A ~ F

ABC Daytime Salutes BCEFA
2/6/06 ~ New York
Susan Lucci, Kathy Brier, Kerry Butler, Renee Goldsberry, David Canary, Bobbie Eakes, Vincent Irizarry, Jill Larson, Cady McClain, Sydney Penny, Aiden Turner, Walt Willey, Jacob Young, Erika
Slezak, Robin Strasser, Kristen Alderson, Kassie DePaiva, Catherine Hickland, Matt Metzger, Tervor St. John, Scott Clifton, Rick Hearest, Kimberly McCullough
Pro shot video of BCEFA concert event A+

ABC Daytime Salutes BCEFA
2/25/07 ~ New York
Cameron Mathison, Kassie DePaiva, Renee Goldsberry, Bobbie Eakes, Susan Lucci, Jeffrey Carlson, Joy Behar, Anthony Geary, Stephen DeRosa, Kristen Alderson, Sydney Penny,Walt Willey, Kamar De Los Reyes, Eden Riegel, Catherine Hickland, Josh Strickland, Kimberly McCullough, Ashley Brown, Jacob Young
Pro shot video of BCEFA concert event A+

ABC Daytime Salutes BCEFA
3/2/08 ~ New York
Cameron Mathison, Susan Lucci, Amanda Baker, Rebecca Budig, Melissa Claire Egan, Bobbie Eakes, Colin Egglesfield, Billy Miller, Sterling Sulieman, Chrishell Stause, and Walt Willey from "All My
Children." Kristen Alderson, Justis Bolding, BethAnn Bonner, Kathy Brier, Kamar De Los Reyes, Kassie DePaiva, Farah Fath, Catherine Hickland, Brian Kerwin, John-Paul Lavoisier, Hillary B.
Smith, Robin Strasser, Tika Sumpter, Jason Tam and Bree Williamson from "One Life to Live" and Bradford Anderson, Sonya Eddy and Kimberly McCullough from "General Hospital." Participating Broadway stars included Sean Palmer and Sierra Boggess from Disney's The Little Mermaid.
Pro shot video of BCEFA concert event A+

ABC Daytime Salutes BCEFA
3/9/09 ~ New York
Susan Lucci, BethAnn Bonner, Hillary B. Smith, Chrishell Staus, Kathy Brier, Kassie DePaiva, Bobbie Eakes, Walt Willey, Melissa Claire Egan, Anthony Geary, Bradford Anderson, Kristen Alderson, Jason Tam, Chrishell Stause, Ricky Paull Goldin, Mindy Wallace, Jill Wolins, Scott Clifton, Brittany Underwood, Brandon Barash, Eden Riegel, Darnell Williams, Jacob Young, Mark Lawson. Participating Broadway stars included David Alvarez,Trent Kowalik and Kiril Kulish from Billy Elliot
Pro shot video of BCEFA concert event A+

Abigail's Party
Alison Steadman, Tim Stern, Janine Duvitski, John Salthouse (all from the original cast) and Harriet Reynolds.
TV version of the play devised & directed by Mike Leigh from 1977

Above the Fold
2/1/14 ~ Pasadena, CA
Taraji P. Henson, Arye Gross, Kristopher Higgins, Mark Kildreth, Kristy Johnson, Joe Massingill, Seamus Muicahy
No blackouts, no obstruction, and no washout; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Excellent sound and includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A

Absolute Hell
1991 - TV
Judi Dench, Susan Porrett, Paul Birchard, Sylvia Barter & Bill Nighy, directed by Anthony Page.
Dench has said that the role of Christine is one of her all-time favorite parts; she one an Olivier Award for this performance on the West End in 1996. Incredible performance!! Disc also contains an interview of Dench around her performance in the National's production of A Little Night Music; she performs an absolutely stunning and flawless "Send in the Clowns" at the end of the interview. Pro-shot for TV (UK) of Anthony Ackland's play

Absurd Person Singular
10/8/05 ~ Broadway
Sam Robards, Mireille Enos, Clea Lewis, Alan Rush, Deborah Rush, Paxton Whitehead
Good clear video with excellent picture and sound with closeups throughout; video includes NY1 Opening night coverage and reviews A

October 1995 ~ Beverly, MA
Jennifer Leigh Warren, Carol Dennis, Pamela Harley,Virginia Woodruff, Mary Bond Davis, Kimberly Harris, LaDonna Mabry, Brian Evaret Chandler, Stanly Earl Harrison, Clayton Lawrence, Keith Lee, Jesse Means II, Mark Anthony Taylor
A production of the North Shore Music Theatre; terrific show, Nice video with good sound and picture throughout A

2007 ~ San Diego, CA
Michael Arden, Darren Ritchie, Lisa Datz, Heather Ayers, Kelli Barrett, Richard Barth, Noah Galvin
The West Coast premiere of this new musical produced at the Old Globe Theatre.  Not the complete show, but rather about an hour of highlights only. A

Acorn Antiques! The Musical
March 2006 ~ London
Julie Walters, Celia Imrie, Duncan Preston, Josie Lawrence, Neil Morrissey, Sally Ann Triplett
Pro shot video; excellent quality A+

1978 ~ PBS-TV
Herschel Bernardi, Georgia Brown, Howard Duff, Harold Gould, Hildy Brooks,Walter Matthau
A musical play based on the early years of actor Paul Muni. A

AD/BC: A Rock Opera
2004 ~ London
Matt Berry, Julian Barratt, Richard Ayoade, Matt Lucas, Julia Davis, Noel Fielding, Karl Theobald, Tom Hillenbrand, Lucy Montgomery, Lydia Fox, Sophie Winkleman, Graham Linehan
Claiming to be a rock opera recorded 1978.12.18 at the Dublin Castle in Camden, England, this farcical send-up of Jesus Christ Superstar  tells the story of Jesus' birth from the perspective of the innkeeper.
Hilarious for JCS fans, especially those with mixed feelings about the 1973 film adaptation. Pro-shot video A

7/14/03 ~ "R Family Cruise"
John Tartaglia's fully realized version of his cabaret show filmed aboard Rosie O'Donnell's "R Family Cruise." A

Adam & Eve: The Second Chance
2012 ~ Palais Des Sports, Paris
Thierry Amiel, Liza Pastor, Nuno Resende
In French with one song is in English and bits of English in a couple of others; it is an Adam & Eve story set in modern times; pro-shot video release A

Adam Lambert: The Glam Nation Tour
5/15/10 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Filmed on a video camera from half-way back on the floor. Very shaky and most of the footage is of the jumbotron screen, but very clear as far as audio/video quality. About 16 minutes of footage.

Adam Lambert: The Glam Nation Tour
6/15/10 ~ Milwaukee, WI
Songs only, filmed on a video camera from around the 3rd row centre of the floor. Some shakiness and hands that get in the way every now and then, but very clear as far as audio/video quality.

Adam Lambert: The Glam Nation Tour
7/28/10 ~ Costa Mesa, CA
Filmed from halfway back on the floor, very shaky, but very clear as far as audio/video quality. Nice closeups.

Adam Pascal in Concert
May 2000 ~ Studio 54

Adam Pascal in Concert
1/26/01 ~ Columbia

Adam Pascal in Concert
2/19/01 ~ Adelphi

Adam Pascal and Taylor Dayne in Concert
Supper Club
Also on DVD is the concert @ Adelphi

The Addams Family
12/30/12 ~ Costa Mesa, CA
Douglas Sills, Sara Gettelfinger, Blake Hammond, Courtney Wolfson, Patrick D Kennedy, Martin Vidnovic, Gaelen Gilliland, Jonathan Ritter, Tom Corbeil, Pippa Pearthree
Excellent capture of the final equity performance. No obstruction, and only a little washout during high contrast scenes; video is a bit shaky here and there, but very watchable overall. Filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Great clear sound. Includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A

The Addams Family
8/23/14 ~ Merzig, Germany (Evening)
Uwe Kröger (Gomez), Edda Petri (Morticia), Jana Stelley (Wednesday), Justin Natale (Pugsley), Anne Welte (Grandma), April Hailer (Alice Beineke), Ethan Freeman (Mel Beineke), Dominik Hees (Lukas Beineke), Enrico de Pieri (Fester), Gerhard Karzel (Lurch), Monika Dehnert-Freeman, Benedikt Ivo, Hanna Kastner, Ross McDermott, Eric Minsk, Janina Moser, Oliver Mülich, Maja Sikora, Marc Schlapp
Multicam shot. 2 DVDs

The Addams Family
November 2014 ~ Bremen, Germany
Uwe Kröger (Gomez Addams), Edda Petri (Morticia Addams), Lisa Antoni (u/s Wednesday Addams), Enrico de Pieri (Uncle Fester), Anne Welte (Grandma), Noah Walczuch (Pugsley Addams), Gerhard Karzel (Lurch), Ethan Freeman (Mel Beineke), April Hailer (Alice Beineke), Benedikt Ivo (u/s Lucas Beineke).
Same staging and sets as the US Tour. Excellent quality. In German.

The Addams Family
10/24/15 ~ Fullerton, CA
Bronson Pinchot, Rachel York, Anthony Gruppuso, Micaela Martinez, Dante Marenco, Candi Milo, Dino Nicandros, Robert Yacko, Tracy Rowe Mutz, Dustin Ceithamer
Nice capture with no obstructions and no washout; a couple of dropouts throughout, mostly during "When You're an Addams", but no major blackouts; excellent clear sound; very nice video 2 DVDs A

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Joshua Park, Jim Poulos, Kristin Bell, Linda Purl, John Dossett
Shot from the balcony.

After (Workshop)
1/10/15 ~ Regional Theater
Meg Chamberlain, Geoff Wilson, Sue Wismar Trent Rowland, Danny Turek, Emily Kacsandi
Such a wonderful production, this is a not a production to be missed. I strongly recommend this to any comedy lover. This is such a funny show, I really enjoyed this. This is a workshop of the show so there is very little set but it does not effect it honestly. The video is great to, it has nice close ups. It also follows everything very good, the only problem is that the show takes place outside so during the last 20 mins it gets dark to show night.

After Ashley
2/19/05 ~ New York
Anna Paquin, Kieran Culkin, Tim Hopper, Grant Shaud
Great video with great sound; hard to do in such a small theatre but looks great A

After Midnight
5/18/14 ~ Broadway
Fantasia Barrino, Dule Hill, Adriane Lenox, Karine Plantadit, Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards, Justin Prescott, Virgil Gadson, Jared Grimes
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions. Great clear picture and excellent sound with nice close-ups and full stage shots for the dancing numbers, filmed very well A

After the Fall
7/3/04 ~ Broadway
Peter Krause, Carla Gugino, Jessica Hecht, Vivienne Benesch, Candy Buckley, Roxanna Hope, Kathleen McNenny, Ken Marks
Excellent video; good closeups and sound; A

Agnes Of God
1983 ~ Boston, MA
Elizabeth Ashley, Mercedes McCambridge, Maryann Plunkett
First tour of the show, with all three actresses coming from the Broadway production. Beautifully filmed, using one camera on a tripod. Very nice quality for a video of it's age. A

Aida Compilation
Original Broadway Cast
~ Sherie Rene Scott and the cast on Rosie perform My Strongest Suit
~ Heather Headley on Rosie performing Easy as Life
~ Sherie,Adam,and Heather on the View performing A Step Too Far
~ Adam and Heather on Good Morning America performing Elaborate Lives
~ Broadway Beat w/ Interviews and Opening night footage
~ Heather and the cast on Rosie performing The Gods Love Nubia
~ Tony award clips
~ NBC-4 review of Opening night
~ Heather on Charlie Rose
~ Sherie on CNN-Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
~ Adam on CNN-Liken a Razor
~ Heather on Today performing Easy as Life
~ Heather and the cast on Today performing The Gods Love Nubia

11/18/99 ~ Chicago
Heather Headley, Adam Pascal, Sherie Rene Scott
Shot from 6th row right orchestra at an odd angle; full stage with whiting out of faces; great audio C

3/29/00 matinee ~ Broadway
Heather Headley, Adam Pascal, Sherie Rene Scott, Damian Perkins, John Hickok
Excellent Video w/ Many Close-ups; filmed by Major. A

12/3/00 Matinee ~ Broadway
Heather Headley, Adam Pascal, Sherie Rene Scott
Extremely clear video from a digital shoot. Show is very well captured. A

3/27/01 ~ Broadway
Maya Days (u/s), Adam Pascal, Taylor Dayne
Shot around some heads from the rear mezzanine; spotlight washout but watchable andgets better throughout the show; nice closeups; a good video B+

5/19/01 ~ Broadway
Heather Headley, Will Chase (u/s), Taylor Dayne
Shot from 7th row mezzanine, digital, nice zooms, some heads but again,nothing major. Nice video A-

11/18/01 ~ Los Angeles
Simone (Aida) , Patrick Cassidy (Radames), Kelli Fournier (Amneris)

12/12/01 ~ Broadway
Maya Days, Matt Bogart (u/s), Idina Menzel.
Shot from 6th row mezzanine. Not digital (VHS-C), so it's shaky in parts; lots of heads. Complete show. Covered up during start of Act Two for latecomers. B+

6/12/02 ~ Philadelphia
Paulette Ivory, Jeremy Kushnier, Kelli Fournier, Eric L. Christian, Robert Neary, Anika Ellis, Jerald Vincent
Nice picture except for some cover-ups in Act One. Cuts off before ending A-

8/17/02 ~ Washington, D.C.
Paulette Ivory, Jeremy Kushnier, Kelli Fournier
Shot from third row mezzanine; nice clear video with slight generation
loss and good sound A

8/25/02 ~ Chicago
Paulette Ivory, Jeremy Kuhnier, Lisa Bescia (u/s)
Act one only.

8/27/02 ~ Broadway
Maya Days, Adam Pascal, Felicia Finley
Clear picture and great sound, one of the nicer AIDA's A

10/20/02 ~ Broadway
Schele Williams (u/s), Matt Bogart (u/s), Felicia Finley
Shot from 6th row mezzanine with no major obstructions; nice video A-

7/22/03 ~ Netherlands
Chaira Borderslee (Aida), Rene Van Kooten (Radames), Antje Monteiro (Amneris)

2004 ~ Augusta, MI
Karmine Alers, Jason Workman, Brooke Evans, Joe Aiello, Arbender Robinson, Rebecca Covington, Quinton Cockrell
From the Barn Theatre; great video with nice closeups and sound; good video A

July 2005 ~ New Brunswick, NJ
Rashanna Harmon, Eric Harper, Emily Portune, Ricky Smith, John Marinko,Tony Melson, Joyel Crawford, Darrell Woodcliff
Pro shot video from the Plays in the Park theater company; very well filmed production with great performances, well filmed. A 2 DVDs

7/16/05 ~ Regional, Gateway Playhouse
Idara Victor; Nicholas Belton; Elizabeth Stanley; Alexander Cassell; Darren Matthias; Lakisha Bowen
A bit shaky, with lots of great close-ups; occasionally the bar and seat in front of taper get in the way, but no heads A

7/25/05 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Montego Glover, Darren Ritchie, Chelsea Krombach, Craig Ricks, Javier Perez-Gomez,Thomas Wesley Douglas
A beautiful production of the Music Theatre Of Wichita, Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Disc also includes local television commercials for the show. A+

7/31/05 ~ Essen, Germany
Judith Lefeber.
Very good quality, in German.

12/21/05 ~ Munich, Germany
Ana Milva Gomes (Aida), Bernard Forcher (Radames), Dominique Aref (Amneris), Kristian Vetter (Zoser), Marlon David Henry (Mereb), Daniel White (Amonasro), Lutz Ulrich Flöth (Pharao).
Excellent quality, in German.
2 DVDs

11/9/06 ~ Madison, WI
Leah Allers, Casey Elliott, Marja Harmon, Dane Harrington Joseph, DJ Rudd, Michael Johnson
Totally different production from the Broadway version. This has a modern/urban update to it; Non-Equity Tour; good picture and sound and nice closeups A-

4/14/07 ~ Colorado Springs, CO
Leah Allers, Casey Elliott, Marja Harmon, David Walker (u/s Zoser), Dane Harrington Joseph, Michael Johnson, Ebony Blake, Edward C. Smith
Filmed from the last row in the balcony. Act One begins in the middle of the Overture and ends about a minute into Elaborate Lives (about an hour and three minutes). Act Two is complete from A Step Too Far to Curtain Call; few cover-ups in Act One due to clapping. while act two has a few cover-ups due to latecomers and clapping. Some heads in the left hand corner for about a total of 5 minutes of the whole video. A

2008 ~ Amstetten, Austria
Ava Brennan, Mathias Edenborn, Nazide Aylin, Paul Vaes, Pehton Qirante, Walter Reynolds, Michael Flöth, Nyassa Alberta.
Proshot on multiple cameras, excellent quality. In German, but some of the songs are sung in English. 2 DVDs

July 2008 ~ Klagenfurt, Austria
Zodwa Selele (Aida), Christian Alexander Müller (Radames), Barbara Xantus (Amneris).
Open-air production. Excellent quality. Dialogue in German, songs in English. 2 DVDs

8/9/09 ~ Tecklenburg, Germany
Zodwa Selele, Patrick Stanke, Amneris: Willemijn Verkaik. Zoser: Marc Clear , Mereb: Thada Suanduanchai, Amonasro: Mario Mariano, Pharao: Ansgar Schaefer, Nehebka: Milica Jovanovic
Excellent quality. In German.

8/29/09 ~ Tecklenburg, Germany
Zodwa Selele (Aida), Patrick Stanke (Radames), Willemijn Verkaik (Amneris), Marc Clear (Zoser), Thada Suanduanchai (Mereb), Mario Mariano, Ansgar Schäfer, Milica Jovanovic. Pro-shot on multiple cameras.
Excellent quality. In German.


12/28/13 ~ Nordhausen, Germany
Femke Soetenga (Amneris), Patrick Stanke (Radames), Nyassa Alberta (Aida), Marian Kalus (Mereb), Kristian Vetter (Zoser), Uta Haase (Pharao), Anja Daniela Wagner (Nehebka), Marvin Scott (Amonasro).
Final performance. Excellent quality, dialogue in German, songs performed in English. 2 DVDs

Ain't Broadway Grand
9/5/93 ~ Broadway
Mike Burstyn, Debbie Shapiro Gravitte
RARE! Only 25 Broadway performances-4/18/93 to 5/9/93

Ain't Misbehavin'
1982 ~ Broadway
Nell Carter,André De Shields,Armelia McQueen, Ken Page, Charlayne Woodard, Luther Henderson
Televised version of the Broadway sensation celebrating the music, life and times of 'Fats' Waller, featuring 29 songs he wrote or performed. Pro-shot video A

Ain't Supposed to Die A Natural Death
4/22/06 ~ New York
Kimberlee, Mo Brown, Jordan Brown, Neil Dawson,Tracy Jack, Keith Arthur Bolding,April McCants, John Andrew Morrison, Taharaq Patterson, Charles Rueben, Chudney Sykes,Willie Teacher, James Tolbert, Glenn Turner, Robyn Landiss Walker, Althea Vyfius
Good video with a wall, waitresses, spotlight and other people issues for moments but still a nice video in an unusual environment; good picture and closeups A

2/21/58 ~ CBS TV
Cyril Ritchard, Dennis King, Sal Mineo, Anna Maria Alberghetti, Basil Rathbone, Una Merkel, George Hall. 
Music and lyrics by Cole Porter.  Black and White, with some generational loss.   B

Aladdin: The Musical Spectacular
2/4/06 ~ Hyperion Theatre at Disneyland’s California Adventure
Includes menu and scene selection. Pro-Shot

11/3/13 ~ Toronto
Adam Jacobs, Jonathan Freeman, James Monroe Iglehart, Courtney Reed, Brian Gonzales, Brandon O'Neill, Jonathan Schwartz, Clifton Davis, Don Darryl Rivera.
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions! Disney's newest theatrical production with a wonderful cast and lots of big production numbers. Sure to be some changes before it hits Broadway! 2 DVDs A+

8/22/14 ~ Broadway
Adam Jacobs, Courtney Reed, James Monroe Iglehart, Jonathan Freeman, Clifton Davis, Don Darryl Rivera, Brian Gonzales, Andrew Cao (u/s Omar), Brandon O'Neill, Dennis Stowe, Jaz Sealey, Bobby Pestka
Act one has three major blackouts: the scene between Arabian Nights and One Jump Ahead, the scene between One Jump Ahead and Proud of Your Boy, and the last 22 minutes of the act, which is all of Friend Like Me and Act One Finale. There is also a head that blocks center stage and the action is often lost behind it. Act two is much better with no blackouts and only some heads on the bottom; good sound throughout; good video when there is a picture 2 DVDs B-

11/5/14 ~ Broadway
Adam Jacobs, Michael James Scott (s/b Genie), Courtney Reed, Merwin Foard (s/b Jafar), Clifton Davis, Don Darryl Rivera
Good clear video with nice picture and excellent sound; no blackouts or cover-ups and nice close-ups and full stage shots for the dancing scenes; good video 2 DVDs A

Aladdin and His Winter Wish
12/27/13 ~ Pasadena, CA
Jordan Fisher, Ashley Argota, Ben Vereen, Bruce Vilanch, Richard Karn, Josh Adamson, Ben Giroux, Vanessa Nichole, Lauren Decierdo, Morgan Larson, Jesus Solorio, Marc Spaulding, Louis A Williams Jr.
Two or three quick dropouts in each act, but nothing major; no obstruction while the actors are onstage; it gets a little obstructed when they come down into the audience, but even then the action is captured very well; no washout, filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups; excellent sound, includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A

Aladdin Jr.

2015 ~ Plays in the Park, NJ

Justine Pamiloza, Faisal S. Sheikh, C.L. Carter, Scott Daniels

Proshot. A condense version of the show, mostly done for kids. Runs about one hour.

Alice At The Palace
1981 ~ Pro-Video
Meryl Streep, Debbie Allen, Michael Jeter.  Produced by Joseph Papp.   A modern re-telling of Alice In Wonderland.  Originally broadcast on NBC-TV.   A

Alice in Wonderland
1983 ~ PBS Television
Kate Burton, Eve Arden, Kaye Ballard, Richard Burton, James Coco, Tony Cummings, André De Shields, Colleen Dewhurst, Andre Gregory, Geoffrey Holder, Zeljko Ivanek, Nathan Lane, Donald O'Connor, Austin Pendleton, Maureen Stapleton
Great Performances PBS broadcast; nice video A-

Alice Ripley: Daily Practice Concert
5/2/11 ~ Chicago, IL
Songs include: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Dear Jane, When I'm Olde, Kashmir, Pieces, Essence, You Oughta Know, The Wind, It's Too Late, Everybody Hurts, Essence (music video),
Black Crow, Beautiful Eyes, Alice, Thunder Road, Wish You Were Here, Wicked Torch, Suburbia, Violet Tree. The concert was at a very small venue so it was shot between heads, but mostly worked around. A-

All My Sons
1986 ~ PBS-TV
James Whitmore,Aiden Quinn, Michael Learned, Joan Allen, Zeljko Ivanek, Layne Coleman, Mary Long, Joanna Miles, Alan Scarfe, Marlow Vella
Written by Arthur Miller. Filmed as part of PBS' American Playhouse series. This is a much sought after video, long out of print and fetching high prices on Ebay. Perfectly clear A

All Shook Up
4/9/05 ~ Broadway
Cheyenne Jackson, Jenn Gambatese, Jonathan Hadary, Mark Price, Sharon Wilkins, Leah Hocking
A great video with nice picture and amazing sound, Includes TV spots A

All Shook Up
9/17/06 ~ Milwaukee, WI
Joe Mandragona, Jenny Fellner, Natasha Yvette Williams,Valisia Lekae Little, Dennis Moench, Wally Dunn, Beth Glover, Susan Anton
Great touring cast with new direction and choreography. Natahsa and Valisia were wonderful. Good pcicture and sound with nice closeups throughout A

All Shook Up
July 2009 ~ Plays in the Park. NJ
Emily Portune, Eric Harper, Mike Quirk,Tenin Baba Nelandani, Sierra Hunter, Gregory Michael Castoria, Allison Foote,Arlene Britt, Drew Cyburt, Bob Nutter
Good clear video, pro shot 2 DVDs

All Shook Up
August 2012 ~ Beverly, MA
Joyce DeWitt, Dara Hartman, Ryan Overberg, Eric Hatch, John Hillner, Jannie Jones, Paul Sabala
Presented in-the-round by the North Shore Music Theatre. Filmed using once camera on a tripod with audio patched in from the soundboard. The disc also includes a three minute highlights montage used for promotional purposes. A

All That I Will Ever Be
1/27/07 ~ New York
Peter Macdissi, Austin Lysy, Patch Darragh, Kandiss Edmundson, David Margulies,Victor Slezakone
One 30-second cover up for late seaters; no other problems with great sound and beautiful closeups throughout A+

All You Need Is Love
7/23/80 ~ PBS-TV
RARE!  Stephen Sondheim wrote and narrates this documentary about the evolution of the musical from it's roots in the Music Hall, Opera, Vaudeville, and Burlesque, to the Broadway and London Stages.  Featuring interviews with Hal Prince, Bob Fosse, Oscar Hammerstein, Richard Rogers, Gale MacDermot, Joseph Papp, Lional Bart, and others.  With scenes from Company, Pacific Overtures, Follies, Chicago, Oklahoma, Tommy, and A Little Night Music and RARE early workshop and rehearsal footage from Hair, and ever RARER footage from "The Leaf People" which had an 8 performance run in 1975!  Originally produced for London Weekend Television in 1979, and aired just once in the US on PBS on 7/23/80.  About 1 hour in length.  (Also included on the disc: Annie Christmas Special.)   A-

All's Well That Ends Well
10/11/12 ~ London
Sam Crane (Bertram), Ellie Piercy (Helena), James Garnon (Parolles), Janie Dee (The Countess of Roussilon)
Pro-shot, presented at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and broadcast to theatres around the world as part of the 2012 "Globe On Screen" season, A

Allegiance: A New Broadway Musical
Lea Salonga, Telly Leung
8 video clips follow the progress of the musical

10/16/15 ~ Broadway
Lea Salonga, George Takei, Telly Leung, Katie Rose Clarke, Michael K. Lee, Christopheren Nomura
Excellent HD capture of this new musical set in a Japanese internment camp, during World War II. Great performances from the entire cast; great clear picture and sound; nice video 2 DVDs A

February 2004 ~ North York, Canada
Carol Kugler, Bob Deutsch, Eva Beams, Bryan Chamberlain, Michael Wicks
Semi-pro shot, crystal clear video. A

11/29/14 ~ New York
Claybourne Elder, Elizabeth A Davis, Malcolm Gets, Jessica Tyler Wright, Alma Cuervo, George Abud, Maggie Lakis, Jane Pfitsch, Paul Lincoln, Megan Loomis, Randy Redd, Ed Romanoff
Wonderful capture of this rarely performed Rogers and Hammerstein show; no washout, very little obstruction, and only a couple short dropouts; a couple heads at the bottom of the screen, but they do not affect the action. Good clear sound; very nice video A

Altar Boyz
Compilation of various performances.
Very fun to watch

Altar Boyz
September 2004 ~ NYMF
Cheyenne Jackson, Tyler Maynard, Andy Karl, Ryan Duncan, David Josefsberg and Marc Kudisch as the voice of God.
Full stage shot on tripod of the show.

Altar Boyz
6/21/05 ~ New York
Scott Porter, Tyler Maynard, Andy Karl, Ryan Duncan, David Josefburg
Very well filmed, but occasionally shakey, and occasional head at the bottom of screen. Missing Altar Boyz remix at the end. A-

Altar Boyz
7/4/05 ~ New York
Scott Porter,Tyler Maynard,Andy Karl, Ryan Duncan, David Josefburg
Filmed from left side; some heads in the way but nicely done and good sound throughout A

Altar Boyz
7/5/05 ~ New York
Scott Porter, Tyler Maynard, Andy Karl, Ryan Duncan, David Josefburg
Excellent picture and sound wth nice closeups and few coverups. A

Altar Boyz
7/19/05 ~ New York
Kevin Kern, Danny Calvert, Andy Karl, Ryan Duncan, David Josefsberg
Some spotlight washout in first 10 minutes and a cover up at end of "Rhythm in Me"; good sound but loud; there is no curtain call. Excellent video A-

Altar Boyz
8/2/05 ~ New York
Scott Porter (Matthew), Danny Calvert (Mark), Andy Karl (Luke), Carlos Encineas* (Juan), David Josefberg (Abraham)

Altar Boyz
8/9/05 ~ New York
Scott Porter, Danny Calvert, Andy Karl, Kevin Kern (u/s), David Josefsberg
Highlights only, about 45 minutes long; filmed from the 4th row. Spotlight washout and the quality isn't the greatest; Kevin Kern plays Juan. B

Altar Boyz
9/4/05 ~ New York
Scott Porter, Danny Calvert, Kevin Kern, Ryan Duncan, David Josefsberg
Josefsberg’s final performance as Abraham; nice video although filmed on an odd angle but good sound and closeups throughout and nice picture A

Altar Boyz
10/15/05 ~ Highlights
Scott Porter (Matthew), Kevin Kern* (Mark), James Royce Edwards (Luke), Carlos L. Encinias* (Juan), Dennis Moench (Abraham)

Altar Boyz
10/11/06 ~ Chicago, IL
Matthew Buckner, Ryan Ratliff, Jesse Johnson, Jay Garcia, Nick Blaemire
Great closeups and sound throughout; excellent quality, includes curtain call and megamix A

Alter Boyz
5/4/07 ~ Musical Theatre West, Long Beach, CA
Danny Calvert, Dan Domenech, James Royce Edwards, Tyler McGee, Dan Pacheco.
Filmed using one camera on a tripod, crystal clear. A

Altar Boyz
9/4/07 ~ New York
Chad Doreck, Ryan J Ratliff, Landon Beard, Jay Garcia, Ryan Strand
Most of the ensemble numbers are full stage shot, and solo numbers closer; no heads, sometimes covers a corner or some of the right side of the screen. Nice video A

Always...Patsy Cline
1996 ~ Amarillo,Texas
Tammy Hysmith, Cindi Bulla.
Cute little show about the life of Patsy Cline featuring her music as well. Great cast! Same production has run non-stop for the past 10 years at different venues. B+

7/6/06 ~ Stockbridge, MA
Randy Harrison, Jonathan Epstein, Ron Bagden, Tara Franklin, Bob Jaffe, Tom Story
A production of the Berkshire Theatre Festival. Unfortunately lots of cover ups and "stage searching." But what is captured is crystal clear, and you can still get a good appreciation of the show. Includes scanned information form the program. 2 DVDs B

2/2/17 ~ NT Live
Lucian Msamati, Adam Gillen, Karla Crome, Hugh Sachs, Geoffrey Beevers, Tom Edden, Alexandra Mathie
Multiple camera pro-shot of the new production at the National Theatre. Broadcast live in cinemas through a satellite feed and this was captured from that feed. Perfect 5.1 sound and HD video. A 2 DVDs

Amanda Green & Tom Kitt at Birdland
6/18/07 ~ Birdland, NYC
Tom Kitt, Amanda Green, Christian Anderson, Matt Caplan, Paul Castree, Jay Klaitz, Julia Murney,Amy Spanger, Rachel Stern, Emily Swallow, Jon Patrick Walker, J.B.Wing, Kirsten Wyatt
A lot of heads, but some good close-up footage; songs include most of High Fidelity & some cut songs, including Let's Order In; also performed: Last Real Record Store, Desert Island, It's No Problem, She Goes, Ready to Settle, Nine Percent Chance, more Great video A

Amazing Grace
10/29/14 ~ Chicago, IL
Josh Young, Erin Mackey, Tom Hewitt, Chuck Cooper, Chris Hoch, Stanley Bahorek, Harriett D. Foy
Beautiful HD capture of the Pro-Broadway tryout. Very good picture and clear sound throughout; nice video 2 DVDs A

Amelie, a New Musical
9/5/15 ~ Berkeley, CA
Samantha Barks, Adam Chanler-Berat, Savvy Crawford, Alison Cimmet, Tony Sheldon, John Hickok, David Andino, Randy Blair, Carla Duren, Alyse Alan Louis, Maria-Christina Oliveras, Perry Sherman, Paul Whitty
Very nice capture with just one quick dropout and one small head that can occasionally be seen at the bottom of the screen but never blocks the action. Excellent clear sound and nice picture; good video A

The American Dance Machine presents A Celebration Of Broadway Dance
1981 ~ PBS-TV
Hosted by Gwen Verdon, with Wayne Cilento, Janet Eilber, John Jones, Lee Roy Reams, and Lee Theodore's The American Dance Machine Company.  
A celebration of some of Broadway’s most famous dance numbers.  Includes: GEORGE M. (Popularity, choreography by Joe Layton); CAROUSEL (June is Bustin’ Out All Over, choreography by Agnes DeMille); SHENANDOAH (Next to Lovin’ [I Like Fightin'] choreography by Robert Tucker); THE BOY FRIEND (Won’t You Charleston With Me? choreography by Buddy Schwab); HALF A SIXPENCE (If the Rain’s Got to Fall, choreography by Onna White; "Satin Doll" (Choreography by Carol Haney); FINIAN’S RAINBOW (Susan the Silent’s Dance, choreography by Michael Kidd); WALKING HAPPY (Clog and Grog Dance, choreography by Danny Daniels); "The Continental" (Gwen Verdon & Lee Roy Reams, no choreographer credited); NO, NO NANETTE (You Can Dance with Any Girl Choreography by Donald Saddler).  About 1 hour. A-

American Idiot
9/23/09 ~ Berkeley, CA
John Gallagher Jr. (Johnny), Michael Esper (Will), Matt Caplan (Tunny), Mary Faber (Heather), Rebecca Naomi Jones (Whatshername), Tony Vincent (St. Jimmy), Christina Sajous (The Extraordinary Girl), Declan Bennett, Andrew Call, Gerard Canonico, Miguel Cervantes, Joshua Henry, Brian Charles Johnson, Chase Peacock, Theo Stockman, Ben Thompson, Alysha Umphress, Morgan Weed.
This was released as 26 September 09, but in the dvd menu says 23 September 09, so either may be the correct date.

American Idiot
10/4/09 ~ Berkeley, CA
John Gallagher Jr., Michael Esper, Matt Caplan, Mary Faber, Rebecca Naomi Jones,Tony Vincent, Christina Sajous, Declan Bennett, Andrew Call, Gerard Canonico
PreBroadway; great capture with virtually no shaking or coverups; good sound and picture throughout; nice video A+

American Idiot
5/2/10 ~ Broadway
John Gallagher Jr., Michael Esper, Mary Faber, Rebecca Naomi Jones, Christina Sajous, Stark Sands,
Tony Vincent, Declan Bennett, Andrew C. Call, Gerard Canonico, Miguel Cervantes, Joshua Henry, Brian Charles Johnson, Leslie McDonel, Chase Peacock, Theo Stockman, Ben Thompson, Alysha Umphress, Libby Winters
Good video; filmed between heads when action is downstage; first few minutes have coverups; good sound A

American Idiot
7/28/10 ~ Broadway
John Gallagher, Jr., Michael Esper, Stark Sands, Josh Kobak (u/s St. Jimmy), Rebecca Naomi Jones, Libby Winters (u/s Heather), Gerard Canonico (u/s Theo Stockman's roles), Sydney Harcourt (u/s Declan Bennett's roles), Corbin Reid (u/s Libby WInter's roles), Omar Lopez-Cepero (u/s Gerard Canonico's roles)
Filmed from the partial view right orchestra, so some moments, including where St. Jimmy stands and some of the flying sequence during "Extraordinary Girl" aren't visible; about four total minutes of cover-ups with the longest  cover-up during "Holiday" because of late seaters; nice video A-

American Idiot
2/19/11 ~ Broadway
Billy Joe Armstrong, John Gallagher Jr, Michael Esper, Van Hughes, Rebecca Naomi Jones, Jeanna De Waal, Libby Winters, Gerard Canonico, Jennifer Bowles, Brian Charles Johnson, Jason Kappus, Aspen Vincent, Alysha Umphress
Well filmed from the orchestra section, with an occasional head in the frame. Looks to have been downloaded from an online source as it is a little pixilated at times. A-

American Idiot
5/15/14 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Jared Nepute, Casey O'Farrell, Dan Tracy, Mariah MacFarlane, Olivia Puckett, Carson Higgins, Taylor Jones
One very quick dropout at the beginning of St. Jimmy, but otherwise complete with no blackouts or obstruction; nicely filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and lose-ups; very good clear sound and picture throughout A

American Psycho

3/29/16 ~ Broadway

Benjamin Walker, Helene Yorke, Alice Ripley, Jennifer Damiano, Drew Moerlein, Krystina Alabado, Dave Thomas Brown

Excellent capture of the new dark musical transfer from the West End. Great cast and wonderful 80's style and inspired musical. Good clear video and excellent sound 2 DVDs A

America's Sweethearts
August 1995 ~ San Francisco
Michael and Geraldine, came to Hollywood from St. Paul, Minnesota, determined to be silent-movie stars Geraldine becomes a success, Michael doesn't. Then come the talkies, and the situation reversed: Geraldine has a lisp (remember Marion Davies?), and now Michael is the hot property. Needless to say, love wins out in the end. First mooted as Came the Dawn, then Come Across, it finally appropriated Mary Pickford's nickname to become America's Sweetheart.

Amish Grace
2010, Television Movie
Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Tammy Blanchard, Matt Letscher, Fay Materson, Madison Mason.
When a gunman killed five Amish children and injured five others in a Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania schoolhouse shooting in October of 2006, the world media attention rapidly turned from the tragic events to the extraordinary forgiveness demonstrated by the Amish community. Through the eyes of a grieving mother, Ida Graber, and other devastated families, this movie explores the Amish's astonishing reaction to the horrific shootings - of forgiveness and compassion. A

8/22/02 (sometimes labelled 5/5/02) Preview concert @ Battery Park, NYC
Malcom Gets, Melissa Errico, Norm Lewis and others.
Almost pro-shot, pro edited. Speech by Mayor Bloomberg.  Hosted by James Lapine. 8 or 9 songs performed. A

Amy's View
1998 ~ Broadway
Judi Dench, Tate Donovan, Samantha Bond, Ronald Pickup, Anne Pitoniak, Willis Sparks, Maduka Steady
Mainly a full stage shot. Good video, though. B

An Act of God
7/15/15 ~ Broadway
Jim Parsons, Christopher Fitzgerald, Tim Kazurinsky
Excellent HD capture of this hilarious show. Clear picture and good sound; nice video 2 DVDs A

An Almost Holy Picture
2/21/02 ~ Broadway
Kevin Bacon
Good video, nice picture and sound A

An American in Paris
3/14/15 ~ Broadway
Robert Fairchild, Leanne Cope, Veanne Cox, Jill Paice, Brandon Uranowitz, Max von Essen
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions of this great new show with Gershwin's Music. Beautiful dancing and performances from the entire cast; very well filmed with clear picture and excellent sound; nice video 2 DVDs A

An American in Paris
4/11/15 ~ Broadway
Robert Fairchild, Leanne Cope, Veanne Cox, Jill Paice, Brandon Uranowitz, Max von Essen
Very good HD video filmed from left mezzanine; sometimes blocked at the bottom of the screen by a bar
but it does not effect the action; wonderful clear sound; nice video A

An Inspector Calls
2014 ~ Rosenberg, TX
Pro-Shot Ron M Saville, Jaime Gonzalez, LeAnn Cernoch, Sharon Appel, David Hiebert, Randy McKee, Jean Oldmixon

The Anarchist
11/14/12 ~ Broadway
Patti LuPone, Debra Winger
Good clear video with nice picture and sound throughout except for a delay at the very start; there is a railing on the far left side of the stage filmed around well and does not affect the picture quality; nice video A-


6/15/16 ~ Hartford, CT (Matinee)

Christy Altomare (Anya), Derek Klena (Dmitry), Mary Beth Peil (Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna), Manoel Felciano (Gleb), John Bolton (Vlad Popov), Caroline O'Connor (Lily), Nicole Scimeca (Anastasia at age 6), Molly Rushing (Anastasia at age 17).

Book by Terrence McNally, music by Stephen Flaherty, lyrics by Lynn Ahrens.  “Anastasia follows the story of the lost daughter of the last emperor of Russia, tracing her journey from the final days of the Russian Empire to Paris in the 1920’s.”  World premiere presentation at Hartford Stage. The show is expected to open on Broadway for the 2016/2017 season.  Very nicely filmed.   2 DVDs A

9/6/17 ~ Broadway
Christy Altomare, Derek Klena, John Bolton, Ramin Karimloo, Caroline O'Connor, Mary Beth Peil, Zach Adkins, Sissy Bell, Lauren Blackman, Kyle Brown, Janet Dickinson, Constantine Germanacos, Wes Hart, Ken Krugman, Shina Ann Morris, James A. Pierce III, Molly Rushing, Nicole Scimerca, Johnny Stellard, Allison Walsh
Nicely filmed from the balcony, a little stage left of center. A

9/17/17 ~ Broadway
Christy Altomare, Derek Klena, John Bolton, Ramin Karimloo, Caroline O'Connor, Mary Beth Peil, Zach Adkins, Sissy Bell, Lauren Blackman, Kyle Brown, Janet Dickinson, Constantine Germanacos, Wes Hart, Ken Krugman, Shina Ann Morris, James A. Pierce III, Molly Rushing, Nicole Scimerca, Johnny Stellard, Allison Walsh
Actors Fund Special Performance. Very well captured in HD from center mezzanine with clear picture and very good sound; great video; includes post-show speeches A

And The World Goes 'Round: The Songs Of Kander & Ebb
1991 ~ Broadway
Karen Ziemba, Karen Mason, Robert Cuccioli, Brenda Presley, Jim Walton
Review which never officially opened on Broadway. Missing the very end of the show. B-

And The World Goes 'Round
1994 ~ Paulo Alto, CA
Riette Burdick, Carl Danielsen, Scott Grinthal, Meg Mackay, Liana Young Some

Andrew Lippa Concert
12/15/03 ~ Ars Nova
Andrew Lippa, Julia Murney, Shoshana Bean
Nice picture with lots of close-ups. Sound is sometimes quiet, mainly during between song banter. There is some spotlight washout on wide shots. A

Andrew Lloyd Webber Special
The Andrew Lloyd Webber Story.
Interviews with Family, friends and Andrew himself.

Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Premiere Collection Encore
A compilation of music videos from the late 80's and early 90's. Includes songs from "The Phantom of the Opera," "Requiem," "Evita," "Aspects of Love," and "Joseph" performed by their original cast members or revival casts

Andrew Lloyd Webber: Royal Albert Hall Celebration
6/6/98 ~ Royal Albert Hall
A tribute to Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber for his 50th birthday. Features selections from his most popular plays, such as CATS, Phantom of the Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Sunset Boulevard. It also has an appearence by his brother a world famous cellist playing a piece composed by LLoyd Webber.  Professional shot DVD, this also aired on BBC TV.

Andrew Lloyd Webber Birthday Concert in the park
9/14/08 ~ London
Hosted by John Barrowman, with Idina Menzel, Lee Mead, Elaine Paige, Steve Balsamo, Duncan James, Rhydian Jones, Joss Stone, Hayley Westenra and cellist Julian Lloyd Webber, alongside the 70-piece BBC Concert Orchestra and the 100-strong Crouch End Festival Chorus.
A one-time-only concert in honor of Andrew Lloyd Webber 60th birthday, at Hyde Park in London. Highlights include: Jesus Christ Superstar Overture, Gethsemane (Steve Balsamo), I Don't Know How To Love Him (Jassie Buckley), What A Circus (John Barrowman), Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Idina Menzel), I Believe My Heart (Duncan James &Hayley Westenra), Evermore Without You (Jonathan Ansell), Love Changes Everything (Lee Mead), Message from Michael Crawford, /Entr'acte/Masquerade, The Phantom of the Opera (Ramin Karimloo & Gina Beck), All I Ask Of You (Lee Mead & Hayley Westenra), The Music of the Night (Rhydian), Sunset Boulevard (John Barrowman), As If We Never Said Goodbye (Maria Friedman), Unexpected Song (Idina Menzel), Another Suitcase (Ruthie Henshall), The Perfect Year (John Barrowman & Ruthie Henshall), Close Every Door/Any Dream Will Do(Lee Mead), Light at the End of The Tunnel (Jessie Buckley, Rachel Tucker, Niamh Perry, Keisha Amposa Banson, Keith Jack, Ben James Ellis, Daniel Boys &Lewis Bradley), Memory(Elaine Page). Beautiful clarity. Full show, but the filmer does turn the camera off during the applause between the numbers. A

Androcles And The Lion
11/15/67 ~ NBC-TV
Noel Coward, Norman Wisdom, Ed Ames, John Cullum,  Clifford Davis, Brian Bedford, Patricia Routledge, Inga Swenson
Music and lyrics by Richard Rogers. Based on the 1915 Broadway play by George Bernard Shaw. In black and white.   Some generational loss. B-

Angela Lansbury - A Celebration
11/17/96 ~ New York
Bea Arthur, Lauren Bacall, Len Cariou, Nell Carter, Jane Connell, Barbara Cook,Tyne Daly, Davis Gaines, Sam Harris, George Hearn, Jennifer Holliday, Phyllis Newman, Chita Rivera, Liz Smith,
Elaine Stritch, Karen Ziemba
Hosted by Nathan Lane; good video A

Angels Giants Monsters
8/20/10 ~ New York
Louis Williams, Nishi Rajan, Mark Gering, Cinzia Mungo, Matthew Metzgar, Carl Ly-Min, Joyce Laoagan, Ruya Koman.
A New Musical by Exaviar Wardlaw Muhammad. This is a guest workshop production of Medicine Show Theater ensemble. Shot on tripod, zooms.  A.

Angels in America 

November 2004 ~ Theatre Musical de Paris

Chatelet Daniel Belcher, Barbara Hendricks, Julia Migenes, Roberta Alexander, Topi Lehtipuu, Donald Maxwell, Omar Ebrahim, Dereck Lee Ragin
Professional PBS telecast from Great Performances A+

Angels in America Parts I (Millenium Approaches) and II (Perestoika)
7/20/17 (Part 1) and 7/27/17 (Part 2) ~ London
Andrew Garfield, Russell Tovey, Nathan Lane, Denise Gough, James McArdle, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Amanda Lawrence and Susan Brown
Multiple camera proshot of the new production at the National Theatre. Broadcast live in cinemas through a satellite feed and this was captured from that feed. 3 DVDs.

Angry Housewives
April 2006 ~ Arlington, TX
Melissa Jobe, Parker Fitzgerald, Maggie Youkin, Carrie Slaughter, Jenny Thurman, Ryan Roach, David Novey
Filmed on a tripod; good clear video with clear picture and sound; nice video A

3/9/13 ~ Broadway
Holland Taylor, Julie White (Voice of Nancy Kohler)
Great performance by Holland Taylor; video takes a few minutes to settle in; missing the first 5 minutes of act 2, but otherwise a nice unobstructed capture, slight wandering but mostly very steady. Good sound and nice video A-

Anna in the Tropics
11/12/03 ~ Broadway
Jimmy Smits, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Priscilla Lopez, John Ortiz, Vanessa Aspillaga, Victor Argo, David Zayas
Great video with great sound and lots of close ups. A

Anne and Gilbert
8/11/03 ~ New York
Jessica Grové, Jonathan Gros, Mary Gordon-Murray, Jill Corey, Nancy White, Erin Crosby,Tobia D'Amore, Katie Harvey
Act II only of staged reading; excellent sound; first 45 minutes is blocked view, but great sound and last 30 minutes is great closeups of cast A

October 1980 ~ Broadway
Allison Smith, John Schuck, Betty Hutton, Kathryn Boule, Gary Beach, Rita Rudner, Jennine Babo,Tara Kennedy,Tiffany Blake, Stacey Lynn Brass, Martha Byrne, Caroline Daly
Good old video; the age is there but the sound is surprisingly good and there are even some closeups, but you cant really see everything. Very good for what you can get B+

1997 ~ Disney Movie
Alicia Morton, Kathy Bates, Alan Cumming, Audra McDonald, Victor Garber, Kristin Chenoweth.
Digital movie. A+

Date Unknown ~ The Regal Players, Waltham MA
Robert Fitch, Mary Logan, Alison Mula, Katie Ford, Jena Davis, Nicole Cappadona, Ashley LaRoche, Jesse Sinerate, Janice Doherty, Nicole Lampasona, Melanie Marcou, Sharissa Lopez, Carly Johanson, Wags Connors, Mary Kilpatrick, Elizabeth Walsh, Gary Kimble.
A very nice semi- pro-shot using a single camera capture of the sentimental, comic-strip musical. Nicely put together with some behind-the-scenes shots. A

February 2000 ~ National tour
Meredith Anne Bull, Patrick J. Cogan,Victoria Oscar, Kimberly Stout, Jed Alexander, Julie Martin
Good sound and slight generation loss; nice video B

June 2000 ~ Richardson, TX
Lindsey Lamberth, James Williams, Melissa Tucker. 
A typical regional theatre production.  Semi-pro shot, using two cameras.  Blooper reel included showing a miss-behaving Sandy. B+

10/1/06 ~ Chicago, IL
Marissa O'Donnell, David Chernault (u/s), Alene Robertson, Elizabeth Broadhurst, Ashley Gonzales, Scott Willis, Monica Patton
30th Anniversary Tour. Filmed from about 14 rows back from the stage, amazing closups, heads in some frames at times, but not much. Wonderful production Annie and the Star to Be were sensational. A-

1/30/10 ~ Sacramento, CA
Madison Kerth, David Barton, Lynn Andrews, Traci Bair, Zander Meisner, Cheryl Hoffmann, Jeffrey B. Duncan, Mackenzie Aladjem, Jordan Mariah Boezem, Roni Caggiano, Ivy Moody, Emily Rudolph, Laura Spineti, Ricky Pope, Kelly Goyette
Filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups, and the sound excellent. Includes curtain call; very steady video with no obstruction or blackouts and very little washout. Good video 2 DVDs A

2010 ~ UK Tour
Victoria Sian Lewis (Annie), David McAlister (Daddy Warbucks), Su Pollard (Miss Hannigan), Simone Craddock (Grace Farrell), Philip Andrew (Rooster Hannigan).
Beautifully filmed from the balcony and crystal clear. A 2 DVDs

4/23/11 ~ Madrid
Lisa Urena, Miguel A.Gamero, Esther Izquierdo, Noemi Mazoy, Salvador Toscano, Eva Manjon, Hector Fernandez, Antonio Rodenas, Israel Quintanta

June 2011 ~ Plays in the Park. NJ
Emma Schwartz, Todd Fenstermaker, Vicki Tripodo, Gabrielle Visser, Randy Accardi, Allison Foote, Jack Cibrian
Pro-shot video with clear picture and sound; very nice video 2 DVDs A

July 2012 ~ Beverly, MA
Jacquelyn Piro Donovan, Lauren Weintraub, Raymond Jaramillo McLeod, Howard Pinhasik, John Sciappa, Jessica Tyler Wright.
Presented "in-the-round" by the North Shore Music Theatre. Filmed using once camera on a tripod with audio patched in from the sound board. The disc also includes a three minute highlights montage used for promotional purposes. A

7/25/12 ~ Singapore
Ella Crossland, David McAlister, Su Pollard
UK touring cast, and 9 orphans were local kids. Complete show, including curtain call, some shakiness between scenes, but mostly steady with a mix of close up and wider shots for dance numbers. There is a head at the bottom of the screen sometimes; widescreen with inimal spotlight washout; good clear
sound and picture A-

10/3/12 ~ Broadway
Lilla Crawford, Katie Finneran, Anthony Warlow, J. Elaine Marcos, Brynn O'Malley, Clarke Thorell, Ashley Blanchet and Sunny
Excellent HD capture of the first performance; clear picture and great sound; slight spotlight washout at times but overall very good video 2 DVDs A

10/15/12 ~ Broadway revival
Lilla Crawford, Katie Finneran, Anthony Warlow, J. Elaine Marcos, Brynn O'Malley, Clarke Thorell, Ashley Blanchet, Jane Blass, Jeremy Davis, Madi Rae DiPietro, Merwin Foard, Joel Hatch, Georgi James, Junah Jang, Amanda Lea LaVergne, Gavin Lodge, Tyrah Skye Odoms, Keven Quillon, Taylor Richardson, Emily Rosenfeld, Sarah Solie, Dennis Stowe, Ryan Van Der Boom and Sunny
Filmed in 16:9 HD; very brief dropout at the beginning of Act One due to late seating; good clear video A

7/14/13 ~ Broadway
Jane Lynch, Anthony Warlow, Lilla Crawford, Brynn O'Malley, Clarke Thorell, J. Elaine Marcos, Sunny
Excellent HD capture of Jane in the role of Ms. Hannigan. Act one is beautifully captured, but missing the last two minutes. Act two is a blackout for the first 5 minutes and a mostly mid-stage for the rest of act two. 2 DVDs A-

11/23/14 ~ Chicago, IL
Adia Dant (u/s Annie), Macy (u/s Sandy), Lynn Andrews, Gilgamesh Taggett, Ashley Edler, Garrett Deagon, Lucy Werner, Allan Baker
Excellent HD capture of the tour that was sent out after the Broadway Revival. This revival tour was helmed by Martin Charnin so the Broadway concept was shelved; great clear picture and good sound 2 DVDs A

The Annie Christmas Special
12/4/77 ~ NBC-TV
Andrea McArdle, Reid Shelton, Dorothy Loudon, Sandy Faison, Robert Fitch
The entire original Broadway cast of Annie is featured in this very rare 1977 Christmas special. This copy of the show is much better than the previous ones and is complete (the other versions out there are missing about three minutes of footage from the middle of the show). Commercials have been edited out. About 47 minutes. A-

Annie 2 - Miss Hannigan's Revenge
1/20/90 ~ Kennedy Center
Dorothy Loudon, Harve Presnell, Lauren Mitchell, Marian Seldes, Raymond Thorne, Danielle Findley
Slightly Upgraded. Filmed from the orchestra through heads, with generational loss. Bad reviews caused this never to come to Broadway; this is the reworked production from Lincoln Center B-

Annie Get Your Gun
1956 ~ TV Broadcast
Mary Martin, John Rait.
Thank god this still exists, black and white but amazing. B+

Annie Get Your Gun
1987 ~ Lincoln Center, New York
Patty Lupone, Peter Gallagher
Highlights only, not the complete show, about 1 hour 30 minutes. Semi staged concert version. B+

Annie Get Your Gun
1999 ~ Broadway
Bernadette Peters, Tom Wopat and Revival Cast.
Some generation loss but not too bad. B

Annie Get Your Gun
Date Unknown ~ US Tour
Cathy Rigby, Brent Barrett
Not the 1999 Revival. Uses original book and music, before revival made it more "politically correct." Filmed on a tripod, full stage shot. Sound directly from sound board. B

Annie Get Your Gun
2000 ~ New York
Cheryl Ladd, Patrick Cassidy

Annie Get Your Gun
2000 ~ Tour, New Haven
Marilu Henner, Rex Smith, Susann Fletcher

Annie Get Your Gun
Spring 2001 ~ Broadway
Reba McEntire, Brent Barrett, Peter Marx, Kerry O’Malley
Some whiting out of faces and slight generation loss; good sound and some closeups B

Annie Get Your Gun
2014 ~ UK Tour
Jason Donovan (Frank Butler), Emma Williams (Annie Oakley), Norman Pace (Buffalo Bill), Kara Lane (Dolly), William Oxborrow (Charlie), Yifach Mizrahi (Tommy), Lorna Want (Winnie).
Full stage shoot with no zoom but quality is very good.

Annie Get Your Gun
10/27/15 ~ New York
Megan Hilty, Andy Karl, Chuck Cooper, Judy Kaye, Ron Raines, Brad Oscar, Marshall Factora, Sam Chuck, Olivia Edward, Ward Billeisen, Sam Bolen, Laura D'Andre, Nicolas Davila, Christine DiGiallonardo, Leah Horowitz, Miles Johnson, Andrea Jones-Sojola, Amy Justman, Patricia Noonan, Daniel Schwait, Nicholas Ward
Clear video with excellent picture and sound; good video A

Annie: Life After Tomorrow
Sarah Jessica Parker, Joanna Pacitti

Annie Warbucks
10/29/92 ~Los Angeles
Harvey Evans, Harve Presnell, Lindsey Ridgeway, Molly Scott
Rare video with some minor generational loss. A little shaky camera work and the sound is slightly muffled but not bad B

Anthony Rapp Live at the Supper Club
2/18/06 ~ New York
Concert video of Anthony Rapp, filmed in extreme close ups with clear picture and sound A

Anthony and Cleopatra
5/24/17 ~
Antony Byrne, James Corrigan, Ben Allen, Josette Simon.
Multiple camera proshot of the new production at the RSC. Broadcast live in cinemas through a satellite feed and this was captured from that feed. 2 DVDs.

