciara Renee, Andrew Samonsky, Erik Liberman, Neal Mayer, Lucas Coleman, William Michals, Samantha Massell, Ian Patrick Gibb, Richard Ruiz, Beth Kirkpatrick
A great capture of the American premiere at La Jolla Playhouse; excellent capture with no blackouts, obstructions, and little washout in some wide shots. Very clear picture and sound throughout; very nice video 2 DVDs A

Hunchback of Notre Dame
April 2015 ~ Papermill Playhoue
Michael Arden, Patrick Page, Ciara Renee, Andrew Samonsky, Erik Liberman, Julian Decker, Mary Joe Duggan, Ian Patrick Gibb, Beth Kirkpatrick, Samantha Massell, Neal Mayer, Nora Menken, William Michaels, Anise Ritchie, Vincent Rodriguez III, Richard Ruiz, Joseph J. Simone, Jeremy Stolle, Dashaun Young and the Continuo Arts Symphonic Chorus

The Hunting of the Snark
1987 ~ London
John Hurt, Mike Batt, Billy Connolly, Roger Daltrey, Justin Hayward, Julian Lennon, Midge Ure
Proshot Concert performed at Royal Albert Hall by the London Symphony Orchestra; clear picture and sound A

2/5/05 ~ New York
Ethan Hawke, Catherine Kellner, Parker Posey,Wallace Shawn
Excellent video with great picture and sound. A+

I Am A Camera
RARE copy of the feature film adaptation of the Christopher Isherwood stage play w/ the Tony Winning Julie Harris playing ‘Sally Bowles.’ The basis for the musical CABARET (B&W)
DVD transfer from a VHS Factory copy -Video Release: 8/28/91

I Am Harvey Milk
Pro-Shot in 2013 featuring Andrew Lippa and the Gay Mens Chorus. on 2 DVDs.

I Am Harvey Milk: GMCLA 35th Anniversary
7/19/14 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Andrew Lippa, Alexandra Silber, Quinn Morrissey
Great capture with no washout, obstruction or blackouts; filmed in 16:9, mostly moving between wide shots to capture the chorus and close-ups to capture the soloists. Great clear picture and sound. Includes curtain call and playbill scans. Also included are 36 minutes of highlights of the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles's 35th Anniversary Concert that preceded I Am Harvey Milk. Included songs are: Everyone Sang (by Siegfried Sassoon, Eric Helmuth), They Sang to Me (by Alan Shorter, Soloist Adonis Duque Abuyen), California Dreamin' (by John and Michelle Phillips), City of Angels (by Thirty Seconds to Mars, soloists Tom Hietter, Kris Fitzgerald, Santo C Ragno, Chris Etscheid, Dennis A Sambolin), Beautiful City (by Stephen Schwartz, Soloist Daniel Stewart), Nebula of Angels (by George Wallace, Dave Volpe), Never Ever (by Phillip Littell, Robert Seeley). 2 DVDs A

I Am My Own Wife
11/19/03 ~ Broadway
Jefferson Mays
Great video, great show with lots of close ups. 1st generation from the master A

I Can Get It For You Wholesale
March 1991 ~ New York
Evan Pappas, Vicki Lewis, Carolee Carmello, Jim Brachitta, Alix Korey, Patti Karr
A production of the American Jewish Theatre. Filmed house right with no heads in the way; good clear sound and picture with excellent performances and new ending A

The Iceman Cometh
Unknown Date ~ TV
Jason Robards Jr., Myron McCormick, Tom Pedi, James Broderick, Farrell Pelly, Robert Redford, Roland Winters, Harrison Dowd, Michael Strong
Black and white televised version of Eugene O'Neil's play. A

The Iceman Cometh
4/26/12 ~ Chicago
Nathan Lane, Brian Dennehy, Stephen Ouimette, Marc Grapey, Salvatore Inzerillo, Larry Neumann, Jr., John Judd.
Great capture from the 2012 Goodman Theatre production, in which the full cast would transfer to BAM in 2015 to reprise their roles. Production ran four hours long, not including intermission! 2 DVDS

Idina Menzel
Ask The Dust ~ Movie
Kissing Jessica Stein ~ Movie
Tollbooth ~ Movie
Frozen ~ Movie
Frozen Fever ~ Movie

Idina Menzel
Rosie O'Donnell Show ~ Rent "Seasons of Love" (It's the whole Rosie Broadway show)
Chicago, Dreamgirls

Idina Menzel
Today Show ~ Brave

Idina Menzel
Singing National Anthem
Today Show ~ Brave
The View ~ Brave
DVD also includes Kristin Chenoweth on Tonight Show (whole show of her sitting as a guest), Oscars ~ Red Carpet and Oscars ~ Performance

Idina Menzel
New, Now, Next
Idina choosing her favourite songs and includes 'Brave' video

Idina Menzel
8/4/08 ~ Milwaukee, WI
The I Stand Tour; songs Include: I Stand, Don't Let Me Down, Where Do I Begin, Better To Have Loved, Here, Brave, My Own Worst Enemy, Devorah, Wedding Singer Montage pt 1, Embrace Me, Wedding Singer Montage pt 2, No Day But Today, Roxanne, Forever, Band Intros, For Good (a cappella), Gorgeous, A Story About Milwaukee, Defying Gravity. This is from a different string of concerts than her most recent set. She does a terrific job and so great to watch and listen to on stage.
There is one four minute spot between songs, where she is talking that is audio only. About 90 minutes long A

Idina Menzel
11/3/08 ~ Platteville, WI
Beautiful concert with no obstructions with songs she rarely performed on concert setlists. Songs include: Don't Let Me Down, Here, Heartbreaker, Brave, Devorah/Rise Up, Embraceable You, No Day but Today, Where Do I Begin, I Feel Everything, Company, I Stand/Get p Stand Up, For Good, Gorgeous, Kiss from a Rose, Defying Gravity

Idina Menzel
1/15/09 ~ TV
Soundstage Concert Promo version... Pro-shot, with Promo strip going along bottom
Also a copy that was aired on Channel 11 WTTW Chicago
Both are A+

Idina Menzel
10/29/10 ~ Washington, D.C.
Idina Menzel with Marvin Hamlisch as conductor
Songs Include: The Life of the Party, I'm Not That Girl, Love For Sale/Roxanne, Funny Girl, Don't Rain On My Parade, Asleep on the Wind, No Day But Today, Poker Face, Gorgeous, Good Morning Walker/I Feel So Smoochie, For Good (a cappella), Defying Gravity, What I Did For Love. Beautiful concert of song and story from Idina, with everything nicely capture. A

Idina Menzel
1/9/12 ~ TV
Idina Menzel Live ~ Barefoot at the Symphony, interviews with Idina throughout about buying the DVD.  Recorded for TV, was aired on Channel 11 WTTW Chicago.

Idina Menzel
1/9/12 ~ TV
Chicago Tonight, Idina Menzel talks about Barefoot at the Symphony.

Idina Menzel
6/20/13 ~ Milwaukee
Concert Set List: Somewhere Over The Rainbow, The Wizard and I, Love for Sale / Roxanne (dialouge before song is blackout), Both Sides Now, Don't Rain on My Parade (blackout, audio only), God Save My Soul, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For / In Your Eyes, Take Me or Leave Me, No Day But Today, For Good, Defying Gravity, Learn To Live Without, Somewhere. Beautiful lengthy HD captured concert with an insane "fan" for the Duet portion. Also includes an Encore of a new song from If/Then. A

I Do! I Do!
1982 ~ Pro Shot
Lee Remick, Hal Linden
Pro shot for video; some generation loss but still good B
Data Disc

I Do! I Do!
October 2005 ~ North York, Canada
Joe Cascone, Caroline Moro-Dalicandro
A production of the Civic Light Opera Company. Semi-pro shot. Crystal clear video. A

11/5/13 ~ Washington DC
Idina Menzel, Anthony Rapp

11/9/13 ~ Washington DC
Idina Menzel, Anthony Rapp

3/8/14 ~ Broadway
Idina Menzel, LaChanze, Anthony Rapp, James Snyder, Jerry Dixon, Jenn Colella, Jason Tam, Tamika Lawrence
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions. Has some variations from the PreBroadway version, including cut songs, added songs and scenes. This version seems more streamlined and a great piece. 2 DVDs A

5/16/14 ~ Broadway
Jackie Burns (u/s), LaChanze, Anthony Rapp, James Snyder, Jerry Dixon, Jenn Colella, Jason Tam, Tamika Lawrence
A little over 1 hour 30 minutes of the show. As an Idina fan, I actually don't mind Jackie in the role at all. She kinda looks a little like Idina, so that helps. Nice to hear the songs with different riffs at the end. Email privately for more details.

5/25/14 ~ Broadway
Idina Menzel, Anthony Rapp, LaChanze, James Snyder, Jerry Dixon, Jenn Colella, Marc dela Cruz (u/s David), Tamika Lawrence, Joe Cassidy, Miguel Cervantes, Curtis Holbrook, Stephanie Klemons, Tyler McGee, Ryann Redmond, Joe Aaron Reid, Ann Sanders
A couple quick dropouts during the prologue and What If?, and the first half of act one is a bit shaky, but improves as the show goes on; one head that obstructs a small portion of the front of the stage, but it never blocks more than the actors' feet and it's rarely noticeable overall; no washout, and excellent sound; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Includes curtain call 2 DVDs A-

7/27/14 ~ Broadway (Matinee)
Idina Menzel (Elizabeth), LaChanze (Kate), Curtis Holbrook (u/s Lucas), James Snyder (Josh), Jerry Dixon (Stephen), Jenn Colella (Anne), Jason Tam (David), Stephanie Klemons (u/s Elena)
Act 1 is mostly complete minus a few black outs, cover ups due to late comers, it's quite shakey at the start while trying to focus in on the zoom. A few heads in the way but shot around them very well. First act is 1 hour 15+ minutes and second act minus "Hey Kid" is little over an hour. Excellent Audio. 2 DVDs A-

8/30/14 ~ Broadway
Jackie Burns (s/b Elizabeth), Charles Hagerty (u/s Josh), Curtis Holbrook, LaChanze, Jenn Colella, Jerry Dixon, Jason Tam, Tamika Lawrence
Stunning HD capture of Jackie and Charles in the lead roles. Great capture with no obstructions with clear sound and excellent picture throughout 2 DVDs A

2/22/15 ~ Broadway
Jackie Burns as (s/b) Elizabeth, LaChanze, Anthony Rapp, James Snyder, Jerry Dixon, DeeDee Magno Hall as (u/s) Anne, Jason Tam, Tamika Lawrence.
Excellent HD capture of one of Jackie's final performances. This day promo footage was being filmed and her parents were sitting right behind me. She held the final note in Starting Over for 19 seconds, such a wonderful performance! 2 DVDs

If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet
9/13/12 ~ New York
Jake Gyllenhaal, Annie Funke, Michelle Gomez, Brian F. O'Bryne
Good video with clear picture and sound; the last 10 minutes of this video are from 9/19/12 A

I Had A Ball
7/24/14 ~ New York
Unsung Musicals Company with Bruce Vilanch

I Hate Hamlet
2005 ~ Rialto Players
John Barrymore (Jeffrey D. Deards), Andrew Rally (Doug Kiphut), Lilian Troy (Candy Kane), Gary Peter Lefkowitz (Marlon Gilbert)
Pro Shot

I Have A Song To Sing O
1987 ~ Australia
Anthony Warlow
One man show. A theatrical biography of George Grossmith, the creator of most of W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan's comic baritone roles and the author of the classic Diary Of A Nobody. Very well filmed from the balcony, with some minimal generational loss. B+

IKEA on the Rocks
6/11/06 ~ Wien (Bar Nightfly's)
Mathias Edenborn, Andreas Björkman, Marjan Shaki, Carin Filipcic, Zoltan Roman

An Iliad
11/20/14 ~ PBS Television New York
Denis O'Hare
Filmed in March 2012 for Channel Thirteen (New York City's local PBS affiliate) new series called Theater Close-Up, an adaptation of Homer's 24-book poem about the Trojan War, performed at New York Theatre Workshop A

I’ll Eat You Last: A Chat With Sue Mengers
5/10/13 ~ Broadway
Bette Midler (Sue Mengers)
This is a very enjoyable play and Bette Midler gives a charming, charismatic performance! This is almost perfectly filmed, completely unobstructed, focused and very steady with just a few adjustments. 2 DVDs A

I Love Lucy: Live on Stage
10/17/12 ~ Chicago, IL
Sirena Irwin, Bill Mendieta, Curtis Pettyjohn, Joanna Daniels
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions. A play that replicates the audience being at the taping of two episodes of the show. Includes commercials between scenes as if you were at a live taping. Nice clear video with good sound A

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change
July 2007 ~ Newcastle, Australia
Dez Robertson, Anne Rzechowicz, Rob Vidler, Susan Dredge,  Derek Fisher, Katie Wright
Good picture, filmed on a tripod, with lots of zooms and close-ups. Nice video A

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change
April 2011 ~ Atlanta, GA
Diane Mitchell, Ty Richey, Nylsa Dunbar, Sam Gentry
Very good quality. Lots of close ups and full stage shots.  Some blurring because of lighting, but it clears quickly. A

Imagine This
2008 ~ London
Peter Polycarpou, Leila Benn Harris, Sevan Stephan, Sarah Ingram, Bernard Lloyd, Cameron Leigh, Michael Matus
Pro-shot video of the original London cast; great clear picture and sound; very nice video A+

