R ~ U

Rabbit Hole
2/25/06 ~ Broadway
Cynthia Nixon,Tyne Daly, John Slattery, John Gallagher, Jr., Mary Catherine Garrison
First 8 minutes or so are a little jumpy due to a rude person; act 2 much better with nice picture and sound throughout; includes 2 interviews and review on NY1 A-

Rabbit Hole
10/27/13 ~ La Mirada, CA
Deborah Puette (Becca), Kristina Johnson (Izzy), Michael Polak (Howie), Lori Larsen (Nat), Seamus Mulcahy (Jason).
Presented by The La Mirada Theatre For The Performing Arts. Beautifully filmed. The first two minutes of the second act are blacked out, but otherwise, perfect, 2 DVDs

1/27/10 ~ Broadway
James Spader, Kerry Washington, David Allen Grier, Richard Thomas
A couple heads in the first five minutes of Act 1 and first 6 seconds of Act 2 missing due to an obnoxious latecomer. Disc also includes Broadway Beat opening night footage and NY1 Review. Nice video with good clear sound A

10/8/86 ~ New York
Teresa Stratas (Rebecca), Larry Kert (Nathan), Judy Kuhn (Bella), Marcia Lewis (Rachel Halpern), Terrance Mann (Saul), Lonny Price (Ben), Dick Latessa (Avram)
Music by Charles Strouse, Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. Notorious 1986 flop, played 18
previews and closed after just 4 performances. This RARE video features Teresa Stratas, who missed more performances than she was in due to an illness. Recorded during previews.
Surprisingly well filmed show for being so old, with minimal generational loss, some of the
color seems to have faded. A-

1989 ~ Palo Alto, CA
Seems to be a regional company production, or maybe a touring company. Pro shot, using one camera on a tripod.   Dark, with some generational loss. Video also includes the Press Reels from the original Broadway show. C+

2000 ~ Wichita
Pro-Shot Charlene Ayers, Aaron Davis, Stewart Gregory

Date Unknown ~ Miami, FL
A presentation of The Coconut Grove Playhouse. Recorded through the house camera. A beautiful production! A

Rags - World AIDS Day Concert
12/11/06 ~ New York
Carolee Carmello, Eden Espinosa, Lewis Cleale, David A. Austin, Gregg Edelman, Lainie Kazan, Michael Rupert, Colin Hanlon, Max Von Essen
Wonderful video with excellent sound and picture; great closeups, very nice video A

The Making of Ragtime
Behind the Scenes Footage, songs and interviews.

12/29/97 ~ Broadway
Brian Stokes Mitchell, Marin Mazzie, Audra McDonald, Judy Kaye, Peter Friedman
Newly surfaced video, converted to DVD from the original master. Beautifully filmed from the balcony, but balcony railing visible in some of the shots. Some slight generational loss, but nothing too bad. Recorded during previews. Disc also includes TV commercials for the show, and a TV review by Jeffrey Lyons. A-

February 1998 ~ Broadway
Brian Stokes Mitchell, Marin Mazzie, Peter Friedman, Audra McDonald, Judy Kaye, Mark Jacoby
Good video with nice closeups and sound B+

4/23/98 ~ National Tour, Washington DC
Alton Fitgerald White, Darlesia Cearcy, Rebecca Eichenbaucher, Michael Rupert, Cris Groendaal
Great sound and decent picture. B+

8/19/98 ~ Broadway
Brian Stokes Michell, Audra McDonald, Peter Friedman, Mark Jacoby, Patty Groble (u/s Mother), Judy Kaye
Some camera wandering and it looks like it was filmed through something narrow but good sound and some spotlight washout; good video B+

March 1999 ~ Broadway
Alton Fitzgerald White, Donna Bullock, John Rubenstein, John Dossett, LaChanze, Tommy Hollis, Janine LaManna, Judy Kaye, Anthony Blair Hall, Elizabeth Lundberg
First 10 minutes are bad, but gets much better with some decent zooms B

August 2002 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
David Jennings, Bruce Winant, Darcie Roberts, Montego Glover, Todd Thurston, Jeremy Leiner, Justin Lee Miller, Chris Peluso, Kristen Williams, Karen L. Rabu
Nice video from one of the best regional theatre groups in the US; good picture and sound and closeups A

October 2002 ~ Cardiff, Wales
Lawrence Hamilton, Maria Friedman, Graham Bickley, Dave Willetts, Kenita R. Miller
Pro Shot for the BBC; converted from PAL but very good, some sound problems in the very beginning A 2 DVDs

2004 ~ Cabrillo, CA
Bets Malone, Eric Anderson, Dynell Leigh, John Gaston, Maceo Oliver, Nicole Pryor, Will Shupe
Beautiful production. A presentation of the Cabrillo Music Theatre. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Some slight generational loss. A

September 2004 ~ North Carolina Theatre
Norm Lewis, Julia Murney
Great picture and sound, nice video B+

7/16 or 7/17 2005 ~ Papermill Playhouse
Rachel York, Quenton Earl Darrington, Kenita R. Miller, Debra Cardona, Neil Benari
Musical highlights only so notthe complete show; shot over and around heads and occasional blackouts, but you can still get a nice feel for the show. About 80 minutes long B-

Summer 2007 ~ Champaign, IL
Hania Solecka, Daniel Walls, Corbin Dixon
Pro-shot. Clear picture and sound, nice video A

10/25/09 ~ Broadway revival
Ron Bohmer, Quentin Earl Darrington, Christiane Noll, Robert Petkoff, Bobby Steggert, Stephanie Umoh, Jonathan Hammond, Savannah Wise, Donna Migliacci
Beautiful show and wonderfully executed.Very enthusiastic audience which was well received by the cast.; about 4 minutes of blackouts in total; a lot of late comers and a head on wide shots on the far right side for act one, that really only affects when action is far right side, otherwise it doesn’t affect anything; very nice clear video with great picture and sound A

11/28/09 ~ Broadway
Ron Bohmer, Terence Archie (u/s Coalhouse), Christiane Noll, Robert Petkoff, Bobby Steggert, Stephanie Umoh, Jonathan Hammond, Donna Migliaccio, Savannah Wise, Eric Jordan Young
About seven minutes blackouts during the performance, three minutes at the beginning of act one, two minutes during Success, one minute during Look What You've Done, and one for the last minute of act two; some heads at the bottom of the screen, but only block very front of the stage; some washout in some of the wides but good video otherwise 2 DVDs A-

1/10/10 ~ Broadway revival
Ron Bohmer, Quentin Earl Darrington, Mamie Parris (u/s Mother), Robert Petkoff, Bobby Steggert, Stephanie Umoh, Jonathan Hammond, Savannah Wise, Donna Migliacci
Final Broadway Performance; about 15 minutes of the beginning of Act 1 that are a bit shaky; beautiful capture of all of Act 2. Great clear video A

May 2012 ~ Trumbull, CT
Julian Gingell, Shavance Stephans, Lucy Moon Fitzsimons, Mariah Lyttle, Max Galassi, Tamara Danilowicz, Dion Pratt, Caroline Lellouche, Bartek Szymanski, Daniel Sbriglio, Amore Panton, Ryan Cyr
Good Quality, A 2 DVDs

10/18/14 ~ Fullerton, CA
Rufus Bonds, Jr., Christanna Rowader, Craig McEldowney, Tyler Miclean, Gary Patent, Daebreon Poiema, Donovan McFann, Brooke Besikof, Jimmer Bolden, Gary Brintz, Jeanette Dawson, John McCool Bowers, Doug Carfrae, Robert Yacko, Jean Kauffman, Tracy Rowe Mutz, William Shaffner, Amber J. Snead, Kingson Higgins
A couple very quick dropouts, but no major blackouts; one head that occasionally blocks the actors' feet, but it's rarely noticeable, and there is a bit of washout in some of the wides, but not bad overall. Excellent clear picture and sound throughout; very nice video 2 DVDs A

Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles
4/26/14 ~ Costa Mesa, CA
Steve Landes, Joey Curatolo, Joe Bithorn, Ralph Castelli
Very well filmed with no blackouts, washout, and almost no obstruction, except for one head on the left for a short stint when the audience is asked to stand. Close-ups and wide shots throughout with clear picture and sound 2 DVDs A

Rain Dance
5/31/03 ~ New York
James Van Der Beek, Randolph Mantooth, Harris Yulin
“As a scientist's wife in ''Rain Dance,'' the compact, elegiac new play by Lanford Wilson, Suzanne Regan emanates the concentrated stillness of someone who knows she has to stay quiet to keep from falling apart. An émigré from Hitler's Germany, Irene has been uprooted again and again. Now she finds herself at what seems to be the very brink of the world. Los Alamos, New Mexico, 1945, on the eve of the birth of the atomic bomb. Amidst the tranquil beauty of the desert, four individuals involved in the historic project count down to its inevitable conclusion. As the culmination of their work approaches, each wrestles with the weight of responsibility for an event that will change the world forever.” Overall a good video, with some “stage searching” and heads at the bottom of the screen. Nice video; B

A Raisin In The Sun
2/1/89 ~ PBS-TV
Danny Glover, Esther Rolle, Starletta DuPois, Helen Martin, Stephen Henderson
Presented as part of the American Playhouse series on PBS. Briefly released on VHS and DVD, both now out of print. A

A Raisin in the Sun
4/10/04 ~ Broadway
Sean Combs, Audra McDonald, Phylicia Rashad, Sanaa Lathan, David Aaron Baker, Lawrence Ballard, Teagle F. Bougere, Frank Harts, Billy Eugene Jones, Alexander Mitchell, Bill Nunn
Excellent picture and sound on video, A-

1/1/87 ~ Sydney, Australia
Jon English
Large scale original Australian Musical. Filmed through the house camera. An American tour now being planned, with Ted Neeley and John Hurt, with maybe a Broadway engagement. B+

The Rat Pack: Live From Las Vegas
2004 ~ London
Stephen Triffitt, Mark Adams, Gilz Terera
Pro shot for BBC-TV. Recreation of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis JR, and Dean Martin's Vegas show, featuring all of the old standards they made famous. Letterboxed. A

The Real Love
8/27/11 ~ Pasadena
Has subtitles

10/5/06 ~ Vienna
Joana Fee Würz (Ich u/s), Uwe Kröger (Maxim de Winter), Susan Rigvava-Dumas (Mrs. Danvers), Carsten Lepper (Jack Favell), Carin Flipcic (Mrs. van Hopper), Kerstin Ibald (Beatrice), Andre Bauer (Frank Crawley), Norberto Bertassi (Ben).
*HIGHLIGHTS running about 31 minutes per act.* Very nice clear audio/video and some EXCELLENT closeups. The DVD is encoded rather oddly, so act 2 plays first. (Picture is stretched a bit vertically. Manually adjust your DVD player or DVD software to "16:9" aspect ratio to fix this).

10/6/07 - Vienna
Uwe Kröger (Maxim de Winter), Wietske van Tongeren (Ich), Susan Rigvava-Dumas (Mrs. Danvers), Marika Lichter (Mrs. Van Hopper), Kerstin Ibald (Beatrice), Carsten Lepper (Jack Favell), Marcel Meyer (Frank Crawley), Norberto Bertassi (Ben), Oliver Mülich (Robert). Excellent quality, filmed between two heads, but done very well, in 16:9 widescreen. 3 or 4 skips where you miss a few seconds. Presumably for tape changes.
*IN GERMAN - DVDs have the option to watch with or without English subtitles* (2 DVDs)

9/2008 - Vienna
Wietske van Tongeren ,Tim Reichwein ( u/s Maxim de Winter), Susan Rigvava-Dumas, Ramin Dustar, Carin Flipcic, Kerstin Ibald, Andre Bauer, Norberto Bertassi. Beautiful, stunning capture of the show. Filmed in widescreen, unobstructed. Pity that Uwe Kroger was out this night...

12/28/08 - Vienna
Wietske van Tongeren (Ich), Kerstin Ibald (Mrs. Danvers u/s). 10 minutes of highlights featuring Mrs. Danvers and Ich only.
Excellent quality. *IN GERMAN*

10/30/11 ~ St. Gallen, Switzerland
Thomas Borchert (Maxim), Lisa Antoni (Ich), Maya Hakvoort (Mrs. Danvers), Isabel Dцrfler (Mrs. Van Hopper), Kersin Ibald (Beatrice), Andreas Wolfram (Jack Favell), Andrй Bauer (Frank Crawley), Oliver Heim (Ben), Florian Fetterle (Giles), Christian Hettkamp (Oberst Julyan).
Excellent quality. In German.

11/19/11 ~ St. Gallen, Switzerland
Thomas Borchert (Maxim de Winter), Lisa Antoni (Ich), Maja Hakvoort (Mrs. Danvers), Isabel Dцrfler (Mrs. Van Hopper), Andreas Wolfram (Jack Favell), Andrй Bauer (Frank Crawley), Oliver Heim (Ben), Christian Hettkamp (Overt Julyan).
Excellent quality. In German. 2 DVDs

4/14/12 ~ Stuttgart, Germany
Lucy Scherer, Pia Douwes, Thomas Brochert, Kerstin Ibald, Mona Graw, Hannes Staffler, Jörg Neubauer, Daniele Nonnis

4/15/12 ~ Stuttgart, Germany
Lucy Scherer, Thomas Borchert, Pia Douwes, Kerstin Ibald, Claudia Stangl, Hannes Staffler, Jorg Neubauer, Daniele Nonnis

May 2012 ~ Stuttgart, Germany
Valerie Link, Jan Ammann, Kerstin Ibald, Claudia Stangl, Isabel Dörfler, Hannes Staffler, Matthias Graf, Christoph Apfelbeck

6/15/12 ~ Stuttgart, Germany
Lucy Scherer (Ich), Jan Ammann (Maxim), Pia Douwes (Mrs. Danvers),  Kerstin Ibald (Beatrice), Claudia Stangl (Mrs. van Hopper), Hannes Staffler (Jack Fawell),  Jörg Neubauer (Frank Crawley), Daniele Nonnis (Ben), Ensemble: Christina Patten (Clarice), Christina Maria Brenner, Lena Brandt, Veronique Spiteri, Maike Switzer, Melanie Walter, Gemma West, Wiebke Wötzel, Udo Eikelmann (Giles/Horrigde), Alexander Bellinkx (Oberst Julian), Matthias Graf (Frith), Jakub Wocial (Robert), Christoph Apfelbeck, Raphael Dörr, Hendrik Schall, Carl van Wegberg

6/16/12 ~ Stuttgart, Germany
Christina Patten (Ich), Arvid Larsen (Maxim), Pia Douwes (Mrs. Danvers), Kerstin Ibald (Beatrice ), Mona Graw (Mrs. van Hopper), Hannes Staffler (Jack Fawell), Matthias Graf (Frank Crawley), Daniele Nonnis (Ben), Ensemble: Lena Brandt (Clarice), Helena Blöcker, Christina Maria Brenner, Veronique Spiteri, Maike Switzer, Melanie Walter, Gemma West, Wiebke Wötze, Udo Eikelmann (Giles/Horrigde), Alexander Bellinkx (Oberst Julian), Christina Kerkhoff (Frith), Fehmi Göklü (Robert), Christoph Apfelbeck, Raphael Dörr, Hendrik Schall, Carl van Wegberg.

7/7/12 ~ Stuttgart, Germany
Denise Jastraunig (Ich), Jan Ammann (Maxim), Femke Soetenga (Mrs. Danvers), Kerstin Ibald (Beatrice ), Claudia Stangl (Mrs. van Hopper), Hannes Staffler (Jack Fawell), Jörg Neubauer (Frank Crawley), Chrsitoph Apfelbeck (Ben), Ensemble: Lena Brandt (Clarice), Helena Blöcker, Christina Maria Brenner, Veronique Spiteri, Maike Switzer, Melanie Walter, Gemma West, Wiebke Wötzel, Raphael Dörr (Giles/Horrigde), Alexander Bellinkx (Oberst Julian), Mathias Graf (Frith), Fehmi Göklü (Robert), Christian Kerkhoff, Hendrik Schall, Carl van Wegberg, Jakub Wocial

12/22/12 ~ Stuttgart
Christina Patten (u/s "Ich"), Jan Ammann, Pia Douwes, Kerstin Ibald, Isabel Dorfle, Carl van Wegberg (u/s Jack Favell), Matthias Graf (u/s Frank Crawley), Oliver Heim
Filmed from side stalls with virtually no head obstruction; video is a combination of wide shots showing off the elaborate sets, well-used projections and bigger ensemble numbers, and close-ups and
medium shots in dialogue scenes and solos; the complex lighting of the show itself does make for both some spotlight washout and some darker scenes, but the colors are good; very nice video, not in English

Recent Tragic Events
9/13/03 ~ New York;;
Heather Graham, Hamish Linklater, Jesse J. Perez, Colleen Werthmann, Kalimi A. Baxter
No close ups but good video; audio only for first 5 minutes of  acts 1 and 2, B

10/9/04 ~ Broadway
Mary-Louise Parker, Rosie Perez, Michael O'Keefe, Debra Monk, Thomas Sadoski, Jeremy Shamos, Olga Merediz
Great show; very good video with nice picture and sound. A

3/11/10 ~ Broadway
Alfred Molina, Eddie Redmayne
First Broadway Preview; picture is dark but sound is clear throughout; nice video A

3/21/10 ~ New York
Alfred Molina, Eddie Redmayne
Filmed on the last night of previews from the balcony.  Mostly a full stage shot with no zooms or pans. The disc also includes opening night coverage from Broadway.com, as well as an opening night review. A-

Red Hot and Blue!
10/13/12 ~ New York
Lauren Elaine Taylor, Christopher Ryan, Roger Rifkin, Tara Lynn Khaler
Concert version of Cole Porter's 1936 show as part of the Musicals Tonight! series; filmed from the audience; act 1 has heads in the way but act 2 is clearer; good sound B+

The Red Shoes
11/2/93 ~ Broadway
Roger Rees, Hugh Panaro, Margaret Illmann, George de la Pena, Jonathan Sharp
Great video despite its age; nice closeups and sound throughout with a couple of minor coverups B+

The Red Shoes
12/19/93 ~ Broadway
Hugh Panero, Steve Barton, Margaret Illmann
Highlights, about one hour long; filmed at the final Broadway performance. B

Reefer Madness
10/27/01 ~ New York
Christian Campbell, Gregg Edelman, Michele Pawk, Robert Torti, Kristen Bell, John Kassir, Erin Matthews
From the NY closing week. Digital shot with some great close ups. Only one out there. A

Reefer Madness
2005 ~ The Movie
Kristen Bell, Neve Campbell, Alan Cummings, Ana Gasteyer, Steven Weber
NEW Reefer Madness, The Movie 2005 ~ Showtime TV A

Reefer Madness
October 2006 ~ Stages Theatre - Fullertory, CA
Bobby Traversa, Peter E. Miller, Kalinda Gray, Marlana Filannino
Good video with some nice closeups and clear sound A

Regrets Only
1/6/07 ~ New York
Christine Baranski, George Grizzard, Diane Davis, Siân Phillips, David Rasche, Mary Testa
Great video with lots of close ups and great sound; very nice video A

Rent Broadway ~ Compilation
Original Broadway Cast
Television Compilation, B
Some glitches throughout, old tape

Rent Movie ~ Compilation
Includes Lennon Medley on The Today Show
RENT on The Today Show singing Seasons and What You Own
E! - Bryant Park clip
Access Hollywood - Bryant Park clip
Good Morning America - All Shook Up
Access Hollywood - movie teaser
Renee Elise Goldsberry singing on OLTL
Logo - Out Tonight video
WB Morning Show (NYC) - Anthony Rapp
E! - Interview with Adam Pascal at the Nederlander
MTV TRL - Rosario Dawson
The Daily Show - Rosario Dawson
The Today Show - Singing "Finale"
Regis and Kelly - Jesse Martin
Conan - Rosario
Regis - Rosario
NBC local news - Rent premiere clip
Oxygen - Rent clips and interviews
Ellen - Seasons,
Logo - Out Tonight
VH1 - Out Tonight
NY1 Whipple's World - Rent premiere
WB Morning Show (NYC) - Adam Pascal
E! - "Behind The Scenes" Rent special
The View - Interviews and performances of Seasons, Finale Rent is featured for the entire hour
Starz - On The Set - behind the scenes of Rent
Ebert and Roeper - Rent movie review
Reel Talk (NBC) - Rent movie review
A&E Breakfast With The Arts - Adam Pascal, Anthony, Wilson, Tracie "One Song Glory", "Tango Maureen", "What You Own."
MTV Hits - Tracie, Wilson, Anthony, Taye interviewed at The Life Café
Tony Danza - Rosario
Tony Danza - Jesse
TV Guide Channel - "Hollywood On The Set" Rent profile
Tony Danza - Adam
Late Late Show - Idina
and much more!