1974 ~ PBS-TV
Genevieve Bujold, Stacy Keach, Fritz Weaver, James Naughton.
Filmed for TV, and based on the 1971 Broadway revival, which moved the action of the play (written in 497 BC by Sophocles) into modern times.  A

Anyone Can Whistle
1989 ~ Chicago
Rosalie Kaplan, Steve Asciolla, Ann Kanengeiser. 
A production of The Pegasus Players.  Pro shot, using multiple cameras.   B+

Anyone Can Whistle Concert
4/8/95 ~ New York, Carnegie Hall
Hosted by Angela Lansbury. Scott Bakula, Bernadette Peters, Madeline Kahn. Presented by Gay Men's Health Crisis Special Events. Pro Shot. Water Mark along bottom of video reads "No copy/No Broadcast," very light, and does not interfere with video quality. A

Anyone Can Whistle
2/21/03 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Ruth Williamson, Misty Cotton, John Bisom
Filmed from the house camera at The Matrix Theatre; shot from angle and partially obstructed by lighting hardware.  This production incoporated revisions by the director, Michael Michetti, and the book writer, Arthur Laurents. B+

Anyone Can Whistle
August 2005 ~ Highland Park, IL
Patti LuPone, Audra McDonald, Michael Cerveris, John Mahoney, Ray Wills, Jerry Galante, David Mendes, Peter Mohawk, Christine Sherrill, Jason Bayle, Joshua Johnston, Parrish Collier, Andrew J. Waters, Richard Strimer, Darius Fearrington, Michael Accardo, Gary Alexander, Roger Anderson, Karla L. Beard, Max Chung, John Clonts, Stephen Colella, Lauren Creel, Devin Desantis, Berwick Haynes, Danny Heeter, Brian Herriot, Nate Johnston, Gloria Kissel, Jacob Langfelder, Kate Loprest, Johanna McKenzie Miller, Ty Perry, Jeanai Ratcliffe, Emily Shoolin, Jason Sperling, Lucia Spina, Genevieve Venjohnson, Lakesha Walker
A Ravinia Festival production; semi pro-shot with some whiting out. Nice clear video with good sound 2 DVDs A-

Anything Goes
1957 ~ Pro shot for TV
Ethel Merman, Frank Sinatra, Bert Lahr. 
RARE find! Amazing video. Shot live for the Colgate Family Hour Television Show. Great quality video, but restricted to 1950's technology. Shortened for TV. About 1 hour. A-

Anything Goes "Almost" Lost Footage
1988 ~ Lincoln Center Revival Cast, NY
Video footage from 1988 Lincoln Center revival of Anything Goes but not from the poor quality tape that has been circulating for years, but rather is completely different, newly surfaced footage! Very well filmed, with lots of great close ups, but some generational loss. Not the complete show, but about 40 minutes of musical highlights. This footage was discovered at the end of the following disc, so they are both on one DVD: An Evening With Patti LuPone 1997 ~ PBS-TV,Taped in January 1997 at the Callum Theatre in the Palm Desert Resort hotel in Palm Springs, CA., includes sensational renditions of "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina," "Anything Goes," "I Get A Kick Out Of You," "As If We Never Said Goodbye," "Sleepy Man," "I Dreamed A Dream," "Heat Wave," and more... Recorded during a pledge drive, so concert is interrupted with breaks, but include Patti in the studio being interviewed, as well as trying to raise money. (About 90 minutes). Anything Goes footage: B-, Concert: A

Anything Goes
11/18/88 ~ Pittsburgh, PA
Lenora Nemetz, Ray Benson
Produced by the Pittsburgh Playhouse. The production was modeled after the 1987 Patti LuPone revival, using similar sets and staging. Filmed almost entirely in wider full stage shots. Some slight generational loss, and spotlight washout. B+

Anything Goes
1988 ~ Broadway
Patty Lupone, Howard McGillin.
Surprisingly good video for an older show. Missing the first 5 mins or so. Color is washed out, so it looks like a black and white video. Some generation loss but not too bad. C+

Anything Goes
1989 ~ London
Elaine Page, John Barrowman, Kathryn Evans
Great production with a spectacular cast. Spotlight wash. The sound is great. The capture is missing the final moments of the show. B

Anything Goes
1991 ~ Vista, CA
Jim Graft, Patrick Rice, Randall S. Hickman, Alicia Irving, Kate King, Karen Kunze.
A presentation of The Moonlight Amphitheater.  Multi camera-pro shot.  Some generational loss. B+

Anything Goes
1/29/93 ~ Berlin, Germany
Helen  Schneider, Hartwig Rudolz, Michelle Becker, Cusch Jung, Lucius
The songs are sung in english, but the dialogue is in german

Anything Goes
2000 ~ National Tour
Gloria Loring, Jim Hesselman, Martin Paul Bernier, Jennifer Boudreau,Annie Wersching, Forrest Hedden, Elizabeth T. Murff
Nice video filmed with a tri-pod from the back of the house audio plugged directly from the Sound board. A

Anything Goes
Fall 2000 ~ Papermill Playhouse, NJ
Chita Rivera, Bruce Adler, George Dvorsky, Stacey Logan
Shot from the balcony; some heads in the way. Great video. B 2 DVDs

Anything Goes
September 2000 ~ Papermill Playhouse, NJ
Chita Rivera, George Dvorsky, Bruce Adler, Patrick Quinn, Stacey Logan, Coleen Hawks
Directed by Lee Roy Reems. Recorded from a tripod, with sound patched in directly from the sound system. A

Anything Goes
7/17/04 ~ London
Sally Ann Triplett, John Barrowman
Cover ups and "stage searching" for the first 5 mins, then greatly improves. Crystal clear video and sound. A

Anything Goes
8/16/05 ~ Westchester Broadway Dinner Theatre, NY
Paige Price, Robert Bartley
Nicely captured with no obstructions although there is some.  Spotlight washout. Great performances. A

Anything Goes
11/15/11 ~ Broadway
Stephanie J. Block, Joel Grey, Colin Donnell, Kelly Bishop, Erin Mackey, Adam Godley, John McMartin, Linda Mugleston
Filmed in 16x9 HD Widescreen; good video although sound is low in Act 2; clear picture and sound otherwise A

Anything Goes
11/30/12 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Rachel York, Erich Bergen, Fred Applegate, Alex Finke, Sandra Shipley, Edward Staudenmayer, Joyce Chittick, Dennis Kelly, Vincent Rodriguez III, Marcus Shane, Chuck Wagner, Jeff Brooks
One head on the right side of the screen, but it never blocks the action; no blackouts and very little washout throughout the show. Filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Great sound; video includes curtain call and BC/EFA speech. Nice video 2 DVDs A

Anything Goes
3/22/13 ~ Durham, NC
Rachel York, Fred Applegate, Josh Franklin, Alex Finke, Evelyn Oakleigh, Chuck Wagner
Very well filmed with a couple of moments of shakiness but otherwise focused, steady, and unobstructed; mostly mid-shots and not so many close-ups though. Video is missing the first 30 seconds
and the last bit of the curtain call is audio only. Nice video 2 DVDs A

Anything Goes
9/29/13 ~ Costa Mesa, CA
Rachel York, Josh Franklin, Fred Applegate, Alex Finke, Sandra Shipley, Edward Staudenmayer, Joyce Chittick, Dennis Kelly, Vincent Rodriguez III, Marcus Shane, Chuck Wagner, Jeff Brooks
Steady with no washout and no obstruction with a couple of very quick dropouts. Filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups; excellent sound, includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A+

Anything Goes
Date Unknown ~ Wichita, KS
Michael Gruber, Toni Kaye. 
A production of The Music Theatre Of Wichita.  Occasional sound problems, and some slight generational loss.   B-  2 DVDs

3/15/73 ~ TV
Lauren Bacall, Larry Hagman, Penny Fuller, Sarah Marshall, Robert Mandan, Harvey Evans, Rod McLennan
Professionally shot for Television. Noteworthy as the first network TV entertainment special with a scene set in a gay dance club. Counter numbers on bottom, good clear video A

3/15/73 ~ TV
Lauren Bacall, Larry Hagman, Penny Fuller, Sarah Marshall, Robert Mandan, Harvey Evans, Rod McLennan
Professionally shot for Television. This version does not have the counter numbers on bottom. It comes from the July 2005 Australian rebroadcast with no generation loss and includes the 1970 Tony Awards peformance A

1993 ~ Sydney, Australia
Wendy Wells, Penny Farrow, Craig Mundy, Brian Brown, Marj Mundy, Paul Holmes. 
Filmed during the final dress rehearsal at the Sutherland Theatre in Sydney for the cast using one camera in the balcony.  Some generational loss. A-

Applause - Encores!
2/10/08 ~ New York
Christine Ebersole, Erin Davie, Kate Burton, Mario Cantone, Tom Hewitt, Michael Park, Megan Sikora, Chip Zien
Occasional bar at the bottom of screen; nice video A

The Apple Family Plays: Scenes From Life in the Country
2014 ~ PBS Television New York
Maryann Plunkett, Laila Robins, Jon DeVries, Stephen Kunken
Filmed for Channel Thirteen (New York City's local PBS affiliate) new series called Theater Close-Up, three of the four plays in Richard Nelson series. Includes That Hopey Changey Thing, Sorry, Sweet and Sad and Regular Singing 4 DVDs A

The Apple Tree - Encores
5/05 ~ New York
Kristin Chenoweth, Malcom Gets, Michael Cerveris, Daniel Marcus, Krisha Marcano and James Earl Jones as God.
Video has been compliled from two different performances. Cristal clear video, with occasional "hides" due to ushers. Bonus Footage: Kristins performance of "What Makes Me Love Him? Could Be His Sneakers," with new lyrics. A-

The Apple Tree - Encores
5/16/05 ~ New York
Kristin Chenoweth, Malcolm Gets, Michael Cerveris

The Apple Tree Revival
11/29/06 ~ Broadway
Kristin Chenoweth, Mark Kudisch, Brian D'arcy James
First Preview at Studio 54. Beautiful video with excellent sound. A few shakes because it was filmed from last row of the mezzanine, but beautiful capture of the first preview. A-

The Apple Tree Revival
1/20/07 ~ Broadway
Kristin Chenoweth, Mark Kudisch, Brian D'arcy James.
Excellent video with amazing picture and great sound; only a few short blackouts; includes a main menu and animated thumbnails and scene selections for all the songs. DVD direct from Master.  A

The Apple Tree
2/11/07 ~ Broadway
Kristin Chenoweth, Brian d'Arcy James, Marc Kudisch, Meggie Cansler, Sean Palmer, Sarah Jane Everman, Walter Charles
Beautiful capture of this charming show which features three different stories. Great clear sound and picture A

Act One: 2/26/11 AND Act Two: 3/2/11 ~ Broadway
Margaret Colin, Billy Crudup, Raul Esparza, Glenn Fleshler, Grace Gummer, Edward James Hyland, Byron Jennings, Bel Powley, Tom Riley, Noah Robbins, David Turner, Lia Williams
Act One shot around a few heads. Act Two has no heads in the way; disc also includes a twenty minute interview with Raul Esparza, opening night footage and reviews; nice video A-

Are You With It?
12/12/13 ~ New York
This is the workshop or reading of the show.  It's not like the movie. Shot through a tube or sleeve or something.  Shot from Orchestra. Spotlight washout A-

Aren't We All?
6/2/85 ~ Broadway Revival
Rex Harrison, Claudette Colbert, Lynn Redgrave, Jeremy Brett, George Rose, George Ede, Brenda Forbes, John Patrick Hurly, Leslie O'Hara, Peter Pagan, Ned Schmidtke, Steven Sutherland
A revival of the 1925 Broadway production, really good video for almost 25 years old; first minute of the show is blacked out. Disc also includes about 7 minutes of stage door footage showing Rex Harrison leaving the theatre, and minimally interacting with the fans. A

The Arrest of Ai Weiwei
4/19/13 ~ London
Christopher Goh, Junix Inocian, Andrew Koji, Orion Lee, David Lee-Jones, Andrew Leung, Richard Rees, David Tse, Benedict Wong
Proshot with multiple cameras, captured from a live stream. One dropout of 2 seconds, but otherwise, the video is clear. Excellent sound and video.

Arsenic And Old Lace
2/5/62 ~ Hallmark Hall of Fame
Tony Randall, Boris Karloff, Dorothy Stickney, Mildred Natwick, Tom Bosley, George Voskovec, Farrell Pelly
Black and White pro shot and abridged for TV. Good quality video with some generation loss B+

Arsenic And Old Lace
1986 ~ Broadway, Revival
Jonathan Frid, Marion Ross, Gary Sandy, Larry Storch
Amazing quality for a show of it's age. It looks like it was recorded from a tripod, maybe this is the unedited Press Reel footage, or recorded for the cast, but it's hard to tell for sure.  Some generational loss, but not too bad. A

Arsenic and Old Lace
9/24/98 ~ University of Central Oklahoma
Betty Garrett (Martha Brewster), Carole Cook (Abby Brewster), Michael Stever (Mortimer Brewster), Allen Brawner (Dr. Einstein).
Missing the first minute or so, filmed on a tripod, very good quality.

1/27/02 ~ Philadelphia, PA
Robert Ari, Men Lipitz, Carl Schurr
Good video; closeups and clear sound A

2013 ~ Kuwait
Hassan Rawas, Tim Waddell, Elhusain Elsharif
Pro-Shot, the Tony Award winning play is captured in English with a terrific cast of three.

Artist Descending A Staircase
11/22/89 ~ Broadway
John McMartin, Harold Gould, Michael Cumpsty, Jim Fyfe, Stephanie Roth, Paxton Whitehead, Michael Wither
Written by Tom Stoppard. Short lived Broadway play which had a brief 36 performance run. Filmed from the balcony-it looks like the person just set the camcorder on the balcony railing and pressed record-mostly a full stage shot. Some generational loss and major spotlight washout B

As Is
1986 ~ Bravo-TV
Colleen Dewhurst, Robert Caradine, Jonathan Hadary
Based on the Broadway play. Good quality video A

As Thousands Cheer
September 2007 ~ Toronto, Canada
Susan Sanders, Larry Westlake, Kerry Johnston
Pro-shot video from the Civic Light Opera Company; nice video with clear picture and sound A

As You Like It
6/29/10 ~ London
Gareth Bennett-Ryan (Lord), Michael Benz (Silvius), Philip Bird (Duke Senior), Sophia Duvall (Audrey), Naomi Frederick (Rosalind), Brendan Hughes (Duke Frederick), Trevor Martin (Adam)
Pro-shot, presented at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and broadcast to theatres around the world, A

Aspects of Love
1988 ~ Sydmonton Tryout
Michael Ball, Suzannah Fellows, Grania Renihan, Diana Morrison, Dinsdale Landen
Nice video with good sound and picture, transferred from VHS to DVD 1998.  Some generation loss, B

Aspects Of Love
May 1989 ~ London
Michael Ball, Ann Crumb
Amazingly good video, considering it's age. A-

Aspects of Love
3/1/91 ~ Broadway
Sarah Brightman, Kevin Cullum, Marcus Lovett, Barry Ingham, Walter Charles, Kathleen Rowe McAllen, Danielle DuClos
Fomerly dated as 12/90, some tracking issues at first and a little throughout but much better and clearer with some generation loss but not as much as before; good video B

Aspects Of Love
2000 - Bern, Switzerland
Maya Hakvoort, Carsten Lepper.
Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Very good quality. *IN GERMAN* (2 DVDs)

Aspects of Love
Date Unknown ~ Toronto, Canada
Bonnie Langford.  Show is staged differently than the Broadway version, but equally as good.  Filmed through the house camera, with excellent sound.  Much generational loss. C-

12/21/90 ~ New York
Victor Garber,Terrence Mann, Jonathan Hadary, Lee Wilkof, Annie Golden, Debra Monk, Patrick Cassidy, Greg Germann
From Playwrights Horizons; one head in the way and filmed from very close; upgraded copy with clearer picture and sound; a very nice video A

12/21/90 ~ New York
Victor Garber, Terrence Mann, Jonathan Hadary, Lee Wilkof, Annie Golden, Debra Monk, Patrick Cassidy, Greg Germann
From Playwrights Horizons; one head in the way and a little fuzzy, great sound B-

10/10/93 ~ Orlando, FL
Cast unknown
Semi-proshot. Excellent capture with just slight genereation loss. Very well produced and performed small theater production. Includes "Something Just Broke."  Behind the scenes footage with the cast after the show A

1994 ~ Los Angeles, CA
John Allee, Paul Carr, Christopher Carroll, Bridget Hoffman, Gary Imhoff, Jean Kauffman, Alan Safier, Sean Smith, Steve Jackson Wilde, Tom Zemon
From the Los Angeles Repertory Company's Theater Center; some generation loss but otherwise good video A-

1996 ~ Manchester, England
Geoffrey Dallamore, Peter Benson, Glenn Hughill, David Fleeshman, Anthony O'Driscoll,Adam Henderson, Jill Martin, Craig Pinder, Ray Mangion, David Arneil, Alexandra Sumner
Almost looks like it was professionally shot but the generation loss takes away from the great sound and picture. B

4/10/04 ~ Broadway
Cast: Marc Kudisch, Becky Ann Baker, James Barbour, Mario Cantone, Michael Cerveris, Mary Catherine Garrison,Alexander Gemignani, Neil Patrick Harris, Dennis O'Hare, Jeffrey Kuhn
Amazing quality; nicest I have seen of this show A+

4/24/04 ~ Broadway
Becky Ann Baker, James Barbour, Mario Cantone, Michael Cerveris, Mary Catherine Garrison, Alexander Gemignani, Neil Patrick Harris, Marc Kudisch, Dennis O'Hare, Jeffrey Kuhn
56 minutes of raw footage from the matinee with some zooms and closeups and good sound. NOT a complete show; A

5/29/04 ~ Broadway
Becky Ann Baker, James Barbour, Mario Cantone, Michael Cerveris, Mary Catherine Garrison, Alexander Gemignani, Neil Patrick Harris, Marc Kudisch, Dennis O'Hare, Jeffrey Kuhn
Excellent video with good closeups and sound throughout; A

September 2005 ~ Long Island, NY
Jason Trigger, Jeremy Hudson, Patrick Finn, Stephen Wangner Frank Danko, Malorie Charak, Susan Hall, Jerry Maggio, Ron Menin, Bernard Macias, Brian Smith, Donna Maggio, Amanda Taraska,Tara Danko, Stephen LeFayt, Dylan Perlman, Ben Salers
A presentation of Cultural Arts Playhouse.Nice production; filmed using multiple cameras. A

Assassins Reunion Concert
12/3/12 ~ New York
Neil Patrick Harris, Marc Kudisch, James Barbour, Michael Cerveris, Denis O'Hare, Alexander Gemignani, Mario Cantone, Jeffrey Kuhn, Annaleigh Ashford, Becky Ann Baker
Great HD capture of the Reunion Concert with almost all of the original cast. Everything is nicely captured with close-ups and clear sound; good video 2 DVDs A

Pegasus Players production in Chicago
Scott Lowell,Will Chase, Stef Tovar, Christopher Eudy,Anthony Cesarelli, Chris McNamara
Excellent picture, sound and closeups, but the tape has some minor tracking issues B+

Florida premiere with new songs; looks like it was performed by
a performing art college cast. Great talent. Good video. B+

The Assembled Parties
3/29/13 ~ Broadway
Jessica Hecht, Judith Light, Jeremy Shamos, Mark Blum, Lauren Blumenfeld, Alex Dreier, Jake Silbermann, Jonathan Walker, Gabriel Sloyer
Well-filmed video with good picture and close-ups and clear sound throughout A

At Wit's End
1989 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Stan Freeman portrays Oscar Levant
Rare producer's copy of this critically aclaimed, one man show. Musings about the humorist/composer chronicling his life. A

10/11/03 ~ 10th Anniversary Concert - Tivoli, Copenhagen
Anders Teigen (Jabbadoor), Pernille Pettersson (Adalena), Sören Launbjerg (Silvan), Ulrik Cold (Atlas), Nicoline Möller (Miranda), Hanne Thordsen (Salene), Johnny Jörgensen (Koptos), Michael Mathiesen (Zan-Zan) A

The Audience
6/13/13 ~ London
Cast: Helen Mirren, Geoffrey Beevers, Nell Williams, Jonathan Coote, Michael Elwyn, Harry Feltham, Edward Fox, Haydn Gwynne, Ian Houghton, Spencer Kitchen, Richard McCabe, Charlotte Moore, Nathaniel Parker, David Peart, Matt Plumb, Paul Ritter, Elaine Solomon.
Multiple cameras Proshot of the new production at the west end. Broadcast live in cinemas through a satellite feed and this was captured from that feed. 2 DVDs.

Audra McDonald In Concert
Lincoln Centre
Audra McDonald and Friends Build A Bridge. Special Guest Patti Lupone. Pro-Shot for PBS

Audra McDonald New Years Eve Concert
12/31/06 ~ Lincoln Centre
Audra McDonald Sings the Movies, live from Lincoln Centre.  Unfortunately the disc keeps skipping sometimes. A+

August: Osage County
12/14/07 ~ Broadway
Ian Barford, Deanna Dunagan, Kimberly Guerrero, Francis Guinan, Brian Kerwin, Dennis Letts, Madeleine Martin, Mariann Mayberry,Amy Morton, Sally Murphy, Jeff Perry, Rondi Reed, Troy West
Excellent video with great closeups and sound throughout; taper does a good job with a quiet show 2 DVDs A+

August: Osage County
1/2/08 ~ Broadway
Dennis Letts, Deanna Dunagan, Amy Morton, Jeff Perry, Ian Barford, Madeleine Martin, Sally Murphy, Mariann Mayberry, Rondi Reed, Francis Guinan, Kimberly Guerrero, Brian Kerwin, Troy West
Very clear and nice video with excellent picture and sound throughout A

August: Osage County
7/13/14 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Deanna Dunagan, Shannon Cochran, Rosemarie DeWitt, Mariann Mayberry, Rondi Reed, Francis Guinan, David Warshofsky, Robert Maffia, Ron Livingston, Tara Lynne Barr, Kimberly Guerrero, Scott Jaeck, Robert Pine
Great capture of the staged reading at LA Theatre Works with members of the original Broadway and Steppenwolf casts with no sets, but the play is read dramatically with fantastic performances all around; no blackouts or washout, and very steady filming; some obstruction from two heads on either side, but they only block the actors' legs so nothing is really lost; filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups and great clear sound 3 DVDs A

Aunt Dan and Lemon
1/24/04 ~ New York
Kristin Johnson, Lili Taylor, Marcia Stephanie Blake, Liam Craig, Stephen Park, Isaach deBankore, Melissa Errico
Sound only for first 4 minutes and last 2 minutes; Otherwise great video; A

Avenue Q
7/26/03 ~ Broadway
John Tartaglia, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Rick Lyon, Jennifer Barnhart, Natalie Venetia Belcon, Jordan Gelber, Ann Harada
Great picture and sound; camera coverup for first five minutes and occassionally throughout but not distracting; 1st generation from the master. Includes the 2003 Easter Bonnets skit after the show A-

Avenue Q
10/18/03 ~ Broadway
John Tartaglia, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Rick Lyon, Jennifer Barnhart, Natalie Venetia Belcon, Jordan Gelber, Ann Harada
Excellent quality picture and sound; occassional cover-ups but very good video. Has the cartoon faces at the begining and credits at the end. A

Avenue Q
2/24/04 ~ Broadway
Barrett Foa, Aymee Garcia (u/s), Ann Saunders, Chandra Wilson, Peter Linz (u/s), Jennifer Barnhart, Jordan Gelber
Excellent video with good closeups and sound and you can see the cartoons throughout the show A

Avenue Q
6/25/05 - Broadway matinee
Barrett Foa, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Rick Lyon, Peter Linz, Ann Saunders, Natalie Venetia Belcon, Aymee Garcia
Filmed from middle of the mezzanine; act one starts at the end of "If You Were Gay" and ends in the middle of "A Fine Fine Line". Act Two is complete; filmed around heads but very nice closeups throughout A-

Avenue Q
9/24/06 ~ Broadway
Howie Michael Smith, Mary Faber, Rick Lyon, Ann Sanders, Haneefah Wood, Matt Schreiber (u/s), Jen Barnhart
Great cast and Mary was adorable as Kate. About 5 minutes total of Blackouts; good closeups and sound. A-

Avenue Q
11/3/06 ~ West End, London
Julie Atherton, Jon Robyns, Simon Lipkin, Ann Harada, Giles Terera, Sion Lloyd, Gloria Onitiri (u/s Mrs. Thistletwat)
Slightly different script changes from the Broadway version, also Gary is played by a man instead of a woman. Shot around hand railings and horrible sight lines. Around 75% of the show visually, full audio throughout. Also contains exclusive CD track "Time" by the Original London cast, only available at the theatre. B

Avenue Q
4/21/08 ~ Broadway
Jonathan Root, Sarah Stiles, Christian Anderson, Ann Sanders, Nicholas Kohn, Rashidra Scot,t, Jennifer Barnhart
Part of the recording ended up with a weird greenish-tint. Some of the show is in beautiful color, and the other part is in this tint; only minor head obstructions on the right side, and great close-ups; a minor blackout when the ensemble comes up trying to collect money from the audience. Other than the green, it is a new video A-

Avenue Q
1/16/09 ~ Hartford, CT
Robert McClure, Anika Larsen, David Benoit, Cole Porter, Sara Iwamatsu, Danielle K.Thomas
A little shaky here and there with some cover ups at the beginning of the act one because of late arrivals. Filmed in widescreen so black bars on screen. Good video B+

Avenue Q
4/7/09 ~ Orange County, CA
Robert McClure, Anika Larsen, David Benoit, Sala Iwamatsu, Cole Porter, Danielle K.Thomas, Maggie Lakis
Nice capture of the tour cast; one head in the way during the first act, but worked around; second act has virtually no obstruction; first couple minutes of each act are blacked out, and one blackout just before Fantasies Come True, as well as one during When You Help Others when the cast comes into the audience. Includes curtain call and Robert's BC/EFA speech.  Good clear sound throughout; nice video 2 DVDs A

Avenue Q
January 2010 ~ London
Daniel Boys, Cassidy Janson, Edward Baruwa, Christopher Fry, Rachel Jerram, Candy Ma (u/s Christmas Eve), Alan Pearson (u/s Nicky/Trekkie/ Bear)
Almost the entire show except for two brief blackouts after "Avenue Q" and "Purpose", Kate's Empire State Building scene is dialogue-only, and the audience interaction part of The Money Song is cut.  Also, the cartoons aren't filmed; Filmed from back stalls, there is a head on each side and one head a couple of rows ahead but filmed around well A

Avenue Q
2/20/10 ~ Brisbane, Australia
Mitchell Butel, Natalie Alexopoulos, Luke Joslin, nLeah Howard, David James, Christina O'Neill
House camera video with a full stage shot and no zooms; good clear sound throughout A-

Avenue Q
6/19/10 ~ Philadelphia, PA
Brent Michael DiRoma, Ashley Eileen Bucknam (u/s Kate Monster/Lucy), Tim Kornblum, Michael Liscio Jr, Lisa Helmi Johanson, Nigel Jamaal Clark
Nice video with lots of closeups; some obstruction issues, such as a pole that blocks off part of the stage; no heads in the way during act one; there is a head in the way in act two with a couple of blackouts during the show but good clear sound and good picture throughout A-

Avenue Q
5/1/11 ~ St. Gallen
Manuel Steinsdörfer (Princeton / Rod), Stefanie Köhm (Kate Monster / Lucy), Jonathan Agar (Brian), Lanie Sumalinog (Christmas Eve), Martin Schäffner (Piero Esteriore), Florian Claus (Nicky / Trekkie Monster / Bullshit Bär / Neuankömmling / Stimme Ricky), Cornelia Löhr (Lavinia Semmelmöse / Bullshit Bär / Spielerin diverser Puppen) .
Ver good capture of the dutch version of this amazing and funny show, great performance, A

Avenue Q- Ultimate Edit DVD
Using the best available footage from videos, press reels, talk show performances and the internet, this is a best of video featuring the OBC of Avenue Q; includes clips from the Avenue Q  website, promos, "The View" performance, "Show Business", and "Avenue Jew" and the "Time" intermission bit A

Babes in Arms
10/26/02 ~ Cardiff,Wales
Joshua Dallas, Alicia Davies,Angus MacMillan
Excellent production. Clear video with great sound.A

Babes In The Woods
1975 ~ Los Angeles
Kathy Knight, Diane Vincent, Peter De Luca, Cathy Newton, James Sanderson
A musical adaptation of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Nicely filmed, but some generational loss. B-

Babes in Toyland
12/24/55 ~ Max Liebman Presents NBC Television
Dennis Day, Dave Garroway, Jack E. Leonard, Bambi Linn, Rod Alexander, Wally Cox, Jo Sullivan
Black & white picture with slight static but great clear sound and good picture for its age. Nice video B+

Babes In Toyland
December 2003 ~ San Jose, CA
Pat Pagendarm, Giovanna Hutchison, John Williams, Paul Melville, Kristine Berg, Stephanie Berg, Bob Purvey, David Hoyt, Sharon Hoyt, David Powell
A production of The Lyric Theatre Of San Jose. Semi-pro shot, with pro-titles. A

December 1983 ~ Broadway
Liz Callaway, Beth Fowler, Catherine Cox, James Congdon, Todd Graff, Martin Vidnovic
Clip at the end of Liz Callaway singing The Story Goes On on the Merv Griffin Show; footage at the stage door, Liz singing "Our Story Goes On" on the Merv Griffin Show and Liz singing the national anthem at a Mets game C

2004 ~ Papermill Playhouse
Lots of cover-ups and heads in the way but very clear when the picture is clear; highlights only - DVD also contains highlights of Papermill’s The Most Happy Fella. B

Baby The Musical
3/23/14 ~ Riverdale NY
Pro-Shot Concert staging of this rarely performed classic musical gorgeously shot

1/20/13 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Nick Blood, Leanne Best, Andrew Knott, Daniel Healy, Daniel Westwick, Oliver Bennett, Edward Clarke, Mark Hammersley
Excellent capture of the US premiere in Los Angeles; no blackouts or obstruction with a bit of washout in high contrast scenes; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Very good sound; video includes curtain call and encores. 2 DVDs A

Bad Dates
7/3/03 ~ New York
Julie White
First 5 minutes and last 10 minutes are sound only; lots of spotlight washout. Many heads in the way and doesn't always follow the action on stage; good sound throughout the video B-

Bad Girls The Musical
2008 ~ London
Howard McGill, Garry Cribb, Jeff Daly, James Gambold,Adam Goldsmith, Ben Godfrey, Amanda Posener, Camilla Beeput, Caroline Head, Chris Grierson, David Burt, Emily Aston, Gillian Hardie, Helen Fraser, Josephine Cook, Julie Jupp, Karl Davies, Laura Rogers
Pro-shot video, excellent video A+

The Bad Seedling
7/05 ~ Kansas City, MO
From the Late Night Theatre Company, specializing in all-male casts, expect parody and political incorrectness at this theater that offers a good reason to stay up late; proshot A

Bah! Humbug!
1994 ~ PBS
Martin Sheen, James Earl Jones, Robert MacNeil.
Broadcast live reading of the original manuscript of A Christmas Carol, pro-shot for PBS. Performed at the Pierpont Morgan Library in Manhattan . Almost no generation loss with clear picture and sound. A

Baker's Wife [the]
Date Unknown ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Steve Frazier, Mari Swan, Brian Miller
A production of Stage One, Wichita. Very nicely filmed on tripod.  Also includes some local TV coverage. A

Baker's Wife [the]
1989 ~ London
Alun Armstrong, Sharon Lee Hill
The Original London cast in a workshop/performance of the complete show. Absolutely beautifully pro-shot with multiple cameras in a dance studio. A+

Baker's Wife [the]
February 2005 ~ Papermill Playhouse
Alice Ripley, Max Von Essen, Lenny Wolpe
About an hour of pro shot footage used for publicity purposes Beautifully shot and amazingly clear A

1991 ~ Long Beach, CA
Tyne Daly, Charles Durning
Shot from upper House left balcony. Okay video that never gets too close to the action, but the sound is good. However, the script is vastly rewritten and the only about a 1/3 of the original score remains, being replaced by vastly superior songs that have character and plot relevance. That makes this a
slightly difficult watch but a very rewarding one. B

The Band Wagon - Encores!
11/14/14 ~ New York
Brian Stokes Mitchell, Laura Osnes, Tony Sheldon, Michael Berresse, Tracey Ullman, Michael McKean
Very good video with clear sound and some spotlight washout but filmed very well with excellent close-ups and well filmed full stage shots for the dancing scenes; good video A

3/31/17 ~ Broadway
Laura Osnes, Corey Cott, Beth Leavel, Alex Bender, Joe Carroll, Brandon J. Ellis, James Nathan Hopkins, Geoff Packard Excellent HD capture of the Broadway transfer.
Great performances with excellent clear picture and great sound; very good video 2 DVDs A 

Barbara Dickson
South Bank Show & Saturday Stage Concert - 1990's
Documentary following folk/pop singer Barbara Dickson as she attempts to sing a classical piece for the first time. Includes live performances of some of her hits on a soundstage. DVD also includes a full live concert in Ireland on the "Saturday Stage" show. In addition, the DVD includes the music video "I Know Him So Well" with Elaine Paige. Some generation loss and tracking issues from the source tape but VERY watchable.

11/18/04 ~ Raimund Theatre, Vienna, Austria
Drew Sarich as sun/masterlocksmith (rest of cast coming soon)

11/19/04 ~ Vienna, Austria
Mairi Cowieson, Mark Seibert, Kyrre Kvam, Martin Niedermair Siegmar Tonk, Fabian Aloise, Philip Ranson, Drew Sarich.
Very good quality, in German.

1/1/05 ~ Raimund Theatre; Vienna, Austria
Nina Proll, Eva Maria Marold, Drew Sarich, Mark Seibert, Siegmar Tonk, Andreas Bieber, Fabian Aloise and Philip Ranson
Final Show

The Barber of Seville

10/19/15 ~ London

Morgan Pearse, Kathryn Rudge, Eleazar Rodriguez, Andrew Shore, Barnaby Rea, Katherine Broderick, Matthew Durkan

Multiple camera Pro-shot video of the new production at the ENO. Broadcast live in cinemas through a satellite feed and this was captured from that feed. 2 DVDs A

Bare: A Pop Opera
5/27/04 ~ New York
Michael Arden, Jenna Leigh Green, Kearran Giovanni, John Hill, Natalie Joy Johnson, Aaron Lohr, Sasha Allen, Romeida Benjamin, Isaac Calpito, Mike Cannon, Adam Fleming, Kaitlin Hopkins, Jim Price, Lindsay Scott, Kay Trinidad, Scott Allgauer
Excellent video of the final performance of the only New York run. Good picture and sound throughout although Act 2 is a little clearer A

Bare: A Pop Opera
3/14/08 ~ Bellmore, NY
Dan Wagner, Rich Martino, Tracy McDowell, Erin Edelle,  Danny Amy, Pamela Rufrano, Jon Parker, LaNette Wallace, Krystle Lee Latella, Kristen Butler, Nicolina Sciascia, Kristina Rose King, Brett Campbell
Mostly full stage filmed by a camcorder with good sound but picture is only okay B

Bare: A Pop Opera
July 2008 ~ Indianapolis, IN
Justin Ivan Brown, Brian Benson, Kagiso Alicia Paynter, April Armstrong, David Ross, JT Whitmer, Christina Humphery, Briana Walker, Susie Mohr, Linda Heiden, Brion Monroe, Andrew Elliot, Juli Inskeep, Jorie Johnson, John Phillips
Pro-shot video using multiple cameras; good video A

Bare: A Pop Opera
June 2011 ~ St. Louis, MO
Mike Dowdy, Jacob Golliher, Terrie Carolan, Charlotte Byrd, Jonathan Foster, Rahamses Galvan, Nyssa Duchow, Zachary Allen Farmer, Nikki Glenn, Alison Helmer, Chance Kilgour,
Andrea Kimberling, Sarah Porter, John Michael Rotello, Michelle Sauer
Presented by the New Line Theatre. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Good video 2 DVDs A-

Bare: The Musical
12/2/12 ~ New York
Jason Hite, Taylor Trensch, Elizabeth Judd, Barrett Wilbert Weed, Gerar Canonico, Missi Pyle, Jerold E. Solomon, Alice Lee, Megan Lewis (u/s Vanessa)
Great HD capture from the front row so filmed at some very odd angles; good clear sound; nice video 2 DVDs B+

Bare: The Musical
12/19/12 ~ New York
Jason Hite, Taylor Trensch, Elizabeth Judd, Gerard Canonico, Barrett Wilbert Weed, Jerold E. Solomon, Anthony Festa, Casey Garvin, Ariana Groover, Sara Kapner, Alice Lee, Megan Lewis, Justin Gregory Lopez, Michael Tacconi, Alex Wyse, Missi Pyle
Well filmed with few obsructions and clear picture and sound throughout; good video A-

Bare: The Musical
9/14/13 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Payson Lewis, Jonah Platt, Lindsay Pearce, Katie Stevens, Stephanie Andersen, John Griffin, Nathan Parrett, Casey Hayden, Caitlin Ary, Reesa Ishiyama, Alissa-Nicole Koblentz, Harrison Meloeny, Christopher Higgins, Katherine Washington, Kelsey Hainlen
Complete show with no blackouts and very little washout in a few of the wide shots; some heads at the bottom that block the actors' feet, and one head on the left that gets in the way occasionally; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups; great sound and steady picture. Includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A-

Barefoot in the Park
1981 ~ filmed for HBO
Richard Thomas, Bess Armstrong, James Cromwell, Barbara Barrie, Hans Conried
Pro-shot video A

Barefoot in the Park
3/26/06 ~ Broadway
Patrick Wilson, Amanda Peet, Jill Clayburgh, Tony Roberts
First 2 minutes of Act 2 are audio only but the show is filmed nice and good sound throughout A-

1985 ~ Melbourne, Australia
Rod Anderson, Gabrielle O'Brien, Susan-Ann Walker, Ron Smith
Good video for its age with some generation loss but good  sound and picture B+

1986 ~ London
Michael Crawford, Eileen Battye, Michael Heath, Christina Collier, Sharon Benson, Paul Miller.
Near perfect picture and sound.  Pro-shot A

Bash: Latter-Day Plays
2001 ~ Showtime TV
Calista Flockhart, Paul Rudd, Ron Eldard
Pro-shot of the play on Showtime. A

Bat Boy The Musical
6/29/01 ~ New York
Deven Mey, Kerry Butler, Kaitlin Hopkins, Sean McCourt
Much much better than the one above. Some good close-ups and you can actually see what is happening! Great! A

Bat Boy The Musical
11/30/01 ~ New York
Deven Mey, Kerry Butler, Kaitlin Hopkins, Sean McCourt
Nice close-ups and although there are heads in the way often, it is very clear. Kaitlin Hopkins final show A

Bat Boy The Musical
2004 ~ Westchester, NY
Pro shot video, great quality picture and sound A

Bat Boy The Musical

2012 ~ Kuwait
Pro-Shot Presented by the Staged in Kuwait theatre company, a great production in english

BBC Proms: An Evening with Michael Ball
8/27/07 ~ BBC
Michael Ball performs music from Broadway and London’s West End with an emphasis on works by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Stephen Sondheim and Leonard Bernstein.  The Proms is 111 years old and still remains true to its original aim: to present the widest possible range of music, performed to the highest standards, to large audiences. The first Proms concert took place on 10 August 1895 and was the brainchild of the impresario Robert Newman, manager of the newly built Queen's Hall in London.”  People were not happy with the inclusion of this concert by Michael Ball in the series, stating that it was “dumbing down the concept of The Proms.  However, this concert was the best selling concert ever.  2 DVDs A

BBC Proms: Rogers And Hammerstein
8/22/10 ~ BBC-TV
Kim Criswell, Sierra Boggess, Anna-Jane Casey, Julian Ovenden, Rod Gilfry
John Wilson conducts an orchestra 100 members strong, which features the film versions of the songs, rather than the stage version because the film versions had larger orchestrations and were more "opulent". The show includes songs from Oklahoma, Carousel, The King And I, South Pacific, Flower Drum Song, and The Sound Of Music. About an hour and 45 minutes. A

Beaches: A New Musical
6/25/15 ~ Oakbrook, IL
Shoshana Bean, Whitney Bashor, Presley Ryan, Brooklyn Shuck, Travis Taylor, Nancy Voights,
Kelly Anne Clark, Jim Deselm
Beautiful HD capture of the PreBroadway premiere. This was the second preview and the show ran long
and cuts were made; nice video with excellent picture and sound 2 DVDs A

Beaches: A New Musical
8/16/15 ~ Oakbrook, IL
Shoshana Bean, Whitney Bashor, Presley Ryan, Brooklyn Shuck, Travis Taylor, Nancy Voights, Kelly Anne Clark, Jim Deselm, Samantha Pauly, Olivia Renteria, Mike Accardo, Andrew Varela, Holly Stauder
Final matinee performance of the pre-Broadway production. Good video with one major issue is the picture is shaky throughout and it is hard to watch this video with the picture constantly moving; it is well filmed but very distracting; there was a blooper during All I Need, when the sound system blew mid-song; clear audio 2 DVDs B+

The Beastly Bombings
(or A Tale Of Terrorists Tamed By The Tangles Of True Love)
7/20/07 ~ New York
Russel Steinberg,Andrew Ableson, Jacob Sidney,Aaron Matajasic, Joel Bennett, Natalie Salins
Winner of Los Angeles' Theatre Awards Musical Of The Year. Presented as part of The New York Musical Theatre Festival. Filmed using multiple cameras, this video was produced to attract potential investors in the show. A

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical
10/12/13 ~ San Francisco, CA
Jessie Mueller, Jake Epstein, Jarrod Spector, Anika Larsen, Jeb Brown, Liz Larsen, Josh Davis, Rashidra Scott, Ashley Blanchet, Kevin Duda, Rebecca LaChance, Carly Hughes, Sara King, Douglas Lyons, Arbender J. Robinson, E. Clayton Cornelious, Antoine L Smith, Alysha DeSlorieux
A couple of short dropouts in the beginning of act one, and one in the middle of act two; one head that blocks the center of the stage during act one, but much less noticeable after the first 30 minutes and act two has no obstruction; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups; excellent sound and picture; includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A-

Beautiful: The Carol King Musical
4/9/14 ~ Broadway
Jessie Mueller, Jake Epstein, Anika Larsen, Jarrod Spector, Jeb Brown, Liz Larsen.
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions. Wonderful and stunning production with a cast that is perfection! Jessie gives a performance that is incredible, as does the rest of the cast! Can't say enough wonderful things about this production as a whole! 2 DVDs

Beautiful & Damned
2004 ~ London
Michael Praed, Helen Anker, David Burt, Susannah Fellows
Musical based on Zelda & Scott Fitzgerald; pro shot for video.  Excellent quality A+

Beautiful Child
3/25/04 ~ New York
Penny Fuller, George Grizzard,Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros, Kaitlin Hopkins, Steven Pasquale
Excellent video with clear picture and sound, nice closeups and credits; great video A

Beautiful Game
11/15/01 ~ West End
David Shannon, Hannah Waddingham, Josie Walker B+

Beautiful Game
3/3/08 ~ Budapest, Hungary
Sangor Nagy, Andrea Maho, Janos Balog.
Pro - Shot A

The Beautiful Lady
1985 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Joanne Worley, Katy Sagal, James Rich
West Coast premiere of this musical with music and lyrics by Elizabeth Swados. Recorded through the house camera. Excellent sound, but a bit on the dark side with some generational loss. B-

Beautiful Thing
May 2013 ~ London
Suranne Jones, Zaraah Abrahams, Oliver Farnworth, Jake Davies, Danny-Boy Hatchard
Captured live at the Arts Theatre in London on May 22 & 23, 2013. Filmed using multiple cameras. A

Beauty and the Beast
1985 ~ MGM Movie Musical
Rebecca De Mornay, John Savage, Graber, Carmela Marner, Ruth Harlap, Michael Schneider, Joseph Bee, Jack Messinger

Beauty and the Beast
1993/1994 ~ Disneyland
Stephanie Block and Kelly Baldwin. Stage Show filmed at Walt Disney World. Three Different versions of the show; two of them filmed using a camera on a tripod. Runs about 25 minutes. A-

Beauty and the Beast
1995 ~ Toronto
Television specials about The Toronto Premiere. Including interviews with Kerry Butler, Chuck Wagner, Judy Marshak, André Thérien, Paul Brown. Nice video. A

Beauty and The Beast
1995 ~ Original Los Angeles Cast
Susan Egan, James Barbour, Tom Bosley, Gary Beach
Also includes Opening Night show from Los Angeles TV with interviews with cast; behind the scenes B+

Beauty and The Beast
1995 ~ Los Angeles, Highlights
James Barbour, Erin Dilly, Tom Bosley, Michelle Lee
This was supposedly recorded specifically for the Shubert Theatre Organization for their archives. Great audio and video. However, taper always focuses on Lumiere whenever he makes an appearance, which disrupts the storyflow a little, especially during the finale, where the camera is fully concentrated on Lumiere and not Belle and the Beast.

Beauty and The Beast
7/29/97 ~ Dominion Theatre, London
Alasdair Harvey, Julie-Alanah Brighten, Burke Moses, Derek Griffiths, Barry James, Mary Millar
Good video, camcorder B+

Beauty and The Beast
August 1997 ~ Denver, CO
Kim Huber, Fred Inkley,Tony Lawson, Den Sklar, Patrick Page, Jeff Brooks, Barbara Merinou
Okay video, some generation loss and not a very steady camera; good sound and nice video at times B

Beauty and the Beast
12/18/97 ~ SI-Center Theater
Leah Delos Santos, Uwe Kröger, Marc Dalio, Thierry Gondet, Cristina Grimandi, Peter Zeiller, Werner Bauer, Horst Krüger, Tersia Potgieter, Anne Mandrella.
Slight generation loss, action nicely followed, good sound. (In German)

Beauty and the Beast
9/7/97 ~ Broadway
Highlights of Kerry Butler as Belle, Chuck Wagner as Beast, Gary Beach as Lumiere, Beth Fowler as Mrs. Potts. B
3/1/98 ~ Broadway
Chuck Wagner, Michelle Millardi (u/s Belle), Steve Blanchard, Gary Beach. Highlights running 46 minutes. B
1/17/01 ~ Broadway
Stephen Blanchard, Sarah Litzsinger, Christopher Seiber. Highlights running 58 minutes
All three on one DVD, quality varies, but all have generation loss. B+

Beauty and the Beast
2/28/99 - Stuttgart, Germany
Uwe Kroger, Leah Delos Santos, Thierry Gondet, Horst Kruger, Simone Pohl, Hanny Aden, Marc Dalio, Kurt Schrepfer, Charlie Serrano, u.a.
Very nice quality, probably 1st generation VHS converted to DVD. A few heads here and there, the woman playing Mrs. Potts has an AMAZING voice. (In German)

Beauty & The Beast
3/11/99 ~ Broadway
William Michals, Steve Blanchard, Andrea McArdle.
Suffers from generation loss, but overall nice. B

Beauty and the Beast
4/7/99 ~ Stuttgart, Germany
Raymond Sepe (u/s Beast), Jutta Kogler (u/s Belle), Marc Dalio, Werner Bauer, Charlie Serrano (u/s Maurice), Thierry Gondet, Simone Pohl.
Very good video quality, some slight crackling over audio. (In German)

Beauty and the Beast
11/8/99 ~ Nashville, TN
Grant Norman (Beast), Susan Owen (Belle), Chris Hoch (Gaston), Ron Wisniski (Lumiere), Janet MacEwan (Mrs. Potts), Jennifer Shrader (Babette), John Alban Coughlan, Ron Lee Sain
Decent digital video with mostly stage shots and midrange zooms that don’t help the spotlight washout. Some sporadic wandering. Mediocre cast with a shining light in Owen as Belle, she is quite wonderful. I will always have a grudge against this play for making the Beast into an overblown caricature, I wanted to laugh every time he walked onstage. It’s a real shame, because Norman had a pretty decent voice.

Beauty & the Beast
8/18/01 ~ Broadway
Steve Blanchard, Ann Sanders, William Michals, Bryan Batt
Lots of steady close-ups and clear sound, but missing first 20 minutes of the show A-

Beauty & the Beast
11/18/01 ~ Broadway
Steve Blanchard, Michelle Mallardi (u/s), Christopher Sieber, Bryan Batt, Jeff Brooks, Beth Fowler, Mary Stout  
Good picture and sound; nice closeups; good video A

Beauty and The Beast
4/28/02 ~ Broadway
Steve Blanchard, Sarah Litzsinger, Bryan Batt, Chris Hoch
Heads in the way at times but nice zooms and very clear picture A

Beauty and the Beast
6/02 ~ San Paulo, Brazil
Kiara Sasso, Saulo Vasconcelos, Daniel Boaventura, Andressa Massei, Marcus Tumura, Jonathas Jobas. 
Pro-shot using 7 cameras. 2DVDS   In Portuguese. A

Beauty and the Beast
2003 ~ Edinburgh
Alex Bourne, Dianne Pilkington, Earl Carpenter, Drew Varley, Stephen Matthews, Barry James, Marilyn Cutts
Pro-shot, full stage shot with no zooms. Great color. Perfect sound from the soundboard. A

Beauty and the Beast
8/3/03 ~ Philadelphia, PA
Roger Befeler, Jennifer Shrader, Mark G. Dalio, Jaime Ross, Andrew Boyer
Nicely filmed from the balcony, but occasionally the balcony railing gets in the shot; great close ups. Final Performance of the Third National Tour. Includes post show speach by Roger Befeler. B+

Beauty And The Beast
July 2004 ~ Warsaw, IN
Rod Thomas, Pegah Kaskhodaian, Dan Zacharia, Briana Borger, Tony Humrichouser
A production of Warsaw's Wagon Wheel Theatre, a regional theatre that presents its shows "in the round." Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Great production! Crystal clear. A

Beauty And The Beast
2005 ~ UK Tour
Nic Greenshields, Katie Rowley Jones, Michael Quinn, Ashley Vallance, David Oakley, Mark Inscoe, Adam Stafford, Tania Newton
Pro-Shot with no close zooms,  a bit blurry with spotlight washout and generation loss, perfect sound from the soundboard 2 DVDs B

Beauty and the Beast
March 2006 ~ Netherlands
Stanley Burleson, Chantal Janzen, Ben Cramer, Rene Van Kooten, Carlo Boszhard
Only the first 15 minutes are zoomed in.

Beauty and the Beast
April 2006 ~ New Zealand
Glen Drake, Jade Steele, Russell Dixon, Rob Ormsby
Recorded with two cameras on a tripod with action well followed with animated menus. Good picture and great sound; very nice video 2 DVDs A

Beauty and the Beast
6/17/06 ~ Pittsburgh
Brad Little, Mandy Bruno, Brian Noonan, Ron Wisniski, Jeff Howell, Ray DeMattis, Jeff Skowron, Joy Franz
Shot from the left orchestra but only about a minute of action is missed (when Gaston and the Beast climb the "roof" during the final fight). Audio starts before Belle's father leaves for the fair but filming doesn't start until after Maurice is in the castle. Lots of ushers so about four or five coverups during the first act, usually less than a minute long at the end of a song and nothing major is missed. The second act is filmed better with only one coverup during the show and one at curtain calls; good picture and sound throughout A-

Beauty and The Beast
October 2006 ~ Sydney, Australia
Jessica Hart, Michael Johnson, Matt Reynolds, Christopher Hamilton, Andrew Jackaman, Anita Margiotta
Produced by the Riverside Lyric Ensemble. Filmed using multiple cameras on tripods. Good video A

Beauty and the Beast
10/15/06 ~ Broadway Highlights
Steve Blanchard, Sarah Uriarte Berry, Donny Osmond, Jamie Ross, Stuart Marland, Christopher Duva, Jeanne Lehman, Meredith Inglesby
About an hour and a half of highlights of the show when Donny Joined the cast as Gaston. Act two is almost complete and about a half hour of act 1; Sarah gives an amazing Change in Me. Great picture and sound quality. A-

Beauty and the Beast
7/27/07 ~ Broadway
Steve Blanchard, Anneliese van der Pol, Chris Hoch, David deVries, Jeanne Lehman, Glenn Rainey, Jamie Ross, Trevor Braun, Aldrin Gonzalez, Ann Mandrella
Good amount of closeups and good quality filmed from the mid-mezzanine; there is a railing issue for a while in Act 1 but the taper improves; taper sometimes loses attention to the show at times and it is a little shaky; erratic and random coverups, and 'Me', 'Gaston' and 'Be Our Guest' are all predominantly missing and recording stopped for some time after 'Gaston', which created a little jump in the timeline to where Maurice gets thrown out of the tavern. Very little closeups during 'Human Again’ but a nice video of the last Broadway cast B

Beauty and the Beast
2008 ~ Madrid
Julia Moller, David Ordinas, Pablo Puyol, Armando Pita, Esteban Oliver, Ángèls Jiménez, Silvia Luchetti
Full stage shot of the production, well done show and video itself is pretty damn good. A-

Beauty and the Beast
July 2008 ~ Plays in the Park, NJ
Holly Curran, George A. Williams, Eric Harper, Joseph Riley, Suzanne Ramsey-Restivo, Mike Quirk, David Christopher, Christopher J. Guell, Rachel Yucht
Very nice video proshot with clear picture and sound A

Beauty and the Beast
4/4/10 ~ Chicago, IL
Liz Shivener, Justin Glaser, Nathaniel Hackmann, Sabina Petra, Merritt David Janes, Keith Kirkwood, Michael Fatica, Jen Bechter
Nice video staged a little different then previous versions; a couple of blackouts, lasting about 4 minutes total; great picture and sound A-

Beauty and the Beast
1/19/14 ~ Costa Mesa, CA
Hilary Maiberger, Darick Pead, Tim Rogan, Jordan Aragon, Kristin Stewart, Hassan Nazari-Robati, James May, Stephanie Moskal, Paul Crane, Roxy York, Jack Mullen, Kieron Cindric, Tony D'Alelio, Bonnie Kelly, Sarah Gawron, Tiger Brown
Complete show with no blackouts, obstruction or washout. Some scenes, including the prologue and the wolf attacks, are very dark and hard to make out; excellent sound; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A

Beauty and the Beast 

1/25/14 ~ Paris, France
Yoni Amar (Beast), Camille Mesnard (Belle), Dan Menasche (Lumiere), David Eguren (Big Ben), Leovanie Raud (Mrs. Smovar), Didier Cluasel (Maurice), Alexis Loizon (Gaston), Alexandre Faitrouni (LeFou).
Filmed from the front row near the conductor, good quality, no zooms, some spotlight washout.

Beauty and the Beast
7/26/14 ~ Long Beach, CA
Gwen (Hollander Belle), Garrett Marshall (Beast), Christian Marriner (Gaston), Michael Paternostro (Lumiere), Cathy Newman (Mrs. Potts), Brandon L Armstrong (Cogsworth), Doug Carfrae (Maurice), Robert Ramirez (Lefou).  
Presented by Musical Theatre West.  Beautifully filmed. 2 DVDS

Beauty and The Beast
12/3/14 ~ US Tour
Jillian Butterfield (Belle), Ryan Everett Wood (Beast), Cameron Bond (Gaston), Jake Bridges (Lefou), Lacey Kim Krison (Madame u/s), Emily Jewell (Mrs. Potts), Melissa Jones (Babette), Thomas Mothershed (Maurice), Ross Nemeth (Chip), Patrick Pevehouse (Lumiere), Samuel Shurtleff (Cogsworth), Taurean M. Barber (Carpet u/s).
First few minuts of each act are rough due to late comers and ushers.  Missing the 3 minute tavern scene with Gasston in Act 2.  Otherwise this is a wonderful HD capture of the current tour cast.  Zooms are fitted for the action present onstage.  Great picture even in dark scenes.

The Beauty Queen Of Leenane
2/9/99 ~ Broadway
Anna Manahan, Marie Mullen, Tom Murphy, Brian F. O'Bryne
Written by Martin McDonagh. Some generational loss, and some spotlight washout but good sound A-

A Bed and A Chair - Encores!
11/13/13 ~ New York
Bernadette Peters, Jeremy Jordan, Norm Lewis, Cyrille Aimee, Meg Gillentine, Tyler Hanes, Grasan Kingsberry, Elizabeth Parkinson
A little shaky and heads in the way at start due to latecomers it's a bit shaky but gets better with only some heads towards the bottom of the screen; nice video with good picture A

1994 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Christy Moore, Barb Schoenefer, Cindy Sommers
Cabaret at Old Town production; amazing production directed by Jamie Rocco.  Pro shot, using multiple cameras. Also on same DVD, Beehive from 1997 Wichita B

1997 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Cabaret at Old Town production. Similar to above video, with the same director. Also on same DVD, Beehive from 1994 Wichita B-

Behind the Beautiful Forevers
3/12/15 ~ London
Stephanie Street, Meera Syal, Hiran Abeysekera, Esh Alladi, Nathalie Armin, Pal Aron, Vincent Ebrahim, Muzz Khan, Ranjit Krishnamma, Manjeet Mann, Thusitha Jayasundera, Anjli Mohindra
Pro-Shot. Multiple cameras Proshot of the new production at the National Theatre. Broadcast live in cinemas through a satellite feed and this was captured from that feed. 2 DISCS

The Beggar's Opera
Laurence Olivier, Hugh Griffith, George Rose, Dorothy Tutin, George Devine, Mary Clare, Edward Pryor
Never released on dvd, A

The Belle of Amherst
April 2001 ~ New Jersey
Julie Harris
Final performance from the NJ Performing Arts Center; audio is low and great picture A-

Bells Are Ringing
5/23/01 ~ Broadway
Faith Prince, Marc Kudish, Beth Fowler
Pretty good quality video B+

10/7/95 ~ Louisiana
Patric McWilliams, Youree McBride Jr.
Production by Centenary College of Louisiana; nice video although sound is a little low and picture feels a little yellow A


8/8/15 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Patrick Heusinger, Andy Mientus, Matthew Carlson, Jake Shears, Ray Baker, Tom Berklund, Hugo Armstrong, Brian Slaten, Brionne Davis, Jonathan B. Wright
Well captured with no blackouts or washout. There is one head that can be seen at the bottom of the screen a couple times, but it only blocks the actors feet and never affects the action. Excellent clear picture and sound 2 DVDs A

Bernadette Peters
9/6/97 ~ Hollywood Bowl
Bernadette Peters appears at Los Angeles' Hollywood Bowl
with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Filmed live and pro-shot
for TV. Hosted by Alan Thicke. A

Bernadette Peters in Concert
5/17/07 ~ Aurora, IL
Concert featuring Broadway songs including: Let Me Entertain You, No One is Alone, Nothing Like a Dame, Fever, Unexpected Song, Some Enchanting Evening, Not a Day Goes By,Time Heals Everything,You Could drive a Person Crazy, Children Will Listen, Move On, Being Alive, Roses Turn, plus 5 other songs. Excellent video with nice closeups and sound A+

Bernadette Peters Concert
6/27/09 - The Adelaide Cabaret Festival (Australia)
The Adelaide Cabaret Festival is an annual cabaret festival held in the South Australian capital of Adelaide. It is the largest festival of it's type in the world, with more than 48,000 attendees. Bernadette Peters opened the festival. Some of the songs she performs: Let Me Entertain You, No One Is Alone, Fever, Some Enchanted Evening, Joanna, Not A Days Goes By, Being Alive, Rose's Turn, I Honestly Love You, and others.  PROSHOT (filmed for TV)

Bernadette Peters: A Special Concert For Broadway Barks
(Because Broadway Cares)
11/9/09 ~ New York
For this special one night only concert, presented at Broadway's Minskoff Theatre, Peters performs material from her Broadway career and recordings, as well as popular songs and personal favorites and included selections by Rodgers & Hammerstein, Jule Styne and Stephen Sondheim, Among the highlights, the evening's "prologue" features a reunion of Into the Woods original cast members Joy Franz, Merle Louise, Kay McClelland, and Lauren Mitchell joining Peters to "recreate" the show's opening number. Special guest Mary Tyler Moore, co-founder of Broadway Barks with Peters, performed the role of the "narrator" for that special performance. This concert raised more than $615,000.00 for Broadway Barks. Pro-shot for video. A

Bernadette Peters in Concert
2/19/11 ~ Louisville, KY
A wonderful capture of the concert with Bernadette and The Louisville Orchestra. Includes the Orchestra performing 40 minutes of various Broadway overtures before Bernadette comes out to perform her set list which includes: Let Me Entertain You, No One is Alone, Nothing Like A Dame, Fever, Mister Snow, Some Enchanted Evening, Shenandoah, Buddy's Eyes, Losing My Mind, When You Wish Upon A Star/A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, Children Will Listen, Being Alive
and Kramer's Song. Nice video A

Bernarda Alba
3/14/06 ~ New York
Phylicia Rashad, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Nikki M. James, Sally Murphy, Saundra Santiago, Yolande Bavan, Judith Blazer, Candy Buckley, Nancy Ticotin, Laura Shoop
Great video with lots of close ups and great sound; excellent video that includes NY1 reviews. A

Best Foot Forward
11/20/54 ~ Max Liebman Presents NBC Television
Robert Cummings, Marilyn Maxwell, Pat Carroll, Arte Johnson, Holly Holiday, Charlie Applewhite, Jeannie Carson
Black & white clear picture with great sound and good picture for its age. ice video A-

The Best is Yet to Come: The Music of Cy Coleman
5/28/11 ~ Off Broadway
Billy Stritch, Lillias White, Howard McGillin, Rachel York, David Burnham, Sally Mayes.
Audience shot with some obstructions to the picture for the first 7 minutes ; filmed from about the 4th row and a little off to the side. A-

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
3/7/82 ~ Broadway
Carlin Glynn, Delores Hall, Gil Rogers
One steady shot, zooms in at times. Major dropouts during the two opening songs, then again during the beginning of Act II. Includes the reprise of "Texas Has a Whorehouse in It" and the longer version of "The Sidestep" which were not on the cast recording. Complete show. Suffers from generational loss. C

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
July 2001 ~ National Tour
Ann Margaret, Matt Landers, Hal Davis, Terri Dixon
Decent quality video; some generation loss; no closeups B

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Actor's Fund BCEFA Concert
10/16/06 ~ New York Final Rehearsal
Emily Skinner, Terrence Mann, Jennifer Hudson, Bob Martin, Mary Faber, Felicia Finley, Andrea McArdle, Richard Kind, Constantine Maroulis, Christian Hoff, Matthew Scott, Daniel Reichard, Peter Gregus, Hunter Bell, Jeff Bowen, Heidi Blickenstaff, Susan Blackwell, Larry Pressgrove, Barrett Foa, Sharon Wheatley, Sue Goodman, Jen Cody, Roxane Barlow, Angie Schworer, Elaine Marcos, Amber Efe, Michelle Kittrell, Christina Marie Norrup, Rachelle Rak, Bob Amaral, Richard Poe, Tom Galantich
Complete rehearsal footage of show described below. Crystal clear video. Some stops in the action for directions, etc. Really fun video; this the the full showrun through which they actually did this year in costumes; includes starts/stops and lighting and sound test throughout but this is an awesome video and Jennifer Hudson alone is worth checking it out. A

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Actor's Fund BCEFA Concert
10/16/06 ~ New York
Emily Skinner, Terrence Mann, Jennifer Hudson, Bob Martin, Mary Faber, Felicia Finley, Andrea McArdle, Richard Kind, Constantine Maroulis.
Actual Performance Professionally shot. Includes Interviews, Broadway Beat, and Menu. Amazing and Great performances. A+

The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas Goes Public
5/13/94 ~ Broadway
Dee Hoty, Ronn Carroll, Kevin Cooney, David Doty, Scott Holmes, Joe Hart
Directed and choreographed by Tommy Tune. Broadway flop with just 12 official performances. Fairly good video, filmed from the orchestra section, mostly a full stage shot. Much spotlight washout, with heads along the bottom of the screen throughout, but completely watchable. B

The Best of Broadway - Temple Beth Sholom Theatre
11/14/04 ~ Stratford, CT
Megan Hilty, Kristy Cates, Julie Reiber, Horace Rogers, Mary Bond Davis,Emily Rozek, Julie Hanson, Tina Madigan, Noah Racey
Musical concert showcase A

The Best of Broadway Beat 1995
Press reel clips, rehearsal footage and behind the scenes from the 1995 season. Includes Sunset Blvd.,Victor/Victoria, Grease with Brooke Shields, Forbidden Broadway, Broadway Bares, rehearsal footage from How to Succeed, Buskers Alley, more A

The Best of Broadway Beat 1997
Press reel clips, rehearsal footage and behind the scenes from the 1997 season. Includes The Life, Jekyll & Hyde, Forbidden Broadway, Scarlet Pimpernel, Into the Woods Reunion Concert, The Lion King A

The Best of Broadway Beat 1998
Press reel clips, rehearsal footage and behind the scenes from the 1998 season. Includes Bette Midler, Little Me, Forbidden Broadway, On the Town, Gypsy (Papermill), making of Annie Get Your Gun commerical, Scarlet Pimpernel SP2, more A

The Best of Broadway Beat 2000
Press reel clips, rehearsal footage and behind the scenes from the 2000 season. Includes Liza Minnelli Tribute at Drama League Gala, Saturday Night Sondheim musical at Second Stage,Time of the Cuckoo at Lincoln Center, Broadway Bears,The Wild Party Broadway press rehearsal,The Wild Party Lippa version on Opening Night, Nothing Like a Dame 2000,Aida,The Music Man press rehearsal, Jesus Christ Superstar Opening,Angela Lansbury being honored,Tony Nominees luncheon with interview with many of the nominees. A

The Best of Broadway Beat 2001
Press reel clips, rehearsal footage and behind the scenes from the 2001 season. Includes Annie Get Your Gun with Reba, BatBoy the Musical, Bells Are Ringing, Mario Cantone, 42nd Street, rehearsal footage of The Producers A

The Best of Broadway Beat 2002
Press reel clips, rehearsal footage and behind the scenes from the 2002 season. Includes Into the Woods, Nothing Like A Dame,The Graduate,The Producers, Bea Arthur, Swing Girls, Bernadette Peters, Pupperty of the Penis, Karen Mason, Millie, Sweet Smell, Once on this Island, Hairspray, Dance of the Vampires, Les Miserables and more! A+

The Best of Broadway Beat 2004
Press reel clips, rehearsal footage and behind the scenes from the 2004 season. Includes Wicked montage, Patti LuPone, Bombay Dreams, Heather Headley & Clay Aiken, Guys & Dolls in NJ, Brooklyn, Wonderful Town with Brooke Shields, Little Women, Broadway Bares, Good Vibrations and more! A+

The Best of Broadway Beat 2005
Press reel clips, rehearsal footage and behind the scenes from the 2005 season. Includes Jersey Boys, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Fiddler with Harvey & Rosie, Sweet Charity, Marin Mazzie, LA Cage, Spelling Bee, Hairspray, Michelle Lee, Chitty Chitty, On the 20th Century Concert, Carol Channing, Chita Rivera, It's A Wonderful Life and more! A+

2008 ~ Filmed for PBS
Waleed F. Zuaiter, Jeremy Beck,Aadya Bedi, Mike Doyle, Ramsey Faragallah, Sevan Greene
Live-to-tape performance of the Culture Project's recent production of George Packer's Off-Broadway drama; pro shot A

Bette Middler
Live at the Continental Baths NYC, 70’s Curious to know how Bette exploded onto the entertainment scene from her bathhouse appearances. Here’s an hour-long document of her Continental Baths performance. Quality of the black & white video goes from mostly acceptable to abysmal in spots, but fascinating, nonetheless. And truly RARE! Bathhouse Betty at her most original! C

Bette Midler - Kiss My Brass
10/17/04 ~ New York
Bette Midler, Harlettes, Ester Nicholson
Filmed in New York City at Radio City Music Hall during the final leg of the tour.  Multi-camera, pro-shot footage! It looks like they had intended it to be made public and then for some reason changed their minds. Some slight generational loss and synchronization problems, but nothing too bad.