The Importance of Being Earnest
2/5/11 ~ Broadway
Brian Bedford, Dana Ivey, Paxton Whitehead, Amanda Leigh Cobb, Santino Fontana, David Furr, Tim MacDonald, Paul O'Brien,Charlotte Parry, Sara Topham
Railing at the bottom of the screen present in wide/medium shots with one brief blackout in Act One; extreme sides are obstructed by a head; disc includes 20 minutes of Opening Night footage and Interviews. A-

In A Dark Dark House
5/20/07 ~ New York
Ron Livingston, Louisa Krause and Frederick Weller
Mostly wide shots for the first 1/2 hour but taper was close so it doesnt lose anything; lots of close ups after that with great sound throughout; includes review on NY1 A

In Gay Company
1991 ~ New York
Peggy Gordon,Arne Gunderson, Michael McAssey, Michael Rotondi, Jim Scopeletis
Pro shot video with some generation loss; good sound and closeups; nice video B+

In My Life
10/12/05 ~ Broadway
Christopher Hanke, Courtney Balan (u/s)
Shot from the orchestra with not too many heads in the way for an orchestra shot A

In My Life
12/11/05 ~ Broadway
Christopher J. Hanke, Jessica Boevers, Chiara Navarra, David Turner, Michael J. Farina, Laura Jordan, Roberta Gumbel, Michael Halling, Courtney Balan, Carmen Keels
Final Broadway performance; great video with great sound; some spotlight washout but great close-ups A+

Inside the Actor's Studio: Glee
Bravo -- April 10, 2012
James Lipton interviews the cast of "Glee", Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison, Jayne Lynch, Chris Colfer, Cory Monteith and series co-creator Ryan Murphy, 1 hour

The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures
6/1/14 ~ Berkeley, CA
Mark Margolis, Liz Wisan, Lou Liberatore, Joseph J Parks, Randy Danson, Jordan Geiger, Tyrone Mitchell Henderson, Anthony Fusco, Deirdre Lovejoy, Tina Chilip, Robynn Rodriguez
Well filmed in 16:9 with no washout or obstruction and a steady mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups; first minute or so of act two is blacked out; includes curtain call 3 DVDs A

In the Beginning
Summer 2000 ~ San Francisco, CA
Tanya Shaffer, Jon Marshall, Kevin Blackton, George McRae, Tara Blau, Ron Picket, CJ Blankenship, Cindy Goldfield, Diana Torres Koss, Melanie Slivka
From the Willows Theater production, In the Beginning is the reworked 1-2-3-4-5, with the Larry Gelbart book replaced by one by David W. Hahn. Well filmed and clear sound B+

In The Heights
2/14/08 ~ Broadway
Andrea Burns, Janet Dacal, Robin De Jesus, Carlos Gomez, Mandy Gonzales, Christopher Jackson, Priscilla Lopez, Olga Merediz, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Karen Olivo, Seth Stewart
First preview of this show that was recently at 37Arts. Great video with closeups, as well as fullstage for most of the ensemble numbers; starts off a bit shaky but improves greatly; only about a minute of coverups all together. B+

In The Heights
3/5/08 ~ Broadway
Javier Munoz (u/s Usnavi), Andrea Burns, Robin De Jesus, Carlos Gomez, Mandy Gonzales, Christopher Jackson, Priscilla Lopez, Olga Merediz, Karan Olivo
Great capture of this great show. Javier does a nice job; good closeups and sound and excellent video A

In the Heights
5/18/08 ~ Broadway
Krysta Rodriguez (u/s Vanessa), Seth Stewart, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Olga Merediz, Stephanie Klemons (u/s Carla), Andrea Burns, Priscilla Lopez, Carlos Gomez, Robin De Jesus, Mandy Gonzales, Christopher Jackson
Brief coverup for latecomers; no heads in the way; clear picture with closeups and good sound; nice video A-

In The Heights
11/2/08 ~ Broadway
Seth Stewart, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Eliseo Roman, Doreen Montalvo (u/s Abuela Claudia), Krysta Rodriguez (u/s Carla), Andrea Burns, Carlos Gomez, Priscilla Lopez, Robin de Jesus, Christopher Jackson, Janet Dacal (u/s Vanessa), Mandy Gonzalez, Doreen Montalvo,Tony Chiroldes, Noemi del Rio, Rosie Lani Fiedelman, Marcus Paul James, Stephanie Klemons, Nina Lafarga, Javier Munoz, Luis Salgado, Shaun Taylor-Corbett, Rickey Tripp
Act I is about 30 minutes of highlights and contains the following songs: It Won't Be Long Now, No Me Diga, 96,000, Pacienciay Fe,The Club, Fireworks, Act II is complete and includes Lin-Manuel Miranda's post-show Actors Fund speech; a brief coverup and a rare head in the way; nice video B+

In The Heights
3/25/09 ~ Broadway
Shaun Taylor-Corbett (u/s Usnavi), Mandy Gonzalez, Marcy Harriel, Rick Negron, Blanca Camacho (u/s Abuela),Tony Chiroldes (u/s Piragua Guy)
Okay video; full audio with total of seven minutes of coverups, which occur mostly in act one up until "Pacience y Fe" Coverups during the beginning of "Benny's Dispatch", "It Won't Be Long Now" and the last half of "96,000." Act two only has blackouts during clapping sometimes. B

In the Heights
12/16/09 ~ Chicago, IL
Kyle Beltran, Natalie Toro, Arielle Jacobs, Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer, Rogelio Douglas Jr., Daniel Bolero, Isabel Santiago, Elise Santora
Beautiful capture of the tour cast towards the beginning of the run. Great performances; clear video with good picture and sound A

In the Heights
8/10/10 ~ Costa Mesa, CA
Joseph Morales, Lexi Lawson, Arielle Jacobs, Rogelio Douglas, Jr., Elise Santora, Christopher Chatman, Genny Lis Padilla, Isabel Santiago, Natalie Toro, Danny Bolero, David Baida, Jose-Luis Lopez
Nice capture of the tour after some cast changes; first minute or so of each act is blacked out and one quick drop out between In the Heights and Breathe, otherwise complete; some washout in the wides, but not bad; excellent sound and great picture and closeups 2 DVDs A

In The Heights
8/21/10 ~ Broadway
Kyle Beltran, Jordin Sparks, Clifton Oliver, Marcy Harriell, Doreen Montalvo (u/s Daniela), Shaun Taylor-Corbett, Olga Merediz, Courtney Reed, Priscilla Lopez, Rick Negron, Jon Rua
Really nice capture of Jordin Spark's wonderful performance as Nina. Only one or two coverups that last for under three seconds each; great video with good sound A

In the Heights
3/30/14 ~ Thousand Oaks, CA
Lano Medina, Ayme Olivo, Frank Authello Andrus Jr., Rachae Thomas, Tami Dahbura, Benjamin Perez, Celina Clarich Polanco, Robert Ramirez, Chala Savino, Anna Gabrielle Gonzalez, Jose-Luis Lopez, Jonathan Arana
Nice video with no washout, obstruction or blackouts; a couple scenes are a little dark, particularly The Club; steady clear video and excellent sound; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A

In the Next Room or the Vibrator Play
10/3/10 ~ Costa Mesa, CA
Kathleen Early, Andrew Borba, Libby West, Rebecca Mozo, Tom Shelton, Tracey A Leigh, Ron Menzel
Some obstruction from one head; two short blackouts in act one, but the rest of the show is intact; low sound at times but everything can be heard; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A

Intimate Apparel
6/5/04 ~ New York
Viola Davis, Arija Barelkis, Lynda Gravatt, Russell Hornsby, Corey Stoll, Lauren Velez
Great quality video with the usual excellent picture and sound quality. A

Intimate Apparel
11/25/12 ~ Pasadena, CA
Vanessa Williams, Dawnn Lewis, Angel Reda, David St. Louis, Adam J. Smith, Kristy Johnson
A bit shaky in a couple places, but there is no obstruction and no washout; some short dropouts throughout the show, especially in act one, but none last more than a minute and most are under 30 seconds. Filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups; sound a bit quiet in places, but clear; good video 2 DVDs A-

Into The Light
10/26/86 ~ Broadway
Dean Jones, Thomas Batten, Susan Bigelow, Alan Brasington, Lenny Wolpe.  RARE! “James Prescott, a sceptical physicist from Los Alamos, belongs to an American scientific expedition attempting to determine the truth or otherwise of the Turin Shroud, the linen relic revered by true believers as Jesus' burial cloth. James's obsession with his scientific mission leads him to neglect his wife, Kate, and young son, Matthew, for the lab. The son, to compensate for his father's absence, places his faith in a jolly fantasy friend whom no one else can see”.  Broadway flop with just 6 official performances.  From Frank Rich’s New York Times review: “No star can carry a show that asks whether God is dead in a manner that's likely to bore Him to death if He's not.”  Well filmed, with mostly wide shots.  Surprisingly good for a tape of it’s age, but some generational loss.  Filmed at the show’s final performance. A-

Into the Woods
Old Globe Theater in San Diego ~ Pre Broadway
Joanna Gleason, Chip Zien, Chuck Wagner, Ben Wright
Pre-New York workshop very different from final Broadway show. Different lyrics and songs, very interesting to study and enjoy to compare to original and revivals. Example, Baker’s wife dies from poison apple, not Giant. Picture fuzzy, not always focused on stage at first but gets better but not great. D

Into the Woods
1987 ~ Broadway
Bernadette Peters, Chip Zien, Joanna Gleason, Tom Aldredge, Robert Westenberg, Kim Crosby, Danielle Ferland, Ben Wright, Barbara Byrne, Pamela Winslow, Chuck Wagner, Merle Louise, Kay McClelland, Lauren Mitchell, Phillip Hoffman, Joy Franz, Edmund Lyndeck
Pro Shot for PBS. This was a release in China as the subtitles are in Chinese (though you do have options of turning the chapter titles from Chinese to English). Performed in English. An absolutely beautiful DVD of a wonderful show and production. Even if you’ve don’t know the show, if you’re a fan of theater, you should own this! A++

Into the Woods
1989 ~ Broadway
Betsy Joslyn, Dick Cavett, Chip Zien, Chuck Wagner, Barbara Bryne, Ben Wright, Danielle Ferland, Kim Crosby
Broadway Highlights nicely filmed, about an hour long; Cavett was new and didn’t know all of the lines yet Dark at times but nice and rare B+

Into the Woods
1990 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Cleo Laine, Charlotte Rae, Mary Gordon Murray, Ray Gill, Rex Robbins, Kathleen Rowe McAllen, Chuck Wagner, Douglas Sills
National Touring company; good quality with some generation loss with good sound; good video; B+

Into the Woods
2/16/92 ~ Seattle, WA
Jim Vale
Filmed at the Seattle Civic Light Opera; semi-pro shot; single camera on tripod; not always looking at the right part of the stage shot but generally fine; very good production and performances, but the princes look exactly the same which is odd. Nice video A-

Into The Woods
1993 ~ Wytenshaw, England
Caroline O'Conner, Grania Renihan, Glyn Kerslake, Charles Foster, Fenton Gray, Barry James, Di Botcher, Lindsey Dawson
Very well filmed, extremely clear video. Almost looks pro shot with nice closeups and good sound A

Into the Woods
11/12/94 ~ New Zealand
Cast Unknown
A nice presentation by the Watershed Theatre, Auckland filmed using two cameras on a tripod.  Suffers from some generation loss but still a very nice DVD. A-

Into the Woods
Summer 1995 ~ Plays in the Park. NJ
Good video with excellent picture and sound 2 DVDs A

Into the Woods Reunion Concert
11/9/97 ~ Broadway
Bernadette Peters, Joanna Gleason, Chip Zien, Tom Aldredge, Kim Crosby, Barbara Bryne, Chuck Wagner, Ben Wright
Excellent quality A

Into the Woods
March 2001 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Susannah Hall, Erik McEwen, Benita Schekel, Stan Chandler, Kirsten Benton, Jodi Julian, Caroline Rath, Lindsay Martin, Jennifer Young, Paul Green
Performance Riverside proshot archive video; nicely filmed with great sound and excellent closeups; good video A

Into the Woods
2/15/02 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Vanessa Williams, Laura Benanti, John McMartin, Stephen DeRosa, Kerry O'Malley, Adam Wylie, Molly Ephraim, Gregg Edelman
Digital video; nice picture and sound! A

Into the Woods
4/13/02 ~ Broadway
Vanessa Williams, Laura Benanti, John McMartin, Stephen DeRosa, Kerry O’Malley, Adam Wylie, Molly Ephraim, Gregg Edelman
Fantastic video - “Hello Little Girl” staged differently A+

Into the Woods
5/16/02 ~ Broadway
Vanessa Williams, Laura Benanti, John McMartin, Stephen DeRosa, Kerry O'Malley, Adam Wylie, Molly Ephraim, Gregg Edelman
Great digital video with nice picture and sound; A

Into the Woods
December 2005 ~ Palo Alto
Danny Duncan (Narrator), Mary Workman (Cinderella), Ron Pickett, (Jack), Jack Davis (Baker), Christine McHugh (Baker's Wife)
B+ Pro Shot

Into the Woods
8/9/09 ~ Pittsburgh, PA
Beth Leavel, Hunter Foster, Brynn O'Malley, Sara Jean Ford, Jen Cody, Stanley Bahorek,Tim Hartman, Betsy Lawrence, Kaitlyn Davidson, Kevin Earley, Elise Santora, Lauren Sprague, Greggory Brandt, Stephen Carrasco, Steffi Garrard, Stephanie Maloney, Paul Palmer, Kathryn Lin Terza, Tracy Groth
Filmed in 16:9 widescreen; a couple of minor obstructions but only in the wider shots and most filming is mid-zoom and close shots; almost no blackouts except during applause and filming is fairly steady. Good video A