Rent - Movie Shoot Footage
March 2005 ~ New York
About an hour of footage of the making of the Rent movie from New York; interesting but doesn’t show much B+

Rent Party @ The Cutting Room
10/21/03 ~ New York
Hosted by Mark Richard Ford, with Justin Johnston, Todd Pettiford, Karmine Alers, Frenchie Davis, Dominique Roy, Fred Jones, Cary Shields, Matt Caplan, Loraine Velez, Joshua Kobak, Andy Senor, Saycon Sengbloh, Krystal Washington

Rent Sings The 80's
4/23/08 ~ New York
Featuring the Cast and Friends of Rent including Karmine Alers, Crystal Monee Hall, Marcus Paul James, Justin Johnston,Telly Leung, Caren Lyn Manuel, Kyle Post,Andy Senor, Paul Stovall, Maia Nkenge Wilson, Krystal Washington.
Incluldes clips from the March 11th, 2008 show, with Harley Jay, Declan Bennett, Trisha Jeffrey, Justin Johnston, Caren Lyn Manuel, and Yassmin Alers A

1998 ~ The Making of Rent London Production
Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Jesse L. Martin, Krysten Cummings

Original Dutch Cast
Single camera steady shot with zooms, static at the bottom of the screen, generation loss, different staging and choreography, Line at the bottom of the screen. B-

Bad static, but great picture.  Better than the version roaming around on youtube.
2 Data Cds.

January 96 ~ Off ~ Broadway
Idina Menzel, Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Taye Diggs, Jesse L. Martin, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Fredi Walker
27 min. of footage shot for press use. A video tag at the beginning says "Winter 1995" but the presence of a live audience implies that this is actually from early 1996. Clips are short, and there are no complete songs, going from the beginning of the show through ICY:R. Costumes and staging are different from Broadway. Video loops three times on the DVD, standalone copy. A

4/29/96 ~ Broadway
Idina Menzel, Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Fredi Walker, Jesse L. Martin, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Taye Diggs
Classic Rent camcorder video that everyone should have that I’ve had for about 8 years so it is a lower generation. Great first act and the black speed lines for about 30 min. in second act that end during Take Me or Leave Me B+

5/1/96 ~ Broadway
Anthony Rapp, Adam Pascal, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Jesse L. Martin, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Fredi Walker, Taye Diggs, Sherie Renee Scott (u/s)
Very poor quality due to generation loss, barely watchable, was probably a nice video at one point, picture comes in and out C-

1/9/97 ~ Broadway
Idina Menzel, Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp,Jesse L. Martin, Wilson Jermaine Heredia
Very grainy from generation loss but watchable. No real closeups, mostly medium and wide shots but nicely filmed from stage right, gets all the action and is a great capture of the show B-

February 1997 ~ Broadway
Idina Menzel, Adam Pascal, Norbert Leo Butz (u/s), Jesse L. Martin, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Taye Diggs
Suffers serious generation loss, picture blips and spotlight washout but nicely filmed C+

7/24/97 ~ Broadway
Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Marcy Harriell, Sherie Scott, Michael McElroy, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Fredi Walker
Sound is a little muted, but still completely understandable and fine. Heavy generational loss, decent zooms and close-ups. C

1998 ~ Vancover, Canada
Original Candian Cast except for Cary Sheilds (his first time as Roger). Decent video of the Canadian cast. Starts at RENT ends in the middle of I'll Cover you B. B

1/9/98 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Neil Patrick Harris, Owen Johnston II, Julia Santana, Mark Leroy Jackson, Andy Senor, Kenna J. Ramsey, Carla Bianco
Slightly dark throughout and coverups; sometimes shaky. Good sound but a little blurry. B

4/29/98 ~ Detroit
Christian Andersono, Kristoffer Cusick, CC Brown, Evan D'Angeles, Erin Kearney, Kamilan Martin, Simone, Dwayne Clark
Poor Quality

4/30/98 ~ Detroit
Christian Andersono, Kristoffer Cusick, CC Brown, Evan D'Angeles, Erin Kearney, Kamilan Martin,Simone, Dwayne Clark
Fair Quality, shot from Orchestra, like first row maybe.  Simone's last performance. Act 1 Only.

October 1998 ~ Broadway
Norbert Leo Butz, Matt Murphy (u/s), Marcy Harriell, Wilson Cruz, Calvin Grant (u/s), Jacques C. Smith, Gwen Stewart
Shot from Left Balcony w/ obstruction. Good video, though; low Generation, excellent video with almost all close-ups. B+

9/5/99 ~ San Francisco, CA
Angel Cast: Trey Ellett, Dean Balkwill, Sharon Leal, Erin Keaney, Kamilah Martin, Mark Leroy Jackson, Shaun Earl, Brian Love
Closing night video; filmed from orchestra A

12/3/99 ~ Berlin
John Partridge, Peti van der Velde, Alex Melcher, DMJ, Colin Rich, Irina Alex, Anna-Tania Horn, Sean Ghazi
Shot from orchestra, some good close ups.  Lots of spotlight washout and dark in some places, other than that, it’s not a bad video.  B Also performed in English

2000 ~ Dublin/Ireland
Very different interpretation of the show than we are used to. The story sort of unfolds before you in a "let's-put-on-a-show" way, and in some ways reminds me of Godspell. Not the complete show, but most of Act 1. B

3/15/00 ~ San Diego
Benny Cast: Cary Sheilds, Matt Caplan, Saycon Sengbloh, Michelle Smoth, Jacqueline Arnold.
One of the better Rent videos, missing the first 3-4 minutes but then excellent for the rest of the show A

April 2000 ~ Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Robson Moura (Roger), Jarbas Homem de Mello (Mark), Maurício Xavier (Collins), André Dias (Angel), Alessandra Maestrini (Maureen), Neusa Romano (Joanne), Andrea Marquee (Mimi) and Ronie Marruda (Benny)
Pro-shot with multi camera, great closeups.  Not in English. A

8/26/00 ~ San Antonio, TX
Matt Caplan, Joshua Kobak, Marcus Chaney (u/s Collins), Brian M. Love, Jacqueline B.Arnold, Shaun Earl, Saycon Sengbloh, Erin Keaney, Courtney Corey, Maia Wilson, Fred Jones, Curtis Cregan, Jake Manabat, Matthew Murphy, Tricia Young, Pierre Angelo Bayuga, Dominique Roy
Benny Tour: some railing gets in the way at times; starts during "Rent", Act 1 shot from front row center balcony; Act 2 shot from mezzanine, some opening credits, covered up during "Life Support" B+

9/1/00 ~ Broadway
Trey Ellett, Manley Pope, Loraine Velez, Cristina Fadale, Danielle Lee Greaves, John Eric Parker, Peter Matthew Smith
Some good zooms, good sound, some heads in the way off and on; Starts at the beginning of "Rent", missing the end of "La Vie Boheme" and almost all of "Seasons of Love", cuts off during Finale. B

1/20/01 ~ Tucson, AZ
Curtis Cregan (u/s Mark), Joshua Kobak (u/s Roger), Mark Richard Ford, Brian M. Love, Jacqueline B.Arnold, Shaun Earl, Dominique Roy, Maggie Benjamin, Haven Burton, Cicily Daniels, Fred Jones, Pierre Angelo Bayuga, Jake Manabat, J0ustin A. Johnston, Sala Iwamatsu, Karmine Alers, Dana Dawson
Benny Tour: Nice video with clear picture and sound throughout; includes a very nice clip at the end of Dominique Roy doing "Out Tonight", plus some extra Curtis clips B+

1/27/01 ~ Austin, TX
Benny Tour: Matt Caplan, Cary Shields, Fred Jones (u/s), Dominique Roy, Brian M. Love, Maggie Benjamin, Jacqueline B. Arnold, Shaun Earl
Nice closeups; slightly shaky at tmes but very good quality A-

5/29/01 ~ Broadway
Trey Ellett (Mark), Chad Richardson* (u/s Roger), Yassmin Alers* (u/s Mimi), Mark Leroy Jackson* (u/s Collins), Jai Rodriguez* (u/s Angel), Cristina Fadale (Maureen), Natalie Venetia Belcon (Joanne), Stu James (Benny), Kendra Kassebaum, Myiia Watson-Davis, David St. Louis, Dean Balkwill* (u/s), Owen Johnston II, Kim Varhola.

Rent Reunion Concert
6/4/01 ~ New York
Idina Menzel, Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Fredi Walker, Jesse L. Martin, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Taye Diggs, more
OBC 5th Anniversary at Studio 54. A little blurry at times and shot from the back of the theater; about 80 minutes long B+

8/14/01 ~ Broadway
Trey Ellett, Manley Pope, Yassmin Alers
Exceptional video that captures the key moments really well with zooms. Great Mimi, Maureen and Joanne. B

9/1/01 ~ Broadway
Trey Ellett, Dean Armstrong, Dominique Roy,Yassmin Alers
Yassmin Alers's last show; missing a few minutes here and there, some obstruction throughout, but mostly complete B

2/14/02 ~ Broadway
Trey Ellet, Matt Caplan (u/s), Karmine Alers, Maggie Benjamin, Myiia Watson Davis, Mark Ford, Jai Rodriguez, Chad Richardson
Very good picture and sound; slight buzzing in background; nice closeups throughout B-

2/15/02 ~ Galveston,TX
Collins Cast: Kevin Spencer, Jay Wilkison, Bruce Wilson Jr., Matthew S. Morgan, Justin Rodriguez, Bridget Anne Mohammed, Krystal Washington, Sara Schatz
Spectacular zooms; very clear picture; great sound. Some obstruction at times; begins during "Tune Up"; includes some stage door footage at the end A

8/10/02 ~ Broadway
Joey Fatone, Manley Pope, Karmine Alers, Jai Rodriguez, Mark Richard Ford, Todd Pettiford
Shot from third row center mezzanine, very clear with lots of close-ups. A

10/27/02 ~ Broadway
Joey Fatone, Manley Pope , Karmine Alers, Maggie Benjamin, Myiia Watson Davis, Mark Ford, Jai Rodriguez, Chad Richardson
Maggie and Myiia's last show Incredibly good video; great closeups and picture, crackling noise throughout, but watchable. A

8/11/03 ~ Broadway
Cary Shields, Matt Caplan, Todd E. Pettiford (u/s), Stu James, Kenna J. Ramsey ,Andy Senor, Krystal L. Washington, Maggie Benjamin, Catrice Joseph (u/s), John Eric Parker (u/s)
Digital- fantastic picture and sound and very steady. Shot from the first row of the Mezzanine on the left side. Slight obstruction from the railing and a cross post at about the location of the stage right payphone, so there are a lot of waist-up shots and tight headshots; Steady, clear and well shot. A

8/26/03 ~ Broadway
Cary Shields, Matt Caplan, Mark Richard Ford, Stu James, Frenchie Davis, Andy Senor, Krystal Washington, Maggie Benjamin, John Eric Parker, Catrice Joseph
Digital; video begins at “You Okay Honey” and is complete after that; nice video A

10/19/03 ~ Collins Tour
Constantine Maroulis, Brian Gligor, Daryl C. Brown, Damien DeShaun Smith, Jamie Lee Kirchner, Leslie Diamond.
Not complete show, starts at “Light My Candle”, and is missing “We're Okay”; spotlight washout but nice sound; filmed from right side balcony B+

3/30/04 ~ Broadway
Jeremy Kushnier, Joshua Kobak (u/s), Dominique Roy (u/s), Mark Richard Ford, Haneefah Wood, Maggie Benjamin, Andy Senor
Excellent video from left mezzanine; follows the action on stage nicely. Lots of closeups. Act one starts at the beginning of Mark's monologue; act two turns into mostly audio only at the end of Finale B (although a little of the curtain call can be seen) and yes, it does include Joshua dropping the film projector at the beginning of the finale. A

5/11/04 ~ Broadway
Jeremy Kushnier, Matt Caplan, Melanie (Scary Spice) Brown, Mark Richard Ford, Merle Dandridge, Maggie Benjamin, Andy Senor, D'Monroe, Kristen Lee Kelly
Shot from left mezzanine, close in quality to 3/30/04 video, although not as many close zooms. Act one begins with Tune up #1. Act two ends with the finale (though again, just a little bit of curtain call is visible). Sound is excellent, video is digital A

10/24/04 ~ Broadway
Jeremy Kushnier, Drew Lachey, Destan Owens, Justin Johnson, D'Monroe, Merle Dandridge, Krystal Washington, Kelly Karbacz, Kendra Kassembaum
Well filmed video. First minute or so is out of focus, then greatly improves. A

1/27/05 ~ Broadway
Drew Lachey, Cary Shields, Karmine Alers, Mark Richard Ford, D'Monore, Merle Dandrige, Justin Johnston, Kelly Karbacz
Very nice video, lots of closeups, no obstructions. However, battery problems in act two so the video ends after "What You Own". A

5/14/05 ~ Broadway matinee
Cary Shields, Matt Caplan, Karmine Alers, Destan Owens, D'Monroe, Danielle Lee Greaves, Enrico Rodriguez (u/s), Kelly Karbacz, Frenchie Davis, Caren Lyn Manuel
Digital Video, filmed from the middle of the mezzanine; filmed around two heads but lots of closeups A

6/25/05 ~ Broadway
Matt Caplan (Mark), Cary Shields (Roger), Karmine Alers (Mimi), Destan Owens (Collins), Justin Johnston (Angel), Kelly Karbacz (Maureen), Merle Dandridge (Joanne), D'Monroe (Benny), Frenchie Davis, Marcus Paul James, Mayumi Ando
Shot from the balcony, far left, filmed around heads, but great closeups.  A

7/30/05 ~ Broadway (matinee)
Cary Shields (Roger), Matt Caplan (Mark), Karmine Alers (Mimi), Destan Owens (Collins), Kelly Karbacz (Maureen), Justin Johnson (Angel), Merle Dandridge (Joanne), D'Monroe (Benny), Ava Gaudet* (Mark’s Mom)
Incomplete. Unfortunately, there’s a few head dead center that blocks some of the action downstage. Luckily, the taper films around it pretty well, but there are some shots where it’s hard not to notice. Great clear and great close ups – the colors are wonderful. The cast leaves a little something to be desired. A- 2DVDs

8/13/05 ~ Broadway (evening)
Cary Shields (Roger), Matt Caplan (Mark), Karmine Alers (Mimi), Destan Owens (Collins), Ava Gaudet* (Maureen), Justin Johnson (Angel), Merle Dandridge (Joanne), D'Monroe (Benny), Diana Kaarina* (Mark’s Mom)
Highlights - About a half hour of Act I and most of Act II. Really nice quality. Sound is very good and although the taper is filming between two heads, they only great an obstruction once in a while. A-

9/18/05 ~ Broadway
Colin Hanlon, Cary Shields, Karmine Alers,Ava Gaudet, Destan Owens, D'Monroe, Merle Dandrige, Justin Johnston, Frenchie Davis, Jay Wilkison, Joshua Kobak
Excellent video, many closeups, about 90% complete - doesn't include "Will I?", "On The Street", "Santa Fe", "I'll Cover You", "We're Okay" and the first half of "Xmas Bells";Act Two is complete. A

1/14/06 ~ Broadway
Will Chase, Matt Caplan, Antonique Smith, Kenna Ramsey, Ava Gaudet, D'Monroe, Philip Dorian McAdoo, Justin Johnston, Frenchie Davis, Marcus Paul James, Peter Matthew Smith
Filmed from the left side of the mezzanine; one head to film around but it's nothing major. Good amount of closeups A

4/9/06 ~ Chicago
Bryce Ryness, Nina Metrick (u/s), Jed Resnick, Warren Nolan, Chante Frierson, Ano Okera, Tracy Mcdowell
First 5 minutes are blackouts due to latecomers and ushers; great picture and sound. A-

Rent10 (10th Anniversary Reunion)
4/24/06 ~ Broadway
Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Taye Diggs, Jesse L. Martin, Idina Menzel, Freddie Walker
Amazing video with great picture and sound ; includes intro speeches by Allan Gordon, Mayor Bloomberg, Senator Schumer Shot from the front mezzanine A+

3/4/07 ~ Broadway matinee
Christopher J. Hanke, Tim Howar, Jaime Lee Kirchner (final mat), Nicolette Hart, Crystal Monée Hall (u/s), D’Monroe, Troy Horne, Justin Johnston
Begins at first voicemail, a one minute coverup during “Without You” and full stage shot for the last minute of each act because of usher issues; a great quality capture otherwise. First Rent video in awhile, a shame since this is an excellent cast A+

8/4/07 ~ Broadway matinee
Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Tamyra Gray, Troy Horne, D'Monroe, Merle Dandridge, Justin Johnston, Kelly Karbacz, Dana Dawson, Marcus Paul James, Maia Nkenge Wilson, Owen Johnston II, Telly Leung, Shaun Earl, Mayumi Ando
Highlights video, about 90 mintues long; contains the following songs/scenes: "Rent"*, "Glory"*, Light My Candle", "Tango: Maureen", "Out Tonight", "Another Day", "Over The Moon", "La Vie Boheme", "I Should Tell You"*, "Seasons of Love"*, part of "Happy New Year", "Take Me or Leave Me","Without You", "I'll Cover You: Reprise", "Halloween", "Goodbye, Love", "What You Own", "Y ou're Eyes" and s ongs with a * after them means those songs are audio only; filmed from row C mezzanine; some fabulous closeups. Incredible performances A-

10/5/07 ~ Broadway
Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Tamyra Gray, Troy Horne, Rodney Hicks, Nicolette Hart, Tonya Dixon,Justin Johnson, Caren Lyn Manuel
Good video, although a little shaky at times but very watchable; a few cover ups, occuring in We Begin, Voice Mail 2, some of Tango Maureen, and half of Seasons of Love. There are also some glitches in the audio of this video. B+  

10/27/07 ~ Milwaukee, WI
Heinz Winckler, Jed Resnick, Anwar Robinson, John Watson, Onyie Nwachukwu, Kristen-Alexzander Griffith, Jennifer Colby Talton, Christine Dwyer
Non-Equity Tour: Some great performances in this touring cast, which are nicely captured. A

2/21/08 ~ Broadway
Jay Wilkison (u/s Roger), Harley Jay, Tamyra Gray, Michael McElroy, Rodney Hicks, Kenna J. Ramsey, Justin Johnston, Nicolette Hart, Peter Matthew Smith, Caren Lyn Manuel, Maia Nkenge Wilson, Marcus Paul James, Andy Senor, Shaun Earl, Andrea Goss
First couple minutes are a bit hidden, due to a late seater, but the rest is pretty fabulous. No ushers were even inside the building for the rest of the show after walk-in, so it is really fabulous; nice video with good closeups and excellent sound

3/22/08 ~ Broadway
Declan Bennett, Harley Jay/Kyle Post, Tamyra Gray, Caren Lyn Manuel, Michael McElroy, Rodney Hicks, Kenna J. Ramsey, Justin Johnston, Trisha Jeffrey, Marcus Paul James, Maia Nkenge Wilson, Jay Wilkison, Telly Leung, Shaun Earl, Andrea Goss
Harley got sick half way through act one and was replaced by Kyle Post. This was Harley's final day in the show. Filmed from the mid-mezzanine house left. Some heads in the way but nothing terrible. "You'll See" through "Tango:Maureen" is sound only picture starts back up at "Life Support". Video is missing "Will I?" through "We're Okay". Act Two is complete. B+