Betty Buckley – An evening at Carnegie Hall
June 1996 ~ New York
Betty Buckley with the backing of conductor Paul Gemignani and the American Theatre Orchestra at Carnegie Hall. The one night only, sold out concert was staged as a benefit for BC/EFA concert was
filmed using one camera on a tripod with sound patched in. Some of the songs she sings: Hello Young Lovers, Almost Like Being In Love, Some Enchanted Evening, As Time Goes By, Where Or When, Every Day A Little Death, Now You Know, As If We Never Said Goodbye, With One Look, Seasons Of Love, more. Says "No Copy/No Broadcast" across the bottom of the screen. B+

Betty Buckley: Broadway by Request
2/21/09 ~ Feinstein's, NYC
Concert with Seth Rudetsky at piano. Nice intimate concert that featured her talking about each song that was requested by the audience members prior to her performing them. The stories were just as amazing as her vocals. Betty was in wonderful spirits and was having a great time with the audience. Songs performed were As If We Never Said Goodbye, Plays the Violin, Love Song, Meadowlark, Whoever You Are I Love You, No One is Alone, When There's No One, Memory and Send in the Clowns A

Between Us
5/1/04 ~ New York
Daphne Rubin-Vega, Kate Jennings Grant, David Harbour, Bradley White
Excellent video, A

Beyond the Fringe
1964 ~ BBC Television
Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett, Jonathan Miller
A TV version of the stage show first performed in August 1962 at the Edinburgh Fringe, in London (May 1961) and Broadway in October 1962. Black & white A

Big: The Musical  
The Making of Big: The Musical Documentary
Video also includes the Making of Oz

Big: The Musical  
1996 ~ Press Reels
Highlights of the Original Broadway cast (Crista Moore, Daniel Jenkins) slight generational loss A-

Big: The Musical
1996 ~ Broadway
Daniel Jenkins, Crista Moore, Barbara Walsh
Fairly good video. Suffers from some generational loss. C

Big: The Musical
7/2/03 ~ Springfield, MI
Cast Unknown
Filmed at the Springfield Muni Opera; high quality community regional theatre production. Soundboard audio with in-house camera. Good video A

The Big Bang
1999 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Very funny musical covering the history of the world in 90 minutes with two actors playing all the roles. Written by the team that wrote Off Broadway's hit, "Eating Raoul." Semi-pro shot using one camera on a tripod. A-

Big Blonde
1972 ~ PBS-TV
Sally Kellerman, Anita Morris, John Lithgow
Based on a short story by Dorothy Parker. Originally shown as part of the "Great Performances" series on PBS. Some generation loss but still very good A

Big Deal
1986 ~ Broadway
Cleavant Derricks, Loretta Devine,Wayne Cliento, Cady Huffman,Valarie Pettiford, Stephanie Pope
Extremely rare full performance capture. Spotlight washout and no closeups or clear picture; sound is good B

Big Fish
5/4/13 ~ Chicago, IL
Norbert Leo Butz, Kate Baldwin, Bobby Steggert, Krystal Joy Brown, Zachary Unger, Ryan Andes, Ben Crawford, Brad Oscar, Katie Thompson
Beautiful HD capture of this PreBroadway tryout. This was done the final week of shows and has many changes to earlier versions; very well filmed with clear picture and sound; very good video 2 DVDs A

Big Fish
11/23/13 ~ Broadway
Norbert Leo Butz, Kate Baldwin, Bobby Steggert, Zachary Unger, Ryan Andes, Brad Oscar, Ciara Renee, Kirsten Scott
A few short blackouts that last only few seconds long; some slight wandering; but mostly unobstructed picture with some nice close-ups as well as full-stage shots for the special effects/choreography. Good video 2 DVDs A

Big Fish
11/1/14 ~ Long Beach, CA
Jeff Skowron, Andrew Huber, Rebecca Johnson, Jude Mason, Kristina Miller, Timothy Hughes, Gabriel Kalomas, Zachary Ford, Molly Garner, Michelle Loucadoux, Marisa Field, Richard Bulda, Jake Saenz
A fantastic regional production of this endearing show; no blackouts, obstructions, and slight washout in a few places; very well filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Excellent sound; includes curtain call 2 DVDs A

The Big Party from Revlon
10/8/59 ~ CBS-TV
Hosted by Rock Hudson, with Tallulah Bankhead, Sammy Davis Jr., Esther Williams, Mort Sahl, Lisa Kirk, Carlos Montoya.  “A short-lived attempt to migrate the venerable Tallulah Bankhead radio series Originally broadcast live. In black and white. 90 minutes, complete with Revlon commercials.   A-

Big River
1987 ~ Washington DC
Second National Tour: Romain Fruge & Michael Stevens. Looks to have been recorded from the camera that sends video backstage for the cast. Stationary, full stage shot. Audio patched directly into recording device. Sound is great, picture is not as good. B-

Big River -The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
4/17/02 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Jay Michael Ferguson, LaQuinn Groves, Paul Ainsley, David Kirk Grant, David Beaver, Michelle Lane, Jennifer Young, Victor Hernandez
A presentation of Performance Riverside. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Good video A

Big River-The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
9/23/03 ~ Broadway
Daniel Jenkins, Tyrone Giordano, Michael McElroy, Troy Kotsur, Lyle Kanouse, Gina Ferrall, Michael Arden
Cover-ups and lap shots for Act 1; good video for Act 2; very good sound throughout; nice closeups when there is a picture; B

Big River - Encores! 

2/8/17 ~ New York
Nicholas Barasch, Kyle Scatliffe, Christopher Sieber, Lauren Worsham, David Pittu, Patrice Covington, Andrew Cristi, Wayne Duvall, Mike Evariste, Charlie Franklin, Annie Golden, Katherine A. Guy, Megan Masako Haley, Adrianna Hicks, Zachary Infante, Gizel Jimenez, Andrew Kruep, John-Michael Lyles, Cass Morgan, Tom Nelis, Tom Alan Robbins, Horace V. Rogers
Filmed from the left mezzanine in clear HD video; excellent picture and clear sound throughout; very nice video A

Big Sister
1990 ~ Australia
Reg Livermore
Good quality DVD of the Original Australian musical which is pro-filmed using one camera on a tripod. A-

Billy Elliot
2007 ~ London
Dean McCarthy (Billy Elliot), Shaun Malone (Michael), Sally Dexter (Mrs Wilkinson), James Gaddas (Dad), Ann Emery (Grandma), Chris Lennon (Tony).  
Recorded through the house camera, so it’s a stationary, full-stage shot with sound patched in directly from the sound-board. A-

Billy Elliot
2008 ~ Broadway
Un-edited Press Reels featuring the three actors David Alvarez, Trent Kowalik & Kiril Kulish who shared the role of Billy Elliot.
Great quality with complete menus A+

Billy Elliot
2008 ~ Broadway
A documentary about the nationwide search for three young actors to share the lead role in Broadway's Billy Elliot the Musical offers viewers an exclusive look at how David Alvarez, Trent Kowalik and Kiril Kulish were chosen to play Billy Elliot after a year-long national talent search that drew thousands of hopefuls from all over the country. On the same disc also includes US. Television clips. A+

Billy Elliot
5/12/05 ~ London
George Maguire (Billy Elliot), Ryan Longbottom (Michael), Haydn Gwynne (Mrs. Wilkinson), Tim Healey (Dad), Joe Caffrey (Tony).
Filmed at the opening night performance from the lighting booth with the camera on a tripod. Mostly filmed in wider shots with an occasional close-up. Very good quality, a bit of spotlight washout.

Billy Elliot - The Musical
4/28/06 ~ London
Leon Cooke, Brad Kavanagh, Emma Hudson, Haydn Gwynne, Philip Whitchurch, Chris Lennon, Ann Emery, Paul Broughton, Alex Delamare, Stephanie Putson
From the taper: Starts at the end of Billy’s boxing lesson, mostly cover-ups until earnest filming starts at “Solidarity”. Various other cover-ups scattered throughout because of aforementioned ushers but most of the dance numbers are perfect. Includes the dance megamix after curtain. A nice mix of full, mid and close shots to match the action. Right third of stage blocked by a head, but that rarely matters. Incredible close-ups when the situation calls (want to read Billy’s acceptance letter?). Steady filming and very little spotlight washout. B+

Billy Elliot - The Musical
11/2/06 ~ West End, London
Mathew Koon, Sally Dexter, Philip Whitchurch, Ann Emery, Chris Lennon, Sara Poyzer
Excellent show and amazing capture here, crystal clear picture and sound. This features the Asian Billy, and he was an amazing dancer, and gave an amazing performance. A

Billy Elliot - The Musical   
10/18/08 ~ Broadway
David Alvarez, Haydn Gwynne, Gregory Jbara, Carole Shelley, Santino Fontana, Frank Dolce, Stephen Hanna, Joel Hatch, Leah Hocking.
Beautifully filmed from the balcony and crystal clear. Nice balance of close-ups and full stage shots. Disc also includes scanned Playbill information as well as two clips from The View which features all three Billys talking to the ladies, and Kiril Kulish performing "Electricity", in addition, NY1 coverage of opening night, and a NY1 review of the show are included. MASTER: PIGERTY

Billy Elliot - The Musical
11/21/08 ~ Broadway
David Alvarez, Haydn Gwynne, Gregory Jbara, Carole Shelley, Santino Fontana, Frank Dolce, Stephen Hanna, Joel Hatch, Leah Hocking
Great capture with a few quick blackouts throughout the show. Very steady shot with a great mix of close-ups and stage shots; first six minutes of the show is a combo of blackouts or just partial stage shots; second act is audio only for the first two minutes 2 DVDs A-

Billy Elliot - The Musical
2/14/09 ~ Broadway
Kiril Kulish, Haydn Gwynne, Gregory Jbara, Carole Shelley, David Bologna, Grant Turner (u/s Older Billy/ Scottish Dancer)
Complete video, minus fifteen minutes. Every scene Kiril and David are in is there; five songs/scenes missing, however they are short ones.They are "Grandma's Song", the scene between Dad and Tony before Billy comes in, beginning of "Deep into the Ground", scene between Mrs.Wilkinson and Dad discussing Billy's ballet through the donation scene. Once Billy enters into these scenes it starts up again. Includes the finale. Billy does fly, even though there is an Older Billy understudy on.  Good sound and picture 2 DVDs B+

Billy Elliot - The Musical
3/6/09 ~ Broadway
David Alvarez, Gregory Jbara, David Bologna, Leah Hocking (u/s Mrs.Wilkinson), Jayne Paterson (u/s Mum), Mitchell Michaliszyn, Liz Pearce (u/s Clipboard Woman).
Great video of a great cast. A head blocks center stage at times, but is shot around; camera has a broken pixel, so at times there is a tiny little blue dot in the bottom center of the screen. Not too distracting, but it is there. Full video of the show from start to finish. Great sound 2 DVDs A

Billy Elliot - The Musical
10/3/09 ~ Broadway
Kirl Kulish, Keean Johnson, Gregory Jbara, Haydn Gwynn, Jacob Clemente, Matthew Mindler, Cara Kjellman (u/s Lesley)
Final Performance of Kirl Kulish as Billy; missing only about 2 minutes early in act one but there is audio; video includes Stephen Daldry's speech before, and Gregory Jbara's after and Playbill shots; good video 2 DVDs A-

Billy Elliot - The Musical
3/27/10 ~ Chicago, IL
Emily Skinner, Tommy Batchelor, Armand Schultz, Cynthia Darlow, Patrick Mulvey, Keean Johnson, Blake Hammond and Susie McMonagle
Beautiful capture of the Chicago cast with the stunning Emily Skinner. Excellent video with clear picture and sound; includes the extended curtain call routine! 2 DVDs A

Billy Elliot - The Musical
5/16/10 ~ Broadway
Michael Dameski, Trevor Braun, Kate Hennig, Gregory Jbara, Carole Shelley, Will Chase, Seth Fromowitz, Eric Gunhus (u/s Scab & Posh Dad), Maddy Novak (u/s Tracy Atkinson)
30 minutes of Highlights from this performance. About 10 minutes of the 30 is blacked out; highlights include Take Me Up/The Stars Look Down; The Boxing Hall Scene; Solidarity; Billy and Michael in Michaels Parents Room Scene; Expressing Yourself; and the Electricity Dance A-

Billy Elliot - The Musical
6/16/10 ~ Chicago, IL matinee
J.P. Viernes, Gabriel Rush, Emily Skinner, Armand Schultz, Cynthia Darlow, Patrick Mulvey, Maria Connelly, Will Mann (u/s Mr. Braithwaite) , Samuel Pergande, Jim Ortleib, Mark Page, Spencer Davis Milford, Susie McMonagle
Highlights, camera wanders throughout; includes about 80 minutes of the show: Star's Look Down, Meet the Elliots, Boxing Hall Scene, Shine, Grandma's song, Solidarity, Michael's House Scene, Expressing Yourself, Born to Boogie, Mob Beats Tony/Mrs.- Wilkinson Arrives, Angry Dance, Merry Christmas, Maggie Thatcher, Deep into the Ground, Christmas Gift scene, Swan Lake Dance, Royal Ballet School post-audition. Electricity, Billy Says Goodbye, Once We Were Kings, The Letter (Billy's reply), Leaving the City. 2 DVDs C

Billy Elliot - The Musical
6/16/10 ~ Chicago, IL evening
Cesar Corrales, Keean Johnson, Susie McMonagle (u/s Mrs. Wilkinson), Armand Schultz, Cynthia Darlow, Patrick Mulvey, Maria Connelly, Will Mann (u/s Mr. Braithwaite) , Samuel Pergande, Jim Ortlieb, Elijha Barker, Spencer Davis Milford, Susan Hafner (u/s Dead Mum)
Act 1 highlights only, consisting of about 45 minutes of the show, and includes: Meet the Elliots, Boxing Hall Scene, Grandma's Song, Solidarity, Billy Banned, Michael's House, Expressing Yourself, Stuff that means something to Billy, The Letter, History of Ballet, Born to Boogie, Bathroom Talk, Mob Beats Tony/Mrs. Wilkinson Arrives, Angry Dance.  Filmed from the center orchestra, so a stationary lapshot only focusing between 2 heads due to being so close to the stage so good picture at
times but not so great the rest of the time B-

Billy Elliot - The Musical
9/18/10 ~ Chicago, IL matinee
Marcus Pei, Keean Johnson, Emily Skinner, Armand Schultz, Cynthia Darlow, Jim Ortlieb, Susie McMonagle, Elijah Barker, Maria Connelly, Spencer Milford
About 20 minutes of highlights only. From The Star's Look Down through Shine, plus Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher, Deep into the Ground, and the scene before Dream Ballet Shaky video but good sound and picture when there is some B-

Billy Elliot - The Musical
9/18/10 ~ Chicago, IL evening
JP Viernes, Dillon Stevens, Emily Skinner, Armand Schultz, Cynthia Darlow, Jim Ortlieb, Susie McMonagle, Spencer Milford, Maria Connelly, Mark Page
Act 1 only, missing about 10 minutes of that as well; decent picture and sound throughout; some shakiness 2 DVDs B-

Billy Elliot - The Musical
10/26/10 ~ 1st tour in Chicago
Marcus Pei, Spencer Milford (u/s Michael), Susie McMonagle, Armand Schultz, Cynthia Darlow, Patrick Mulvey, Jim Ortleib, Will Mann, Anne Tolpegin, Nicholas Daum (u/s older Billy/Scottish dancer) Mark Page
Almost full show, starting at the boxing scene and missing a few bits here and there. Only DVD of Spencer Milford as Michael. Great filming, albeit a bit shaky at times. 2 DVDs. A-

Billy Elliot - The Musical
11/23/10 ~ 2nd tour in Cleveland
Lex Ishimoto, Jacob Zelonky, Faith Prince, Rich Hebert, Patti Perkins, Jeff Kready, Joel Blum, Rachel Mracna, Maximilien A. Baud, Beverly Ward, Patrick Wetzel
About 15 minutes of highlights incuding Stars Look Down, Take Me Up, Solidarity, Dream Ballet, and Electricity. filmed from two seperate places. Very VERY shaky, but good video when focused on a particular subject. B

Billy Elliot - The Musical
12/1/10 ~ 2nd tour in Cleveland
Lex Ishimoto, Griffin Birney, Faith Prince, Rich Hebert, Patti Perkins, Jeff Kready, Joel Blum, Rachel Mracna, Maximilien A. Baud, Beverly Ward, Patrick Wetzel
First 50 minutes of the show only. Some coverups and wandering of the camera, but good zooms Slightly shaky at times, but overall a decent capture of the second tour cast.  A-

Billy Elliot - The Musical
2010/2011 ~ Korea
Jung Jin ho, Kim Bum joon
Missing beginning of Act I (starts with 'Solidarity') and end of Act II (missing 'Final Dance')
audience shot, A

Billy Elliot - The Musical
2013 ~ UK Tour
Harrison Dowzell (Billy), Helen French (Mrs. Wilkinson - u/s) , Deka Walmsley (Dad), Matthew Dale (Tony - u/s)
incomplete, 2 hours long, incudes all of Act I and some of Act II up until just before 'Electricity';
shot from the orchestra pit

Billy Elliot - The Musical
9/28/14 ~ London
Elliot Hanna, Ruthie Henshall, Deka Walmsley, Ann Emery, David Muscat, Zach Atkinson, Liam Mower
Broadcast live to theatres throughout Europe and Australia from the Victoria Palace Theatre in London. This very special performance of the show features the return of Liam Mower, the first boy ever to play the role of Billy on stage, in the role of Older Billy while 25 past and present Billy's reunite for a very special mash-up finale. A

Billy Elliot - The Musical
January, 2015 ~ Scheveningen, The Netherlands
Svenno van Kleij (Billy Elliot), Pia Douwes (Mrs. Wilkinson), Bas Heerkens (Jackie Elliot), Reinier Demeijer (Tony Elliot), Carry Tefsen (Oma), Bas Grevelink (George), Michiel Deddnes, Fleur Hogenboorn (Debbie), Dennis Willekens (Mr. Braithwaite), Loes Worm (Moeder),
Captured with a Full HD camcorder in best possible quality. Steady and clear filming, very little shakiness but no obstruction. Has some issues during dark scenes though. The first 5 minutes of act two (at the miner’s annual Christmas show) are either blacked out or full stage. 2 DVDs

Billy Elliot - The Musical
2/20/15 ~ Glendale, CA
Mitchell Tobin, Vicki Lewis, David Atkinson, Marsha Waterbury, Stephen Weston, Jake Kitchin, Jamie Torcellini, Kim Huber, Neil Dale, Sammy Gayer, RJ Higton, Brendan Knox, John B Williford, Natalie Sachse, Brandon Forrest
Great capture with no obstruction or washout; first minute of act two is blacked out, and there are a couple quick dropouts between scenes, but the rest of the show is complete; filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-up; excellent sound; good video 2 DVDs A

Birding for Kids
1999 ~ PBS-TV
The main narration of this video is provided by Julia Murney who acts as a leader to a small, group of middle school aged children as they wander the woods. PBS special introducing young people to the world of birds. The program is divided into five parts: "Getting Started," "Bringing Birds to Your Yard," "Migration," "Being a Good Landlord For the Birds," and "In Search of Birds."  Produced by the National Wildlife Federation.  I’m sure Julia wishes this early piece of work would be lost.  30 minutes.   A

The Birds of Alfred Hitchcock
2/10/10 ~ Bielefeld, Germany
Katharine Mehrling, Alexander Franzen, John Wesley Zielmann, Carlos H. Rivas, Carolin Soyka, Masha Karell, Alexander Janacek, Steffen Häuser.
Excellent quality, in German. 2 DVDs

Black and Blue
1991 ~ PBS-TV
Bunny Briggs, Ruth Brown, Linda Hopkins, Bernard Manners, Greg Poland, Jimmy Slyde. 
Directed for TV by Robert Altman.  Filmed for PBS at New York's Minskoff Theatre featuring the original Broadway cast.   A-

6/10/07 ~ New York
Jeff Daniels, Alison Pill
Slight camera problem, as the first 8 minutes go from color to black and white and back again, but it gets fixed; one cover-up 15 minutes into the show for a minute; great sound and closeup. Closing show A

The Black Rider
5/20/04 ~ London
Matt McGrath, Marianne Faithful
Filmed from left mezzanine A

The Black Rider:The Casting of the Magic Bullets
6/11/06 ~ Los Angeles
Vance Avery, Matt McGrath, John Vickery, Mary Margaret O'Hara, Nigel Richards
Rare musical staged in the German expressionist style. Music by Tom Waits. Lots of good close-ups, but some shakiness as well! A few moments of shuffling due to head obstruction. DVD runs about 1hr 50 minutes, starting with the Black Box Theme; about 20 minutes of non-essential dialogue and applause cut out; no curtain calls. B+

Blame It On the Movies! 2
1990 ~ West Hollywood, CA
Leslie Easterbrook, Bill Hutton, Lu Leonard, Lisa Raggio, Peter Marc, Caryn Richman, Donn Simione
Pro shot revue of movie songs; multi-camera pro shot complete with credits. B+

Date Unknown
An explosive musical celebration brings together 68 brass, percussion and visual performers in a unique explosion of music and theatre. Pro-shot A+

Bless You All!
9/25/13 ~ New York
Jeremy Benton, Jennifer Lee Crowl, Emilee Dupre, Jacob Hoffman, Aaron Kaburick, Brent McBeth, Lindsay Roberts, Christopher Ryan,nBillie Wildrick
Presented by Unsung Musicals at the Connelly Theatre; filmer sat in about the 8th row from the stage and just turned the camcorder on; no zooms or pans. Video also has a talk-back session that runs about 40 minutes A-

Blithe Spirit
1/14/56 ~ Ford Star Jubilee
Lauren Bacall, Claudette Colbert, Noel Coward, Brenda Forbes, Mildred Natwick, Marion Ross, Philip Tonge
Made for television production of the classic play; black & white but great quality for its age; timecode on bottom throughout and some slight static at the bottom of the screen B+

Blithe Spirit
5/16/09 ~ Broadway
Rupert Everett, Jayne Atkinson, Christine Ebersole,Angela Lansbury,Susan Louise O'Connor, Simon Jones, Deborah Rush
Good capture of the full show although the first few minutes of each act are blacked out, and there are times when camera wanders because of dark stage; quite a bit of obstruction with heads in the way; fewer heads in act 2 although there is a bar in the way. 2 DVDs B+

Blithe Spirit
12/14/14 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Angela Lansbury, Charles Edwards, Jemima Rooper, Charlotte Parry, Simon Jones, Sandra Shipley,
Susan Louise O'Connor
Very good video with no washout, blackouts, and only minor obstruction; excellent clear sound and well filmed with close-ups and wide shots when needed. Includes curtain call 2 DVDs A

The Blonde In The Thunderbird,A One Woman Show
July 2005 ~ Broadway
Suzanne Somers
Suzanne Somers' one-woman Broadway show,The Blonde in the Thunderbird, a collection of stories about her life and career. The show was supposed to run for at least 3 months, but negative publicity and disappointing ticket sales caused an early closing. The show reportedly took in only $5,000.00 in ticket sales, and played for just 9 performances; professionally filmed for video, but never officially released. A

1996 ~ Amstetten
Andreas Bieber (Blondel), Paul Kribbe (Prinz John), Bernie Blanks, Michael Gerzabek, Alois Haselbacher, Roland Seboth, Erika Arman, Elke Winkens, Anja Mattner, Stefanie Plaschke, Kurt Sobotka, Markus Miterhuber, Kai Petersen, Bettina Soriat, Yara Blümel, Lada Kummer, Sabine Mayer, Katrin Mersch, Marianne Tarnowski, Brian Carmack, Otto Pichler, Hannes Muik, Alexander Balga.
Not in English.  B-

Blood Brothers
4/29/89 ~ London
Kiki Dee, Con O'Neill, Warwick Evans, Robert Locke
Very watchable, lots of close-ups. Sound is really good in the songs, slightly quieter during dialogue. Dark picture. Pro-shot, but 20 years old

Blood Brothers
4/20/93 ~ Broadway
Stephanie Lawrence, Con O'Neill, Warwick Evans, Mark MichaelvHutchinson, Jan Graveson, Barbara Walsh, James Clow
There is one big head that gets in the way; otherwise a goodvvideo with excellent sound B+

Blood Brothers
1994 ~ Australia
David Soul, Delia Hannah, Stefan Dennis, Ross Girven, Tina Regtien
The first act was filmed in Melbourne, from the balcony. Decent quality, but it follows the action loosely. The second act is choppy bits and pieces, and was filmed in Sydney, where David Soul
took over the role of the 'Narrator.' The footage of the second act is taken from the wings, backstage, behind the backdrops, and the stage manager's booth. In addition to seeing the action onstage, you see actors waiting to enter and exit, and crew members doing quick changes, etc. About 85% of the show. Also includes a footage from backstage interviewing cast and crew members, a bit of rehearsal/set construction, and some footage from outside of the theatre. Also includes footage of members from the cast rehearsing/performing at what looks to be a church. Decent quality throughout, the audio and video are very slightly out of sync. B

Blood Brothers
1994-95 ~ U.S. Tour
Petula Clark stars in the tour of this haunting show with memorable music. The role seems to suit her well. TV spot, also. Shawn Cassidy, David Cassidy B+

Blood Brothers
8/16/97 ~ Westminster, MD
Valerie DiLorenzo, Elizabeth van den Berg, Steven Varon, Joshua Perilo, Julie Herber, Jaclyn Nelson, Jamie Cordes, Jim Gross
Pro-shot video from Theatre on the Hill; good video B+

Blood Brothers
6/1/99 - The Netherlands
Danny de Munk (Mickey), Joke Bruijs (Mevr. Jonkers), Frank Rigter (Eddie), Annete Nijder (Mevr van Leeuwen).
Very good quality, some very slight generation loss. Unobstructed view. Also contains the bows/playout and some stagedoor footage of a production of Copacabana that seems to be from The Netherlands. Incredible orchestrations and atmosphere! The woman who plays Mrs. Johnstone has an incredibly haunting, beautiful voice and excellent phrasing. (In Dutch)

Blood Brothers
8/16/03 ~ Phoenix Theatre; London, UK
Sarah Hay (u/s), Philip Stewart, Stephen Palfreman, Mark Hutchinson, Louise Russell, Louise Clayton, Daniel Taylor
Camcorder video, some heads in the way but excellent closeupsand sound throughout A-

Blood Brothers
2007 ~ Sydney, Australia
Perry Farrow, Nathan Farrow, Robyn Lassman
A production of the Shire Music Theatre, a small repertory theatre presented in a smaller more intimate setting. Filmed using a tripod in the back of the house. A

Blood Brothers
March 2010 ~ Phoenix Theatre, London
Cast: Melanie C (Mrs Johnstone), Philip Stewart (Narrator), Stephen Palfreman (Mickey), Richard Reynard (Eddie), Vivienne Carlyle (Mrs Lyons), Louise Clayton (Linda), Michael Southern (Sammy), Owen Oldroyd (Mr Lyons)
 As for this cast, I truly rank it as one of the best I've seen - pop music past or not, Mel C is spectacular as Mrs J, and the supporting cast are just as amazing.  The video is filmed from the horribly raked back stalls of the Phoenix, which does mean some heads in the bottom of the screen, but they are shot around very well and completely avoided whenever possible. All the action is well-followed using a variety of shots, and the colors are faithful to the original, with little to no spotlight washout. Overall, a good video of an amazing cast.

Blood Brothers
Summer 2010 ~ UK Tour
Niki Evans, Robbie Scotcher, Sean Jones, Paul Davies, Tracey Spencer, Kelly-Anne Gower.
A beautiful capture with action well followed in 16:9 wide-screen. A great cast who gives fantastic performances. A+

Blood Brothers
October 2012 ~ London
Vivienne Carlyle, Philip Stewart, Mark Rice Oxley, Paul Christopher, Abigail Jaye, Louise Clayton,
Michael Southern, Kevin Pallister
Filmed from two different angles: the dress circle and back stalls with neither position is completely free of head obstruction, but they are filmed around effectively; action is followed very well using a variety of shots as needed, and the colors are faithful to the original. Good video A-

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson
10/31/10 ~ Broadway
Benjamin Walker, Kristine Nielson, James Barry, Darren Goldstein, Greg Hildreth, Jeff Hiller, Lucas Near-Verbrugghe, Cameron Ocasio, Bryce Pinkham, Nadia Quinn, Maria Elena Ramirez, Kate Cullen Roberts, Ben Steinfeld, Emily Young
Great capture of this show. A high energy rock show based on the life of Andrew Jackson's life. A

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson
11/10/10 ~ Broadway
Benjamin Walker, Kristine, Nielson, James Barry, Darren Goldstein, Greg Hildreth, Jeff Hiller, Lucas Near-Verbrugghe, Cameron Ocasio, Bryce Pinkham, Nadia Quinn, Maria Elena Ramirez, Kate Cullen Roberts, Ben Steinfeld, Emily Young
Good video filmed from the balcony A

Blue Man Group
Date Unknown ~ German Cast
Filmed through the house camera, so it's a steady full stage view with no closeups. Clear picture with audio from the soundboard. In German, not English B+

Blues in the Night
1987 ~ Donmar Warehouse Production, London
Maria Friedman, Debby Bishop, Carol Woods-Coleman, Clarke Peters
Televised performance, with the original London cast; much generational loss and static lines throughout C

The Bodyguard
2016 ~ UK Tour
Alexandra Burke, Stuart Reid, Rachel John, Mark Holden, Dominic Taylor, Matthew Stathers
Very well captured in HD with action well followed. Very good video A

4/25/07 ~ London
Tamzin Outhwaite, Roger Allan, Frances de la Tour, Mark Rylance, Daisy Beamont, Michelle Gomez
Professionally filmed, using multiple cameras for the National Video Archive of Performance of The Society of London Theatre. Good video A

Boeing Boeing
4/19/08 ~ Broadway
Christine Baranski, Bradley Whitford, Mark Rylance, Gina Gershon, Mary McCormack, Kathryn Hahn
First Preview Performance. Missing the first minute of act two and there is a bar at the bottom of screen for some of the show but it doesn't affect action but a few times.

The Bohemian Girl
2001 ~ Waterford, Ireland
A production of the University Of Nebraska-Lincoln at the Waterford International Festival Of Light Opera in Waterford Ireland.  "The Bohemian Girl is an operetta composed by Michael Balfe with a libretto by Alfred Bunn. The plot is loosely based on a Cervantes tale, La Gitanilla. It was first produced in London in November 1843."  Recorded from a tripod at the back of the house.  Some generational loss and spotlight washout.   C

Bombay Dreams
Unknown Date ~ West End
Original London Cast. B

Bombay Dreams
10/6/02 ~ Apollo Victoria Theatre, London
Digital video. A few head obstructions and mostly shot between two heads but full of zooms and great close-ups from the dress circle (mezzanine). A-

Bombay Dreams
4/19/04 ~ Broadway
Manu Narayan, Madhur Jaffrey, Sriram Ganesan, Tanvir Gopal, Deep Katdare, Anisha Nagarajan, Ayesha Dharker
Good quality video but because of battery problems, the taper only filmed the musical numbers and the video ends during “Wedding Quawali”, nice otherwise; A-

2002 ~ Australian TV
Caroline O'Connor. 
One woman play.  Three character monologues, "Mum," "Widow," and "Diva" written for O'Connor by Joanna Murray-Smith.  Huge success in Australia where it ran for over four years.  Pro-shot for TV.  A

Bombshell, In Concert
6/8/15 ~ New York
Chrisian Borle, Will Chase, Ann Harada, Megan Hilty, Brian D'Arcy James, Jeremy Jordan, Donna McKechnie, Katharine McPhee, Debra Messing, Ripley Sobo
A semi-Pro-shot recording of all the musical numbers with title cards throughout. The
one-night-only event at the Broadway’s Minskoff Theater (home to “The Lion King”) was presented as a fundraiser benefitting the Actors Fund. A

Bonnie and Clyde
11/14/09 ~ La Jolla Playhouse, CA
Laura Osnes, Stark Sands, Melissa van der Schyff, Claybourne Elder, Chris Peluso,Wayne Duvall, Mare Winningham, Michael Mulligan, Michael Lanning
Nice capture of this new show; first couple minutes of each act are blacked out while everyone got settled, and a couple very short blackouts throughout the show, but those are less than 30 seconds each; slight little washout in some of the wides, and there's one head on the left that blocks the actors' legs occasionally; very good video 2 DVDs A

Boobs The Musical
Off Broadway
Kristy Cates
A revue of numbers by Ruth Wallis who in an earlier era devised dirty ditties like "The Dinghy Song" and "Johny's Got a Yo-Yo" The raunchier the song gets, the more amusing things become. Mostly full stage with lots or washout, but great audio otherwise

The Book of Mormon
9/6/12 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Gavin Creel, Jared Gertner, Samantha Marie Ware, Kevin Mambo, Grey Henson, Derek Williams, Josh Breckenridge, Jeffery David Sears, Mike McGowan, Bud Weber, Phyre Hawkins
Filmed in a 16:9 ratio in a combination of wides, mediums, and close-ups; only obstruction is a head in the very middle of the screen and one off to the side. The head in the middle is only visible in the very far wides, the head on the left side of the screen is rarely ever there except for a couple of seconds at the end of the first act; a couple of washouts and whiteouts that occur but only really during the wides.  They are randomly dispersed so it doesn't affect the video too much. At a couple of times the DVD is a little blurry and gets a little shaky but other than that it is pretty good. 2 DVDs A-

The Book of Mormon
11/18/12 ~ Broadway
K.J Hippensteel (u/s Elder Price), Cale Krise, Nikki M. James, Rory O'Malley, Michael Potts, Brian Tyree Henry
Filmed from the back of the stalls and unobstructed. The first half of act one is a blind-shot, so there's some wandering and sometimes the camera is pointed too high. Hello is there, some of Two by Two, but You and Me is audio only; Act 2 is much better and focuses on the stage throughout; sound is good; good video 2 DVDs B

The Book of Mormon
December 2012 ~ Chicago, IL
Nic Rouleau, Ben Platt, Syesha Mercado, Pierce Cassedy, James Vincent Meredith, Christopher Shyer, David Aron Damane
Beautiful HD capture of the Chicago Cast. Amazingly clear video with great picture and sound; very nice video 2 DVDs A+

The Book of Mormon
5/17/14 ~ Costa Mesa, CA
David Larsen, Cody Jamison Strand, Tallia Brinson (u/s Nabulungi), Pierce Cassedy, James Vincent Meredith, David Aron Damane, Christopher Shyer, Jeff Heimbrock (u/s Cunningham's Dad)
Wonderful capture of the second tour cast with no obstruction or blackouts and only slight washout in superwide shots of high-contrast scenes; clear picture and sound, filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A

Born Yesterday
10/28/56 ~ Hallmark Hall of Fame
Mary Martin, Paul Douglas, Arthur Hill
Black and White pro shot and abridged for TV. Good quality video. A-

7/26/03 ~ Chicago
Richard Kind, Howard McGillin, Michelle Pawk
Shot from the front mezzanine; nice picture and sound. Digital, A

Fall 2003 ~ Washington DC
Richard Kind, Howard McGillin, Michelle Pawk, Jane Powell
Beautiful video with lots of close ups, good camerawork and lighting, although some spotlight washout A

5/8/04 ~ New York
Kelly AuCoin, Robert Hogan,T.R. Knight, Caitlin O'Connel, Miriam Shor
Filmed from a low angle in the theatre so heads at bottom of screen through out video, but never blocks any of the action on stage; scanned program info included A

The Boy From Oz
Press Reel
Hugh Jackman Professionally taped high quality press reels of all Musical Numbers except for The lives of me, instead it has Boy Next Door.

The Boy from Oz
4/16/00 ~ Perth, Australia
Todd McKenney, Chrissie Amphlett, Jill Perryman, Amanda Harrison
Pro-shot with multiple cameras of the final performance.  Beautiful production with some changes before the show transferred to Broadway. A+

The Boy From Oz
9/21/03 ~ Broadway
Hugh Jackman, Stephanie J. Block, Beth Fowler, Isabel Keating, Jarrod Emick, Michael Mulheren, Mitchel David Federan
Great video, lots of closeups. Digital video A

The Boy From Oz
10/16/03 ~ Broadway
Hugh Jackman, Stephanie J. Block, Beth Fowler, Isabel Keating, Jarrod Emick, Michael Mulheren. Mitchel David Federan
Opening night video; great picture and sound and lots of closeups; the two shows listed are different as the show was changing throughout previews; Digital video, A

The Boyfriend
2005 ~ US Tour
Jessica Grove, Nancy Hess, Bethe Austin, Paul Carlin, Andrea Chamberlain, Sean Palmer.
Directed by Julie Andrews Recorded through the house camera, so it's a stationary, full-stage shot. Amazing clarity, with some minor spotlight washout. Good sound; only one i have ever seen. A

The Boys From Syracuse
1986 ~ Canada
Colm Feore, Geriant Wyn Davies, Keith Thomas, Susan Wright, Benedict Campbell, Alicia Jeffery, Marion Adler. Goldie Semple
Pro shot for Canadian TV. Good video A

The Boys From Syracuse
8/3/02 ~ Broadway
Tom Hewitt, Erin Dilly, Jackée Harry, Lee Wilkof, Chip Zien, Deidre Goodwin, Jonathan Dokuchitz, Georgia Engel
Shot from front mezzanine; A

Boys in the Band
2010 ~ New Britain, CT
Rodney Klussendorf, Joshua Thompson, Tom Bryda, Jake Williams Matthew Pechous, Keith Giard

The Boys in the Photograph
2008 ~ Winnipeg, Canada
Tony Le Page, Erica Peck, Richard McMillan, Kathryn Ballantine, Matthew Bradley, Caleb Cosman, Tracy Dawson,Tom Delbello, Kelly Fletcher, Jacquelyn French, Jeff Giles, Richard Harte, Allie Hughes, David Hurwitz, Joanna Keats, Cody Scott Lancaster, Brandon McGibbon,Adrienne Merrell, Shawn Meunier, Matt Murray, Carson Nattrass, Laura Olafson,Ange Pagano, Kristen Peace, Justin Stadnyk
Pro-shot press reels, highlights only. Formerly known as The Beautiful Game. A+

The Boys Next Door
1996 ~ Hallmark Hall Of Fame TV
Nathan Lane, Robert Sean Leonard, Michael Jeter, Tony Goldwyn, Lynne Thigpen.  "Jack Palmer is a social worker whose job has taken precedence over his personal life. Mainly, his job is to help four mentally challenged men live regular lives in a home. They consist of: Norman, who works at a donut shop and has a thing for keys; Barry, who thinks he is a golf pro and doesn't communicate well with his father; Arnold, who is into all things Russian and has a habit of spending money; and Lucien, who is into Spider Man and must testify before the state senate. Jack wants to help them, but he also thinks it is time to move on with his life. The hard part is trying to say goodbye to the guys he cares about."  Based on the play by Tom Griffin.  Missing the opening credits and the first minute of the show.   A

Bravo Broadway! "From the South Pacific to the Swiss Alps"
2/14/06 ~ Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Gary Mauer, Burke Moses, Laurie Gayle Stephenson
The Florida Sunshine Pops and the Bravo Broadway Singers tribute to Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein. Concert highlights, mostly focused on Mauer, and the video portion includes most of the songs he sang, resulting in approxamately half an hour of musical fun from various Rodgers/ Hammerstein productions. Bonus features on the end of the disk include about 20 minutes of music videos from Gary's final performance of Phantom, set to different songs. A

Breakfast at Tiffany's
3/9/13 ~ Broadway
Emilia Clarke, Cory Michael Smith, George Wendt, James Yaegashi, Suzanne Bertish, John Rothman, Tony Tom, Lee Wilkof, Kate Cullen Roberts
With ushers on high alert, unfortunately not as well filmed as ushers were on high alert, so the video is slightly shaky and obstructed throughout the show, but is worked around well and the video is  watchable; clear sound; nice video B+

Brian Stokes Mitchell Live - Actor's Fund Concert
10/8/06 ~ Los Angeles, CA
"Kicking off the Actor's Fund "Musical Mondays" series, Tony Award winner, Brian Stokes Mitchell plays to a capacity crown in the beautiful lobby of the Pantages Theatre. Stopping the show multiple times, and receiving 2 standing ovations, Mitchell performed a set which included some pop and jazz as well as showstoppers "Wheels Of A Dream," This nearly Was Mine," and "The Impossible Dream." Mitchell also sings "Embracable You" to Mitzy Gaynor who was sitting in the first row." Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Crystal clear. DVD has been enhanced to include an opening menu and scene selections. A

The Bridges of Madison County
March 2014 ~ Broadway
Kelli O'Hara, Steven Pasquale, Hunter Foster, Michael X. Martin, Cass Morgan, Caitlin Kinnunen, Derek Klena.
Kelli and Steven do a divine job in the roles and the music is wonderfully written and performed. Really a nice piece of Theatre! During the first act there is a short pole that is off to the righthand side, that blocks a total of 2 minutes of action on far righthand side. otherwise it was never in the way and was kept out of the frame! Act 2 is nicely captured. 2 DVDs A

The Bridges of Madison County
4/16/14 ~ Broadway
Kelli O'Hara, Steven Pasquale, Hunter Foster, Michael X. Martin, Cass Morgan, Caitlin Kinnunen, Derek Klena
Excellent HD capture of this short lived musical, very well filmed with clear picture and sound
with no obstructions; very good video 2 DVDs A

The Bridges of Madison County

1/3/16 ~ Los Angeles, CA

Elizabeth Stanley, Andrew Samonsky, Cullen R Titmas, Mary Callanan, Tom Treadwell (u/s Charlie), Dave Thomas Brown, Caitlin Houlahan, Katie Klaus, Cole Burden, Caitlyn Caughell, Brad Greer, Amy Linden, Trista Moldovan, Jessica Sheridan, Matt Stokes, Bryan Welnicki

Very good video with no obstruction, washout, or major blackouts, only a couple very quick dropouts that last only a few seconds each. Excellent clear picture and sound. Jason Robert Brown conducts the orchestra himself 2 DVDs A

Brief Encounter
2/27/14 ~ Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, Beverly Hills, CA
Hannah Yellan (Laura), Jim Sturgeon (Alec), Annette McLaughlin (Myrtle), Damon Daunno (Stanley), Dorothy Atkinson (Beryl), Joe Alessi (Fred/Albert)
Based on Noel Coward's 1936 one act play "Still Life" which was expanded into the 1945 feature length film "Brief Encounter" (with the screenplay by Coward) and adapted back to the stage in this version was originated at UK's Kneehigh Theatre, "two strangers, both married to others, meet in a railroad station and find themselves in a brief but intense affair", a little shake and some backouts for the first three minutes then it greatly improves, A

10/15/66 ~ ABC Television
Robert Goulet, Peter Falk, Sally Ann Howes, Finlay Currie, Marlyn Mason, Rhys Williams
Filmed for television; good quality A-

1980 ~ Broadway Revival
Meg Bussert, John Curry, Martin Vidnovic
Amazing quality; looks like it was filmed yesterday, instead of being more than 25 years old. Nice clear picture and sound; very good video A

6/18/91 ~ Los Angeles
Erik Kunze, Michael Guarnera
Moonlight Amphitheater Production. Pro shot, using multiple cameras. A

11/13/96 ~ New York City Opera
Brent Barrett, Rebecca Luker, Judy Kaye
Featuring recreated choreography originally by Agnes De Mille.  Well filmed from the balcony. Some generational loss. Great capture with no obstructions of this rarely performed show. B+

Bright Ideas
11/15/03 ~ New York
Orlagh Cassidy, Colman Domingo, Paul Fitzgerald, Seana Kofoed, Linda Marie Larson
Very funny off-Broadway show; great sound and good filming throughout. A

Bright Lights, Big City
6/21/06 ~ Philadelphia, PA
Jeremy Kushnier,Andy Karl, Orfeh, Kelli Barrett, Julie Tolivar, Jonathan Shade,Alex Keiper, Marian Murphy, Don Daniels, Christopher deProphetis,Alyse Wojciechowski
First 30 minutes of the show only; spotlight ashout, no closeups, full stage shot, good sound B

Bright Lights Big City
6/22/06 ~ Philadelphia, PA
Jeremy Kushnier, Andy Karl, Orfeh, Kelli Barrett, Julie Tolivar, Jonathan Shade, Alex Keiper, Marian Murphy, Don Daniels, Christopher deProphetis, Alyse Wojciechowski
Some spotlight washout at times but great picture and sound with some closeups; complete show video A-

Bright Star
9/13/14 ~ San Diego, CA
Carmen Cusack, AJ Shively, Wayne Alan Wilcox, Wayne Duvall, Allison Briner (u/s Mama Murphy), Stephen Lee Anderson, Stephen Bogardus, Jeff Hiller, Kate Loprest, Hannah Elless, Libby Winters
Very well filmed in 16:9 with no obstructions or blackouts; some slight washout in a couple scenes; excellent clear picture and sound is excellent. Nice video 2 DVDs A

Bright Star  

6/26/16 ~ Broadway 

Carmen Cusack (Alice Murphy), A.J. Shively (Billy Cane), Paul Alexander Nolan (Jimmy Ray Dobbs), Hannah Elless (Margo Crawford), Michael Mulheren (Mayor Josiah Dobbs), Jeff Blumenkrantz (Daryl Ames), Emily Padgett (Lucy Grant), Stephen Bogardus (Daddy Cane), Stephen Lee Anderson (Daddy Murphy), Dee Hoty (Mama Murphy), Max Chernin (Max), Maddie Shea Baldwin (u/s Edna). 

Nicely filmed at the closing night performance before a very enthusiastic audience.  There is a one minute blackout, just before “She’s Gone”.  Because this was the last performance, Steve Martin joined the band for the Entr’acte.  There were no speeches given after the show, but the curtain call was much longer than usual with Steve, Edie, and Walter all taking bows, and Steve doing a short impromptu tap number.   2 DVDs A

Brighton Beach Memoirs
3/28/84 Broadway, Alvin Theatre
Matthew Broderick (Eugene Morris Jerome), Elizabeth Franz (Kate), Joyce Van Patten(Blanche), Mandy Ingber (Laurie), J. Patrick Breen (Stanley), Peter Michael Goetz(Jack)
Distant full stage shot. Follows action and goes in for some close-ups, but slightlygrainy due to age. The first part of Neil Simon's trilogy, BRIGHTON BEACH MEMOIRSis the story of a Jewish family in Brooklyn (Brighton Beach) during the Depression.The play was one of Broadway's biggest hits, and won two of the theatre's most prestigious awards the New York Drama Critics Circle Award and the Outer CriticsCircle Award. The show was directed by Gene Saks, who won a Tony Award for his work. 2 DVDs C+

Brilliant Mistake: the Music of Elvis Costello
10/31/05 ~ New York
Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Daphne Ruben Vega, Raul Esparza, Sherie Rene Scott, Marcy Harriell, Norbert Leo Butz, Will Chase, Matthew Morrison, Eden Espinosa, Gavin Creel
Filmed from the orchestra but not too many heads. The first ten minutes have some video pixellation but okay after the second song. Elvis Costello sings five songs at the end. A

Bring Back Birdie
1981 ~ Broadway
Donald O'Connor, Chita Rivera, Maria Karnilova, Marcel Forestieri, Maurice Hines, Robin Morse
Camcorder video, not great but a classic C+

Broadway Backwards 4
2/9/09 ~ New York
The fourth annual "Broadway Backwards" concert benefiting New York's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center features songs with a unique and memorable twist, where the songs are performed in gender reversal style. Highlights include: Allan Cumming (Rainbow High"), Anne Meara & Kirsten Wyatt ("I Met A Girl"), Whoopi Goldberg, Nancy Anderson, Frank Anderson, Jenna Cover-Jones, Jenn Colella ("Gee, Officer Krupke"), Aaron Lazar ("On My Own"), Jai Rodriquez ("Listen"), Jose Llana, John Tartaglia, & Christopher Sieber ("Matchmaker, Matchmaker"),Tony Yazbeck ("Buddy Beware"), Cheyenne Jackson & Sandra Bernhard ("You're The Top"-Sandra forgets the words), The Male Ensemble ("Big Spender"), Florence Henderson ("There Is Nothing Like A Dame"), Len Cariou ("Losing My Mind"), Tituss Burgess (Meadowlark"), Ron Palillo, Charis Leo & Jessica Carter ("Adelaide's Lament"), Mario Cantone ("Chief Cook and Bottlewasher"), Maureen McGovern ("This Nearly Was Mine"), Marty Thomas ("Defying Gravity"), more. Filmed using one camera on a tripod for video. DVD has menu with easy access to any scene. A

Broadway Backwards 5
2/22/10 ~ New York
Nick Adams, Martine Allard, Gary Beach, Timothy W. Bish, Tituss Burgess, Dan Butler, Mario Cantone, Len Cariou,  Robert Cuccioli, Raul Esparza, Harvey Evans, Tony Goldwyn, Ann Harada, Valerie Harper, Hunter Ryan Herdlicka, Aaron Lazar, Michele Lee, Julia Murney, Becki Newton, Anthony Nunziata, Will Nunziata, Adam Perry, Tonya Pinkins, Eve Plumb, Lee Roy Reams, Marion Ross, Lea Salonga, Douglas Sills, and Bruce Vilanch,  as well as an ensemble of over 50 Broadway singers and dancers.
Hosted by Florence Henderson; pro-shot for video. A

Broadway Backwards 6
2/7/11 ~ New York
Broadway Backwards is the only Broadway event custom-made for the gay and lesbian community. Broadway Backwards re-interprets the songs of musical theater by featuring women singing songs originally written for men and men singing songs written for women. By keeping the lyrics intact, including the pronouns, each song takes on an entirely new dimension. Hosted by Dan Butler and Kristen Wyatt.  Multi-camera pro shot for video. A

Broadway Backwards 7
3/5/12 ~ New York
The sold-out show left the audience cheering 20 unforgettable performances by stars from Broadway and television, lead by Tony Award-winner and Broadway's legendary leading lady Betty Buckley, Tony winners LaChanze and Len Cariou, this year's best actor Tony nominee Andrew Rannells, Emmy-winning comedian Bruce Vilanch and television icon George Takei. Highlights: Betty Buckley: "Not While I'm Around," "Johanna" and "My Friends", Robin De Jesus: "All I Want Is a Room Somewhere", Jenn Colella & Jackie Hoffman: "The Game", Sierra Boggess and Elizabeth Stanley: "Tonight", Andrew Rannells: "The Music That Makes Me Dance", Harvey Evans & Jim Brochu: "It's Never Too Late to Fall In Love", Bryan Batt: "Life with Harold", Len Cariou: "Something Wonderful", Jessie Mueller: "She Wasn't You" and "Come Back to Me" and more. Multi-camera pro shot for video. A

Broadway Backwards 8
3/18/13 ~ New York
The sold-out show left the audience cheering after unforgettable performances by Tony Award winners Len Cariou, Judy Kaye, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Karen Ziemba, and a stirring recreation from Dreamgirls by Tituss Burgess. Featured throughout the show were Tony nominee Tony Sheldon and Jim Brochu with special appearances by five-time Emmy Award winner Doris Roberts and four-time Tony nominee and five-time Emmy nominee Victor Garber. Multi-camera pro shot for video. A

Broadway Backwards 9
3/24/14 ~ New York
The best of Broadway wowed a sold-out house at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre, bringing laughter, tears and cheers to the unforgettable ninth annual edition of Broadway Backwards. Performances by Bryan Batt, Uzo Aduba and Rachel Bay Jones, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Stephanie J. Block, John Tartaglia, Andrew Rannells, Norm Lewis, Debra Monk, Jonathan Groff, Beth Leavel and Billy Porter. Multi-camera pro shot for video. A

Broadway Backwards 10
3/9/15 ~ New York
Hosted by Julie Halston and Rob McClure and featuring Robin De Jesus, Rob
McClure, Micah Stock, Lillias White, Mario Cantone, Jenn Colella, Elizabeth Stanley, Charles Busch, Aaron Lazar, Tony Yazbeck, Jim Brochu, Harvey Evans, Lena Hall, Florence Henderson, Ann Harada, Douglas Sills, Norm Lewis, Len Cariou & Lee Roy Reems, Maureen McGovern, Brian Stokes Mitchell and others.