Into The Woods
2010 ~ London
Eddie Manning, Helen Dallimore, Ben Stott, Mark Hadfield, Jenna Russell, Gaye Brown, Amy Ellen Richardson, Amy Griffiths, Marilyn Cutts, Bevery Rudd, Hannah Waddingham, Gemma Wardle,
Billy Boyle, Michael Xavier, Valda Aviks, Alice Fearn, Simon Thomas, Mark Goldthorp, Sophie Caton, Marc Antolin
Proshot for internet viewing from the Regents Park Open Air Theatre production; it is a kinescope shot with a 1080 HD camera with sound patched in from the source It's not perfect, with some white-out, but very watchable. 2 DVDs A-

Into the Woods
7/29/12 ~ Central Park
Donna Murphy, Amy Adams, Chip Zien, Denis O'Hare, Gideon Glick, Jessie Mueller, Sarah Stiles, Ellen Harvey, Ivan Hernandez, Josh Lamon, Laura Shoop, Tess Soltau, Kristine Zbornik, Jack Broderick, Eric Williams (u/s Rapunzel's Prince), Glenn Close
Great HD capture of the much hyped Shakespeare in the Park Production. Beautifully thought out and executed production with a few flubs and bloopers that are hilarious; a few short parts in act one within the first 30 minutes are shot between heads where the action at the very lip of the stage is missed, but very few things went that far forward and picture improves after 30 minutes when it got dark; first minute of the show is missing; great video with HD picture and clear sound 2 DVDs A-

Into the Woods
5/3/14 ~ Fullerton, CA
Bets Malone, Jeff Skowron, Viva Carr, Jeanette Dawson, Tim Martin Gleason, Julie Morgentaler, Jordan Lamoureux, Tracy Rowe Mutz, David Allen Jones, Christanna Rowader, Cameron Sczempka, Lisa Dyson, Melina Kalomas, Melanie Mockobey, Cliff Senior, Leslie Stevens, Mueen Jahan, Renna Nightingale, Allison Sheppard, Sally Struthers
Extremely well filmed with no washout, obstruction or blackouts; a bit dark overall, but nothing is missed; steadly filmed in 16:9 video and excellent sound; includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A

Into the Woods
7/27/14 ~ San Diego, CA
Alison Cimmet, Ben Steinfeld, Jessie Austrian, Claire Karpen, Noah Brody, Emily Young, Patrick Mulryan, Liz Hayes, Paul L Coffey, Andy Grotelueschen, Matt Castle
Great capture of this quirky production at The Old Globe before it transferred off-Broadway; well captured from start to finish with no blackouts, obstruction, or washout; excellent clear picture and sound and includes curtain call; very good video 2 DVDs A

Into the Woods Reunion
11/9/14 ~ Costa Mesa, CA
Stephen Sondheim, James Lapine, Bernadette Peters, Joanna Gleason, Chip Zien, Robert Westenberg, Kim Crosby, Danielle Ferland, Ben Wright
Moderated by Mo Rocca, a great capture of this historic reunion in Costa Mesa. The cast and creative team sits down to talk about their experiences and what they're doing now, as well as perform songs from the show. The reminiscing includes discussions of the Wolf's pendulous anatomy, cut scenes/songs, backstage secrets, and a potential sequel; perfectly captured from start to finish with no blackouts, obstructions and washout; excellent clear picture and sound 2 DVDs A

Into the Woods
12/16/14 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Miriam A Laube, Jeff Skowron, Rachael Warren, Jennie Greenberry, Jeremy Peter Johnson, Howie Seago, Kjerstine Rose Anderson, Miles Fletcher, Robin Goodrin Nordli, John Vickery, Royer Bockus, John Tufts, Catherine E. Coulson, Katie Bradley, Christiana Clark, Mauro Hantman
From the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's production performed at The Wallis Annenberg Center in Los Angeles; re-imagined version is very different but interesting and fun; show was stopped during the Act Two Finale for a medical emergency in the audience, but continues without a hitch; no washout, one short blackout, and no obstruction; first two and a half minutes of Act One are blacked out, but after that complete; nice close-ups and stage shots; very good video 2 DVDs A

The Invention of Love
6/26/01 ~ Broadway
Robert Sean Leonard, Richard Easton, Daniel Davis, Neal Dodson, Mireille Enos
Good quality video; excellent closeups and sound, 2 DVDs A

Inventing Mary Martin: The Revue Of A Lifetime
5/17/14 ~ New York
Jason Graae, Emily Skinner, Cameron Adams, Lynne Halliday
Presented by the York Theatre Company. The filmer recorded the show from a camcorder he set up on his armrest, so there are heads in the bottom half of the frame, but much of the show is captured well; disc also includes the Talk Back portion, after the show, with writer/director Stephen Cole, and music supervisor David Krane. In the audience is Alice Hammerstein (Oscar's daughter), and Cole and Krane sing a special song for her on her 93rd birthday. B

I Remember Mama
December 2006 ~ Toronto, Canada
Caroline Moro-Dalicandro, David Haines, Larry Westlake, Andrea Barker, Kelly Sanders, Dean Deffett, Susan Sanders
Pro shot video by Toronto Civic Light Opera; good clear video with excellent picture and sound; good video A

The Irish...And How They Got That Way
1997 ~ PBS-TV
Terry Donnelly, Marian Tomas Griffin, Ciaran O'Reilly, Rusty Magee, Bob Green.   "The Irish...And How They Got That Way is a video recording of a stage production by Frank McCourt, the celebrated author of Angela's Ashes, at the Irish Repertory Theatre in New York. The two-hour-long show features five performers (one of them McCourt's niece) celebrating the Irish-American immigrant experience in word and music against the backdrop of a historical sideshow. Act I recounts British oppression of the Irish, culminating in the Potato Famine and waves of mass immigration to the United States. Act II focuses on the Irish contribution to American society as fighters in the Civil War, martyrs in the labor movement, as entertainers, and as statesmen. Fans of Frank McCourt will appreciate the trademark humor and irreverence that flows throughout."     A

Irma La Douce
2004 ~ The Netherlands
Beautifully filmed from the balcony.
Great picture and clear sound; it almost looks like a pro-shot video. Revival of the 1960's musical. In Dutch. A

12/17/03 ~ New York
John Cureiss, Jennifer Dundass, Lisa Emery, Susan Pourfar
Well filmed and crystal clear with amazing close ups. A little dark at times due to the stage lighting. Presented at New York's Manhattan Theatre Club. A

Is He Dead?
1/26/08 ~ Broadway
Norbert Leo Butz, Jenn Gambatese, John McMartin, Mary Louise Burke, David Pittu, Michael McGrath, Tom Alan Robbins, Bridget Regan, Byron Jennings, Jeremy Bobb, Patricia Conolly
A moment or two of full stage shots due to ushers; good video the rest of the way with nice picture and sound A

Is There Life After High School?
1982 ~ New York
Raymond Baker, Cynthia Carle,Alma Cuervo, Sandy Faison, Harry Groener, Philip Hoffman, David Patrick Kelly, Maureen Silliman, James Widdoes
Recorded from the balcony. Even though this show only had a 6 performance run Off-Broadway, it has gone on to successfully play regional theatres, college campuses and community theatres the world over. Blackouts for the first minute or two. Some generational loss. Disc also includes a short Entertainment Tonight piece on Oh! Calcutta! becoming the world's longest running musical. B

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane... It’s Superman
1975 ~ ABC TV Movie
Leslie Ann Warren, Kenneth Mars, Lorretta Swit, David Wayne, David Wilson
Excellent quality despite its age A

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Superman!
6/27/92 ~ East Haddam, CT
Gary Jackson, Kay McClelland, Jaime Ross, Gabrielle Barre
A production of the Goodspeed Opera House. Nice production. Filmed from the Orchestra section about 6 rows from the stage. Heads along the bottom throughout the video. Some generational loss and spot light washout. C

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Superman! - Encores!
3/21/13 ~ New York
Edward Watts, Jenny Powers, Will Swenson, Alli Mauzey, David Pittu, Craig Hennigsen, Suo Liu, Adam Monley, Jason Ng, James Saito, Scott Weber, Wendi Bergamini, Ward Billeisen, Sam Bolen, Stephen Carrasco, Hannah Florence, Sara Jean Ford, Miles Johnson, Max Kumangai, Samantha Massell, Skye Mattox, Kenita R. Miller, Michael Mindlin, Jessica Lea Patty, David Scott Purdy, Manuel Stark, Charlie Williams, Kristen Wyatt, Samantha Zack
Very brief blackout and missing 15 seconds after a song in Act 2 due to a battery problem. Good video A-

It's Only a Play
12/29/14 ~ Broadway
Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Megan Mullally,Stockard Channing, Rupert Grint, F Murray Abraham, Micah Stock
Most of the first 26 minutes of Act One are blacked out but complete after that with a head that can occasionally be seen at the bottom of the screen but does not affect the action. Sound is good overall, but slightly low with some shuffling and static but all of the dialogue can be heard. 2 DVDs B+

It's Only a Play
1/31/15 ~ Broadway
Matthew Broderick, Martin Short, Stockard Channing, Katie Finneran, F. Murray Abraham, Maulik Pancholy, Micah Stock
Beautiful HD capture of this hilarious play; clear picture and good sound, nice video 2 DVDs A

It Shoulda Been You
4/11/15 ~ Broadway
Sierra Boggess, Tyne Daly, Harriet Harris, Lisa Howard, David Burtka, Montego Glover, Josh Girsetti, Adam Heller, Edward Hibbert, Michael X. Martin, Anne L. Nathan, Nick Spangler, Chip Zien
A head on the left side of the stage is shot around nicely, but it is present when action is over near it.

It Shoulda Been You
7/21/15 ~ Broadway
Sierra Boggess, Tyne Daly, Harriet Harris, Chip Zien, Edward Hibbert, Lisa Howard, Montego Glover, Brian Howard, Josh Grisetti, Adam Heller, Michael X. Martin, Nick Spangler, Anne L. Nathan
Gorgeous HD video with clear picture and excellent sound; very nice video with the updated cast A

It Started With A Dream...
A Celebration Of The Life And Music Of Cy Coleman
5/25/05 ~ New York
Lucie Arnaz, Stephen Bogardus, Mike Burstyn, Robert Goulet, Randy Graff, Gary Haase, Sheldon Harnick, Dee Hoty, Judy Kaye, Michele Lee, Michael Mark, Dana Moore, James Naughton, Stephanie Pope Caffey, Chita Rivera, Neil Simon, Elaine Stritch, Lillias White, Buddy Williams,Tom Wopat, David Zippel
A benefit concert to support New York's 92nd Street Y. Pro-shot for video. A+

Jack and the Beanstalk
11/12/56 ~ Producers Showcase / NBC Television
Joel Grey, Celeste Holm, Billy Gilbert
Black and white video; good quality with nice picture and sound for its age; good video A-

Jack The Ripper
February 2007 ~ Gummersbach, Germany
Ulrich Bärenfänger (Jack the Ripper), Claus Opitz (Joseph Carey Merrick), Frauke Harder (Queen Victoria), Alexander Blumberg (Prince Albert), Peter Kröner (Butler), Silke Benninghaus (Miss Reynolds), René Baltes (Police Constable Smith).
Proshot archive recording for the theater group, filmed on three cameras. Excellent audio and video quality. *In German*

Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris
10/7/06 ~ New York
Drew Sarich, Anne Mandrella, Robert Cuccioli
Act One only; clear picture and sound, very nice quality; well filmed with cool menus; only video out there. A

Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris
November 2014 ~ London
Gina Beck, Daniel Boys, David Burt, Eve Polycarpou
Filmed from the back of the theatre with a great view of the stage. The show's light design (no spotlights on the performers) made it more difficult to film and to see at times, but it's still a very good video, following the action well throughout the show. Good clear sound throughout 2 DVDs A

James Joyce’s The Dead
12/30/99 ~ Broadway
Blair Brown, Daisy Eagan, Alice Ripley, Emily Skinner, Stephen Spinella, Christopher Walken
Good quality; occasional close-ups, good video B+

Jane Eyre
11/25/00 ~ Broadway
Marla Schaffel, James Barbour, Mary Stout, Gina Lamparella (u/s)
Digital video, great picture and sound, great view of entire stage, scenery, and lighting; curtain call is included A

Jane Eyre
4/18/01 ~ Broadway
Marla Schaffel (Jane Eyre), James Barbour (Edward Rochester), Lisa Musser (Young Jane), Lee Zarrett (Young John Reed), Gina Ferrall (Mrs Reed/ Lady Ingram), Don Richard (Mr Brocklehurst / Colonel Dent / Vicar), Mary Stout (Mrs. Fairfax/ Marigold), Jayne Peterson (Helen Burns / Mary Ingram), Bruce Dow (Robert), Andrea Bowen (Adele).
Steady, clear shot. Really nice close ups. 2 DVDs A-

Jane Eyre
5/20/01 ~ Broadway
Marla Schaffel, James Barbour, Mary Stout, Elizabeth DeGrazia, Lee Zarrett (u/s)
Shot from second row front mezzanine, steady and clear, mostly zooms and close-ups. Video includes the 2001 Easter Bonnets skit after the show A

Jason Robert Brown in Concert
4/28/01 ~ Cooper Union, NYC
JRB sings his greatest hits, and some other weird things he wrote, with Andrea Burns, David Pittu, Jill Geddes, and a cast of nearly a dozen. Lots of closeups since that's the only way to get around heads. Great show, JRB is a funny funny man A

Jason Robert Brown in Concert
10/25/02 ~ Cooper Union, NYC
Similar to the first concert, but there's a 60-piece choir backing him up. Also performing: Lauren Kennedy, Keith Byron Kirk, Adriane Lenox. Shot from last row center, no heads in the way this time. A