4/20/08 ~ Broadway
Jay Wilkinson (u/s Roger), Caren Lyn Manuel (u/s Mimi),Adam Kantor, Rodney Hicks, Michael McElroy, Justin Johnston,mNicolette Hart, Karmine Alers, Marcus Paul James, Maia Nkenge Wilson, Kyle Post, Telly Leung, Shaun Earl, Andrea Goss
Shot from the middle of the mezzanine. Great close ups throughout; one annoying head that kept moving every two seconds but shot around; video is complete although around "I'll Cover You" through half of "On the Street/Xmas Bells" is sound only. Nice clear video A

5/31/08 ~ Broadway
Will Chase, Adam Kantor, Tamyra Gray, Michael McElroy, Eden Espinosa, Rodney Hicks, Merle Dandrige, Shaun Earl (u/s Angel), Caren Lyn Manuel, Marcus Paul James, Maia Nkenge Wilson, Jay Wilkison, Telly Leung, Kyle Post, Andrea Goss
Filmed from the mid-left mezzanine; first 19 minutes full stage shots, some zooms and blackouts. Gets better with lots of closeups after that; one head in a while A-

6/28/08 ~ Broadway
Will Chase, Adam Kantor, Todd E. Pettiford (u/s Collins), Rodney Hicks, Merle Dandrige, Justin Johnston, Karmine Alers (u/s Mimi), Eden Espinosa, Caren Lyn Manuel, Maia Nkenge Wilson, Marcus Paul James, Jay Wilkison, Telly Leung, Shaun Earl, Mayumi Ando
Full show, filmed in an empty mezzanine; last minute of each act is sound only; first couple minutes are shakey due to seat changes; no obstructions, nice closeups, good video A-

8/9/08 ~ Broadway Matinee
Jay Wilkison (u/s Roger), Adam Kantor, Michael McElroy, Rodney Hicks, Tracie Thoms, Justin Johnston, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Eden Espinosa, Tracy McDowell, Owen Johnston II, Gwen Stewart, Kyle Post, Telly Leung, Shaun Earl, Andrea Goss
Filmed from house left mezzanine; two large people in front of taper block half of the stage so some blackouts/sound only throughout the video but still watchable. Lots of closeups, some full stage when taper was shooting blindly; video includes Renee Elise Goldberry's "Light My Candle" and "Out Tonight" from 7.12.08 Evening B

8/30/08 ~ Broadway
Will Chase, Adam Kantor, Michael McElroy, Rodney Hicks,Tracie Thoms, Justin Johnston, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Eden Espinosa, Tracy McDowell, D'Monroe, Gwen Stewart, Jay Wilkison,Telly
Leung, Shaun Earl, Andrea Goss
Act One Is Highlights. Act One contains: "Rent"(sound only), "Glory", "Light My Candle", "Tango: Maureen", "Life Support", "Out Tonight", "Another Day", "Will I?", "We're Okay", "Christmas Bells", "Over The Moon", "La Vie Boheme"; Act Two is complete, except it ends right after Mimi pops up and says she "jumped over the moooooooooon"; filmed from house right; good picture and sound B+

1/10/09 ~ Cleveland, OH
Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Gwen Stewart, Michael McElroy, Haneefah Wood, Justin Johnston, Lexi Lawson, Nicolette Hart, Jacques C. Smith
The Broadway Tour: amazing energy and performances, many new touches to this tour. Beautifully captured and cast.  Video includes One Song Glory and Out Tonight from the evening show as well. Very nice video A

2/4/09 ~ Philadelphia, PA
Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Michael McElroy, Jacques C. Smith, Haneefah Wood, Justin Johnston, Lexi Lawson, Nicolette Hart, Caren Tackett, John Watson, Gwen Stewart, Adam Halpin, Telly Leung, Andy Senor, Yuka Takara
Good capture of this solid tour. Video is complete, although missing the last minute of act one; some blackouts but not too bad; full stage shots the railing of the mezzanine can be seen; nice capture with amazing closeups. A

3/14/09 ~ San Diego, CA
Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Michael McElroy, Jacques C. Smith, Haneefah Wood, Justin Johnston, Lexi Lawson, Nicolette Hart, Caren Tackett, John Watson, Trisha Jeffrey (SOLoist #1u/s), Adam Halpin, Telly Leung, Andy Senor,Yuka Takara
Filmed in 16:9 widescreen.Almost no obstructions, with the exception of an instance where a few people left early and walked across the walkway; a couple of very brief blackouts and some very dim scenes; good video A

Rent: Hollwood Bowl Concert
8/6/10 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Aaron Tveit, Sylar Austin, Vanessa Hudgins, Nicole Scherzinger, Tracie Thoms, Telly Leung, Wayne Brady, Gwen Stewart
Filmed with a mix wides, mediums, and close-ups, with no blackouts whatsoever; the stage is filmed directly, not the screens, except for a couple times when the screens were showing different footage than what was happening live on stage. There is some washout here and there, especially in the wides. This was filmed on a tripod so it's fairly steady, but it does get a big shaky or jerky in places, especially when zoomed in. The crowd was so enthusiastic that their screams occasionally overload the audio, but other than that, the sound is excellent. 2 DVDs A

9/29/11 (Act 1) AND 10/2/11 (Act 2) ~ New York
Adam Chandler-Berat, Matt Shingledecker, Morgan Weed, Nicholas Christopher, Ephraim Sykes, Corbin Reid, Ben Thompson, MJ Rodriguez, Arianda Fernandez, Annaleigh Ashford, Marcus Paul James, Tamika Sonja Lawrence, Michael Wartella, Margot Bingham
Off-Broadway at the New World Stages; disc also includes 45 minutes of interviews/performances; great video with clear picture and sound; nicely filmed A

Rent Remixed
2/2/08 ~ London Highlights
Oliver Thornton, Luke Evans, Craig Stein, Leon Lopez, Francesca Jackson, Jay Webb, Jessie Wallace, Ruth Augilera, Lewis Griffiths, C.J. Johnson, Antony Luperi, Earl Perkins, Jamie Sampson, Philippa Stefan
Highlights of final performance; not the complete show. Well, the audio is good and not much else. It runs less than one hour and almost all of it is the back wall/ceiling; very rarely actually filming anything at all; not recommended unless you want to hear it D

2/25/85 ~ St. Thomas Church, NYC
Sarah Brightman, Placido Domingo
Included a very nice documentary about Andrew Lloydd Webber, Joseph, Whistle, Jesus… Pro-shot. B+

The Retreat From Moscow
10/25/03 ~ Broadway
Eileen Atkins, John Lithgow, Ben Chaplin
Really good video; about two cover-ups but they only last a minute or less; act 2 missing first 3 minutes; a little shaky picture and sound for first 15 minutes B+

Return To The Forbidden Planet
(Shakespeare's Forgotten Rock & Roll Masterpiece)
May 2009 ~ St. Louis, MO
Michael Amoroso, Zachary Allen Farmer, Nikki Glenn, Tara Lawton, Ted Drury, Scott Tripp, Philip Leveling, Kimi Short, Mike Dowdy, Tawaine Noah
A Jukebox musical by playwright Bob Carlton based on Shakespeare's The Tempest and the 1950s science fiction film Forbidden Planet. Presented by the New Line Theatre. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. 2 DVDs A

February 2010 ~ Toronto, Canada
Joe Cascone, Ashley Gibson, David Haines, Carol Kugler
Canadian premiere of the show presented by The Civic Light Opera's Company. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Includes 20 minutes of behind the scenes footage 2 DVDs A

Rhapsody In Gershwin
Date Unknown - Stamford, CT
"Called back by the haunting refrains of Gershwin’s "Rhapsody in Blue," five ghosts (each reminiscent of certain musical stars) find themselves in their old playground – a Hollywood sound stage. While intermittently scaring the pants off the old gruff janitor, they recreate some of their favorite numbers. Eventually however, they become bored and begin to reflect on their life and career now gone. While cleaning, the janitor discovers a dusty can of film and begins to look at it frame by frame, and using theatre magic, the ghosts re-enact one of their biggest hits – “Express Train to Broadway!”, in a hilarious spoof of movie musicals of the 30’s and 40’s. The janitor leaves the ghosts to themselves, reveling in his own memories of a bygone era. Satisfied that their lives and careers were still appreciated, our ghosts wistfully bid adieu." A production of Stamford Theatre Works. Mostly a full stage shot, with the camera on a tripod. (Also included on the disc: "One Hit Wonders, The Musical")

Rhythm Ranch
October 2001 ~ Circa 21 Playhouse, Davenport, IA
Pro-shot. Great quality Country-western type musical; excellent video with nice closeups and sound throughout A

Ring of Fire
4/28/06 ~ Broadway
Jeb Brown, Jason Edwards, Jarrod Emick, Beth Malone, Cass Morgan, Lari White
Some whiting out of faces in a few scenes; overall a nice video of the Broadway flop with only 57 official performances; occasional heads at the bottom of the screen A-

Ring Them Bells!: A Kander & Ebb Celebration
2/15/13 ~ PBS
Chita Rivera, Joel Grey, Marin Mazzie, Jason Danieley.
Multi-camera pro-shot for PBS. A+

The Rink
1984 ~ Broadway
Chita Rivera, Liza Minnelli, Jason Alexander, Ronn Carroll, Scott Ellis
Amazingly good video and sound for an older show. B

RIPfest #4, "Broken Promises"
"RIPFest, where 6 teams of filmmakers are thrown together, never having met before, to create 10-minute movie musicals, from conception to screening in 16 days. RIPfest #4 deals with the theme of "broken promises." Filmed in New York, using Broadway and theatre talent. Included: "Say You Do" - Julia Murney, Jimmy Bennet, Scott Schwartz (dir), Jen Cody (choreographer), Jonathan Bernstein (book), GrooveLily (score) "Love, Mom" - Tonya Pinkins, Ted Sperling (dir) "Seven Ten Split" - Kate
Shindle, Brian Lohman "'Til Birth Do Us Part" - Lisa Yuen, Patrick Mellar, Mark Sanders, Elizabeth Lucas (dir) "Side Effects" - Ruth Gerson, Dana Snyder, Chris Grant (dir) "That Old Song and Dance" - John Grady, Anjali Bhimani, Don Wiggins. Pro-shot. A

Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny
2007 ~ Los Angeles Opera
Patti LuPone, Audra McDonald, Anthony Dean Griffey, Robert Worle, Donnie Ray Albert, John Easterlin, Mel Ulrich
Pro-shot video from PBS A+

The Ritz
11/10/07 ~ Broadway
Rosie Perez, Kevin Chamberlin, Brooks Ashmanskas, Ashlie Atkinson, Ryan Idol, Seth Rudetsky, Patrick Kerr, Lucas Near-Verbrugghe, Terrence Riordan.
Terrific, fun show with great performances and plenty of eye candy, all of which is beautifully captured. Rosie's act 1 finale is amazing. A

The Ritz
11/17/07 ~ Broadway
Rosie Perez, Kevin Chamberlin, Brooks Ashmanskas,Ashlie Atkinson, Ryan Idol, Patrick Kerr, Lucas Near-Verbrugghe, Terrence Riordan
Missing the last twelve minutes of the show; filmed blind, it often drifts and filmer's jacket gets in the way. Two or three cover-up's and shaky but good zooms! B

The River
12/26/14 ~ Broadway
Hugh Jackman (The Man), Cush Jumbo (The Woman), Laura Donelly (Other Woman)
Excellent HD capture with no obstructions.

The Roar of the Greasepaint, The Smell of the Crowd
1981 ~ Melbourne, Australia
Ron Constable, Rick Peacock
Well filmed with slight generation loss but great clear sound; very nice older video A-

The Robber Bridegroom
1980 ~ Showtime
Marjoe Gortner, Kaye Ballard, Pippa Pearthree,  Gene Lindsey, Scott Jarvis, Ernie Sabella, Trip Plymale, Molly Scates, Carolyn McCurry, Deanna Dunagan, Kurt Knudson
Pro-shot video that aired on Showtime A-

The Robber Bridegroom  

5/19/16 ~ Off-Broadway, Revival

Steven Pasquale (Jamie Lockhart), Ahna O'Reilly (Rosamund), Leslie Kritzer (Salome), Lance Roberts (Clement Musgrove), Greg Hildreth (Goat), Andrew Durand (Little Harp), Evan Harrington (Big Harp), Nadia Quinn, Devere Rogers.

Beautifully filmed with a High Definition camcorder.   A

Robin and the 7 Hoods
8/22/10 ~ San Diego, CA
Eric Schneider, Kelly Sullivan, Will Chase, Amy Spanger, Rick Holmes, Adam Heller, Graham Bowen (u/s Georgie), Anthony Wayne, Jeffrey Schecter
Nice capture of this new show with a fantastic cast; video missing the first 12 minutes, only audio, but it's full show from there. More washout than normal, but not too bad; virtually no obstruction and  filmed with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups.  Good video 2 DVDs A-

11/6/69 ~ NBC Television
Bob Hope, John Davidson, Irene Hervey, Michele Lee, Eve McVeagh, Laura Miller, Janis Paige, Ann Shoemaker
Bob Hope reprises his role as Huckleberry Haines which he played in the Jerome Kern musical which opened on Nov. 18, 1933 at the New Amsterdam Theatre in New York and ran for 295 performances.
Filmed at The Bob Hope Theatre in Dallas, TX as a benefit for SMU's Meadows School of the Arts; great video with original commericals A

Robin and the 7 Hoods
8/22/10 ~ San Diego, CA
Eric Schneider, Kelly Sullivan, Will Chase, Amy Spanger, Rick Holmes, Adam Heller, Graham Bowen (u/s Georgie), Anthony Wayne, Jeffrey Schecter
Nice capture of this new show with a fantastic cast; video missing the first 12 minutes, only audio, but it's full show from there. More washout than normal, but not too bad; virtually no obstruction and filmed with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Good video 2 DVDs A-

Robin Hood
2005/2006 ~ commerical proshot
Jesper Tyden, Sabine Neibersch, Daniela Ziegler, Roy Weissensteiner, Jon Geoffrey Goldsworthy
Commercial proshot DVD In German A+

Robin Williams on Broadway
7/14/02 ~ Broadway
HBO Live Special from the Broadway Theatre A+

Rockabye Hamlet
July 2014 ~ New York
Concert version

Rock of Ages
4/12/09 ~ Broadway
Constantine Maroulis, Amy Spanger, James Carpinello, Tad Wilson (u/s Dennis/Record Company Man), Mitchell Jarvis, Michele Mais, Lauren Molina, Paul Schoeffler, Wesley Taylor
Has about 8 minutes of total blackouts, mostly towards the beginning; a few heads in the first 15 minutes only on wide shots and when the action was on the edge of the stage. A-

Rock of Ages
3/2/11 ~ Costa Mesa, CA
Josh Sassanella (u/s Drew), Rebecca Faulkenberry, Patrick Lewallen, Nick Cordero, MiG Ayesa, Bret Tuomi, Travis Walker, Casey Tuma, Rashad Naylor, Teresa Stanley, Angela Brydon, Lauralyn McClelland, Joey Calveri, Lindsay Janisse, Sean Jenness
Nice capture of the tour; some quick dropouts throughout the show and the first 2 minutes of the second act is blacked out, but the rest of the show is intact; some washout but no major obstructions; excellent sound 2 DVDs A-

Rock of Ages
12/1/14 ~ Broadway
Constantine Maroulis, Lauren Zakrin, Genson Blimline, Chester See, Adam Dannheisser, Frankie Grande, Josephine Rose Roberts, Paul Schoeffler, Amma Osei, Tessa Alves, Alyssa Herrera, Ericka Hunter, Josh Sassanella, Andre Ward
Very nice video with no washout, a couple quick dropouts, and very minor obstruction. Includes curtain call, Frankie's BC/EFA speech and auction 2 DVDs A

12/16/12 ~ Hamburg, Germany
Drew Sarich (Rocky), Wietske van Tongeren (Adrian), Terence Archie (Apollo Creed), Alex Avenell (Gloria), Patrick Imhoff (Paulie), Uwe Dreves (Mickey), Robin Brosch (Gazzo/ Jimmy Michaels), Frank Logemann (Jergens/ Tommy Crosetti), Christopher Hemmans (Apollo Manager), Mickey Peterson (Buddy/Doktor).
Excellent quality. In German.

12/22/12 ~ Hamburg, Germany
Domink Schulz, Silke Braas, Terence Archie, Alex Avenell, Patrick Imhof, Uwe Drewes, Joana Fee Wurz, Juliane Dreyer
Performed in German; very well filmed video with nice picture and clear sound throughout; good video A

3/29/14 ~ Broadway
Andy Karl, Margo Seibert, Terence Archie, Dakin Matthews, Danny Mastrogiorgio, Jennifer Mudge,
Beautifully filmed using a HD camcorder, some heads appear in the bottom of the frame occasionally but never get in the way, A 2 DVDs

8/16/14 ~ Broadway
Andy Karl, Margo Seibert, Terence Archie, Dakin Matthews, Danny Mastrogiorgio, Vince Oddo, Jennifer Mudge, Michelle Aravena, Kristin Piro, Jenny Lee Stern, Wallace Smith
Second to last performance before the show closed on Broadway; very nice capture overall; first two and half minutes of act one are blacked out, as is about three minutes during Undefeated Man and The Fight, but the rest is complete; no obstruction except during The Fight when everyone leans forward; the heads are worked around fairly well; filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups; good clear picture and sound 2 DVDs A-

The Rocky Horror Show
8/6/88 ~ Royal Hanley Tour
Mark Turnbull, Marc Seymour, Craig Deegan, Sue Cotter, Lorinda King, Paul Cottingham, Roger John-Lee, Julie Fox, David Ian, Phillipa Blake, Mark Vince, Judy Walker
Closing Night, pro-shot. Some generation loss, very interesting visuals, and lively cast and audience. B+

The Rocky Horror Show
1992 ~ UK Tour
Penelope McGhie, Elizabeth Carling,Tim Flavin, Roger Leach, Robert Perkins, Simone Castle, Richard O'Brien, Eddie Kirby Sean Lydon, Matthew Cammelle, Rebekka Gibbs, Billy Miller
Has been listed as a 1990 Piccadilly video, but the costume designs/performers definitely don't match those pictured in brochures/heard on audios. Black and white, with a fair bit of generation loss and no extreme close-ups, but still quite watchable. C+

The Rocky Horror Show
8/92 - Amstetten
Paul Kribbe, Aidan Bell, Anja Mattner, Dennis Kozeluh, Nora Cherry, Andrea Strubbe.
Nice zooms and filming, a bit of generation loss, but nothing bad at all. *Songs are in English, dialogue is in German* PRO-SHOT (one cam)

The Rocky Horror Show
1993 ~ North American Tour
Bob Simon
Final Night of the tour; generational loss, and the audio is sometimes of sync with the picture, but still a very watchable video.  Follows the action very well and also captures quite a lot of the background details B

The Rocky Horror Show
4/24/99 ~ Los Angeles, CA
James Carpinello, Bob Simon, Tim Fitzgerald, Lacey Kohl, Donnie Kehr, Hynden Walch, Kirsten Brenton, Eric Leviton, Hope Levy.
This is the original production which inspired the recent Broadway show, with the same production team (including costumes by Todd Oldman.) Produced at the Tiffany Theatre in Hollywood. Very very well filmed and crystal clear. A

The Rocky Horror Show
4/20/01 ~ Broadway
Tom Hewitt, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Jarrod Emick, Dick Cavett, Raul Esparza, Kristen Lee Kelly (u/s), Joan Jett
Good digital video; B+

The Rocky Horror Show
7/11/01 ~ Broadway
Tom Hewitt, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Luke Perry, Alice Ripley, Jason Wooten (u/s),Anna Gastayer, Lea DeLaria, Dick Cavett
Very clear with nice picture and sound A