Broadway Bares 1
4/8/92 ~ Splash
This is the show that started the very origins of B'way Bares, Tony winner Jerry Mitchell (who was doing Will Rogers Follies at the time) and six friends climbed up on the bar at Splash to raise money, only known footage in existence, runs a little more than 3 minutes, A, extremely rare

Broadway Bares 2
10/28/92 ~ NY
Pro-shot on a tripod, even though this is considered to be the second iteration, it really is the first that took on the recognized format and featured big numbers, this version was presented at Shout (a larger bar complete with spotlight and a postage stamp sized stage), was back by popular demand six months after the first, show had no theme, no big B'way names, just one dance number after another, first version to feature both men and women, Marla Maples makes an appearance towards the end of the show during what is called "Rotation" when the dancers get up close to the fans, who stuff donations into their g-strings, every few minutes the dancers rotate around to different sets of fans, some generational loss, B+, rare

Broadway Bares 3
1993 ~ NY
 Pro-shot, featured dances from some of the B'way  musicals but no "name stars" participated (but
 some of the dancers have gone onto greater things including Michael Barresse, Scott Fowler and Greg Ramos), production values were also not as elaborate as more recent versions of the show, some generational loss, A-

Broadway Bares 4 ~ 'Revival: A New Way To Do It'
1994 ~ New York
Broadway Bares is known as Broadway's sexiest event, when male and female dancers take it off for a good cause at a Manhattan venue. This spectacular show combines the naughtiness of burlesque and razzle-dazzle of Broadway, featuring original dance numbers choreographed and performaned by some of Broadway's best dancers. Conceived, choreographed, and directed by Jerry Mitchell, this annual event benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Multi Camera Pro-shot for video A-

Broadway Bares 5 ~ 'Knock, Knock...Who's Bare'
1995 ~ New York
Rosie O'Donnell, Billy Porter, more....
Pro-shot video A

Broadway Bares 6 ~ 'Less Is More
1996 ~ New York
Nathan Lane, Lilias White, Billy Porter, more....
Pro-shot video A

Broadway Bares 7 ~ 'The Barest Show on Earth'
1997 ~ Roseland Ballroom
Broadway Bares is known as Broadway’s sexiest event, when male and female dancers take it off for a good cause at a Manhattan venue. This spectacular show combines the naughtiness of burlesque and the razzle-dazzle of Broadway, featuring original dance numbers choreographed and performed by some of Broadway’s best dancers. Conceived, choreographed, and directed by Jerry Mitchell, this annual event benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.   B

Broadway Bares 8 ~ 'Peep Show'
1998 ~ Roseland Ballroom
Alan Cumming, Deborah Gibson, Sandra Bernhart, Billy Porter.
Pro-shot for video A

Broadway Bares 9 ~ 'Calendar Girl'
1999 ~ Roseland Ballroom
Lea Delaria, Alan Cummins, Tom Wopat.
Pro-shot for video A

Broadway Bares 10 ~ 'X'
2000 ~ Roseland Ballroom
10th Anniversary Production - Bruce Vilanche, Joley Fisher, Allen Cummings, Linda Eder and many more. B

Broadway Bares 11 ~ 'Strip Odyssey'
2001 ~ Roseland Ballroom
Idina Menzel and many more

Broadway Bares 12 ~ 'A Comic Strip'
2002 ~ Roseland Ballroom
Julia Murney and many more

Broadway Bares 13 ~ 'Back to Burlesque'
2003 ~ Roseland Ballroom

Broadway Bares 14 ~ 'Now Showing'
2004 ~ Roseland Ballroom
Jai Rodriguez, Patrick Cassidy, Page Davis, Christopher Sieber, John Tartaglia B

Broadway Bares 15 ~ 'RXXX'
6/19/05 ~ Roseland Ballroom
Shoshana Bean, Michael Elroy, Christina Applegate, David Hyde Pierce, Tim Curry, Jai Rodriguez, Bruce Villanch and many more.
BC/EFA annual "burlesque" benefit show.  Pro-shot for video.   A

Broadway Bares 16 ~ 'New York Strip'
6/18/06 ~ New York
Mario Cantone, Fran Dresher, John Lloyd Young, Marisa Jaret Winouker, Josh Strickland, Cyndi Lauper, Sara Gettlefinger, Alan Cummings, and many more.
This hotly anticipated annual event combines the naughtiness of burlesque and the razzle-dazzle of Broadway and has been a smashing success since its inception in 1992. Created by Jerry Mitchell, the event features the hottest male and female dancers on Broadway and has become one of Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS signature events. Pro-shot for video. A

Broadway Bares 17 ~ 'Myth Behavior'
6/17/07 ~ New York
Ashley Brown, Laura bell Bundy, Harvey Fierstein, Deidre Goodwin, Capathia Jenkins, Leslie Kritzer, David Hyde Pierce, Bebe Neuwirth, Daphne Rubin-Vega, more… "All of Mount Olympus will tremble at this year's edition of Broadway Bares which will feature a pantheon of gods and goddesses (and a few mere mortals for them to toy with). Broadway Bares will celebrate Greek mythology with the Broadway Bares twist that makes the event one of the hottest of the summer. From the chiseled physiques of Narcissus and Poseidon to the deadly alluring Medusa to the debauched Bacchus and the legendary Amazons, a veritable clash of the titans will take place on stage at the Roseland Ballroom as hundreds of Broadway's hottest bodies bare it all for BC/EFA."  Multi-camera, pro shot for video.   A

Broadway Bares 18 ~ 'Wonderland'
6/22/08 ~ New York
Mary Birdsong, Tituss Burgess, Christopher Sieber, Matthew Morrison, Tyler Maynard, Jennifer Cody, Nathan Lane, Andrea Martin, more… “Since its inception in 1992, when Tony Award®-winning choreographer and director Jerry Mitchell – then in the ensemble of The Will Rogers Follies – put six of his fellow dancers up on the bar at an infamous “watering hole” in New York City’s Chelsea district and raised $8,000 for Broadway Cares, the 18 editions of Broadway Bares have grown beyond all expectations, raising more than $5.7 million for BC/EFA. Drawing upon Lewis Carroll’s  classic Alice in Wonderland, Broadway Bares: Wonderland opened with a chorus of English schoolmates and featured a wealth of twisted and nearly naked guests from beyond the looking glass, including, the “Queen of Hearts,” the infamous “Caterpillar,” the “Walrus and the Carpenter,” the “Dodo Bird” and “Mock Turtle,” along with such favorites as “the Cheshire Cat,” “White Rabbit,” a chorus of “Tweedledums and Tweedledees,” and, of course, young Alice, making her way through an orgy of unforgettable characters discovered down the rabbit hole.”  Pro-shot for video.   A

Broadway Bares 19 ~ 'Click It'
6/21/09 ~ New York
“This year's internet-themed show featured just about everything legal that can be found online, with skits inspired by email, recipes, "bears," shopping, gambling, dating, crashing computers, YouTube, travel and - what proved to be an audience favorite -  "fantasy football;" all popping up with a dose of shimmy, beautiful bodies and good ol' hot and healthy sex. Daniel Reichard played the show's central character, taking the audience on a cyber-journey as a young man who'd rather spend the evening on his computer than attend Broadway Bares with his friends. With beach balls and colorful boards on display, "surfing the web" was taken literally in the opening number as Reichard was joined by Heidi Blickenstaff ([title of show]) as ‘Widget,' a young fairy godmother who urges cyber-Dan to live a real life rather than a virtual one but not, of course,  before leading him through all the internet has to offer! The information super-highway was lined with stars as Broadway favorites. Sutton Foster (Shrek The Musical), Allison Janney (9 to 5) and Kevin Chamberlin (The Addams Family) added wise-cracking, bawdy laughter to the evening with scenes penned by Hunter Bell, the Tony nominated book writer of [title of show].   Before logging off, they were joined by Norm Lewis (The Little Mermaid), Mo Rocca ("CBS Sunday Morning"), Whitney Thompson ("America's Next Top Model"), and Michael Urie (The Temperamentals, "Ugly Betty"), all showing some stellar skin to help the cause and amp up the audience. From opening number to grand finale, "Click It!" was an evening of fast-paced highlights and cyber-delights. "You've Got Male" showcased beefy males in tight-fitting mailman uniforms and nearly naked men wearing hip-hugging mailboxes, while the next number, "Stimulus Package," featured a spangled, red-white-and-blue Miss Liberty supported by dancers in sleeveless tuxes. Dazzling live vocals were provided by dance music chart-topper Jason Walker for "Webcam" performing "Set It Free." The campy "Foot Fetish," based on the viral sensation YouTube video "Shoes," offered up tall topless boys in incredibly high high-heels. Las Vegas-based aerialists and perennial Bares showstoppers "The Living Art of Armando" offered "The World Wide Web," a dazzling, gravity-defying number performed to DJ Earworm's mash up of U2's "One," The Beatles' "Come Together" and The Supremes' "Someday We'll be Together." Audience members gasped as interlocking acrobats spun above the stage in various formations inside a colossal web made of rope. With "All Bets Are Off," a phalanx of sexy dancers strutted their stuff to Lady GaGa's infectious "Poker Face," while "A Sweet Treat" gave Broadway's Norm Lewis the chance to show off a beautifully sculpted body usually confined to the sea at The Little Mermaid, before being stripped to his skivvies by a gaggle of man-hungry, apron-clad 1950s housewives. This gaggle of grabby homemakers had "barely" left the stage before a suspenders-and-beanie wearing computer-savvy team called the "Geek Squad" lost their buffalo-plaid shirts and more, receiving the kind of "upgrade" Bares audiences have come to expect and enjoy.  Before anyone could catch their breath, "Getaway" took the crowd to New Orleans and filled the Bares stage with a splashy, colorful "Mardi Gras"-inspired production number complete with marching band and an aerial striptease. But it was the fantasy footballers of "A Real Tight End" that left the breathless audience cheering for more as the group of sweaty team players huddled and tossed around the pigskin before turning upstage and baring nearly all as they headed for the showers. But it wouldn't be Broadway Bares without "the Rotation," the pulse-raising tradition that ends the show.  Two-time Tony Award nominee Christopher Sieber and his Shrek the Musical costar Jennifer Cody returned as rotation masters, urging the sold-out audience to stuff every variety of currency into g-strings, jock straps and cups.  "We'll take it all. Washingtons, Lincolns and Jacksons," Sieber shouted over the music and din of the crowd.  "But we are particularly fond of Benjamins," shouted Cody, jumping up and shaking her booty, exalting crowd members reaching for the dancers with cash in hand to "give it up"!  As the dancers gyrated for tips, international recording artist Kristine W. , joined by Michael Balderrama (In The Heights) and James Harkness (Guys & Dolls), worked the crowd into a lather with  a hot medley of five of her hits: "The Boss," "The Land of the Living," "Walk Away," "One More Try," and "Be All Right."  In 20 minutes, and before anyone could name all 44 presidents, a recession-defying $18,600 had exchanged much more than hands.”  Pro-shot for video, filmed using multiple cameras.   A

Broadway Bares 20 ~ Stripopoly NYC
6/20/10 ~ New York
Kristen Chenoweth, Vanessa Williams, Euan Morton, Lucy Liu, Reichen Lehmkuhl, Jackie Hoffman, Katie Finneran, Diana DeGarmo, Nick Adams, Heidi Blickenstaff, Kevin Burrows, Charles Busch, Kevin Chamberlin, Jennifer Cody, Alan Cumming, Lea DeLaria, Katie Finneran, Barrett Foa, Julie Halston, Cheyenne Jackson, Denis Jones, Sebastian LaCause, Julia Murney, Christopher Sieber, Rachelle Rak, Andrew Rannells, Bruce Vilanch, Lillias White and, of course, Jerry Mitchell and over 200 of the HOTTEST dancers and singers on Broadway. . Rating: A+

Broadway Bares 21 ~ Masterpiece
6/19/11 ~ New York
Beth Leavel, David Hyde Pierce, Hunter Foster, Roger Rees, Rory O'Malley, Jim Parsons, Christopher Siever, Patina Miller, Judith Light and over 100 of the HOTTEST dancers on Broadway.  Pro-Shot A+

Broadway Bares 22 ~ Happy Ending
6/17/12 ~ New York
“Broadway Bares XXII: Happy Endings, transforms our favorite fairytales into crazy-hot, spectacular come-to-life stories as told by a bevy of Broadway's best performers. From Snow White to Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio to The Pied Piper, Broadway Bares XXII spins the classics into contemporary fantasy. Multi-camera, pro-shot for video.  Disc also includes cast interviews, and the announcement of the “Stripathon Winners”. A

Broadway Bares 23 ~ United Strips Of America
6/23/13 ~ New York
Hosted by Christopher Sieber and Lesli Margherita.  
Multi-camera, pro-shot. A

Broadway Bares 24
6/22/14 ~ New York
James Franco, Bianca del Rio, Alan Cumming, Constantine Maroulis, Christopher Sieber, hundreds of the hottest dancers on B'way, A+

Broadway Bares 25
6/21/15 ~ New York
Laverne Cox, Bianca del Rio, Harvey Feirstein, Lesli Margherita and Christopher Seiber, A+

Broadway Barks 7
7/30/05 ~ New York
Another benefit for local Animal Shelters in New York. Again hosted by Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peters. Presenters include: Rue McClannahan, Delta Burke, Christine Ebersole, Marcia Mason, Raul Esperza, Denis O'Hare, Andrea Martin, and many others. A

Broadway Barks 8
7/8/06 ~ New York's Schubert Alley
Bob Martin, Georgia Engel, Beth Leavel, Josh Strickland, Jenn Gambatese, Shuler Hensley, Cheyenne Jackson, Wendy Malick, Sutton Foster, Bebe Neuwirth, Gary Beach, Lucie Arnaz, Michael Cerveris, Christian Hoff, Christine Ebersole, Carole Kane, more...  Hosted by Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore.   A

Broadway Barks 9
7/14/07 ~ New York
Annual fundraising event to benefit local animal shelters in New York, and supported by the Broadway community.  Hosted by Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peters.  Angela Lansbury, John Lloyd Young, J. Robert Spencer, Daniel Richard, Christian Hoff, Jonathan Hadoray, Marin Mazzie, Mark Moran, Joanne Worley, Beth Leavel, John Glover, Cheyane Jackson, Henry Butler, Michael Ceveris, Jerry Mathers, Harry Hamlin, Lisa Renna, Gavin Lee, Ashley Brown, Mary Louise Wilson, Audra McDonald, Bebe Neuwirth, more...  Filmed in New York's Schubert Alley.   A

Broadway Beat Compilation #8
2004 Drama League Awards luncheon (Kristin Chenoweth singing nominees’ names, interviews with some nominees), 2004 Tony Nominees interviews (and shows some clips from shows), Idina Menzel singing Defying Gravity over credits, Brooklyn Rehearsal, Of Thee I Sing at Papermill, Lillias White singing Aquarius from Hair concert/Raul singing song over credits, Hair Actor’s Fund Rehearsal, Let the Sun Shine In Hair concert finale over credits.  A

The Broadway Beauty Pageant 2008
4/28/08 ~ New York
Second annual event which benefits the Ali Forney Center. Contestants will compete for the crown through talent, interview and swimsuit competitions. Anthony Rapp hosts and celebrity judges include Seth Rudetsky and [title of show]'s Hunter Bell and Susan Blackwell. Those competing for the title are Tommy Berklund (Mr.A Chorus Line),Austin Eyer (Mr. Curtains), Joe Komara (Mr. Grease), Daniel Robinson (Mr. Hairspray) and Marty Thomas (Mr. Xanadu). Michael Riedel of the New York Post will present the winner with his crown. A+

The Broadway Beauty Pageant 2008
4/28/08 ~ New York
Second annual event which benefits the Ali Forney Center. Contestants will compete for the crown through talent, interview and swimsuit competitions. Anthony Rapp hosts and celebrity judges include Seth Rudetsky and [title of show]'s Hunter Bell and Susan Blackwell. Those competing for the title are Tommy Berklund (Mr.A Chorus Line),Austin Eyer (Mr. Curtains), Joe Komara (Mr. Grease), Daniel Robinson (Mr. Hairspray) and Marty Thomas (Mr. Xanadu). Michael Riedel of the New York Post will present the winner with his crown. A+

The Broadway Beauty Pageant 2009
4/20/09 ~ New York
Third annual event which benefits the Ali Forney Center. Contestants will compete for the crown through talent, interview and swimsuit competitions.Celebrity judges include Beth Leavel, Seth Rudetsky,Ana Gasteyer and Charles Busch.Those competing for the title are Anthony Hollock (Mr. Hair), James Brown III (Mr. Little Mermaid),Adam Fleming (Mr.Wicked),Tony James (Mr. Lion King) and David Larsen (Mr. Billy Elliot) A

Broadway Belters
2005 ~ "R Family Cruise"
Hosted by Rosie and Seth Rudetsky and included performances: Aquarius (Orfeh and Cast) Take Me or Leave Me (Anika Larsen/Aisha de Haas,) Going Down (Gavin Creel,) Rich,Famous & Powerful (Liz McCartney,) You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman (Ledisi, Gavin Creel.) Filmed on Rosie O'Donnel's "R Family Cruise." A-

Broadway's Best on Bravo
Mandy Moore, Trisha Yearwood and many more

Broadway Bound
10/5/13 ~ La Mirada, CA
Ian Alda, Gina Hecht, Allan Miller, Brett Ryback, John Mariano, Cate Cohen
Nice capture of this hilarious play; show is completely intact from start to finish with no blackouts and no washout; some heads at the bottom of the screen but don't affect the picture; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. 2 DVDs A

A Broadway Celebration at the White House
10/12/10 ~ Washington DC.
Nathan Lane, Idina Menzel, Audra McDonald, Elaine Stritch, Brian D’Arcy James,
Chad Kimball, Tonya Pinkins, Marvin Hamlisch, Karen Olivo, Assata Alston, Danielle Arci, Constantine Rousouli.
Pro-shot for PBS in the performance at the White House. A+

Broadway Home Movies
Interesting collection of footage from various old Broadway shows, most probably filmed by a cast member. Included: Black and white footage of a GYPSY rehearsal with Ethel Merman and the original Broadway cast, and some bootlegged color footage from the show, all with music from the cast album playing over the silent footage; Color silent footage of MAME with Angela Lansbury and Bea Arthur filmed from the balcony and some from the wings and some candid footage before the show with Lansbury; Rare color footage, also silent, of Angela Lansbury and the original Broadway cast of DEAR WORLD during a rehearsal; More rare footage of Gwen Verdon and Chita Rivera, this time in color with full sound of a rehearsal of CHICAGO with full orchestra, cast and costumes on stage. There's a number with Chita Rivera which never made it to the final show, as well as some other scenes which didn't make the final cut either. You can even hear Bob Fosse stopping the action a few times to give stage directions. 2 DVDs

Broadway In Bryant Park 2001
Casts of "Cabaret", "The Full Monty" and " Chicago " sing selections outdoors to promote their shows. Second show is captured as well. Annie Golden sings, "It's a Women's World" among other highlights. Video is well shot through crowd. Crisp and clear. A

Broadway in Bryant Park 2004
NYC, various dates during summer 2004
Performances from Avenue Q, Wicked, Aida and Little Shop of Horrors w/ Joey Fatone, Brooklyn, Bare, the Donkey Show, Rent, Hair, Beauty and the Beast, From my Hometown, Phantom, Stomp, Fiddler on the Roof, Movin' Out, Lion King, Chicago, 42nd Street, Wonderful Town, Bombay Dreams, Mamma Mia 2 DVDs A

Broadway in Bryant Park 2005
NYC, various dates during summer 2005
Performances from Altar Boyz, Beauty and the Beast, Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Spelling Bee, Chicago,Wicked 3 DVDs (dates incase you need specific DVD, 7/14/05, 7/28/05 and 8/4/05) A

Broadway in Bryant Park 2006
NYC, various dates during summer 2006
7/19/06 = Performances from Wicked, Shout!, The Color Purple

Broadway In Bryant Park 2006
Hosted by 106.7 Lite FM's Valerie Smaldone. (1) THE WEDDING SINGER (Stephen Lynch, Tina Maddigan (understudy), Amy Spanger, .): "It's Your Wedding Day"; "Grow Old With You"; "Right in Front of Your Eyes". (2) HAIRSPRAY (Shannon Durig, Haylie Duff, Blake Hammond, Cassie Levy, Darlene Love, et al.): "Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now"; "Run and Tell That"; "I Know Where I've Been". (3) TARZAN (Josh Strickland, Jenn Gambatese, Chester Gregory II, Merle Dandridge, l.): "Who Better Than Me"; "You'll Be In My Heart"; "For the First Time"; "Trashin' the Camp". (4) RENT (Antonique Smith, Frenchie Davis, Robin DeJesus (understudy), Haven Burton (understudy), Nicole Lewis, .): "Out Tonight"; "I'll Cover You"; "Take Me or Leave Me"; "Seasons of Love". Includes RENT/WS soundcheck A

Broadway In Bryant Park 2007
NYC, various dates during summer 2007, on seperate DVDs
7/12/07 = Performances from Mamma Mia, Beauty and the Beast,
Spelling Bee, In the Heights
7/19/07 = Performances from Avenue Q, Drowsy Chaperone,
Phantom of the Opera, Rent
7/27/07 = Performances from Xanadu, Spamalot, Lion King,
8/2/07 = Performances from Mary Poppins, Hairspray, Les
8/9/07 = Performances from Spring Awakening,The Fantasticks,
The Color Purple,Wicked A+

Broadway In Bryant Park 2008
NYC, various dates during summer 2008, on seperate DVDs
7/31/08 = Performances from The Little Mermaid,Tale of Two
Cities,Cirque Dreams: Jungle Fantasy, In Transit and Altar Boyz.
8/7/08 = Performances from Xanadu, Spring Awakening, Gypsy,
Wicked, Mary Poppins. Includes soundcheck for SA and Xanadu.
8/14/08 = Performances from Rent, Legally Blonde, 13, Grease,
Young Frankenstein 6 DVDs in total, including soundchecks

Broadway in Bryant Park 2009
NYC, various dates during summer 2009, on seperate DVDs
7/9/09 = Performances from Avenue Q, In the Heights, Joe
Iconis Rock and Roll Jamboree, Phantom of the Opera, Stomp
7/16/09 = Performances from Little Mermaid, 9 to 5, Pure
Country,The Toxic Avenger
7/23/09 = Performances from Mary Poppins, Rock of Ages,
Vanities, Wicked
7/30/09 = Performances from Chicago, Jersey Boys, Naked Boys
Singing!, Shrek the Musical
8/6/09 = Performances from Burn the Floor, The Fantasticks, The
Lion King, The Marvellous Wonderettes, Next to Normal
Hosted by Christine Nagy (106.7 Lite FM)

Broadway in Bryant Park 2010
NYC, various dates during summer 2010, on seperate DVDs
7/8/10 = Performances from Stomp, Promises Promises, In the Heights, Nunsense
7/15/10 = Performances from Phantom of the Opera, Billy Elliot, Memphis, South
Pacific, Radio City Christmas Spectacular
7/22/10 = Performances from Chicago, A Little Night Music, Falling for Eve,
Rock of Ages
7/29/10 = Performances from Lion King, Addams Family, Wicked, Next to Normal
8/5/10 = Performances from Avenue Q, Fela!, Million Dollar Quartet, Freestyle
Love Supreme, The Fantasticks
8/12/10 = Performances from Mamma Mia, American Idiot, La Cage aux Folles,
West Side Story, Mary Poppins

Broadway Loves the 80s
6/13/07 ~ New York, Joe's Pub
Aaron J. Albano, Stanley Bahorek, Shoshana Bean, Jenn Colella, Nikki Renee Daniels, Natascia Diaz, Adam Fleming, Ellen Foley, Jared Gertner, Ritter Hans, Lin-Manue Miranda, Mo Rocca, Kate Shindle, The Broadway Boys, The Cast of the Awesome 80's Prom.
Audio can get a bit muffled because of the intimate space, but picture is wonderful! A

Broadway Loves the 80s Volume 2
11/12/07 - Joe's Pub, NY
Hosted by Mo Rocca w/performances by Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Kate Shindle,Curtis Holbrook, Ann Harada, Ashley Parker Angel, Lance Bass, Kathy Deitch, Jared Gertner, Julia Murney, Josh Strickland. Tony Vincent, more A

Broadway On Broadway 2000
9/10/00 ~ Times Square
Hosted by Mario Cantone and Al Roker, with the casts of Rent, Annie Get Your Gun, Cabaret, Chicago, Dirty Blonde, Fosse, Jekyll & Hyde, Kiss Me Kate, Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, The Music Man, The Phantom Of The Opera, Riverdance, Saturday Night Fever, Swing, and sneak previews from The Full Monty, Jane Eyre, The Rocky Horror Show.  (Disc also includes “Jeanette’s Showbiz Number” with Kathleen Freeman and the guys from The Full Monty on the MDA Telethon)  About 2 hours, complete with original commercials.   A

Broadway on Broadway 2001
9/10/01 ~ WNBC-TV
Hosted by Brooke Shields with Idina Menzel singing “My Strongest Suit” from Aida, Bebe Neuwirth and the cast of Chicago, Ivan Rutherford, the cast of Rent, the cast of Kiss Me Kate, Howard McGillan, Michelle Lee, Tony Roberts, the cast of Mamma Mia, Rebecca Luker, Annie Golden and the cast of The Full Monty, the cast of Blast!, Hunter Foster and the cast of Urinetown, Brad Oscar, Kate Burton, Terrance Mann and the cast of The Rocky Horror Show, the cast of 42nd Street, more…   “Broadway on Broadway is the largest, free outdoor public event held in Times Square. The annual kick-off to the Broadway season and draws more than 50,000 theatre lovers to watch as their favorite performers take the stage to give them a taste of what the year has in store for them.  The event features hundreds of members from the casts of the current Broadway musicals, as well as additional members from upcoming musicals new for the season.”  Commercials have been edited out.  A

Broadway On Broadway 2002
9/21/02 ~ WNBC-TV
Hosted by Joey Fatone and Marissa Jaret Winokur. Includes: Patrick Wilson “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” Oklahoma, Felicia Finley “Strongest Suit” Aida, Catherine Burnell “Forget About the Boy” Thoroughly Modern Millie, Brian Stokes Mitchell “Impossible Dream” Man of La Mancha, Melissa Errico/Malcolm Gets “Dusoleil on the Run” Amour, Molly Ringwald “Cabaret” Cabaret, Manley Pope/Joey Fatone “What You Own” Rent, Diana Karina “On My Own” Les Miserables, Donna Lynn Champlin and young girl “I’m Always Chasing Rainbows” Hollywood Arms, Lea Salonga/Sondra Allen “I Enjoy Being A Girl” Flower Drum Song, Gregg Edelman/Chris Sieber “Agony” Into the Woods, “Hakuna Matata” Lion King, Tom Wopat “Lullaby of Broadway” 42nd Street, Steven Weber “I Wanna Be A Producer” The Producers, Michael Shawn Lewis and ? “All I Ask Of You” Phantom of the Opera, Louise Pitre “Mamma Mia” Mamma Mia, John Cullum and cast “Mr. Cladwell” Urinetown, “Come with Me” Boys from Syracuse, Jamie Lynn Sigler “A Change in Me” Beauty and the Beast, Michael Cavenaugh “New York State of Mind” Movin’ Out, Taye Diggs “All I Care About Is Love” Chicago, Hairspray cast (Marissa, Matthew, Kerry, Harvey, Mary and cast) “You Can’t Stop the Beat” Hairspray, Everyone “New York, New York”.  1 hour, complete with original commercials.   A

Broadway on Broadway 2003
9/7/03 ~ WNBC-TV
Hosted by Jane Krakowski and Nathan Lane with Melanie Griffith, Idina Menzel “Wizard and I” from Wicked, Brent Barrett, Polly Bergan, Mark Hammil, Kerry Butler, Hunter Foster, Frenchie Davis, Bernadette peters, Kathy Brier, Jon Secada, more… “Broadway on Broadway is the largest, free outdoor public event held in Times Square. The annual kick-off to the Broadway season and draws more than 50,000 theatre lovers to watch as their favorite performers take the stage to give them a taste of what the year has in store for them.  The event features hundreds of members from the casts of the current Broadway musicals, as well as additional members from upcoming musicals new for the season.”  Some generational loss and low sound.  About two hours. B+

Broadway on Broadway 2004
9/12/04 ~ WNBC-TV
Hosted by Wayne Brady and Christy Carlson Romano, with Brooke Shields, Harvey Fierstein, Tovah Feldshuh, Michael McKeon, B.D. Wong, Idina Menzel, Jennifer Laura Thompson, Hunter Foster, Sutton Foster, more…  Featuring performances from Wonderful Town, Avenue Q, Beauty And The Beast, Bombay Dreams, Chicago, Dracula, Forever Tango, Hairspray, The Lion King, Mamma Mia, The Phantom Of The Opera, The producers, Rent, Wicked, Brooklyn, Little Women.  Commercials have been edited out.  About 50 minutes.   A

Broadway on Broadway 2007
September 16, 2007
Wicked (Julia Murney), Avenue Q, Rent, Mary Poppins, The Lion King, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Spamalot, Les Miserables, The Drowsy Chaperone, Grease, Curtains, Mamma Mia! (Carolee Carmello) and more. Also includes "Broadway's Biggest Fan" judged by Seth Rudetsky. A- 2 DVDs

Broadway on Broadway 2008
9/14/08 ~ Times Square
Hosted by Drew Lachey (then appearing in Spamalot), with performances from Mamma Mia, Gypsy, The Lion King, Mary Poppins, The Little Mermaid, Jersey Boys and In The Heights, and also from the upcoming season Billy Elliot, A Tale Of Two Cities, and 13.  Filmed from the first row by someone in the audience-not the televised version.  This disc includes the pre-show rehearsals as well as the show itself.  A 2 DVDs

Broadway Plays Washington
3/13/82 ~ Pro shot
Hosted by Debbie Reynolds with Bea Arthur, Larry Kert, Melba Moore, John Cullum, Robert Morse, John Rait, Chita, Pearl Bailey and others

Broadway Sings:The Music of Jule Styne 

1987 ~ PBS-TV
Carol Channing, Chita Rivera, Larry Kert, Michael Feinstein, Diahann Carroll, Ann Reinking, Donna McKenchnie
All-star concert filmed at the St James Theatre and aired as a Great Performances telecast A

Broadway TV Commercials
Commercials from about 80 Broadway shows including the very first Commercial for Pippin Musicals and Dramas, Popular Shows and Flops.  A lot of fun.

Broadway's Lost Treasures I
2003 ~ PBS Broadcast
17 performances such as Joel Grey's Wilkcommen from Cabaret, Gwen Verdon and Chita Rivera's All That Jazz from Chicago, Pro-shot, A

Broadway's Lost Treasures II
2004 PBS Broadcast
Includes Anything Goes-Patti LuPone and company, Sweet Charity—Juliet Prowse and Chita Rivera, Mame-Angela Lansbury and Bea Arthur, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying-Robert Morse, Man of La Mancha-Richard Kiley La Cage aux Folles-George Hearn and Les Cagelles, Les Misérables – Colm Wilkinson and company, and lots more classic Broadway performances!  A

Broadway's Lost Treasures III
2005 ~ PBS Broadcast
Includes Lerner & Loewe medly, My Fair Lady, Juliet Andrews-Camelot, Into the Woods medley with Vanessa Williams & cast, Comedy Tonight with Zero Mostel from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Ethel Merman medley, Girl Crazy, Call Me Madam, Gypsy with Ethel Mermain, Ragtime from Ragtime with original cast plus lots more, Pro-shot, A

Broadway Sings: The Music of Jule Styne
1987 ~ PBS-TV
Carol Channing, Chita Rivera, Larry Kert, Michael Feinstein, Diahann Carroll, Ann Reinking, Donna McKenchnie
All-star concert filmed at the St James Theatre and aired as a Great Performances telecast A

Broadway Under the Stars 2005
6/13/05 ~ CBS2 TV, New York
From Bryant Park. Christina Appplegate, Tom Wopat, Don Fogler, Brett Barrett, Michael Cervis, Bryan Stokes Mitchell, Hunter Foster, Mario Cantone. About 45 mins.   A

Broadway Under The Stars 2006
6/26/06 ~ WCBS-TV
Televised Concert from Central Park in New York City celebrating the career of Harold Prince.  Featuring; Jane Krakowski, Sutton Foster, Noah Racey, Kelly O'Hara, Matthew Morrison, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Carolee Carmello, Brian d'Arcy James, Elain Strich, Rebecca Luker, Anika Noni Rose, Shuler Hensley, Donna McKechnie, Michael Arden, Michael Cerveris, Christine Ebersole, Manoel Felciano, Bebe Neuwirth, Liza Minnelli and a performance of "All I Ask Of You" from The Jersey Boys.   A

Broadway TV Commercials
Commercials from about 80 Broadway shows including the very first Commercial for Pippin Musicals and Dramas, Popular Shows and Flops.  A lot of fun.

Brokeback Mountain: The Opera
Madrid's Teatro Real -- 2014 -- Proshot
Cast: Tom Randle, Daniel Okulitch.
A new opera based on the 2006 film and the short story by Annie Proulx. The show is in English and has English Subtitles throughtout.

Broken Glass
Henry Goodman
This is the film version adaption of the London show in 1994.

Broken Glass
2012 ~ Williamstown, MA
Pro-Shot John Chandler Hawthorne, Elizabeth Stern, Alex Foucault, Justine Neubarth A well done college production of Arthur Miller's play

A Bronx Tale
11/14/16 ~ Broadway
Nick Cordero, Richard H. Blake, Bobby Conte Thornton, Ariana DeBose, Lucia Giannetta, Bradley Gibson, Hudson Loverro
A great HD capture of the new musical which is based on the play. The ledge blocks the actors legs at the bottom of the screen when action is downstage far right but it is not really an issue with the camera zooming in. The show is a nice mix of Jersey Boys and West Side Story with upbeat music. Clear sound, nice video 2 DVDs A-

8/20/03 ~ Denver, Colorado (Denver Civic Theatre)
Eden Espinosa, Karen Olivio, Ramona Keller, David Jennings.

10/2/04 ~ Broadway
Kevin Anderson, Cleavant Derricks, Eden Espinosa, Ramona Keller, Karen Olivo
Amazing video; one of the better ones i have ever seen; 1st generation from the master. Includes press reels and CBS2 and NY1 segments. A+

11/27/04 ~ Broadway
Kevin Anderson, Cleavant Derricks, Eden Espinosa, Ramona Keller, Karen Olivo
Filmed from 5th row; shot around some heads; a few cover-ups but amazing closeups; good sound. Great video; 1st generation from the master. B+

6/26/05 ~ Broadway
Lee Morgan, Cleavant Derricks, Eden Espinosa, Ramona Keller, Karen Olivo

6/13/06 ~ St. Paul, MN
Diana DeGarmo, Melba Moore, Cleavant Derricks, Julie Reiber, Lee Morgan
Great filming, picture and sound; only their second full performance; one minute missing for a tape switch but otherwise complete. A

7/13/06 ~ Atlanta, GA
Diana DeGarmo, Clevant Derricks, Melba Moore, Lee Morgan, Julie Reiber
Orchestra shoot with beautiful closeups and no heads; a battery issue caused the picture to still be good though not as framed as the the first hour; sound for the most part is good. Diana DeGarmo has a little speech at the end. A-

Brooklyn Boy
1/29/05 ~ Broadway
Adam Arkin, Polly Draper, Ari Graynor, Arye Gross, Kevin Isola, Mimi Lieber, Alan Miller
Some problems in first 2 minutes and then good sound and a great video. A+

The Bubble
9/25/08 ~ New York
John Jeffrey Martin, John E. Brady, Mariand Torres, Danielle Lee Greaves, Andrea Dora, Emily Drennan, Anthony Giaimo, Jene Hernandez, Victoria Huston-Elem, Maxwell Jenkins, Mario
Matthews, Aalok Mehta, Amy Rutberg
Great sound and lots of close ups; nice video A

Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story
Summer 2007 ~ Plays in the Park, NJ
Jonathan Schwartz, Holly Curran, Mike Brennan
Pro shot video, very nice 2 DVDs A

Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story
5/22/10 ~ Essen
Dominik Schwarzer (Buddy Holly), Lewin Blümel (Jerry Allison), Dennis Schigiol (Joe Mauldin), Pedro Reichert (Tommy Allsup), Patrick Stanke (The Big Bopper), Vinicius Gomes (Ritchie Valens), Daniel Berger (Hipockets Duncan), Malcolm Walgate (Norman Petty), Yara Hassan (Maria Elena Santiago), Birgit Busse (Vi Petty), Anastasia Bain, Dionne Wudu, Myrthes Monteiro (Apollo-Sängerinnen), Pia Lustenberger (Peggy Sue u.a.), Sinje Schnittker (Shirley u.a.), John Davies (Murray Deutsch u.a.), Manuel Steinsdörfer, Ursula Baumgartner, Tim Harbusch, Stefan Holzhauer, Thomas Meyer
2 DVDs

3/6/04 ~ New York
Reed Birney, Michael Cullen, Shannon Cochran, Amy Landecker, Michael Shannon
Excellent video; A

Bullets And Daffodils In Concert
1/18/15 ~ London
Nicholas Ball, Pauline Fleming, Mark Reed (son of actor Oliver Reed), Dean Johnson.  
Bullets and Daffodils is a musical about the life of the war poet Wilfred Owen

Bullets Over Broadway
3/29/14 ~ Broadway
Zach Braff, Vincent Pastore, Betsey Wolfe, Helene Yorke, Karen Ziemba, Brooks Asmanskas, Lenny Wolpe, Nick Cordero, Janet Dickinson (Helen u/s)
Nicely filmed from the balcony using a HD camcorder, balcony railing is visible in the wider shot frames, A 2 DVDs

Bullets Over Broadway
8/24/14 ~ Broadway
Zach Braff, Marin Mazzie, Nick Cordero, Helene Yorke, Betsy Wolfe, Vincent Pastore, Lenny Wolpe, Brooks Ashmanskas, Karen Ziemba
Final Broadway performance; act one has a few issues, but act two is much better. Tiger Rag, The Hot Dog Song, and the first scene in Olive's apartment are all blacked out, totaling about 10 minutes in act one, but the rest of the show is complete; some heads blocking the center and sides of the stage in act one; they are worked around when possible, but the right side is completely obscured several times. Act two is nearly perfect with no blackouts and just some small heads at the bottom that don't block anything. Includes curtain call, Zach's farewell speech; good video that gets better as it goes on; clear picture and good sound 2 DVDs A-

Bullets Over Broadway

1/7/16 ~ Los Angeles, CA

Michael Williams, Emma Stratton, Jeff Brooks, Jemma Jane, Hannah Rose Deflumeri, Michael Corvino, Rick Grossman, Bradley Allan Zarr, Rachel Bahler

No obstruction, blackouts or washout and well filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Great clear sound; includes curtain call and playbill scans. 2 DVDs A+

Buried Child
3/30/16 ~ New York
Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, Paul Sparks, Rich Sommer, Taissa Farmiga, Nat Wolff, Larry Pine
Pro-Shot. Livestream from BroadwayHD. A

Busker Alley
1994 ~ New York workshop
Tommy Tune, Melissa Errico, Marcia Lewis, Brent Barrett, Keene Curtis
Pre opening workshop filmed at the Nederlander in 1994 for director Jeff Calhoun and musical director John McDaniel. Black and white steady camshot with some static but watchable B

Busker Alley
June 1995 ~ San Francisco, CA
Tommy Tune, Darcie Roberts, Brent Barrett, Marcia Lewis, Robert Nichols, Philip Huber
Nice video with some generation loss but watchable B

Busker Alley
9/19/95 ~ Baltimore, MD
Tommy Tune, Darcie Roberts, Marcia Lewis
Filmed from audience right with clear sound but no closeups at all; show is called Buskers includes a Broadway Beat story at the show rehearsal; newly surfaced video 2 DVDs B+

The Busy World is Hushed
7/1/06 ~ New York
Jill Clayburgh, Hamish Linklater, Luke MacFarlane
Good video with nice closeups and excellent sound A

But I'm a Cheerleader!
12/6/13 ~ London
Hannah Waddingham, Bronté Barbé, Maria Coyne, Andy Conaghan, Emma Bateman, Adrian Hansel, Shaun Rennie, Philip Labey, Carly Mercedes Dyer, Ian Knauer, Nicolas Colicos, Michael O’Connor, Helen Walsh, Jamie Ward, Gary Wood, Ricky Schroeder, Belinda Wollaston, Charlotte Harwood, Michelle Francis, Jamie Muscato, Caroline Rodgers
Proshot of a reading. Missing the last 5 minutes.

10/26/06 ~ Broadway
Nathan Lane, Julian Ovenden, Pamela Gray, Roderick Hill, Darren Pettie, Jessica Stone, Dana Ivey
Good clear video with nice picture and clear sound; video includes NY1 reviews and Theater Talk interviews A

Buyer & Cellar
11/13/13 ~ New York
Michael Urie
Filmed from what looks like the first or second row, so you're kind of looking up at the stage. The disc also includes Theatre Talk with Michael Urie and the playwright, and interviews from Broadway Showbiz Network. A

Buyer & Cellar
5/13/14 ~ Chicago
Michael Urie.
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions. This is a hilarious play about a guy who works in Barbra Streisand's Mall in her basement. The play is based on her book My Passion for Design. Michael does such an outstanding job and is hilarious in the role, 2 DVDs

By Jeeves
2001 ~ Goodspeed Opera House, Pittsburgh, PA
Martin Jarvis, John Scherer, Donna Lynne Champlin,Tom Ford, James Kall, Ian Knauer, Heath Lamberts, Emily Loesser, Molly Renfroe, Don Stephenson, Becky Watson
An American/Canadian cast filmed in Pittsburgh and pro shot for British TV. A

By Jeeves
10/19/01 ~ Broadway
John Scherer, Martin Davis, Donna Lynne Champlin, Don Stephenson, James Kall, Becky Watson
Filmed during previews; nice video with great clear closeups and excellent video and sound. A

By Jupiter
October 1991 ~ Sydney, Australia
Jean Smith, Debbie Wilson, Red Jones, Susan Smith, Craig Barnes
Semi proshot video, filmed from a tripod and includes about 10 minutes of footage filmed from the wings; very nice costumes and sets; maybe a dress rehearsal of the show so little applause and no heads. Very pretty version of obscure R & H show; clear sound and picture A-

Bye Bye Birdie
1992 ~ Los Angeles
Tommy Tune, Ann Reinking, Susan Egan
UPGRADED! Contains entire show; video does not end after Spanish Rose like most copies in circulation. Camera work is a little shaky. and dark but not bad A-

Bye Bye Birdie
July 2008 ~ Beverly, MA
Bianca Marroquin, James Patterson,Ari Butler, Madeleine Doherty, Mary-Pat Green, Alessa Neeck, Robert Saoud, Adam Piispanen, Edward M. Barker, Jeremy Benton, Joe Bowerman, Shavanna Calder, Elizabeth Clinard, Gina Duci, AJ Hughes, Laura Irion, Andy Jones, Charlie Logan, Paul Miller, Peter Mills, Mara Newbery, Ellen Peterson, Scott P. Sambuco, Dawn C.Tucker, Kirstin Tucker
Performed in the round; recorded during dress rehearsal with no audience; pro shot, nice video A

Bye Bye Birdie
9/16/09 ~ Broadway
John Stamos, Gina Gershon, Dee Hoty, Bill Irwin, Jayne Houdyshell, Nolan Gerard Funk, Allie Trimm
One brief cover up due to latecomers but very brief. Otherwise a good clear video with nice picture and sound A

Bye Bye Birdie
Summer 2014 ~ Plays in the Park, NJ
Joe Riley, Kimberly Diane, Vicki Tripodo, Natalie Romeo, Izzy Figueroa, Jonathan Fishman, Michele Crefeld, Stephen Jack Sayegh, Evan Krug, Shannen Doyle, Dana Simone
Pro-shot video with clear picture and sound; very nice video A

pre-1987 ~ location unknown
Joel Grey, Alyson Reed
Different from previous ones, this newly discovered video was probably done on the tour leading to Broadway; great sound and very well filmed with nice closeups A

10/21/87 ~ Broadway Revival
Joel Grey, Alyson Reed, Regina Resnick, Werner Klemperer, Gregg Edelman
Very well shot. Good picture and sound. B

June 1988 ~ Broadway
Joel Grey, Alyson Reed, Regina Resnick,Werner Klemperer,Gregg Edelman
Newly discovered video from the Broadway revival; excellent quality with nice closeups and sound A 2 DVDs

Some time mid 90s ~ Music Theatre Of Wichita Kansas
Stars a very young Kristin Chenoweth as one of the Kit Kat dancing girls and she sings one song. James Rocco as the MC.
Some generation loss. C

1995 - Bad Hersfeld, Germany
Pia Douwes, Peter Heinrich, Witta Pohl, Annika Bruhns.
Unique production staged outside with just a few setpieces. Very clear audio and video. *IN GERMAN, except for a few of Sally's songs that are done in English*

October 1996 ~ Beverly MA
Leah Lavish, Jay Douglas, Richard Roland, Merle Louise
A production of the North Shore Music Theatre; very nice production performed in the round. A

1998 & 1999 ~ Broadway
Alan Cumming, Natasha Richardson, Mary McCormack, Mary Louise Wilson, Blair Brown, Ron Rifkin
Two hours of unedited raw press footage of the original Roundabout and the replacement casts; excellent sound and picture for both A

1998 ~ Tour
Norbert Leo Butz, Teri Hatcher and Dic Latessa.
There is a lot of spotlight washout and fuzzies. But great sound and performances. C

1998 ~ Vienna, Austria
Uwe Kroger (Conferencier).
Very good quality, in German.

12/5/99 ~ Broadway
Susan Egan, Michael Hall
Very clear; great closeups; missing just some of the actual scenes but includes all of the songs and most of the important scenes are in it. Video includes the 2000 Easter Bonnets skit and 30 minutes of scenes from other Broadway videos after the show A

6/9/00 ~ Broadway
Joely Fisher, Michael Hall, Dick Latessa, Carole Shelley, Michael Hayden
Good sound and picture, with some spotlight washout B

8/6/00 ~ San Diego, CA
Kate Shindle, Jon Peterson, Alma Cuervo, Jay Goede
National tour based on the recent revival.  Filmed from the balcony.  A little dark at times.  B+

2/13/01 ~ Philadelphia, PA
Andrea McArdle, Jon Peterson, Lenora Nemetz, Hank Stratton
Filmed from the left of the mezzanine; some cover-ups B+

11/13/01 ~ Broadway
Gina Gershon, Raul Esparza, Carole Shelley, Larry Keith, Matthew Greer, Peter Benson, Candy Buckley
Good video, nice closeups A-

Act 1: 12/26/01 and Act 2: 12/23/01 ~ Broadway
Molly Ringwald,Vance Avery (u/s)
Act 1 has no obstructions except for an old man standing right in front of the camera for the first minute and a half. Act 2 has a head in the way but is shot around. Tons of closeups. A

2002 ~ Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne Australia
Lisa McCune,Toby Allen, Ian Stenlake,Judi Connelli, Henri Szeps, Nadine Garner,Tyler Coppin
This production is a replica of the Broadway revival. Semi proshot using one camera on a tripod with no zooms probably shot from the house camera. A

2/14/02 ~ Broadway
Molly Ringwald, Raul Esparza
Nice video with good picture and sound; A

6/18/02 ~ Broadway
Jane Leeves, John Stamos, Polly Bergen, Hal Linden
Nice video with good picture and sound; A

2003 ~ Brno, Czech Republic
Radka Coufalova (Sally), Petr Gazdik (Cliff), Tomas Sagher (Ernst), Stano Slovak (Conferencier), Miroslava Kolarova (Fraulein Schneider), Jana Musilova (Fritzie Kost), Ladislav Kolar (Herr Schultz).
Pro-shot using one camera on a tripod. Very good quality with spotlight washout. In Czech.

3/29/03 ~ Broadway matinee
Neil Patrick Harris, Deborah Gibson, Tom Bosley, Mariette Hartley

1/4/04 ~ Broadway
Susan Egan, Adam Pascal, Blair Brown, Tony Roberts
Final matinee, filmed from left center; A

11/17/04 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Bets Malone, Steve Glaudini, Jeff Weeks,Tracey Bowens Douglass, Barbara Hinrichsen, Dale Jones
A beautiful production by Performance Riverside. Well filmed using one camera on a tripod but slight buzzing sound at times.  Great performances. A

11/4/06 ~ West End, London
Anna Maxwell Martin, Michael Hayden, James Dreyfus, Sheila Hancock, Geoffrey Hutchings, Harriet Thorpe, Andrew Maud
A totally different Cabaret then previous ones. Wonderful production filled with very "raw" emotion. This production does contain nudity. Crystal clear picture and sound, Fantastic performances A

9/27/08 ~ UK Tour, Liverpool
Samantha Barks, Wayne Sleep, Jenny Logan, Matt Zimmerman, Henry Luxemburg, Karl Moffatt, Suanne Braun, Danni Bowen
Act one and then ten minutes of Act 2 only.

3/30/14 ~ Broadway
Michelle Williams, Leeds Hill as (u/s) Emcee, Linda Emond, Danny Burstein, Bill Heck, Aaron Krohn, Gayle Rankin
Beautiful HD capture of the wonderful revival with no obstructions. Leeds does a wonderful job in the role of the Emcee. Stunning second revival with terrific performances from the entire cast. Linda and Danny are just perfect together! 2 DVDs

5/3/14 ~ Broadway
Alan Cumming, Michelle Williams, Linda Emond, Danny Burstein, Bill Heck, Aaron Krohn, Gayle Rankin
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions and features the entire Revival Cast. Great clear picture; nice sound and close-ups; good video 2 DVDs A

8/19/14 ~ Broadway
Alan Cumming, Michelle Williams, Linda Emond, Danny Burstein, Bill Heck, Benjamin Eakeley (u/s Ernst Ludwig), Kaleigh Cronin (u/s Fraulein Kost), Kelly Paredes (u/s Rosie), Stacey Sipowicz (u/s Lulu), Andrea Goss, Jessica Pariseau, Gayle Rankin, Kristin Olness, Leeds Hill, Dylan Paul, Evan D Siegel
Very good capture with no washout, obstruction, and one quick dropout in act one. Excellent sound with clear picture and includes curtain call; nice video 2 DVDs A

11/20/14 ~ Broadway
Alan Cumming, Emma Stone, Kristie Dale Sanders (u/s Fraulein Schneider), Philip Hoffman (u/s Herr Shultz), Bill Heck, Aaron Krohn, Gayle Rankin
Filmed from the left mezzanine with slight spotlight washout; otherwise a very nice video with excellent picture and clear sound; great video 2 DVDs A

3/14/15 ~ Broadway
Alan Cumming, Sienna Miller, Linda Emond, Danny Burnstein, Benjamin Eakeley (u/s Cliff), Aaron Krohn, Hani Furstenberg
Beautiful HD capture of Sienna joining the cast as the final Sally Bowles and Hani joining as Kost. Great video with clear picture and excellent sound. 2 DVDs A

2/17/16 ~ Chicago, IL
Randy Harrison, Andrea Goss, Shannon Cochran, Mark Nelson, Alison Ewing, Ned Noyes, Lee Aaron Rosen
Beautiful HD capture of the new tour, with no obstructions. Great clear picture with nice close-ups and excellent sound; very good video 2 DVDs A

Cabaret Girl
3/7/09 ~ New York
Patricia Noonan, Scott Guthrie, Nanne Puritz, Mark Woodard, Jackson Ross Best Jr.
Music by Jerome Kern, book and lyrics by P.G.Wodehouse. Basically the filmer just put the camcorder in his lap and pressed the record button, so it's a stationary picture, shot through heads. You can see everything though and you get a good sense of this rarely done show. The actor's are staged with scripts in their hands, so this could be considered a concert version of the show. B+

Caesar and Cleopatra
2009 ~ Stratford Festival, England
Christopher Plummer, Nikki M James, Diane D'Aquila, Peter Donaldson, Timothy D. Stickney, Steven Sutcliffe, John Vickery
Shaw's classic in a vital production directed by Tony-winner Des MacAnuff (Tommy, Jersey Boys). Pro-shot for live simulcast in movie theaters. Beautifully acted and designed. A

Caesar's Wife
11/18/13 ~ New York
Staged concert reading. Shot from orchestra at a slight angle. B

The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial
4/14/06 ~ Broadway
David Schwimmer, Zeljko Ivanek, Tim Daly
Digital video; shot from the mezzanine with an occassional head but clear video with nice zooms and good sound A

Calamity Jane
11/12/63 ~ Made for TV
Carol Burnett, Art Lund, Bernard West, Beryl Towbin, Don Chastain, Mark Harris, Cathryn Damon
Black and white with good picture and clear sound for a video of its age; contains commericals for Lipton Tea B+

Calendar Girls
2011 ~ UK Tour
Bernie Nolan, Lynda Bellingham, Trudie Goodwin, Lisa Riley, Gwen Taylor, Jennifer Ellison. An Excellent capture in 16:9 wide-screen of Tim Firth’s stage adaptation Calendar Girls based on the  Miramax film. This cast is superb at bringing a really tightly written script together, they make it shine through great timing with help from a solid director. A+ 2 DVDs

Call Me Madam
October 1995 ~ Canberra, Australia
June Bruenhill
Semi-pro shot, using one camera on a tripod. Some slight generational loss. B+

Call me Madam

7/10/88 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Davis Gaines
Very nice video for its time; good picture and sound A

February 2001 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Perry Stephens, Jill Van Velzer, Paul Green, Steve Glaudini, Craig Fleming, Benita Scheckel, Christopher Van Etten, Steve Ernest
A production of Performance Riverside. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Slight buzzing sound throughout. A

4/4/03 ~ Papermill Playhouse, NJ
Brett Barrett, Glory Crampton, Matt Bogart, Barrett Foa
Decent video with a few glitches in the first 20-30 minutes, but nothing that makes the show unwatchable. Good video with great sound and nice closeups B

3/24/07 ~ Davenport, IA
Bob Brown, Mollie Vogt Welch, Matthew Posner, Geoff Lutz, M.J.J. Cashman
A total of about 10 minutes of blackouts because it was a long show; very nice capture with good closeups and excellent sound; great job by the two leads A

5/8/07 ~ Chicago, IL
Michael York, Rachel York, James Barbour, Eric Anderson, Shannon Stoeke
Contains 12 minutes of blackouts at the beginning due to ushers but a very nice capture of a very long show A-

6/7/07 ~ Philadelphia, PA
Michael York, Rachel York, James Barbour, Daniel Guzman, Eric Anderson, Robert J. Townsend
Beautiful production. Very nicely filmed and crystal clear. DVD has been constructed to include an opening main menu, with thumbnail scene selections for all of the musical numbers. A little shaky for the first minute or two then the filmer settles down for an amazing video. A

5/8/08 ~ Broadway
Gabriel Byrne (King Arthur), Marin Mazzie (Guenevere), Nathan Gunn (Lancelot), Christopher Lloyd (Pellinore), Stacy Keach (Merlyn), Fran Drescher (Morgan LaFay), Bobby Steggert (Mordred), Christopher Sieber (Dinadan), Will Swenson (Sagramore), Mark Kudisch (Lionel)
Pro-Shot, A+

Can Can
1988 ~ location unknown
Chita Rivera, Ron Holgate
Amazingly clear video for it's age. Occasional heads at bottom of screen. Done in the round, camera man never misses a moment, the sound is great and Chita and dancing are amazing.  Nice video with good sound B+

2/05 - City Center Encores!
Press Reel - About 7 minutes, crystal clear, contains "I Love Paris" and "Can-Can" (Patti messes up a note during "Can-Can"). Disc also includes an episode of "Frasier" (fair quality, with foreign subtitles) where she plays an overbearing Greek mother running a restaurant, and the "Will & Grace" episode that she appeared on as herself (excellent quality DIVX video).

11/12/86 ~ Live from Lincoln Center, NYC
Mark Eisler, John Lankston, Erie Mills, Scott Reeve, Muriel Costa- Greenspon, Deborah Darr, Jack Harrold, James Billings, Louis Perry
Pro shot from PBS, directed by Hal Prince at Lincoln Center production by the New York City Opera. A

5/18/97 ~ Broadway, Revival
Jim Dale, Jason Danieley,Arte Johnson,Andrea Martin, Brent Barrett, Glenda Balkan (u/s Cunegonde)
Very nicely filmed from the balcony. Some spotlight washout and generational loss, but overall very nice. DVD also includes a copy of a commercial for the production. A

Date Unknown ~ Scotland
Nicholas Grace, Marilyn Hill Smith, Ann Howard, Mark Tinkler
Pro shot for Scottish TV. Much different than the Hal Prince version; good clear video with good sound A

Candide, In Concert
7/20/02 ~ San Francisco, CA
George Hearn, Rita Moreno, Marin Mazzie, Jennifer Welch-Babidge Jason Danieley, Keith Phares, Stanford Olsen
Sound volume pulses throughout, but video quality is good. B

May 2004 ~ New York Philharmonic
Kristin Chenoweth, Paul Groves, Patti LuPone, Sir Thomas Allen, Janine LaManna, Jeff Blumenkrantz
Professionally filmed; recorded from PBS A+

2006 ~ Paris, France
William Burden,Anna Christy, Kim Criswell, John Daszak, David Adam Moore, Jeni Bern, Lambert Wilson
Proshot from BBC-TV; the production transforms the proscenium into a giant 1950s-era TV set, and has Voltaire, appearing as the narrator, changing channels between certain scenes. Carsen sets the action in a 1950s-1960s world, with an American slant commenting on contemporary world politics. A+

Candide, Invitation To World Literature
12/06/10 ~ PBS-TV
A satirical novel tracking the travels and troubles of Candide, a hopeless optimist who survives a world of suffering and the friendship of a charlatan in order to find his true love. Art, song, and comic book illustrations are used to explore the depths of this short satire. Featured speakers include Kristin Chenoweth, Harold Ramis, and cartoonist Chris Ware. 30 minutes.   A

January 2011 ~ Washington, D.C.
Tom Aulino, Rebecca Finnegan, Erik Lochtefeld, Tracy Lynn Olivera, Lauren Molina, Hollis Resnik, Geoff Packard, Jesse J. Perez, Margo Seibert
Directed by Mary Zimmerman. A co-production of the Goodman Theatre in Chicago and Washington D.C.'s Shakespeare Theatre Company. Beautifully filmed using a camcorder on a tripod in the back of the house and crystal clear. A

Cannibal, The Musical
2003 ~ Movie

The Canterbury Tales
4/24/02 ~ Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis, MN
Evan Pappas, Leenya Rideout, Brandon Williams, Sarah Jane Nelson, Sally Wingert, Matthew Saldivar, Jim Lichtscheidl, Richard Iglewski
Good sound throughout; only a clear picture about 30 minutes into the video but heads in the way throughout; it is watchable through people and enjoyable for what you can see B

The Canterville Ghost, ABC Stage 67
11/2/66 ~ ABC-TV
David Charkham (Mark Otis), Mark Colleano (Matthew Otis), Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (Mr. Otis), Natalie Schafer (Mrs. Otis), Peter Noone (of The Herman’s Hermits, David), Michael Redgrave (Sir Simon Canterville).  
Music and lyrics by Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick. Throughout the program, various members of the Otis family parody their strong sense of American commercialism by breaking into pretend advertisements while in conversation”. In color.  1 hour, complete with original commercials. A

The Caretaker
10/30/03 ~ Broadway
Patrick Stewart, Kyle MacLachlan, Aiden Gillen
Video missing 1st act but rest of the show is complete. Some spotlight washout but still good video B+

The Car Man
2001 ~ filmed for PBS
Alan Vincent, Saranne Curtin, Will Kemp, Etta Murfitt, Scott Ambler,Vicky Evans, Arthur Pita,Valentina Formenti, Stephen Berkeley-White, Heather Habens, Rachel Lancaster, Shelby
Williams,Adam Galbraith, Lee Smikle, Neil Penlington
Matthew Bourne choreographs Bizet's ``Carmen'' at a garage in the 1950s Midwest Pro-shot recorded from TV A

1985 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Richard White, Ray Willis, Rochelle Travis
Semi-pro shot, using one camera on a tripod, with sound directly patched in. Some generational loss. B

Carnival - Encores
2/8/02 ~ Broadway
Brian Stokes Mitchell, Douglas Sills, Anne Hathaway
Digital video. Shot from mid-orchestra, only one head to shoot around, great video. Very charming show. Taped by Catherine. A 2 DVDs

Carol and Chita
July 1998 ~ Beverly, MA
A North Shore Music Theater presentation of a musical revue in two acts starring Carol Channing and Chita Rivera. Each of these show-business legends does her own Vegas /summer-circuit act, appearing in alphabetical order. Performed "in-theround." The first act belongs to Carol, the second act is all Chita's. Channing's credits: musical director, Robert Wendel; choreography, Honi Coles; costumes, Bob Mackie. Rivera's credits: writer-director, Fred Ebb; musical director, Greg Dlugos; choreography, Chris Chadman,Wayne Cilento, Ron Field, Lisa Mordente, Chet Walker. Chita's Boys: Richard Amaro, Lloyd
Culbreath, and Richard Montya. Filmed using multiple cameras with sound patched directly into the cameras from the soundboard. Has counter numbers on the bottom of the screen. A

Carol Channing and Pearl Bailey On Broadway
Date Unknown
The two Broadway legends join forces and sing some of Broadways hits. Pro-shot, filmed for TV, excellent quality.

Caroline, or Change
7/24/04 ~ Broadway
Tonya Pinkins, Anika Noni Rose, Veanne Cox, Chandra Wilson, Chuck Cooper, Larry Keith, Alice Playten
Beautiful video; nice zooms and closeups and excellent sound; A-

1967 ~ TV Cast
Robert Goulet, Mary Grover, Pernell Roberts, Marlyn Mason, Linda Howe, Patricia Neway
Pro-shot for television. Great quality; good video B+

1994 ~ Lincoln Center, Revival
Amazing Production! Some generational loss. C

9/6/94 ~ Broadway
Marcus Lovett (u/s Billy), Sally Murphy, Shirley Verrett
Highlights running 80 minutes shot from left center.  Also includes Commerical A

February 2000 ~ Riverside, CAt
Michael Goulet, Jessica Loofbourrow, Eileen Bowman,Ann Peck, Justin Robertson, Eric Anderson
Pro shot video with excellent sound and clear pictures with great closeups; very nice video A

Carousel Concert
6/6/02 ~ Carnegie Hall, NYC
Hugh Jackman, Audra MacDonald, Lauren Ward,Jason Danieley, Norbert Leo Butz, Blythe Danner, Judy Kaye, John Raitt, Philip Bosco, Eden Riegel.
Shot from third tier, 2nd row center. Hornpipe or the June Ballet not included. Lots of zooms. A

4/26/13 ~ Live from Lincoln Center, NYC
Kelli O' Hara, Nathan Gunn, Stephanie Blythe, Shuler Hensley, Jason Danieley, Jessie Mueller, Kate Burton, John Cullum, Robert Fairchild, Tiler Peck
Pro shot from PBS, recorded 3/2/13 at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center and marks the orchestra's 75th appearance on the series; directed by John Rando; hosted by Audra McDonald A

4/2015 ~ Lyric Opera Chicago
Steven Pasquale,
Laura Osnes, Jenn Gambatese, Matthew Hydzik, Denyce Graves, Jarrod Emick, Charlotte D'Amboise, Tony Roberts.
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions of this exquisite production. It is perfectly cast and performed. A huge production that is wonderful to take in! A

Carrie: The Musical
1988 ~ Original Broadway Cast
Pro-Shot reviewers Reel.  15:13 minutes long, little generation loss. A

Carrie the Musical
February 1988 ~ London
Barbara Cook, Linzi Hatley, Darlene Love, Charlotte D'Amboise,
Professionally filmed for the RSC archives, complete show, no generation loss at all. Shot from first row mezzanine center with no obstructions. Audio taken directly from the soundboard; clear picture ~ looks like it might have been filmed yesterday. Mostly a full stage shots and no zooms, but it is still very nice and clear B+

Carrie the Musical
1998 ~ Broadway
Betty Buckley
Act 1 Only of the Full Stage Shot; not great but the best there is out there. Bonus Materials includes Rehearsal Footage, Producers Reel, German Documentary, Betty Buckley Interview and News Review Footage. C

Carrie the Musical
1999 ~ Stage Door Manor
Julie Kleiner (from CAMP) as Carrie, Vivienne Cleary as Margaret, Jed Resnik in Ensemble
Complete show! This musical is rare to find in any form, but here it is, put over by a youthful and enthusiastic cast. The haunting music and story have made this a cult favorite. B

Carrie the Musical
Date Unknown ~ Boston, MA
A production of Emerson College in Boston, MA. Unauthorized production of the show that was allowed to run its two performances by the show's owners and never available until now; nicely filmed using one camera in the back of the house. Some slight generational loss-but nothing too bad. B

October 2010 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Paxx DeWolfe, Nicole Cline, Jazz Elise, Essie Bertain, Anthony Meyer, Ash Urbanski, Alec Cyganowski
Pro-Shot Concert Production of the classic Broadway flop; nicely filmed from the side with clear picture and sound A-

Carrie the Musical
3/18/12 ~ New York
Anne Tolpegin (u/s Margaret White), Molly Ranson, Christy Altomare, Carmen Cusack, Jenanna De Waal, Derek Klena, Ben Thompson*-
Very well filmed video with a rare performance as Anne only went on a handful of times. Good picture and sound A-

Carrie the Musical
October 2013 ~ Seattle
Alice Ripley, Keaton Whittaker, Kendra Kassebaum, Larissa Schmitz, Kody Bringman, Tessa Archer, Andrew Brewer, Brian Lange.
Beautiful HD capture of one of the Final Dress Rehearsals. Top notch production and thrilling performances from Alice and Keaton, and the whole cast! This is quite a unique capture since it was the first time the blood was dropped. Too many amazing things to point out here, don't miss this one!!! A+ 2 DVDs

March 2015 ~ Trinity College, Hartford, CT
Caroline Cannon, Kristan Bertschmann, Maggie Powderly,  Preston Carey, Lydia Haynes, Ebban Maeda, Aysha Salam, Luke Hickox, Adelaide Pearl Jenkins, Rae Rossetti, Diana Zee Chandler, Paul Andrew Willis, Mike Ruby and Henry Minot

Carrie Underwood
Christmas Special Concert
90 Minutes of the show only.