Jawbreaker: The Musical
7/29/10 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Shoshana Bean, Eden Espinosa, Jenna Leigh Green, Megan Hilty, Katie Thompson, Marty Thomas, James Snyder, Elizabeth Brackenbury, Aynsley Bubbico, Scarlett Cherry, Deborah S. Craig, Nick Galbraith, Katie Kern, Jen Malenke, Lesli Margherita, Vic Mazzone, Aaron Neely, Leslie Odom, Jr., Jackie Seiden
This musical is performed as a staged concert reading. Rather than one person per role, the concert is done with some of Broadway's best alternating in the roles. Shot from the front of the venue. The show was  old out and everyone was literally packed in like sardines, so some head obstructions here and there, but the taper was able to work around them well and managed to get good coverage and close ups that made for a good capture.  Nice video A

Jawbreaker: The Musical
7/30/10 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Shoshana Bean, Eden Espinosa, Jenna Leigh Green, Megan Hilty, Katie Thompson, Marty Thomas, James Snyder, Elizabeth Brackenbury, Aynsley Bubbico, Scarlett Cherry, Deborah S. Craig, Nick Galbraith, Katie Kern, Jen Malenke, Lesli Margherita, Vic Mazzone, Aaron Neely, Leslie Odom, Jr., Jackie Seiden
The musical is performed as a staged concert reading. Rather than one person per role, the concert is done with some of Broadway's best alternating in the roles. For the second show, they had a video screen projecting a nice wide shot of the entire show. Video is a clear and unobstructed screen capture of the show. Tapers camera went out during the song "Suck It", so only the first minute of this song is captured. Picks right back up at the intro/beginning of the next song, "With You." Otherwise a great quality capture. Good video A

Jay Johnson:The Two and Only
11/26/06 ~ Broadway
Final Performance. Filmed from second row of the mezzanine. Missing last 4 minutes of show due to tape running out.  Otherwise, a beautiful video or a wonderful theaterical experience. A

Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell
1999 ~ BBC-TV
Peter O’Toole (Jeffrey Bernard), Timothy Ackroyd, Sarah Berger, Annabel Levenson, Royce Mills.  Recorded live at the Old Vic Theatre in London. This was Peter O’Toole last stage performance.   A

Jekyll & Hyde
12/25/95 ~ Tampa Bay, FL
Robert Cuccioli, Linda Eder
Camcorder shot video of the pre-Broadway National tour; color leaves something to be desired, but the audio is pretty close to CD quality, B

Jekyll and Hyde
11/15/97 ~ Broadway Highlights
Robert Cuccioli, Linda Eder, Christiane Noll
Highlights of the 1997 Broadway cast. Includes all of the major musical numbers and some wonderful close ups. From final previews. There are several nice close ups during the musical numbers, shot from the left mezzanine. A-

Jekyll and Hyde
4/3/99 ~ Evening Bremen
Ethan Freeman (Jekyll/Hyde), Lyn Lichty (Lucy), Susanne Dengler (Lisa), Brigitte Oelke (Hure)

Jekyll & Hyde
12/19/99 ~ Broadway matinee
Joseph Mahowald (u/s), Christy Tarr (u/s), Colleen Sexton (u/s), Stuart Marland (u/s), Craig Schulman, Douglas Ladnier
Amazing closeups, steady camera, fantastic filming with 3 understudies in the lead roles for this show A

Jekyll and Hyde
2000 ~ Broadway
David Hasslehoff, Coleen Sexton, Christine Noll, Geroge Merritt, Barrie Ingham
**Pro Shot for general DVD realease. Nice performances from everyone apart from David Hasslehoff who is aweful! But, seeing as it is Pro Shot, It is a really nice DVD**

Jekyll and Hyde
4/1/00 ~ 1st national U.S. Tour
Chuck Wagner, Sharon Brown, Kelli O' Hara
Slight generational loss, making it high contrast but otherwise well shot with decent close-ups and good sound. B

Jekyll and Hyde
6/1/00 ~ Bremen
Ethan Freeman (Jekyll/Hyde), Michaela Kovarikova (Lucy), Susanne Dengler (Lisa), Ariane Swoboda (Nellie), Jan Merchant (Lady Beacconsfeld), Elisabeth Wukisavits (Alice), Jessica Roggemann (Polly), Joanna May (Fanny), Karin Germann (Kate), Mara Sievers (Molly), Eberhard Storz (Sir Danvers Carew), Jürgen Wagner (Utterson)

Jekyll and Hyde
12/16/00 ~ Broadway
Rob Evan (Jekyll/Hyde), Coleen Sexton (Lucy), Andrea Rivette (Emma)

Jekyll and Hyde
2001 ~ Broadway
Robert Evan, Andrea Rivette, Coleen Sexton, George Merritt, Barrie Ingham
Pro-shot rehearsal filming with Robert Evan in the lead role rather than David Hasselhoff; shot by Pay-Per-View for camera angles before the infamous David Hasslhoff taping; never televised A

Jekyll & Hyde
7/21/01 ~ Patchogue, NY
Brad Little, Maria Couch, Alicia Irving
A little jumpy here and there but nice closeups and good sound throughout and there is a bar in the way at times; still a nice video though B+

Jekyll & Hyde
11/2/01- Vienna, Austria
Thomas Borchert (Jekyll/Hyde), Eva Maria Marold (Lucy), Maya Hakvoort (Lisa).
1st generation VHS to DVD. Rather different, dark, creepy staging.

Jekyll & Hyde
2007 - Tecklenburg, Germany
Patrick Stahnke, Karin Seyfried.
Filmed on a tripod, fantastic quality. Performed outdoors in an ampitheatre, very unique staging. Starts during the evening and as the show progresses the sun sets and it's dark by the end.

Jekyll & Hyde
10/15/09 ~ South Korea
Brad Little, Juan Jackson, Belinda Wollaston, Lucy Maunder, Hayden Tee, Michael Lee Porter
Multi -camera proshot of the recent South Korean tour. An amazing video with an amazing mostly Australian cast. Good clear video 2 DVDs A

Jekyll & Hyde
2011 ~ UK Tour
Marti Pellow, Sabrina Carter, Sarah Earnshaw, David Delve, Mark McGee, Michael Taibi
This is an all new production featuring new direction, new choreography, and a new set. Beautifully filmed from the balcony with a nice mix of close-ups and full stage shots. 2 DVDs A

Jekyll and Hyde
1/12/13 ~ Durham, NC
Constantine Maroulis, Deborah Cox, Teal Wicks, Richard White, Laird Mackintosh, Blair Ross,
Jason Wooten, Brian Gallagher, David Benoit
Complete show from the pre-Broadway tour; includes curtain call, filmed mostly with medium shots; two blackouts a few seconds long near the start due to late seating, but other than that it is completely unobstructed. Some very slight shakiness and wandering between scenes but mostly a very steady shot and well-filmed. 2 DVDs A-

Jekyll & Hyde
2/12/13 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Constantine Maroulis, Deborah Cox, Teal Wicks, Richard White, Laird Mackintosh, Blair Ross, Jason Wooten, Brian Gallagher, David Benoit, Mel Johnson, Jr., Aaron Ramey, Dana Costello, James Judy, Jerry Christakos
Nice capture of this show before it went to Broadway; one head on the left, but is worked around; a couple quick dropouts, but none lasts more than a minute; a bit of washout in high contrast scenes; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups; good clear sound and includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A-

Jekyll & Hyde
3/19/13 ~ Chicago, IL
Constantine Maroulis, Deborah Cox, Teal Wicks, Laird Mackintosh, Richard White, David Benoit
Filmed PreBroadway; beautiful HD capture of the final stop before heading to Broadway with no obstructions. A reimagined revival of the classic Wildhorn musical. Clear picture and good sound; nice video 2 DVDs A

Jekyll and Hyde
5/12/13 ~ Broadway
Constantine Maroulis, Deborah Cox, Teal Wicks, Laird Mackintosh, Richard White, David Benoit.
Includes curtain call. Shot from the circle from a slight angle. Closing Night

Jelly's Last Jam
4/20/91 – World Premiere - Mark Taper Forum, L.A.
Gregory Hines, Tonya Pinkins, Keith David, Obba Babatunde, Freda Payne.
Before the B'way run, at the intimate Taper. Mostly full stage shot. A worthy, very rare record of the great show. B

Jerome Robbins' Broadway
1988 ~ Broadway
Jason Alexander
Shot from the right mezzanine; a great capture of the OBC. Missing about 10 mins in Act II, from the end of House of Uncle Thomas, to the beginning of the Peter Pan sequence. A

Jerry Herman: A Musical Toast, S.T.A.G.E. Benefit Concert
1989 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Southland Theatre Artists Goodwill Event (S.T.A.G.E.) 5th annual  benefit concert, this time honoring the work of Jerry Herman.  Some of the stars in attendance and performing: Betty Garrett, Pamela Myers, Marilyn Cooper, Rue McClannahan, Lucie Arnaz, Desi Arnaz Jr., Bill Hutton, more. Some generational loss. B-
***Also available in S.T.A.G.E. section, same DVD***

Jerry Herman's Broadway At The Hollywood Bowl
1997 ~ Hollywood, CA
Bea Arthur, Carol Channing, Michael Feinstein, Davis Gaines, George Hearn, Angela Lansbury, Lorna Luft, Paul and Linda McCartney, Liza Minnelli, Rita Moreno, Karen Morrow, Lee Roy Reams, Leslie Uggams
Pro-shot of the 1993 tribute to Jerry Herman collects numbers from the songwriter's Broadway shows, performed by a wide variety of stars, many with strong ties to Herman, including Carol Channing (the original and forever Dolly), Leslie Uggams (Jerry's Girls), George Hearn (La Cage aux Folles), Bea Arthur (with her trademark "Man in the Moon" from Mame), Lee Roy Reams and Karen Morrow (An Evening with Jerry Herman), Florence Lacey (The Grand Tour), Lorna Luft (Judy Garland's daughter), Davis Gaines, Michael Feinstein, and Rita Moreno, all backed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic under the baton of Don Pippin (Herman's longtime musical director) before a live audience at the Hollywood Bowl. Pippin leads the orchestra in instrumental medleys of waltzes and marches, Liza Minnelli, Paul
and Linda McCartney, and Angela Lansbury offered prerecorded greetings, and humorous moments are provided by Luft's grouchy "Put It Back On" response to the dance team's "Take It All Off" (the producers make it up to her later by giving her Mack & Mabel's great ballad "Time Heals Everything").There's also Reams's impressions of Channing, Pearl Bailey, and Louis Armstrong performing "Hello, Dolly"; and Arthur, who explains that Mame was not named after her character simply because nothing would rhyme with "Vera"--though "Sondheim could have done it." The guest of honor laughs right along with the crowd, and then takes the stage himself for the finale--for Jerry Herman fans, this concert is the best of times indeed A

Jerry Springer: The Opera
1/30/04 ~ London
Michael Brandon, David Bedella, Alison Jiear, Jo Napthine (u/s)
Great picture and sound A

Jerry Springer: The Opera
1/8/05 ~ London
David Soul, David Bedella, Carrie Ellis, Jason Griffiths, Kiara Jay, Alison Jiear, Andrew Playfoot, Guy Porritt, Phillip Sutton
Professionally filmed and aired on BBC; includes documentary aired before the show A+

Jerry Springer-The Opera
2009 ~ Sydney, Australia
David Wenham, Marcus Graham, Alison Jiear, David Bedella, Ursula Yovich
Semi-staged concert version; house camera so there are no closeups; first 20 minutes of the video are slight as people enter as is the complete 20 minute interval and after the show, there is 20 more minutes
of silent scenes of the stage A-

Jerry's Girls
1984 ~ Palm Beach, FL
Carol Channing, Leslie Uggams, Andrea McArdle
Full show, filmed using one camera on a tripod, with sound patched in directly from the sound board. This footage might have been intended for media use. A

Jerry's Girls
1986 ~ US Tour
Carol Channing, Leslie Uggams,Andrea McArdle
Well filmed, but some generational loss. B

Jerry’s Girls
1986 ~ Broadway
Chita Rivera, Dorothy Louden, Leslie Uggams.  
RARE! Surprisingly good for a video more than 20 years old. (The disc starts out with a few minutes of Alexis Smith promoting Platinum, with Gene Shallit). A

Jerry's Girls
1987 ~ Australia
Toby Allen, Debbie Byrne, Judi Connelli, Marcia Hines, Jeanne Little. 
Original Australian cast, pro shot for video. A-

Jersey Boys
11/3/05 (Act1) - 11/11/05 (Act2) ~ Broadway
John Lloyd Young, J Robert Spencer, Daniel Richard, Christian Hoff.
During Act 1 there are some heads to shoot around but filmer shoots around them very nicely so they are hardly noticeable. Act 2 is nicely captured with great picture and sound. A-

Jersey Boys
11/19/05 ~ Broadway
Christian Hoff, Daniel Reichard, J. Robert Spencer, John Lloyd Young, Peter Gregus, Mark Lotito, Tituss Burgess, Heather Ferguson, Steve Gouveia, Donnie Kehr, John Leone, Michael Longoria, Jennifer Naimo, Erica Piccininni, Sara Schmidt
Shot around some heads.but still great video; great close ups some minor white outhere and there before zooming in; very clear with good sound; includes interviews from NY1 and show reviews. A-

Jersey Boys
1/11/06 ~ Broadway
John Lloyd Young, Christian Hoff, Daniel Reichard, J. Robert Spencer
Digital video, shot from the back of the mezzanine, no obstructions, lots of zooms, beautiful sound. A