The Rocky Horror Show
Act 1: 7/24/01 and Act 2: 8/1/01 ~ Broadway
Tom Hewitt, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Luke Perry, Alice Ripley (Act 1 Only), Anna Gastayer, Lea DeLaria (Act 2 Only) and Dick Cavett
First act is filmed from the front row with good close-ups. Act 2 is filmed from far back with no extreme close-ups. B

The Rocky Horror Show
8/17/01 ~ Broadway
Tom Hewitt, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Jarrod Emick, Alice Ripley, Mark Price , Ana Gastayer, Jonathan Sharp (u/s), James Stovall (u/s), Dick Cavett, John Jeffrey Martin, Kristen Lee Kelly, Rosa Curry, Aiko Nakasone, Jim Osorno
Good video with nice picture and sound A-

The Rocky Horror Show
8/24/01 ~ Broadway
James Stovall (u/s Frank), Aiko Nakasone (u/s Magenta), Jarrod Emick, Alice Ripley, Mark Price, Kristen Lee Kelly, John Jeffrey Martin (u/s Rocky), Lea DeLaria, Dick Cavett, Jonathan Sharp,
Asa Somers, Jason Wooten, Rosa Curry, Denise Summerford
Nice lost Rocky video; missing Toucha-Touch-Me A

The Rocky Horror Show
9/9/01 ~ Broadway
Terrence Mann, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Aiko Nakasone (u/s), Kristen Lee Kelly (u/s), Jarrod Emmick, Mark Price, Sebastian LaCause, Dick Cavett, James Stovall, Jonathan Sharp, Rosa Curry, Kevin Cahoon, Asa Somers, John Jeffrey Martin, Denise Summerford
Some blackouts during the Cavett monologues, but some great closeups of Jonathan Sharp A-

The Rocky Horror Show
11/18/01 ~ Broadway
Terrence Mann, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Jarrod Emick, Kristen Lee Kelly, Sebastian Bach, Liz Larsen, John Jeffrey Martin (u/s), Jason Wooten, Gilbert Gottfried, Matthew Morrison, Kevin Cahoon, James Stovall, Rosa Curry, Daniel C. Levine, Yassmin Alers
Starts with "Over At The Frankenstein Place". This video is fantastic. Excellent audience participation and the cast was having a fantastic time. B+

The Rocky Horror Show
12/13/01 ~ Broadway
Kevin Cahoon (u/s), Daphne Rubin-Vega, Jarrod Emick, Kristen Lee Kelly, Sebastian Bach, Liz Larsen, Sebastian LaCause, Jason Wooten, Sally Jesse Raphael, Matthew Morrison, Jim Osorno,
John Jeffrey Martin, James Stovall, Rosa Curry,Yassmin Alers
Good quality video B+

The Rocky Horror Show
10/31/03 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Eric Anderson, Steve Glaudini, Thomas Patrick, Danny Stiles, Ann Warren, Damon Kirschet, Christia Manke, Chris Hall, Monica Schneider
One camera pro shot with good closeups and very nice sound; very good clear video A

The Rocky Horror Show
November 2007 ~ Ann Arbor, MI
Kira Safan, Camila Ballario, Emily Glick, Brant Cox,  Alison Kay Velasco, Mark Ayesh, Talia Corren, Caitlin Smith, Peter Gosik, Mike Kelton, Max Spitulnik, Ian Mazurek
Multi-camera pro-shot of a lively and innovative production of the show, with great picture and clear sound; very nice video A+

Rocky Horror Show
2008 ~ Berlin
Chris Ellis-Stanton (Brad), Ceri-Lyn Cissone (Janet), Maria Franzen (Magenta), Stuart Matthew Price (Riff Raff), Kerry Winter (Columbia), Martin Semmelrogge (Narrator).
Amazing production, Maria Franzen is great! Filmed in Widescreen. A-

The Rocky Horror Show

The Rocky Horror Show
2013 ~ UK Tour
Oliver Thornton (Frank-N-Furter), Sam Attwater (Brad), Dani Harmer (Janet), Philip Franks (Narrator), Henry Davis (Rocky), Ceris Hine (Columbia), Abigail Jaye (Magenta), Kristian Lavercombe (Riff Raff) Beautiful capture of 40th Anniversary of the show. The only problem with this recording is that its missing The Sword of Damocles but other than that it is complete and action well followed. A

The Rocky Horror Show Tribute Show
May 2006 ~ Royal Court Theatre, London
Anthony Head (Frank n Furter Act 1) / Michael Ball (Frank n Furter Act 2), Patricia Quinn,Adrain Edmonson, Sophie Lawrence, Toyah Willcox, Kraig Thornber, Richard O'Brien, Little Nell, Christopher Biggins, Rayner Bourton, Robin Cousins
One night only concert featuring original stars from stage and screen productions. Multi camera pro-shot. A+

The Rodgers & Hart Sory: Thou Swell, Thou Witty
1999 ~ filmed for PBS
Christine Ebersole, Susan Egan, Debbie Shapiro Gravitte, Mary Cleere Haran, Brian d'Arcy James, Jane Krakowski, Rebecca Luker, Stanley Mathis, Ron Raines
Includes video clips by Eddie Albert, Larry Adler, Betsy Blair, Eddie Bracken, Dorothy Hart, June Havoc, Allen Kelman, Jeffrey Lunden, Frederick Nolan, Mary Rodgers, Adam Young Roe. Pro-shot special A

Rodney's Wife
12/9/04 ~ New York
David Strathairn, Jessica Chastain, Haviland Morris, Jesse Pennington, Maryann Plunkett, John Rothman
Nicely filmed; also includes scanned Playbill information. A

Romance, Romance
1988 ~ Broadway
Scott Bakula, Alison Frasier, Deborah Graham, Robert Hoshour.
Mostly a full stage shot-no close-ups. Some generational loss prevents any real facial definition, but not bad, considering it's age. B

Romance, Romance
1993 ~ A&E TV
John Herrera, Susan Moniz, Deborah Graham, John DeLuca
Shown on A&E as part of the "Clairol on Broadway" Series and subsequently released on video.  Filmed at the Cherry County Playhouse. Pro shot video, very clear.  A

Romeo And Bernadette
February 2003 ~ Millburn, NJ
Andy Karl, Rose De Candia, Adam Monley, Natalie Hill
A World Premiere performance from Papermill Playhouse. Recorded through the house camera. A

Romeo and Julia
2005 ~ Vienna
Lukas Perman, Marjan Shaki, Mathias Edenborn, Rasmus Borkowski, Mark Seibert
Proshot video.

Romeo and Julia
3/12/05 ~ Vienna
Lukas Permann, Marjan Shaki, Mathias Edenborn, Rasmus Borkowski, Mark Seibert

Romeo and Julia
3/30/05 ~ Vienna
Borkowski (Mercutio), Mark Seibert (Tybalt),Sabrina Harper (Lady Capulet), Peter Lesiak (Mercutio), Kai Peterson (Fürst), Jana Stelley im EnsembleLukas Perman (Romeo), Marjan Shaki (Julia), Mathias Edenborn (Benvolio), Rasmus
Highlights only.

Romeo and Julia
6/9/05 ~ Vienna
Paul Vaes, Annette Wimmer, Carin Filipcic, Lukas Perman, Marjan Shaki, Mathias Edenborn, Rasmus Borkowski, Mark Seibert,

Romeo and Julia
Derniere ~ Vienna
Cast Unknown

Romeo and Juliet
11/27/13 ~ Broadway                      
Orlando Bloom (Romeo), Condola Rasahd (Juliet), Donté Bonner (Sampson), Christian Camargo (Mercutio), Joe Carroll (Balthasar), Brent Carver (Friar Laurence), Chuck Cooper (Lord Capulet), Justin Guarini (Paris), Don Guillory (Citizen of Verona), Corey Hawkins (Tybalt), Jayne Houdyshell (Nurse)

Room 776
June 2008 ~ Las Vegas, NV
Nancy Denton, Scott Ast, Rob Kastil, Lisa Illia, Brian Scot
World premiere production of Rita Rudner and Martin Bergmans play; pro-shot, nice clear video A+

Rooms: A Rock Romance
3/28/09 ~ New York
Leslie Kritzer, Doug Kreeger
Basically the filmer just put the camcorder in his lap and pressed the record button, so it's a stationary picture, shot through heads. Spotlight washout and blocked shots at times B

Rose's Dilemma
12/17/03 ~ New York
John Cullum, Patricia Hodges, David Aaron Baker, Paula Cale
Great video; sorry, no Mary Tyler Moore. Nice picture and sound; 1st generation from the master A

Rounding Third
9/27/03 ~ New York
Matthew Arkin, Robert Clohessy
Great video with great close-ups; nice video A

The Rothschilds
1995 ~ Miami, FL
A production of The Coconut Grove Playhouse. Semi-pro shot, using one camera. Some spotlight washout. Wonderful production.  A-

The Royal Variety Performances
1963 ~ London
A rare treat with this, it’s black and white and looks like it was filmed in the last 10 years.  Counters at the bottom A.

The Royal Variety Performances
1973 ~ London
There are counters at the bottom of the screen.

The Royal Variety Performance
12/1/85 ~ BBC-TV
Don Ameche, Michael Aspel, Lauren Bacall, Simon Bowman, Sarah Brightman, Geoffrey Burridge, Danielle Carson, Roy Castle, Joan Collins, Patrick Duffy, Alice Faye, Rolf Harris, Russell Harty, Celeste Holm, Michael Howe, Gloria Hunniford, Stephanie Lawrence, Jan Leeming, Rula Lenska, Ron Moody, Anna Neagle, Paul Nicholas, Sarah Payne, Su Pollard, Beryl Reid, Liz Robertson, Martin Shaw, Jean Simmons, Frankie Vaughan, the cast of 42nd Street, Dennis Waterman, Elisabeth Welch, Gary Wilmot, Norman Wisdom.
"The Royal Variety Performance is a gala evening held annually in the United Kingdom, which is attended by senior members of the British Royal Family, normally the reigning monarch. The performance showcases a variety of family entertainment, including comedy, singing, dance, circus and other specialty acts, with many of the performers being popular celebrities. The event is organized on behalf of, and all proceeds are donated to the Entertainment Artistes Benevolent Fund. The performance is televised to the public and is considered by many to be a tradition of the Christmas season, being held late in November, or early in December. It is becoming a tradition for the BBC to stage the performance in London's West End and for ITV to stage it in regional theatres outside of London. The performance is a New Year's tradition in Norway, where it is broadcast at Midnight on
January 1. Held in the presence of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. This show was themed "The World of Film Musicals." Includes Sarah Brightman performing a Jessie Matthews song from a planned bio-pic that was never produced.

The Royal Variety Performances
1990 ~ London
Featuring Richard Attenborough, Sarah Brightman, Michael Caine, Placideo Domingo, Sir John Gielgud, Howard Keel, Elaine
Paige, Anything Goes, Song and Dance Pro-shot, excellent video A+

The Royal Variety Performances
November 1991 ~ London
Featuring Diana Ross, Michael Ball, Jim Dale, Eric Idle, Patti LuPone, Lea Salonga, Colm Wilkinson and highlights the shows produced by Cameron Mackintosh including Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, Cats, Phantom of the Opera, My Fair Lady, Oliver, Song and Dance and Five Guys Named Moe
Pro-shot, excellent video A+

Royal Variety Performance

The Royal Variety Performances
December 1996 ~ London
Featuring Tom Jones, Jackie Mason, Victor Borge, Lionel Richie, Joan Rivers, Martin Guerre, Steve Coogan, more
Pro-shot, excellent video A+

Royal Variety Performance

The Royal Variety Performances
December 2000 ~ London
Featuring Kylie Minogue., Lionel Ritchie, Notre Dame De Paris, Jane Horrocks, Elaine Paige, Blast, Rowan Atkinson, Beautiful Game, Cirque Du Soleil, more
Pro-shot, excellent video A+

The Royal Variety Performances
December 2001 ~ London
Featuring Sir Elton John, Charlotte Church, Jackie Mason,The Full Monty, Donny Osmond, Jennifer Lopez, Cirque Du Soleil, Cher, Denise Van Outen, The Corrs, more
Pro-shot, excellent video A+

The Royal Variety Performances
December 2002 ~ London
Featuring Contact, Shania Twain, Elaine Stritch, Stomp, Bombay Dreams, We Will Rock You, Kylie Minogue, Natalie Cole
Pro-shot, excellent video A+

The Royal Variety Performances
December 2003 ~ London
Featuring Thoroughly Modern Millie, Dame Edna, Gloria Estefan, Donny Osmond, Jamie Cullum, Luciano Pavarotti, more
Pro-shot, excellent video A+

The Royal Variety Performances
December 2004 ~ London
Featuring The Producers, Billy Elliot, Liza Minnelli, Elton John,
Cliff Richard, Olivia Newton-John, The Pirates of Penzance, more
Pro-shot, excellent video A+ 2 DVDs

The Royal Variety Performances
December 2005 ~ London
Featuring Blue Man Group, Charlotte Church, Guys And Dolls, Ozzy Osbourne, more
Pro-shot, excellent video A+

The Royal Variety Performance
December 2006 ~ London
Featuring Barry Manilow, Meat Loaf, Rod Stewart, Wicked, Avenue Q, Spamalot, Sugababes, The Sound of Music, Andrew Lloyd Webber, more
Pro-shot, excellent video A+
Video also includeds Childline 2006.

The Royal Variety Performances
December 2007 ~ London
Featuring Bon Jovi, Paul Potts, James Blunt, Seal, Viva La Diva, Hairspray, more
Pro-shot, excellent video A+

The Royal Variety Performance
December 2008 ~ London
Featuring Kerry Ellis and Brian May, Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Pussycat Dolls, Zorro: The Musical, La Cage Aux Folles, Jersey Boys, The Lion King, Josh Groban and more
Pro-shot, excellent video A+

The Royal Variety Performances
December 2009 ~ London
Featuring Bette Midler, Whoopi Goldberg, Diversity, Michael Buble, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Here Come the Girls, Sister Act: the Musical, more
Pro-shot, excellent video A+

The Royal Variety Performances
December 2010 ~ London
Featuring Les Miserables featuring Alfie Boe, The Wizard of Oz featuring Danielle Hope, Susan Boyle, Take That, Kylie, Adele, Jamie Cullum and Rumer, more
Pro-shot, excellent video A+

Royal Variety Performance
December 2011 ~ The Lawry, Manchester UK.
Peter Kay hosts the annual event held at the Lowry in Salford Quays for the first time, where stars from the world of entertainment perform in the presence of Princess Anne. Music is provided by Barry Manilow, Leona Lewis, Il Divo, Nicole Scherzinger, Tony Bennett, Cee Lo Green, Pixie Lott, Hayley Westenra and Britain's Got Talent winner Jai McDowall. Comedy comes from the host himself, as well as Jason Manford, Greg Davies, Tim Minchin and Omid Djalili, and there are also performances by Adam Cooper and the West End cast of Singin' in the Rain, Penn & Teller, Stomp and Rolando Villazon.
Recorded from ITV TV. Excellent show. A+

Pre Broadway ~ Los Angeles
Georgia Brown, Bob Gunton, Edward Jacobwitz, David Chan, Marcia Lewis, Thuli Dumakude
Amazing picture and sound.

1987 ~ Broadway
Georgia Brown, Bob Gunton, Marcia Lewis
Excellent archive of this Broadway flop A

3/13 & 14/09 - Southport
Phil Clieve (Robin Oakapple), Vicky Aindow (Rose Maybud), Mark Warren (Richard Dauntless), Sue Lee (Dame Hannah), Criag Maddox (Sir Despard), Catherine Carraghar (Mad Margerat), Rachel Tammadge (Zorah), Andrew Lamb (Sir Roderic Murgatroyd), Alf Bridley (Old Adam), Adele Hodgson (Ruth/Dance Captain), Paul J. Green (Ghost of Army General), Tom Mackley (Ghost/Dance Captain), David Warren (Paige Boy).Lucy Chester (Bridesmaid), Gaby Clarke (Bridesmaid), Ellen Grindley (Bridesmaid),Jenni Grindley (Bridesmaid),Laura Hodgson (Bridesmaid),Kate Lockey (Bridesmaid), Ray Dutton (Ghost), Dennis Davies (Ghost of a Priest) Malcom Pierson (Ghost), David Sidey (Ghost), Dermot (Ghost). Chorus of Ladies: Iris Kelly, Rita Perkins, Jean Whitely, Daphne Martin, Pamela Rushton, Carol Chamberlin, Diana Cooper, Isobel Cope, Eunice Woof, Pauline.
Excellent quality audio and video, filmed on multiple cameras. Great production with very talented cast.

Rudolf: Affaire Mayerling
1/16/10 ~ Vienna, Austria
Drew Sarich, Leigh Martha Klinger (u/s Mary Baroness Vetsera), Uwe Kröger, Claus Dam, Carin Filipcic, Wietske van Tongeren
Highlights DVD of the show, running around an hour and 15 minutes, and including the following scenes: Act 1: Vorhang auf (partial), Wiener Schmäch (post-song dialogue), Ringstraßenkorso (dialogue), Ein hübscher Krieg, Marys Lied, Der Ball, Marys Walzer, So viel mehr, Die Anzeige (dialogue), Tralala (partial), In dem Moment als ich dich sah, Vertrau in uns; Act 2: Rudolfs Schlafzimmer (dialogue), Du bleibst bei mir, Mein süÃÿer Held (incl. post-song dialogue), Die Liebe lenkt, Augustinerkirche (dialogue), Wenn das Schicksal dich ereilt (incl. pre-song dialogue), Appartement der Marie Larisch (dialogue), So viel mehr (Reprise), Du bist meine Welt (excl. Reprise), Mayerling; DVD also includes 15 minutes of footage from a failed filming attempt with Rory Six as Rudolf. The scenes included are: Vorhang auf, Wiener Schmäch, Wie jeder andre Mann, Der Kabinettsaal (dialogue), Du willst nicht hören; good picture with head obstuctions throughout; good sound 2 DVDs A-

1978 ~ Rome, Italy
Enrico Montesano, Alida Chelli, Bice Valori, Aldo Fabrizi.   
A presentation of Dal Teatro Sistina Di Roma. Pro-shot for Italian TV. Production of  the 1964 Broadway flop, which only had 28 official performances. Some slight generational loss.   In Italian. B+

Run For Your Wife
1991 ~ Runway Theatre, Grapevine, TX
This superb example of the British farce had them rolling in the aisles in London and New York. A taxi driver gets away with having two wives in different areas of London because of his irregular working schedule. Complication is piled upon complication as the cabby tries to keep his double life from exploding. A-

Runaway: A New Musical
August 2014 ~ Colorado

Runaways: In Concert
3/25/07 ~ New York
Ezra Miller, Garrett Zuercher, Eric Anthony, Paul Wyatt, Alex Brightman, Shaun Taylor-Corbett, Max Jenkins, Eric Nelsen, Karla Mosley, Karen DiConcetto, Idara Victor, Alexis Sims, Aryana Rodriguez, Juliana Rose Mauriello
Lots of close ups and great sound; concert style performance; amazingly talented kids performing a show from 1978 A-

1993 ~ Los Angeles
Loren Freeman, Joan Ryan, Rita McKenzie, Kathryn Zaremba, Nancy Linari, Joanne Baum
First 5 minutes are a tad fuzzy, but once the cameraman gets a handle on the Gain control, the white outs become non-existent. Shot from the first few rows.A fun show overall! A

'S Wonderful
4/19/14 ~ Long Beach, CA
Rebecca Johnson, Damon Kirsche, Ashley Fox Linton, Jeff Skowron, Rebecca Spencer
Very nice capture of this delightful Gershwin revue. Music includes classic standards like I Got Rhythm, Someone to Watch Over Me, and I've Got a Crush On You; one quick dropout that lasts
about 30 seconds, but the show is otherwise complete with no obstruction and no washout. Great picture and clear sound throughout and includes curtain call. 2 DVDs

Sail Away
3/3/10 ~ New York
Beth Glover, Scott Guthrie, Beth McVey, Sarah Knapp, Erik Keiser, Amber Ward, William Ryall, Patti Perkins
Concert version of Noel Cowards 1961 show as part of the Musicals Tonight! series; sound is fine but heads of the performers are cut off for a lot of Act 1; Act 2 is fine and the post show discussion is included. B+

Salad Days
1982 ~ BBC-TV
Ian Richardson, Margo Cunningham, Fred Evans, Amanda Bairstow, Ann Beach, Susan Beagley
British musical, adapted for television. This show was a huge success in London in the early 80's, but had a less successful run Off-Broadway. Pro-shot for TV. A

2010 ~ Lanton, MI
Robert Douglas, Sarah Faix, Don Devine, Sonja Srinivasan, Julia Roth, Matthew Grace, Laura Johnson
Pro-shot video from The Comic Opera Guild of this Jerome Kern play; good video A

2008 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Tommy Davidson, David Burnham, Lou Myers, Robert Loftin, Arthur Duncan, Donna Dunmire, Lara Janine, Richard Tanner
Pro-shot workshop performance of a new musical based on Sammy Davis Jr.'s life, directed and choreographed by Debbie Allen; nice video A

Sammy & Company
11/16/75 ~ Syndicated TV
Sammy Davis JR, Liza Minnelli, Chita Rivera, Stephanie Mills.     Ninety minute weekly variety/talk show featuring interviews and music and comedy sketches.   This episode was devoted to Broadway.   Commercials have been edited out.   Some generational loss.     B

Satins and Spurs
9/12/54 ~ NBC Television
Betty Hutton, Kevin McCarthy, Guy Raymond, Genevieve, Mary Ellen Moylan, Josh Wheeler, Neva Patterson
Made for television production; black and white but great quality for its age; great sound B+

Saturday Night Fever
2000 ~ Cologne
Marc Seitz, Clare Foster, Jem Brent.