Casablanca, Actor's Fund Benefit Reading
10/2/05 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Christian Slater, Anne Heche, Andre De Shields, John Rubenstein, Dan Castellaneta, Henry Gibson, Ken Howard, Hal Sparks, Michael York
Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Crystal clear. DVD has been enhanced to include an opening menu and scene selections. A

The Case Of The Dead Flamingo Dancer
8/6/90 ~ New York
Philip Bosco, Carolee Carmello, Tovah Feldshuh, Debbie Shapiro, Peter Gallagher. Benefit done in concert style. Spotlight washout. B

2005 ~ Pittsburgh, PA
Chita Rivera
Very nice video of very odd show. It is not that it is unwatchable, the production team simply made every wrong decision that they could. Some spotlight washout and some generation loss but  this is the complete show B+

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
1976 ~ PBS-TV
Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner, Maureen Stapleton, Laurence Olivier, Mary Peach, Jack Hedley
Rare TV adaptation of Tennessee Williams' prize-winning play, this made-for-TV production is more sexually explicit than the censor-ridden 1958 Hollywood version. In perfect, pristine condition. A

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
1984 ~ TV
Jessica Lange, Tommy Lee Jones, Rip Torn, Kim Stanley, Penny Fuller, David Dukes.
A Showtime Entertainment American Playhouse presentation of Cat on A Hot Tin Roof. A

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
10/16/03 ~ Broadway
Ashley Judd, Jason Patric, Ned Beatty, Margo Martindale
Big head is slighly in the way during Act 1 but Acts 2 and 3 are great; excellent picture and sound; A

Catch Me If You Can
8/15/09 ~ Seattle,WA
Norbert Leo Butz,Aaron Tveit,Tom Wopat, Kerry Butler, Rachel de Benedet, Felicia Finley, Linda Hart
Some very quick blackouts, none last more than 30 seconds or so.Very little obstruction, just heads on the bottom and the right, mostly in wideshots, and they're hardly noticeable. It does get pretty shaky in places; a little washout here and there, but nothing horrible; sound is excellent as always. 2 DVDs A

Catch Me If You Can
9/14/14 ~ San Diego, CA
Jacob Neary, Josh Adamson, Robert Neary, Tracy Lore, Heather Lundstedt, Johnny Fletcher, Matthew Malecki, Eric Hellmers, Ralph Johnson, Karla J Franko, Kristina Miller
Very nice video from the Moonlight Amphitheatre in San Diego; no blackouts and no obstruction; clear picture and sound with only a little spotlight washout in wide shots 2 DVDs A

A Catered Affair
3/26/08 ~ Broadway
Faith Prince, Harvey Fierstein, Leslie Kritzer, Tom Wopat, Matt Cavenaugh, Heather Mac Rae, Kristine Zbornik, Lori Wilner, Philip Hoffman, Katie Klaus
First 2 minutes are dark due to late seaters and a bar at the bottom of the screen when the action takes place all the way downstage; good closeups and sound A-


1984 - Vienna
Steve Barton (Munkustrap), Michael How (Rum Tum Tugger), Ute Lempur (Bombalurina), Angelika Milster (Grizabella).
2nd or 3rd generation, with both audio and video quality loss, but decent. *IN GERMAN* PROSHOT

1987 ~ Vienna
Valentin Baraian (Mister Mistoffelees), Dean Welterlen (Rum-Tum-Tugger), Darryl Robinson (Munkustrap), Joke de Kruijf
Multicamera pro-shot, ends in the middle of Wie spricht man eine Katzen an (The Ad-dressing of Cats), Audio and Picture have some generation loss, A

1987 ~ Amsterdam
Ruth Jacott (Grisabella), Fred Butter (Tuk stuk Rukker), Kyle Boynton (Snorrescha)
Full show, bootleg. Also includes a clip from Cats in Vienna at the end, A

1988 ~ Vienna
Suzanne Henderson as Grizabella
Pro shot but generation loss! B-

1989/90 ~ Vienna
Lorraine Goodman as Grizabella
Pro Shot but generation loss B-

1989 ~ Paris
Original Cast Paris
Generation loss, highlights, incomplete and not in right order. C

1989 ~ Blackpool
John Partridge (Alonzo), Rosemarie Ford (Bombalurina), Geoffrey Garrat (Skimbleshanks), Peter Bishop (Munkustrap), Christian Hughes (Rum Tum Tugger), Marina Stevenson (Victoria)
Minimal zooms, some small parts, grizabella, memory & gus are missing, bootleg, C+

1991 ~ Mexico City
Maria Del Sol, Manuel Landeta, Enrique del Olma, Javier Diaz Duentas
Features the original Mexican cast; semi-pro shot, using one camera on a tripod. Includes menus and chapter stops at all the musical numbers. In Spanish. A

4/25/92 ~ London
Guy-Paul Ruolt/ De St. Germain, Barbara King, Geoffrey Garratt
Matinee performance and it includes features like two Gumbies and lyric changes. At the end of the show there is a partial showing of a house recording of the Vienna cast (mostly black and white). It starts out at "Dare you look at a king?" and it's black and white until Victoria's solo dance.A few cuts here and there from the house camera B

8/18/92 ~ Amsterdam
Ellen Evers, Brian Galliford, Joyce Stevens, Wilma Hoornstra, Fred Butter, Meike Starin, Michiel Verkoren
Some generation loss, filmed great! Full show, bootleg.  Funny fact: Lorrenjopie and Scharrelnelis (Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer) is in Jazz style which is so awesome!!! B+

1993 ~ Argentina
Agilorum / Golfatriz (Conie Marino), Alonso (Reginaldo Pereira), Bombalurina (Silvia Aruj), Bombonachona (Patricia Clark), Casandra (María Roji), Coricompás (Luis Del Valle), Deméter (Inés Dubini), Esparragus / Macoco Cue / Tigruñon (Martín O'Connor), Etcétera (Nora Ivitz)
Full show, pro-shot. Sometimes the sound dissapears for a few seconds, mainly with applause and such. B+

1993 ~ Hungary
Full show, pro-shot, 10th anniversary. The sound is not similar to the image. A-

1/23/93 ~ London
Guy-Paul Ruolt, Barbara King, Shezwae Powell.
Some Generation Loss. 2 DVDs

1/23/93 ~ London *Version 2
Bryn Walters (Admetus/Macavity), Deborah Steel (Bomblaurina), Rory Campbell (Asparagus), Angela Heneghan Tyers (Demeter), Jacquott (Grizabella), Peter Bishop (Munkustrap), Leah-Sue Morland (Rumpleteazer), Chistopher Howard, (Rum Tum Tugger), Phyllida Crowley-Smith (Victoria)
Full show, bootleg. Same master, but this version does include the overture, and has better quality than version 1. Also includes 14 minutes of the show from january 24, a short backstage clip from the London production (I believe) and a backstage clip from the Amsterdam cast (21 minutes), A-

8/21/99 ~ Hamburg
Daymon Montaigne-Jones (Tumblebrutus), Matthew Pike (Munkustrap), Clinten Pearce (Mr. Mistoffelees), Siegmar Tonk (Rum Tum Tugger), Nadja Solovieva (Jenny Fleckenfell), Julia Howson (Grizabella), Tracey Packham (Sillabub)
Full show, bootleg. Filmed wonderful, a must see for Cats fans! A 2 DVDs

October 1999 ~ Italy
Andre De la Roche, Howard Ray and "Balletto di Roma"
Full show, multicamera pro-shot, sung in English. Holy fuck, this is weird. All the costumes are different, and the choreography is even weirder... Also,  theirs a part of the Cats who only sing, and a part who only dance, and some of the songs are in different order. And Demeter sings Griz's part in Grizabella the Glamour cat and visa versa. A-

5/11/02 ~ London
Jack Rebaldi (Munkustrap), John Patridge (Rum Tum Tugger), Chrissi Hamond (Grizabella), Junix Inocian (Old Deuteronomy) Alexis Owen Hobbs (Bombalurina), Barbara King (Demeter), Ben Tyrell (Mister Mistoffelees). I'm not certain of the cast. I know, as a Cats fan I should be... But I'm just not that good in these kind of things
Full show, bootleg, final performance, including pre-show interviews. Filmed from the Pro-shot that was showed in the Convent Garden. Not the best quality, as the picture quality is not that good, but overall it's very well to follow. B+

2003 ~ Moscow
Olga Belyaeva (Grizabella), Ivan Ozhogin (Mankustrap), Oleg Fedkushov (Old Deuteronomy), Marat Abdrakhimov (Skimbleshanks), Alexey Bobrov (Rum Tum Tugger), Igor Balalaev (Bustopher Jones/Gus/Growltiger), Anna Guchenkova (Jennyanydots), Anna Bagmet (Bombalurina), Victoria Kanatkina (Rumpleteazer), Alexandr Bocharov (Mangojerry), Valentina Rubtsova (Jemima), Oksana Kostetskaya (Jellilorum), Maxim Ushakov (Mr. Mistoffeelees)
Filmed by  Marat Abdrakhimov’s (Skimbleshanks) friend for his own video archive, so it’s pretty good (great close-ups) However, the man who is filming this is trying to catch Skimbleshanks more than other actors on stage. Bootleg, highlights (runs for 63 minutes) A

March 2003 ~ Berlin
Rüdiger Reschke (Munkustrap), Cornelia Drese (Grizabella), John Partridge (Rum Tum Tugger), Uli Scherbel (Skimbleshanks), Lada Kummer (Demeter)
Full show, pro-shot with no zooms. Also includes a commercial for this production in awesome quality! A-

6/14/03 ~ Berlin, Germany
Nadja Solovieva, Uli Scherbel, Michael Knese
Full show, pro-shot with no zooms, A-

10/26/03 ~ Berlin
Nadja Solovieva (Grizabella), Uli Scherbel (Skimbleshanks), Gido Schimanski (Rum Tum Tugger) Ethan Freeman (Bustopher / Gus / Growltiger).
Filmed using one camera on a tripod, generation loss, sound directly from the soundboard B

2004 ~ Teatro Coliseum, Madrid, Spain
Helen de Quiroga (Grizabella), Pedro Ruy-Blas (Old Deuteronomy), Jack Rebaldi (Munkustrap), Edu (Rum Tum Tugger), Enrique Segura (Bustopher Jones/Asparagus/Growltiger), Gorane Markinez (Jellylorum/Griddlebone), Marta Malone (Jenny Fleckenfell/Gumbie Katze), Victor Ullate Jr Roche (Mistoffelees), Hugo Riveros Delporte (Mungojerrie), Raquel Grijalba (Rumpleteazer), Pepe Munoz (Plato/Macavity), Alberto Sanchez (Skimbleshanks)
Selective Trades 2 DVDs A

6/3/04 ~ Madrid
Jack Rebaldi (Munkustrap), Helen D. Quiroga (Grizabella), Edu (Rum Tum Tugger), Andrés Pérez Lopez (Pouncival)
Funny fact: In this production Mistoffelees sings The old Gumbie cat, just like in the 90 years of the London production.  A bit quiet, full show, multicamera bootleg, A+

9/13/05 ~ Chicago
Esther Stilwell, Derek Hanson, Drew Little
25th Anniversary Tour: Excellent recording with great picture and nice sound quality; very nice camerawork. A little shaky at times but otherwise very good A

2006 ~ Nagoya, Japan
Kensan Ishi (Old Deuteronomy), Chie Inoue (Jellylorum), Yoko Ishi (Jenny), Shoichi Fukui (Munkustrap), Shinobu Aikawa (Rumpleteazer), Yuka Takizawa (Demeter), Hitoshi Tsuzi (Mangojerrie), Eliko Mulata (Sillabub), Emi Takakula (Tantomile), Kazue Haruhara (Jemima), Kyoko Sato (Victoria), Masashi Kikuchi (Carbucketty), Koji Tomita (Cassandra), Kenji Akase (Macavity), Nakao Hirotaka (Tumblebrutus)
Full show, bootleg. 1st anniversary, filmed from the first row, A-

7/18/06 ~ Peoria, IL
Ian Laskowski, Felix Hess, Nicholas McGough (u/s), Angie Smith, Philip Peterson
Good picture and sound are great. Grizabella is very young here but good and sounds great. Slightly dark at times but thats the show so its as good as can be. A

7/25/10 ~ St. Louis, MO
Stephanie J. Block, Ken Page, Lara Teeter, Michael Brian Dunn, Joseph Medeiros, Kevin Loreque, Christine Negherbon, Drew Humphrey
Part of the 2010 MUNY Season in St. Louis; Stephanie does a fantastic job as Grizabella here, as does Ken recreating his Old Deuteronomy from the Original Broadway Cast. Some closeups but mostly filmed full stage for the dancing A-

2010 ~ Italy
Giulia Utonello (Grisabella), Allesandro Neri (Deuteronomio), Andrea Verzicco (Munkostrap), Guiseppe Verzicco (Ram Tam Taggher)
Full show, pro-shot with no zooms. Interesting to see the new Italian staging of this show... but holy shit, some things really don't make sence. B+

2011/2013 ~ German tour Press reels
Dominik Hees, Frank Logeman, Martin Berger, Masha Karell
Pro-shot, running for 18 minutes, A+

3/30/13 ~ UK Tour
Joanna Ampil (Grizabella) Katie Warsop (Rumpleteazer) Clare Rickard (Jellylorum) Melissa James (Baombalurina) Lily Fraser (Demeter) Alice Redmond (Jennyanydots) Alicia Beck (Victoria/White Cat) Dawn Williams (Jemima) Nicholas Pound (Old Deutoronomy)
Full stage high quality capture of the new touring production.

4/19/14 ~ La Mirada, CA
Steven Agdeppa, Clent Bowers, Autumn Crockett, Neil Dale, Daniel Dawson, Lauren Decierdo, Jake Dupree, Todrick Hall, Jamie Joseph, Derek Lewis, Madison Mitchell, Colette Peters, Kelli Provart, Melvin Ramsey, Tiffany Reid, Nina Schreckengost, Brian Steven Shaw, Hannah Jean Simmons, Dane Wagner, Karl Warden, Chryssie Whitehead, Jenna Wright
No blackouts or washout, some heads at the bottom throughout and they block the very front edge of the stage; excellent clear sound and filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Includes curtain call 2 DVDs A

Celebrating Bea Arthur
9/14/09 ~ New York
Hosted by Angela Lansbury. The theatre and TV community gathers to celebrate the life of the one and only Beatrice Arthur at Broadway's Majestic Theatre. "Celebrating Bea Arthur" features remembrances and performances from the late actress's family and friends, including Adrienne Barbeau ("Maude" co-star), Zoe Caldwell, Billy Goldenberg (Arthur's longtime accompanist), Sheldon Harnick (Fiddler on the Roof lyricist), Charlie Hauck ("Maude" head writer), Norman Lear ("Maude" producer), Clinton Leupp (Miss Coco Peru), Anne Meara, Rosie O'Donnell, Chita Rivera, Daryl Roth (Bea Arthur on Broadway producer), Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara, Rosie O'Donnell, Tyne Daly, Rue McClanahan ("The Golden Girls"), and others.
Filmed using multiple cameras. Over two hours long A

1984 ~ Los Angeles
Anthony Newley,Andrea Marcovicci
Filmed through the house stationary camera with no closeups and major spotlight washout. Pre Broadway tryout. B

8/22/12 ~ Broadway
Rob McClure, Erin Mackey, Jenn Colella, Christiane Noll, Jim Borstelmann, Michael McCormick, Zachary Unger, Wayne Alan Wilcox
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions from the second preview. Great clear picture and sound; very nice video 2 DVDs A

Act 1: 12/13/12 AND Act 2: 12/14/12 ~ Broadway
Rob McClure, Christiane Noll, Zachary Unger, Ethan Khusidman, Wayne Alan Wilcox, Jim Borstelmann, Michael McCormick, Jenn Colella, Erin Mackey, Eric Santagata (u/s), Hayley Podschun, Sarah O'Gleby, Emily Tyra, Lisa Gajda, Timothy Hughes, Sara Edwards, Michael Mendez, Emilee Dupreee, Justin Bowen, Ian Liberto, Adam Rogers, Leslie Donna Flesner (u/s)
Act 2 takes a moment to get settled due to latecomers. Good clear video with nice picture and sound; many changes done since previews A

Character Man
6/29/13 ~ New York

Charlie And Algernon
9/12/80 ~ Broadway
P. J. Benjamin, Matthew Duda, Edward Earle, Sandy Faison, Nancy Franklin, Patrick Jude, Julienne Marie, Loida Santos, Robert Sevra, Michael Vita
Music by Charles Strouse, Book and Lyrics David Rogers. Broadway flop with just 14 official performances. Recorded through the house camera, with sound patched in directly from the sound board. Some generational loss and a bit on the dark side. B

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
Summer 2013 ~ London
Douglas Hodge, Nigel Planer, Cliver Carter, Jasna Ivir, Paul J. Medford, Irish Roberts, Billy Boyle, Roni Page, Myra Sands, Alex Clatworthy, Jack Shalloo, Isaac Rouse, Regan Stokes, Ellie Simons, Jade Johnson, Luca Toomey.
Shot from the front row of the Dress Circle in 16:9 widescreen with only wide shots. No head obstructions or blackouts, but the shot it self was very dark, and poorly lit, so it can sometimes be hard to make out the faces. Overall a nice recording and you can get a great vibe for the show. 2 DVDs

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
1/22/15 ~ London
Alex Jennings, Zachary Loonie, Vincent Finch, Amy Carter, Rhianna Dorris, Daniel Rhodes, Billy Boyle (u/s Grandpa Joe)
First 5 minutes of Act 1 has some wandering and blackouts, but after that it is a steady and unobstructed shot. Includes curtain call. Nice video with clear picture and great sound. 2 DVDs A

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
4/20/17 ~ Broadway
Christian Borle, Ryan Foust as Charlie, John Rubinstein, Emily Padgett, Ben Crawford, Kathy Fitzgerald, Alan Green, Jackie Hoffman, Trista Dollison, F. Michael Haynie, Emma Pfaeffle, Michael Wartella
Great HD capture of the new musical based on the Roald Dahl classic novel. Nice video that starts a little rough but improves as its goes on; clear picture and sound; nice video 2 DVDs A

Charlie Sheen: My Violent Torpedo Of Death/Defeat
4/10/11 ~ New York
Charlie Sheen: My Violent Torpedo Of Death/Defeat Is Not An Option Tour Described as “an aimless and slovenly disaster”, Charlie Sheen played for two sold out performances at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, the largest venue on his 20 city US tour. (The price for the tickets for the April 8 and 10 shows ranged from $79.50 to $750, with the high-end tickets allowing fans to meet the actor). The show starts out with much fanfare and applause, but it took the crowd less than 20 minutes to turn on him, and once they did, the boos and the catcalls just kept slowly escalating. It was obvious that he found the mounting audience hostility at Radio City a little flabbergasting. He jeered at the jeerers, and often seemed to be saying, with a bit of attitude: “Why the Hell are you people heckling me if you paid to see me?” This is not a show to watch if you’re looking to be entertained, it’s a show to watch if you’re curious and are interested in witnessing a train wreck. There was a giant screen onstage that was displaying the show, and the screen is what the filmer aimed his camcorder at, so it almost looks like it was filmed for broadcast, but in fact it was just being filmed for the audience to see things better. A

Charlie’s Aunt
3/28/57 ~ CBS-TV
Art Carney, Orson Bean, Richard Haydn, Venetia Stevenson, Jackie Coogan, Jeanette MacDonald, Tom Tryon.  
Broadcast live as part of CBS’ Playhouse 90 television series.  Complete with original commercials.  In black and white. A-

Charley's Aunt
1983 ~ New York
Charles Grodin,Vincent Gardenia,Anne Francis,Victor Garber, Effrem Zimbalist Jr, Ilene Graff, Joyce Bulifant, Barrie Ingham
Pro shot for Showtime; nice video A

Charlotte Sweet
1982 ~ New York
Merle Louise, Jeff Keller, Michael McCormick, Timothy Landfield, Polly Pen, Mara Beckerman, Lynn Eldredge, Christopher Seppe
Some generational loss. Very nicely filmed from the back of the house so it may have been filmed with the permission of the producers. Nice video A-

Chasing the Song
6/14/14 ~ San Diego, CA
Julie Johnson, Chloe Tucker, Nick Blaemire, Jay Klaitz, Jim Walton, DeQuina Moore, Kim Yu Blanck, Zach Fineblum, Patrick Dillon Curry, Ben Moss, Jeremy Sevelovitz, Stephen Lee Anderson, Jake Weinstein, Hannah Corrigan, Jonny Wexler, Morgan Marcell, Sidney Franklin, Marco Ramos
A new musical workshop at La Jolla written by the creators of Memphis and set in the 60s in the Brill Building just before and during the British invasion; some heads at the bottom of the screen that block the actor's legs at the front of the stage, but show is complete wirh no blackouts, washout, and steady, clear video filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups; excellent clear sound; includes curtain call 2 DVDs A-

The Cher Show
7/13/18 ~ Chicago, IL
Stephanie J. Block, Teal Wicks, Micaela Diamond, Emily Skinner, Jarrod Spector, Michael Berresse, Michael Campayno, Matthew Hydzik
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions. Well filmed with close-ups and full stage shots and clear picture and sound throughout; good video 2 DVDs A

Chess Moves and Clips ~ Chess World Premier and the making o
4/11/84 ~ Stockholm
Murray Head, Elaine Paige, Tommy Korberg, Barbara Dickson, Karin Glenmark, Leslie Fyson.
World premiere TV concert version featuring OLC and the London Symphony Orchestra; also includes ‘Chess Moves’ that was released to promote the original concept album featuring Elaine Paige, Murray Head, Bjorn Skifs and Barbara Dickson; also includes ‘Making of Chess’ and Chess bonus clips from TV. B/A- 2 DVDs

1984 ~ London
Elaine Page, Murray Head
Filmed directly from the house closed-circuit system. Excellent sound, video quality is poor due to spotlight washout and generational loss. No zooms-stationary full stage shot. C

1988 ~ Prince Edward Theatre, London
Grainne Renihan, David Burt,Anthony Head, John Turner, Kevin Colson, Ria Jones,Tom Jobe
Looks like it was taken from two cameras and edited. Decent that you can see how everything was staged, 64 video screens, lighted chess board stage. Not a great video however B

Spring 1988 ~ Broadway
David Carroll, Philip Casnoff, Judy Kuhn, Paul Harman, Marcia Mitzman
Filmed from the right side, no closeups but you can follow the show with wide shots and good sound; great video for its age; some spotlight washout but the show is nice. B

February 1990 ~ Sydney, Australia
Last Performance at the Theatre Royal, Sydney. Great quality throughout; nice video B

Chess In Concert
1990 ~ Canada
Rare!   Pro shot AIDS benefit concert produced by the Actors Fund Of Canada.  One night only.   A-

Spring 1990 ~ US Tour
Carolee Carmello, Stephen Bogardus, John Herrera, Barbara Walsh, Greg Jbara, Ken Ard, David Hurst
First major re-working of the show- includes primarily elements from Broadway, with a hint of London. Incredible cast! Very well-shot for the most part. Fairly clear picture. The camera does sway from the action at a few times, mainly the beginning. B+

1993 ~ El Paso, TX
A presentation of the students of the University of Texas at El Paso, at the UTEP Dinner Theatre.  Interesting production which utilizes TV screens and an illuminated chessboard floor.  Filmed using one camera on a tripod.  Some slight generational loss. A-

1993 ~ El Paso, TX
A presentation of the students of the University of Texas at El Paso, at the UTEP Dinner Theatre.  Interesting production which utilizes TV screens and an illuminated chessboard floor.  Filmed using one camera on a tripod, no zooms.  Same production as above, but it's a different performance.  Some slight generational loss. A-

Chess In Concert
8/11/01 ~ Nyack, NY
Brian D'Arcy James, Lauren Kennedy, Rob Evan, Julia Murney, Danny Zolli, Norm Lewis
Some wash-out. Nice close-ups. A-

2007 ~ The Netherlands
Joke de Kruijf, Ben Cramer, Henk Poort, Perry Dossett, Jasper Kerkhof, Mieke Dijkstra
Pro-Shot video of a great cast with nice zooms and good quality picture and sound. Also includes 10 minutes of rehearsal footage Good video 2 DVD A

Chess In Concert
6/17/09 ~ PBS-TV
Idina Menzel, Adam Pascal, Josh Groban, Kerry Ellis, David Bedella, Clarke Peters, Marti Pellow
Recorded May 12 and May 13, 2008 at London's Royal Albert Hall, this spectacular Chess In Concert - introduced by Rice and with the 50- piece City of London Philharmonic and 100-voice West End Chorus - finally fulfills the promise of the popular cult musical. Letterboxed. A

2010 ~ UK Tour
James Fox, Shona White, Daniel Koek, Poppy Tierney, David Erik, James Graeme, Steve Varnom.
A beautiful capture in 16:9 wide-screen with action well followed and no black-Outs Sometimes some heads get into the shot but they never obstruct the action. Very good recording which is sure to be enjoyed by all who watch. A

10/9/11 ~ Bielefeld, Germany
Frederick Trumper - Alex Melcher; Anatoly Sergievsky - Veit Schäfermeier; Florence Vassy - Roberta Valentini; Svetlana -Karin Seyfried; Schiedsrichter (The Arbiter) - Jens Janke; Molokov - Frank Bahrenberg; Walter de Courcey - Michael Pflumm; TV-Reporterin - Julia Dietsch; Bürgermeister - Vincenzo Cassone; Zivilbeamte - Ramon Riemarzik, Lutz Laible; Viigand - Thomas Doer
Songs in english

Chess Actor's Fund BCEFA Concert
9/21/03 ~ New York Final Rehearsal
Julia Murney, Adam Pascal, Josh Groban, Raul Esparza, Norm Lewis, Jonathan Dokuchitz, Sutton Foster
Complete rehearsal footage of show described below. Crystal clear video. Some stops in the action for directions, etc. Really fun video. A

Chess Actor’s Fund BCEFA Concert
9/22/03 ~ Broadway
Julia Murney, Adam Pascal, Josh Groban, Raul Esparza, Norm Lewis, Jonathan Dokuchitz, Sutton Foster
BCEFA Pro video of the one night only Actors’ Fund Benefit Concert at the New Amsterdam Theatre A+

1978 ~ U.S.Tour
Melody Adams, Kristen Childs
One of the few copies of the Bob Fosse staging instead of the concert presentation. It's an older video but still wonderful to watch even with some major generation loss. C

1980 ~ London
Elisabeth Seal, Colin Bennett, Hope Jackman
Camcorder video, shot in black and white; nice quality for its age and with half the cast as understudies B

1981 ~ Australia
Nancy Hayes, Geraldine Turner, Terance Donovan, Judy Conelli.
Recorded from the House camera. Some generational loss. Different from Broadway revival, B-

1992 ~ Long Beach, CA
Bebe Neuwirth, Juliet Prowse, Gary Sandy, Kaye Ballard
From Civic Light Opera, a nice comparison to the revival; heavy
generation loss B

1995 ~ Broadway
Ann Reinking, Bebe Neuwirth, James Naighton, Joel Grey
The pro shot video that was used to make the reviewers reel; excellent quality with the time code bar at the bottom; not the complete show, songs only but great video A

7/10/98 ~ Los Angeles
Charlotte D'Amboise, Stephanie Pope, Brett Barrett
Nice video - very clear with good closeups and sound A

US Tour Highlights ~ Miami, FL
Charlotte d'Amboise, Jasmine Guy, Rick Pessagno
Wavy picture, spotlight washout and generation loss C+

1999 ~ London
Chita Rivera,Valerie Pettiford, Michael Siberry (u/s), Nigel Planer
Nice video, interesting because Chita is playing Roxie, not Velma.  A little generation loss and whiteouts but nice A

11/30/99 ~ Washington D.C.
Vicki Lewis, Nana Visitor, Robert Urich, Carol Woods, Ray Bokhour, M.E. Spencer
Filmed from the upper leftside and nice closeups throughout; camcorder video A

Date Unknown ~ Las Vegas
Chita Rivera, Stephanie Pope, Ben Vereen, Marcia Lewis, Ernie Sabella
Complete Show; nice video with good picture and sound A

6/13/01 ~ London
Leigh Zimmerman, Denise Van Outen, Michael Simkins, Barry James, Susannah Fellows, Gary Milner, Kerry Jay
Filmed from stalls quite far back, but loads of close zooms, quick blackout at the start of All That Jazz when ushers made appearance, aside from that complete. Crystal clear picture, sound can be a little quiet in a few places but nothing major A

1/19/02 ~ Broadway
Roxanne Carrasco, Belle Callway, Eric Jordan Young, Michele Pawk
Excellent performances by all in this well-shot video. Great zooms shot from fairly close in the mezzanine. Video starts with "Funny Honey" number. Digital clock in lower right corner throughout but doesn’t distract you A

9/8/02 ~ Broadway
Amy Spanger, Stephanie Pope, Michael C. Hall, Roz Ryan.
Shot from front row mezzanine; no obstructions at all, very clear with lots of closeups. A

1/15/03 ~ Dusseldorf
Anna Montanaro, Kati Farkas, Isabel Weicken, Gianni Meurer, Marny Bergerhoff, Isabel Classen, Wolfgang Holtzel A

July 2003 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Nancy Lemenanger, Debra M.Walton, Patrick Quinn, Martha Hawley,Timothy W. Robu, Jesse Nager
Semi pro-shot and a little dark; nice video of slightly altered visualization of current revival and the Oscar-winning movie; great sound. A

8/14/03 ~ London, UK
Ruthie Henshall, Linzi Hately, Norman Pace, Zee Asha
Great video; nice and clear picture and sound; camcorder video, A

2004 ~ Ballarat, Australia
A presentation of Australia's Ballarat Lyric Theatre.
Nice production. Semi-pro shot, using one camera on a tripod A-

3/27/04 ~ London
Pia Douwes, Frances Ruffelle, Alex Bourne, Zee Asha, Kevin Kennedy
Very nice video with great close-ups. Occasional focus issues and heads but nice sound and good picture. 2 DVDs A

5/10/04 ~ Broadway
Pia Douwes, Belle Calaway, Tom Wopat, PJ Benjamin, Roz Ryan
A bit jumpy but a nice clear video with good picture and sound and heavy on closeups; 2 DVDS A-

9/17/05 ~ Broadway
Brooke Shields, Luba Mason, Christopher McDonald, Debra Monk, PJ Benjamin, R.Lowe, Gregory Butler
Complete show, except for "Mr Cellophane"; act one was filmed from the center mezz, act two from the right side of the mezz. Lots of closeups, no real obstructions. A-

11/23/05 ~ Chicago
Paige Davis, Brenda Braxton, Tom Wopat, Carol Woods
Amazing cast and so much fun in this production. Paige is great, Brenda is sassy, and Woods vocals are wild. Crystal Clear picture and sound. A+

7/30/06 ~ Broadway
Rita Wilson, Brenda Braxton, Josh Rhodes (u/s), Michelle Robinson (u/s), Kevin Chamberlin, R. Lowe.
Good picture and sound throughout; Wilson is as expected, about 2 minutes of blackouts throughout A

9/9/06 ~ Broadway
Usher, Bianca Marroquin, Brenda Braxton, Rob Bartlett, Roz Ryan, R. Lowe
Only video with Usher playing Billy Flynn. Act I is almost entirely either the ceiling of the theatre or just black screen. Act II improves slightly (there's a picture) but it was filmed from the side and it's mostly a full stage shot. This is better to be enjoyed for the audio. 2 DVDs D+

2007 ~ Holland
Pia Douwes, Simone Kleinsma, Stanley Burleson, Sophia Wezer, Daan Wijnands, Serge-Henri Valcke 2 DVDS A

5/12/07 ~ Milwaukee, WI
Terra C. MacLeod, Michelle DeJean, Tom Wopat, Kevin Mccready, Carol Woods, R. Bean.
A terrific capture of this show with great closeups and excellent sound throughout; Michelle is the highlight here and gives a wonderful performance. A

5/22/07 ~ Broadway
Bianca Marroquin, Brenda Braxton, Joey Lawrence, Rob Bartlett, Carol Woods, R. Lowe, Michelle Robinson, Donna Marie Asbury
A couple minutes total worth of blackouts; coverups mainly in "Roxie" very Joey-focused with very nice close-ups throughout, and clear picture. Full show, including curtain calls. A-

4/26/10 ~ Broadway
Ruthie Henshall, Amra-Faye Wright, Matthew Settle, Raymond Bokhour, Terri White, J. Loeffelholz (u/s Mary Sunshine), Donna Marie Asbury
Ruthie Henshall's first performance as Roxie Hart on Broadway as well as Terri White's first performance as Matron "Mama" Morton; Highlights, contains the following numbers: "All That Jazz" - audio only, "Funny Honey" - audio only for most of the song, "When You're Good To Mama", "All I Care About", "We Both Reached for the Gun", "Roxie" - Monologue and Song, "My Own Best Friend", "Me And My Baby", "When Velma Takes The Stand", "Razzle Dazzle", The Trial, "Nowadays", "Hot Honey Rag" Video also contains "All I Care About" (and a little bit of "Funny Honey" and "Roxie") from a performance from 6/12/10 - that also is Matthew Settle as Billy Flynn, not the best video; left half of the stage is covered by heads; mostly a blind lap shot with blackouts and wandering camera with some fantastic closeups; act two is pixilated and jumpy; watchable B-

October, 2010 ~ Saint Petersburg Theatre of Musical Comedy
Olga Lozovaya, Natalia Dievskaya, Vladimir Samsonov, Marina Ulanova, Uriy Skorohodov, Vitaliy Golovkin

10/25/11 ~ Broadway
Kara DioGuardi, Amra-Faye Wright, Tony Yazbeck, James Harkness, James T. Lane, Chris Sullivan, Nicole Bridgewater, Jill Nicklaus, Donna Marie Asbury, Nili Bassman, Dylis Croman, Carol Woods, R. Lowe, Melissa Rae Maon, Peter Nelson, Jason Parick Sands, Ryan Worsing, Brian O'Brien, Michael Cusumano
Filmed in 16:9 HD Widescreen; filmed from stage right; mezzanine bar at times obstructs the very front of the stage but otherwise very clear with good picture and crisp sound; DVD includes NY1 Interview with Kara DioGuardi A

2/7/12 ~ London
Sarah Soetaert, Rachel McDowall, Terence Maynard, James Doherty, Jasna, Ivir, R. Whitehead, Lauren Brooke, Chantelle Carey, Abramo Ciullo, Edwina Cox, Ben Dixon, Jenny Gayner, Emma Harris, Jamie Hughes-Ward, Debbie Jenkins, Dann Kharsa, Rory Locke, Dario Mazzoli, Richard Murphy, Grant Neal, Alicia Peacock, Sergio Priftis, Laura Tyrer, Matt Wesley, Jayde Westaby.
Highlights, about 30 minutes of act 1 (from "All that Jazz" to the introduction of Billy Flynn). About 45 minutes of act 2. Filmed form the stalls, a lot of camera wandering and shakiness, but some decent shots.

11/18/12 ~ Broadway
Amra-Faye Wright, Amy Spanger, Billy Ray Cyrus, Brian O'Brien, Carol Woods, Cory English
All that Jazz is audio only and there is some heads in the wide shots.  Act 2 is complete, and unobstructed. Nice close-ups and very clear. 2 DVDs A-

Chicago: Hollywood Bowl Concert
7/26/13 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Ashlee Simpson, Samantha Barks, Stephen Moyer, Drew Carey, Lucy Lawless, D. Tablak, Brad Anderson, Shamicka Benn-Moser, Alexis Carra, Shawn Emamjomeh, Melissa Emrico, Charissa Hogeland, Chris Holly, Aurore Joly, Ron Kellum, Jessica Perrizo, Mark C. Reis, Adrianne Richards, Randy Slovacek, Sherisse Springer, Leslie Stevens, Kim Taylor, Evelyn Christina Tonn, Leigh Wakeford, Melanie Waldron, Karl Warden, Corey Wright
Directed by Brooke Shields; a fantastic capture of the Hollywood Bowl's yearly spectacle; show is completely intact from start to finish, filmed on a tripod so it's very steady throughout; first few minutes are a bit shaky and there's obstruction that blocks the actors' feet, but both issues are fixed after All That Jazz. Very little washout except in a few high-contrast wide shots; filmed in 16:9, with wides and mediums; no close-ups due to the distance from the stage; excellent sound; video includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A

2/2/14 ~ Segestrom Center for the Arts, Costa Mesa, CA
Paige Davis (Roxie Hart), Terra C. MacLeod (Velma Kelly), John O'Hurley (Billy Flynn), Ron Orbach (Amos Hart), Carol Woods (Matron Mamma Morton), C. Newcomb (Mary Sunshine)
Filmed from balcony, no blackouts or obstructions, A, 2 DVDs

Children of Eden
Date Unknown ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Nicholas F Saverine, Nedra Dixon, Seth Swoboda, Caesar Samayoa, Kristin Williams, Barrett Foa
Another amazing, professional production of The Music Theatre of Wichita. Includes footage shot backstage during a performance.  Very well filmed using a tripod and soundboard.

Children of Eden
February 2003 ~ Riverside, CA
John Huntington, Kim Huber, Miles Wesley, Joseph Andreas, Allen Everman, Julie Gunner, April Berry
Pro-Shot, A+

Children Of Eden In Concert
December 2003 ~ St. John's Church, New York
Jai Rodriguez, Darius de Haas, Norm Lewis, John Tartaglia, Kate Shindle, Jonathan Dokuchitz, Julia Murney
Very nicely filmed from a tripod. Jai sings "A World Without You" which was cut from the original score. A

Children of Eden
March 2010 ~ Greensboro, NC
Pro-Shot Performed in a church with costumes and minimal sets, well shot

7/31/11 ~ Chicago, IL
Jennifer Lim, Stephen Pucci, James Waterston, Angela Lin, Christine Lin, Johnny Wu, Larry Zhang
Great Capture of the final performance before the production moved to Broadway. Excellent cast and funny show; good picture and clear sound throughout A

2012 ~ Michigan
Pro-Shot Graham Techler, Avery DiUbaldo, Caitlin Chou, Jingchen Wu, Isa Wenfei Zhang, Justin Wong, Tian Tian, Gorgeously shot and very well acted, this was the regional premiere of David Henry Hwang's new play.

Chita Rivera: A Dancer's Life
1/25/06 ~ Broadway
Chita Rivera, special guest Dick Van Dyke
Nicely shot video with great clear picture and excellent sound quality; an excellent video A

Chita Rivera: New Show!
2008 ~ Live at Feinsteins.
Restricted Trades

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (The Making off...)
2002 ~ London
A documentary, charting the months leading up to the stage musical. Lots of exclusive interviews and back stage secrets. A+

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
6/12/02 ~ London
Michael Ball, Richard O'Brien
Shot from 2nd row of the Upper Circle, there's a bar in the frame for most of the wide shots, but it doesn't get in the way of the close-ups. The flying car is pretty cool. Digital. A

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
4/16/05 ~ Broadway
Raul Esparza, Erin Dilly, Philip Bosco, Marc Kudisch, Jan Maxwell, Chip Zien, Robert Sella, Kevin Cahoon
The car scenes are a little dark but only a minor issue; picture and sound is great A

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
8/12/05 ~ Broadway
Raúl Esparza, Erin Dilly, Ellen Marlow, Henry Hodges, Marc Kudisch, Jan Maxwell
Highlights of the Broadway production; excellent quality with lots of close-ups. A

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
7/11/09 ~ Costa Mesa, CA
Steve Wilson, Kelly McCormick, Jeremy Lipton, Camille Mancuso, Dick Decareau, George Dvorsky, Elizabeth Ward Land, Dirk Lumbard, Scott Cote, Joel Blum, Oliver Wadsworth
Three fairly long blackouts; first one is the beginning of the show through the end of You Two (17.5 minutes); second is from Me 'Ol Bamboo through the beginning of Posh (6 minutes); third is the beginning of the second act until the Baron brings out the "baronial car" (7.5 minutes) so about 31 minutes of blackouts and 90 minutes of video; first act has very little obstruction; some heads in the second act that get a little annoying, but the action is there; some light washout here and there, as well as a couple of scenes that are fairly dark, especially Hushabye Mountain and the finales for each act, but everything is still very watchable. Good sound throughout 2 DVDs B

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
February 2010 ~ UK Tour
Darren Bennett, Katie Ray, John Griffiths,Edward Peel, Kim Ismay, Dean Maynard.
An excellent capture in 16:9 wide-screen of this fantastic magical production. Definitely the best capture of the show with a magnificent cast. A+

Chopper Opera (or Phantom And The Art Of The Helicopter)
4/4/96 ~ Sydney, Australia
The Sydney casts of Phantom Of The Opera and Miss Saigon get together in this Easter Charity concert. Features music from both shows in addition to some Pop music. One of the many highlights: Eponine and Cosette, in full costume, on the Miss Saigon set singing "You Gotta Get A Gimmick." A+

A Chorus Line
1975 ~ Public Theatre
Original Broadway Cast filmed prior to moving to Broadway. Pro shot, using multiple cameras. Black and White, and extremely faded, with much generational loss-but an amazing piece of Broadway history. D-

A Chorus Line
1985 ~ Broadway
Wanda Richert, Eivund Harum, Loida Santos
Great quality video of show A+

A Chorus Line
September 1986 ~ Broadway
Donna McKechnie
Donna McKechnie's return to the role of Cassie 11 years after the show debuted on Broadway. This was her return to the theatre after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1980. Nice clarity and amazingly well filmed for a show this old. First three minutes are blacked out. A-

A Chorus Line
July 1989 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Karen Curlee, Mark Lamanna, Mark Madama, Darcie Roberts, Kevin Reese, David White, Brad Musgrove
Full stage shot with some generation loss and spotlight washout but otherwise a good video; includes a news feature at the start of the DVD B+

A Chorus Line - "The Final Stage"
1990 ~ Pro shot for Japanese TV.
Documentary on the history of the show, and the final performance. Narrated in Japanese, but musical numbers and cast interviews are in English. A

A Chorus Line
4/28/90 ~ Broadway
Laurie Gamache, Cynthia Fleming
Footage from the final Broadway performance filmed from the wings by one of the cast members. Also includes a few minutes of footage prior to the show B+

A Chorus Line
1999 ~ Gateway Playhouse
Kendra Kasselbaum
Semi-Pro Shot; appears to be a tripod shot. Very slight generation loss, but relatively clear, good color, and good sound. Some nice close-ups too. A

A Chorus Line
5/8/01 ~ Philadelphia, PA
Nancy Hess, Pamela Jordan, Emily Rozek
Highlights.  Ends after Music in the Mirror.  A few heads in some of the wider dance shots, but nothing too bad. There are some real nice close ups. Good colour, nice sound, and generally pretty clear. B+

A Chorus Line
4/13/02 ~ Buffalo NY
Ashley Adamek, Renee Bonadio, Paul Buschman, Stephanie Fredricks, John Arthur Greene, Michael Kennedy
Choreographed and directed by OBC member Mitzi Hamilton excellent video and great sound and zooms A-

A Chorus Line
2/16/03 ~ New Orleans, LA
Alton Geno, Benjamin Linn, Jeff Lukas, Ariel Assaf, Matias J Grau, Tracey Hensarling, Gary Rucker, Elizabeth Argus, Angie Joachim, Nicholas Austin, Trina J Beck, Christina Tichenor, Carl Adams, Randy Juneau, Carrie Black, Lara Grice, Brian Bell, Eddie Bennett, Brandi Cotogno, Cate Reymond, Althea Williams, Kimberly Matuluch, Sarah Grundmeyer, Casey Thompson, Rick Richards, John Kelly, David Rochon, Michael Santora, Frankie Mulligan
A Jefferson Performing Arts Society production. Very nicely filmed using one camera on a tripod; good picture, okay sound; great closeups A-

A Chorus Line
9/30/06 ~ Broadway
Michael Berresse, Charlotte D'Amboise, Deidre Goodwin, Ken Alan, Brad Anderson, Michelle Aravena,David Baum, E. Clayton Cornelious, Natalie Cortez, Mike Cannon, Mara Davi, Joey Dudding, Lyndy Franklin, Jessica Lee Goldyn, Tyler Hanes, Nadine Isenegger, Pamela Jordan, James T. Lane, Lorin Latarro, Paul McGill, Heather Parcells, Michael Paternostro, Alisan Porter, Jeffrey Schecter, Yuka Takara, Jason Tam, Grant Turner, Chryssie Whitehead, Tony Yazbeck
Great video, very clear with lots of close and full shots and great clear sound; a couple of cover ups for about 15 seconds total; .a minute of so cover up right before “What i did for Love”; excellent video A

A Chorus Line
10/15/06 ~ Broadway
Michael Berresse, Charlotte d'Amboise, Deidre Goodwin, Brad Anderson, Natalie Cortez, Mara Davi, Jessica Lee Goldyn, Tyler Hanes, E Clayton Cornelious (u/s Richie), Heather Parcells, Alisan Porter, Yuka Takara, Jason Tam, Lyndy Franklin (u/s Kristine),Tony Yazbeck
Clear video with good picture and sound and nice closeups but there are some heads in the way and spotlight washout but it gets much better as it goes on until the last seven minutes which are audio only B+

A Chorus Line
5/11/08 ~ Broadway
Mario Lopez, Jessica Lea Patty (u/s Cassie), Grant Turner (u/s Larry), Natalie Cortez, Dena DiGiacinto, Jessica Lee Goldyn, Deidre Goodwin, Melissa Lone, Heather Parcells, Jeffrey Schecter, Katherine Tokarz, Kevin Worley
Highlights: most of the show, but a majority of the "Line Scenes" between songs are audio only. Full audio throughout and the following scenes and songs are on video: Opening, I Can Do That, At the Ballet, Hello 12, Nothing, Dance Ten, Music and the Mirror, Pauls Monologue, Rehearsal One, Why are you a dancer scene, What I did for Love, and most of the finale. Great closeups and performances. B+

A Chorus Line
8/17/08 ~ Broadway
Mario Lopez, Jessica Lee Goldyn, Deidre Goodwin, Nick Adams, Todd Anderson, Tommy Berklund, Mike Cannon, Natalie Cortez, Dene DiGiacinto, Jenifer Foote, Bryan Knowlton, James T. Lane, Melissa Lone, J. Elaine Marcos, Paul McGill, Heather Parcells, Adam Perry, Jeffrey Schecter, Eric Sciotto, Will Taylor, Katherine Tokarz
Final performance: filmed from front row of mezzanine video starts near the end of the audition and shot goes down for applause breaks; captures everything clearly after Mike's "I Can Do That" but pretty full throughout; good video A-

A Chorus Line
10/5/08 ~ Boston, MA
Nikki Snelson, Michael Gruber, Clyde Alves, John Carroll, Emily Fletcher, Stephanie Gibson, Natalie Elise Hall, Derek Hanson, Hollie Howard, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Denis Lambert, Sterling Masters, Ian Liberto, Pilar Millhollen, Colt Prattes, Gabrielle Ruiz, Kevin Santos, Anthony Wayne, Jessica Wu
Final Boston performance; filmed from house left at a slight angle, but no head obstructions; three coverups due to late seating; no blackouts/obstructi ons, not even during applause. Good clear sound and nice picture throughout A

A Chorus Line
10/17/08 ~ Cleveland, OH
Clyde Alves, John Carroll, Emily Fletcher, Stepanie Gibson, Michael Grueber, Natalie Elise Hall, Derek Hanson, Holly Howard, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Dennis Lambert, Jessica
Latshaw, Ian Liberto, Pilar Millohollen, Colt Prattes, Gabrielle Ruiz, Nikki Snelson,Anthony Wayne, J.R.Whittington, Jessica Wu
Highlights including an hour of the show: I Hope I Get It,What's Not On The Resume, I Can To That,And,At The Ballet, Hello 12..., Nothing, Gimme The Ball, Dance 10, Looks 3, Caissie And
Zach (Part 1), Music And The Mirror, Paul's Speech, One, Cassie And Zach (Part 2),What I Did For Love, Final 8 Are Chosen, One (Reprise) C, 2 DVDS

A Chorus Line
10/21/08 ~ Cleveland, OH
Clyde Alves, John Carroll, Emily Fletcher, Stepanie Gibson, Michael Grueber, Natalie Elise Hall, Derek Hanson, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Bryan Knowlton (u/s Paul), Dennis Lambert, Jessica Latshaw, Ian Liberto, Stephanie Martignetti (u/s Maggie), Pilar Millohollen, Colt Prattes, Gabrielle Ruiz Nikki Snelson, Anthony Wayne, Jessica Wu
Highlights including half-hour of the show: I Hope I Get It, I Can Do That,At The Ballet, Hello 12..., Gimme The Ball, Dance 10, Looks 3, Can The Adults Smoke? B

A Chorus Line
10/26/08 ~ Cleveland, OH, evening
Venny Carranza (u/s Mike), John Carroll, Emily Fletcher, Stepanie Gibson, Michael Grueber, Natalie Elise Hall, Derek Hanson, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Hollie Howard, Bryan Knowlton (u/s Paul), Dennis Lambert, Jessica Latshaw, Ian Liberto, Pilar Millohollen, Colt Prattes, Gabrielle Ruiz Nikki Snelson, Anthony Wayne, Jessica Wu
Highlights include about 90 mintues of the show: I Hope I Get It, I Can Do That,At The Ballet, Hello 12... (Audio Only),Nothing, Mother, Gimme The Ball, Dance 10, Looks 3, Music & The Mirror, Paul's Speach (Mostly Audio), Cassie & Zach/One,Tap Comination,What I Did For Love, Elimination, One (Finale) A

A Chorus Line
3/27/09 ~ Hartford, CT
Robyn Hurder, Gabrielle Ruiz, Julie Kotarides (u/s Kristine), Jordan Fife Hunt (u/s Larry), Stephanie Martignetti (u/s Val)
Great capture, filmed from the front, center mezzanine, so the choreography looks just the way it was intended. Missing about twenty seconds during Paul's monologue for a tape change. First five seconds are blacked out; clear sound, nice video A

A Chorus Line
November 2010 ~ Beverly, MA
Derek Hanson (Zach), Rebecca Riker (Cassie), Katie Cameron (Sheila), Venny Carranza (Al), Hannah Chin (Connie), Jonathan Day (Mike), Delius Doherty (Richie), Kurt Domoney (Larry), Miguel Angel Falcon (Paul), Leslie Flesner (Val), Joe Grandy (Don), Cary Michele Miller (Maggie)
Recorded at final dress rehearsal so no audience present, disc also includes 3 minute montage which was used for media and promotion, pro - shot A

A Chorus Line
5/22/12 ~ Singapore
Josh Horner (Zack), Gerrard Carter (Larry), Mark Hill (Don), Stephanie  Grigg (Maggie), James Maxfield (Mike), Leah Lim (Connie), Rohan Browne (Greg), Anita Louise Combe (Cassie), Debora Krizak (Sheila), Ashley Mckenzie (Bobby), Monique Salle (Bebe), Renee Armstrong (Judy), Kurt Douglas (Richie), Will Centurion (Al), Sian Johnson (Kristine), Hayley Winch (Val), Scott Morris
(Mark), Euan Doidge (Paul), Karlee Misipeka (Diana)
Complete show, including pre-show speeches (audio-only). There is a head at the bottom sometimes, and a few obstructions a few seconds long (The person was damn fidgety!). Only one major obstruction, for less than a minute, during the bit before "What I Did For Love". Otherwise it's pretty decently captured - wide-shots for the dance numberrs but nice close-ups when necessary, 16:9 widescreen. Electric and amazing performance by the whole Australian cast. Opening night.

A Chorus Line: Hollywood Bowl Concert

7/29/16 ~ Los Angeles, CA

Mario Lopez, Sarah Bowden, Krysta Rodriguez, Leigh Zimmerman, Spencer Liff, Jason Tam, Sabrina Bryan, Tiana Okoye, J. Elaine Marcos, Mara Davi, Robert Fairchild, Cornelius Jones Jr,, Denis Lambert, Ian Liberto, Courtney Lopez, Ross Lynch, Michael Starr, Kelsey Walston, Justin Michael Wilcox

The Hollywood Bowl's annual Broadway show; nicely filmed with no obstructions or no washout, and just a couple quick dropouts. The stage is filmed directly; the screens are never shown;

excellent clear sound A

A Christmas Carol
11/25/94 ~ Madison Square Garden, New York
Walter Charles
Recorded from the second row, so although it's well filmed, you are looking up at the stage. B

A Christmas Carol
12/30/01 ~ New York
Patrick Stewart
Great video of solo show A

A Christmas Carol
December 2010 ~ NSMT
David Coffee (Ebenezer Scrooge), Maureen Brennan (Ghost of Christmas Past/Mrs. Cratchit), Josh Tower (Ghost of Christmas Present), Kevin Patrick Martin (Ghost of Christmas Future), Tom Staggs (Jacob Marley), Ryan Bates (Narrator), Brian De Lorenzo (Bob Cratchit),
Disc includes 3 minute of montage used for media and promotion, A

A Christmas Story
11/27/10 ~ Seattle, WA
Clarke Hallum, John Bolton, Anne Allgood, Matthew Lewis, Frank Corrado, Carol Swarbrick, Dexter Johnson, River Aguirre, Jadd Davis, Candice Donehoo, Brandon O'Neill, Billie Wildrick
Great capture of an early performance of this production in Seattle; a couple short drop out and some heads in the way, but they are filmed around as much as possible and the action is rarely missed;
filmed in 16:9 and excellent close-ups and sound; Includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A-

A Christmas Story
12/15/11 ~ Chicago, IL
Clarke Hallum, John Bolton, Gene Weygandt, Rachel Bay Jones, Karen Mason, Matthew Lewis
PreBroadway run in Chicago, where the following year it would open on Broadway. Excellent capture of the Original Cast that created the roles. A-

A Christmas Story: The Musical
11/7/12 ~ Broadway
Dan Lauria, John Bolton, Erin Dilly, Johnny Rabe, Zac Ballard, Caroline O'Connor
Excellent HD capture of the first performance on Broadway. Nice changes from the previous PreBroadway tour from last year; good picture and sound although a couple of cover-ups; nice video 2 DVDs A

A Christmas Story: The Musical
11/8/12 ~ Broadway
Dan Lauria, John Bolton, Erin Dilly, Johnny Rabe, Zac Ballard, Caroline O'Connor, Joe West, Tia Altinay, John Babbo, Charissa Bertels, Grace Capeless, Zoe Considine, Andrew Cristi, Mathew deGuzman, Thay Floyd, George Franklin, Nick Gaswirth, Eddie Korbich, Mark Ledbetter, Jose Luaces,
Jack Mastrianni, Mara Newbery, Lindsay O'Neil, Sarah Min-Kyung Park, J.D. Rodriguez, Analise Scarpaci, Lara Seibert, Jeremy Shinder, Luke Spring, Beatrice Tulchin, Kirsten Wyatt
Nicely filmed with good closeups and clear picture and sound throughout A

Christmas With The Crawfords
Winter 2003 ~ San Francisco, CA
Jef Valentine, David Bicha, Tom Shaw, Hedda Lettuce, Matthew Martin, Trauma Flintstone, Mark Enea, Mark Sargent, Drew Todd, Nikki Starr
Well filmed from the left side with clear picture and sound although slight generation loss; good video A

1988 ~ Ritz Theatre
Mark Zeller, Emily Zacharias, Kevin Gray
Good picture and sound; there is a bar in the way as it was filmed from the front mezzanine which is constantly in the shot and some spotlight washout but good sound B+

11/14/95 ~ New York City Opera
Sally Ann Howes, Jean Stapleton, Rebecca Baxter, Jane Powell, George Dvorsky
A very nice capture of a beautiful lavish production.  A

December 2000 ~ Us Tour, Miami
Deborah Gibson, Eartha Kitt, Paolo Montalban, Everett Quinton, Natasha Yvette Williams, Alexandra Kolb.
Nicely shot. Picture is clear, colors are nice, sound is good. A-

1/20/01 ~ Chicago, IL
Deborah Gibson, Eartha Kitt, Paolo Montalban
Nice video with good sound and only slight generation loss and spotlight washout; good video. B+

5/5/01 ~ Madison Square Garden, NewYork
Eartha Kitt, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Paolo Montalban
A nice capture from the orchestra. Also includes TV appearances about the show.

11/21/04 ~ New York City Opera
Sarah Uriarte Berry, Lea DeLaria, John Epperson, Ana Gasteyer, Eartha Kitt, Christopher Sieber, Renee Taylor, Dick Van Patten
Excellent picture and sound; lots of nice closeups A

11/2/05 ~ Papermill Playhouse
Angela Gaylor, Paolo Montalban, Suzzanne Douglas, Jen Cody, Janelle Anne Robinson, Nora Mae Lyng, Stanley Wayne Mathis, Larry Keith, Joy Franz
About two minutes of blackouts total but nice picture and sound; includes some of the curtain call and the BC/EFA speech at the end of the show. Nice video A-

3/2/13 ~ Broadway
Laura Osnes, Santino Fontana, Victoria Clark, Harriet Harris, Peter Bartlett, Ann Harada, Greg Hildreth, Marla Mindelle
Beautiful HD capture of this classic show, appearing on Broadway for the first time; good clear video with nice picture and sound and good close-ups and few obstructions; good video 2 DVDs A

3/13/13 ~ Broadway
Laura Osnes, Santino Fontana, Phumzile Sojola, Peter Bartlett, Victoria Clark, Greg Hildreth, Harriet Harris, Marla Mindelle, Ann Harada
A few small blackouts here and there for a few seconds; one head at the bottom of stage, barely noticeable except during "There's Music in You". Wide-shots for the dance numbers and close-ups well filmed; very nice video 2 DVDs A

4/17/14 ~ Broadway
Carly Rae Jepsen, Fran Drescher, Victoria Clark, Joe Carroll, Peter Bartlett, Todd Buonopane,
Stephanie Gibson, Ann Harada
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions. Clear picture and great sound; very nice video 2 DVDs A

8/21/14 ~ Broadway
Paige Faure, Victoria Clark, Nancy Opel, Joe Carroll, Stephanie Gibson, Ann Harada, Todd Buonopane, Branch Woodman (u/s Lord Pinkleton), Peter Bartlett, Andy Mills, Michael Callahan, Jill Abramovitz
Act one has a couple small heads at the bottom of the screen; act two has no obstruction, but there is one blackout for about one minute during The Pursuit; also a couple quick dropouts in each act. Otherwise well filmed with excellent sound and includes curtain call, encore 2 DVDs A-

12/21/14 ~ Chicago
Paige Faure, Andy Jones, Beth Glover, Kecia Lewis, David Andino, Aymee Garcia, Blake Hammond, Ashley Park
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions. Very well filmed with excellent picture and clear sound and lots of both full stage shots and close-ups; nice video. 2 DVDs A

1/1/15 ~ Broadway
Keke Palmer, Joe Carroll, Judy Kaye, Nene Leakes, Stephanie Gibson, Laura Irion, Todd Buonopane,
Phumzile Sojola, Peter Bartlett, Andy Mills, Michael Callahan, Jill Abramovitz
Nice video with a few heads at the bottom of the screen during act one but worked around so not in the way; act two has no obstruction; a couple quick dropouts in each act, but no major blackouts. Excellent clear sound; nice video. 2 DVDs A

Cirque Du Soleil: A Baroque Odyssey
1994 ~ Canada
This documentary presents a look at the innovative Canadian circus troupe that revolutionized the circus genre. Cirque du Soleil first came on the scene in the 1980s. Combining elements of street theater with traditional circus performance, these former street performers have dazzled millions of people with their repertoire of dance, acrobatics, and music, all presented by characters known as baroques. With imaginative costumes depicting fanciful animals, the circus of the sun has captured the hearts of many new circus goers. This program captures the magic of Cirque du Soleil on film. A+ 56 minutes Brilliant

Cirque Du Soleil: Delirium
Pro Shot, multiple cameras

Cirque Du Soleil: KA
Las Vegas, MGM
Recorded from TV. Pro-shot with multiple cameras. A

Cirque Du Soleil: La Nouba
12/25/98 - Las Vegas
3rd performance ever. Filmed on a tripod with zooms, very clear quality, some spotlight washout in wide shots.

Cirque Du Soleil: La Nouba
5/12/00 - Las Vegas
Filmed on a tripod with audio from the soundboard, full-stage shot with zooms, very clear quality.

Cirque Du Soleil: Love
Filmed on a tripod with audio from the soundboard, full-stage shot without zooms, very clear quality with some spotlight washout.

Cirque Du Soleil: O
3/15/98 - Las Vegas
Filmed on a tripod with audio from the soundboard, full-stage shot without zooms, very clear quality with some spotlight washout. This is the show presented two years after its premiere, with some changes.

Cirque Du Soleil: O
Filmed on a tripod with audio from the soundboard, full-stage shot without zooms, very clear quality with some spotlight washout.

Cirque Du Soleil: O
TV version, recorded possibly on a VHS and transferred to DVD, it’s watchable.

Cirque du Soleil: Quidam
1999 ~ Canada
Cirque du Soleil Cirque's creative brain trust, including "guide" Guy Laliberte and director Franco Dragone, have crafted each production as an extended performance piece framed by recurrent characters, unified production design, and underlying themes. Already mesmerizing visual tableaux and astonishing illusions are given an added poignancy (and, occasionally, true gravity) by the productions' underlying comments about society, conformity, beauty, and emotion; even without such conscious motifs, however, Cirque's sheer artistry is never less than riveting. Quidam revolves around an Everychild, living with self-absorbed (and deliberately archetypal) parents, who's whisked away to a vividly surreal world where Cirque's remarkable acrobats and artists take literal flight. Their tools are often prosaic--oversized flying rings, an open steel wheel large enough for a single inhabitant, skateboards, ropes--yet the resulting images are stunning. Injecting further drama and atmosphere is the score (here by musical director Benoit Jutras), which is as far removed from traditional circus music as Cirque's "acts" are from Barnum & Bailey. Performed with synthesizers, electric guitar, solo reed instruments, percussion, and voice (often singing in a kind of Esperanto that's tantalizing yet foreign), Cirque's music can be dismissed as New Age only until heard in its intended context. 1999 A++ Crystal Pro Shot, brilliant

Citizen Twain
8/21/13 ~ Pasadena, CA
Val Kilmer
Picture is dark throughout but watchable; a couple of blackouts when the house lights come up for audience interaction; otherwise show is intact. No obstruction or washout; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups; excellent sound. A-

City of Angels
1989 ~ Broadway
James Naughton, Gregg Edelman, Randy Graff, Dee Hoty, Rene Auberjonois
Updated review: no heads and picture was on stage all the time and had some good zooms; good sound, slighly washed out B

City of Angels
1991 ~ Los Angeles
Stephen Bogardus, Jeff McCarthy, Catherine Cox
A very nice complete video of a rarely-filmed show. picture is fairly clear and follows the action very well. audio is excellent. wonderful cast. B+

City Of Angels
4/3/94 ~ London
Martin Smith, Roger Allam, Susannah Fellows
Some generational loss; follows action nicely, better copy than Broadway version; overexposure in wider shots, but good exposure in closer shots. Pretty nice copy for an older show. B

City of Angels
2012 ~ Riverdale, NY
Pro-Shot A regional production well done, but the mics are a bit loud on the recording.

