New In ~ August

Beauty and the Beast
1/25/14 ~ Paris, France
Yoni Amar (Beast), Camille Mesnard (Belle), Dan Menasche (Lumiere), David Eguren (Big Ben), Leovanie Raud (Mrs. Smovar), Didier Cluasel (Maurice), Alexis Loizon (Gaston), Alexandre Faitrouni (LeFou).
Filmed from the front row near the conductor, good quality, no zooms, some spotlight washout.

8/8/15 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Patrick Heusinger, Andy Mientus, Matthew Carlson, Jake Shears, Ray Baker, Tom Berklund, Hugo Armstrong, Brian Slaten, Brionne Davis, Jonathan B. Wright
Well captured with no blackouts or washout. There is one head that can be seen at the bottom of the screen a couple times, but it only blocks the actors feet and never affects the action. Excellent clear picture and sound 2 DVDs A

The Birds of Alfred Hitchcock
2/10/10 ~ Bielefeld, Germany
Katharine Mehrling, Alexander Franzen, John Wesley Zielmann, Carlos H. Rivas, Carolin Soyka, Masha Karell, Alexander Janacek, Steffen Häuser.
Excellent quality, in German. (2 DVDs)

2/17/16 ~ Chicago, IL
Randy Harrison, Andrea Goss, Shannon Cochran, Mark Nelson, Alison Ewing, Ned Noyes, Lee Aaron Rosen
Beautiful HD capture of the new tour, with no obstructions. Great clear picture with nice close-ups and excellent sound; very good video 2 DVDs A

7/5/15 ~ Broadway
Brandy Norwood, Amra-Faye Wright, Ivan Hernandez, Raymond Bokhour, NaTasha Yvette Williams, R. Lowe
Excellent HD capture, nicely captured with a few heads in the way early on but improves and quick parts to the extreme far right that are blocked a few times. Excellent picture and clear sound; nice video 2 DVDs A-

The Crucible
2015 ~ London
Pro-Shot Richard Armitage, Harry Attwell, Samantha Colley, Marama Corlett, Jack Ellis
Pro-Shot for Digital Theatre this gorgeous revival was nominated for 2 Olivier Awards (Best Actor and Best Play). Also includes a 40-min conversation with the lead, Richard Armitage

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
7/1/15 ~ Broadway
Alex Sharp, Francesca Faridany, Ian Barford, Enid Graham, Helen Carey, Keren Dukes (u/s Mrs. Shears), Richard Hollis
Excellent HD capture of the 2015 Best Play and Actor Tony Awards. Well captured from the orchestra with a head occasionally in the way but does not interfere; clear picture and sound throughout 2 DVDs A

Daddy Long Legs
12/10/15 ~ New York
Megan McGinnis, Adam Halpin
This Off-Broadway musical is the first-ever performance to be broadcast online to the world for free from the Davenport Theatre in New York; pro-shot video A+

Fatal Attraction: A Greek Tragedy
7/9/05 ~ New York
Corey Feldman, Kellie Arens, Nick Arens, Ebony Cross, Aaron Haskell, Sergio Lobito, Alana McNair, Kate Wilkinson
Well filmed with good picture and sound; nice video A

Ghost The Musical
7/3/14 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Steven Grant Douglas, Katie Postotnik, Carla R. Stewart, Robby Haltiwanger, Fernadndo Contreras, Brandon Curry, Evette Marie White, Lydia Warr, Hana Freeman, Shannan E Johnson
No washout or obstruction and very steady filming; total of three blackouts in act one: 1 minute just after Here Right Now, 1.5 minutes during the scene after You Gotta Let Go, and 1 minute during I Had A Life. Act two has no blackouts; great clear sound and filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups, 2 DVDs A-

Grease: Live!
1/31/16 ~ FOX-TV
Julianne Hough, Aaron Tveit, Vanessa Hudgens, Keke Palmer, Carly Rae Jepsen, Kether Donohue, Carlos PenaVega, Jordan Fisher, David Del Rio, Noah Robbins, Andrew Call, Elle McLemore, Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer, Ana Gasteyer, Mario Lopez, Eve Plumb, Wendell Pierce, Barry Pearl, Didi Conn
Excellent video with clear picture and sound A+

Into the Woods
7/27/15 ~ St. Louis, MO
Heather Headley, Rob McClure, Erin Dilly, Ken Page, Elena Shaddow, Ryan Silverman, Andrew Samonsky, Jason Gotay, Sara Kapner, Ellen Harvey
Beautiful HD capture from the famous MUNY outdoor venue; latecomers cause cover-ups for the few couple of minutes; very clear picture and sound throughout 2 DVDs A

Little Shop of Horrors - Encores!
7/2/15 ~ New York
Ellen Greene, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taran Killam, Eddie Cooper, Joe Grifasi, Tracy Nicole Chapman, Marva Hicks, Ramona Keller
Beautiful HD capture of the Encores Summer Series; the last 15 minutes (when customers coming in and song/scene finale "Don't Feed the Plants") are mostly blind shot, where a few times no action can be seen. Great clear sound throughout with nice picture through the most of the show 2 DVDs B+

Made in Dagenham
4/8/15 ~ London
Gemma Arterton (Rita), Adrian Der Gregorian (Eddie), Sophie Stanton (Beryl), Heather Craney (Claire), Sophie Isaacs (Sandra), Julius D’Silva (Hopkins), Naomi Frederick (Lisa Hopkins), Naana Agyei-Ampadu (Cass), Thomas Aldridge (Barry), Isla Blair (Connie), David Cardy (Monty), Harry Marcus (Graham O'Grady), Annie Guy (Sharon O'Grady)
Seems to be shot in portrait, maybe by mobile phone, but not badly done. B+