Saturday Night Fever
1/1/00 ~ Broadway
Richard Blake (u/s), Paige Price, Kris Kusick, Orfeh
Nicely filmed, but a bit grainy and some static and generation loss. Balcony railing is occasionally visible in the shot. Inlcudes 20 extra minutes of another performance at the end B+

Saturday Night Fever
7/28/01 - National Tour
Richard Blake, Jeanine Meyers, Alieen Quinn, JimAmbler, Casey Miles Good, Joey Calveri, Danial Jerod Brown
Excellent video, very very clear A

Saturday Night Fever
1/5/04 ~ Singapore
Adam John Fiorentino, Renae Berry, Darren Tyler, Monique Montez
Austrailian Tour in English; nice picture and sound; filmed from the balcony to the side, great closeups A

6/8/08 ~ New York
Celia Keenan-Bolger, Van Hughes, John Dossett, Mary Faber, Juliana Ashley Hansen, Curtis Holbrook, Emily Walton, Aaron Tveit, Josh Breckenridge, Jason Michael Snow, Morgan Weed, Daniel Zaitchik, Julia Murney
Missing 15 minutes of Act 1 from "I'm Not That Kind of Girl" to about 15 seconds into "What's Wrong With Me" but improves after that; blocking from a backpack used for filiming a couple of times but not very distracting; besides all that, a nice video with clear picture and sound B+

Saving Aimee
10/5/11 ~ Seattle, WA
Carolee Carmello, Judy Kaye, Roz Ryan, Ed Dixon, Ed Watts, Brandon O'Neill, Charles Leggett
Beautiful capture of this new musical by Kathie Lee Gifford that tells the rise and fall of Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson.  Great clear picture and excellent sound 2 DVDs A

10/16/12 ~ Broadway
Carolee Carmello, George Hearn, Candy Buckley, Roz Ryan, Andrew Samonsky, Edward Watts, Nick Cartell, Joseph Dellger, Erica Dorfler, Carlos L. Encinias, Hannah Florence, Benjamin Howes,
Alison Luff, Jesse Nager, Sam Strasfeld, Betsy Struxness, Elizabeth Ward Land, Billie Wildrick, Dan'yelle Williamson, Matt Wolfe
Filmed in 16:9 HD; slight spotlight washout but otherwise clear picture and sound and very good video A

A Scandalous Affair: The Secret Love Story Of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy
6/29/06 ~ Laguna, CA
Hallie Neill, Theodore Lambrinos
Filmed using multiple cameras. Nice video A

The Scarlet Pimpernel
SP1: 10/29/97 ~ 2nd Broadway preview
Douglas Sills, Terrence Mann, Lauri Landry (u/s), Gilles Chiasson
No zooming, stationary camera. Picture shakes. C+

The Scarlet Pimpernel
SP1: 8/19/98 ~ Broadway
Douglas Sills, Terrence Mann, Christine Andreas
Very clear, but occasional bleeding colours, or blackouts when ushers show up. Includes some great closeups. Best of all, it has the killer Ad Lib -- the "come in, sit down" one that Sills did to latecomers during "They Seek Him Here") Act 2 highlights only, lasting only about 35 minutes.  B+
DVD also contains the Producers, no idea of which show it is.  A

The Scarlet Pimpernel
SP2: 2/6/99 ~ Broadway
Douglas Sills, Rex Smith, Rachel York
Highlights of show only; very good A

The Scarlet Pimpernel
SP2: 3/7/99 ~ Broadway
Douglas Sills, Rex Smith, Rachel York
Someone's head is sometimes in the way, so the filmer gets up to change seats a few times it seems. Originally Sills final show but he stayed longer B

The Scarlet Pimpernel
SP2: 3/9/99 ~ Broadway
Bryan Batt, Rex Smith, Rachel York
Nice view of the stage. There are some close-ups. Sound is very good, but the color gets a little screwy beginning during the spelling scene, but it does clear up for Act II. Good video. B+

The Scarlet Pimpernel
SP2: 5/8/99 ~ Broadway
Douglas Sills, Rex Smith, Rachel York
Few zooms, but this is still one of the best SP2 videos ever shot. Very clear throughout A-

The Scarlet Pimpernel
SP2: 5/29/99 and 5/30/99 hybrid ~ Broadway
Douglas Sills, Rex Smith, Rachel York
"The Riddle" & curtain call were 5/30 including speech by Sills at end, the rest is 5/29, nicely spliced A

The Scarlet Pimpernel
SP3: 10/9/99 ~ Broadway
Ron Bohmer, Marc Kudisch, Elizabeth Ward Land (u/s)
Good center shot, nice close-ups A

The Scarlet Pimpernel
SP4: 3/4/00 ~ New Haven, CT
Douglas Sills, Willam Paul Michals, Amy Bodnar, Elizabeth Ward Land, Billy Sharpe
Camcorder video filmed from an extreme side of the stage A

The Scarlet Pimpernel
SP4: 6/16/00 ~ Los Angeles
Douglas Sills, William Paul Michals, Amy Bodnar
The picture is very good with some nice close-ups, though they are not extreme. Funny show! Doug is in ad-lib heaven! Includes about 45 minutes of highlights from 6-9-00 also in LA. Generation loss and sometimes audio is grainy A

The Scarlet Pimpernel
SP4: 6/27/00 ~ Tennessee
Robert Patteri, William Paul Michals, Amy Bodnar
No worthwhile zooms, although the filmer does try; it's so high up in the seats that it's not really his fault; still some nice work with good sound and follows the show nicely B

The Scarlet Pimpernel
SP4: 8/1/00 ~ Boston, MA and 11/5/00 ~ Philadelphia, PA and 8/2/00 ~ Boston, MA
D.B. Bonds (u/s), William Paul Michals, Amy Bodnar
Boston highlights, about 30 minutes long; slight obstruction along the bottom every now and then; some spotlight washout and only minor zooming. Philadelphia highlights, about 20 minutes long; slight obstruction along the bottom, but it's almost completely unnoticeable B+
Also on the same disc. SP4: 8/2/00 ~ Boston, MA
Robert Patteri, William Paul Michals, Amy Bodnar
70 minutes of highlights; nice video with good sound and excellent picture; wish there was more of it A

The Scarlet Pimpernel
September 2001 ~ Riverside, CA
Ed Staudenmayer, Kim Huber
Professionally filmed from the house camera. Directed and choreographed by Grant Rosen (SP v.4 national tour swing). Features sets and costumes from the Equity National Tour. Some generational loss and occasional audio “buzz“ due to over-copying, but still a great recording B+

The Scarlet Pimpernel
6/27/02 ~ Overland Park, KS
Ron Bohmer, Sandra Joseph, Tim Noland, Lori Blalock
Few full-stage shots, most of the video is very clear. Some spotlight washout, especially during "When I Look at You"; altogether a beautiful video; many changes were made for the production, most noticeably the drastic rewrite of "Storybook." B

The Scarlet Pimpernel
August 2003 ~ Music Theater of Wichita, KS
Damon Kirsche,Aaron Lazer, Kim Huber, Chris Peluso, Karen L. Robu, Charles Parker
Great video with nice closeups and clear picture and sound A

The Scarlet Pimpernel
Summer 2006 ~ Plays in the Park, NJ
Billy Piscopo, Paul Salvatoriello,Tina Kaye, Jonathan Schwartz, Susan Halmi
Pro shot video; great qulaity 2 DVDs A

The Scene
2/7/07 ~ New York
Tony Shalhoub, Patricia Heaton, Anna Camp, Christopher Evan Welch
First minutes of act one and act 2 are sound only; after that it is great with lots of close ups and very good sound A+

The Scent of Rain
1999 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Ryan Idol, Johnny Urbon, Brian D. Johnson, Neil Tadken, Danne W.Taylor, Nicholas D. Conlon
Pro-shot video; nice clear video with good sound and closeups; good video A

School of Rock
November 2015 ~ Broadway
Alex Brightman, Sierra Boggess, Spencer Moses, Mamie Parris, Bobbi Mackenzie, Evie Dolan, Carly Gendell, Brandon Niederauer, Isabella Russo, Jared Parker.
Great HD capture of this great new ALW show. There is a 5 minute blackout during the scene after the opening song, due to late seating issues. The cast is phenomenal and Alex gives a sensational performance. High energy show with great songs and is so much fun! 2 DISCS. A

The Scottsboro Boys
10/30/10 ~ Broadway
Joshua Henry, John Cullum, Josh Breckenridge, Derrick Cobey, Coleman Domingo, Jeremy Gumbs,
Rodney Hicks, Kendrick Jones, James T. Lane, Forrest McLendon, Julius Thomas III, Sharon Washington, Christian Dante White
Beautiful capture of this great show. Good picture and sound; good closeups; nice video A

The Scottsboro Boys
11/6/10 ~ Broadway
Joshua Henry, John Cullum, Josh Breckenridge, Derrick Cobey, Coleman Domingo, Jeremy Gumbs, Rodney Hicks, Kendrick Jones, James T. Lane, Forrest McLendon, Julius Thomas III, Sharon Washington, Christian Dante White
Good clear video filmed from the balcony; disc also includes bonus interviews/behind the scenes/reviews A

Scrambled Feet
Madeline Kahn, John Driver, Jeffery Haddow, Roger Neil
Witty and irreverent satire of show business. Music and Lyrics by John Driver and Jeffery Haddow. Pro-shot A+

Scrooge –The Musical
November 2009 ~ Bradford, UK Tour
Tommy Steele, Geoffrey Abbott, Robbie Towns , Barry Howard, Claire Marlowe, James Head, David Lyndon. A near perfect recording with no obstructions or black-outs. Great capture, sound and performances of this ideal winter family treat. A+ 2 DVDs

Scrooge  -The Musical
December 2009 ~ Plymouth, UK Tour
Tommy Steele, Geoffrey Abbott, Craig Whitley, Barry Howard,  Claire Marlowe,  James Head, David Lyndon. Nicely captured in 16:9 wide-screen with great colors and sound. Unfortunately a head blocks some of the action on center stage. A-  2 DVDs

Seagull [The]
7/9/01 ~ New York
Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christopher Walken, John Goodman, Natalie Portman, Steven Spinella, Marcia Gay Harden, Debra Monk, Larry Pine
Shot through some heads. Wonderful sound but never gets very close up. Mostly a good video though. First 4 minutes of Act 2 audio only B

The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in The Universe
1991 ~ Broadway
Lily Tomlin
Pro shot for HBO. Good video A

11/26/05 ~ Broadway
George Grizzard, Frances Sternhagen, Elizabeth Marvel, Frederick Weller
Written by Edward Albee. Great video with excellent picture and clear sound; very nice A

The Secret Garden
1991 ~ Broadway
Rebecca Luker, Lee Alison Marino, Peter Marinos, Audra Ann McDonald, Howard McGillin, Adam Grupper, Barbara Rosenblat, Alison Fraser, Jedidiah Cohen, Austen Eyer
A little fuzzy, but is a full stage shot on a tripod from the back of the orchestra with a good solid picture (and a few zooms). It looks fairly low in generation, but is fuzzy due to a PAL to NTSC conversion. Sound is good. A few heads in the way although a little fuzzy and distant, it is very watchable due to good audio and pretty colors. B+

The Secret Garden
1992 ~ First US National Tour
Audra McDonald (Ayah), Douglas Sills (Dr. Neville Craven), Roger Bart (Dickon), James Barbour (Major Shelley).  Recorded through the theatre’s house camera, so it’s a stationary full stage shot, with sound patched directly in from the sound board.  (It’s interesting to note that this is Audra McDonald’s first professional show; she was cast while still in college.)  Some generational loss.   B-

The Secret Garden
12/18/95 ~ Seattle, WA
Frank Kohel, Kris Skjellerup, Eric Englund, Terri Richter, Tommy Wallach and Maggie Brothers
A presentation of The Seattle Light Opera filmed using multiple cameras on a tripod. A-

The Secret Garden
1995 ~ Music Theatre of Witchita, KS
Nicholas F. Saverine, Charlea Ayers, Julie Prosser, Michael Barry, Megan Drew
Pro-Shot, one camera with no closeups; good video 2 DVDs A

The Secret Garden
1995 ~ Australia
Phillip Quast
Clear digital video; although no closeups as it was filmed on the stationary camera; good sound B+

The Secret Garden
1/29/99 ~ Australia
Colin Dean, Allison Farrow, Danielle Hawkes, Michael Lampard, Dean Cocker, Karissa Lane, Matt Skinner, Narelle Warmbrunn
Pro Shot, using multiple cameras at the Royal Theater. Staging is the same as the Broadway production. B+

The Secret Garden
4/14/01 ~ London
Matthew Dennison (u/s Archie), Carmen Cusack (u/s Lily)
Filmed around some heads from the balcony (upper circle) so there are some obstructions at times, other than that a nice capture of a beautiful production with great performances. 2 DVDs B+

The Secret Garden
Act 1:5/26/01 & Act 2: 5/30/01 ~ London
Philip Quast, Peter Polycarpou
Excellent video but missing the last 2 minutes from Act 1; filmed with camcorder A+

The Secret Garden In Concert
12/5/05 ~ New York
Michael Arden, Laura Benanti, Celia Keenan-Bolger, David Canary, Max von Essen, Matt Cavenaugh, Steven Pasquale, Deborak S Craig, Barbera Rosenblat, Shonn Wiley
The third World AIDS Day concert, held at Manhattan Center Studios Grand Ballroom. Also featuring a 70 person choir, a 35 piece orchestra and a children's choir with performers from Rosie's Broadway Kids; nicely shot-a bit shaky from time to time, but nothing too bad. A-

The Secret Garden (Der Geheime Garten)
5/9/10 ~ Giessen, Germany
Guido Hackhausen (Archibald Craven), Odilia Vandercruysse (Lily Craven), Heike Heber (Rose Lennox), Tomi Wendt (Albert Lennox), Ann-Kathrin Abel (Mary Lennox), Matthias Ludwig (Dr. Neville Craven), Antonius Doru Idvorean (Colin Craven), Antje Tine (Mrs. Medlock), Henrietta Hugenholtz (Martha), Alexander Herzog (Dickon), Christian Richter (Ben Weatherstaff), Stephan Bootz (Major Holmes), Carla Maffioletti (Claire Holmes), Paul Przybylski (Captain Shelley), Monica Musteanu (Mrs. Shelley), Chi Kyung Kim (Lieutenant Wright), Sang-Kiu Han (Lt. Shaw), Eun Mi Suk (Alice), August Schram (Fakir), Olga Vogt (Ayah), Sora Korkmaz (Mrs. Winthrop), Mary Lazar (Betsy).
Excellent quality. In German.

The Secret Garden
2/21/16 ~ New York
Sydney Lucas, Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, Daisy Eagan, Cheyenne Jackson, Ben Platt, Josh Young, Nikki Renee Daniels, Oscar Williams
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions of the two night MCP concert staging. Well filmed with great close-ups and excellent picture and sound; great video 2 DVDs A

Secret Service
1977 ~ PBS-TV
Meryl Streep, John Lithgow, Lenny Baker, Mary Beth Hurt, Jeffrey Jones, Charles Kimbrough
Originally produced on Broadway in 1897. The 1976 revival cast reprise their roles for this TV presentation. A

November 1981 ~ Melbourne, Australia
Christine Andrew, Graeme Kemlo, Ron Smith, Marcia Jones
Australian premiere production, presented by The Festival Theatre Company. Filmed using one camera, with sound patched in directly from the soundboard. Some generational loss. B+

10/31/10 ~ Broadway
Alan Rickman, Hamish Linklater, Jerry O'Connell, Hettienne Park, Lily Rabe.
Very nice capture of this amazing play. A

4/25/12 ~ Broadway
Jeff Goldblum, Jerry O'Connell, Justin Long, Christina Pumariega (u/s), Hettienne Park
Great video with good clear picture and sound; full stage shot the majority of the time; good video A

Separate Tables
1983 ~ London
Julie Christie, Alan Bates, Claire Bloom, Irene Worth, Sylvia Barter, Bernard Archard, Liz Smith, Kathy Staff
Pro shot, filmed for HBO; some generation loss B

Seth's Broadway 101
4/14/08 ~ New York
Seth Rudetsky, Andrea Burns, Jen Cody, Jonathan Groff, Norm Lewis, Andrea McArdle, Julia Murney, Pamela Myers, Lillias White
Recorded from front row of the Mezzanine. Blackout at the beginning while Michale Berresse is introducing Seth; a little shaky at times but nothing major. Short blackout near the end to siwitch tapes but no performances with missed; filmed in widescreen. Nice video A-

Seth's Chatterbox
1st Appearance & Norm Lewis, Janet Metz & Rebecca Luker
Kristin Chenoweth ~ 2nd Appearance
Kristin Chenoweth ~ 3rd Appearance
Kristin Chenoweth sings "My Funny Valentine"

Seth’s Chatterbox
Idina Menzel & Daphne Rubin-Vega
Idina Menzel sings "Life of the Party"

Seth’s Chatterbox
Adam Pascal ~ 1st and 2nd Appearance

Seth's Chatterbox
Jennifer Laura Thompson & The Cast of "Zanna, Don't"
The Zanna cast sings "Sometime Do You Think We Could Fall In Love?"

Seth's Chatterbox
Shoshana Bean ~ 1st Appearance, Jackie Hoffman/Kerry Butler
Jackie sings "Your Children," Kerry sings "Gee Whiz"

Seth's Chatterbox
Shoshana Bean ~ 2nd Appearance
Shoshana Bean sings "No Good Deed"

Seth's Chatterbox
Megan Mullally

Seth's Chatterbox
John Lithgow/Kelli O'Hara & Norbert Leo Butz/Sherie Rene Scott
Kelli sings "That's How I Say Goodbye"

Seth's Chatterbox
Matthew Morrison & Kris Cusak/Kristy Cates/Megan Hilty
Kristy Cates and Megan Hilty sing "For Good"

Seth's Chatterbox
Kerry O'Malley/Stephen DeRosa & Chad Kimball
Chad sings "Lost In The Wilderness"

Seth's Chatterbox
Drew Sarich & Carolee Carmello

Seth's Chatterbox
"Chess" Concert Cast & Jodi Long/Jose Llana
From Chess: Julia Murney sings "Someone Else's Story," Jonathan Dokutchitz sings "Anthem"

Seth's Chatterbox
Raul Esparza ~ 1st appearance
Raul sings "I Don't Care Much"

Seth's Chatterbox
Raul Esparza ~ 2nd appearance & Brooks Ashmanskas/Jonathan Freeman
Raul sings "Lonely House," "Heroes," and "Defying Gravity" ," and "Defying Gravity"

Seth's Chatterbox
Eden Espinosa
Eden sings “On My Own”.