Civil War [The]
11/1/98 ~ Houston,TX
Michael Bell, Matt Bogart, Leo Burmester, Giles Chiasson, Lawrence Clayton, Dave Clemmons
Pre-Broadway Tour; nice video-shot well over and between heads. Some slight generational loss-but nothing too bad. Also includes about 30 minutes of various news coverage of the show. B+

Civil War [The]
April 1999

Civil War [The]
2/25/00 ~ Chicago, IL
Larry Gatlin, BeBe Winans, John Ayres, Moses Braxton Jr., Mike Eldred, Steve Gannon, Dawana Gudger-Richardson, Keith Byron Kirk, Michael Lanning, Royal Reed, Clay Roberts,Amy Rutberg, Roy Richardson Jr., Carolyn Saxton, Bart Shatto, Marlayna Syms, Debra Winans
Camcorder video; good sound with some coverups and excellent closeups A

Civil War [The]
2001 ~ First US Tour
John Schneider, Michael Lanning, BeBe Winans, Keith Byron Kirk, Mike Eldred,Amy Rutberg
Well filmed, but unfortunately much generational loss. C

Clarence Darrow
9/4/74 ~ NBC-TV
Henry Fonda
This rare taping of Henry Fonda's 1974 one-man Broadway show is an entertaining, living memoir of legendary attorney Clarence Darrow. The play, directed by John Houseman and adapted from Irving Stone's biography, was taped before a live audience and broadcast on TV in the 1970s. This performance of Henry Fonda's one-man show originally aired under the title "IBM Presents Clarence Darrow".  Recorded at a theatre before an audience. A-

Class Act [A]
4/22/01 ~ Broadway
Lonny Price, Randy Graff, Donna Bullock, Ann Van Cleave (u/s)
Digital video, nice picture and sound. A

Clue: The Musical
September 2000 ~ Honeywell Foundation
Laura Carter, Melissa Tucker, Michelle Carter
Picture and sound is crystal clear however it cuts out twice in Mrs. Whites song for about 5 seconds A

Clue: The Musical
August 2014 ~ Tennesee
John Vogel, Matt Crane, Matthew Davis, Crystal Morrow, Victoria Mayfield, Tyler Dubberley, Nicole Bostater, Emily McDaniel
Shot with one camera on a tripod, A

Clybourne Park
8/29/12 ~ Broadway
Sarah Goldberg, Brendan Griffin, Damon Gupton, Christina Kirk, Jeemy Shamos, Frank Wood, Crystal A. Dickson (u/s)
Well filmed from mezzaine left; low sound at times A-

2008 ~ 42nd Street Moon, San Francisco
Andrea Marcovicci (Coco Chanel), C.J, Blankenship (Georges Guerin), Michael Patrick Gaffney (Louis Greff), Heather Gordon (Colette), Coley Grundman (Charles/Ginsborn), Randel Hart (Julian/Berkwit), Lisa Hensley (Jeanine/Docaton), Nina Josephs (Noelle Forrestier), Casi Maggio (Simone), Sean Patrick Murtagh (Alex/Rosenberry), Tom Orr (Sebastian Baye), Tom Reardon (Papa), Sandra Schlecther (Pignol), Stephen Vaught (Dr. Pettijean, Bernstone, et. al), Beverly Viljoen (Solange)

Cold as Ice
6/17/07 ~ Gateway Playhouse
Oksana Baiul, Stcie Bono, Dennis Kenney, Elizabeth Daniels, Steven Douglas Stewart, Tina Johnson.  
Musical about figure skating done on an ice rink. Intresteing show. Prot Shot. A+

Cold Storage
1983 ~ pro-shot video
Len Cariou, Martin Balsam, Kerrie Kean
A professional videotape of the Tony-nominated production. A little quiet but the performances are great and it's well-preserved. A

Colin Quinn: Long Story Short
2011 ~ Broadway
Colin Quinn
Directed by Jerry Seinfeld; pro-shot video; great video A+

Colm Wilkinson
1997 ~ In Concert
Colm Wilkinson, Patti Lupone, Aaron Wilkinson
Colm Wilkinson sings hits from the West End and Broadway, including: 'Bring Him Home', 'Music Of The Night', 'Oh, What A Circus', 'Empty Chairs, Empty Tables', 'This Is The Moment', 'Gethsemene' and 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. Commercially available (released in 2000), but rare. A

The Color Purple
3/28/06 ~ Broadway
LaChanze, Felicia Fields, Elisabeth Withers-Mendes, Kingsley Leggs, Darlesia Cearcy, Krisha Marcano, Brandon Dixon
There is a 10 minute blackout at the end of the first song but thats the only main issue; beautiful video of the show, crystal clear picture and sound; includes the BCEFA speech at the end of the show A

The Color Purple
11/15/06 ~ Broadway
Jeannette Bayardelle, Angela Robinson (u/s Shug), Felicia Fields, Darlesia Cearcy, Alton Fitzgerald White, Brandon Dixon, LaVon Fisher-Wilson (u/s Darlene)
Good closeups and nice sound; clear picture throughout; slightly rowdy crowd for a new cast and fine performances A-

The Color Purple
4/17/07 ~ Broadway
Fantasia, Elisabeth Withers-Mendes, JC Montgomery (u/s), NaTasha Yvette Williams, Chaz Lamar Shepherd, Darlesia Cearcy, Krisha Marcano, Charlotte Crossley, Rosena M. Hill
Act One is complete, Act Two is about 80% complete. Sound only at times and lots of heads in the way; major things like most of "Our Prayer", "Push Da Button", "What About Love?", "Miss Celie's Pants", "I'm Here" and "The Color Purple" are fine. Good video when there is a picture B+

The Color Purple
4/22/07 ~ Chicago
Jeannette Bayardelle, Michelle Williams, LaToya London, Rufus Bonds Jr., Stu James, Felicia Fields, Stephanie St. James
Excellent video of the Chicago cast with nice closeups and sound throughout; great video A+

The Color Purple
9/30/07 ~ Chicago
Jeannette Bayardelle, Michelle Williams, LaToya London, Rufus Bonds Jr., Stu James, Felicia Fields, Stephanie St. James
Final Chicago Performance; about 3 minutes total of blackouts, great closeups and amazing sound and picture quality A

The Color Purple
10/17/07 ~ Broadway
Montego Glover (u/s), Elisabeth Withers-Mendes, Alton Fitzgerald White, Natasha Yvette Williams, Chaz Lamar Shepherd, Darlesia Cearcy, Latrisa A. Coleman (u/s Squeak), Yolanda Wyns, Teresa Stanley, Leilani N. Bryant
Missing first ten minutes of each act, and some issues at the end of each act. Act One: Begins after "Our Prayer." Shakiness and coverups during the final scene of Act One. Act Two: Begins after "African Homeland" at the jail scene. Lap shot during the Finale, and missing the last minute due to ushers stationing themselves throughout the mezzanine; beautiful picture and color. Includes "Push Da Button" and "What About Love?" from 10/10/07 performance. A-

The Color Purple
11/11/15 ~ Broadway
Cynthia Erivo, Jennifer Hudson, Danielle Brooks, Isaiah Johnson, Kyle Scatliffe, Joaquina Kalukango
Excellent HD capture of the new revival which been stripped down and streamlined to focus on Celie's journey. Some beautiful moments in the show with the direction and simplicity spotlighting the story. A few blackouts in the first 5 minutes as clueless ushers fumbled around. Nice video 2 DVDs A

The Color Purple

5/11/16 ~ Broadway

Cynthia Erivo, Heather Headley, Danielle Brooks, Isaiah Johnson, Kyle Scatliffe, Joaquina Kalukango.

Beautiful capture of the ever stunning Heather Headley joining the cast. There really is no need to say anymore! 2 DVDs A

Come Spy with Me
1977 ~ BBC Television
Danny La Rue, Patrick Cargill, Irene Handel, Alfred Marks, Barbara Windsor
Televised version of the 1966 West End show; BBC commercial clock between breaks; good clear video A-

Comedy of Errors, The – A Musical
1977 ~ London
Judi Dench, Brian Coburn, Griffith Jones, Roger Rees, Mike Gwilym, Michael Williams, Nickolas Grace, Francesca Annis, Paul Brooke, Norman Tyrell, Barbara Shelley, Robin Ellis.
Pro-shot. Great audio. Great picture, though slightly fuzzy from age. A

1970 ~ Documentary
Stephen Sondheim's musical "Company" opened on Broadway in the Spring of 1970, and tradition dictates that the cast recording is done on the first Sunday after opening night. D.A. Pennebaker,
the now-legendary documentarian, filmed the production of the original cast recording, the back and forth between Sondheim and the performers, and the dynamic of trying to record live performance.The film climaxes with Elaine Stritch's performance of "The Ladies Who Lunch".The show won 6 Tony Awards including "Best Musical" and ran for two years on Broadway. A

Company 20th Anniversary Reunion, Concert
1/23/93 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Dean Jones, Barbara Barrie, Eliane Stritch, Beth Howland, Donna McKechnie, Charles Kimbrough, Alice Canon, Pamela Myers, Susan Browning,Teri Ralston, George Coe, Steve Elmore, John
Cunningham, Stanley Grover
Narrated by George Hearn, hosted by Angela Lansbury Pro shot, very nice video A

20th Anniversary Reunion, Performance
4/11/93 ~ New York
Dean Jones, Barbara Barrie, Eliane Stritch, Beth Howland, Donna McKechnie, Charles Kimbrough, Alice Canon, Pamela Myers, Susan Browning,Teri Ralston, George Coe, Steve Elmore, John Cunningham, Stanley Grover
25th Anniversary benefit concert. Slight bend across top of screen due to tracking issues. C

October 1993 - Los Angeles
Patrick Cassidy (Bobby), Carol Burnett (Joanne)
Suffers from a lot generation loss, but a decent shot. Some tracking issues at the bottom of the screen, but they work themselves out. Dark and little blurry, but the sounds really good, which makes it worth it since Carol is fantastic to hear. B/B-

February 1996 ~ Donmar Warehouse, London
Adrian Lester, Rebecca Front, Clive Rowe, Clare Burt, Gareth Snook, Liza Sadovy, Teddy Kempner, Sophie Thompson, Michael Simkins, Sheila Gish, Paul Bentley, Anna Francolini, Kiran Hocking, Hannah James
Pro shot for television and directed by Sam Mendes A-

6/15/02 ~ Sondheim Celebration, Washington DC,
John Barrowman, Lynn Redgrave
Beautiful video from the balcony of the Kennedy Center. Digital. A

2003 ~ Broadway ~ 2003
Original Broadway Cast A-

September 2003 ~ Trieste, Italy
Antonello Angiolillo, Francesca Folloni, Francesca Risoli, Graziana Borciani, Valeria Mattaliano, Daniele Cancelliere,  Silvia Dolfi, Gabriele Bonsignori, Barbara Lo Gaglio, Raoul Eramo, Paola Camber, Vittorio Calogero, Francesca Mura, Raffaele  Passarini.  Multi-camera filmed.  Includes songs that were cut from the original Broadway production and some promotional footage.  In Italian.  2DVDs A

June 2004 ~ Los Angeles, CA
John Bisom, Bets Malone, Marci Anne Wuebben, Beth Obregon, Victor Hernandez, Amy Gillette, Danny Stiles, Tracy Lore
Another great production of Performance Riverside. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. A

11/13/06 ~ Broadway Revival
Raul Esparza, Barbara Walsh, Keith Buterbaugh, Matt Castle, Robert Cunningham, Angel Desai, Kelly Jeanne Grant, Kristin Huffman,Amy Justman, Heather Laws, Leenya Rideout, Fred Rose, Bruce Sabath, Elizabeth Stanley
Shot from the mezzanine, with lots of closeups. A

11/14/06 ~ Broadway Revival
Raul Esparza, Barbara Walsh, Keith Buterbaugh, Matt Castle, Robert Cunningham, Angel Desai, Kelly Jeanne Grant, Kristin Huffman, Amy Justman, Heather Laws, Leenya Rideout, Fred Rose, Bruce Sabath, Elizabeth Stanley
Filmed from the right side; great picture and sound; a very nice and well done video; Raul and Heather are amazing A+

12/23/06 ~ Broadway Revival
Raul Esparza, Barbara Walsh, Keith Buterbaugh, Matt Castle, Robert Cunningham,Angel Desai, Kelly Jeanne Grant, Kristin Huffman,Amy Justman, Heather Laws, Leenya Rideout, Fred Rose, Bruce Sabath, Elizabeth Stanley
One or 2 cover ups not lasting more then 30 seconds; great sound and amazing video; includes reviews and interviews from NY1 A+

6/30/07 ~ Broadway(mat + eve)
Raul Esparaza (Bobby), Barbara Walsh (Joanne), Keith Buterbaugh (Harry), Matt Castle (Peter), Robert Cunningham (Paul), Angel Desai (Marta), Kelly Jeanne Grant (Kathy), Kristin Huffman (Sarah), Amy Justman (Susan), Heather Laws (Amy), Leenya Rideout (Jenny), Fred Rose (David), Bruce Sabath (Larry), Elizabeth Stanley (April)
Pro-shot for PBS, 2 DVDs

7/1/07 ~ Broadway Revival
Raul Esparza, Barbara Walsh, Keith Buterbaugh, Matt Castle, Robert Cunningham, Angel Desai, Kelly Jeanne Grant, Kristin Huffman, Amy Justman, Heather Laws, Leenya Rideout, Fred Rose, Bruce Sabath, Elizabeth Stanley
Final Broadway Revival Performance; some coverups and wandering in certain moments due to ushers moving back and forth across the mezzanine; includes curtain call, Raul's curtain speech, and shots of the swings/ Heather's baby girl; a beautiful closing show. A+

2007 ~ Sydney, Australia
David Campbell,Tamsin Carroll, Simon Burke, Natalie Alexopoulos,Trisha Crowe, Rodney Dobson, Pippa Grandison. Scott Irwin, Anne Looby, James Millar, Chelsea Plumley, Katrina Retallick, Christie Whelan, William Zappa
Pro-shot using multiple cameras of the Australian Revival cast directed by Gale Edwards. 2 DVDs A+

June 2009 ~ Plays in the Park. NJ
Danny Arnold, Holly Curran, Christina Ryan, Erica Cenci, Alison Byrne, George A.Williams, Maddie Orton, Matthew Curtis, Judi Laganga, Jay Lowman, Sandy Taylor, Frank Norek, Lisa Van Doren, Todd Michaels
Pro-shot video; very nice A

April 2011 ~ New York Philharmonic Concert
Neil Patrick Harris, Stephen Colbert, Craig Bierko, Jon Cryer, Katie Finneran, Christina Hendricks, Aaron Lazar, Jill Paice, Martha Plimpton, Anika Noni Rose, Jennifer Laura Thompson, Jim Walton, Chryssie Whitehead, and Patti LuPone.  
Pro-shot for movie theatre presentation.

February 2013 ~ Riverdale, NY

Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)
Adam Long, Reed Martin & Austin Tichenor
Professionally shot version of this RIOTOUS show, which covers ALL of Shakespeare's shows in 90 minutes. Including Hamlet...5 TIMES! A+

A Connecticut Yankee
3/12/55 ~ NBC TV
A "Max Liebman presents" production originally aired March 12, 1955 starring Eddie Albert, Janet Blair, John Conte, Gale Sherwood, Bambi Linn & Rod Alexander and Boris Karloff.

The Constant Wife
6/11/05 ~ Broadway
Lynn Redgrave, Kate Burton, Michael Cumpsty, John Dosset, Kathryn Meisle, Enid Graham, John Ellison Conlee, Denis Holmes, Kathleen McNenny
Excellent picture and nice closeups as well as clear picture and sound; video includes NY1 opening night, reviews and interviews; good video A

2/21/15 ~ Broadway
Jake Gyllenhaal, Ruth Wilson
Excellent HD capture with no obstructions. This highly reviewed and praised two person play tells the classic story boy and girl meeting through several interactions and outcomes. Good video with clear picture and sound A

2000 ~ Broadway
Jack Hayes, Danny Herman, Joanna Manning, Karen Ziemba, Scott Taylor
Decent shot, 1st scene is shrouded by the cameraman, as latecomers and ushers are all around. B

October 2001 ~ National Tour
Part I: Keith Kuhl, Mindy Franzese Wild, Andrew Asnes Part II: Meg Howrey, Adam Dannheisser, Gary Franco Part III: Holly Cruikshank, Alan Campbell, Adam Dannheisser
Some coverups but otherwise nice cleration video; very nice video A

9/1/02 ~ Broadway
Alan Campbell, Colleen Dunn, Charlotte D' Amboise
Professional PBS telecast of the final performance A+

5/26/02 ~ Rochester, NY
Jim Poulos, Mary Jo McConnell, Ron Destefano, Melissa Rain Anderson, Marty Vidnovic
Good video B

April 2001 ~ National Tour
Franc D'Ambrosio, Darcie Roberts, Philip Hernandez
Great show; first 15 minutes is audio only some nice zooms but overall a good show A-

2002 ~ filmed for PBS
Stephen Rea, Francesca Annis, Daniel Craig
A television adaption of Michael Frayn's celebrated and 2000 Tony Award-winning stage play about the meeting between physicists Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg in 1941 Copenhagen. Pro-shot A

April 1981 ~ Broadway
Brian Matthews, Evan Richards, George S. Irving, Christian Slater, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Based on the 1850 novel David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. Broadway flop with just 39 performances. Missing the first scene and song, as well as an occasional minute here and there in Act 1, Act 2 is complete; some generational loss; nice video; disc also includes about 5 minutes of TV reviews. B

Coram Boy
4/21/07 ~ Broadway
Jolly Abraham, Uzo Aduba, Bill Camp, Dashiell Eaves, Xanthe Elbrick, Brad Fleisher
Filmed from the front row center mezzanine. It is 95% of the show with a few coverups, blackouts and wandering due to camera set-up and changing tapes. B

Coram Boy
5/19/07 ~ Boadway
Jan Maxwell, Jolly Abraham, Uzo Aduba, Jacqueline Antaramian, Bill Camp, Dashiell Eave, Xanthe Elbrick, Tom Riis Farrell, Brad Fleischer, Karron Graves, Laura Heisler, Angela Lin, David Andrew Macdonald, Quentin Maré , Kathleen McNenny, Cristin Milioti, Charlotte Parry, Christina Rouner, Ivy Vahanian, Wayne Wilcox
Great video with lots of close-ups; great sound and good picture with closeups and zooms throughout; includes opening night and a review from NY1; visually stunning production A

Coram Boy
5/26/07 ~ Broadway
Jolly Abraham, Uzo Aduba, Bill Camp, Dashiell Eaves, Xanthe Elbrick, Brad Fleisher
Well filmed. A little dark due to the stage lighting; good picture and sound and excellent close-ups A-

1/30/14 ~ United Kingdom
National Theatre Live broadcast of Donmar Warehouse’s production of Coriolanus, Shakespeare’s searing tragedy of political manipulation and revenge, with Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers, War Horse (film), BBC's The Hollow Crown) in the title role and Mark Gatiss (Season's Greetings at the National Theatre, BBC's Sherlock) as Menenius, directed by the Donmar's Artistic Director Josie Rourke. Captured from the satalite feed. Extremely high quality (1080p) MKV files (21 GB). English subtutles hardcoded. 2 DVDs

Cotton Patch Gospel
1988 ~ Pro-Video
Tom Key, Scott Ainslie, Pete Corum, Jim Lauderdale, Michael Mark. 
This show had a short Off Broadway run, then toured the US. This was filmed on the tour. Pro-shot for video. A

The Count of Monte Cristo
2002 ~ Los Angeles
David Gaines, Lisa Vroman, Alysa Lobo, Randall Gremillion, Elizabeth Ann Campisi, Neil Hopkins. Very informal Backer's Audition presentation at someone's private home before a group of potential investors in the hopes of raising money.  Actors describe the plot and actors sing the songs.  A  new musical version of "The Count of Monte Cristo" which aims to emulate the romance and scale of "Les Miserables" and "The Phantom of the Opera." Great for fans of any of the actors, esp. Davis Gaines and Lisa Vroman.   A

The Count of Monte Christo
3/6/10 - Switzerland
Thomas Borchert, Sophie Berner, Carsten Lepper, Christoph Goetten, Karim Khawatmi, Dean Welterlen, Kurt Schrepfer, Daniel Berini, Barbara Obermeier, Ava Brennan, André Bauer.
Excellent quality.  (In German)

The Country Girl
5/20/08 - Broadway
Morgan Freeman, Frances McDormand, Peter Gallagher, Remy Auberjonois, Anna Camp, Joe Roland, Lucas Caleb Rooney and Chip Zien
Perfect capture of a surprisingly great play. One ten second cover-up in the first few minutes due to people being seated late. Wonderful mixture of close-ups and stage shots. A

The Cradle Will Rock
1985 ~ Pro Shot for PBS
Patti Lupone, Casey Biggs, Paul Walker, Brian Reddy, Mary Lou Rosato, Laura Hicks, Randle Mell
Hosted by John Houseman; Slight generational loss. A-

The Cradle Will Rock - Encores!
7/13/13 ~ New York
Raul Esparza, Judy Kuhn, Anika Noni Rose, Danny Burstein, Eisa Davis, Peter Friedman, Aidan Gemme, David Margulies, Martin Moran, Michael Park, Robert Petkoff, Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Matthew Saldivar, Henry Stram
Well filmed video with some close-ups and mostly full stage shots, which works better for the staging of this show; very good clear sound A-

Crazy for You
6/17/92 ~ Broadway
Harry Groener , Jodi Benson, Michele Pawk, Bruce Adler
Lincoln Center Archives! Newly discovered pro shot video of the original New York cast; excellent video with soundboard sound 2 DVDs A+

Crazy For You
1993 ~ London
Ruthie Henshall, Kirby Ward, Chris Langham, Helen Way, Don Fellows
Dress Rehearsal; quite clear with some nice zooms and the color is good.The sound is rather muffled which takes the video down a grade. Harsh lighting as some people's faces are totally indistinguishable because of the brightness. There is some generational loss but its still a very nice video. B+

Crazy For You
1999 ~ Papermill Playhouse, NJ
Bruce Adler, Lori Alexander, Jeb Brown, Jane Cowell, Alan Gilbert
Pro shot video for Great Performances; great production and nice clear video A

Crazy For You
3/2/13 ~ Glendale, CA
Jason W. Webb, Lyndie Renee
Presented in-the-round by the Glendale Centre Theatre. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. A

Creature From The Black Lagoon: The Musical
2009 ~ Hollywood, CA
A live performance show formerly located at the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park that debuted on July 1, 2009 (replacing Fear Factor LIVE) and closed as of March 9, 2010; loosely based on the basic plot of the 1954 Universal movie. Filmed by a park goer, the DVD includes footage of outside the attraction, walking into the theater, and sitting down, as well as a pre-show announcement and introduction by Merideth Viera and Matt Lauer on The Today Show, projected onto the show's scrim.
Very well filmed, with excellent closeups, audio and video.   Interesting and rather campy production, with lavish sets and effects. A-

1985 ~ Sydmonton Workshop, London
Early piece by Andrew Loyd Webber and Tim Rice with Don Black. Contains 2 songs about 30 minutes long. "It is a charming love story with sporting interruptions all set during one summer Sunday afternoon, with at least five memorable melodies and literate lyrics. It is a tantalizing glimpse of what the ex-partners could create today. B

Crimes of Passion A New Musical
1994 ~ London
Pro-Shot Brenda Martindale, James Meehan, Bridget Polley, Peter St. James, Cory Puirnan, Colin Clarke, Virginia Ball, Gary Rice

Cripple Of Inishmann
2014 ~ Broadway, Revival
Daniel Radcliffe, Sarah Greene, Conor MacNeill, Gillian Hanna, Ingrid Craigie, June Watson, Pat Short, Padraic Delaney, Gary Lilburn
Filmed from what looks to be about the 8th row from the stage, so you're kind of looking up at the stage. Mostly a full stage shot, but very clear and crisp video. A

The Crucible
Act 1: 2/22/02 and Act 2: 2/27/02 ~ Broadway
Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, Angela Bettis, Brian Murray, John Benjamin Hickey, Christopher Evan Welch, Tom Aldredge, Stephen Lee Anderson, Kristen Bell, Laura Breckenridge, Jennifer Carpenter, Betsy Hogg, J.R. Horne, Patrice Johnson. Digitally shot from the mezzanine, no heads. A

Cruel Intentions: The Unauthorized Musical Parody

7/31/15 ~ Los Angeles, CA

Janel Parrish, Emma Hunton, Molly McCook, John Krause, Spencer Strong Smith, Shelley Regner, Tyler Scheef, Alexander Pimentel, Leah Sprecher

A production of Rockwell Table & Stage; well filmed from the audience with clear picture and excellent sound; featuring songs by The Goo Goo Dolls, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Meredith Brooks, Natalie Imbruglia, Spice Girls, Counting Crows, The Verve and Christina Aguilera A

Cry Baby
3/15/08 ~ Broadway
James Snyder, Elizabeth Stanley, Harriet Harris, Chester Gregory II, Christopher J. Hanke, Alli Mauzey, Courtney Balan, Tory Ross (u/s Pepper), Lacey Kohl, Richard Poe
First preview, ceiling shots and blackouts over first 4 minutes or so; follows the action well most of the time but as a first preview, you have to guess a lot; good clear sound and nice crisp picture; nice video filmed by broadwayspunk A

Cry Baby
6/22/08 ~ Broadway
James Snyder, Elizabeth Stanley, Harriet Harris, Dwayne Clark, Christopher J. Hanke, Ali Mauzey, Carly Jibson, Lacey Kohl, Richard Poe and Tory Ross
Final Broadway performance. Wonderful video that includes bows and the cast and producers hugging after the show; a little shaky at times but improves as show goes on; good close ups and stage shots and clear sound A

Cry Baby
3/23/12 ~ St Louis, MO
Ryan Foizey, Taylor Pietz, Cindy Duggan, Mike Dowdy, Sarah Porter, Marcy Wiegert, Chrissy Young, Ari Scott, Terrie Carolan
Presented by the New Line Theatre. The original creative team revised the show for New Line, to make it a smaller, more intimate musical, with a real rock band. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Good video A

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time
9/6/12 ~ London
Luke Treadaway, Nicola Walker, Paul Ritter, Una Stubbs, Niamh Cusack
Presented by London's National Theatre, and broadcast live to theatres worldwide. Adapted from Mark Haddon's 2003 best-selling book, playwright Simon Stephens transfers all the mystery of the novel to the stage. Great picture and sound quality A

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
11/28/14 ~ Broadway
Alex Sharp, Francesca Faridany, Ian Barford, Enid Graham, Helen Carey, Mercedes Herrero, Richard Hollis
Very steady and focused. Well filmed with clear picture and good, although a little low, sound; Includes curtain call and post-curtain call scene. 2 DVDs A

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
12/30/14 ~ Broadway
Taylor Trensch (alt Christopher Boone), Francesca Faridany, Tim Wright (u/s Ed), Enid Graham, Helen Carey, Mercedes Herrero, Richard Hollis, Ben Horner, David Manis
Well captured with no washout or blackouts, and very little obstruction; a couple quick dropouts, and a couple small heads that can occasionally be seen but do not affect the action; sound has a bit of shuffling in a few places, but overall good; nice video 2 DVDs A-

The Curse of the Werewolf
September 2006 ~ Cornwall, England
Matthew Howard, Mark Starr, Marie Kelsall, Geof Nicholson, Tom Welch
Authorized taping from above, looking down at the legendary outdoor stage on a clifftop with the ocean crashing behind it! Very creepy and fantastic, though the wide full-stage shot and darkness diminish the quality a bit. Also includes some fantastic daytime, up-close behind the scenes and rehearsal footage.  Interesting, fun video A

9/8/06 ~ Los Angeles
David Hyde Pierce, Debra Monk, Karen Ziemba, Jason Danieley, Jill Paice, Noah Racey, Megan Sikora
A bit shaky at times but still quite watchable. About 20 minutes of non-essential dialogue cut so not a complete show video but all of the musical numbers included in full. A fidgety woman seated in front blocks the picture occasionally, but only for a few seconds. Occasional spotlight washout, but nothing extreme. No curtain calls A-

3/27/07 ~ Broadway
David Hyde Pierce, Debra Monk, Karen Ziemba, Jason Danieley, Jill Paice, Noah Racey, Megan Sikora, Edward Hibbert
Nice clear video with excellent picture and good sound; a head in the way sometimes but never blocks the shot A

4/14/07 ~ Broadway
David Hyde Pierce, Debra Monk, Karen Ziemba, Jason Danieley, Jill Paice, Edward Hibbert, Michael McCormick, Ernie Sabella, Megan Sikora
Highlights running 1 hour and 20 minutes out of a 2 hour running total, however full audio throughout. Nice picture and sound, heads at the bottom in some scenes.Very enjoyable. B+

4/28/07 ~ Broadway
David Hyde Pierce, Debra Monk, Karen Ziemba, Jason Danieley, Jill Paice, Edward Hibbert, Michael McCormick, Ernie Sabella, Megan Sikora
First 18 minutes are wide shot only and 2 short cover ups but lots of close ups and great sound for the rest of the show; good video and even the wide shots are mostly clear B+

5/3/08 - Broadway
David Hyde Pierce, Debra Monk, Erin Davie, Karen Ziemba, Jason Danieley, Edward Hibbert, John Bolton, Michael X. Martin, Michael McCormick
Missing the last 30 minutes of act one and a little shaky sometimes. The first half of act one was filmed from the right mezzanine and the entire second act from the left are wonderful with great close-ups. Act 2 is much better B+

Cyrano - the Musical
1993 ~ Broadway
Anne Runolffson, Bill van Dijk, James Barbour
Some generation loss, decent picture with good sound B

Cyrano de Bergerac
January 2008 ~ Broadway
Kevin Kline, Jennifer Garner, Daniel Sunjata, Chris Sarandon, Euan Morton, Max Baker, John Douglas Thompson, Concetta Tomei,Tom Bloom, Peter Jay Fernandez, MacIntyre Dixon, Carman Lacivita
Great Performances filmed for PBS; excellent video A+

Cyrano de Bergerac
11/21/12 ~ Broadway
Douglas Hodge, Clemence Poesy, Patrick Page, Kyle Soller, Max Baker, Bill Buell, Geraldine Hughes
Missing the first 2 minutes of act 1 and with a few small blackouts due to late seating and when Cyrano was in the audience, but a steady shot. Otherswise a nice video with clear picture and sound 2 DVDs A-

1978 ~ Broadway
Barnard Hughes, Brian Murray, Lois DeBanzie, Mia Dillon, Sylvia O'Brien, Lester Rawlins
Original Broadway cast. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Some generational loss. B

Dame Edna: The Royal Tour
2000 ~ Broadway
Dame Edna aka Barry Humphries, Roxane Barlow, Tamlyn Brooke Shusterman
A few nice closeups, pretty steady camera filmed from left boxes; sounds a bit low but okay B+

Dame Edna: Back With A Vengeance
11/18/04 ~ Broadway
Dame Edna aka Barry Humphries, Wayne Barker, Teri DiGianfelice, Michelle Pampena, Randy Aaron, Gerrard Carter
Decent video with good picture and sound; A

Dames At Sea
Date Unknown ~ Fire Island, NY
Charles Busch as Mona Kent!
Missing first few seconds of the show. Audience roars with laughter throughout, adding to the fun! A

Dames At Sea
11/15/71 ~ Pro Shot for TV.
Ann Margaret, Anne Meara, Ann Miller, Fred Gwynne, Dick Shawn, Harvey Evans
Bell Telephone Hour production; includes original commercials. Good tape, some generational loss. B+

Dames at Sea
3/27/15 ~ Ashland OR.
Jillian Van Niel, Lucas Blair, Emily Fisher, Scott Reardon, Jessica Blaszak, Billy Breed.
Filmed from very high up from the left mezzanine. Some wandering and washout, but clear picture.

Damn Yankees
1967 ~ Pro Shot for TV
Phil Silvers, Lee Remick, Linda Lavin, Jim Backus, Jerry Lanning.
RARE! Pro shot for Television with HILARIOUS use (unintentionally, I'm sure) of 60's graphics and cartoonish sets.Very entertaining. A

Damn Yankees
1994 ~ Broadway
Victor Garber, Bebe Neuwirth, Dick Latessa.
Great bootleg version of show! Also features various TV clips of the show. B+

Damn Yankees
April 1996 ~ National Tour
Jerry Lewis,Valerie Wright, David Elder, Linda Gabler, Susan Bigelow
Good picture and sound but some generation loss B

Damn Yankees
2007 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Chris Peluso, James Brennan, JoAnn M. Hunter, Charles Parker
Pro-shot video; mostly full stage shots with some close-ups; clear sound and no spotlight washout A-

Damn Yankees
7/5/08 ~ City Center Encores
Sean Hayes, Jane Krakowski, Cheyenne Jackson, Randy Graff, Veanne Cox, P.J. Benjamin and Megan Lawrnece
1st Performance, no obstructions, A+

Damn Yankees
July 2012 ~ Plays in the Park. NJ
Steven Bunin, Amanda Lefkowitz, Matt Burns, Gabrielle Viser, Mark Megill, David DeSio, Mandy Feller
Pro-shot video with clear picture and sound; very nice video A

Damn Yankees
7/26/14 ~ Fullerton, CA
Cameron Bond, Jordan Lamoureux, Alexis Carra, Cynthia Ferrer, Chelsea Emma Franko, Joe Hart, Robert Hoyt, Karla Franko, Tamara Zook, Remmie Bourgeois, Chris Duir, Nick Gardner, David Kirk Grant, Chris Holly, Bren Thor Johnson, Gavin Leatherwood, Sarah Meals, Estevan Valdes, Nick Waaland, Thomas Roy, Michael Coleman
Staged by 3-D Theatricals; a couple quick dropouts in the first few minutes, but otherwise complete with no obstruction or washout. Great clear sound and excellent picture 2 DVDs A

Dance A Little Closer
May 1983 ~ Broadway
Len Cariou, Elizabeth Hubbard, George Rose, Brent Barret, Alyson Reed
Music by Charles Strauss, lyrics and direction by Allen Jay Lerner. Broadway flop with just one Broadway performance. Slight generation loss but nice B

Dance of the Vampires
10/18/02 ~ Broadway
Michael Crawford, Rene Auberjonois, Mandy Gonzalez, Max von Essen, Leah Hocking, Ron Orbach, Liz McCartney, Mark Price, Asa Somers
Almost exactly like the one below. Nice zooms and picture A

Dance of the Vampires
10/19/02 ~ Broadway
Michael Crawford, Rene Auberjonois, Mandy Gonzalez, Max von Essen, Leah Hocking, Ron Orbach, Liz McCartney, Mark Price, Asa Somers
Digital; shot from the back of the mezzanine. Lots of nice zooms, missing about 20 seconds in the start of Act One where focus was corrected. In middle of Act Two, a tape flip but nothing missing. A

Dance of the Vampires
11/4/02 ~ Broadway
Michael Crawford, Rene Auberjonois, Mandy Gonzalez, Max von Essen, Leah Hocking, Ron Orbach, Liz McCartney, Mark Price, Asa Somers
Good picture and sound B+

Dance of the Vampires
2003 ~ Broadway
Michael Crawford, Rene Auberjonois, Mandy Gonzalez, Max von Essen, Leah Hocking, Ron Orbach, Liz McCartney, Mark Price, Asa Somers
Professional Footage, about 65 minutes. Great video of this bizarre show. Not the complete show A

Dance of the Vampires
1/24/03 ~ Broadway
Michael Crawford, Rene Auberjonois,Mandy Gonzalez, Max von Essen, Leah Hocking, Ron Orbach, Liz McCartney, Mark Price, Asa Somers
Excellent quality video; A 3 DVDs

Dance of the Vampires
1/25/03 ~ Broadway
Michael Crawford, Rene Auberjonois, Mandy Gonzalez, Max von Essen, Leah Hocking, Ron Orbach, Liz McCartney, Mark Price, Asa Somers
Closing performance. Digital, shot from the back of the mezzanine. Taped by Catherine A 2 DVDs

1980 ~ Broadway
Review directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse.  Unfortunately much generational loss. C

The Dangerous Christmas Of Red Riding Hood
11/28/65 ~ ABC-TV
Liza Minnelli, Vic Damone, Cyril Ritchard, The Animals
A television Christmas special shown on ABC. The classic fairy tale re-told from the Wolf's point of view. Music by Jules Styne, Lyrics by Bob Merril. Black and white. A

Daniel Reichard's Summer Mix Tape
8/12/07 ~ Joe's Pub, NYC
Daniel Reichard with guest Lauren Pritchard
About an hour long; good video A+

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea
2012 ~ Vancouver, Canada
Lori Triolo, Aleks Paunovic
In a rundown bar in the Bronx, two strangers meet at the end of their ropes.  Haunted by the past and trapped in the violence of the present, Danny and Roberta begin the ruthless act of revealing themselves - a brutal exposure that threatens to change everything.  Explosively funny and surprisingly tender, a deeply affecting study of alienation and the redemptive power of love.  Pro-Shot

Dark Yellow
6/17/06 ~ New York
Elias Koteas, Max Kaplan, Tina Benko
Closing night performance. Black for first six minutes and then one cover-up and filmed around heads but clear; great picture and excellent sound; very small theatre A-

Darling Of the Day
1994 ~ San Francisco, CA
George Maguire, Marie Gutierrez
Presented by 42nd St. Moon's acclaimed Lost Musicals Series in this first-ever revival at the New Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco as a as staged reading. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Some slight generational loss. A-

Das Barbecu, A New Musical Comedy
1994 ~ New York
Carolee Carmello, Scott Warrender, J. K. Simmons, Julie Johnson, Jim Luigs, Sally Mayes
Very funny retelling of the Alberich/Wotan/Brunnhilde/Siegfried Opera, set to Country Western music and takes place in Texas.  No closeups and some generation loss and low sound and spotlight washout; nice video if you are a fan B+

Das Lusitania Songspiel
1980 ~ New York
Christopher Durang, Sigourney Weaver
Black and white footage, pcture is a little jumpy and comes in and out at times but clear sound; very rare A-

The Day Emily Married
8/28/04 ~ New York
Estelle Parsons, Hallie Foote, James Colby, William Biff McGuire, Terri Keane, Delores Mitchell,
Pamela Payton-Wright
Written by Horton Foote. Good picture and sound; video includes a NY1 review A-

A Day In Hollywood / A Night In The Ukraine
September 1988 ~ Newton, MA
Lisa Ann Barrett, Richard Berube, Peter A. Carey, Ben Cohen, Judi Ann Mavon, Kim Reed, Susan Galvin-Walsh
A Regional theatre presentation of The Turtle Lane Players. Semi-pro filmed using one camera on a tri-pod. Nice production of this rarely performed show. B+

A Day In the Death of Joe Egg
5/26/85 ~ Broadway
Stockard Channing, Jim Dale, Joanna Gleason, Margaret Hilton, John Tillinger, Tenney Walsh
Some generation loss and there is a bar in the way at times but goodsound and great closeups for such an old video A

A Day In The Death Of Joe Egg
12/13/01 ~ London
Eddie Izzard, Victoria Hamilton, Prunella Scales
Recorded live at the Comedy Theatre in London for BBC-TV. Very slight generation loss A-

Dead Accounts
11/5/12 ~ Broadway
Norbert Leo Butz, Katie Holmes, Judy Greer, Josh Hamilton, Jayne Houdyshell
First preview video well filmed with closeups and clear sound; although the actors are not miked. Nice video A-  

Dear World
Date Unknown ~ Australia
Judi Connelli, Michael Cormick, Robynn Arthur, William Zappa, Anne Grigg
Staged concert performance. A few songs included that have rarely been heard before. Very nicely filmed but some slight generation loss B+

Dear World
May 2012 ~ Toronto, Canada
Barbara Brody, David Haines, Elizabeth Rose Morriss, Daniel Cornthwaite, Susan Sanders, Louise Cascone, Patricia Byrne
Pro-shot video from the Civic Light Opera Company; nice video with clear picture and sound A

Dearest Enemy
11/25/55 ~ NBC
Anne Jeffreys, Robert Sterling, Cyril Ritchard. This 1926 Rogers & Hart
Broadway musical hit was adapted for TV with assistance from the then little known Neil Simon. Some generational loss. In black and white. B-

Death of a Salesman
2000 ~ Broadway
Brian Dennehy, Elizabeth Franz, Ron Eldard, Ted Koch, Howard Witt, Richard Thompson, Kate Buddeke, Stephanie March
Proshot performance filmed for Showtime A-

Death Takes A Holiday
8/2/11 ~ New York
Linda Balgord, Matt Cavenaugh, Mara Davi, Kevin Earley, Joy Hermalyn, Jay Jaski, Simon Jones, Rebecca Luker, Patricia Noonan, Jill Paice, Michael Siberry, Alexandra Socha,
Don Stephenson, Max Von Essen
Julian Ovenden's last show (he performed in the first scene after which the show was stopped and an announcement was made that his understudy Kevin Earley would resume the role in a moment); disc also includes cast/creative interviews, reviews and opening night footage. Good video A

Debbie Does Dallas
11/6/02 ~ New York
Sherie Rene Scott, Mary Catherine Garrison, Caitlin Miller, Tricia Paoluccio, Jama Williamson, Paul Fitzgerald, Del Pentecost
Shot from the front row, so it is at an odd angle. A few zooms, but mostly a full stage shot. Digital, 1st generation A

Dedication or the Stuff of Dreams
8/19/05 ~ New York
Nathan Lane, Marian Seldes, Michael Countryman, Alison Fraser, Darren Pettie, R.E. Rodgers, Miriam Shor
Lots of great close-ups and an excellent picture; sound is a little low in spots but always audible. A

Defying Gravity: The Music of Stephen Schwartz in Concert
1/31/09 ~ University of Nevada at Las Vegas
Julia Murney, David Burnham, and Farah Alvin
A really fun concert highlighting the songs of some of Stephen Schwartz's works, including Pippin,The Baker's Wife,Wicked, Children of Eden, Pocahontas,Working, and The Baker's Wife filmed at Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall. Filmed in 16:9 widescreen. No obstructions and virtually no blackouts, but the first few seconds are audio only due to getting settled. Good zooms and very steady filming. Good video A

A Delicate Balance
Unknown Date ~ Proshot
Katherine Hepburn, P. Scofield
Shot for TV.

12/18/04 ~ Broadway
James Naughton, Richard Thomas, Michael Cumpsty, Robert Prosky, John Dossett, Richard Masur, Lee Wilkof
Some spotlight washout but very little. Excellent video with nice picture and sound; A

2005 ~ London
Pro-Shot Arnold Wesker, one of Britain's leading post-war dramatists is author of such landmark plays as 'Roots', 'The Kitchen', 'Chips With Everything' and 'Shylock'. The World Premier of this taught, psychological drama has been hailed as a tremendous critical success.

Der Glöckner von Notre Dame
2003 ~ Berlin, Germany
Aaron Paul, Norbert Lamla, Judy Weiss, Jens Janke
Pro shot video in German; wonderfully filmed with extra songs; good video A

The Desert Song
1992 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Richard White, Linda Michele
Beautifully filmed with one camera on a tripod.Audio from the soundboard. A little generation loss but not bad and otherwise gorgeous. A

Design for Living
3/23/01 ~ Broadway
Alan Cumming, Jennifer Ehle, Dominic West, John Cunningham
Great video. First 5 minutes are pretty shakey and not really focused on the stage, but after that it's a great video. A-

Dessa Rose
5/20/05 ~ New York
Rachel York, Kenita R. Miller, Michael Hayden, Norm Lewis, Rebecca Eichenberger, Tina Fabrique, David Hess, James Stovall, Eric Jordan Young
First 10 minutes a little shaky but otherwise a very good video; nice picture and sound throughout A

Destry Rides Again
Date Unknown ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Timothy Rideo, Kevin Reese, John Prince, Martha Hawley, Ray Willis
Semi-pro shot with one camera; includes local news coverage, and scanned program info. A-

5/5/07 ~ Broadway
Angela Lansbury, Marian Seldes, Michael Mulheren, Joanna P. Adler, Brian Haley 2 cover ups that last less then 30 seconds each; great close-ups and sound.
Includes NY1 review A+

Diamonds Are Forever: The Don Black Songbook
1/14/14 ~ BBC-tv
Pro-shot, Don Black, the lyricist behind a huge collection of popular hit songs including "Diamonds Are Forever", "Born Free and "Love Changes Everything", shares some fascinating insights into his life's work with Michael Grade, in between live performances of his songs by Brian May, Eliza Doolittle, Frances Ruffelle, Gary Wilmet. Gregory Porter, Katie Melua, Kerry Ellis, Laura Wright, Marc Almond, Maria Friedman, Marti Webb, Michael Ball, Only Men Aloud and Richard Stilgoe, recorded at the Royal Festival Hall in London, 90 minutes, A

The Diary of Anne Frank
November 2004 ~ East Islip, NY
Kelly Anne Zimmardi, George Garfield, Michael J. DiSalvo, Rachel Moses, Bill Lutz
A production the Broad hollow Players at Bay Way Arts Center. Semi-pro shot using one camera on a tripod. Includes a question and answer session with the cast after the show. A

The Diary of Anne Frank
April 2014 ~ Riverdale, NY

Die Mommie Die!
6/19/06 ~ New York
Charles Busch, Christopher Meloni, Jenn Harris, Jayne Houdyshell, Keith Nobbs, Tom Mardirosian
One night only staged reading presentation to benefit the Actor's Fund of America. Filmed using multiple cameras. A

Die Päpstin (Pope Joan)
6/19/11 ~ Fulda, Germany
Johanna/Paepstin - Sabrina Weckerlin, Markgraf Gerold - Dennis Henschel,  Anastasius - Christian Schoene, Aeskulapius - Daniele Nonnis, Fulgentius/Rabanus -
Dietmar Ziegler, Vater/Papst Sergius - Norbert Conrads, Arsenius - Jogi Kaiser, Kaiser Lothar - Marcus G. Kulp, Mutter - Petra Roth, Marioza - Alexandra Farkic, Johannes - Matthias Bollwerk
Nice zooms good sound.  Language: German, A

Diet, The Musical
5/5/07 ~  Phoenix, AZ
Nicole Lang, Andrea Tripodi, Marco Valadez, Laura Lemley, Ken Goodenberger.
A musical tale about two women, two men and a mom who all have very different ideas about food and love, which they are all “hungry” to share with you. Diet! The Musical explores the challenge of looking in the mirror and truly loving whom we see reflected there." Written by Susan Simpson LaFave and Kenneth LaFave, the same team behind Menopause, The Musical. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Crystal clear. A

Dirtiest Show In Town
1980 ~ Showtime TV
Alison Frasier, John Shipp, Robin Klauber, Jeffrey Herman.
Pro shot for TV. Contains nudity, adults only!  A

Dirty Dancing
11/7/06 ~ West End, London
Georgina Rich, Josef Brown, David Rintoul, Rae Baker, IsabellaCalthorpe, Nadia Coote, Issy van Randwyck
Crystal clear picture and sound of the classic story on stage. The London audience went nuts for this show. A fun show with classic moments, nicely filmed. A

Dirty Dancing
5/30/09 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Amanda Leigh Cobb, Josef Brown, Britta Lazenga, Ben Mingay, John Bolger, Katlyn Carlson, Kaitlin Hopkins,Adam Overett, Jonathan Epstein, Michael W. Howell, Ryan Farrell, Michael Lluberes, Ashley Blair Fitzgerald (u/s Vivian Pressman), Gary Lynch, Lauren Klein, Joseph Costa
A few very short blackouts at the beginning of the first act, and a few places where it's a little dark; otherwise a nice capture; a couple heads at the bottom, but they don't block anything. Very steady, no washout, and the sound is excellent. Lots of wide shots for the dance numbers, as well as a mix of mediums and close-ups for conversational bits. Includes curtain call. Good clear video 2 DVDs A

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
1/31/05 ~ Broadway first preview
John Lithgow, Norbert Leo Butz, Sherie Rene Scott, Joanna Gleason, Gregory Jbara, Sara Gettelfinger
Shot from the mezzanine, with lots of closeups and excellent video and sound. A

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
2/26/05 ~ Broadway
John Lithgow, Norbert Leo Butz, Sherie Rene Scott, Joanna Gleason, Gregory Jbara, Sara Gettelfinger
Fantastic, one of the best I have ever seen; a few black outs at the end of 2 songs but nothing is missed; a great rich sound throughout. Video includes NY1 interviews and reviews, ABC Broadway special report;  A+

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
7/26/06 ~ Broadway
Keith Carradine, Brian d'Arcy James, Julie Connors (u/s) Christine, Lucie Arnaz, Dennis Parlato (u/s), Sara Gettelfinger
Shot from the mezzanine with closeups. Digital video with slightly low sound at times but good video A-

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
7/29/06 ~ Broadway
Keith Carradine, Brian d'Arcy James, Julie Connors (u/s) Christine, Lucie Arnaz, Dennis Parlato (u/s), Sara Gettelfinger
About 3 minutes of total blackouts throughout the show; clear picture and sound with nice closeups A

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
8/12/07 ~ Chicago, IL
Tom Hewitt, D.B. Bonds, Hollis Resnik, Laura Marie Duncan, Jenifer Foote, Joe Cassidy
Final performance in Chicago. Slight coverup in first few minutes; great video with nice sound and good closeups; great menus and only video with new first song 2 DVDs A+

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
November 2014 ~ London
Robert Lindsay, Alex Gaumond, Katherine Kingsley, Bonnie Langford, Gary Wilmot, Lizzy Connolly
Filmed from the circle with a very good view of the stage, and only some head obstruction in the bottom of wider shots; a few brief blackouts throughout the show, but mostly during dialogue scenes. Very nice video 2 DVDs A

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

7/9/16 ~ Long Beach, CA

Davis Gaines, Benjamin Schrader, Rebecca Ann Johnson, Kyle Nudo, Cynthia Ferrer, Jennifer Kranz

Very well captured in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups with no obstructions or blackouts, and no washout; excellent clear sound; this is the West End version of the show with Give Them What They Want as the opening number and Chimp in a Suit being cut. 2 DVDs A

Dirty Tricks
10/19/04 ~ New York
Judith Ivey
Very good video with nice closeups and excellent sound A


2013 ~ Off Broadway

Seth Rudetsky, Annie Golden, Paul Castree, Tom Ritts Farrell, Carrie Manolakos, Lacretta Nicole, Anika Larsen, Clif Thorn

Written by Seth Rudetsky and Jack Plotnick. Nicely filmed from the balcony.


2/20/16 ~ Broadway

Roger Bart, Adam Pascal, Faith Prince, Rachel York, Kerry Butler, Kevin Chamberlin, Seth Rudetsky, Jennifer Simard, Max Crumm, Baylee Littrell

Excellent HD capture of the new campy musical filled with 70's hits. Great picture and clear sound;

great video 2 DVDs A

12/28/14 ~ New York
Michelle Knight, Becky Gulsvig, Jen Bechter, Lulu Picart, Alison Burns, Soara-Joye Ross
Good video overall with no washout and only minor obstruction; four of the first five minutes are blacked out and there is a three minute blackout for the audience participation during Not V'one Red Cent, a six minute blackout during Perfect, and the last two minutes of the final song are blacked out; one head that blocks a small part of the front/center part of the stage, but it only blocks the actors feet/legs. Good sound and picture, nice video B+

12/27/14 ~ Broadway
Hari Dhillon, Josh Radnor, Gretchen Mol, Karen Pittman, Danny Ashor
Good video with no washout, blackouts, and very minor obstruction. Clear picture and good sound. Includes curtain call and playbill scans. A

Disneyland: Animazement
2003 ~ California
1999 Disneyland Resort: Eden Espinosa as Pocohantas.
2001 Disneyland Resort: Eden Espinosa as Ariel.

Disney On Broadway
7/25/06 ~ New York City Hall Park
Jeanne Lehman, Josh Strickland, Jenn Gambatese, Chestor Gregory II, Merle Dandridge, Josh Tower, Tshidi Manye.
The casts of Beauty and The Beast, Tarzan, and The Lion King come together for a free outdoor concert in New York's City Hall Park. In addition to the actual concert, the DVD also includes the pre-show sound checks. A

The Distance from Here
April 2004 ~ New York
Josh Charles, Melissa Leo, Logan Marshall-Green, Anna Paquin, Alison Pill, Mark Webber, Amelia Alvarez, Ian Brennan
Excellent video with nice picture and sound; A

Musical Concert featuring Maki Ichiro, Uwe Kroger and Yoshio Inoue. Features songs from Miss Saigon, Mozart!, Elisabeth, and more, plus some songs from films.
Uwe does a very interesting version of the James Bond theme "Tomorrow Never Dies." Perfect quality. Disc one is anamorphic widescreen with menus, disc 2 unfortunately doesn't have any menus and is only regular widescreen. Still excellent though. (2 DVDs)

Do I Hear a Waltz?
10/11/14 ~ San Francisco, CA
Emily Skinner, Tyler McKenna, Stephanie Rhoads, David Naughton, Abby Sammons, Michael Rhone, Lucinda Hitchcock Cone, Taylor Bartolucci, Nikita Burshteyn, Jonah Broscow
A couple of quick dropouts and several small heads across the bottom of the screen, but no major blackouts or obstruction. Well filmed with clear picture and sound, although some slight muffling at times 2 DVDs A-

Do I Hear A Waltz?
10/17/14 ~ San Francisco, CA
Pro-Shot Emily Skinner (Leona Samish), David Naughton (Eddie Yaeger), Tyler McKenna, Jonah Broscow, Stephanie Rhodes.  
Presented by 42nd Street Moon at the Eureka Theatre.  Filmed using one camera on a tripod. 2 DVDS

Do I Hear A Waltz? 

5/12/16 ~ Encores! -

Melissa Errico, Richard Troxell, Karen Ziemba, Claybourne Elder, Sarah Hunt, Nancy Opel, Richard Poe, Sarah Stiles, Zachary Infante, Michael Rosen. 

Presented by Encores! At City Center.  Presented “concert style” so some of the actors are holding their scripts.  Well filmed with a High Definition camcorder.  A few short dropouts, mostly during the applause.   2 DVDs A

Do You Hear the People Sing
10/7/11 ~ Indianapolis, IN
Stephanie J. Block, Terrence Mann, Lea Salonga, Peter Lockyer, Marie Zamora and Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
A beautiful capture of this equally beautiful concert featuring the music of Boublil and Schonberg. Includes songs from Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, The Pirate Queen, Martin Guerre and La Revolution Francaise. Very good video A

Do You Hear The People Sing
2013 ~ Shanghai, China
Michael Ball, Lea Salonga, Marie Zamora, David harris
Multi Camera pro-shot DVD.  TV Broadcast.

Doctor Dolittle
7/22/06 ~ Chicago
Tommy Tune, Dee Hoty, Allan Mangaser, Sandi DeGeorge, Aaron Burr, Joel Blum, Jessica Wu, Matthew Crowle
About four minutes of blackouts; not a great show at its final tour stop but fun to watch and enjoyable with great closeups and good sound A

Doctor Zhivago
3/29/15 ~ Broadway
Tam Mutu, Kelli Barrett, Tom Hewitt, Paul Alexander Nolan, Lora Lee Gayer, Jamie Jackson, Jacqueline Antaramian. Great HD capture of this massive and expensive production. Set during the final days of Czarist Russia, the story follows the Doctor through chaos and romance. Tam has a wonderful voice! 2 DVDS

Doctor Zhivago
4/16/15 ~ Broadway
Bradley Dean, Kelli Barrett, Tom Hewitt, Paul Nolan, Lora Lee Gayer, Jamie Jackson, Jacqueline Antaramian.
Very good HD video filmed from right mezzanine; clear picture and sound with close-ups and stage shots done very well A

October 1995 ~ Forth Worth, TX
Hal Linden, Beth McVey, Dee Hoty, Connie Nelson, Lori Woods, Robert Baldwin, Deborah Brown, John Cadenhead, Paul Hope, Charis Leos, Gary Taggert, Joel Ferrel
Music by Jeffrey Saver, book and lyrics by Stephen Cole. World premiere presentation at the Casa Manana in Fort Worth. The show was also workshopped in New York in 1996, but ultimately never went anywhere. Filmed using one camera on a tripod, with sound patched in from the soundboard. A-

Dog and Pony
6/7/14 ~ San Diego, CA
Nicole Parker, Jon Patrick Walker, Heidi Blickenstaff, Beth Leavel, Eric William Morris
First act is blind shot with no zooms, but well captured in spite of that with most of the action is there and just the extreme sides being blocked by two heads. Act two is much better, filmed with the normal zooms and following the action well; the heads are still there on the right and left, but they only block the actors feet; no washout, no blackouts, and good sound 2 DVDs A-

Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead
1/18/06 ~ New York
Eliza Dushku, Karen DiConcetto (u/s), America Ferrera, Ari Graynor, Logan Marshall-Green, Keith Nobbs, Ian Somerhalder, Eddie Kaye Thomas
First 2 minutes a little shakey but a fantastic video after that with clear picture and sound and nice closeups A

Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead
May 2008 ~ Las Vegas, NV
Joshua Laird, Amanda Kraft, Sam Craner, Brandon McClenahan, J.J. Gatesman, Kat Bauer, Breon Jenzen
Filmed on multiple cameras, crystal clear quality. Nice production; good clear sound and picture A

8/15/12 ~ New York
Lindsay Mendez, Derek Klena, Annaleigh Ashford, Nick Blaemire, Becca Ayers, Josh Segarra
Great HD capture in a very small theater, in wider shots heads can be in the frame toward the bottom, but mostly shot over them. 2 DVDs A-

August 2012 ~ New York
Lavi Zytner, Benjamin David Elder
A 5 man Israeli play in English with a few songs about doing an all-male Arab-Israeli musical production of Romeo & Juliet; from the NY Fringe Festival; pro-shot video A-

Doin' What Comes Naturally: An All-Star Tribute to Ethel Merman
2/1/98 ~ Richard Rodgers Theatre, NY
Bette Midler, Patti Lupone, Lainie Kazan, Elaine Stritch, Andrea Martin B-

10/14/03 ~ Chicago, IL
Michael Cerveris, David Hyde Pierce, Mary Testa, Judith Blazer
Directed by Lonny Price. Music by Scott Frankel, book and lyrics by Michael Korie.
This is a semi-staged concert version of the new musical, presented at the Ravinia Festival in Chicago. Introduced by Lonny Price. Filmed using multiple cameras, with sound patched in directly from the soundboard. A

A Doll’s House (Hallmark Hall Of Fame)
11/15/59 ~ CBS-TV
Julie Harris, Christopher Plummer, Hume Cronyn, Eileen Heckart, Jason Robards, Walter Slezak, Richard Thomas.  
Written by Henrik Ibsen.  Originally broadcast live as part of The Hallmark Hall Of Fame anthology series.  This was recorded from a VHS releases of a PBS rebroadcast, which includes an introduction by Richard Thomas (who was in the original production), and interviews and musings by the cast and crew. “Torvald Helmer treats his wife Nora like a child. He does not know that his "helpless and fragile" wife saved his life some years earlier by borrowing money when he was critically ill. Now, on Christmas Eve, the man who lent the money re-enters Nora's life and intends to exploit his knowledge of her past”.   In black and white (the interviews are in color). A

A Doll's House
2012 ~ London
Pro-Shot Olivier Award-winning playwright Simon Stephens (Punk Rock), Young Vic associate director Carrie Cracknell (Elektra) and Tony Award-winning designer Ian MacNeil (Billy Elliot) create a compelling new version of Ibsen's masterpiece. A Doll's House features Hattie Morahan (star of the BBC's Sense and Sensibility and Outnumbered) and Dominic Rowan (seen on Law & Order: UK and the Royal Court Theatre's The Village Bike).

