New In ~ April


3/3/16 ~ Chicago, IL

Jackie Burns, Anthony Rapp, Tamyra Gray, Matthew Hydzik, Janine DiVita, Daren Herbert, Marc Delacruz

Beautiful capture of the tour, which features three new cast members joining the tour for the leads. Very clear video with excellent picture and sound; good video 2 DVDs A

Lady Day At Emerson's Bar And Grill

2016 ~ HBO-TV

Audra McDonald

Pro-shot video; great video A+

Lion King

2004 ~ Italy

Andre de la Roche, Alessia Passar, Michelle Dalpozzo, Michelle Golberti, Cinzia Magri, Davidi Magnini, Andrea Buzzi, Francesca Venturoli

Proshot, sung in English


6/14/15 ~ Los Angeles, CA

Gabby Gutierrez, Jennifer Blood, Bryce Ryness, Quinn Mattfeld, Cassie Silva, Ora Jones, Danny Dieger, Jaquez Andre Sims, Kaci Walfall, Evan Gray, Luke Kolbe Mannikus (u/s Nigel), Kayla Vinueza-Amistad, Serena Quadrato (u/s Eric), Cassidy Hagel, Megan McGuff, Meliki Hurd, Ian Michael Stuart, Wesley Faucher

 No obstructions or washout, and just a couple quick dropouts. Telly is blacked out. Excellent picture and clear sound; very good video 2 DVDs A

Miss Saigon

9/23/14 ~ West End

Eva Noblezada, Alistair Brammer, Jon Jon Briones, Tamsin Carroll, Hugh Maynard, Rachelle Ann Go, Lea Salonga, Simon Bowman, Jonathan Pryce.

Proshot. Finale of the 25th Anniversary Gala Performance (as aired on BBC 2 Radio), whic lasts around half an hour.

My Fair Lady

June 2012 ~ Plays in the Park. NJ

Tamara Hayes, David Cantor, Art Vandalay, Michael McCunney, Nancy Drumright, Joe Riley, Suzanne Lawrence, Arlene Britt

Pro-shot video with clear picture and sound; very nice video 2 DVDs A