11/11/15 ~ Broadway
Bruce Willis, Laurie Metcalf, Leon Addison Brown
Excellent HD capture of the Stephen King thriller. Well filmed with good full stage shots and close-ups when needed. Sound is good; nice video 2 DVDs A

On Your Feet!
10/17/15 ~ Broadway
Ana Villafane, Josh Segarra, Andrea Burns, Alma Cuervo, Alexandria Suarez, Eduardo Hernandez
Beautiful HD capture of the Broadway production. A few changes here and there that have been tightened up since the Chicago tryout. Great picture and clear sound; nice video 2 DVDs A

The Pain and the Itch
10/13/06 ~ New York
Mia Barron, Aya Cash, Peter Jay Fernandez, Ada-Marie L. Gutierrez, Jayne Houdyshell, Vivien Kells, Reg Rogers, Christopher Evan Welch
Good clear video with no heads in the way although at times you do see the bottom of the stage; mix of closeups and wide shots with clear sound; DVD includes NY1 Opening night and reviews A

2/16/15 ~ New York
Jeremy Jordan, Laura Benanti, Joshua Henry, John Ellison Conlee, Davis Gaines, Alan Campbell, Rachel De Benedet, Ramin Karimloo, Andy Mientus, Katie Rose Clarke, Emerson Steele, Charlie Franklin, Alvin Crawford, Andrea Jones-Sojola, Allie Trimm, Caitlin Houlahan, Ephie Aardema, John Jellison, Eric Anderson, Eric Leviton
A fantastic capture of this one-night-only concert at Avery Fisher Hall conducted by Jason Robert Brown; excellent video with no obstruction and only slight washout in wide shots; two quick dropouts in the first few minutes, but the concert is otherwise complete; very good video 2 DVDs A

The Pianist of Willesden Lane
9/27/14 ~ Berkeley, CA
Mona Golabek
Great capture overall with no obstruction, just some slight occasional washout and a couple quick dropouts. There are no major blackouts. Excellent clear sound; good video A

8/16/14 ~ Broadway
Ciara Renee, Kyle Dean Massey, John Rubinstein, Priscilla Lopez, Rachel Bay Jones, Charlotte d' Amboise, Colin Cunliffe (u/s Lewis), Eli Tokash
Mostly well captured, but with some blackouts on occasion; about eight minutes of scattered blackouts at the beginning of act one, clearing up with Corner of the Sky; one blackout during the singalong portion of No Time At All, and one for the first four minutes of act two; some washout but no obstruction. Sound is excellent and picture is nice and clear other than the listed issues; good video 2 DVDs B+

11/16/14 ~ Costa Mesa, CA
Sasha Allen, Kyle Dean Massey, John Rubinstein, Lucie Arnaz, Kristine Reese, Sabrina Harper, Callan Bergmann, Lucas Schultz
Excellent capture with no blackouts or obstruction, and very little washout. Excellent video with clear picture and very good sound; great video 2 DVDs A

Priscilla: Queen of the Desert
10/27/13 ~ Costa Mesa, CA
Wade McCollum, Scott Willis, Bryan West, Joe Hart, Emily Afton, Bre Jackson, Brit West, Christy Faber.
Very good video with no washout or obstruction, and only two very quick dropouts; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Great clear sound 2 DVDs A

Royal Variety Performance

Royal Variety Performance

Spring Awakening (Probuzeni Jara)
1/15/10 ~ Brno, Czech Republic
Jiri Mach (Melchior), Lukas Janota (Moric), Ivana Odehnalova (Wendla), Jakub Ulicnik (Otto/Reinhold), Lukas Vlcek (Jenda Rilke / Albrecht), Viktor Polasek (Ernst), Katerina Kleckova (Thea), Katerina Krejcova (Anna), Sona Jany ova (Marta), Michaela Horka (Elsa), Robert Rosochatecky (Derek), Ondrej Babor (Rupert), Michaela Merklova (Jenn), Alena Knoflicova (Krysta), Irena Konvalinova (Adult Women), Zdenek Junak (Adult Men).
This is the musical but with some character names changed. Pro-shot on multiple cameras, excellent quality. In Czech. 2 DVDs

10/22/15 ~ Madison, WI evening
Alyssa Fox, Carrie St. Louis, Jake Boyd, Liana Hunt, Wendy Worthington, Stuart Zagnit, Lee Slobotikin, Chad Jennings
Nice capture from the back of the theatre; some spotlight washout in bright scenes, A little shaky at times but nice clear sound; good video; Kradder's master 2 DVDs A-

10/27/15 ~ Madison, WI
Alyssa Fox, Carrie St. Louis, Jake Boyd, Liana Hunt, Wendy Worthington, Stuart Zagnit, Lee Slobotikin, Chad Jennings
Filmed a bit lower than the last result in better zooms and less washout. Good video with clear sound 2 DVDs A

Young Frankenstein
June 2015 ~ Plays in the Park, NJ
Michael Louis, Ali Gleason, Billy Geltzeiler, Kelli Ann DeCarlo, Scott Daniels, Katie Riley, Bob Nutter, Jay Lowman, Kirk Geritano
Excellent pro shot video A