Doll's Life [A]
1982 ~ Broadway
George Hearn, Betsy Joslyn, Peter Gallagher.
Broadway flop with 5 Broadway performances. B-/C+

A Doll's Life
2/17/12 ~ New York
Mallory Berlin, Jordan Tierney, Thomas Dolan, Jonathan Grunert, Alex Pagels, Anna Kirkland
From the Beautiful Soup Collective, the 30th Anniversary revival of the Adolph Green/Betty Comden musical that flopped on Broadway, in performance at the New Ohio Theatre. This small theatre company did a marvelous job with some tough material and there are a lot of inventive twists. It's fascinating to watch and listen to, with songs that weren't done on Broadway. Pro-shot video, very well done A

Don Juan
2007 ~ Canada
Jean-Francois Breau, Marie-Eve Janvier, Mario Pelchat, Anne-Celine Lopez, Genevieve Charest, Philippe Berghella, Claude Gauthier, Chico Castillo.
Official DVD of this show, performed in French. A+

November 2000 ~ New York
Joel Briel, Marc O'Donnell,Teresa Kelsey, David Sitlex, Robert Fitch, Florence Sturgeon, John Flynn, Jerry Coyle, Gloria Peak
Dramatists Guild presents "a staged reading of a newly-revised version" of the show. Actors are in street clothes and read from a script. Originally produced on Broadway in 1961, the musical ran for just 68 performances. Filmed very close to thestage-it actually looks like the video was filmed through someone's
legs-he just set the camera on the floor and hit record. A

Don't Dress For Dinner
5/27/12 ~ Broadway
Ben Daniels, Adam James, Patricia Kalember, Jennifer Tilly, David Aron Damane, Spencer Kayden
Great mix of steady mid or full stage shots to get all the action captured; beginning of Act 2 takes a minute to get settled; DVD includes bonus interviews & behind the scenes A

Don't Make Me Pull This Show Over
April/May 2009 ~ Cincinnati
Kate Wilford, Beth Harris, Jessica Hendy, Charlie Clark and Alan Kendall
Shot around heads.  A 2 DVDs

Dorian: The Remarkable Mr Gray
2008 ~ Salem Oregon
Multi cam shot. A-

Double Solitaire
1974 ~ TV Broadcast
Susan Clark, Irene Tedrow, Norma Crane, Richard Crenna
Pro-Shot. Under pressure to reaffirm their marriage vows, two middle aged people explore their dreams and the present direction of their lives. Featuring Emmy-winners Richard Crenna (Rambo) and Susan Clark (Amelia Earhart)

11/20/04 ~ New York
Cherry Jones, Brian F. O'Byrne, Heather Goldenhersh, Adrianne Lenox
A little shaky for the first 10 minutes but excellent picture and sound; nice video A

1/31/06 ~ Broadway
Eileen Atkins, Ron Eldard, Jena Malone, Adrianne Lenox
First few minutes a little shaky and some coverups; bar at the bottom of the screen at times, but still a good picture and nice sound and closeups. A-

Doubting Thomas
1983 - TV
Paul Nicholas, Stephanie Lawrence, John Turner, Sally Miles.
An odd rock-musical, filmed for TV, which tries very hard to be a sequel to "Jesus Christ Superstar." It's the story of Christ's crucifixion told from the perspective of Mary Magdalene and Thomas. Taped from TV. Very good quality. A-

Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat
2010 ~ London
Angus Wright, Helena Lymbery, Mark Arends, Justin Salinger, Luisa Guerreiro, Sandra Guerreiro
Pro-shot video from the National Theatre in London; only 35 minutes long but also includes a Read Along version and a trailer; nice video A

Dr. Who, The Ultimate Adventure
1989 ~ London
Jon Pertwee, Graeme Smith, Rebeca Thornhill, Judith Hibbert, Troy Webb, David Banks.  
Produced by the same team that produced the famous British TV series. Some generational loss, and a bit on the dark side. C-

Dracula: A Chamber Musical
1999 ~ Canada
Juan Chioran, Roger Honeywell, June Crowley, Benedict Campbell, Amy Walsh, Michael Fletcher, Shawn Wright
A beautiful multi camera pro-shot of the little known Canadian production of Dracula. From the Theatre's Archive DVD of the show. A+

Dracula the Musical
10/20/01 ~ La Jolla, CA Highlights
Tom Hewitt, Jenn Morse, Tom Stuart, Tom Flynn, Amy Rutberg, Chris Hoch
Act 1 ranges from B- to A-: chest-shot, several cover-ups and cut scenes during first 20 minutes, much better after that. "How Do You Choose" onward is full show. Act 2: A-: much steadier, better tracking, nice zooms, and some close-ups. Overall there is quite a bit of spotlight washout, especially during full stage shots, due to the auto exposure, but it gives a great idea of the fantastic set and special effects. Shot from rear of the theater, ASL interpretation occasionally visible. Shot by Mercat A-

Dracula the Musical
7/31/04 ~ Broadway
Tom Hewitt, Melissa Errico, Don Stephenson, Darren Ritchie, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Kelli O'Hara, Chris Hoch
Good video, nice picture and sound; recorded from right orchestra; A

Dracula the Musical
9/3/04 ~ Broadway
Tom Hewitt, Melissa Errico
Nicer than the above video but darker in some places; filmed from front of mez center the sound is great A-

Dracula the Musical
August 2007 ~ Germany
Thomas Borchert, Uwe Kroger. Presented at The Music Festival Graz.
Flawless, DVD quality, widescreen with menus. Pro-shot (In German) 2 DVDS

Dracula the Musical
1/10/14 - Pforzheim, Germany
Chris Murray (Graf Dracula), Kristian Lucas (Jonathan Harker), Femke Soetenga (Mina Murray)
Excellent quality, in German. 2 DVDs

Dragon Country
1970 ~ Broadway Theatre Archive
Kim Stanley, William Redfield, Lois Smith, Alan Mixon
Menu is in Spanish, show is in English.  "Dragon Country" is the proof that even someone like Tennessee Williams failed from time to time. It was a weak written-for-TV melodrama co-starring William Redfield and the unforgettable Kim Stanley in one of her very few on-screen performances. A

1984 ~ Chicago, IL
Jeff Blumenkrantz
Music, lyrics and book by Sheldon Harnick.; filmed using one camera on a tripod. Some generational loss. B
Restricted Trades

47th Annual Drama Desk Awards
2 DVDs

49th Annual Drama Desk Awards
Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menzel
Not For Trade

50th Annual Drama Desk Awards

51st Annual Drama Desk Awards

52nd Annual Drama Desk Awards
Kristin Chenoweth, Jason Danieley, Michael Feigenbaum, Matthew Gumley, David Hyde Pierce, Les Marshal, and Stephen Spinella.

56th Annual Drama Desk Awards
Harvey Fierstein hosts.

59th Annual Drama Desk Awards

60th Annual Drama Desk Awards

The Drama League's Salute To Angela Lansbury
2/8/10 ~ New York
Bernadette Peters, Charles Busch, Len Cariou, Alexander Gemignani, Victor Garber, Donna Murphy, Edie Falco, Beth Fowler, Catherine Zeta-Jones,Dee Hoty
The show includes selections from Miss Lansbury's prolific career, including Anyone Can Whistle, Mame, Dear World. Gypsy, Sweeney Todd, Blithe Spirit revival, and A Little Night Music. Highlights include an original song for Angela written and performed on the spot by Ann Hampton Callaway, with key words supplied from the audience; Malcolm Gets, Cheyenne Jackson, Christopher Sieber, Will Swenson and others serenade Angela with a newly worded version of "Mame" (Angela comes from the audience to join them in an unscripted moment), and Tom Rhoads, Frankie Michaels, and Jerry Lanning (the last three original Patrick's) perform "My Best Girl". The disc also includes Red carpet footage and
interviews with Angela and members of the show. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. A

Drawin' on the Walls: A New Musical
2013 ~ Boston
Isaac Haber, Ceci Cipullo, Catherine Lee Christie, Andrew Cromartie
A young boy has isolated himself in a world of his own making - whatever he paints on the walls comes to life.  When a girl from reality happens to come across his world, she decides that there's something dark at the bottom of his isolation and neuroticism and decides to do what she can to help - befriend him in order to "fix" him. In English and Subtitled in English.

1997 ~ Broadway
Lesley Ann Warren, John Pizzarelli, Margaret Whiting, Todd Bailey, Nancy Lemenager, Darcie Roberts
Video includes both the unedited pro shot press reels (about 90 minutes long) and about 30 minutes of the edited pro-shot press reels; interesting show A

Dreamboats and Petticoats
April 2010 ~ UK Tour
Anthony Clegg, Jonathan Bremmer, Josh Capper, Carolynne Good, Wayne Smith
Nicely shot with no obstructions or blackouts. Good clear video with good closeups and excellent sound 2 DVDs

1981 ~ Broadway
Jennifer Holiday, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Loretta Devine, Cleavant Derricks
Clear picture and you can even see their faces so this is a lower generation video of the show B+

1983 ~ Original Los Angeles Production
Lillias White
Pro-Shot highlights. A

1986 ~ Broadway Revival
Sharon Brown as Effie (Act 1) / Yvette Cason as Effie (Act 2)
From stationary balcony camera, not much expression visible.  Full show, also includes Press Reels of OBC, Live and In Person performance, GMA, Jonny Carson performance, Jennifer Holiday and Sheryl Lee Ralph on Rosie singing Dreamgirls songs. B

1988 ~ San Francisco, CA
Cast Unknown
A Production of Theatre Works. Very talented cast. A

Dreamgirls Actor’s Fund BCEFA Concert Rehearsal
9/23/01 ~ Broadway
Lilias White, Audra McDonald, Heather Headley, Norm Lewis, Billy Porter, Darius DeHaas

Dreamgirls Actor’s Fund BCEFA Concert
9/24/01 ~ Broadway
Lillias White, Audra McDonald, Heather Headley, Darius de Haas, Norm Lewis
BCEFA Pro video A+

January 2004 ~ San Jose, CA Tour
Frenchie Davis, David Jennings, Andre Garner, Ramona Keller, Angela Robinson
Very well filmed version, with sound directly from soundboard and filmer used tripod with zooms and pans A-

August 2005 ~ Plays in the Park. NJ
Thelita Riddick, Kimberly Thomas, Shelese Franklin, David Hughes, Daisy Hobbs, K. Michael
Filmed using multiple cameras. Crystal clear. Nice production. Good clear video 2 DVDs A

12/9/09 ~ New York
Patrice Covington (u/s Effie), Syesha Mercado, Chaz Lamar Sheperd, Chester Gegory, Adrienne Warren, Trevon Davis, Margaret Hoffman, Milton Craig Nealy, Felicia Boswell
Filmed at the Apollo Theatre in 16:9 Widescreen; a little dark at times but great picture and sound A-

3/27/10 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Patrice Covington (u/s Effie), Syesha Mercado, Chaz Lamar Sheperd, Chester Gegory, Adrienne Warren
House camera with no closeups and spotlight washout but great clear sound. Good video for the show choreography B+

4/1/10 ~ Los Angeles, CA matinee
Patrice Covington (u/s Effie), Syesha Mercado, Chaz Lamar Sheperd, Chester Gegory, Adrienne Warren
House camera with no closeups and spotlight washout but great clear sound. Video cuts off before "Listen" B+

4/1/10 ~ Los Angeles, CA evening
Moya Angela, Syesha Mercado, Chaz Lamar Sheperd, Chester Gegory, Adrienne Warren
House camera with no closeups and spotlight washout but great clear sound. Nice video B+

4/29/10 ~ Orange County, CA
Moya Angela, Syesha Mercado, Chaz Lamar Shepherd, Chester Gregory, Adrienne Warren, Trevon Davis, Margaret Hoffman, Milton Craig Nealy
Filmed in a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups, with good zooms; almost no washout except in some of the wides; slight obstruction from the railing, mostly in second act; first few minutes of the second act also wanders and shakes; good video with clear picture and sound 2 DVDs A-

6/27/10 ~ Philadelphia, PA
Moya Angela, Maragret Hoffman (u/s Deena Jones), Chaz Lamar Shepherd, Chester Gregory, Adrienne Warren, Trevon Davis, Tallia Brinson (u/s Michelle Morris), Milton Craig Nealy
Act One Only; a few minutes of blackouts during "Cadillac Car"; a good mix of full stage shots to capture the choreography and video screens and closeups.  Good clear sound A-

9/23/10 ~ San Francisco, CA
Moya Angela, Syesha Mercado, Nikki Kimbrough (u/s Lorrell), Margaret Hoffman, Jarran Muse (u/s Curtis)
House camera with no closeups and spotlight washout but great clear sound. Nice video B+

The Dreaming
August 2002 ~ Edinburgh, Scotland
Ben Barnes
Very enjoyable musical version of Midsummer Night's Dream by the National Youth Music Theatre; good video A

Driving Miss Daisy
11/13/10 ~ Broadway
Vanessa Redgrave, James Earl Jones, Boyd Gaines
Very nice capture of the play; about 3 minutes of the second scene is blacked out, but the rest of the show is intact. Very little washout throughout; some obstruction, especially on the right side, but you don't miss much at all; excellent sound; very nice video. A-

Drowning Crow
2/14/04 ~ Broadway
Alfre Woodard, Paul Butler, Peter Macon, Peter Francis James, Ebony Jo-Ann, Stephanie Berry
Nicely filmed and follows the action well. Some slight generational loss. B+

The Drowsy Chaperone
7/10/99 ~ Toronto Fringe Festival
Bob Martin, others unknown
About 40 minutes of highlights from a very early workshop of the Broadway show; nicely shot wth good closeups and sound; very interesting to watch for the major differences A

The Drowsy Chaperone
Winter 2005 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Bob Martin, Sutton Foster, Beth Leavel, Danny Burstein, Georgia Engel, Edward Hibbert,Troy Britton Johnson, Eddie Korbich, Garth Kravits, Jason Kravits, Kecia Lewis-Evans, Jennifer Smith, Lenny Wolpe
Pre-Broadway press reels; very rare and interesting; includes clips of cut song "I Remember Love" and Sutton Foster performing in a arm cast A+

The Drowsy Chaperone
4/3/06 ~ Broadway
Bob Martin, Sutton Foster, Beth Leavel, Danny Burstein, Georgia Engel, Edward Hibbert, Troy Britton Johnson, Eddie Korbich, Garth Kravits, Jason Kravits, Kecia Lewis-Evans, Jennifer Smith, Lenny Wolpe
Great video; picture is clear, sound is good, closeups are nice; an excellent video of this show A+

The Drowsy Chaperone
5/20/06 ~ Broadway
Bob Martin, Sutton Foster, Beth Leavel, Danny Burstein, Georgia Engel, Edward Hibbert, Troy Britton Johnson, Eddie Korbich, Garth Kravits, Jason Kravits, Kecia Lewis-Evans, Jennifer Smith, Lenny Wolpe
One or 2 coverups but very good video with great sound and nice closeups; excellent video A+

The Drowsy Chaperone
7/29/06 ~ Broadway
Bob Martin, Georgia Engel, Sutton Foster,Troy Johnson, Eddie Korbich,Grath Kravits, Jason Kravits, Beth Leavel, Kecia Lewis-Evans, Danny Burstein, Noble Shropshire
Good video with excellent sound and picture throughout; nice closeups and first video with replacement Underling Noble Shropshire A

The Drowsy Chaperone
9/23/06 ~ Broadway
Bob Martin, Georgia Engel,Angela Pupello (u/s), Noble Shropshire, Troy Britton Johnson, Jennifer Smith, Danny Burstein, Beth Leavel, Kecia Lewis-Evans
First video of the Janet understudy and Angela does some amazing flips in her song; about 5 minutes of blackouts total but great picture and sound throughout A-

The Drowsy Chaperone
May 2007 ~ London
Bob Martin, Elaine Paige, Summer Strallen, Joseph Alessi,Anne Rogers, Nickolas Grace, John Partridge, Sean Kingsley, Enyonam Gbesemete, Selina Chilton, Nick Holder, Cameron Jack, Adam Stafford
Great clear video with excellent sound and closeups; a very nice video with some closeups; seems pro-shot A

The Drowsy Chaperone
5/29/07 ~ Broadway
John Glover, Janine Lamanna, Beth Leavel, Troy Britton Johnson, Danny Burstein, Johanna Young (u/s Kitty), Patrick Wetzel, JoAnne Worley, Peter Bartlett, Jason Kravitz, Garth Kravitz, Kecia Lewis- Evans, Lenny Wolpe, Kate Loprest (u/s), Linda Gabler, Kilty Reidy, Joey Sorge
Lap shot from the mezzanine, mostly full stage shots, some blackouts where you only see the top of the stage; some nice shots and decent sound B

The Drowsy Chaperone
11/1/07 ~ Broadway
Bob Saget, Mara Davi, Beth Leavel, Linda Gabler (u/s Mrs. Tottendale), Peter Bartlett, Troy Britton Johnson, Danny Burstein, Patrick Wetzel, Gerry Vichi, Jennifer Smith, Jason Kravits Garth Kravitz, Kecia Lewis-Evans
About ten minutes from the second half of Fancy Dress to halfway through Cold Feet, the video messed up and it has a dark green tint. Otherwise it's pretty good - one head that is well shot around and minimal washout. A-

The Drowsy Chaperone
12/1/07 ~ Philadelphia, PA
Jonathan Crombie, Georgia Engle, Nancy Opel, Andrea Chamberlain, Robert Dorfman, Mark Ledbetter, Richard Vida, Cliff Bemis, Marla Mindelle, Paul Riopelle, Peter Riopelle, James Moye, Fran Jaye, Chuck Rea
Nice video of the "Drowsy" tour; a bit shakey for the first 5- 6 minutes; a bit of obstruction of the left part of the stage; no heads in the way and nice closeups, and the video follows the action on stage well. Missing a bit of the 'Intermission' and "Message From a Nightingale" for a tape change A-

The Drowsy Chaperone
7/13/08 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Jonathan Crombie, Georgia Engel, Nancy Opel, Andrea Chamberlain, Robert Dorfman, Mark Ledbetter, Richard Vida, Cliff Bemis, Marla Mindelle, Paul Riopelle, Peter Riopelle, Dale Hensley, Fran Jaye, Chuck Rea
Filmed in 16:9 widescreen with almost no obstructions except for a few occasions when people leaned forward; a few blackouts totalling 10-12 minutes in all but none more than a couple minutes each; nice bright, crisp picture that follows the action very well. Great video A

The Drowsy Chaperone
10/8/08 ~ Sacramento, CA
Jonathan Crombie, Georgia Engel, Alicia Irving, Jen Taylor Farrell (u/s Janet Van De Graaff), Noble Shropshire, Mark Ledbetter, Richard Vida, Cliff Bemis, Linda Griffin, Paul Riopelle, Peter Riopelle, Dale Hensley, Natasha Yvette Williams
Filmed in 16:9 widescreen with no obstructions and almost no blackouts; nice bright, crisp picture that follows the action very well. Great video A

1989 ~ Boston
Lonny Price, Evan Pappas, Joel Blum
Musical based on the life of Jimmy Durante. Boston tryout of this Broadway hopeful show, which unfortunatly never made it to NewYork. Includes the TV commercial for it. Recorded through the house camera. Some generational loss. B

Dusty: The Origional Pop Diva
2006 ~ Lyric Theatre, Sydney
Tamsin Carroll, Alexis Fishman, Trisha Noble
Shot from tripod at back of theatre, contains zooms. A

Earth Girls Are Easy
9/30/02 ~ New York
Kristin Chenoweth, Marc Kudisch, Julie Brown, Hunter Foster, Deven May, Lisa Capps, Roxanne Barlow, Steve Wilson
A reading of a new musical for the Overtures benefit seriesGood video and sound; fun show A

November 1999 ~ London
Matthew Cullum, Christopher Middleton, Tanya Frank, Jonathan Linsley, Edward Bryant
A live filming of the 25th anniversary revival at the Vaudeville Theatre, London; Steven Berkoff writes and directs a piece inspired by his own experiences in the 50's with Teddy boy lingo treated as if it were as heightened as Shakespearean verse. Proshot video with clear picture and sound A+

1st Easter Bonnet Competition
4/18/87 ~ New York
RARE!  This was the FIRST Easter Bonnet Competition, and was presented on the Saturday before Easter in 1987 by the original cast of La Cage aux Folles between shows at the Palace Theatre. Twelve Broadway shows created bonnets that were displayed in the lobby. A few hundred folks paid a dollar to attend and voted for their favorites by stuffing dollar bills into jars representing each show. They raised $17,138.00 for the National AIDS Network. In 1988 the event was taken over and produced as a benefit for BC/EFA and raised $51,000.  The event has grown tremendously, each year besting the previous year’s total raised.  (In 2012 they raised $3,677,855.00!)  Hosted by drag performer Paige Turner, the show features Easter Bonnets presented by the casts of A Chorus Line, Big River, Oh, Calcutta!, Cats, The Mystery Of Edwin Drood, 42nd Street, I’m Not Rappaport, La Cage Aux Folles, Les Miserables, Me And My Girl, The Nerds, and Starlight Express (with Jane Krakowski).  The show has evolved a lot over the years, as this first version is more of a fashion show (with just 2 musical numbers), than a Broadway-like extravaganza that they eventually became.  This was probably filmed with the permission of the producers.  Some slight generational loss.   Also included on this DVD is the 2012 Easter Bonnet. A-

9th Easter Bonnet Competition
1995 ~ New York
Elaine Stritch, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mathew Broderick, Maria Conchita Alonso, Lillias White, Davis Gaines, Marlo Thomas, Whoopie Goldberg, Debra Monk, Cherry Jones, Billy Porter, Howard McGillian, Glenn Close, Victor Garber, more.  
Featuring the casts of Miss Saigon, Blood Brothers, How To Succeed, The Inspector Calls, Grease, Beauty And The Beast, A Language Of Their Own, Ballet Trocodero, Tommy, Sunset Boulevard, Damn Yankees, and others.  One camera pro-shot for video.  Some generational loss.   A-

10th Easter Bonnet Competition
1996 ~ New York
Marsha Mason, Donna McKechnie, Tony Roberts, Julie Andrews, Carol Channing, Tony Randall.  
Pro-shot for video.   B+

13th Easter Bonnet Competition
1999 ~ New York
Andrea McArdle, Lea Solonga, Kristen Chenoweth, Anthony Rapp, Roger Bart, BD Wong, Bernadette Peters, Scott Wise, Gwen Verdon, Michael Cerveris, Kevin Spacey...more.  Pro-shot for video.   A

14th Easter Bonnet Competition
4/25/00 ~ New York
Petula Clark, Bruce Villanch, Dick Latessa, Brad Oscar, Johnny Mathis, Heather Headly, Kelsey, Grammer, Bernadette Peters...more.  
Pro-shot for video.  A

15th Easter Bonnet Competition
2001 ~ New York
Lea Delaria, John Ritter, Betty Garrett, Henry Winkler, Howard McGillian, Kevin Chamberlain, Charles Busch, Ruthie Henshell, Reba McIntire, Allen Cumming, Mary Louise Parker, Bebe Neuwirth... more.
Pro-shot for video.  A

18th Easter Bonnet Competition
2004 ~ New York
Bernadette Peters, Joel Grey, John Tartaglia, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Harvey Firestein, Brad Oscar,  Tovah Felshu, Christopher Siebert, Audra McDonald, Sean Combs...more.  Pro-shot for video.   A

19th Easter Bonnet Competition
2005 ~ New York
Barret Foa, Christopher Sieber, David Hyde Pierce, Jennifer Gambatese, Cheyenne Jackson, Marsha Mason, Delta Burke, Frenchie Davis, Richard Kind, Maureen McGovern, more... Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS 19th Annual benefit concert, filmed at New York's New Amsterdam Theatre.  Pro-shot for video.   A

20th Easter Bonnet Competition
4/25/06 ~ New York
Christian Hoff, Daniel Reichard, J. Robert Spencer, John Lloyd Young, Ron Kunene, Kelli O'Hara, Rob Bartlett, Michael McKean. Hosted by Michael Cerveris and Victoria Clark.  Featuring the casts of Spelling Bee, Menopause The Musical, Beauty & The Beast, The Pajama Game, Ring Of Fire, Wicked, Hairspray, Jersey Boys, The Lion King, Mamma Mia, The Color Purple, Sweeney Todd, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.  Pro-shot for video.   A

21st Easter Bonnet Competition
4/23/07 ~ New York
Julia Murney, Barret Foa, Cheyenne Jackson, David Hyde Pierce, Vanessa Redgrave, Karen Ziemba, Amy Irving, Hugh Dancy, Paige Davis, Patrick Page, Ashley Brown, Gavin Lee, Mo Rocca, Raul Esparza, more...  featuring the casts of Broadway's The Lion King, The Fantasticks, Company, The Drowsy Chaperone, Les Miserables, Mamma Mia, In The Heights, Wicked, All Shook Up and The Color Purple.  An touring company's of Hairspray, Spamalot, Easter Parade, The Phantom Of The Opera and Beauty And The beast.  Show also includes a song from Spamalot called "Witch Village/Burn Her" which was cut from the show during the out of town try-out.  highlights included the company of Hairspray performing “Small House of Edna Turnblad,” a re-imagining of their own show ala the classic retelling of Uncle Tom’s Cabin from The King & I, and the cast of The Lion King presenting a number called “The End Starts Here,” which featured cast member Selloane A. Nkhela, a native South African, singing her original song “Thari E Ntsho” while a video showed moving scenes of men, women and children impacted by Africa’s HIV epidemic.  The cast of Wicked performed “Weeked,” which featured the show’s opening number retooled for The Grand Ole Opry. Tweaks to the production included a fiddle duel between Elphaba and “Glinda Jean” and a square dancing ensemble singing a twangy version of “One Short Day in The Emerald City.” The cast of Company parodied A Chorus Line with a voice imitating director John Doyle and his search for “quadruple threats”: actors who can sing, dance, act, and play their own instruments; the cast of In The Heights performing “Tradizzle” which took “Tradition” from Fiddler on the Roof and transformed the show tune into a hip hop anthem; and dancers representing Dancers Responding to AIDS performing “Tumultuous Tides,” a number choreographed by Darrell Grand Moultrie and first performed in December 2006 at the DRA event Dance From The Heart.  Pro-shot for video.   A

22nd Easter Bonnet Competition
4/29/08 ~ New York
Roger Bart, Megan Mullally, Kelli O’Hara, Tom Wopat, Lea Michele, Jonathan Groff, Sierra Boggess, Tituss Burgess, Anika Noni Rose, Harvey Fierstein, Faith Prince, David Hyde, Clay Aiken, Nathan Lane, Laurie Metcalf and the casts of August: Osage County, Mary Poppins, Xanadu, Naked Boys Singing, Sunday In The Park With George, Spamalot, Spring Awakening, Mamma Mia, Jersey Boys, The Lion King, Legally Blonde, Wicked, Passing Strange, Hairspray, Gypsy, Rent, Swingin’ In The Rain and In The Heights. his year’s judges included: Sebastian Arcelus (Jersey Boys), Stephanie J. Block (Wicked), Dylan Baker (November), Norm Lewis (The Little Mermaid), Chris March (Project Runway), S. Epatha Merkerson (Come Back, Little Sheba), Matthew Morrison (South Pacific), as well as general manager Albert Poland and casting director Bernie Telsey. Similar to BC/EFA's annual Gypsy of the Year event, the Easter Bonnet Competition presents cast members from various shows performing skits, songs and/or dances frequently spoofing themselves and other shows before presenting their elaborate "Easter Bonnet" presentation (literally, a trouper wearing a giant novelty bonnet).  As per tradition, the winningest skits came from shows that made fun of themselves while sideswiping other shows.  The Lion King dipped back into Broadway history, borrowing the leprechaun Og from Finian's Rainbow to make a magical wish (as he did for the racist white senator in that show) and turning the entire cast of Legally Blonde black (except for one black ensemble member, who turned white). The newly African cast performed "Omigod You Guys" as "Omigod, I'm Black." Their bonnet consisted of a huge stack of books with the show's logo changed to "Legally Black," rendered in a graffiti typeface.  Also on an ethnic note, the largely Latino cast of In the Heights spoofed Broadway's supposedly monochromatic casting policies in "Un Dia Mas," a Latin rendering of "One Day More" from Les Miserables commenting on how the complexion of the Broadway neighborhood is changing, just the way Washington Heights is changing in their show. A surprise guest was Alex Gemignani, who played Jean Valjean in the recent Broadway revival of Les Miserables. He joined them in waving the flags of the many Latin-American nations represented in In the Heights.  The cast of Naked Boys Singing did a parody of Jonathan Larson's "Brunch" from tick…tick…BOOM, which itself is a parody of "Sunday" from Sunday in the Park With George. In it, the boys lamented their show's bargain-basement production values (literally — their theatre is in a basement), but taking heart (and flashing some optimistic buttock) due to the fact they do have "Off-Broadway show" on their resumes. Their bonnet consisted of a tray with a three-foot stack of faux dirty dishes.  A favorite target among the satirical skits was the budget-friendly lamb puppet used in place of a real lamb in the revival of Gypsy. Gypsy itself topped them all by doing an entire skit consisting of 15 tap-dancing, shorts-clad cast members working Lambchop hand puppets and five child cast members pretending to be lamb marionettes, all singing a version of "I Am What I Am" from La Cage aux Folles, but with the lyrics changed to things like "I am what I am/And what I am is a damn puppet." The show's bonnet (worn by Laura Benanti) consisted of a lamb turning on a spit over flames.  There was only one reference to last fall's traumatic strike by the stagehands. Coming onstage to help award the prizes, Harvey Fierstein remarked on the high quality of the year's offerings and observed, "We should strike more often." When the response was subdued and perhaps confused, he explained, "...all that extra time to rehearse."  Max Crumm and Laura Osnes, who won their leading roles in Grease through a TV reality show, helped read the names of the many shows that raised money but opted not to present a skit. Upon entering, Osnes dryly commented, "It's really an honor to be made fun of at all these events. All of them."  In fact, the 2008 Easter Bonnet show began with a splashy opening number, "Project Broadway," poking fun at TV reality shows in general, but mainly at "Project Runway," a competition for clothing designers and models. The number was introduced by Jackie Hoffman of Xanadu pretending to be model Heidi Klum's rumpled Jewish sister, Rivka Klum.  No BC/EFA event would be complete without a visit from Bonnet favorites Don Richard and Jen Cody, once again re-creating their roles as Officer Lockstock and Little Sally from the long-closed Urinetown, and offering some of the most savagely funny commentary of the event. "We're back," he said, "like an unnecessary revival of Gypsy."  Asking what had happened since the last time they came around, Lockstock said there had been two "Frankenstein" musicals [the semi-operatic Frankenstein and Mel Brooks' still-running parody Young Frankenstein]. Little Sally lamented, "I heard the funny one closed." Veering into political commentary, Little Sally complained that sex-scandalous ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer couldn't tell the difference between being governor and being a casting director. Remarking on their own durable popularity (and on tiny-cast musicals), Little Sally suggested that she and Lockstock do their own two-person musical, "Maybe the same 40 people who see Xanadu every night will see us instead!"  Another highlight among the sketches was an appearance by original Ziegfeld Follies girl Doris Eaton Travis, now 104 years old, who danced with a partner to a swing arrangement of "Singin' in the Rain."  Mulit-camera, pro-shot for video.   A

24th Easter Bonnet Competition
4/27/10 ~ New York
Broadway show folk come together for the annual spring event, The Easter Bonnet Competition, a celebration of song, dance and sketches, April 26–27 at the Minskoff Theatre. The two-day event marks the culmination of six-weeks of fundraising for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. The April 27 presentation will name the fundraising and bonnet competition winners.  Rotating hosts for the event include Chard Kimball (Memphis), Constantine Maroulis (Rock of Ages), Corbin Bleu (In the Heights), Michael Urie (The Temperamentals), Dylan Baker (God of Carnage), Colman Domingo (A Boy and His Soul), Jan Maxwell (Lend Me A Tenor), Michael Mulheren (Looped), Laura Osnes (South Pacific) and Loretta Ables Sayre (South Pacific). Judges include Jennifer Cody (Shrek), Beth Leavel (Mamma Mia!), Katie Finneran (Promises, Promises), Laura Michelle Kelly (Mary Poppins), Alfred Molina (Red), Brian Stokes Mitchell (Ragtime, Man of La Mancha), Local One president James Claffey Jr. and designer Chris March (“Project Runway,” Arias With a Twist). Introducing the judges are Million Dollar Quartet cast members Hunter Foster, Levi Kreis and Elizabeth Stanley. Original Ziegfeld Follies Girl Doris Eaton Travis makes a special appearance, and Memphis' star Glover has been selected to perform the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS anthem "Help Is On the Way." Among the productions that created a bonnet and offered a unique performance are Billy Elliot, Dancers Responding to AIDS, Fela!, In the Heights, La Cage Aux Folles, The Lion King, Mamma Mia!, Memphis, Million Dollar Quartet, My Trip Down The Pink Carpet, Next Fall, The Phantom of the Opera, R. Evolución Latina, South Pacific, Wicked and Zero Hour.  A benefit for BC/EFA, the Easter Bonnet Competition ends a six-week period of intensive fundraising by the assorted Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. Curtain speeches, autographed posters and program sales, auctions and cabaret performances are all part of the fundraising effort, which brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars. The company that raises the most funds for BC/EFA is awarded a prize at the Easter Bonnet Competition. A second prize will be awarded to the company with the best bonnet design and presentation. Additional awards will be presented to the Broadway play, national tour and Off-Broadway production raising the most money.  Multi-camera, pro shot for video.   A

25th Easter Bonnet Competition
4/26/11 ~ New York
The Easter Bonnet Competition, a two-day Broadway spectacular that features the companies of more than 20 Broadway, off-Broadway and touring productions singing, dancing and donning original and stunningly creative, celebratory and outrageous Easter bonnets, has become an annual Broadway tradition. The 24 previous editions of the Easter Bonnet Competition have raised more than $42 million for BC/EFA. The Easter Bonnet Competition is the culmination of six intensive weeks of fundraising efforts by company members of Broadway, Off-Broadway and national touring productions. Curtain speeches, bucket collections, autographed poster and program sales, auctions and cabaret performances bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars from audiences prior to the competition. The winner of the Easter Bonnet Competition will be the company that raises the largest amount of money for BC/EFA. A second award is granted to the company with the best bonnet design and presentation. Awards are also presented to the Broadway Play, National Tour and Off-Broadway production raising the most money for BC/EFA. Shows represented include: From Broadway: La Cage Aux Folles, Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert, The Phantom Of The Opera, Billy Elliot, The Addams Family and Catch Me If You Can. From Off-Broadway: Rent, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and Freud’s Last Session. Touring shows: Les Miserables, The Lion King, Mamma Mia, and Wicked.  Multi-camera, Pro-shot

26th Easter Bonnet Competition  
4/23/12 ~ New York
The 26th Annual Easter Bonnet Competition raised $3,677,855, the result of six weeks of intensive fundraising for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS by 51 Broadway, Off-Broadway and national touring companies. Since the Easter Bonnet Competition began in 1987, the event has raised more than $49 million for Broadway Cares. This year’s hosts included Stockard Channing, Judith Light and Stacy Keach (Other Desert Cities); Gavin Creel (Hair); Jeremy Jordan (Newsies); Rory O'Malley (The Book of Mormon); Raven-Symoné (Sister Act); Nick Jonas, Michael Urie and Rob Bartlett (How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying); Corbin Bleu, Lindsay Mendez and George Salazar (Godspell); and Selloane Nkhela and Ron Kunene (Disney's The Lion King). Highlights: • The show started with a sequined and sparkly send-up of the plethora of religious-themed shows suddenly appearing on Broadway, mixed with a friendly jab at television’s Broadway-themed hit “Smash.” The number was directed and choreographed by Rommy Sandhu, with music direction and arrangements by Ben Cohn. It was written by David Beach and Stacia Fernandez. • The company of Chicago, which recently celebrated its 15th year on Broadway, poked fun at their reputation for employing older dancers with a side-splitting geriatric version of “All That Jazz,” led by Broadway's current Velma, Amra-Faye Wright, and complete with wheelchairs, walkers and a motorized scooter. Supermodel Christie Brinkley, who is completing a return engagement in the show before embarking on its national tour, escorted by her Chicago leading man Tony Yazbeck, dashed all images of the "senior citizens" as she dazzled the crowd in the show’s flamboyantly floral bonnet.• After an hysterical performance at last year’s Gypsy of the Year competition, the young cast members of Mary Poppins returned with more “junior” versions of classic shows, this time taking on the darkest and bloodiest of scenes from Medea, Macbeth and Sweeney Todd. • The presentation from Anything Goes literally went to the dogs as Julie Halston pandered for judges’ votes by acknowledging that when there are animals on stage, they've got everyone's attention. Then she proceeded to introduce a parade of more than a dozen adorable pooches, escorted by their owners, all members of the Anything Goes cast. • An intricately designed trio of bonnets, the “Scenic Bonnets of Broadway,” represented scaled down versions of the spectacular sets from three current Broadway hits. Tony Award-winner John Glover gracefully presented the bonnet from his current show, Death of a Salesman; Matthew Risch joined the parade with a replica of the set he appears on eight nights a week from Other Desert Cities; and young Ripley Sobo from Once even broke into song while balancing her guitar-shaped bonnet. • Off-Broadway was well-represented by performances from two shows: The Awesome 80s Prom and Avenue Q, including a special appearance by original cast member Ann Harada. • A special tribute to the national touring productions that help fundraise in cities across the country featured a comedic take on life and fundraising on the road, set to Stephen Sondheim’s “Putting it Together,” led by an all singing and dancing Felicia Finley. • Tituss Burgess, from Guys and Dolls and The Little Mermaid, sang a rousing and uplifting rendition of the Easter Bonnet anthem, “Help is on the Way,” written by David Friedman. • Other fabulous presentations included The Book of Mormon, Jersey Boys, Disney’s The Lion King, Mamma Mia!, The Phantom of the Opera, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and Dancers Responding to AIDS, a program of Broadway Cares. The Easter Bonnet judges included Nina Arianda and Hugh Dancy (Venus in Fur), Celia Keenan-Bolger and Adam Chanler-Berat (Peter and the Starcatcher), Megan Hilty (TV's “Smash”), comedian Lisa Lampanelli, costume designer Carrie Robbins, Frank Wood (Clybourne Park) and Mark Anderson, United Airline's senior vice president of corporate and government affairs. Multi-camera, pro-shot for video.   A

The Eccentricities of a Nightingale
1976 ~ TV Broadcast
Blythe Danner and Frank Langella

Ed Sullivan's Broadway
1973 ~ TV Special
Jack Cassidy, Julie Harris, Lou Jacobi, Michele Lee, Ethel Merman, Marilyn Michaels, Frank Sinatra Jr., Bobby Van, Gwen Verdon, Hattie Winston, Samuel E.Wright
Aired March 16, 1973 on CBS, this is a one-time TV special with all the original commericals included; time cose stamp at bottom of screen; great quality and sound A

Edward Albee's Occupant
5/24/08 ~ New York
Mercedes Ruehl, Larry Bryggman
First 6 minutes are sound only; some spotlight washout in Act 1 but Act 2 is much better; lots of close ups with a few cover ups; nice video A

Edward Scissorhands
4/19/07 ~ Denver, CO
Sam Archer, Kerry Biggin
A production of Mathew Bourne's New Adventure's Company. Act 1 is audio only, but Act 2 is very nice; you can see what an amazing production it is. B

The Effect Of Gamma Rays On Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds
1966 -PBS Television
Eileen Heckart, Elizabeth Berger, Barbara Dana
Black and white video with slight generation and age loss; clear sound and picture is still good B+

1996 - Las Vegas
Michael Crawford.
Very rough with generation loss, but you still can make out what's going on.

"8" The Play, A Reading
3/3/12 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Kevin Bacon, Dustin Lance Black, Matt Bomer, Campbell Brown, George Clooney, Chris Colfer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Vanessa Garcia, Christine Lahti, Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, Rory O'Malley, Jansen Panettiere, James Pickens Jr., Brad Pitt, John C. Reilly, Reiner, Martin Sheen, Yeardley Smith, George Takei
Directed by Rob Reiner. This one-night-only reading was broadcast live on the internet from the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles. A

El Grande de Coca Cola
Date Unknown ~ filmed for HBO-TV
Dick Shawn, Diz White, Alan Shearman, Jonathan Gardner, Brandis Kemp, Ron House
First performed Off Broadway in 1973 and resurrected in 1985, and again in 2000. Pro-shot B+

Elaine Page
The Many Faces of Elaine Page

Elaine Stritch - At Liberty
4/10/02 ~ Broadway
Great quality video A

El Capitan, In Concert
9/13/10 ~ Allendale, MI
Presented by the Grand Valley State University Music Department at the Louis Armstrong Theatre, in the Performing Arts Center, on the Allendale Campus. Metropolitan …  Filmed using one camera on a tripod. A-

1998 ~ Broadway
Zoe Wanamaker, Claire Bloom, Pat Carroll, Michael Cumpsty, Stephen Spinella
Filmed from the front mezzanine with no obstructions. No amplification so sometimes the volume is low. No spotlight wash, but at times the video is dark.  Well filmed. Includes TV review. A-

Elegies: A Song Cycle
Spring 2003
Michael Rupert, Carolee Carmello, Betty Buckley, Christian Borle, Keith Byron Kirk.
Full stage shots. Almost no zooms C-

Elegies - A Song Cycle by William Finn
4/17/03 ~ Lincoln Center, NYC
Betty Buckley, Keith Byron Kirk, Christian Borle, Carolee Carmello, Michael Rupert
Good quality video with occasional heads in the way and nice zooms A-

The Elephant Man
1980 ~ NBC telecast
Philip Anglim, Christopher Hewitt, Penny Fuller, Glenn Close
Professionally filmed A

The Elephant Man
11/19/14 ~ Broadway
Bradley Cooper, Patricia Clarkson, Alessandro Nivola, Anthony Heald, Scott Lowell, Kathryn Meisle, Henry Stram
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions; sound is low but that is common with captured plays; very nice video 2 DVDs A

The Elephant Man
1/3/15 ~ Broadway
Bradley Cooper, Patricia Clarkson, Alessandro Nivola, Anthony Heald, Scott Lowell, Kathryn Meisle, Henry Stram, Chris Bannow, Peter Bradbury, Eric Clem, Amanda Lea Mason, Marguerite Stimpson, Emma Thorne
Wonderful capture with no washout or blackouts, and very little obstruction; a couple of small heads that can be seen in wide shots, but they do not affect the action; excellent clear sound, very nice video 2 DVDs A

11/16/10 ~ Broadway
Sebastian Arcelus, Amy Spanger, Beth Leavel, George Wendt, Mark Jacoby, Michael McCormick, Michael Mandell, Mattew Gumley, Valerie Wright
Great video with excellent close-ups and clear picture and sound throughout; good video A

11/17/12 ~ Appleton, WI
Matt Kopec, Drew Pulver, Kate Hennies, Julia Louise Hosack, Connor Barth, Gordon Gray, Jen Bechter, Clyde Voce, Royce McIntosh
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions and clear picture and sound; filmed from the right side of the stage; very nice video 2 DVDs A

January 2015 ~ Papermill Playhouse
James Moye, Heidi Blickenstaff, Kate Fahrner, Paul C. Vogt, Cleve Asbury, Sydney Brenton and Stephanie Cain.
Excellent audio and picture, A.

Elisabeth Dress Rehearsal
8/29/92 ~ Vienna
Pia Douwes, Uwe Kröger, Ethan Freeman
Pro Shot DVD.  It’s a rehearsal so sometimes the show stops and starts. A+

9/5/92 ~ Vienna
Ethan Freeman (Luigi Lucheni), Pia Douwes (Elisabeth), Uwe Kröger (Death), Else Ludwig (Sophie), Viktor Gernot (Franz Joseph), Andreas Bieber (Rudolf)
Two days after the premier, bad quality must have only for Elisabeth fans. C

12/26/92 ~ Vienna
Pia Douwes, Uwe Kroger, Ethan Freeman
English subtitles, B 2 DVDs

1998 ~ Tokyo
Youka Wao (Franz-Joseph), Mari Hanafusa (Elisabeth), Asoto Shizuki (Death),
Wataru Kozuki (Kozuki), Hikaru Asami (Rudolf)
Pro-shot A+ 2 DVDs

1999 ~ The Hague, Netherlands
Wim van den Driesche (Luigi Lucheni), Pia Douwes (Elisabeth), Stanley Burselon (Death), Doris Baaten (Sophie), Jeroen Phaff (Franz-Joseph), Addo Kruinizga (Rudolf)
Pro-shot (Act 1 have no zooms, act 2 have a few zooms) A- Version 1

1999 ~ The Hague, Netherlands
Wim van den Driesche (Luigi Lucheni), Pia Douwes (Elisabeth), Stanley Burselon (Death), Doris Baaten (Sophie), Jeroen Phaff (Franz-Joseph), Addo Kruinizga (Rudolf)
Details: Pro-shot (Act 1 have zooms, act 2 have few zooms) A- Version 2

2001 ~ The Hague, Netherlands
Antonie Kamerling (u/s Luigi Lucheni), Marleen van der Loo (u/s Elisabeth), Stanley Burselon (Death), Jeroen Phaff (Franz-Joseph), Addo Kruizinga (Rudolf)

1/28/01 ~ The Hague, Netherlands Matinee
Danny de Munk (Luigi Lucheni), Maaike Widdershoven (Elisabeth), Addo Kruizinga (u/s Death), Jeroen Phaff (Franz-Joseph), Ron Barendts (u/s Rudolf) ,

4/7/01 ~ Essen, Germany
Pia Douwes, Uwe Kröger, Carsten Lepper, Michael Lewis, Gabriele Ramm, Jesper Tyden, Claus Dam,Annika Bruhns
Somewhat pixellated from compression, but perfectly watchable. Shoots around a few heads but does a very good job. Includes stage door footage and a press video from the premiere. Optional English subtitles. PAL B+

7/22/01 ~ The Hague, Netherlands
Danny de Munk (Luigi Lucheni), Maaike Widdershoven (Elisabeth), Stanley Burleson (Death), Jeroen Phaff (Franz Joseph), Ron Barendts (Rudolf)
Pro-shot and last show in Netherlands! B+

8/11/01 ~ Essen, Germany
Carsten Lepper (Luigi Lucheni), Annika Bruhns (u/s Elisabeth), Brady Swenson (u/s Death),
Gabriele Ramm (Sophie), Michael Lewis (Franz-Joseph), Jesper Týden (Rudolf)

2/2/02 ~ Essen, Germany
Sascha Oskar Weis (u/s Luigi Lucheni), Kristin Hölck (u/s Elisabeth), Uwe Kröger (Death),
Andre Bauer (Franz-Joseph), Sven Olaf Denkinger (u/s Rudolf),
Some video problems during " Der Letze Tanz" B+

2002/2003 (Exact date unknown) ~ Tokyo, Japan
Sumire Haruno, Rei Otori, Sajiho Juri, Jun Sena, Yo Natusmi
Pro-shot and only female cast! A+ 2 DVDs

6/18/03 ~ Essen, Germany
Alex Melcher (Luigi Lucheni), Maike Boerdam (Elisabeth), Johan Samuelson (u/s Death)

2/14/06 ~ Tokyo, Japan
1st Act: Ayaka Shiraki (Elisabeth), Asato Shizuki (Death), 2nd Act: Rei Otori (Elisabeth), Saki Asji (Death), Shakiho Juri, Ko Minoru, Anri Mimi, Yu Emao.
Pro-shot and 10th anniversary concert in Japan. A+  2 DVDS

9/17/06 ~ Apollo Theater Stuttgart
Pia Douwes, Oleh Vynnyk, Bruno Grassini, Ivar Helgasson, Marin Pasching, Katherine Krger
Final performance; filmed from the right side; good clear sound and nice picture 2 DVDs A

11/6/11 ~ Cologne, Germany
Annemieke van Dam, Oliver Arno, Kurosch Abbasi, Mathias Edenborn

Elmer Gantry
1988 ~ Washington DC
Casey Biggs, Sharon Scuggs
World premiere production at The Ford's Theatre. This production had hope of ending up on Broadway, but never made it. Some heads at the bottom of the screen. B

3/5/04 ~ New York
Ben Cain, Brian T. Finney, V.J. Foster, Kaili Hollister, Riki Lindhome, Jay R. Martinez, Kate Mulligan, Steven M. Porter, Brian Powell,Tori Torres, Lolly Ward,Andrew Wheeler
Written, produced and directed by Tim Robbins; excellent video with good picture and sound; A

2/20/11 ~ San Diego, CA
Patti Murin, Adam Monley, Dani Marcus, Will Reynolds, Brian Herndon, Amanda Naughton, Don Noble, Suzanne Grodner, Richert Easley, Allison Spratt Pearce, Adam Daveline, Kelly Hutchinson
First minute or so of each act is blacked out; the rest of the show is complete; one head blocks a small portion of the front of the stage, more noticeable in act two, but never blocks the action; slight washout
in some of the wide shots; sound is a little quiet during the dialogue scenes, but otherwise good; nice picture 2 DVDs A

Enchanted April
6/1/03 ~ Broadway
Michael Cumpsty, Jayne Atkinson, Elizabeth Ashley, Michael Hayden, Molly Ringwald
Shot from 2nd row mezzanine; Digital, A

Encores 10th Anniversary Bash
11/24/02 ~ Broadway
Tyne Daly, Brent Barrett, Kristin Chenoweth, Ann Reinking, Bebe Neuwirth, Norm Lewis et al
Shot from the gallery, some heads in the way, filmed around them the best as possible. Very fun show, with songs from all of the past Encores productions. Digital, 1st generation from the master A-

Encores! Broadway Bash, 2003
November 2003 ~ New York
Betty Buckley, Bebe Neuwirth, Andrea Martin, Marin Mazzie, Laura Benanti, Sandy Duncan, Emily Skinner, Harolyn Blackwell, Simone, Jason Danieley, Ron Raines, Walter Bobbie, Marc Kudisch, Denis O’Hare, Erin Dilly, and Jerry Zaks.
The concerts features songs from an array of musicals that have been presented at City Center since its opening in 1943. Included are tunes from Porgy and Bess, presented at City Center in 1943; Fiorello! (1962); Carousel (1957), Brigadoon (1962) and Finian's Rainbow (1966). Filmed from the balcony with some occasional “stage searching”. Not the complete show-the filmer seemed to turn the camera on and off and only filmed parts of the show. The disc includes about 36 minutes of footage. B

End Of The Rainbow
1/29/12 ~ Minneapolis, MN
Tracie Bennett, Michael Cumpsty, Tom Pelphrey, Jay Russell
Beautiful capture of the Pre-Broadway engagement production. Tracie does a magnificent job portraying Judy Garland. A very intimate portrait of the star and her sad downward spiral featuring many of her great songs; good video A

End Of The World
4/28/85 ~ Broadway
Barnard Hughes, Philip Stone, Linda Hunt, Audrey Wood, John Shea, Michael Trent, Frank Hankey
Play written by Arthur Kopit and directed by Hal Prince. Broadway flop with just 33 official performances. Filmed using one camera on a tripod from the back of the house. Mostly A full stage shot with few zooms and pans. Some generational loss, but considering it's age, not too bad. B

5/6/10 ~ Broadway
Norbert Leo Butz, Marin Mazzie, Jordan Ballard, Brandon Dirden, Rightor Doyle, Anthony Holds, Gregory Itzin, Ty Jones, Ian Kahn, Stephen Kunken, January LaVoy, Tom Nelis, Madisyn Shipman, Jeff Skowron, Mary Stewart Sullivan, Lusia Strus, Noah Weisberg
Well filmed with good picture and sound quality throughout; includes bonus reviews & Interviews. A

Epic Proportions
1999 ~ Broadway
Kristen Chenoweth, Jeremy Davidson, Alan Tudyk, Ross Lehman
This is shot from the Upper mezzanine of the Helen Hayes, and even though it's an intimate house, there are still white outs, but not as bad as you might think. B-

12/16/08 ~ Broadway
Daniel Radcliffe, Richard Griffiths, Kate Mulgrew, Anna Camp, T. Ryder Smith
Filmed from the orchen         stra section-maybe 12 rows from the stage. A bit of an odd angle, and heads in the shot throughout, but the filmer tries his best to capture the action onstage. 2 DVDs B

1981 ~ Showtime TV
Gregory Hines, Maurice Hines,Alaina Reed, Leslie Dockery, Lynnie Godfrey, Mel Johnson Jr., Jeffrey V.Thompson
Showtime televised version of the Broadway musical A

2004 ~ Australia
Ian Stenlake, Rachel Beck, Amanda Muggleton, Michael Cormick, Simon Gleason, Nance Hayes
Eureka! Is based on the Ballarat gold rush, with music by Michael Harvey. Multi-camera, pro-shot for video. 2 DVDs A

Evening Primrose
11/19/66 ~ ABC-TV
Anthony Perkins, Dorothy Stickney
RARE, early Stephen Sondheim mini musical pro shot for TV. Black and White. B

Every Little Step
2009 ~ Movie
Japanese video release of the 2009 A Chrous Line revival documentary; with subtitles A+

Everyday Rapture
4/24/09 ~ New York
Sherie Rene Scott, Eamon Foley, Lindsay Mendez, Betsy Wolfe
Filmed in 16:9 Widescreen. Minor whiting out in wideshots.  Good clear video A

Everyday Rapture
4/20/10 ~ Broadway
Sherie Rene Scott, Eamon Foley, Lindsay Mendez, Betsy Wolfe
Filmed in 16:9 Widescreen; disc also includes about 30 minutes of interviews & behind the scenes features; nice video.  Sometimes pauses through the interviews etc, but show is fine A

Evil Dead 1 & 2, The Musical
2004 ~ Toronto, Canada
Adapted from Sam Raimi's Evil Dead movies. Pro shot, using multiple camera's for promotional use by the producers. "Not For Duplication" appears occasionally at bottom of screen. Very funny and enjoyable! A-

Evil Dead: The Musical
9/13/14 ~ Madison, WI
David Sajewich, Callie Johnson, Demi Zaino, Creg Sclavi, Julie Baird, Jessica Kingsdale, Andrew Di Rosa, Ryan McBride
Excellent HD capture with no obstructions of the 2014 National Tour; very nice video 2 DVDs A-

1980 ~ Broadway
Patti Lupone, Mandy Patinkin, Bob Gunton
Starts with one of the old commerical; actually a very nice looking video; well, its old and grainy but color at times and you can follow the story throughout; some whiteouts but some zooms as well. Good for its age B-

1980 ~ Broadway
Patti LuPone, Tom Carder (u/s), Bob Gunton, Mark Syers, Jane Ohringer
Washed out color, but it is still present. Very dark. Tracking issues at times, but a pleasant surprise for its age. DEFINITELY different from the other 1980 video. C-

1980 ~ Shubert Theatre, Chicago
Valerie Perri, John Herrera, Robert Alton, Peter Marinos, Cynthia Simpson
Professionally shot footage of tech run of 2nd National Tours opening at The Shubert in Chicago. Starts with "Eva, Beware Of The City" and goes through end of "Waltz For Eva And Che". Does not contain all numbers, but does have most. Very dark and hard to see details at times but nice video B+

1981 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Loni Ackerman and the rest of the original LA Cast
Nicely filmed. Some generational loss, and spotlight washout. B+

May 1988 ~ Canberra, Australia
Jillian Donaldson, Phillip Dodd, Stephen Fisher, Julie McElhone, Michael Tatchell.  
A presentation of the Canberra Philharmonic Society.  Great production, a little different than we are used to seeing.  Filmed using two cameras.  Some generational loss and a bit dark at times. B+

1988 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Ann Crumb, William Gilinsky, Philip Hernandez, Rebecca Beeth, Patrick Greene, Giles Chiasson
Good video from one of the best regional theatre groups in the US; good picture and sound and closeups B+

August 1991 - The Actors' Company
Hunter Foster, Sutton Foster, Jeanne Delong
Local performance; pretty good for its age B+

1993 ~ North Carolina Theatre
Lauren Kennedy, Ray Walker
Some generation loss and flickering at the bottom of the screen but still pretty nice. B

1996 ~ (Cinematographic version)
Madonna, Antonio Banderas, Jonathan Pyrce, Jimmy Nail, Andrea Corr.
Pro-shot Digital DVD. Madonna and Antonio are amazing. A+  

5/22/96 ~ The Netherlands
Pia Douwes, Jeroen Phaff, Bil van Dijk, Marleen van der Loo

6/26/97 ~ Hamburg, Germany
Sara Carr-George, James Sbaro, Jeff Austin, Scott Hayward, Zoe Abbott
Complete production in English. European Tour. Proshot, great quality video. B+

6/12/99 ~ 20th Anniversary Tour
Natalie Toro, Raul Esparza, Tom Flynn, Raymond Jaramillo McLeod, Angela Covington
Finally got my better copy of this video, very good B+

June 2000 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Jacquelyn Piro, Andrew Varella, Michael DeVries, Matthew R. Jones, Kristin Williams
Nice video from one of the best regional theatre groups in the US; good picture and sound and closeups A

5/3/01 ~ Midland, TX
Lisa Barnett, Dale Jenkins, Jaime Sotelo, Jennifer Magnum, Rogers Tilley. 
A production of the Midland-Odessa Symphony And Chorale.  Nice production,  Multi-camera shot.  Some slight generational loss. A-

12/17/04 ~ Appleton,WI
Kathy Voytko, Bradley Dean, Philip Hernandez, Kate Manning, Gabriel Burrafato
Slightly grainy video, excellent sound, full screen shot, taped off the house monitors. Some generational loss. B+

8/7/05 ~ Atlanta, GA
Kathy Voytko, Bradley Dean, Philip Hernandez, Gabriel Burrafato, Kate Manning
The picture is quite good, zooms and follows the action well, though there is a slight glare. The sound is very good, extremely clear except for occasional slight skips. B+

11/1/06 ~ West End, London
Elena Roger, Philip Quast, Matt Rawle, Gary Milner, Lorna Want
Vibrant production and amazing vocals. First act is complete, second act is highlights, however full audio throughout. Not the steadiest of dvds, but it's the only one and a fabulous production. B+

5/26/07 ~ West End, London
Elena Roger, Matt Rawle, Phillip Quast, Greg Castiglioni, Lorna Want
Final performance; filmed from the back row, a few heads to film around, and no intentional camera hides. (a few people in the way during "late arrivals" but after the first 8 minutess, the capture is pretty good and clear audio. A-

8/17/08 ~ Sacramento, CA
Julia Murney (Eva), Eric Kunze (Che), Scott Blanks (Peron), Philip Michael Baskerville (Magaldi/Ensemble) , Kari Yancy (Peron's Mistress/Ensemble)
Beautifully shot in 16:9 widescreen, crystal clear picture, great zooms, very steady. Minor obstruction from a head on left side of screen, but is not really an issue at all. Only a few brief cover-ups. The show was performed in the round so sometimes the actors have their backs to the camera, but the show is very well balanced on all sides of the stage.
Final performance of the one-week run and the entire cast had a wonderful energy, but the highlight was certainly Julia Murney's Eva Peron. The woman is a freaking genius when it comes to acting and she beautifully portrays Eva from a young 15-year-old through to her last dying moments. (She does flub the second verse of "Goodbye and Thank You", but she covered up extremely well.) The other major highlight is Eric Kunze as Che -- the most gorgeous voice and he is snarky as hell. And if you haven't listened to the audios yet, listen for his last note of "The Money Kept Rolling In" -- mind-boggling.

9/17/09 ~ UK Tour
Rachael Wooding, Seamus Cullen, Mark Heenehan, Carly Bawden, James Waud
A bar obstruction from the balcony which interferes with some of the downstage action; good picture quality and sound throughout; a nice video 2 DVDs A

March 2010 ~ Lake Havasu City, AZ
Gina DeLuca, Eric Kunze, Sean Tamburrino, Jason Fallis, Lauren Blain
Presented by Grace Arts Live, mix of professional and amateur actors; pro-shot, filmed on a tripod A

6/12/10 ~ Magdeburg, Germany
Simone Geyer (Evita), Drew Sarich (Che), Ethan Freeman (Peron)
Open-air production. In widescreen. Mostly wider shots, with spotlight washout. but there are some nice close-ups 2 DVDs

2010 - UK Tour
Natalie Langston (alt.Eva), Mark Powell, Mark Heenehan, Abigail Matthews, Nic Gibney.
Good clear video with nice picture and excellent sound A

3/14/12 ~ Broadway
Elena Roger, Ricky Martin, Michael Cerveris, Max von Essen, Rachel Potter, Maya Jade Frank
Great Capture of the Broadway transfer from London.  Very well filmed with clear sound and nice closeups throughout; very good video; lavish and well executed Evita that was due for a date with Broadway A

7/28/12 ~ Broadway
Christina DeCicco (u/s Eva Peron), Ricky Martin, Michael Cerveris, Max von Essen, Rachel Potter
Excellent HD capture of the Alternate Eva. Great clear video with nice picture and sound; great video 2 DVDs A

8/13/12 ~ Broadway
Christina DeCicco (u/s Eva Peron), Ricky Martin, Michael Cerveris, Max von Essen, Rachel Potter, Ashley Amber, George Lee Andrews, Wendi Bergamini, Callie Carter, Eric L. Christian, Kristine Covillo, Colin Cunliffe, Margot de La Barre, Bardley Dean, Ava DeMary, Rebecca Eichenberger, Melanie Field, Jennie Ford, Jason Lee Garrett, Constantine Germanacos, Constantine Germanacos, Laurel Harris, Bahiyah Hibah, Nick Kenkel, Brad Little, Erica Mansfield, Emily Mechler, Sydney Morton, Jessica Lea Patty, Aleks Pevec, Kristie Dale Sanders, Timothy Shew, Mavis Simpson-Ernst, Michaeljon Slinger, Johnny Stellard, Alex Michael Stoll, Daniel Torres, Matt Wall
Very nice video; a couple of short blackouts towards the beginning of the show but otherwise well filmed with good close-ups and sound A-

8/15/12 ~ Broadway
Jessica Lea Patty (u/s Eva), Ricky Martin, Michael Cerveris, Max von Essen, Rachel Potter
Beautiful HD capture of Jessica in the role of Eva. Excellent video with clear picture and good sound 2 DVDs A

9/22/13 ~ Chicago, IL
Caroline Bowman, Josh Young, Christopher Johnstone, Sean MacLaughlin, Krystina Alabado
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions. Solid tour, great performances; great clear picture and sound; very good video 2 DVDs A+

12/14/13 ~ Costa Mesa, CA
Caroline Bowman (Eva), John Riddle (Che u/s), Sean MacLaughlin (Peron), Krystina Alabado (Mistress), Christopher Johnstone (Magaldi), ensemble: Ryan K Bailer, Nicholas Benton, Jessica Bishop, Ronald L Brown, Holly Ann Butler, Diana DiMarzio, Samantha Farrow
First few minutes are missing completely, no video or audio, capture starts at the beginning of "Eva, Beware of the City" then it's perfect after this with no blackouts, no obstruction and no washout, filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums and close-ups, sound is excellent, includes curtain call. 2 DVDs

May 2014 ~ Hamilton, Canada
Mariah Loaker (Eva), Eric Charters (Che), Matt Moore (Juan Peron), Dustin Jodway (Magaldi), Melissa Todd (Mistress)
Pro shot, A

Eyes and No Eyes
1996 ~ Watertown, MA
Carol Mastrodomineco, Joanne Messier, Stuart Rubinow, Erik Steigen
Pro-shot one act musical play by Gilbert with music by people
other than Sullivan; DVD also includes another one act show called
No Cards, which is listed elsewhere. A

The Fabric Of A Man
2004 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Darrin Dewitt Henson, Clifton Powell,Tammy Townsend, Buddy Lewis, Orlando Wright
Pro-shot for video at the Scottish Rite Theatre in LA. Letterboxed. A

6/26/04 ~ New York
Charlayne Woodward, Daniel Breaker, Lucretia Myra Taylor
Playwrights Horizons World Premiere; comedy by Pulitzer-Prize winning playwright Lynn Nottage; heads at the bottom of the screen but good clear video with good sound A

The Fabulous Ladies Of New York Cabaret
1996 ~ New York
Chita Rivera, Ann Hampton Callaway, Lanie Kazan, Judy Kaye, Julie Wilson, Maureen McGovern, Margaret Whiting, Karen Akers, more...  
A benefit concert for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Semi-pro shot for video, using one camera.  Some generational loss. B

Face The Music - Encores!
4/1/07 ~ New York
Judy Kaye, Walter Bobbie, Lee Wilkof, Jeffry Denman, Meredith Patterson, Mylinda Hull, Eddie Korbich, Felicia Finley, Chris Hoch, Timothy Shew
Well filmed, but occasional heads appear at the bottom of the screen. Filmer does a good job of shooting around them. A-

Faenol Festival Concert
8/28/07 ~ BBC 2-TV, Wales
Bryn Ternfel, Connie Fisher, John Owen Jones, Ruthie Henshell, Michael Ball.
Starting in 2000, Terfel started the Faenol Festival near Snowdonia in Wales. Billed as "Bryn Terfel's Faenol Festival" (often referred to as "BrynFest"), it turned into an annual out door music festival featuring internationally famous opera singers as well as popular Welsh artists and West End personalities.  (Think Woodstock for Theatre.)  Song list: Sound of Music - Connie Fisher, As If We Never Said Goodbye -Sunset Boulevard - Ruthie Henshall, Last Night Of The World -Miss Saigon - John Owen Jones & Ruthie Henshall, This Is The Moment -Jekyll & Hyde - Michael Ball, High Flying Adored -Evita - Michael Ball, Michael Ball Interview, Anthem -Chess - Michael Ball, Some Enchanted Evening -South Pacific - Bryn Ternfel, Don't Cry For Me, Argentina -Evita - Ruthie Henshall, My Favorite Things-Sound of Music - Connie Fisher, Connie Fisher Interview, Something Good -Sound of Music - Connie Fisher & Bryn Ternfel, All I Ask Of You -Phantom of the Opera - Michael Ball & Connie Fisher, Stars -Les Miserables - Bryn Ternfel, Bring Him Home -Les Miserables - John Owen Jones, Empty Chairs, Empty Tables -Les Miserables - Michael Ball One Day More -Les Miserables – All. A

Faith Healer
5/13/06 ~ Broadway
Ralph Fiennes, Cherry Jones, Ian McDiarmid
Great close ups and great sound. Includes VH1 reviews and reports; excellent video A+

Fall From Grace

Fallen Angels
2/2/13 ~ Pasadena, CA
Elijah Alexander, Pamela J. Gray, Mary-Pat Green, Loren Lester, Katie MacNichol, Mike Ryan
Excellent capture of this hilarious Noel Coward play; a couple blackouts in the first act that last less than a minute each, and the first minute or two of the second act is missing, but the show is otherwise intact; filmed in 16:9, mostly wides and mediums, with a few occasional close-ups; sound is quiet in places, video includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A

1992 ~ Broadway
Mandy Patinkin, Stephen Bogardus, Chip Zien, Andrew Harrison, Barbara Walsh,
Heather MacKrae, Maureen Moore
Cam Video with some generation loss B+

Date Unknown ~ Los Angeles, CA
Michael Rupert, Stephen Bogardus, Chip Zien, Barbara Walsh, Heather MacRae, Carolee Carmello
Excellent video and sound of the Los Angeles production with most of the original Broadway cast. Great mix of full-stage shots and close-ups. No obstructions. Really good even by today's standards. Very rare. Upgraded video A

October 1991 ~ Hartford, CT
Evan Pappas, Roger Bart, Adam Heller, Etan Ofrane, Barbara Walsh.
Both shows included on one DVD. Full stage shot in a small thrust theatre. B.