Seth's Chatterbox
Will Chase

Seth’s Chatterbox
Linda Eder and Kathy Brier/Maya Days/Christine Pedi

Seth's Broadway Chatterbox
Cheyenne Jackson (2nd appearance, includes a performance by Cheyenne) :|: Mary Testa & Jackie Hoffman (Includes a performance by Jackie). HYSTERICAL stories and alot of fun!

Seth's Chatterbox Musical Compilation ~ (41 Songs)
Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menzel, Shoshana Bean, Betty Buckley, Raul Esparza, Ana Gayester, Peter Gallagher, Julia Murney, Jeff McCarthey and lots others.

Seth's Broadway Chatterbox
Volume 1
Two of Seth’s “unique” interviews. The first features Kristin Chenoweth, the second is with Chrostopher Sieber.

Seth's Broadway Chatterbox
Volume 2
Two of Seth’s “unique” interviews. The first features Kerry O'Malley and Stephen DeRosa, the second features Chad Kimball

Seth's Broadway Chatterbox
Volume 5
2 episodes. The first features Melissa Errico and the second features Alison Fraser.

Seth's Broadway Chatterbox
Volume 6
2 episodes. The first features Rosie O'Donnell and the second features Chris Sieber

Seth's Broadway Chatterbox
Volume 7
2 episodes. The first features Linda Eder and the second features Kathy Brier, Maya Days and Christine Pedi.

Seth's Broadway Chatterbox
Volume 8
2 episodes. The first features Harvey Evans and Kurt Perterson and the second features Michael Cerveris

Seth's Broadway Chatterbox
Volume 9
2 episodes. The first features Saturday Night Fever cast members Paul Castree, Orfeh and Paige Price. The second features Karen Ziemba & Don Pippin.

Seth's Broadway Chatterbox
Volume 10
2 episodes. The first features Ann Harada and Natalie Venetia Belson and the second features Marin Mazzie

Seth's Broadway Chatterbox
Volume 11
2 episodes. The first features Kristin Chenoweth and the second features Laura Bell Bundy.

Seth's Broadway Chatterbox
Volume 12
2 episodes. The first features Megan Mullally and the second features Lilias White.

Seth's Broadway Chatterbox
Volume 13
2 episodes. The first features Len Cariou and the second (which is missing the last few minutes) features Pam Myers.

Seth Rudesky's Purim Cabaret
3/10/03 ~ New York
Shoshana Bean, Peter Gallagher, La Chance, Leslie Kritzer, Julia Murney, Billy Porter, Lillias White
Purim Cabaret refracted the biblical story of Esther through the prism of the 1964 Broadway musical Funny Girl and a number of other classic Broadway shows. Well filmed and very enjoyable. A

Seussical the Musical
Date Unknown ~ Broadway
Aaron Carter, Cathy Rigby
Missing about the first half of Act I, but then continues on with the rest of the show.Very clear video. A

Seussical the Musical
March 2000 ~ Backers Audition, NYC
Andrea Martin, Kevin Chamberlin, Janine Lamanna
Stationary filmed backers audition of Seussical before the changes were made; good sound but picture is washed out and hard to make out who is who B

Seussical The Musical
2000 ~ Broadway
David Shiner, Kevin Chamberlin, Janine Lamanna, Michele Pawk,
The pro shot video that was used to make the press reels; excellent quality, not the complete show, songs only with some cuts in dialogue but great video A

Seussical the Musical
8/27/00 ~ Colonial Theatre; Boston, MA
David Shiner, Kevin Chamberlin, Janine LaManna, Michele Pawk
First Preview ever of the show. Very different from broadway production, including the cut sequence of The Lorax. B+

Seussical the Musical
9/30/00 ~ Colonial Theatre; Boston, MA
David Shiner, Kevin Chamberlin, Janine Lamanna, Michele Pawk, Andrew Keenan-Bolger
Pre-Broadway final performance which includes cut songs from final New York show. Camcorder; second generation. B+

Seussical the Musical
2/9/01 ~ Broadway
Rosie O'Donnell, Kevin Chamberlin, Janine LaManna, Michele Pawk.
Spotlight washout on full stage shots, small obstruction, glitch in 1st number in 2nd act. B

Seussical the Musical
5/20/01 ~ Broadway
Cathy Rigby, Kevin Chamberlain, Janine LaManna, Sharon Wilkins, Michele Pawk, Cameron Bowen
Closing night A-

Seussical the Musical
2/19/04 ~ Concord, NH
Peter Roman, Michael Walker, Sarah Mason (u/s), Dawn Lebrecht, Todd Bergman (u/s), LaDonna Burns
Wonderful picture and sound, with only a couple of heads in the way. Shot from the back of the balcony. A

Seussical The Musical
2013 ~ Kuwait
Jake Al Dookhi, Hassan Rawas, Jeff McDevitt, John Peaveler, Emily Smith, Lisa Bidnall
Pro-Shot, presented by the Staged in Kuwait theatre company, a great production in english.

Seussical The Musical
2/21/15 ~ Fullerton, CA
Cathy Rigby, Matthew Downs, Melanie Mockobey, Victoria Matlock, Grant Westcott, Amber J Snead, James Campbell, Tracy Rowe Mutz, Gregory North, Michael Cavinder
Wonderful capture of 3D Theatricals' production of Seussical with Cathy reprises her Broadway role and uses the original Broadway script and staging, with fantastic choreography and wire work; well filmed with no obstructions, just a couple quick dropouts, and some slight washout in wide shots; very nice clear video with great sound 2 DVDs A

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
10/31/06 ~ West End, London
Dave Willetts, Shona Lindsay, Jay Webb, Jonathan Stewart, Owen Woodgate, Stuart marshall, David Ball, Adam Salter (u/s)
Great picture, sound and closeups; nice video A

700 Sundays
Billy Crystal
Written by Billy Crystal. Shot from balcony, not many obstructions but there is occasionally a head at the bottom of the screen.  B

1972 ~ (Musical)
William Daniels, Ken Howard, Howard Da Silva, Blythe Danner. "The film version of the Broadway musical comedy of the same name. In the days leading up to July 4, 1776, Continental Congressmen John Adams and Benjamin Franklin coerce Thomas Jefferson into writing the Declaration of Independence as a delaying tactic as they try to persuade the American colonies to support a resolution on independence. As George Washington sends depressing messages describing one military disaster after another, the businessmen, landowners and slave holders in Congress all stand in the way of the Declaration, and a single "nay" vote will forever end the question of independence. Large portions of spoken and sung dialog are taken directly from the letters and memoirs of the actual participants." This is a copy of the Laser Disc version. It is the COMPLETE movie-never available on DVD. 2 DVDs A

July 1988 ~ North Carolina Theatre
David Chaney, Randell Haynes, Allen Walker Lane, Cass Morgan, Heidi Meyer, Steven F. Hall, Malcolm Hillgartner, Terrence Mann
Excellent camera work, good overall clarity, very little extraneous camera motion; very few extreme closeups, and the sound seems to be mono for much of the video B+

11/11/97 ~ New York, Recording session
Brent Spiner, John Herrera, Paul Michael Valley, Pat Hingle, Merwin Foard
Behind the scenes video of the 1996 Broadway Cast Album revival recording session of the great musical 1776. Fascinating look at a seldom-seen process, nice performances. Home video recording filmed from the sound booth documenting the revival cast recording the cast album. Fun "behind the scenes" video.  Lots of starts and stops and directions given as the cast records "But Mr.Adams", "The Lees Of Old Virginia", "The Egg", "Cool, Cool, Considerate Men", and "Molasses To Rum." A

1997 ~ Broadway
Brent Spiner, Tom Aldredge, Gregg Edelman
Only video I have ever seen of this production; full stage shot with no close ups and spotlight washout but excellent sound.  Video from Criterion Center Stage Right, not the Gershwin B

4/1/00 ~ Tulsa OK
Chris Van Vleet, David Springstead, Jeff Drushall, Rob Richardson, Michelle Bates, Paul Kerr, Scott Denny, Amalie Larson, Ryan Dietz
Pro-shot video; full stage stationary shot from the back of the balcony; no closeups. Picture is not slightly blurred, and has heavy spotlight washout. The soundmakes this video as it is straight from the soundboard. B+

3/16/01 ~ Seattle, WA
David Pichette, Patti Cohenour, Joe Mahowald, Kim Huber
Excellent production. Good video with lots of zooms although a head gets in the way for a while B+

4/13/04 ~ Riverside, CA
Steve Glaudini, John Massey, Jr., Allen Everman, Greg Nichols, Tony Quinn, Nils Anderson, Sean Cox, Jill Van Velzer, Shannon Watson
Performance Riverside Production that won the 2004 L.A. Ovation award for best musical, filmed using one camera on a tripod, pro-shot, nice video A

June 2010 ~ Plays in the Park, New Jersey
David Cantor (John Adams), Jack Cibrian (John Hancock), Michael Kroll (Benjamin Franklin), Ben Regan (Thomas Jefferson), Gabrielle Visser Trumball (Abigail Adams),
Pro shot video; great picture and sound 2 DVDs A


4/2/16 ~ Encores!

Santino Fontana, John Larroquette, Christiane Noll, Bryce Pinkham, John Behlmann, Nikki Renee Daniels, Alexander Gemignani

Wonderful HD capture of the Encores series concert. Excellent performances from the whole cast. Within the first 30 minutes there are a few short spots filmed around a head, far left side. During the long debate scene there is a 9 minute blackout during dialouge to adjust. 2 DVDs B-

70, Girls, 70
1997 ~ Hastings, New Zealand
Rarely performed Kander and Ebb show with some of their best music. Mostly full stage with some zooms. Strong lighting creates some washout at times, but otherwise pretty good. B

70 Girls 70 - Encores!
4/2/06 ~ Broadway
Charlotte Rae, Anita Gillette, Carole Cook, Tina Fabrique, Mary Jo Catlett, Bob Dishy, Mark Price, Olympia Dukakis.
Act 2 only. Great quality video with excellent picture and sound throughout, nice closeups A

The Shadow Box
Joanne Woodward, Christopher Plummer, Valerie Harper, James Broderick
This play revolves around three terminally ill patients, each of whom live in a separate cottage at a hospice, each is being interviewed about the prospect of dying.

Shadows: An Original Musical
8/18/12 ~ Santa Barbara, CA
Diego Rodriguez, Cameron Platt, Katherine Bottoms, Mary Cusimano
A new musical based on characters from the Super Mario Brothers game; nicely done pro-shot video A

1960 ~ Hallmark Hall of Fame
Richard Basehart, Claude Rains, Helen Gallagher, Alice Ghostly
Black & white picture but very good quality for its age; clear sound; nice video A

She Loves Me
1979 ~ London
Proshot for British TV. Great Quality A-

She Loves Me
1993 ~ Broadway
Boyd Gaines, Howard McGillin, Diane Fratoni, Sally Mayes
Shaky camera work for the first 5 minutes, then improves greatly. Filmed from the balcony with occasional head at the bottom of the screen. B+

She Loves Me
1994 ~ Plays in the Park NJ

She Loves Me
1995 ~ Broadway
Roundabout Production. Good quality of this revival. B+

She Loves Me
1995 ~ Waltham MA
Teri Bibb, James Clow
Proshot tripod of the full show. This production is based on the original direction and musical staging of the 1993 Broadway revival.  Some generation loss where it is a bit faded and some rolling, but good sound and wonderful performances. B

She Loves Me
2/24/96 ~ Seattle, WA
Michael Mendiola, Anna C.L. Orme, Jim Orr, Matthew T. Orme, IKymberli Colbourne, Mark Sparks, Frank Kohel
A production of Seattle's Civic Light Opera. Multi-camera, proshot. Great production! A-

1989 ~ Broadway
John Cullum, Robin Blake, Thomas Cavanagh, Nigel Hamer, Burke Lawrence, Christopher Martin
Surprisingly good, filmed from the balcony. Some generational loss, but considering its age nothing too bad at all. This revival didn't fare as well as the original, with only 32 official performances. B+

Sherlock Holmes
1982 ~ HBO-TV
Frank Langella, Tom Atkins, Louis Beacher, Robert Brolli, Susan Clark, Stephen Collins, William Duell, Laurie Kennedy, George Morfogen, Michael Quill, Dwight Shultz, Christian Slater, Barbette Tweed, Richard Woods
A televised version of The Williamstown Theatre Festival production. Good clear video A

Sherlock Holmes
1989 ~ London
Ron Moody, Liz Robertson, Derek Waring
Original London cast. Well filmed bootleg, some generational loss. But considering it's age-not too bad. B

Shining City
4/22/06 ~ Broadway
Brian F. O'Byrne, Oliver Platt, Martha Plimpton, Peter Scanavino
Good video with excellent picture and sound; very nicely filmed; DVD includes NY1 Opening night and reviews A

Shogun the Musical
1990 or 1991 ~ Broadway
Philip Casnoff, June Angela, Eric Chan, Joseph Foronda, Leslie Ishii, Lee Lobenhofer, Jason Ma, Francis Ruivivar, Freda Foh Shen
Actually a not so bad video; some generation loss but you can follow the show and the sound is very nice B

Shoshana Bean
Ars Nova

Shout! The Legend of the Wild One
2008 ~ Sydney, Australia
Tim Campbell, Glenn Shorrock, John Paul Young, Alexis Fishman, Stephen Wheat, Colleen Hewett
Pro-shot video that aired on Australian TV A+

Show Boat
1983 ~ US Revival Tour
Donald O'Conner, Bruce Hubbard, Karla Burn, Lonette McKee
Beautifully filmed early bootleg of this critically acclaimed US tour. Fairly good quality considering it's age and scarcity. B

Show Boat
1989 ~ Papermill Playhouse, NJ
Eddie Bracken, Richard White, Rebecca Baxter, Shelly Burgh, Lee Roy Reams, Leonora Nemetz, P.L.Brown, Bulah English
Proshot for PBS; slight generation loss 2 DVDs A-

Show Boat
12/7/96 ~ Broadway, Revival
Mark Jacoby, Rebecca Luker, Lonette McKee, John McMartin, Elaine Strich, Gretha Boston, Michel Bell
Directed by Hal Prince. Only full version of the revival although missing the first few minutes. Unfortunately lots of heads in the way and blackouts throughout. Some generational loss. C

Show Boat
August 2001 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Frank Anderson, Darcy Fulliam, Kelli O'Hara, Gary Mauer, Terry Burrell
Semi-pro shot, using one camera on a tripod. Also includes scanned program information. A

Show Boat
10/16/15 ~ Live from Lincoln Center, NYC
Vanessa Williams, Julian Ovenden, Norm Lewis, Lauren Worsham, Jane Alexander, Fred Willard, Christopher Fitzgerald, Alli Mauzey, Erika Henningsen, Edward Watts
Semi-staged version; pro shot from PBS, recorded November 2014 at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center with the New York Philharmonic. A

Show Business: The Road To Broadway
2007 ~ Documentary
"Show Business: The Road to Broadway" follows the four high-profile productions that would eventually become Tony nominees for Best Musical of 2004: "Wicked," (currently the highest grossing musical of all time), the Rosie O'Donnell/Boy George musical brought from London, "Taboo," Tony Kushner's "Caroline, or Change," and a grown-up puppet show called "Avenue Q." Digging behind the scenes, from casting and out-of-town previews to the suspense-filled Tony Awards, "Show Business" provides an engrossing look at the inner workings of Broadway musicals. Listening in to critics around the dinner table, interviews with the creators, footage of rehearsals and openings all combine to make this one of the most entertaining documentaries and dramas about the world of musical theater." Screener's copy, says "Property of Regent." A

The Show Formerly Known As Purple Rain
March 2005 ~ Kansas City, MO
Jessalyn Kincaid, Corrie Van Ausdal, Kimberely Queen, Laura Frank, Shannon Michalski, Lauretta Pope
A presentation of Late Night Theatre. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Clear video with good sound and closeups A

Show Girl
1961 ~ Broadway
Carol Channing, Jules Munshin
Broadway flop which only had 100 Broadway performances. Black & white pro shot video; excellent quality A

Showtune: The Words and Music of Jerry Herman
2003 ~ New York
Sandy Binion, Paul Harman, Thomas Korbee Jr., Karen Murphy, Bobby Peaco
A Theatre at St Peter's production; a timestamp is seen at the bottom throughout and the sound is low B

Show Your Spirit
11/5/83 ~ Dallas, TX
Bill Corwin, Elizabeth Davidson, Nancy Drotning, Teresa Foy, John Higbie, Kevin LeCaon
An original stage musical, commissioned by Southwest Airlines, portrayed in the musical by a cute little  airplane named T. J. who is encouraged to compete against the big airlines by a woman named after Amelia Earheart; DVD also includes the original cast recording on CD; Pro-shot for video. A-

Shrek: The Musical
8/14/08 ~ Seattle, WA
Brian D'arcy James, Sutton Foster, Christopher Sieber, Chester Gregory, John Tartaglia, Kecia Lewis-Evans, Haven Burton First Performance of the Pre-Broadway run. A rare capture due to the fact the show ran 2 hours and 34 minutes, cuts are nearly inevitable.
Includes three already cut songs, "I Could Get Used to This" and "Gonna Build a Wall", and "The Line-up Reprise #2" (where Gingy sings about having an yeast infection) was cut on the second preview.. Beautiful capture with no obstructions. A very fun show, a top notch cast and memorable songs, sure to play many years on Broadway. A+

Shrek: The Musical
8/15/08 ~ Seattle, WA
Brian D'Arcy James, Sutton Foster, Chester Gregory, Christopher Sieber, John Tartaglia, Kecia Lewis-Evans
Filmed from the back row of the right balcony; small theater so zoomed closeups are very clear shot.No picture at the beginning of each act, so the picture is blurry or non-existant for a bit, and there's one short coverup during Donkey's entrance, but other than that everything is there. There's very little audience obstruction and spotlight washout, and the sound is excellent throughout. 2 DVDs A

Shrek: The Musical
9/21/08 ~ Seattle
Final Pre-Broadway Performance: Brian D'arcy James, Sutton Foster, Christopher Sieber, Chester Gregory, John Tartaglia, Kecia Lewis-Evans, Haven Burton.
Final Performance of the Pre-Broadway run with many changes. Nearly 25 minutes of cuts and changes since the first performance, including new songs. The changes help tell the story better and fit nicer. The cast was totally on for the final show and gave fantastic performances to die for. Beautiful capture and matching performance. A

Shrek: The Musical
11/8/08 ~ Broadway
Brian D'Arcy James, Sutton Foster, Christopher Sieber, Daniel Breaker, John Tartaglia, Haven Burton
First New York preview; a head in the way that blocks the center but the taper shoots around it; otherwise a nice video with good picture and sound A

Shrek: The Musical
11/15/08 ~ Broadway
Brian d'Arcy James, Sutton Foster, Christopher Sieber, Daniel Breaker, John Tartaglia, Rachel Resheff, Haven Burton.
Beautiful capture with no real obstructions and many changes from the Seattle run. Some of the changes are for the better, while some are not. Includes changed songs and added back in is Build a Wall, cut from early previews in Seattle. Great performances by the cast and a very fun show. A

Shrek: The Musical
1/1/09 ~ Broadway
Brian d'Arcy James, Sutton Foster, Christopher Sieber, Daniel Breaker, John Tartaglia
Lots of obstruction from railings and the audience worked around as best as possible but a few times the picture is pretty shaky or the action is blocked, especially on the far right; first ten minutes of act one are especially shaky, obstructed, and blacked out, but gets much better. Two short blackouts during Let Your Freak Flag Fly, and another blackout during the wedding scene that lasts about five minutes; mostly filmed with wides and mediums, some washout here and there, especially in the wides, Good sound throughout; 2 DVDs B