Jersey Boys
3/20/07 ~ San Francisco, CA
Erich Bergen, Michael Ingersoll, Deven May, Jarrod Spector [alt - Frankie Valli], John Altieri, Miles Aubrey, Sandra DeNise, Rick Faugno, Eric Gutman, Nathan Klau, Brandon Matthieus, Jackie Seiden, Joseph Siravo, Melissa Strom
Clips, missing most of the show, lots of obstruction B

Jersey Boys
4/19/07 ~ San Francisco, CA
Miles Aubrey [u/s Bob Gaudio], Michael Ingersoll, Deven May, Christopher Kale Jones, John Altieri, Erik Bates*, Heather Ferguson*, Courter Simmons, Taylor Sternberg*, Nathan Klau, Brandon Matthieus, Jackie Seiden, Joseph Siravo, Melissa Strom
Filmed from the balcony, with some great close ups. Crystal clear. Ocasional heads in the wide shots. A-

Jersey Boys
4/22/07 ~ San Francisco, CA
Christopher Kale Jones (Frankie Valli), Eric Gutman (Bob Gaudio u/s), Deven May (Tommy DeVito), Michael Ingersoll (Nick Massi), Miles Aubrey (Gyp De Carlo u/s and others), Douglas Crawford (Norm Waxman u/s), Heather Ferguson (Lorraine and others u/s), Eric Gutman (Hank Majewski), John Altieri (Bob Crewe), Nathan Klau, Brandon Mattieus, Jackie Seiden (Mary Delgado and others), Melissa Strom (Francine and others), Courter Simmons (Joey)
Highlights, missing only a few numbers, nicely captured, A

Jersey Boys
4/24/07 ~ San Francisco, CA
Miles Aubrey [u/s Bob Gaudio], Michael Ingersoll, Deven May Rick Faugno [alt - Frankie Valli], John Altieri, Erik Bates*, Heather Ferguson*, Courter Simmons, Taylor Sternberg*, Nathan Klau, Douglas Crawford*, Jackie Seiden, Joseph Siravo, Melissa Strom
Another great video, pretty much can be described similar to above. Interesting to see the show with understudies. A

Jersey Boys
4/27/07 ~ San Francisco, CA
Christopher Kale Jones (Frankie Valli), Erich Bergen (Bob Gaudio), Deven May (Tommy De Vito), Michael Ingersoll (Nick Massi), Taylor Sternberg (Hank Majewski and others u/s), Heather Ferguson (Lorraine and others u/s), John Altieri, Joseph Siravo, Miles Aubrey, Nathan Klau, Brandon Matthieus, Jackie Seiden, Courter Simmons, Melissa Strom
Starts after I'm in the Mood for Love

Jersey Boys
4/28/07 ~ San Francisco, CA
Erich Bergen, Michael Ingersoll, Deven May, Christopher Kale Jones, John Altieri, Miles Aubrey, Heather Ferguson*, Courter Simmons, Taylor Sternberg*, Nathan Klau, Brandon Matthieus, Jackie Seiden, Joseph Siravo, Melissa Strom
The full touring cast-no understudies. Well filmed from the balcony. Crystal clear. Occasional heads at the bottom of the screen in the wide shots, but nothing too bad. This is probably the best video of the San Francisco tour. A

Jersey Boys
5/3/07 ~ San Francisco, CA
Erich Bergen, Michael Ingersoll, Deven May, Christopher Kale Jones, John Altieri, Miles Aubrey, Sandra DeNise, Courter Simmons, Eric Gutman, Nathan Klau, Brandon Matthieus, Jackie Seiden, Joseph Siravo, Melissa Strom
A little shaky at times, but overall still very good. Filmed from the balcony, with great closeups and clarity. Filmed on the closing night of the San Francisco 1st National tour run. A

Jersey Boys
5/10/07 ~ San Francisco, CA
Drew Gehling, Steve Goueveia, Jeremy Kushnier, Jarrod Spector, Craig Laurie,Wade McCullon, Lauren Marshall, Steven M. Goldsmith, Ryan Quinn West, Mike Erickson, Rashad Naylor, Jenny Lee Ramos, Eddie Driscoll, Lyndsey Cole
Act 1 only of the 2nd National tour production A

Jersey Boys
5/13/07 ~ San Francisco, CA
Drew Gehling, Steve Goueveia, Jeremy Kushnier, John Michael Dias [alt Frankie Valli], Craig Laurie, Wade McCullon, Lauren Marshall, Steven M. Goldsmith, Ryan Quinn West, Mike Erickson, Rashad Naylor, Jenny Lee Ramos, Eddie Driscoll, Lyndsey Cole
Excellent video with nice closeups and good sound A

Jersey Boys
8/3/07 ~ San Francisco, CA
Drew Gehling, John Hickman [u/s Nick Massi], Jeremy Kushnier, Jarrod Spector, Craig Laurie, Wade McCollum, Lauren Marshall, Steven M. Goldsmith, Ryan Quinn West, Mike Erickson [u/s Gyp], Rashad Naylor, Jenny Lee Ramos, Jake Speck [u/s Billy Dixon], Lyndsey Cole
Great video with excellent sound and good closeups A

Jersey Boys
8/5/07 ~ San Francisco, CA
Drew Gehling, Michael Ingersoll, Jeremy Kushnier, John Michael Dias [alt Frankie Valli], Craig Laurie, Wade McCollum, Lauren Marshall, Steven M. Goldsmith, Ryan Quinn West, Mike Erickson [u/s Gyp], Rashad Naylor, Jenny Lee Ramos, Jake Speck [u/s Billy Dixon], Lyndsey Cole
Very clear video with excellent sound and closeups A

Jersey Boys
11/30/07 ~ Costa Mesa, CA
Christopher Kale Jones, Deven May, Erich Bergen, Steve Gouveia, John Altieri, Miles Aubrey, Jennifer Evans, Eric Gutman
Filmed from rear orchestra, in 16:9 widescreen. Begins at end of "Ces Soirées-La". Very few obstructions, minor washout now and then when zoomed out, and just a little shaky at times, cover-up during end of "Dawn" due to extreme brightness of lights. Good video A

Jersey Boys
12/22/07 ~ San Francisco, CA
Rick Faugno, Jeff Leibow, Byran McElroy, Andrew Rannells, Natalie Bradshaw, Joyce Chittick, Jonathan Hadley, Julia Krohn (act 1), Lauren Tartaglia (act 2), Ken Krugman, Jason Martinez, Kristofer McNeeley, John Salvatore, Jonathan, Kevin Russel, Gerard Rodriguez, Michael James Scott, Brad Russell
Video shaky at times,especially in Act 2. There's significant obstruction from a coupleheads when action is downstage. Great energy from this cast. Julia Krohn apparently fell backstage during intermission and injured herself, so Lauren Tartaglia went on for Act 2. 2 DVDs A

Jersey Boys
3/14/08 ~ Broadway
Michael Longoria (Frankie Valli), Christian Hoff (Tommy DeVito), John Leone (Nick Massi u/s), Sebastian Arcelus (Bob Gaudio), Peter Gregus (Bob Crewe), Mark Lotito (Gyp DeCarlo), Travis Cloer (Joey), Jennifer Naimo (Mary Delgado), Kris Coleman (Hal Miller & other roles), Eric Gutman (Hank Majewski), Donnie Kehr (Norm Waxman), Eric Piccininni (Lorraine), Sara Schmidt (Francine)
Shot from mezzanine, widescreen 16:9, a little shaky at times, minor obstruction right side of screen at times (which was sometimes difficult to shoot around), couple blackouts, especially the second half of "Dawn" and roughly last 10 minutes is audio only and usher was standing nearby

Jersey Boys
7/16/08 ~ Chicago
Steven M. Goldsmith (Franki Valli u/s), John Hickman (Nick Massi u/s), Drew Gehling, Craig Laurie, John Michael Copola (Joe Pesci u/s), Tonya Wathen (Francene and other u/s)
Highlights only includes Sillouhettes, My Mother's Eyes, Cry for Me, Sherry, Big Girls Don't Cry, Walk Like a Man, Oh What a Night, My Eyes Adored You, Dawn (Go Away), Beggin', Stay (half of), Bye Bye Baby, Can't Take My Eyes Off of You, Fallen Angel, Rag Doll, Who Loves You, only dvd of Chicago cast known to exist so far, not the best and only for a true fan of the show, C

Jersey Boys
11/8/08 - Toronto
Joseph Leo Bwarie, Steve Gouveia, Jeremy Kushnier, Andrew Rannells, Jonathan Hadley, Joseph Siravo, Sarah Darling.
Fantastic cast and recording, excellent performance by Andrew Rannells.

Jersey Boys
1/2/09 ~ Broadway
Taylor Sternberg (u/s Frankie Valli), Dominic Nolfi, Sebastian Arcelus, Matt Bogart, Peter Gregus, Mark Lotito, Miles Aubrey, Bridget Berger
Good capture with nice picture and sound throughout; mostly wide and medium shots, with some closeups; first minute or so of each act is audio only, and there are three or four very short cover ups throughout the show and a little bit of washout, but not bad. 2 DVDs A

Jersey Boys
2/12/09 ~ Hartford, CT
Joseph Leo Bwarie, Erik Bates, Josh Franklin, Nathan Scherich (u/s Nick Massi)
Decent video, shot from pretty far away which makes it look shaky. Some heads in the way and spotlight washout but good sound and nice picture when there is one B

Jersey Boys
12/1/09 ~ Broadway
Jarrod Spector, Drew Gehling, Dominic Nolfi, Matt Bogart, Peter Gregus, Mark Lotito, Miles Aubrey, Bridget Berger, Russell Fischer, Taylor Sternberg (u/s Barry Belson), Heather Ferguson, Sara Schmidt
First minute or so of each act is blacked out, and there are a few short blackouts throughout the show, but are less than 20 seconds long; some washout, especially in the wides, but nothing too major; some heads on the sides and bottom of the screen; Includes audio and partial video of curtain call and Dominic's BC/EFA speech. 2 DVDs A

Jersey Boys
11/9/12 ~ Madison, WI
Brandon Andrus, Stephen Cerf (u/s Tommy Devito), Jason Kappus, Brad Weinstock, Barry Anderson
Funny and charming show with great vocals from the 2nd National Tour. Complete show, including curtain calls and BCEFA speech; slight shakiness in between scenes but generally very steady and clear. 2 DVDs A

4/28/11 ~ Broadway
Mark Rylance, Max Baker, Mackenzie Rook, Alan David, Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Aiden Eyrick, John Gallagher Jr, Gerladine Hughes, Danny Kirrane, Charlotte Mills, Sarah Moyle, Mark Page, Molly Ranson, Harvey Robinson, Richard Short, Barry Sloane, Jay Sullivan
First couple of minutes are not clear but improves shortly after. Disc also includes an hour of interviews, reviews and B-Roll; excellent video A

Jesus Christ, Superstar
1994 ~ AD tour, location unknown
Ted Neeley (Jesus), Carl Anderson (Judas), Syreeta Wright (Mary), James O'Neil (Pilate)
Kinda fuzzy but great sound, includes various clips such as interviews, tv appearances, songs in tv program, etc., B, 2 DVDs

Jesus Christ Superstar
4/14/96 ~ Boston, MA
Gary Cherone, Doug Thoms, Kay Hanley, Peter Moore,T. Max, Tim Robert, Pat McGrath, Lynette Estes, Randy Black, Matt Thorsen
A presentation of The Boston Rock Opera at the Lansdowne Street Playhouse. Multi camera, pro shot video. Some generational loss. B+

Jesus Christ Superstar
December 1998 ~ Nyack, NY
Billy Porter, Drew Sarich, Emily Skinner, Robert Aronson, Nathan Lee
Pro-shot from back of theatre with a little generation loss, but very watchable; interesting production with good video and sound; includes an interview from NBC4 A

Jesus Christ Superstar
Glenn Carter, Jérôme Pradon, Renee Castle, Tony Vincent, Fred Johanson, Rik Mayall, Frederick B. Owens
Professionally filmed video filmed from PBS A+

Jesus Christ Superstar
4/9/00 ~ Essen, Germany
William Byrne (Jesus), Fred Johanson (alt. Judas), Krysten Cummings (Mary)
Some slight generation loss, in English

Jesus Christ Superstar
7/15/00 ~ Broadway
Tony Vincent, Anthony Manough, Maya Days, Kevin Gray, Paul Kandel, Ray Walker, Fred Owens, Eric Millegan, Rodney Hicks
Lots of generation loss and low sound; spotlight washout and minor obstruction at bottom of screen by mezzanine bar when action is on the apron of the stage B

Jesus Christ Superstar
8/5/00 ~ Broadway
Glenn Carter, Manoel Feliciano (u/s), Shayna Steele (u/s), Kevin Gray, Paul Kandel, Ray Walker, Fred Owens, Jason Wooten, Rodney Hicks
Some generation loss and low sound; some nice closeups and zooms, spotlight washout and minor obstruction at bottom of screen by mezzanine bar when action is on the apron of the stage B

Jesus Christ Superstar
8/16/00 ~ Broadway
Glenn Carter, Tony Vincent, Maya Days, Kevin Gray, Paul Kandel, Ray Walker, Fred Owens, Michael Lee, Rodney Hicks
Nice video; good picture and sound A-

Jesus Christ Superstar
8/23/00 ~ Broadway
Tony Vincent, Maya Days
Great sound, takes taper a short time to get a handle on the action. Minor obstructions but nice video. B

Jesus Christ Superstar
Winter 2002
Sebastian Bach, Carl Anderson, Natalie Toro, Lawson Skala, Jeffrey Polk
Excellent Video, multi-camera shot A

Jesus Christ Superstar
7/23/03 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Walter Winston O'Neill, Eden Espinoza, Christopher Hall, Eric Anderson, Paul Klees, Ben Fisher, Levi Walker
A production of Performance Riverside. Great interpretation of the show. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. A

Jesus Christ Superstar
11/9/03 ~ Remscheid, Germany
Alex Melcher, David Michael Johnson, Nicole Berendsen, Claus Dam, Heribert Feckler, Michael Bergmann, Martin Pasching, Leon van Leeuwenberg, Martin Pasching
Concert staging, in English. Very good quality

Jesus Christ Superstar
2004 ~ Budapest, Hungary
Timoteus Perei (Jesus), Gyorgy Szomor (Judas), Aniko Nagy (Mary), Attila Serban (Simon), Gyorgy Demeter (Herod)
Filmed on a tripod in a small theater, no zooms. Slight generation loss, in Hungarian

Jesus Christ Superstar
2005 ~ Amstetten in Austria
Stephen Seale (Jesus), Drew Sarich (Judas), Kudra Ownes (Mary), Rob Fowler (Pilates), Pethon Quirante (Herod/Matthias)
Sung in English, pro-shot

Jesus Christ Superstar
1/30/05 ~ Dallas, TX
Eric Kunze, Lawrence Clayton, Natalie Toro
Pro-shot from the stationary house camera with no closeups; Excellent sound recording. Final performance of the tour A

Jesus Christ Superstar
2007 - Moscow Theatre of Mossovet, Russia
Michail Panferov (Jesus), Valeriy Yaremenko (Judas), Lada Maris (Mary Magdalene), Alexander Bobrovskiy (Pilate).
VERY beautiful production orchestrally and visually. Great quality filming.