1988 ~ Miami, FL
Tom Acousti, Rosemary McNamara, Tener Brown, Joel Malena, Harold Perrineau Jr.
A presentation of The Coconut Grove Playhouse. Early, pre-Broadway version. Semi-pro shot, using one camera on a tripod. Filmed by the In House staff. Buzzing noise due to camera A-

1/27/99 ~ Chicago, IL
Gavin Creel, Jennifer Gambastese, Jose Restrepo, Natasha Rennalls, Dioni Michelle Collins, Amy Ehrlich
Shaky camera and generation loss; good sound B

1999 ~ UK Tour
Unknown Cast. B

Fanny - Encores!
2/6/10 ~ New York
Fred Applegate, George Hearn, David Patrick Kelly, Priscilla Lopez, Michael McCormick, Elena Shaddow, James Snyder, Ted Sutherland, Adam Alexander, Jack Doyle, Rebecca Eichenberger, Sean Ewing, Leslie Donna Flesner, Margaret Ann Gates, Constantine Germanacos, Miles Johnson, Grasan Kingsberry, Nina LaFarga, Shannon Lewis, Jay Lusteck, Christine Nolan, Monica Patton, Rebecca Robbins, Eric Sciotto, Megan Sikora, Martin Sola, Brandon Tyler
Complete show; disc also includes the 35 minute Post-Show Talkback featuring the shows original star Florence Henderson telling some pretty amazing stories about the original production; nicely filmed
with good sound A-

The Fantasticks
10/18/64 ~ Hallmark Hall of Fame
Ricardo Montelbaun, Bert Lahr, John Davidson, Stanley Holloway, Susan Watson
Black and White pro shot and abridged for TV. About an hour.  Good quality video. A

The Fantasticks
1980 ~ Melbourne, Australia
Donald Cant, Pat Pitney, Steve McLardie, Rob Constable
From the Aquarius Theatre Company; some generation loss and the sound is a little muddy but good video B+

The Fantasticks
1990 ~ San Diego, CA
Eric Kunze, Connie Frady, Jerry Eiting, Chrissy Vogele
A production of San Diego's United States International University at the Theatre In Olde Town. Multi- camera shot. Some generational loss. Also includes local news coverage of the show. B

Far From the Madding Crowd
8/25/05 ~ Edinburgh Festival
Phillipa Biggs, Tommie Hart, Nick Phillips, Andrew Short, Lisa Jane, Morgan Carberry, Kate Chapman, Jenna Dykes, Natalie Toyne, HR Bradford, Niel Campbell, Steven Struthers, Aiden Currie
Pro-shot video, nicely filmed A+

Far From The Madding Crowd
11/15/08 ~ Guildford, UK
Stephen Billington, Jennifer Bryden, Phil Cheadle, Adam Croasdell, Gwynfor Jones, Jack Sandle, Ruth Westly
Presented by the English Touring Theatre, and recorded live at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, in Guildford, UK. Pro-shot for video. A-

Fascinating Rhythm
Act 1 - 4/20/99 AND Act 2 - 4/30/99 ~ Broadway
Michael Berresse, Darius de Haas, Orfeh, Sara Ramirez,Adriane Lenox, Patrick Wilson
Conceived by the director Mark Lamos and the musical arranger Mel Marvin. The show only had 17 official Broadway performances before it closed. Besides the full show, the disc also includes two TV commercials, video of the original marquee, and a replacement marquee; a CBS-TV review, and Michael Berresse appearing on the NBC Morning Show. Some generational loss-but nothing too bad. B

Fat Pig
12/14/05 ~ New York
Jeremy Piven, Keri Russell, Andrew McCarthy, Ashlie Atkinson
Great video; First 3 minutes are sound only; one major coverup. Excellent video with good picture and sound A+

1982 ~ New York
Robert Vaughn
Pro-Shot, one man show

10/5/08 ~ New York
Sahr Ngaujah, Abena Koomson, Sparlha Swa
Professionally recorded, using multiple cameras at 37 Arts during the final days of the Off-Broadway run. Good video A

December 2005 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Brian Bradley, Lisa Fredrickson, Kelly Holden, Edi Patterson, Steve Purnick, Cory Rouse, Peter Allen Vogt
A musical parody of The Lord Of The Rings. This was compiled by the producers of the show to generate interest and raise money to bring the show to an Off-Broadway venue in New York. Pristine condition. The DVD has been nicely constructed with opening menus and chapter stops at all the songs. A

The Ferguson Theory
BBC television special by Craig Ferguson (now the host of the Late Late show on CBS). VHS to DVD transfer of this now out-of-print video. - PROSHOT

4/1/06 ~ Broadway
Machael Hayden, Jeremy Sisto, Larry Bryggman, Julianna Margulies, Ali MacGraw, Stephen Kunken, John Carter, Keth Davis, Carrie Preston, Diane Davis, C.J.Wilson, Ryan Simpkins, Meredith Lipson, David Patrick Kelly, Christopher Evan-Welch
Very good video with close-ups and great sound A

5/6/02 ~ Wein, Austria
Drew Sarich (Duke/Rex/Death), Caroline Frank (Shirley), Kudra Owens (Kelly), Steven Seale (Smiley).  
This is a rock musical, set in New York and features such songs as “Car Wash”, “Lady Marmalade”, “Puttin’ On The Ritz”, and more.  In English.  Filmed from the orchestra section, so filmer is at stage level, and shoots around heads in the shot. A-

8/14/04 ~ New York
Julie White, Tom Irwin, Emily Bergl
A production of the Roundabout Theatre Company. Blackouts for the first 5 minutes or so; well filmed, nice video A

Fiddler on the Roof
1981 ~ Lincoln Center, NY
Herschel Bernardi, Ruth Jaroslow, Maria Karnilova, Liz Larsen, Donalyn Petrucci, Edie Alyson, Paul Lipson, Michelan Sisti, Susan Sheppard
Not a complete show, about 55 minutes of highlights; decent quality but good for its age B

Fiddler On The Roof
February 1992 ~ Australia
Max Gilles, Judi Connelli, Anne Marie MacDonald
A presentation Opera Australia. Filmed using one camera on a tripod for the National Library Of Australia, which is similar to the filming of Broadway shows for the Lincoln Center Archives.
Some generational loss. A-

Fiddler on the Roof
1999 ~ LA County School for the Arts
Josh Groban, Amanda Avila
Pro-shot video of production Josh Groban performed in this before he rose to fame. A fantastic production for a school play; very good quality. A

Fiddler On The Roof
1999 ~ Hawaii
A presentation of The Army Community Theatre, a group which utilizes talent from the US Army as well as local talent in the community. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Some generational loss-but nothing too bad. A-

Fiddler on the Roof
2000 ~ Tour
Theodore Bikel
Excellent production with great performances. Nicely shot with slight generational loss but nothing serious. A

Fiddler on the Roof
1/31/04 ~ Broadway
Alfred Molina, Randy Graff, Nancy Opel, Stephen Lee Anderson, David Ayers, John Cariani, Nick Danielson,, Philip Hoffman, Laura Michelle Kelly, Sally Murphy, Tricia Paoluccio, Robert Petkoff
Great video but sound only for last 10 minutes of act one; A

Fiddler on the Roof
2/28/04 ~ Broadway
Alfred Molina, Randy Graff, Nancy Opel, Stephen Lee Anderson,
David Ayers, Laura Michelle Kelly, Sally Murphy
Excellent complete video with good picture and sound; 2 DVDs A

Fiddler on the Roof
1/8/05 ~ Broadway
Harvey Fierstein, Andrea Martin, Nancy Opel
Great video; a little dark now and then; good picture and sound; A

Fiddler on the Roof
9/27/05 ~ Broadway
Harvey Fierstein, Rosie O'Donnell
The video is missing the first 17 minutes, so the first 17 minutes of the 12/4/05 video begins this video; the rest is filmed from front row mezzanine and has very clear picture and great sound.  Nice video A

Fiddler on the Roof
12/4/05 ~ Broadway
Harvey Fierstein, Rosie O'Donnell
Filmed from orchestra and there is a head in the way at times but a great video with beautiful close-ups are amazing and fantastic sound A

Fiddler On The Roof
June 2007 ~ London
Henry Goodman, Beverly Klein, Frances Thorburn, Gareth Kennerley, Alexandria Silber, Damian Humbley
Filmed at the Savoy Theatre in London's West End. Archive video filmed using one camera on a tripod with sound patched in directly from the sound board. Great production and different from the recent Broadway revival. A

Fiddler on the Roof
May 2014 ~ Hamilton, Canada
Adrian Altobelli (Tyeve), Jacob Dudalski (Lazar), Lauren Winkle (Yente), Jessica Harmooz (Golde), Megan Guagliano (Tzeitel), Jessica Boyd (Chava), Jessica Pellicciotta (Hodel), Jaclyn Stones (Shprinze)
Pro shot, A 2 DVDs

Fiddler on the Roof
Unknown Date ~ Regional Production.
Robert Jake Jacobs (Tevye), Nancy Ellen Rainer (Golde), Robert Di Comandrea (The Fiddler), Ellen Peterson (Tzeitel), Suzanna Cassiby (Hodel), Susan Duprey (Chava), Buddy Souza (Motel), Timothy Ostenborf (Perchick), Matthew Ohnemus (Fydeka), Harold W.Walker (Rabbi).
A gorgeous production based on Jerome Robbins chorography with good performances filmed using three cameras on a tripod. Unfortunately this DVD suffers from slight generation loss but nothing serious. A-

Fifth Of July
1982 ~ PBS-TV
Swoosie Kurtz, Richard Thomas, Jeff Daniels, Jonathan Hogan, Joyce Reehling, Cynthia Nixon
Originally presented on PBS's American Playhouse, the videotaped performance retains director Marshall W. Mason's original 1978 staging for New York's legendary Circle Repertory Company.
Some generational loss. A

Fifth of July
3/28/03 ~ New York
Michael Cerveris, Parker Posey, Jessalyn Gilsig

The Fig Leaves Are Falling
1/20/13 ~ New York
Natalie Venetia Belcon, Karen Hyland, Nathan Keen, Antuan Raimone, Jonathan Rayson, Morgan Rose, Matt Walton, Morgan Weed.  
Presented by Unsung Musicals at the Connelly Theatre in New York. This new production of the 1969 musical comedy refocuses the original story by employing a smaller cast of eight actors, three new musical numbers and previously discarded dialogue and lyrics.  Filmed from about the 4th row from the stage.  2 heads appear in the shot, but never get in the way of the action. A

Finding Neverland
8/17/14 ~ Cambridge, MA
Jeremy Jordan, Laura Michelle Kelly, Michael McGrath, Jeanna De Waal, Carolee Carmello, Aidan Gemme, Sawyer Nunes, Alex Dreier, Hayden Signoretti, Thayne Jasperson, Paul Slade Smith, Gaelen Gilliland, Courtney Balan, Dana Costello, Stuart Neal, Tyley Ross, Josh Lamon, Rory Donovan, Melanie Moore, Emma Pfaeffle, Mary Page Nance, JC Schuster, Julius Anthony Rubio, Ron Todorowski
Fantastic capture from start to finish with just a couple  quick dropouts in act one; clear video with no washout or obstruction;filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups; excellent sound; includes curtain call 2 DVDs A

Finding Neverland
9/3/14 ~ Cambridge, MA
Jeremy Jordan, Laura Michelle Kelly, Carolee Carmello, Michael McGrath, Jeanna De Waal, Aidan Gemme, Alex Dreier, Hayden Signoretti, Sawyer Nunes
Beautiful HD capture of this sensational new show headed to Broadway. Well filmed from the audience including a fun moment when a character walks down the aisle and looks like he is about to walk into the picture. Good picture and clear sound; nice video 2 DVDs A

Finding Neverland
3/15/15 ~ Broadway
Matthew Morrison, Kelsey Grammer, Laura Michelle Kelly, Carolee Carmello, Teal Wicks, Aidan Gemme, Christopher Richards, Sawyer Nunes, Alex Dreier
Beautiful HD capture of the First Broadway Preview with Matthew and Kelsey joining the cast; lots of changes to the show compared to the ART PreBroadway production. Some obstruction at the bottom of the stage when the action goes there but otherwise a fantastic video with clear picture and sound; very good video 2 DVDs A

Finding Neverland
3/31/16 ~ Broadway
Alfie Boe, Laura Michelle Kelly, Kelsey Grammer, Sally Ann Triplett, Teal Wicks, Christopher Paul Richards as Peter.
Beautiful capture of Alfie and Sally joining the cast. Alfie commanded the score and sang the hell out of it. So many beautiful moments and such chemistry with Laura.  2 DVDs A

Finians Rainbow - Encores!
3/28/09 ~ New York
Cheyenne Jackson, Kate Baldwin, Jeremy Bobb, Phillip Bosco, Guy Davis, Alina Faye, Jim Norton, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Andrew Weems, William Youmans
First 20 mintues or so shot from 3/29/09. Overall a good dvd with heads at the bottom of the screen at times; filmed from very far back so not as clear as others might be but still a nice video with clear sound 2 DVDs A

Finian's Rainbow
10/24/09 ~ Broadway
Jim Norton, Kate Baldwin, Cheyenne Jackson, Christopher Fitzgerald, Chuck Cooper, Guy Davis, Alina Faye, Terri White, William Youmans
Great capture of a very charming show with great performers.  Just a few short blackouts in a couple spots, which total about 3 mintutes. Great video A

Finian's Rainbow
1/14/10 ~ Broadway
Cheyenne Jackson, Kate Baldwin, Jim Norton, Christopher Fitzgerald, Chuck Cooper,Terri White, Guy Davis, Alina Faye, Brian Reddy, David Schramm,William Youmans
Shot around a few heads and one or two brief coverups but a beautiful video. A

Fiorello - Encores!
2/12/94 ~ New York
Donna McKechnie, Faith Prince, Liz Calaway, Philip Bosco, Mike Burstyn, Marilyn Cooper, Greg Edelman, Jerry Zaks
Filmed through and around heads. Taper wanders from the action every so often, not a bad video. B

The First
1981 ~ Broadway
David Alan Grier, David Huddleston, Luther Fontaine, Kim Criswell
Music by Bob Brush, lyrics and book by Martin Charnin and Joel Siegel (the TV critic). Not the complete show - Act 1 only; Broadway flop with just 37 official performances. Nicely filmed from the balcony. Some generational loss. B+

First Breeze of Summer
date unknown, pro-shot,
Frances Foster (Crooklyn), Moses Gunn (Roots)
A complex and emotional drama, play deals with conflicts between a stern, hard-working father and his two discontented sons

First Date
7/13/13 ~ Broadway
Zachary Levi, Krysta Rodriguez, Sara Chase, Kristoffer Cusick, Blake Hammond, Kate Loprest, Bryce Ryness
Excellent HD capture of this charming and fun show; there is a two minute blackout about 20 minutes into the show while late comers came in but otherwise great picture and sound throughout 2 DVDs A

First Monday In October
1978 ~ Broadway
Henry Fonda, Jane Alexander, Larry Gates, Maurice Copeland, Ron Faber, Patrick McCullough
Filmed from a tripod. Looks like maybe this is unedited press reel footage. Full show. Color faded to the point where it looks like it was filmed in black and white. Some generational loss. Considering its age, nothing really too bad. B+

The First Wives Club
7/30/09 ~ Old Globe Theatre, San Diego
Sheryl Lee Ralph, Karen Ziemba, Barbara Walsh, Sam Harris, Brad Oscar, John Dossey. Archival filming from the Old Globe production with hopes of B'way, full stage shot with great audio and clear picture, A+

First Wives Club
2/17/15 ~ Chicago, IL
Faith Prince, Carmen Cusack, Christine Sherrill, Sean Murphy Cullen, Gregg Edelman, Mike McGowan, Patrick Richwood, Morgan Weed, Michelle Duffy, Jason Cushman, Ethan Khusidman, Lindsey Alley, Amy Hillner Larsen, Tara Macri, Rachel Fairbanks, Tessa Grady, Dan Horn, Aaron Gordon, Jeff Pew, Brett Thiele, Patrick Oliver Jones, Rebecca Poff, Alison Woods, Jim Borstelmann, Terron Brooks
First preview of the Pre-Broadway run in Chicago; excellent capture with no washout, obstruction, or blackouts; great clear crisp sound; nice video; Sjbernly's video 2 DVDs A

First Wives Club
2/17/15 ~ Chicago
PreBroadway: Faith Prince, Carmen Cusack, Christine Sherrill, Sean Murphy Cullen, Gregg Edelman, Mike McGowen, Patrick Richwood.
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions of the first performance. The ladies did a wonderful job in their roles. The show ran very long, so there are sure to be cuts and changes before Broadway! Sunset's video, 2 DVDS

First You Dream
6/12/00 ~ New York
Pro-shot video of the Christopher Reeve benefit with Julia Murney, Carolee
Carmello, Marin Mazzie, Heather Headley, Bebe Neuwirth, Idina Menzel, Sherie Rene Scott, James Naughton, Sharon Laurence, Kristin Chenoweth, Bryan Batt A

Five After Eight
12/16/79 ~ Off Broadway
Sally Funk, James Handakas, Dina Olstad,Arthur Sorenson, Barbera Walker
Very entertaining little show, filled with sketches and great music about the state of tourists in New York. This is a video of the final performance. A

Five Flights
1/21/04 ~ New York
Alice Ripley, Joanna P. Adler, Kevin Karrick, Jason Butler Harne, Matthew Montelongo, Lisa Steindler
Excellent picture and sound; A

Five Guys Named Moe
1995 ~ London
Tee Jaye Jenkins,Trent Kendall, Monroe Kent III, Jason Pennycocke, Richard D. Sharp, Faruma Williams
Pro shot, excellent video with great closeups and sound A

Five Women Wearing The Same Dress
February 2007 ~ Houston,TX
Jessica Knapp, Julie Weiman, Kelly Walker, Leigh Ann Mitsakis, Traci Hines, Joaquin Vargas.
A production of The Country Playhouse. Performed "in-the-round" and filmed using one camera on a tripod. Some generational loss. A

4/30/97 ~ London
John Barrowman, Philip Quast, Kathryn Evans, Krysten Cummings, David Firth
Mostly close-ups. Filmed through something to hide camera.
Occasional static. B

Flashdance The Musical
1/31/09 ~ Liverpool - UK tour
Victoria Hamilton-Barritt, Noel Sullivan, Bruno Langley, Bernie Nolan, Michael Conway, Simon Harvey, Gavin Spokes, Vas Constanti,Carryl Thomas, Djalenga Scott, Ruthie Stephens, Vanessa Leigh Hicks
Filmed in widescreen, with a clear, steady picture; no obstructions and very few blackouts with a couple within the first 10 minutes due to late seaters and after that just between songs, lasting no more than a few seconds Includes Bows and Encore. Nice clear video 2 DVDs A-

Flesh and Blood
8/9/03 ~ New York
Cherry Jones, Martha Plimpton, Sean Dugan, Pete Frechette, Jessica Hecht, Chris McGarry, Jeff Weiss
Recorded from 3rd row, great sound and closeups. Sound only for the last 15 minutes of Act 1. Filmed at a weird angle so sometimes hard to see what is going on 2 DVDs B

The Flintstones: Live
Date Unknown ~ Universal Studios Hollywood, CA
Deven May (Barney Rubble).
Very clear quality VHS to DVD transfer, filmed from the front and second row. Disc includes two performances. The second was the final performance, wherein some of the ensemble members swapped roles and added some ad-libs (males playing females and vice versa). Disc also includes the interesting pro-shot "The Sorcerer of Toons," which is a spoof of "The Wizard of Oz" produced by Disneyland employees, for themselves, and filmed at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. It's a rather sophisticated little movie-musical using the Disneyland employees, the Disneyland costume characters and their actual voice actors.

Flora The Red Menance
1978 ~ Filmed for TV
Lenora Nemetz, Lawrence John Rohn Moss, Mary Louise Wilson, Laurence Guittaard
Abridged version of the stage musical, about 30 minutes long; decent picture with slight generation loss B+

Flora The Red Menace - Reprise!
5/17/08 ~ UCLA Freud Playhouse, CA
Eden Espinosa, Manoel Feliciano, Megan Lawrence, Gibby Brand, Wilkie Ferguson, Perry Ojeda, Katie OToole, Matthew Rocheleau, Katherine Von Till
Shot in high quality widescreen from the last row center; only one noticeable blackout, which is during the first song. The opening song is done like a townhall meeting, with the members of the ensemble placed in seats in the audience, and standing up to sing their lines in the middle of the audience with house lights are completely up with ushers everywhere and a cast member was sitting a few seats in front of filmer; clear audio and blackout ends towards the end of the first song when the house lights go down and the cast members go to the stage. Only two other small blackouts for a few seconds in between songs to avoid head obstructions; very nice video with great sound and excellent picture 2 DVDs A

Flora The Red Menace - Reprise!
5/18/08 ~ UCLA Freud Playhouse, CA
Eden Espinosa (Flora), Manoel Feliciano (Harry), Megan Lawrence (Charlotte), Gibby Brand (Mr. Weiss), Wilkie Ferguson (Kenny), Perry Ojeda (Mr. Stanley), Katie OToole (Maggie, Miss Williams), Matthew Rocheleau (Willy), Katherine Von Till (Elsa).
About an hour of highlights filmed by same filmer of 05/17/2008. Nicely captured with no obstructions. A-

Florodora, In Concert
August 2009 ~ San Jose, CA
Michael Crozier, Nicholas Patton, David Powell, Mark Blattel, Diane Squires, Cara Ross Arellano
Presented by the Lyric Theatre Of San Jose. Filmed using multiple cameras. Proshot video, nicely filmed A

Flower Drum Song
2/26/03 ~ Broadway Revival
Lea Salonga, Jose Liana, Jodi Long, Sandra Allen
Some heads and obstructions for the first 5 minutes, then improves to a beautiful quality video. A

Floyd Collins
10/13/01 ~ Louisville, KY
Ron Bohmer, Jeff Edgerton, Rachel Ulanet
Digital, shot from 2nd row mezzanine. No heads, lots of closeup zooms. Thin railing in the lower part of the full stage shots. B

Floyd Collins
1/25/03 ~ New York
Romain Fruge, Jason Danieley,Theresa McCarthy, Cass Morgan, Terrence Mann
Staged concert at Playwright's Horizons. Digital, shot from the back of the theatre. Lots of
closeups and great sound. A

Follies on The David Frost Show
6/23/71 ~ Syndicated
RARE! Hosted by David Frost, with guests Yvonne DeCarlo, Alexis Smith, Dorothy Collins, Gene Nelson, John McMartin, Stephen Sondheim, Hal Prince and writer James Goldman.  This 90 minute special edition of The David Frost Show is devoted entirely to the Broadway musical “Follies”.  The ladies discuss the audition process, and other backstage stories. De Carlo sings "I'm Still Here," (which she messes up), Collins sings "Losing My Mind" and Kurt Peterson, Virginia Sandifur, Harvey Evans and Marti Rolph sing "Love Will See Us Through/You're Gonna Love Tomorrow." Hal Prince and James Goldman discuss the origins of the show and Sondheim sings "Can That Boy Foxtrot!" (which was cut) and plays "Marry Me a Little."  90 minutes, complete with original commercials. Some generational loss.  (Also included on the disc: Do I Hear A Waltz?, Camera Three: The Making Of A Musical, 4/25/65.) A-

1971 ~ Broadway Rehearsal
Pro shot footage; amazing quality and excellent archive of the show, includes: Beautiful Girls,Waiting For The Girls Upstairs, B'way Baby,The Right Girl, Loveland and The Story Of Lucy/Jessie, about 30 minutes long. Also includes TV special on 1987 London Cast. Musical Highlights and interviews with cast members and Stephen Sondheim. B+

Follies, In Concert
1985 ~ New York
Carol Burnett, Mandy Patinkin, Barbara Cook, Elaine Stritch, Lee Remick, George Hearn
Lincoln Center. Concert staging with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. Pro-shot video, includes a backstage and behind the scenes special A+

1987 ~ Houston, TX
John Cullum, Juliet Prowse, Licia Albanese, Harvey Evans, Patrice Munsel, Mark McGrath, Laurie Stephenson, Marilyn Maye, Thelma Lee, Woody Romoff, Robert Bartley, Jaquey Maltby
Filmed at the Wortham Theater Center, Nice archival taping from a tripod in the back with zooms. Sound is good. Minor videotape interference at the start, which mostly disappears after the first 10 minutes. Nice color. Very good capture for an older bootleg. Very rare. B+

1987 ~ London
Diana Rigg, Julia McKenzie, Daniel Massey, David Healey, Dolores Gray, Paul Bentley, Evan Pappas, Sally Ann Triplett
This production, produced by Cameron Mackintosh, had several new songs written especially for it including "Country House", "Social Dancing", "Ah But Underneath" and "Make The Most Of Your Music". Well filmed from the balcony. Heads in the frame, but filmer does his best to film between them. Some generational loss.  Most of the color has faded, so it almost looks like it was filmed in black and white. Occasional blackouts here and there. B-

1988 ~ Michigan Opera Theatre Production
Juliet Prowse, John-Charles Kelly, Nancy Dussault, Ron Raines,Edie Adams, Thelma Lee, Mary Ellen Ashley, Sylvia Rhyne,Tom Galantich, Henrietta Hermelin, Whit Vernon, Judy Dery, Phillip Hawk, Valerie Mould, Shirley Benyas, Monica Donakowska, Robert Bartley, Jann Hight, Roy Dennison
Filmed from the balcony. Mostly a stage shot only with some generational loss and spotlight washout C+

9/27/91 ~ Berlin, Germany
Eartha Kitt, Brigitte Mira, Renate Holm, Margot Hielscher, Daniela Ziegler
Filmed at the Theatre des Westens in Berlin on opening night. Recorded through the house camera, so stationary full stage shot. Some slight generational loss. An absolutely beautiful production. In German. A-

1995 ~ Seattle, WA
Judy Kaye, Walter Charles, Constance Towers, Brian D'Arcy James, Edie Adams, Maxine Andrews, Karen Morrow,Virginia Mayo, Billy Barnes
Excellently performed very well filmed with very good sound. A

1998 ~ Papermill Playhouse
Kaye Ballard, Dee Hoty, Donna McKechnie, Ann Miller, Phyllis Newman, Tony Roberts
Cam Video with mild generation loss B+

1998 ~ Australia
Suzanne Johnston, Kerrie Biddwell, Leonie Page, Judy Connelli, Maureen Howard, Terence Donovan
Concert version proshot; slight generation loss B+

1999 ~ Long Beach, CA
Juliet Prowse, Shani Wallis, Ed Evanko, Harvey Evans, Karen Morrow, Jackie Joseph, Dorothy Lamour, Denise Darcel
Good picture and sound with some generation loss and whiteoutsnthroughout; great closeups B+

6/1/01 ~ Broadway
Blythe Danner, Gregory Harrison, Judith Ivey, Treat Williams, Polly Bergen, Marge Champion, Betty Garrett
Beautifully filmed from the balcony and crystal clear. Occasional balcony railing in the shot-but nothing too bad. A

September 2006 ~ London
Clair Moore, Sarah Payne, Bryan Kennedy, Leo Andrew, Carol Ball, Rachel Izen, Roni Page
A beautifully intimate interpretation of the show, produced at London's Landor Theatre. Tiny stage in a tiny theatre, with only a piano as accompaniment and video projections to enhance the flashbacks, but it all works very well. Semi-pro shot, using one camera in the back of the house. Crystal clear. A

Follies - Encores
2/9/07 ~ New York
Donna Murphy, Victoria Clark, Christine Baranski, Mimi Hines, Joanne Worley, Dorothy Stanley, Philip Bosco, Michael McGrath, Victor Garber
A little shaky to start, and then improves greatly. Crisp, sharp images with great close ups. Very very good video A

Follies - Encores!
2/10/07 ~ New York
Victoria Clark, Mimi Hines, Jo Anne Worley, Christine Baranski, Donna Murphy, Victor Garber, Michael McGrath
Full audio throughout, however Act One is only about 35 minutes of visual footage shot around heads and rail. Act Two is complete and railing is in the picture a little bit of the time. Nice video with clear picture when there is one and sound throughout B

5/11/11 ~ Washington, D.C.
Bernadette Peters, Jan Maxwell, Danny Burstein, Rod Raines, Elaine Paige, Linda Lavin, Regine, Susan Watson, Terri White, Terrence Currier, Christian Delcroix, Rosalind Elias, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Lora Lee Gayer, Michael Hayes,  Florence Lacey, David Sabin, Kirsten Scott, Frederick Strothers, Nick Verina, Lawrence Alexander, Brandon Bieber, John Carroll, Sara Edwards, Leslie Flesner, Jenifer Foote, Leah Horowitz, Suzanne Hylenski, Danielle Jordan, Joe Kolinski, Amanda Larsen, Brittany Marcin, Edrie Means, Erin Moore, Pamela Otterson, Clifton Samuels, Kiira Schmidt, Brian Shepard, Sam Strasfeld, Amos Wolff, Ashley Yeater
Great clear video with nice picture and clear sound throughout the show; very nice video A

5/13/11 ~ Washington, D.C.
Bernadette Peters, Jan Maxwell, Danny Burstein, Rod Raines,  Elaine Paige, Linda Lavin, Regine, Susan Watson, Terri White, Terrence Currier, Christian Delcroix, Rosalind Elias, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Lora Lee Gayer, Michael Hayes, Florencer Lacey, David Sabin, Kirsten Scott
Stunning capture of this star studded Kennedy Center Production; performances are jaw dropping and such a beautiful lavish production; well filmed with clear picture and sound A+

5/28/11 ~ Washington, D.C.
Bernadette Peters, Jan Maxwell, Danny Burstein, Ron Raines, Elaine Paige, Linda Lavin, Terrence Currier, Rosalind Elias, Florence Lacey, Régine, David Sabin, Susan Watson, Terri White, Christian Delcroix, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Lora Lee Gayer, Michael Hayes, Kirsten Scott, Frederick Strothers, Nick Verina

Follies Ultimate Edit DVD
May 2011 ~ Washington, DC
Bernadette Peters, Jan Maxwell, Danny Burstein, Rod Raines, Elaine Paige, Linda Lavin, Regine, Susan Watson, Terri White, Terrence Currier, Christian Delcroix, Rosalind Elias, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Lora Lee Gayer, Michael Hayes, Florence Lacey, David Sabin, Kirsten Scott
This edited version features the best footage from the three bootlegged versions of the show (filmed on 5/11/11, 5/13/11, and 5/28/11 - but most of the footage comes from the 5/28/11 version). Well done A

9/18/11 ~ Broadway
Bernadette Peters, Jan Maxwell, Danny Burstein, Ron Raines, Elaine Paige, Lora Lee Gayer, Florence Lacey, Kira Schmidt, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Leslie Donna Flesner, Mary Beth Peil, Ashley Yeater, Jayne Houdyshell, Jenifer Foote, Michael Hayes, Terri White, Erin N. More, Frederick Strother, Rosalind Elias, Leah Horowitz, Susan Watson, Danielle Jordan, Don Correla, Pamela Otterson, Kirsten Scott, David Sabin, Christian Delcroix, Brian Shepard (u/s Young Ben), Clifton Samuels
Disc also includes opening night coverage, Reviews & interviews. Good video; clear picture and sound NYCgator’s video A

9/18/11 ~ Broadway
Bernadette Peters, Jan Maxwell, Danny Burstein, Rod Raines, Elaine Paige, Jayne Houdyshell, Rosalind Elias, Susan Watson, Terri White, Florence Lacey, Mary Beth Peil, Don Correia, Brian Shepard (u/s Young Ben), Christian Delcroix, Kirsten Scott, Lora Lee Gayer
Beautiful Capture of the Broadway transfer. Including cast changes and tweaks here and there. This production is tighter than the DC version. Ryan's video 2 DVDs A

November 2011 ~ Chicago, IL
Susan Moniz, Caroline O'Connor, Brent Barrett, Robert Petkoff, Kathy Taylor, Nancy Voigts, Hollis Resnik, Linda Stephens, Maryilynn Bogetich
Excellent capture of the stunning and much talked about Chicago Shakespeare Theater production. Great performances and good picture and sound; nice video 2 DVDs A-

12/6/11 ~ Broadway
Bernadette Peters, Jan Maxwell, Danny Burstein, Ron Raines, Elaine Paige, Don Correla, Christian Delcroix, Rosalind Elias, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Danielle Jordan (u/s Young Sally), Michael Hayes,
Leah Horowitz, Jayne Houdyshell, Florence Lacey, Mary Beth Peil, David Sabin, Kristen Scott, Frederick Strother, Nick Verina, Susan Watson, Terri White, Lawrence Alexander, Brandon Bieber,
John Carroll, Leslie Donna Flesner, Jenifer Foote, Amanda Kloots-Larsen, Brittany Marcin, Erin N. Moore, Pamela Otterson, Clifton Samuels, Kiira Schmidt, Brian Shepard, Amos Wolff, Ashley Yeater
Great video with no blackouts, no obstructions. Clear picture and sound throughout. Note, the last few minutes are from 12/7/11 A

6/2/12 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Jan Maxwell, Victoria Clark, Danny Burstein, Ron Raines, Elaine Paige, Mary Beth Peil, Carol Neblett, Obba Babatunde, Lora Lee Gayer, Jayne Houdyshell, Florence Lacey, Susan Watson, Terri White, Angel Reda
Stunning capture in HD of the Broadway production that moved to LA with a few cast changes. Fantastic looking video with clear picture and sound A+

6/14/12 ~ Madrid
Carlos Hipolito (Benjamin Stone), Vicky Pena (Phillys Rogers), Muntsa Rius (Sally Durant Plummer), Pep Molina (Buddy Plummer), Massiel (Carlotta Campion), Asuncion Balaguer (Hattie Walker), Linda Mirabel (Heidi Schiller), Teresa Vallicrosa (Stella Deems), Monica Lopez (Solange La Fitte), Marta Capel (Joven Phillys), Diego Rodriguez (Joven Ben), Julia Moller (Joven Sally), Angel Ruiz (Joven Buddy) and Joana Estebanell (Joven Heidi)
Pro Shot

6/3/13 ~ Toulon, France
Charlotte Page, Liz Robertson, Graham Bickley, Jerome Pradon, Nicole Croisille, Fra Fee, Jessie May, Stuart Neal, Wake Sophie May, Julia Sutton, Marilyn Hill Smith, Kristy Swiff, Sarah Ingram, Denis d'Arcangelo
Co-produced by the Opera de Toulon and the Opera Theatre of Metz. This was the first time Follies was ever presented in France, and uses the complete full orchestrations not usually heard in recent productions. This is a fantastic production, but has some interesting directorial choices like the ghosts of the Weismann girls are topless, and Solange is played by a man in drag. In English, with French subtitles. Pro-shot for broadcast on French television. A

Follow The Star
1979 ~ London
Robert Dorning, Christopher Lillicrap, Cheryl Branker, Tony Robinson, Peter Olsen
Christmas themed British musical pro-shot for TV. Time code on bottom of the screen. A-

Footlight Frenzy
1984 ~ Showtime TV
Michael Aldridge, Rodger Bumpass, Ronald E. House, Ron Pember, Alan Shearman, Frances Tomelty, Diz White
Proshot for Showtime; good video A

5/14/99 ~ Broadway
Jeremy Kushnier, Jennifer Laura Thompson, Tom Plotkin, Catherine Cox, Stephen Anderson, Dee Hoty, Catharine Campbell, Adam Lefevre, Anika Noni Rose, Jennifer Gambatese
Very well done video that is only missing the first few minutes of the opening dance number. Shot from the rear mezzanine, but the taper manages excellent zooms and captures all the action. A

12/16/99 ~ Boston, MA tour
Matt Morrison, Teresa Marie Sanchez
Highlights (missing adult songs). Great zooms.A

1/15/00 ~ Des Moines, IA
Joe Mochota, Matthew Morrison
Decent capture here with nice picture and sound. B+

2001 ~ Las Vegas Tour
Kevin Burns,Ashley Yeater, Tim Marten, Natalie Hill, Patrick Kyle
Video of the Las Vegas cast, pro-shot with an in-house Camera. In widescreen. Full stage shot throughout. This is the shortened version of the show which cut out all the adult songs. Good video, watchable, B

2006 ~ London
Derek Hough, Stephen McGann, Lorna Want
Recorded through the house camera, so it's a stationary full-stage shot, with sound patched in directly from the soundboard. A-

10/18/08 ~ UK Tour
Stephen Webb, Twinnie Lee Moore, Richard Grieve, Maureen Nolan, Robbie Scotcher, Simon Lipkin, Jodie Jacobs, Tarisha Rommick, Claire-Louise Mealor, Lisa Peacel, Mat Millns, Ricky Morrell, Martin Johnston, Ben Harris, Vikki Marie Ryan, Michelle Bishop.
1st generation from Master, A- 2 DVDS. Contains approximately 1 Hour 40 Mins of video footage.

2011 ~ UK Tour
Max Milner, Lorna Want, Steven Pinder, Matt Willis, Karen Ascoe, Carys Gray.
A magnificent capture in 16:9 wide-screen with no obstructions and action well followed of a musical that definitely has it all. Fast! Fun! and totally FANTASTIC with spot on choreography. A fun, five star performance – what a show! A+  2 DVDs

August 2011 ~ NSMT
George Dvorksy (Reverend Shaw Moon), John Jeffery Martin (Ren McCormack), Maureen Brennan (Vi Moore), Matthew Dorsey (Willard), Gwen Hollander
Pro-Shot, filmed using a tripod with audio patched in directly from sound board, recorded at the final dress rehearsel with no audience present, also includes 3 minute montage which was used for media and promotion, A

For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow Is Enuf
2/23/82 ~ American Playhouse - PBS TV
Ntozake Shange, Laurie Carlos, Trazana Beverly, Sarita Allen, Alfre Woodard, Lynn Whitfield
Shot on tape in exteriors and in studios for American Playhouse; directed by the play's original director, Oz Scott; production has been opened up location-wise but the text remains much as it was on stage. Pro shot, filmed for PBS-TV A

Forbidden Broadway
1983 ~ New York
Gerard Alessandrini, Dee Hoty,
Complete show filmed during rehersal. RARE! B

Forbidden Broadway
February 2012 ~ Toronto, Canada
David Haines, Julie Lennick, Peter Loucas, Susan Sanders, Andrea Strayer, Joe Cascone
Pro shot video from the Civic Light Opera Company; songs are from various Forbidden Broadway productions over the years; good clear video A

Forbidden Broadway Strikes Back
1996 ~ New York
Bryan Batt, Mathew Ward, Donna English, Christine Pedi
Very clear pro videotaping of the clever send-ups of Broadway show. Good close-ups. Funny stuff. A

Forbidden Hollywood
1995 ~ Los Angeles
Christine Pedi, Gerry McIntyre, Susanne Blakesless, Jason Graae
Pro-shot on tripod by producers. Features cut songs that didn’t make it onto the CD. B+

The Foreigner
12/4/04 ~ New York
Matthew Broderick Frances Sternhagen, Kevin Cahoon, Mary Catherine Garrison Neal Huff, Byron Jennings, Lee Tergesen
Great video; only one or two cover ups that last less than a minute; excellent video; A

Forever Plaid
1993 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Stan Chandler, David Engel, Larry Raben, Guy Stroman
Rare, filmed using multiple cameras at the Cannon Theatre on the final night of the show, video also includes some backstage footage prior to the show and speeches after the show A

Forever Plaid: The Movie
2009 - PBS Broadcast (aired 3/3/11)
Daniel Reichard, Larry Raben, David Engel, Stan Chandler, David Hyde-Pierce as the narrator.
A filmed version of "Forever Plaid" with 3 of its original cast members. Slightly edited for time PBS timing purposes, includes pledge break interviews with Larry Raben, David Engel and Stan Chandler

42nd Street
1986 ~ Tokyo
Elizabeth Allen, Jamie Ross, Clare Leach, Lee Roy Reams, Carole Cook, Joseph Bova, Beth Leavel, Andy Lee-Danny Carroll.
Pro-shot with multiple cameras of the Broadway cast for Japanese Broadcast. Picture is a little grainy but this is a very nice video of a great production. A

42nd Street
1998 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita.
Darcie Roberts, Patrick Quinn, Alison Bevan. 
Semi-Pro Shot using one camera on a tripod. Unfortunately this DVD suffers from generational loss. Beautiful production with great performances. On this same disc also includes interviews and promotions for the show. B+

42nd Street
4/21/01 ~ Broadway Revival
Michael Cumpsty, Beth Leavel (u/s), Kate Levering, David Elder
Shot from balcony, good zooms with some heads in the way and spotlight washout in a many scenes. A-

42nd Street
September 2002 ~ Memphis, TN
Dr. Juliana Starr
Single-camera, low generation regional production with excellent zoom transitions and tracking. Performed by Theatre Memphis; very nice video A

42nd Street
1/14/04 ~ Stuttgart
Andreas Lichtenberger (Julian Marsh), Isabel Dörfler (Dorothy Brock), Julia Müller (Peggy Sawyer), Jem Brent (Billy Lawlor), Sabine Maria Reiß (Maggie Jones), Mickey Petersson (Bert Barry), Daniel Coninx (Abner Dillon), Martin Berger (Pat Denning), Maryanne Kelly (Anytime Annie), Wolf Wrobel (Andy Lee), Tobias Vogt (Oscar), Jan Reimitz (Mac), Claudia Wendrinsky (Phyllis Dale), Sabrina Harper (Lorraine Flemming).

42nd Street
1/28/04 ~ Stuttgart
Kevin Tarte (Julian Marsh), Isabel Dörfler (Dorothy Brock), Karin Seyfried (Peggy Sawyer), Jens Janke (Billy Lawlor), Sabine Maria Reiß (Maggie), Axel Weidemann (Bert Barry), Martin Berger (Abner Dillon), Mickey Petersson (Pat Danning), Maryanne Kelly (Anytime Annie), Wolf Wrobel (Andy Lee), Tobias Vogt (Oscar), Christoph Wettstein (Mac), Julia Müller (Phyllis Dale), Samantha Cross (Lorraine Flemming)
Filmed from the balcony with great close ups.  Nice production.  In German.   A-

42nd Street
12/3/04 ~ Lakeland, FL
Kyle Dean Massey, Mara Davi, Natalie Buster, Ron Smith, Maureen Veronica Illmensee, Evan Alboum, Randi Kaye, Michelle Whitty, Erin West
Pro-shot with multiple cameras.. A fantastic capture of the show, however it does have the time counter on the bottom of the screen. A

42nd Street
1/21/06 ~ Rockford, IL
Melody Davi, Natalie Buster, David Grant, Randi Kaye, Jarran Muse, Christian Donnelly, Maureen Illmensee, Tom Frye
Nice quality, great picture and sound with a couple of minutes of blackouts because of latecomers; good zooms A

42nd Street
2006 ~ UK Tour
Bonnie Langford. 
Recorded through the House camera.with some static at bottom of screen, and some generational loss. B+

42nd Street
2007 ~ Shanghai, China
Kristen Martin, Paul Gregory Nelson, Charles MacEachern, Natalie Buster, Karen McDonald, Ira Denmark
American Cast on Asian Tour: Highlights running 50 minutes Pro-shot video with amazing clarity. A+

12/20/99 ~ Chicago, IL
Reva Rice, Linda Bowen, Greg Reuter, April Nixon, Julio Monge, Terace Jones
Full-stage, one or two zooms. A few heads in the way; some spotlight washout, good sound B

7/16/00 ~ National Tour
Reva Rice, Linda Bowen, Greg Reuter, April Nixon, Julio Monge, Terace Jones
Nice job balancing full-stage shots with close-ups on a very hard show; good picture and sound throughout A

Fosse, Stage Door
8/25/01 ~ Broadway
Stage door footage of the cast and crew leaving the theatre, and interacting with their fans and signing autographs. Filmed on closing night-so it seems everyone is dressed up and heading to a cast party. Fun video! A

2001 ~ Broadway
Ben Vereen, Ann Reinking, Eugene Fleming, Edwaard Liang, Dana Moore, Ken Alan, Brad Anderson, Mark Arvin, Ashley Bachner, Lynne Calamia, Marc Calamia, J.P. Christensen, Dylis Croman, Byron Easley, Parker Esse, Meg Gillentine, Suzanne Harrer, Anne Hawthorne, Scott Jovovich, Jim Kinney, Susan Lamontagne, Deborah Leamy, Robin Lewis, Julio Monge, Sharon Moore, Jill Nicklaus, Rachelle Rak, Josh Rhodes, Christopher Windom
Pro shot for PBS; good video.  It’s like a Data disc, only plays when you open file folder A

4 Girls 4
Rosemary Clooney, Margaret Whiting, Rose Marie, Helen O’Connell.  “For 12 years, 4 Girls 4 was an unprecedented sensation across the U.S. It was one of the most surprising and unconventional show business successes of the1970s and 80s. At a time when the biggest touring acts in the country were youth-driven pop acts like the Eagles, Abba and the Bee Gees, three middle aged female singers -- none of whom had had a chart hit in decades -- joined forces with the fourth-billed star of a long-cancelled TV sitcom to create what can only be described as a genuine show business phenomenon. It was called 4 Girls 4, and when it first appeared on the scene in 1977, it brought staggering new success to a quartet of show business veterans who were far from their commercial peak, and launched a completely new genre of entertainment that thrives to this day: “The Oldies Nostalgia Tour”.  Songs include “4 Girls 4”, “Together Wherever We Go”, “As Time Goes By”, “I’m Glad I’m Not Young Anymore”, “My Blue Heaven”, “Tenderly”, “Hey There”, “Come On-a My House”, and others.  Filmed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver for TV.  In 1983 Rosemary Clooney left the show, and it continued on as “3 Girls 3”, then later added other revolving “girls” to get back to 4.  The others who appeared in the show at various times were Kaye Ballard, Kay Starr, Martha Raye, and Barbara McNair.  About 50 minutes.  Also included on the disc, is a 20 minute segment from The Merv Griffin Show, in which the four original women appear to promote the show, and perform some of the songs from the show.  A

12/6/00 ~ New York
Amy Barker, Brian Cooper, John Flynn, Rudy Roberson
Musical Tonight's concert revival of this lost show. Filmed from stage right orchestra. Some spotlight washout. B

Frame 312
12/20/03 ~ New York
Mary Beth Peil, Larry Bryggman, Maggie Kiley, Ana Reeder, Mandy Siegfield, Greg Stuhr
Great video with lots of close ups and good sound throughout. A

Frank – A Life In Song
Date Unknown ~ The Star City, Sydney
Tom Burlinson, the voice of young Frank in the Golden Globe Award winning “Sinatra” stars in his highly acclaimed hit celebration of the music and career of the late, great Ol’ Blue Eyes. Two hours of entertainment with more than 30 classic songs. Pro-shot for DVD Release. A+

Frank Christie, Frank Clarke!
2011 ~ Sydney, Australia
Brent D. Lahenty, John Gregg, John Derum, Lena Cruz
Semi-staged workshop of new musical about a famous Australian bushranger; well filmed A-

Frankenstein The Musical
October 2001 ~ Park Performing Arts Center, Union City, NJ
Shuler Hensley, Ivan Rutherford, Rita Harvey, JC Hoyt
The film is a "demo" of the show designed as a showcase for potential producers. Professional quality video A

2012 ~ NT Live
Benedict Cumberpatch as The Creature, Jonny Lee Miller as Victor, Naomie Harris, Karl Johnson, Andreea Padurariu
The shooter has trouble keeping still and getting the entire screen, which has English subtitles at the bottom of the frame B

Fran's Bed
9/23/05 ~ New York
Mia Farrow, Harris Yulin, Heather Burns, Marcia DeBonis, Brenda Pressley, Julia Stiles, Jonathan Walker
Written and directed by James Lapine. Good video with excellent picture and clear sound; video includes NY1 review A

1998 ~ HBO Special
John Leguzimo
Pro Shot, only man HBO special, directed by Spike Lee

Freckle Face Strawberry
8/2/14 ~ Texas
A Christmas youth theater production

The Frogs
5/20/74 ~ New Haven, CT at Yale University
Meryl Streep, Sigourney Weaver, Joan Berlinger, Larry Blyden, Peter Bogyo, Alma Cuervo, Jeremy Dempsey
Early musical by Steven Sondheim and produced by the Yale Repertory Theatre and performed in the Yale University pool area and gymnasium, with Meryl Streep and Sigourney Weaver in the chorus! As can be expected from a tape more than 30 years old, there is some generational loss, but completely watchable. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. C+

The Frogs
1988 ~ Chicago, IL
Brian McLaughlin, Dan Shea, Ted Kamp, David Ruckman
Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Presented by the Pegasus Players at the swimming pool of Truman College. Filmed using multiple cameras. Nice video A-

The Frogs
2003 ~ University of Miami, FL
Ariana Shore, Christian Mansfield, Adam Solon
Clear picture, A

The Frogs
6/25/04 ~ Broadway
Nathan Lane, Chris Kattan, John Byner, Daniel Davis
Great video filmed in a difficult theater; excellent sound as always; A

The Frogs
8/30/04 ~ Broadway
Nathan Lane, Roger Bart, John Byner, Daniel Davis
Shot from the mezzanine, with lots of closeups and excellent video and sound. A

The Frog Prince
2005 ~ Edinburgh Festival
Pro-Shot rare

From Here To Eternity
2014 ~ London
Darius Campbell, Robert Lonsdale, Ryan Sampson, Siubhan Harrison, Rebecca Thornill
Pro-shot video of the London production that aired in cinemas in July 2014; very nice video 2 DVDs A+

4/7/07 ~ Broadway
Frank Langella, Michael Sheen, Remy Auberjonois, Shira Gregory, Corey Johnson, Stephen Kunken, Stephen Rowe, Triney Sandoval, Armand Schultz, Sonya Walger
2 cover ups that last less then 30 seconds each; a great video with great sound and very nice closeups throughout. Includes NY1 review and stories A+

2/28/04 ~ New York
Swoozie Kurtz, Brain O' Byrne, Laila Robins
Excellent video; 1st generation from the master A

The Full Monty
10/18/00 ~ Broadway
Patrick Wilson, John Ellison Conlee, Jason Danieley, Romain Fruge,Todd Weeks,Annie Golden, Laura Marie Duncan, Jannie Jones, Emily Skinner, Kathleen Freeman
Excellent picture and sound, filmed on cam video 2 DVDs A

The Full Monty
12/30/00 ~ Broadway
Patrick Wilson, John Ellison Conlee, Jason Danieley, Liz McConahay
Mild generation loss; you can still follow the show but it is not as clear as it should be B+

The Full Monty
2001 ~ Tour
Kaye Ballard, Larry Marshall, Danny Gurwin, Rod Weber, Andrea Burns, Chris Diamantopoulos, Susan Fletcher.
Really nice video with good closeups and sound throughout and little obsturction; good video A

The Full Monty
2/17/01 ~ Broadway
Patrick Wilson, Emily Skinner, Marcus Neville, Romain Fruge, Andre DeShields, Jason Danieley
Good taping throughout with an occasional railing in the picture.  Clear audio and nice picture, with slight spotlight washout the show, although not distracting B

The Full Monty
12/21/01 - Rome
Giampiero Ingrassia, Rodolfo Laganà, Miranda Martino, Gabriele Foschi.
Great cast, good audio and video quality. A head sometimes blocks the action on the left of the screen but the filmer does a good job getting around it.

The Full Monty
1/16/02 ~ Broadway
Will Chase, Daniel Sherman Stewart, Chris Diamantopolous, Larry Marshall, Danny Gurwin, Steven Skybell, Emily Skinner
Digital, shot from mezzanine with no heads.There are some brief video cover-ups while the ushers were patrolling and for latecomers, but other than that, it's a beautiful video. B+

The Full Monty
12/7/05 ~ Rockford, IL
Jeremiah Zinger, Brad Nacht, Steve DeBruyne, Gary Brintz, Jim Burkholder
Good sound and great sound throughout with a good cast and a lively crowd A

The Full Monty
June 2006 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Greg Stone, Danny Stiles,Audrie Neenan, David A.White, Colin Israel, Brian Emerson, Monte Wheeler, Karen Robu, Jessica Chesbro, Brynn O'Malley, Patty Reeder, Alex Stoll, Michael
Padilla, Tara Shaffer, Ebony Blake, Annie Funke
Good pro-shot video with excellent sound and nice closeups; great video A 2 DVDs

The Full Monty
3/4/07 ~ Long Beach, CA
David Engel, John Bisom, John Massey Jr, Kevin McMahon, James Leo Ryan,Tami Tappan-Damiano,Tracy Lore, Mary Jo Catlett
A production of Musical Theatre West. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Crystal clear. A

The Full Monty

5/8/16 ~ Fullerton, CA

Allen Everman, Matthew Downs, David Engel, Rovin Jay, Tyler Miclean, Nick Waaland, Jeanette Dawson, Lauren Decierdo, Dante Marenco, Gabrielle Jackson, Candi Milo, Janna Cardia, Candice Rochelle Berge, Justin Berti, Eric Ferguson

Great clear video with just the first minute of the show blacked out, and one very quick dropout in act two, but the rest of the show is complete; excellent clear sound; great video 2 DVDs A

Fully Committed

5/14/16 ~ Broadway

Jesse Tyler Ferguson stars in this one man comedy where he works a red-hot reservation line at one of New York’s trendiest restaurants. Excellent HD capture with no obstructions and so much fun! A

Fun Home
3/29/15 ~ Broadway
Michael Cerveris, Judy Kuhn, Beth Malone, Sydney Lucas, Emily Skeggs, Roberta Colindrez,
Zell Steele Morrow, Joel Perez, Oscar Williams
Great HD capture of the Broadway Transfer. Performed mostly in the round, the actors are all over the stage. Very good video with clear sound and good picture 2 DVDs A-

Funny Girl
1991 ~ Long Beach, CA
Pia Zadora, Adrian Zmed
Good video; excellent sound and nice picture; a little generation loss but good for its age A

Funny Girl
July 2001 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Stephanie J. Block, Stephen Zinnato, Charles Parker
Semi-pro shot while dark at times, excellent video of a fairly traditional staging with good picture and sound A

Funny Girl Actor’s Fund BCEFA Concert
9/23/02 ~ Broadway
Whoopi Goldberg, Sutton Foster, Idina Menzel, Ricki Lake, Spencer Kayden, Kristin Chenoweth, LaChanze, Julia Murney, Ana Gasteyer, Lilias White, Jane Krakowski, Alice Playten, Bebe Neuwirth, Judy Kuhn, Andrea Martin, Carolee Carmello, Peter Gallagher
BCEFA Pro video of the one night only Actors’ Fund Benefit Concert at the New Amsterdam Theatre A+

Funny Girl Actor’s Fund BCEFA Concert
9/23/02 ~ Broadway
Whoopi Goldberg, Sutton Foster, Idina Menzel, Ricki Lake,Spencer Kayden, Kristin Chenoweth, LaChanze, Julia Murney, Ana Gasteyer, Lilias White, Jane Krakowski, Alice Playten, Bebe Neuwirth, Judy Kuhn, Andrea Martin, Carolee Carmello, Peter Gallagher
Actor's Fund benefit concert. Digital, from the balcony. A head on the bottom, but it didn't get in the way too often. Lots of closeups, very clear picture and sound. Includes the curtain call. A-

Funny Girl
June 2010 ~ Toronto, Canada
Ashley Medeiros-Felix, Damien Gulde, Julie Lennick, David Haines, Louise Cascone, Susan Sanders, Patricia Byrne, Vince Cascone
Produced by Toronto Civic Light Opera Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Nice video 2 DVDs A

Funny Girl
9/27/13 ~ Redondo Beach, CA
Nicole Parker, Josh Adamson, Jean Kaufman, Venny Carranza, Helen Geller, Gregory North, Carol Kline, Jill Van Velzer, Micaela Martinez, Jamie Snyder, Christopher Roque, Erik McEwen, Jules Chavarria, Carrie Hacker, Nicole Manly, Leslie Miller, Laura Rensing, Allyson Spiegelman, Tory Trowbridge
Complete show with no blackouts or obstruction; some washout on several wide shot; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups; excellent clear sound and steady picture; includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
Spring 1987 ~ National Touring Company Production
Mickey Rooney, Robert Nichols, Marsha Bagwell, Bob Walton,Lenny Wolpe, Mitchell Greenberg, Michael Dantuono
Pretty good video considering its age B+

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To The Forum
1996 ~ Broadway
Nathan Lane, Lewis J. Stadlen, Ernie Sabella, Jessica Boevers
Incredible classic video; some cuts throughout, mostly crowd reactions but songs and dialogue are complete A-

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To The Forum
1997 ~ Broadway
Whoopi Goldberg, Lewis J. Stadlen, Ernie Sabella, Jessica Boevers
About 90 minutes of Pro Shot footage A+

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
September 1997 ~ Broadway
David Alan Grier, Mary Testa, Ross Lehman, Robert Fitch, Jim Stanek, Jessica Boevers,Cris Groenedaal
Act Two Only. B+

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum
June 2008 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
James Brennan, Kilty Reidy, Myrna Paris, Edward Watts, Justin Robertson, Charles Parker, Skylar Adams, Lindsey Bliven, Bucky Walters
Filmed from a tripod in the back of the house with sound patched in directly from the soundboard. Disc also includes TV commercials for the production. 2 DVDs Letterboxed. A

Future Stars of Broadway
Two showcase performances from the College-Conservatory Of Music at the University Of Cincinnati, and includes performances from some of today's Broadway stars. Includes 2000 Senior Showcase: Shoshana Bean, Pamela Bob, Dan Bogart, Kristy Cates, Sue Cotrell, Brandon Cutrell, Sara Gettelfinger, Peter Huck, Leslie Kritzer, Justin Patterson, Adam Williams, more... AND 1997 Sophomore Class Musical Theater Performance final: "Chattanooga Choo-Choo" performed by Leslie Kritzer, Kristy Cates, Justin Patterson, Adam Williams. "Tom, Dick, or Harry" performed by Casey Good, Pamela Bob, Dan Bogart, and someone I forget his name. "Ya Got Me," performed by Geoff Soffer, Shoshana Bean, Sara Gettelfinger, Patrick O'Riley. "Ice Cream" from Street Scene performed by Brandon Cutrell, Sara Papousac, more... Some generational loss. About 3 hours in length. B-