Shrek: The Musical
4/4/09 ~ Broadway
Brian d'Arcy James, Sutton Foster, Christopher Sieber, Daniel Breaker, John Tartaglia, Marissa O'Donnell, Rachel Resheff, Haven Burton, Heather Jane Rolff (u/s Wicked Witch), Carolyn Ockert-
Haythe (u/s Ugly Duckling/Blind Mouse)
Highlights, not the complete show; about 45 minutes long Act 1: Small bit of "Story of My Life", "The Goodbye Song", Donkey's entrance/"Don't Let Me Go", "I Know It's Today", most of "Travel Song", part of "Donkey Pot Pie", Shrek saving Fiona/"This is How a Dream Comes True", "Who I'd Be". - Act 2: "I Think I Got You Beat", "The Ballad of Farquaad", "Make a Move", most of "When Words Fail", most of "Build a Wall", most of "Freak Flag" (there's a short section missing from the middle), "Big Bright Beautiful World (Reprise)".  Decently filmed with heads and an arm in the way and some
washout but okay video B

Shrek: The Musical
4/11/09 ~ Broadway matinee
Brian d'Arcy James, Haven Burton (u/s Fiona), Christopher Sieber, Daniel Breaker, John Tartaglia, Rachel Resheff, Heather Jane Rolff (u/s Mama Bear/Gingy)
Great video with clear picture, excellent video and first video of understudy Haven Burton as Fiona; Ryan's video A

Shrek: The Musical
4/11/09 ~ Broadway matinee
Brian d'Arcy James, Haven Burton (u/s Fiona), Christopher Sieber, Daniel Breaker, John Tartaglia, Heather Jane Rolff and Justin Greer as (u/s) Aymee Garcia and Haven Burton's parts, Jacob Ming-Trent as (u/s) David FM Vaughn's parts
Very good capture of this show. Only one five second coverup during "Story of My Life" and a little head obstruction when the actors came all the way downstage during one scene. Includes Christopher Seiber's BC/EFA speech. Jeff's video B+

Shrek: The Musical
2013 ~ Broadway
Brian d'Arcy James, Sutton Foster, Daniel Breaker, Christopher Sieber, John Tartaglia
Pro-shot, filmed live using multiple cameras before an audience at the Broadway Theatre in New York. A

Shrek: The Musical
July 2014 ~ Plays in the Park. NJ
Michael McEntee, Kat LeFevre, Timothy Walton, Dan Thomas Cook, Mimi Francis, Billy Geltzeiler,
Meghan Cordier, Sarah Caldwell, Julia McKenna, Kieran McKenna
Pro-shot video with clear picture and sound; very nice video A

Shuffle Along

4/12/16 ~ Broadway

Brandon Victor Dixon, Joshua Henry, Audra McDonald, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Billy Porter, Brooks Ashmanskas, Amber Iman, Adrienne Warren, Phillip Attmore, Darius de Haas, Afra Hines, Curtis Holland, Kendrick Jones, Lisa LaTouche, J.C. Montgomery, Erin N. Moore, Janelle Neal, Brittany Parks, Arbender Robinson, Karissa Royster, Christian Dante White, Joseph Wiggan, Pamela Yasutake, Richard Riaz Yoder

Beautifully filmed in HD; some heads at bottom of the screen in wide shots but don't distract from anything and are shot around nicely. Much has changed from the show from this date, so it's a rare look at the show mid-changes; great clear video A

Shuffle Along, Or The Making Of The Musical Sensation Of 1921 And All That Followed 

6/24/16 ~ Broadway

Audra McDonald (Lottie Gee), Brian Stokes Mitchell (F.E. Miller), Joshua Henry (Noble Sissle), Brandon Victor Dixon (Eubie Blake), Billy Porter (Aubrey Lyles), Adrienne Warren (Gertrude Saunders/Florence Mills), Amber Iman (Eva/Mattie Wilkes), Brooks Ashmanskas (Sam/Izzy/Carlo), Christian Dante White (Harry Walton), Arbender Robinson (Tommy), Curtis Holland (Li’l Baby C). 

A nice capture of what is the final version of the show.   A few short blackouts here and there, and a head appears in the bottom of the frame for most of the show-but they never get in the way of the action onstage.   2 DVDs  A-

Side by Side by Sondheim
June 1996 ~ Sydney, Australia
Craig Mundy, Wendy de Beger, Wendy Wells, Paul Holmes, Jim Anderson and Daryl Wallis on pianos
Semi-pro shot; from the Miranda Musical Society, Sutherland School of Arts Theatre; its not the most talented cast, but they give a good effort.  Filmed using one camera on a tripod in the back of the house. A-

Side Show
1997 - Broadway Reviewer Reels
Alice Ripley, Emily Skinner.
40 minutes of pro-shot reviewer's reel footage, interviews with the leads, and "I Will Never Leave You" performed on the Tony awards. Great quality.

Side Show
11/16/97 ~ Broadway
Alice Ripley, Emily Skinner, Jeff McCarthy, Hugh Panaro, Norm Lewis, Ken Jennings
Excellent video with great picture and sound and nice zooms; includes the BCEFA stage speech after the show A+

Side Show
12/30/97 ~ Broadway
Alice Ripley, Emily Skinner, Jeff McCarthy, Hugh Panaro, Norm Lewis, Ken Jennings
Camcorder video; not as clear as it should be B

Side Show
1/2/98 ~ Broadway
Alice Ripley, Emily Skinner, Norm Lewis, Jeff McCarthy, HughPanaro
Matinee of second to last performance; nicer than above one but has some generation loss B

Side Show
1/3/98 ~ Broadway
Alice Ripley, Emily Skinner, Norm Lewis, Jeff McCarthy, Hugh Panaro.  
Highlights only of the final show.  About 45 minutes of footage from both acts.  Nicer than the one described above, with more close-ups, and slightly less generational loss.   B-

Side Show
10/21/98 ~ TheatreWorks' at the Mountain View Center, CA
Kristen Behrendt, Debra Wiseman, A.J. Vincent, Pierce Peter Brandt, Stephonne Smith
Opening night video; steady cam shot with no closeups; great quality and sound. A

Side Show
6/8/00 ~ Stokie, IL
Susie McMonagle, Kristen Behrendt
Chicago area premier, very good quality, filmed from the left through heads, good zooms and very clear, A

Side Show
11/10/13 ~ La Jolla, CA
Erin Davie, Emily Padgett, Matthew Hydzik, Manoel Felciano, Robert Joy, David St. Louis, Keala Settle
Beautiful HD capture of the Pre-Broadway run. Nice changes to the book, lyrics and newly added songs. Video includes bonus performances of Buddy Kissed Me, I Will Never Leave You, and Who Will Love Me as I Am from the evening performance 2 DVDs A

Side Show
11/24/13 ~ La Jolla, CA
Emily Padgett, Erin Davie, David St. Louis, Manoel Felciano, Matthew Hydzik, Robert Joy, Don Richard, Keala Settle, Javier Ignacio, Brandon Bieber, Kelvin Moon Loh, Matthew Patrick Davis,
Zonya Love, Barrett Martin, Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper, Lauren Elder
Well filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups; no washout or obstruction and very steady; one short blackout for about a minute during Come Look at the Freaks; excellent clear sound; includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A

Side Show
November 2014 ~ Broadway
Erin Davie, Emily Padgett, Matthew Hydzik, Robert Joy, Ryan Silverman, David St. Louis, Blair Ross Beautiful HD capture of Broadway mounting with many changes from the La Jolla production; well filmed with clear picture and sound filmed from the right mezzanine 2 DVDS

Side Show
1/4/15 ~ Broadway
Erin Davie, Emily Padgett, Ryan Silverman, Matthew Hydzik, David St Louis, Robert Joy, Brandon Bieber, Matthew Patrick Davis, Charity Angel Dawson, Lauren Elder, Javier Ignacio, Jordanna James, Kelvin Moon Loh, Barrett Martin, Don Richard, Blair Ross, Hannah Shankman, Josh Walker, Derek Hanson, Con O'Shea-Creal
Great capture of the revival's final performance; no washout, very little obstruction, and only a couple short dropouts. Excellent picture and clear crisp sound is excellent; video includes curtain call, Bill Condon's farewell speech, encore of Say Goodbye to the Side Show 2 DVDs A

Sight Unseen
5/22/04 ~ Broadway
Laura Linney, Ben Shenkman,Ana Reeder, Byron Jennings
Excellent video with good picture and sound; A

Silence! The Musical
11/18/11 ~ New York
David Garrison, Jenn Harris, Stephen Bienskie
Filmed from an odd angle-it almost looks like someone sitting in the front row just put the camera onstage. A-

Sills and Burnett At The Met
11/25/76 ~ CBS-TV
Beverly Sills and Carol Burnett. TV special that joined Beverly Sills and Carol Burnett on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera — an unlikely pairing, that resulted in a friendship lasting three decades.  Surprisingly this classic TV special that was nominated for 4 Emmys, has never been released commercially.  Some slight generational loss.  1 hour, complete with original commercials.   A-

Sinatra 75: The Best Is Yet To Come
12/16/90 ~ CBS-TV
This 1990 television special affords an affectionate portrait compiled through clips from Sinatra’s long rap sheet of films and iced with a frosting of sympathetic interviews and testimonials. Assembled during the twilight of his career, and designed more as a souvenir for the faithful than as a thoughtful and objective documentary, this tribute lingers on footage of the singer, actor, and undisputed icon long after his signature powers began to fade. Intended as a birthday tribute, and produced with the blessing of his family. Hosts, including Roger Moore and Robert Wagner, wax effusively about Ol' Blue Eyes' greatness, yet the knotty contradictions of his life, particularly during the late '40s and early '50s when his career imploded, are glided over in a single sentence. Highlights include footage of sessions for his '80s studio collaboration with Quincy Jones, as well as teasingly brief glimpses of his long filmography of musical and dramatic roles. Endorsements range from the obvious (a frail Gene Kelly and a feisty but loving Shirley MacLaine) to the downright bizarre (Tom Selleck hailing Sinatra's Magnum P.I. guest appearance). While there are glimpses of the tough, driven Hoboken kid and the eventual media god who was almost painfully private by nature, we're also treated to calculated scenes of the older Sinatra kissing his puppies and playing with his electric train set. Still, we get to see Frank and Elvis, in the latter's first post-army television slot, in a tongue-in-cheek duet, which certainly rings some mythic bells.  95 minutes with commercials edited out.   A

Sing Happy - The Kander and Ebb Tribute
10/25/03 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Ian Abercrombie, Carol Channing, Carole Cook, Wilson Cruz, Tyne Daly, Nancy Dussault, Jill Eikenberry, David Engel, Bonnie Franklin, Victor Garber, Robert Goulet, Jason Graae, Ilene Graff,
Neil Patrick Harris, David Hasselhoff, Florence Henderson, Marilu Henner, Jane A. Johnston, Dale Kristien, Jane Lanier, Sharon Lawrence, Marin Mazzie, Gerry McIntyre, Donna McKechnie, Liza Minnelli, Rod McKuen, Rita Moreno, Karen Morrow, Pamela Myers, Jack Noseworthy,Valarie Pettiford, Stefanie Powers, Charlotte Rae, John C. Reilly, Alice Ripley, Michael Rupert, Joan Ryan, Honey Sanders, Jennifer Tilly, Michael Tucker, Ben Vereen.
A concert to benefit The Actor's Fund of Los Angeles. Semi-pro shot with one camera on a tripod. A

Singin' In The Rain
1984 ~ Broadway
Don Correia, Mary D'Arcy, Richard Fancy, Faye Grant
Excellent quality for a rare show with good picture and sound

Singin' In The Rain
1992 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Michael Gruber, Karyn Quackenbush, Randy Rogel, Heidi Karol Johnson, Charles Parker,Timothy W. Robu
Excellent production filmed very well. A

Singin' In The Rain
August 2009 ~ Plays in the Park. NJ
Dan Higgins, Megan Bussiere, Zachary Infante, Brooke Andrews, Jack Cibrian, James T. Morgan, Darlene Rich, Zita Geoffroy-Heinz, Matthew Sullivan,Amanda Katchisin, Julian Beal, Ryan Mulroney
Pro-shot video, excellent picture and sound 2 DVDs A

Single: The Musical
6/4/14 ~ 54 Below
Melissa Van Der Schyff, Catherine Porter, Allie Shultz, Ryan Duncan and Claybourne Elder
Pro-shot footage of Single concert.

Sistas: The Musical
11/30/12 ~ Brooklyn, NY
Tracey Conyer Lee, Jennifer Fouche, Amy Goldberger, April Nixon and Lexi Rhoades.
Pro-Shot.  With news of their grandmother's passing, a group of sisters come together to pick a song to honor their grandmother's legacy at her memorial service. Going through their grandmother's  keepsakes, the women uncover mementos that testify to their grandmother's profound contributions to their family history and their community. In the process, the sisters tell their stories through the many indelible songs that trace the rich and conflicted history of Black women that span the days of Jim Crow, the 60's Girl Groups, the emerging female empowerment of the 90's, and the unique challenges of today's youth. With classic musical hits including “Oh...Happy Day”, “Precious Lord”, “Stormy Weather”, “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.”, “Say a Little Prayer”, “Tyrone”, “I Have Nothing”, “Single Ladies” and “A Woman's Worth”.  Professionally filmed for video during the show’s initial run at St. Paul’s Community Baptist Church in Brooklyn, prior to it’s current Off-Broadway run.

Sister Act
2009/2010 ~ London
Patina Miller, Sheila Hancock, Ian Lavender, Ako Mitchell, Julian Cannonier (u/s Shank), Katie Rowley Jones, Claire Greenway, Allison Harding (u/s Mary Lazarus), Nicolas Colicos, Thomas Goodridge, Ivan De Freitas
Filmed from the back of the nicely raked stalls with virtually no head obstruction and only a couple of 30-second blackouts towards the beginning of act one due to latecomers being seated; full show is included on the video, curtain call is not; action is followed very well, using different types of shots when necessary; little spotlight washout and the colors are great, especially in the big church numbers. A
Restricted Trades

Sister Act
2/25/11 ~ Hamburg
Zodwa Selele (Deloris), Barbara Krabbe (Mutter Oberin), Cush Jung (Curtis), Thada Suanduanchai (Eddie), Ina Trabesinger (Schwester Mary Robert), Martine de Jager (Schwester Mary Patrick), Sonya Martin (Schwester Mary Lazarus)
*In German* 2 DVDs

Sister Act
4/2/11 ~ Broadway
Patina Miller, Victoria Clark, Fred Applegate, Sarah Bolt, John Treacy Egan, Demond Green, Chester Gregory, Marla Mindelle, Kingsley Leggs.
Well filmed from the balcony. An occasional head appears in the bottom of the frame here and there. A

Sister Act
1/31/12 ~ Broadway
Patina Miller, Carolee Carmello, Fred Applegate, Sarah Bolt, John Treacy Egan, Demond Green, Chester Gregory, Kingsley Leggs, Marla Mindelle, Audrie Neenan, Caesar Samayoa, Rashidra Scott, Alena Watters, Chris Bohannon, Danny Stiles, Alan H. Green, Trisha Rapier, Madeleine Doherty, Holly Davis.
This show is LOUD and so over amped in this theater that there are times it completely overpowers the sensitive microphone attached to the camera. So when the music gets extremely loud it gets garbled due to that. Otherwise a great video. Patina is amazing as well, all the cast is wonderful in this wonderful show ! A-

Sister Act
2012 ~ UK tour
Cynthia Erivo, Denise Black, Julie Atherton, Michael Starke, Edward Baruwa, Nolan Frederick, Laurie Scarth
Well-filmed video in 16:9 wide-screen with no obstructions and action very well followed. Good picture and sound throughout 2 DVDs A

Sister Act
11/18/12 ~ Tour, Chicago
Ta'rea Campbell, Hollis Resnik, Florrie Bagel, E. Clayton Cornelious, Diane J. Findlay, Kengsley Leggs, Lael Van Keuren, Charles Barksdale.
Beautiful HD capture of the touring production. This cast was solid and was so fun to watch. 2 Discs

Sitting Pretty
4/28/12 ~ New York
John Alban Coughlan, Scott Guthrie, Mary Stout, Diane Phelan, Chelsea Barker, Sara Jayne Blackmore, Graham Bailey, Paul Romero, Graham Stuart Allen
Presented by Musicals Tonight! Filmed from the back of the small Lion Theatre, so heads fill the bottom 60% of the frame, but you still get a good sense of the show. B

6 Characters In Search Of An Author
10/17/76 ~ PBS-TV
Pat Ast, Andy Griffith, John Houseman, Lawrence Hugo, Julie Adams, Will Albert, Timothy Blake, Patricia Hitchcock, Philip Epstein, Jeremy Foster
Directed by Stacey Keach. Based on the 1922 Broadway play by Luigi Pirandello. Pro-shot, good video A

Sixteen Wounded
Act 1: 3/26/04 and Act 2: 4/7/04 ~ Broadway
Judd Hirsch, Omar Metwally, Martha Plimpton, Jan Maxwell
Excellent video for Act one, Good video for Act two; nice sound throughout; A

June 2018 ~ New York
Idina Menzel, Jack Wetherall, Cynthia Mace, Stephen Carrasco, Will Brittain, Eli Gelb
Very clear HD video with great picture and sound; good video A

7/17/14 ~ NT Live
Carey Mulligan, Bill Nighy, Matthew Beard
Multiple camera pro-shot of the new production at the West End. Broadcast live in cinemas through a satellite feed and this was captured from that feed. Perfect 5.1 sound and HD video. Includes an interview with David Hare. 2 DVDs A

Sleeping Beauty
1987 ~ Anglia Television
Rosalynn Summers, Robin Cousins. Directed by Tom Gutteridge and choreographed by Lar Lubovitch. The classic fairytale of The Sleeping Beauty is magically transformed into an ice ballet of unprecedented size and style bringing together some of the world`s top skating stars. Tchaikovsky score performed by The London Symphony Orchestra. A+

Sleeping Beauty or Coma
Off Broadway
Charles Busch companion piece to The Vampire Lesbians of Sodom.  Video also includes Vampire Lesbians. B

Slut: A Wholesome New Musical
11/1/05 ~ New York
Jenn Colella, Mary Farber, Andy Karl, David Josefsberg
Many cover-ups and some heads in the way...what is caught is crystal clear though. Act 2 is better than act 1. B+

Sly Fox
3/27/04 ~ Broadway
Richard Dreyfuss, Eric Stoltz, Bob Dishy, Rene Auberjonois, Bronson Pinchot, Rachel York, Elizabeth Berkley, Professor Irwin Corey, Peter Scolari, Nick Wyman
Excellent picture and sound; nice video as always; A-

A Small Family Business
6/12/14 ~ NT Live
Neal Barry, Stephen Beckett, Matthew Cottle, Debra Gillet, Gawn Grainger, Amanda Hadingue
Multiple camera pro-shot of the new production at the National Theatre. Broadcast live in cinemas through a satellite feed and this was captured from that feed. Perfect 5.1 sound and HD video. Includes a behind-the-scenes featurette and interviews. 2 DVD A

Small Tragedy
2/21/04 ~ New York
Lee Pace, Rosemarie DeWitt, Daniel Eric Gold, Ana Reeder, Mary Shultz
Head must be shot around for act one but act 2 much better, act 2 missing one minute in the middle. Good video 2 DVDs A

1986 ~ Broadway
Jodi Benson, Mana Allen, Dick Patterson, Jeff McCarthy
Infamous flop which lasted only 48 performances on Broadway. Some generational loss. B

Smiling, The Boy Fell Dead
3/1/14 ~ New York
Judy Kaye, Tony Roberts, Matt Dengler, Allison Carr, David Green, Nancy Johnston, Paul Murphy.
Music by David Baker, lyrics by Sheldon Harnick.  Shot from someone's lap in teh orchestra so lots of heads.   DVD includes talk back session with the cast and Sheldon Harnick. C

Smoke On The Mountain
9/17/00 ~ Montgomery, Alabama
Semi pro-shot with multiple cameras, A-

Smokey Joe's Cafe
1/16/00 ~ Broadway
Ken Ard, Adrian Bailey, Matt Bogart, Brenda Braxton, Victor Trent Cook, B.J. Crosby, DeLee Lively, Deb Lyons, Frederick B. Owens
Professional pay-per-view telecast of the final performance A

Smokey Joe's Cafe
9/21/13 ~ Pasadena, CA
LaVance Colley, Kyra Little Da Costa, Thomas Hobson, Stu James, Adrianna Rose Lyons, Monique L. Midgette, Robert Neary, Michael A. Shepperd, Carly Thomas Smith
There are three short blackouts: the first minute of act one, during the first part of Young Blood, and the last part of Stand by Me; one head center stage that blocks the actor's feet occasionally; some washout in the high-contrast wide shots, but overall the video looks very nice and steady; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Clear picture and good sound 2 DVDs A

Date Unknown
Andrea McArdle
Pro Video but Suffers from over copying, and has "light pulses" throughout.  Good camerawork and sound. C

Snowman: The Live Stage Show
2010 ~ BBC TV
Lewis Coppen (The Boy), Brad Madison and Remy Martin (The Snowman), Giuseppe Lazzara (Coconut/Jack Frost), Matthew Graham (Dad/Father Christmas), Pier Carlo Gozzelino (Banana/Fred Astaire), Carley Best (Mom/Fox/Reindeer).
Narrated by Joanna Lumley.