Jesus Christ Superstar
1/13/07 ~ Milwaukee, WI
Ted Neeeley, Corey Glover, Tiffini Dodson,Jeremey Pasha, Craig Sculli, Larry Alan Coke, Aaron Fuksa
Nice production, done in the original style, not the Broadway revival one from 2000; good picture and sound. A-

Jesus Christ Superstar
3/25/07 ~ Phoenix, AZ
Ted Neely, Corey Glover
Good quality video with nice picture and sound A

Jesus Christ Superstar: The Arena Tour
2011 ~ Birmingham, UK
Ben Forster, Mel C, Tim Minchin, Alexander Hanson, Chris Moyles
This version of the show played to huge arena audiences across the UK, and was beamed live to movie theatres around the world on October 29th and November 1, 2012. The new production of Superstar
comes from director Laurence Connor, who has brought the show into the 21st Century with an edgy new plot inspired by the London riots and Occupy movements across the world. Pro-shot for video. A

Jesus Christ Superstar
12/4/11 ~ La Jolla, CA
Paul Nolan, Jeremy Kushnier (u/s Judas), Chilina Kennedy, Sandy Winsby (u/s Pilate), Bruce Dow, Marcus Nance, Lee Siegel, Aaron Walpole, Mike Nadajewski
Nice capture of the PreBroadway Production. Great staging and performances of this revival headed to Broadway. A-

Jesus Christ Superstar
3/14/12 ~ Broadway
Paul Nolan, Josh Young, Chilina Kennedy, Tom Hewitt, Bruce Dow, Marcus Nance, Aaron Walpole
First video of the new Broadway Transfer. Excellent video very well filmed with clear sound and nice picture throughout and good close-ups; nice video A

Jesus Christ Superstar "A Resurrection"
3/20/95 ~ Texas
Michel Lorant, Amy Ray, Emily Sailers
An odd concert version of the show featuring The Indigo Girls, who are joined by a cast of 80 people. Pro-shot by the group's record company to accompany the release of the CD of the same name in 1995. The CD was a failure however, and this video never got released to the general public. Pro-shot for video. A

4/29/07 ~ New York
Vanessa Lemonides, Becky London, Lorry Goldman, Josh Heine, Rosanne Ma, Jeremy Rishe, Joel Rooks
Last Show; very good video with great sound. A

JFK: The Musical
11/30/93 ~ Munster, Germany
Thomas Harke,Virginia Walshaw, Elke Blundau.
Pro shot in English, recorded live for TV to mark the 30th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination. A

12/9/14 ~ London
Taylor Benjamin, Lee Boggess, Gabriel Castillo, Ian Garside, Ermira Goro, Garth Johnson, Hannes Langolf, Vivien Wood, Andi Xhuma
The internationally renowned DV8 Physical Theatre bring their powerful new production to the National Theatre. John, authentically depicts real-life stories, combining movement and spoken word to create an intense and moving theatrical experience. Multiple cameras Proshot of the new production by DV8. Broadcast live in cinemas through a satellite feed and this was captured from that feed.

John and Jen
August 2001 ~ San Francisco, CA
Dominic Sahagun, Gina Restani
Benefit performance for the Young People's Teen Musical Theatre Company. Semi pro shot using one camera on a tripod A

Jonathan Frid… Again!
Jonathan Frid was a Canadian theater, television, and film actor, best known for having played the role of vampire Barnabas Collins on the gothic television soap opera Dark Shadows.  This DVD contains a collection of Frid reading several classics from Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Charles Dickens, Shelley, and others.  Filmed with one camcorder one a tripod, with Frid reading from a script of a music stand, addressing the camera.  1 hour.   A

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
1973 ~ London
Gary Bond, Peter Reeves, Gavin Reed, Gordon Waller
Pro shot for TV featuring the original London cast; complete with opening credits; amazing video A

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Jose el Sonador)
1985 - Mexico
Guillermo Mendez (Joseph), Maria del Sol (Narrator), Manuel Landeta, Hector Ortiz, Manuel Gurria.
A presentation of Teatro San Rafael. Filmed using multiple cameras, and produced solely for the cast and crew, this was Mexico’s first professional presentation of the show, but the run was cut short when the theatre was destroyed in an earthquake. Excellent quality. This is fantastic. Very large and lavish production with a huge ensemble, rather campy at times, which is great. Unique orchestrations, and Maria del Sol is incredibly talented!

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
1/15/94 ~ London
Jason Donovan, Linzi Hately
A rarely seen video of the show which features the original London cast, filmed on Jason Donovan's last night with the show. Video also includes some footage after the show, with Jason interacting with the crowd signing autographs and posing for pictures. Well filmed from the balcony, but some generational loss. B

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
1995 ~ US Tour in Chicago, IL
Donny Osmond (Joseph), Janet Metz (Narrator)
Generation loss and sometimes the camera pans children's chorus searching for someone

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
1996 ~ US Tour
Brian Lane Green (Joseph), Kristine Fraelich (Narrator)
Filmed through the in-house camera, very good quality, although distnat and without zooms. Also includes press reel of the Donny Osmond and Janet Metz tour running 6 minutes, and the press reel of the Grease Broadway revival cast running 6 minutes.

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
1998 ~ North Carolina
Lauren Kennedy
Good audio and video quality, slight generation loss. Lauren is a great narrator; good video B+

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Donny Osmond, Maria Friedman, Richard Attenborough and Joan Collins
Pro - Shot Movie

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
2/16/02 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Eden Espinoza, Roger Befeler, John LaLonde, Jennifer Rias, John Hrbacek, Matt Logan, David Beaver, Robert Vance, Ryan Ball, Trevor Brackney
A presentation of Performance Riverside. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. A

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
10/03 ~ Fullerton, CA
David Burnham (Joseph, from PBS’ Light In The Piazza).  
A production of the Fullerton Civic Light Opera.   A

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
2003 ~ Tecklenburg, Germany
Sven Olaf Denkinger, Jana Werner, Jessica Fendler.
Staged in a large open-air arena before an audience of 40,000, this giant scale production of “Joseph” was hugely popular. The production features a cast of 125 and is presented on an 80 meter wide stage (about 262 feet).  Multi-camera, pro shot for TV.  In German, with English subtitles.  (The subtitles reflect the German translation, and are different than we are used to.)  This is a different interpretation of the show which features 2 narrators (one male, one female), and starts off at a children’s graduation.   A

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
11/23/05 ~ Chicago
Patrick Cassidy, Amy Adams, Todd Dubail, Nicholas Saverine
Crystal clear picture and sound. Good production and performances. A

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
2005 or 2006 - Germany
Alan Schuler, Evelin Sutter, Tom Tucker.
Excellent audio and video quality, filmed on multiple cameras. VERY unique staging utilizing backdrops of very creative custom animations and projections on a bible-shaped screen.  A

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
10/17/07 ~ West End, London
Lee Mead, Fiona Reyes (alt / Narrator), Dean Collinson, Stephen Tate, John Alastair, Neal Wright
Great production with the winner of the "Any Dream Will Do" Series, Lee Mead; nicely captured and performed with great picture and nice sound A

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
May 2008 ~ Hungary
Sandor Nagy (Joseph), Lilla Polyak (Narrator), Victor Posta (Pharaoh), Tamas Arany (Judah), David Sandor (Simeon).
Dress rehearsal filmed on 2 cameras. Sometimes the quality is a bit dark.  (2 DVDs)

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
December 2008 ~ Plays in the Park, NJ
Jonathan Schwartz, Jack Cibrian, Katie Riley, Art Neill
Excellent pro shot video A

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
2/16/09 - UK Tour: Liverpool
Anthony Hansen,Tara Bethan, Henry Metcalfe,Wayne Smith, Sam Cassidy, Camilla Rowland, Lee Mathieson, Chris Dilley
Good capture of the full show, shot in widescreen with a nice crisp picture and vibrant colors.The video is free of obstructions, and has just one blackout for 30 seconds during "Joseph's Coat". Some fantastic vocals from new Joseph, Anthony Hansen and Tara Bethan was very impressive as Narrator. A

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
June 2009 ~ Music Theater of Wichita, KS
James Royce Edwards, Q. Smith. Doug Barton. Geoffrey Voss, Andrew Franklin, Edward Staudenmayer
Recorded from a tripod with sound patched in from the sound board. The best footage from a few performances were edited together to make one complete show. A

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
5/2/10 ~ Redondo Beach, CA
Eric Kunze, Kelli Provart, Paul Ainsley, Robert J. Townsend, Jeffrey Landman, Heather Castillo, Dane Biren, Andrew Makay, Danny Stiles, Ty Taylor, Leland Burnett, Jason Deroest, Andrew Johnson,
Mike A. Motroni, Jay Donnell
Filmed in a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups, there's very little washout, and the only obstructions are some heads at the very bottom of the screen in wideshots; last minute of act one and the first minute of act two are blacked out, plus there are a couple other short blackouts in act two.  Good clear sound; nice video 2 DVDs A

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
2011 ~ UK Tour
Keith Jack, Jennifer Potts, David Gwyn (u/s Jacob/Potiphar), Adam Jarrell, Kevin Grogan
A magnificent colorful capture with action well followed in 16:9 wide-screen featuring Keith Jack as Joseph who placed second in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Any Dream Will Do reality series. A

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
May 2011 ~ Hamilton, Canada
Gabe Adamo (Joseph), Rosana Misuracca (Narrator #1), Francessca Altobelli (Narrator #2), Anthony Carbone (Pharaoh), A

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
3/18/14 - US Tour in Chicago, IL
Diana DeGarmo, Ace Young, Paul Castree, Ryan Williams, William Thomas Evans, Brian Golub, Will Mann.
Excellent quality. A

Josh Groban in Concert

Josh Groban in Concert
Greek Theatre

Journey's End
2/10/07 ~ Broadway
Hugh Dancy, Boyd Gaines, Jefferson Mays, Stark Sands, John Ahlin, Nick Berg Barnes, John Behlmann, Justin Blanchard, Kieran Campion, John Curless, Richard Poe
A very dark show; some spots that the camera had trouble focusing, but the sound is excellent so you can follow the show even when you cant see it; includes NY1 reviews B+

Judy Garland, Robert Goulet & Phil Silvers Special
2/7/63 ~ TV Special
In a comeback appearance that led to her short-lived weekly TV show, Judy Garland did a TV special. Garland's performances are forceful and confident, but, unfortunately, she gets little time to sing by herself; that would come later on her TV show. Instead, she shares most of the time with her two costars, Robert Goulet and Phil Silvers. A very intriguing show. Also includes "Hollywood Home Movies" with Judy Garland. This special feautres many rare and amazing clips of Judy's Life. A+

Judy Garland
11/16/64 ~ Live @ the Palladium (LP) with Liza Minelli
Judy walked onstage at the LP and gave a performance that captured everything that was magical and unforgettable about her. Later joined by Liza in their first official public duet. Garland sings the tunes she's made her own, including, "Over the Rainbow", as well as "Just in Time", " Hello Dolly", "It's a Matter of Time", and "The Man That Got Away"

Judy Garland
Judy Garland the concert years
1991 ~ The Disney Channel
“Lorna Luft hosts this special look at mother Judy's incredible career, which includes comments from such acquaintances as Edward Albee, Tony Bennett, Alan King, Mort Lindsey, Rex Reed and Nelson Riddle. Songs include "Liza," "Lorna," "Get Happy," "Ol' Man River," "Swanee," "Consider Yourself," "Chicago" and "Over the Rainbow."  (Also included on the disc: TV Academy Hall Of Fame, 8/29/96.)   A-

Julia Murney at 54 Below
9/10/12 ~ New York
Filmed in 16:9 HD widescreen. External audio fed in from MD source, so it is very clear. Steady shots, except for a few between-song transitions, of the concert includes all banter in between songs;
there is a short 22-second audio-only blackout during "She Goes" due to technical issues. A

Julia Murney at 54 Below
9/16/12 ~ New York
Filmed in 16:9 HD widescreen. External audio fed in from MD source, so it is very clear. Steady shots, except for a few between-song transitions, of the concert includes all banter in between song A

Julie Andrews In Concert
1986 ~ Historic Wilhern Theatre, LA California
Run time approx. 60 mins.

Julie Andrews Sings Her Favourite Songs
Julie Andrews in a live concert. 60 minutes in length. songs include: Where There's Music, Wouldn't it be Loverly, It's Almost Like Being in Love, On a Clear Day, What Did I Have I Don't Have Now, Camelot, LeJazzHot, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Come Rain Or Come Shine, How to Handle A Woman, Show Me, Supercalifragilistic, I've Grown Accustomed to His Face, I Could Have Danced All Night, The Sound of Music.

Julius Caesar
4/23/05 ~ Broadway, Revival
Denzel Washington, Colm Feore, Jessica Hecht, William Sadler, Tamara Tunie, Eamann Walker, Jack Willis
Written by William Shakespeare. Beautifully filmed and crystal clear. Disc also includes scanned Playbill information, 2 reviews, and a 60 Minutes piece. A

7/9/04 ~ Broadway
Simon Russell Beale, Essie Davis, Nicky Henson, Eliza Lumley, John Rogan, Nicholas Woodeson
Excellent video with great picture and sound; A

June Moon
1974 ~ PBS-TV
Jack Cassidy, Susan Sarandon, Estelle Parsons, Stephen Sondheim, Tom Fitzsimmons, Kevin McCarthy, Lee Meredith, Austin Pendleton
Jack Cassidy is terrific as the veteran composer who helps the kid while his own career is slumping. Playing another struggling songwriter is none other than Broadway composer Stephen Sondheim, paying scruffy homage to the composers who inspired him. Pro-shot for TV. A

The Jungle Book
8/11/13 ~ Chicago, IL
Akash Chopra, Kevin Carolan, Usman Ally, Andre De Shields, Anjali Bhimani, Larry Yando, Thomas Derrah, Ed Kross, Glory Curda
Beautiful HD capture of the Disney version of The Jungle Book. Great production using the Disney songs and added Sherman Brothers materials. Clear picture and sound 2 DVDs A

Jungle Man!
February 2000 ~ Music Theater of Wichita, KS
Nick Rolfing, Jessica Phillips
Clear picture and sound with minimal generation loss, very nicely done. A World Premiere Stage One Production written by Berton Averre (lead singer for THE KNACK) and Rob Meurer; musical spoof of Tarzan and Jane; pro shot, using multiple cameras. A

Juno - Encores!
3/29/08 ~ New York
Victoria Clark, Conrad John Schuck, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Michael Arden, Tyler Hanes, Clarke Thorell, Rosaleen Linehan, Louisa Flaningam, Jennifer Smith, Kay Walbye, Dermot Crowly
Great video with nice closeups and excellent sound in the hard to film City Center; nice video A

Jurassic Park The Musical
2011 ~ Denton, TX
Filmed in a club/bar with heads at bottom; show is like Evil Dead or Toxic Avenger but nowhere near as good; amateur cast that tries hard; video is decent B

12/3/03 ~ New York
Ian Brennan, Aubrey Dollar, Luke MacFarlane, Erica N.Tazel
Good video; there is a whistle through the whole show but not that loud but you can hear it. Apparently, there was a lady with an oxygen tank sitting to the left of the filmer! A

4/25/55 ~ Max Liebman Presents NBC Television
Bea Arthur, Judy Holliday, Rod Alexander, Peggie Castle, George Kluge, Bambi Lynn, Dick Shawn
Black & white picture with slight static but great clear sound and good picture for its age. Nice video B+

Kaye Ballard Going out of Business Farewell Show

1999 ~ Musicals in Mufti,York Theatre, NY
Jesse Tyler Ferfuson, Christiane Noll, Arthur Rubin, Susan Watson, Walter Willison
Rare! Recent reading of the musical flop. Full stage, stationary house camera shot with spotlight washout B+

30th Kennedy Center Honors
Honoring Leon Fleisher, Steve Martin, Diana Ross, Martin Scorsese, Brian Wilson

31st Kennedy Center Honors
2008 ~ TV
Honoring Morgan Freeman, George Jones, Barbra Streisand, Twyla Tharp, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey

Keating! The Musical
8/20/08 ~ Sydney, Australia
Mike McLeish, Terry Serio, Casey Bennetto, Enio Pozzebon, Mick Stuart
Broadcast live on Australian TV. A

Kerry Ellis
Live at the WaterRats Club in London - 2003

Kerry Ellis Queen Concert
9/4/09 ~ Leeds
Kerry Ellis, Mazz Murray, Mig Ayesa, Ricardo Affonso.
Noonemourns master, *Final Concert.

1983 ~ Princeton, NJ
Wayne Bryan, Ann Leslie Morrison, Thomas Lee Sinclair, Tommy Breslin, Doug Walker, Keith Curran, Kim Morgan, Olga Merediz
Professional PBS telecast A+

The King And I
1985 ~ Broadway Revival
Yul Brenner, Mary Beth Piel, Araby Abaya
Clear pictue and sound. Amazingly good for it's age. B+

The King And I
1991 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Richard White, Linda Michelle, Kristen Chenoweth (billed as Kristi D. Chenoweth), Shaun-Michael Morse, Nexdra Dixon, Etta Wang, David Ford, Brandon Perry, Phuc Le, Mihagi Nakashima
Nicely filmed, semi-pro shot, using one camera on a tripod. A-

The King and I
1996 - Broadway
Donna Murphy, Lou Diamond Phillips, Marie Osmond, Kevin Gray
Professional Shot. The clips of Donna and Lou are "edited" press reels, also known as B-Roll footage. About 80 minutes including most of the major musical numbers and some dialog. Full stage shot with no close ups and a good about of spotlight washout. Sound is clear, though there is a little crackling in the background. The clips of Kevin and Marie are all B-roll footage but only about 10 minutes worth. It seems as if there is more spotlight washout on those clips. Time stamp on bottom of screen B/B-

The King and I
7/14/97 ~ Broadway
Faith Prince, Kevin Grey
Great, clear video with excellent close-ups. Sound a bit low at times, but perfectly comprehensible. A

The King and I
1999 ~ Dayton, Ohio
King-Lego Louis,Anna-Susannah Kenton,Thiang-Wen Zhang, Tuptim-Diane Phelan, Luntha-Fausto Pinda
Big League Theatricals National Tour. Shot using one camera on a tripod, probably for archival use. Suffering from generational loss, overall a nice copy of a grand and colorful production. B

The King and I
May 1999 ~ Manoel Theater, Malta
Rachel Lindop, Kevin Drake, Ray Calleja, Connie F. Attard.
Pro-shot video with multiple cameras at the Manoel Theater, Malta. This is in English and a beautiful production. 2 DVDs A+

The King and I
9/10/04 ~ Philadelphia, PA
Sandy Duncan
Highlights video running abour 75 minutes long, so not the complete show; great performances and nice video A

The King and I
September 2011 ~ Beverly, MA
Lorenzo Lamas, Kate Fisher, Joshua Dela Cruz, Manna Nichols, Lisa Yuen
Produced by the North Shore Music Theatre. Filmed using one camera on a tripod, with audio
patched in directly from the soundboard. Beautiful clarity and it looks like it was probably filmed with a High-Definition camera. Presented in-the-round. Disc also includes a 3 minute montage which was used for media and promotion. A

The King and I
2012 ~ UK tour
Josefina Gabrielle, Ramon Tikaram, Claire-Marie Hall, Adrian Li Donni, Maya Sapone, Gary Wood
Beautiful production, no obstructions, action followed well, sets and costumes seemed like a dream of color and originality with laterns, birds, boats and flowers floating across the backdrop, A, 2 DVDs

The King and I
3/28/15 ~ Broadway
Kelli O'Hara, Ken Watanabe, Ruthie Ann Miles, Ashley Park
Excellent HD video filmed from center mezzanine; very clear picture, very nice close-ups and good clear sound; very good video A

King David
5/16/97 ~ Broadway
Judy Kuhn, Marcus Lovett, Roger Bart, Alice Ripley
Written by Alan Menkin and Tim Rice. Rare Disney flop with just 9 Broadway performances. Filmed on opening night. Full stage shot, with generational loss. C+

King Lear
4/3/04 ~ Broadway
Christopher Plummer, James Blendick, Domini Blythe, Brent Carver, Benedict Campbell, Geraint Wyn Davies, Ian Deakin, Claire Jullien, Barry McGregor, Lucy Peacock, Stephen Russell
Excellent video; very clear picture and sound; There is a time stamp which appears at the top of the screen for most of the video. A

King Lear
2012 ~ London
Pro-Shot Michael Attenborough brings Shakespeare's greatest tragedy to the intimacy of the Almeida stage. When Lear asks each of his daughters to profess their love for him, he is flattered by the false hyperbole of Regan and Goneril. When his youngest daughter Cordelia confesses to love him simply as a daughter should, his pride is dented and he casts her out of his kingdom. Too late to realise his mistake, and forced from power by his offspring, an increasingly impotent and frail Lear descends into madness. Award-winning actor Jonathan Pryce plays the title role in a production that formed part of the World Shakespeare Festival in 2012.

King Lear
5/1/14 ~ NT Live
Simon Russell Beale, Adrian Scarborough, Anna Maxwell Martin, Kate Fleetwood, Olivia Vinall, Stanley Townsend, Michael Nardone, Paapa Essiedu, Richard Clothier, Tom Brooke, Stephen Boxer
Multiple cameras pro-shot of the new production at the National Theatre. Broadcast live in cinemas
through a satellite feed and this was captured from that feed. Perfect 5.1 sound and HD video. 2 DVDs A

King Of Hearts
12/3/78 ~ Broadway
Donald Scardino, Pamela Blair, Millicent Martin, Bob Gunton, Scott Allen, Will Roy
Short lived Broadway flop with just 48 official performances.
Recorded at the closing performance though the theatre's house camera, so it's a stationary full stage shot, with sound patched in directly from the sound board. Some generational loss; final performance, the audience is very enthusiastic. C

The King Stag
November 2000 ~ Chicago
Another Julie Taymour play, with more crazy sets and masks and puppets. Nice shooting. Occasional slight obstruction by a bar at the front of the mezzanine section. A

Kinky Boots
10/2/12 ~ Chicago, IL
Stark Sands, Billy Porter, Annaleigh Ashford, Celina Carvajal, Daniel Stewart Sherman, Marcus Neville
Beautiful HD capture of the very first performance preview in Chicago, prior to the Broadway run this spring; very clear video with great picture and sound 2 DVDs A

Kinky Boots
11/4/12 ~ Chicago, IL
Stark Sands, Billy Porter, Annaleigh Ashford, Celina Carvajal, Daniel Stewart Sherman, Marcus Neville
Great HD capture of the last performance in Chicago before Broadway; this performance has many changes from the other Chicago DVD of the first performance, including the new song written towards the end of the Chicago run and many line changes. Also includes curtain speech by Stark; great video with clear picture and nice sound 2 DVDs A+

Kinky Boots
3/3/13 ~ Broadway
Stark Sands, Billy Porter, Annaleigh Ashford, Celina Carvajal, Daniel Stewart Sherman, Marcus Neville
Great HD capture of the first show on Broadway. A few changes here and there from the Pre-Broadway version; a few heads toward the front of the stage when the action was close but improves after about 20 minutes or so. Otherwise a very nice clear video 2 DVDs A

Kinky Boots
3/15/13 ~ Broadway
Stark Sands, Billy Porter, Annaleigh Ashford, Celina Carvajal, Daniel Stewart Sherman, Marcus Neville, Jonah Halperin (s/b Young Charlie), Marquise Neal
Some shakiness and wandering in between, particularly at the beginning, but otherwise a good video with nice closeups. Complete show including curtain call. 2 DVDs A-

Kinky Boots
11/15/14 ~ US Tour
Steven Booth, Kyle Taylor Pa=rker, Lindsay Nicole Chambers, Joe Coots, Grace Stockdale, Craig Waletzko, Amelia Cormack, Mike Longo, Ross Lekites, Bonnie Milligan, David McDonald, Horace V Rogers, Anne Tolpegin, Anthony Picarello, Andrew Theo Johnson A great capture of the touring production. This cast is absolutely incredible. Both Kyle and Steven are perfect in their roles and give powerhouse performances. Lindsay is a standout as well. Great vocals and acting from the entire cast. This is a perfect capture with no blackouts, no obstruction, and no washout. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call, encore, Kyle’s BC/EFA speech, and playbill scans. 2 DVDs

1955 ~ Movie
Howard Keel, Ann Blyth, Dolores Gray, Vie Damone, Monty Woolley, Sebastian Cabot, Jay C. Flippen, Mike Mazurki, Jack Elam, Ted de Corsia
Colour Movie Motion Picture. A+

1967 ~ NBC-TV movie
Jose Ferrer, Barbara Eden,Anna Maria Alberghetti, Hans Conried, George Chakiris
Introduced by Robert Goulet. In black and white. A

Kismet - Encores!
2/9/06 ~ New York
Brian Stokes Mitchell, Marin Mazzie, Marcy Harriell, Danny Gurwin, Randall Duk Kim, Danny Rutigliano, Michael X. Martin, Tom Aldredge
Very nicely shot video with great closeups and sound A

Kiss Me, Kate
11/20/58 ~ Hallmark Hall of Fame
Alfred Drake, Patricia Morison, Julie Wilson, Bill Hayes, Jack Klugman, Robinson Stone
Rare TV broadcast. Show was abridged for TV. Amazing clear quality for its age with original commericals A

Kiss Me, Kate
1964 ~ BBC Television
Patricia Morison, Howard Keel, Millicent Martin, Eric Barker, Reginald Beckwith
Black and white video with timecode at top and bottom of screen. Dark picture but clear and great sound B

Kiss Me Kate
June 2000 ~ Broadway
Brian Stokes Mitchell, Marin Mazzie, Amy Spanger, Kevin Neal McReady (u/s), John Horton, Adriane Lenox, Stanley Wayne Mathis, Michael Mulheren, Lee Wilkof
Act One: Horrid in the beginning, but about 20 minutes into it, taping improves and there are some zooms. Also some spotlight washout. B

Kiss Me Kate
6/24/01 ~ New Haven CT
Rex Smith, Rachel York, Nancy Anderson, Chuck Wagner
First minute or 2 is audio, then clear picture A

Kiss Me Kate
August 2002 ~ London
Brent Barrett, Rachel York, Nancy Anderson, Michael Berresse, Teddy Kemper, Jack Chissick
Professionaly filmed for PBS Television A+

Kiss Me Kate
6/08 ~ Berlin, Germany
Roger Smeets, Dagmar Haniel, Danny Costello, Sigalit Feig, Barbara Sternberger.  
A production of the Komische Oper Berlin (Berlin Opera Company.)  Very different interpretation of the show.  From the shuffling of the songs, to the sequined “Cirque-du-Solei” costumes and at times a “Cabaret-like” darkness-this is a little odd. It is still a show within a show but the Padua location is now a Wild West/Pampas site w/ outrageous costumes and staging.  Filmed for German TV. In German.   A

Kiss Me Kate
10/26/13 ~ Thousand Oaks, CA
Davis Gaines, Victoria Strong, Scott Reardon, Reba Buhr, Ronald Rezac, John Paul Batista, Michael Byrne, Tom McMahon, Steve Greene, Raquel Jete, Steve Perren, Lamont Whitaker, Martin Feldman
Complete show with no blackouts, no washout, and no obstruction; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups; good clear sound is excellent and includes curtain call. Great video 2 DVDs A

Kiss Me, Kate
9/17/14 ~ Pasadena, CA
Wayne Brady, Merle Dandridge, Terrance Spencer, Joanna A Jones, Pat Towne, David Kirk Grant, Brad Blaisdell, Rogelio Douglas Jr, Jenelle Lynn Randall, Eric B Anthony, Jay Donnell, Carlton Wilborn, Armando Yearwood Jr Shamicka Benn-Moser, Kimberly Moore, Theresa Murray, Saudia Rashed
An innovative production of this Cole Porter classic featuring a predominantly African-American cast. Very nice capture with a one minute blackout during the scene between Why Can't You Behave? and Wunderbar as well as a couple other very quick dropouts; minor foot stage obstruction but that is all; excellent sound and picture; nice video 2 DVDs A

Kiss Me, Kate
12/25/14 ~ London
Ben Davis, Alexandra Silber, Tony Yazbeck and Louise Dearman.
John Wilson and his orchestra are joined by a spectacular ensemble of singers and dancers from Broadway and the West End for a unique performance of the classic musical Kiss Me, Kate.

Kiss of the Spiderwoman
Unknown date and location
DVD show is different to below.

Kiss of the Spider-Woman
May 1990 ~ Purchase, NY
Kevin Gray, Lauren Mitchell, John Rubenstein, Barbara Andres, Donn Simione, Jonathan Brody, Bill Christopher-Myers, Karen Giombetti, Ruth Gottschall, Harry Goz, Philip Hernandez, Dorie Herndon, David Koch, Rick Manning, Carl Maultsby, Lauren Mufson, Casey Nicholaw,Aurelio Padron, Forest Dino Ray, Lorraine Serabian, John Norman Thomas,Wendy Waring, Matt Zarley, Greg Zerkle
Work-shop production in a limited run as part of the New Musicals series at the State University of New York at Purchase before London; very rare; good video that is old but not too bad with nice sound and a couple of closeups B

Kiss of the Spider-Woman
11/5/92 ~ Shaftesbury Theatre, London
Chita Rivera, Brent Carver, Anthony Crivello
Nice video from the Pre-Broadway run, filmed by camcorder; excellent picture and sound A

Kiss of the Spiderwoman
1999 ~ Beverly, MA
Nancy Hess, Michael Patemastro, Christopher Wells, Melissa Hart, Barbara Helms, Dan Sharkey, Chris Yasquez, Mike Zimmerman
A production of the North Shore Music Theatre; pro-shot, nice video with some slight generation loss but great sound B+

Kisses on a Postcard
September / October 2011 ~ Barnstaple, England
Luke Stone, Jed Kerby, Margaret Preece, James Paterson, Anja Rodford
Pro-shot with clear picture and sound; great video A

The Kissing Dance
1999 ~ Edinburgh, Scotland
Sheridan Smith
Wonderful musical version of She Stoops to Conquer by the National Youth Music Theatre; slight generation loss and a counter stays on the screen the entire show B

Knickerbocker Holiday
1/3/93 ~ Evanston, IL
Christopher Garbrecht, Sandy Borglum, Lee Strawm, Matthew Greenberg. Knickerbocker Holiday is a musical written by Kurt Weill (music) and Maxwell Anderson (book and lyrics).
Knickerbocker Holiday is both a romantic comedy and a thinly veiled allegory equating the New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt with fascism.  A presentation of the Light Opera Works, a resident professional not-for-profit music theater in Evanston, Illinois.  Filmed using one camera on a tripod.   A-

Kristin Chenoweth, Into Temptation
2009 ~ Movie Drama
Kristin Chenoweth, Jeremy Sisto, Brian Baumgartner, Bruce A. Young.  “A call girl (Kristin Chenoweth) goes to a priest (Jeremy Sisto) to confess a sin she hasn't committed yet: she plans to kill herself on her next birthday. Then she disappears and he goes looking for her, enlisting the help of an ad hoc congregation of troubled souls along the way”.   A

Kristin Chenoweth, 12 Men of Christmas
2009 ~ Lifetime on Demand TV Movie
Kristin Chenoweth, Josh Hopkins, Anna Chlumsky
A high-powered New York publicist finds herself in Montana promoting a charity calendar after being betrayed by her boss and fiancé.  Unfortunately, matters of the heart are just as complicated in the wilds as they are in the big city.

Kristin Chenoweth, Kristin (Complete 13 Episodes)
2001 ~ NBC-TV
Kristin Chenoweth, Jon Tenny, Larry Romano, Ana Ortiz, Dale Godboldo, Christopher Durang.  (RARE!  FULL series, including the 6 episodes which aired as well as the remaining 7 episodes that were filmed but never aired, and the shows pilot episode!)  “Originally slated as a mid-season replacement, the NBC sitcom Kristin was held up for release until June 5, 2001. Tony-winning Broadway musical star Kristin Chenoweth starred in this semi-autobiographical effort as Kristin Yancey, a starry-eyed Oklahoma gal who heads to the big city in hopes of a showbiz career. After a series of desultory auditions, Kristin lands a job as personal assistant to go-getting real estate developer -- and notorious rogue -- Tommy Ballantine (Jon Tenney). Under a legal cloud because of past incidents of sexual harassment, Tommy has hired Kristin precisely because he finds her completely unappealing, and because she staunchly adheres to the sort of high moral values that he detests. In the prescribed sitcom fashion, Kristen is surrounded (practically engulfed) by wildly eccentric, ethnically stereotyped co-workers: no-nonsense Latina assistant Santa Clemente (Ana Ortiz), flippant black bike messenger Tyrique Kimbrough (Dale Godboldo), and Italian handyman Aldo Bonnadonna (Larry Romano, then pulling double duty as a regular on King of Queens). Kristin was packaged by the same people responsible for Frasier and The Cosby Show.”  Three DVDs have been enhanced with an opening menu, as well as chapter access to the various episodes.  3 DVDs  A

Kristin Chenoweth, Frasier
11/27/01 ~ NBC-TV
Kelsey Grammer, John Mahoney, David Hyde Pierce, Harriet Harris, and guest star Kristin Chenoweth.  “Junior Agent”.  Kristin plays Frasier’s annoying new agent, who won’t take no for an answer during the middle of a competition between him and a rival radio broadcaster.  30 minutes.   
Late Late Show with Kristin is also on this disc. A

Kristin Chenoweth, Pushing Daisies
Season 1 ~ Complete DVDs
This romantic comedy shows us the fairy tale-like world of Ned, a man who can bring dead people back to life through the power of his touch. The same touch he must use to "kill" them after no more than a minute or another person will die. With the help of Emerson, a local PI, Ned uses his ability to solve murder cases and cash in on any rewards. But things get complicated when a murder victim turns out to be Ned's long-lost childhood crush and he decides to break the rules and let her live. show is created by Bryan Fuller, who has brought us fantasy series such as Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me. The series shares the quick-witted comedy and darker emotions of Fuller's previous shows. 3 DVDs

Kristin Chenoweth, The West Wing
Season 6 ~ Complete DVDs
The West Wing provides a glimpse into presidential politics in the nation's capital as it tells the stories of the members of a fictional presidential administration. These interesting characters have humor and dedication that touches the heart while the politics that they discuss touch on everyday life. The first six seasons focused on the administration of President Josiah 'Jed' Bartlet (Martin Sheen). The seventh and final season transitioned to the 2006 Presidential Election between Democrat Congressman Mathew Vincente Santos of Houston, Texas (Jimmy Smits) and Republican Senator Arnold Vinick of California (Alan Alda).

Kristin Chenoweth, The West Wing
Season 7 ~ Complete DVDs
The West Wing provides a glimpse into presidential politics in the nation's capital as it tells the stories of the members of a fictional presidential administration. These interesting characters have humor and dedication that touches the heart while the politics that they discuss touch on everyday life. The first six seasons focused on the administration of President Josiah 'Jed' Bartlet (Martin Sheen). The seventh and final season transitioned to the 2006 Presidential Election between Democrat Congressman Mathew Vincente Santos of Houston, Texas (Jimmy Smits) and Republican Senator Arnold Vinick of California (Alan Alda).

Kristin Chenoweth, Sit Down and Shut Up
2009 ~ Animated Series
Sit Down, Shut Up is based on the Australian show of the same name. Featuring animated characters against non-animated backgrounds, the show focuses on the lives and quirks of nine staffers of small town Knob Haven High School in Florida. Stars: Kristin Chenoweth as Miracle Crohe, Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Henry Winkler and many more.  3 DVDs

Kristin Chenoweth, Legally Mad
Pilot ~ (single episode)
A Legal-themed series about a father and a daughter who are both lawyers. Kristin Chenoweth stars as Skippy Pylon, a talented attorney who just may be a little bit crazy.

Kristin Chenoweth
Ellen (full show) and Jimmy Kimmel (full show, Includes Krisitn sitting in on the next guest and her appearance at the end)

Kristin Chenoweth
Late Late Show and Fraiser (Kristin Episode full)

Kristin Chenoweth
Kennedy Centre Encores(full show)

Kristen Chenoweth: Live at the Met
1/19/07 ~ New York
Amazing concert and amazingly captured. Songs include: Gorgeous, Popular, Goin’ To The Dance Tonight, Boy, If, Taylor, The Latte Boy, You’re Easy To Dance With, The Girl In 14G, Italian Street Song, Love Somebody Now, How Can I Lose You?, Run Away, Show Me The Way, Glitter And Be Gay, What Makes Me Love Him? and about 4 others. The end of Popular she does in "opera" style which is fantastic. Includes Kirsten's interview on NY1. A
Restricted Trades

Kristin Chenoweth
Oscars ~ 2008 (whole show as you can see her seated behind Daniel Day Lewis thoughout the whole show)

Kristin Chenoweth
An Evening at The Boston Pops
2004 ~ PBS-TV
Kristin join conductor Keith Lockhart and The Boston Pops at Boston's Symphony Hall and sings a few numbers.  Keith also travels to Los Angeles and visits with director Rob Marshall.   A

Kristin Chenoweth
6/29/12 ~ Chicago, IL
Final Concert that was astonishing and beautifully captured in HD; songs include: Home, Going to the Dance, Maybe This Time My Coloring Book, Hard Times, I'll Never Fall in Love Again, One Less Bell/A House Is Not a Home, Fathers and Daughters, Upon This Rock, Bring Him Home (The Prayer), In These Shoes, Popular, For Good, WWDD, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, What If We Never, I'm Tired, Enough Is Enough, All The Things You Are, I Was Here, I Will Always Love You, Till There Was You. Great clear video 2 DVDs A

Kristin Chenoweth
Kristin Chenoweth:The Dames of Broadway...All of 'Em!!
3/24/13 ~ Proshot

Kristin Chenoweth
1991 ~ Oklahoma
Miss Oklahoma Pagent
Rare, limited Trades

Kristin Chenoweth
1992 ~ Pennsylvania
Miss Pennsylvania Scholarship Pageant
Rare, limited Trades.

Kyle Riabko: The Lead
March 2009 ~ Bravo! Canada
Broadway debut in Spring Awakening. “At the young age of 20, Kyle is catapulted into the theatre spotlight. With only one high school musical on his theatre resume, Kyle has three weeks to prepare for the lead role of Spring Awakening, which won eight Tony Awards just a year earlier. It's the story of a prairie boy taking Broadway by storm. Filmmaker Jeff Newman documents Kyle Riabko's entire Broadway experience as he leaves his Toronto home for Manhattan to star in the hit production of "Spring Awakening". The film travels across North America to reveal how people have been impacted by this ground-breaking show.” Excellent quality TV rip on DVD.