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Live
1981 ~ Radio City Music Hall, New York
Mary Jo Salerno, Richard Bowne, Anne Francine
Disney's first Commercial Theatrical Venture with an expanded story, great costumes. Great fun, dubbed directly from commercial video A

Snow White-An Enchanting New Musical
3/4/04 ~ Anaheim, CA
A professionally produced video of the live stage show at Disneyland in California. Complete show, about 35 minutes long. Video produced by "Disneyland Resort Broadcast Services."  A

A Snow White Christmas
12/15/12 ~ Pasadena, CA
Ariana Grande, Charlene Tilton, Neil Patrick Harris, Curt Hansen, Jonathan Meza, David Figlioli, Italo Egueta, Morgan Larsen, Janaya French, Clarice Ordaz, David Morales, Marc Spaulding, Aiden Lewandowski, Rachael Anne Anderson, Zander Faden, Kade Pait, Alix Newman, Tyler Mitchell, Daisy Stoneman
Entertaining show for all ages, with a score of recognizable pop songs and hilarious broadway and pop culture references to Wicked, Book of Mormon, How I Met Your Mother, Victorious, Dallas, and more; some heads at the bottom of the screen, but they are worked around fine, especially after the first few minutes of the first act; some short dropouts during the first part of act one, but each lasts only 15-30 seconds. Filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Good clear sound; nice video 2 DVDs A-

Some Enchanted Evening: Celebrating Oscar Hammerstein II
1995 Television special
Julie Andrews, Audra McDonald, Bernadette Peters, Mandy Patinkin, Dawn Upshaw, Peabo Bryson, Willie Nelson, Patti Labelle, Vanessa Williams, Broadway casts of Carousel and Show Boat
Terrific concert celebrating Hammerstein’s 100th birthday.  Hosted by Julie Andrews (before she lost her singing voice).  Transferred from my VHS tape of the 1995 PBS Broadcast, so some generation loss.  A-

Some Enchanted Evening:The Richard Rodgers Tribute
2000 ~ The Royal Theatre Drury Lane in London
Gillian Anderson, Kim Criswell, Claire Sweeney, Joanna Riding, Maureen Lipman, Judi Dench, Claire Moore, Ruthie Henshall
Concert celebrating the century of the birth of the composer; includes songs, dance, staged numbers and anectodotes featuring leading stars from both Broadway and London's West End; directed by Simon Callow A

Some Like It Hot (also labelled as Sugar)
2003 ~ National Tour
Tony Curtis, Lenora Nemetz
Shot from the orchestra at an angle at times. Good video though B+/A

Something For The Boys, In Concert
5/10/12 ~ New York
Lauren Elaine Taylor, Mike Backes, Valerie Lynn Williams, Erin Elizabeth Coors, Roger Rifkin
Presented by Musicals Tonight! Presented concert style, so the actors, in costume, are holding their scripts. The filmer sat in the first row, so you are looking up at the stage. A-

Something Rotten!
3/23/15 ~ Broadway
Cast: Brooks Ashmanskas, Peter Bartlett, Heidi Blickenstaff, Christian Borle, John Cariani, Brian d'Arcy James, Brad Oscar, Kate Reinders, Michael James Scott, Gerry Vichi, Linda Griffin, David Hibbard, Jenny Hill, Stacey Todd Hold, Beth Johnson Nicely, Aaron Kaburick, Austin Lesch, Aleks Pevec, Angie Schworer, Eric Sciotto, Brian Shepard, Chelsea Morgan Stock, Ryan VanDenBoom, Marisha Wallace, Bud Weber

Something Rotten!
3/28/15 ~ Broadway
Brian d'Arcy James, Christian Borle, John Cariani, Heidi Blickenstaff, Brad Oscar, Kate Reinders, Brooks Ashmanskas, Peter Bartlett.
Excellent HD capture of this hilarious new musical. The cast is just too perfect in every way. Superb performances, music, story and a great homage to theatre and musicals. Not to be missed! 2 DISCS

Something Rotten!
6/20/16 ~ Broadway
Rob McClure, John Cariani, Christian Borle, Heidi Blickenstaff, Catherine Brunell (u/s Portia), Brad Oscar, Andre Ward, David Beach, David Hibbard, Stacey Todd Holt, Brian Ogilvie, Brian Shepard, Aaron Kaburick, Edward Hibbert, Gerry Vichi, Tracee Beazer, Jenny Hill, Tari Kelly, Beth Johnson Nicely, Aleks Pevec, Angie Schworer, Eric Sciotto, Ryan Vandenboom, Bud Weber
With a mix of original cast and new faces, there are great performances all around. Nicely captured just a couple quick dropouts and some heads at the bottom of the screen that regularly block the actors' feet, but they are worked around as much as possible, and generally don't affect the main action; some occasional washout, especially in wider shots. Excellent clear sound 2 DVDs A

Something Special: Pearl Bailey
Pearl Bailey, Ethel Waters, Sid & Marty Kroffts’ Puppets.  “Almost the whole show is Pearlie Mae belting out one hit after another in her own unique style.  The arrangements were by her husband Louis Bellson (who also accompanies her on camera during one song) and Don Redman. Even the puppet is of Pearl Bailey, so she sings a duet with herself!  Ethel Waters sings His Eye Is On The Sparrow, which she made famous and a duet with Pearl.  A unique (for the period) all black TV special.”  About 1 hour.  In black and white, with commercials edited out.  (Also included on the disc: The Heart Is A Rebel.)   A-

Something's Afoot
1976 ~ London
Jean Stapleton, Andy Gibb
Pro shot for video. Billed as a Musical mystery but a flop on Broadway which only ran 61 performances. Some generational loss, but not too bad. B+

Sondheim: The Library Of Congress Interviews
These interviews were conducted in Stephen Sondheim's New York apartment by Mark Eden Horowitz. (Mark Eden Horowitz is the Senior Music Specialist at the Library of Congress) These interviews were conducted over a three day period in November of 1997. Sondheim is interviewed at his dining room table. About 7 hours on 3 DVDs. These tapes were not made for general distribution, but were donated to the Library Of Congress for limited viewing, and they are extremely rare. A 3 DVDs

Stephen Sondheim: Musicals And More
2000 ~ German TV
German TV documentary including scenes from the German production of “Sweeney Todd” (Mannheim) and many other Sondheim productions, most in English.  In German, but easy to follow.  Sondheim and most others interviewed speak English.  There’s German narration over the English audio for the most part, but usually it’s possible to hear and understand.  1 hour. A

Sondheim Celebration Concert
10/21/02 ~ Sondheim Celebration,Washington DC
Christine Baranski, John Barrowman, Anastasia Barzee, Sarah Uriarte Berry, Matt Bogart, Blair Brown, Michael Cerveris, Barbara Cook, Natascia Diaz, John Dossett, Raúl Esparza, Philip Goodwin, Randy Graff, Danny Gurwin, Marcy Harriell, Judy Kuhn, Rebecca Luker, Hugh Panaro, Mark Price, Alice Ripley, Miriam Shor, Douglas Sills, Emily Skinner, Linda Stephens
Perfect capper to this summer's Kennedy Center productions. A concert of the highlights from those six performances. Shot from the 2nd tier, there's some spotlight washout on the faces at times, but the closeups are beautiful. A

Sondheim On Sondheim
3/26/10 ~ Broadway
Barbara Cook, Vanessa Williams, Tom Wopat, Leslie Kritzer, Norm Lewis, Erin Mackey, Euan Morton, Matthew Scott
First song in Act 2 is from 3/30/10; good clear and excellent sound throughout; nice video A

Stephen Sondheim’s 75th Birthday Celebration
7/8/05 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Jason Alexander, James Barbour, Carol Burnett, Len Cariou, Barbara Cook, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Jason Danieley, Alexander Gemignani, Josh Groban, Anne Hathaway, Angela Lansbury, Marin Mazzie, Eric McCormack, Audra McDonald, Bernadette Peters, Elaine Stritch, Jubilant Sykes, Vanessa Williams, Adam Wylie
Awesome, complete concert with numbers from all of Sondheim’s shows perfromed by some of the greats. 2 DVDs A+

Sondheim's 80th Birthday - BBC Proms
7/31/10 ~ London
Bryn Terfel, Maria Friedman, Simon Russell Beale, Daniel Evans, Julian Ovenden, Roderick Elms, Caroline O'Connor, Jenna Russell, Dame Judi Dench
Aired live on BBC Television from Royal Albert Hall in London; an 80th birthday of one of Broadway's great innovators, this all-Sondheim Prom draws together leading figures of the opera and theatre worlds.  Performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra with Sondheim specialist David Charles Abell on the podium; excerpts performed from horror-opera Sweeney Todd, the Ingmar Bergman-inspired A Little Night Music and the fairy-tale compendium of Into the Woods, as well as excerpts from Company, Pacific Overtures and Sunday in the Park with George. Proshot video A+

Song & Dance
1983 ~ London
Sarah Brightman, Wayne Sleep
Very clear, crisp and bright pro-shot video, rarely found in such good quality; audio is near perfect with complete credits A

Song & Dance
October 1985 ~ Broadway
Bernadette Peters, Christopher d'Amboise, Charlotte d'Amboise Surprisingly good for its age with clear sound and nice picture; video includes commercial and TV reviews

Song Of Singapore: The Hot New Swing Musical
1992 ~ New York
Donna Murphy
Very well filmed, looks almost professionally filmed. Occasional video glitches. Once in act one and act two, the video stops and then starts a minute or so later.; tracking issues in middle of act 2; also includes filming of promo stuff. A

Songs for a New World Concert
5/1/05 or 5/5/01 ~ Symphony Space, NY
Andrea Burns, Jessica Molaskey, Brooks Ashmanskas, The BergenYouth Orchestra
Jason Robert Brown narrates with stories about the creation of the show. Shot from the fifth row of the orchestra, right side. Clear, steady, lots of closeups and terrific sound. Digital, A

Sophie's Choice: The Opera
2002 ~ London
Angelika Kirchschlager, Gordon Gietz, Rod Gilfry, Dale Duesing.
BBC Broadcast, this English Opera was written by Nicholas Maw, 2 DVDs

Soul Doctor
10/13/13 ~ Broadway
Eric Anderson (Shlomo), Jacqueline Antaramian (Mother), Amber Iman (Nina).
Filmed at the closing night performance.  Mostly a full stage shot with low resolution, and the right half to third of the picture is obscured by whatever the filmer using to hid the camera.  The disc also includes Larry King interviewing the cast in what looks to be an 18 minute promotional video disguised to look like his former talk show. B

Soul Possessed
12/8/99 ~ Washington, DC
Patti LaBelle,Tai Jaminez, Miguel Angel, Carmen De Lavallade
Debbie Allen musical; great video of a horrendous show A

The Sound Of Music
5/93 ~ Hawaii
Cheryl J. Bartlett, Dennis Casar, Steve D. Wagenseller, Carol Whitney, Susan K. Nakamura.
A presentation by the Army Community Theatre, an organization which incorporates talent from the military base with civilian actors. Semi-pro shot using one camera on a tripod. Sound a bit low but comprehensible. B+

The Sound of Music
5/31/97 ~ Mediterranean Conference Center, Malta
Julie James, Ray Mangion, Mary Rose Mallia, Josie Coppini, Mariosa Xuereb.
A nice capture using one camera on a tripod for archival purposes of a very nice production. It surely gives you the feel of how this show was performed when hydraulics and computers were not moved to change scenes. A-

The Sound Of Music
2/20/98 ~ Broadway
Rebecca Luker, Michael Siberry, Patti Cohenour, Jan Maxwell, Fred Applegate, Patricia Conolly, Sara Zelle, Dashiell Eaves, Andrea Bowen, Ashley Rose Orr, Gina Ferrall, Ann Brown
A nice clear capture with no obstructions. A

The Sound of Music
May 1999 ~ US Tour
Richard Chamberlain, Meg Tolin
Act One highlights about 60 minutes long, okay quality.  This is incorrectly listed on other lists as being from the Broadway revival: Chamberlain was in both productions, but Meg Tolin was only in the tour and she is definitely playing Maria on this video.  Some generation loss and good sound and picture B+

The Sound of Music
11/27/99 ~ Lyric Theatre, Sydney Australia.
Lisa McCune, John Waters, Eilene Hannan, Anne Wood, Bert Newton, Tim Draxl, Pia Morley, June Salter
Semi Pro-shot using one camera on a tripod with no zooms.  Recorded for archival purposes. Beautiful production with great performances. Lisa is terrific as Maria. A

The Sound Of Music
January 2006 ~ Salesian Theatre Sliema, Malta
Lucienne Abela, Matthew Binett, Daniela Brockdorff, Marisha DeBattista, Narcy Calamatta, Julie James
Highlights from the last rehersals A-

The Sound Of Music
2006, West End, London, Press Reels.
Connie Fisher, Alexander Hanson, Lesley Garrett, Sophie Bould, Margaret Preece. Almost 30 Minutes of pro-shot footage. Also includes the title number and do re mi by Summer Strallen.

The Sound of Music
11/8/06 ~ London
Connie Fisher, Christopher Dickins (u/s Captain von Trapp), Lesley Garrett, Sophie Bould, Ian Gelder, Neil McDermott, Margaret Preece, Lauren Ward
Highlights only; almost all of Act 2 and about 25 minutes of various footage from Act 1. Nice video for what there is of it A-

The Sound of Music Musica no Coracao
2007 ~ Portugal
Helena Afonso, Lia Altavilla, Anabela, Joel Branco, Sofia Cruz, Tiago Diogo, Andreia Gaipo, Catia Garcia, Tiago Isidro, Margarida Matos, Vera Monica, Lucia Moniz, Helena Montez, Sergio Moreno, Carlos Quintas, Ana Luisa Reis, Catia Reis, Hugo Rendas, Patricia Resende, Helena Rocha, Lina Rodrigues, Ana Vasconcelos, Helena Vieira.
Pro-shot using multiple cameras. 2 DVDs. A+

The Sound of Music
September 2009 ~ Bradford, UK Tour
Connie Fisher, Margaret Preece, Michael Praed, Martin Callaghan, Jacinta Mulcahy, Claire Fishenden, Jeremy Taylor, Vivien Care
Only one head which at times get into the shot but it never obstructs the action on stage and one short blackout through out which last precisely 35 seconds. Nice video with good picture and sound throughout 2 DVDs A

The Sound of Music
November 2009 ~ UK Tour
Connie Fisher, Margaret Preece, Michael Praed, Jacinta Mulcahy, Martin Callaghan, Claire Fishenden, Jeremy Taylor
Filmed in 16:9 wide-screen with no obstructions or blackouts throughout; great clear sound with good picture; nice video.  Includes animated menus 2 DVDs A

The Sound of Music
November 2009 ~ UK Tour
Kirsty Malpass (Alt. Maria), Margaret Preece, Michael Praed, Jacinta Mulcahy, Martin Callaghan, Claire Fishenden, Jeremy Taylor
Nice video, filmed in 16:9 wide-screen with no obstructions or blackouts.  Clear sound and nice video 2 DVDs A

The Sound of Music
June 2010 ~ UK Tour
Kirsty Malpass (alt Maria), Michael Praed, Marilyn Hill Smith, Martin Callaghan, Claire Fishenden, Jacinta Mulcahy, Jeremy Taylor.
A nice clear capture in 16:9 wide-screen with no blackouts or obstructions. A+

The Sound of Music
June 2010 ~ UK Tour
Connie Fisher, Michael Praed,  Marilyn Hill Smith, Claire Fishenden, Chris Barton.
A magnificent capture of the first performance when the new cast took over featuring Any Dream Will Do’s Chris Barton who took over the role of Rolf. Comes in 2 DVDs and on the second disc after Act 2 is over there are 20 minutes worth of footage of press reels from the UK Tour production and the Canadian Cast featuring Elicia MacKenzie as Maria. So indeed its a nice DVD. A+

The Sound of Music
July 2010 ~ UK Tour in Woking
Philippa Buxton (alt.Maria), Michael Praed, Marilyn Hill Smith, Jacinta Mulcahy, Michael Remick (u/s Max Detweiler), Chris Barton, Claire Fishenden.
Excellent quality. (2 DVDs)

The Sound of Music
2010 ~ Netherlands
Wieneke Remmers, Rein Kolpa, Jackie van Oppen, Kirsten Cools, Koen Crucke / Zjon , Alexandra Alphenear, Steven Colombeen.
Full stage shot with hardly any zooms. There is about 2 minutes Drop-out towards the beginning of Act 2. In Dutch. A-

Sound of Music
2011 ~ UK Tour
Verity Rushworth (Maria), Jason Donovan (Captain von Trapp), Marilyn Hill Smith (The Mother Abbess), Claire Fishenden (Liesl von Trapp).
An excellent recording featuring the 201 touring cast, in 16:9 wide-screen.  there has been a lot of changes since the beginning of the tour in 2009.  2 DVDs

Sound of Music
2011 ~ UK Tour
Philippa Buxton (Maria), Jason Donovan (Captain von Trapp), Marilyn Hill Smith (The Mother Abbess), Jacinta Mulchay (Elsa Schraeder).
A beautiful recording in 16:9 wide-screen with no obstructions and action well followed.  Philippa as Maria is a joy to watch.  2 DVDs

The Sound of Music
12/15/12 ~ Papermill Playhouse, NJ
Elena Shaddow, Suzanne Ishee, Ben Davis, Robert DuSold, Joy Franz, Chelsea Morgan Stock, Sean McManus, Amanda Harris, Hunter Kovacs, Maya Fortgang, Gracie Beardsley, Greta Clark, Anthony Fedorov, Donna English, Osborn Focht Act 1 starts from the middle of Maria but a great steady shot, well focused, and no obstructions follows except for one 30-second blackout; Act 2 is complete; good video 2 DVDs A

The Sound of Music
12/5/13 ~ NBC TV
Carrie Underwood, Stephen Moyer, Audra McDonald, Laura Benanti, Christian Borle, Ariane Rinehart, Michael Campayno.
A live telecast of the famous Rodgers and Hammerstein musical. Despite the mixed reviews, I totally enjoyed this immensely and I do hope that more television musicals will follow and it was sensational. Includes the Making off. A+

The Sound of Music
12/20/15 ~ ITV, London
Kara Tointon, Julian Ovenden, Maria Friedman, Katherine Kelly, Alexander Armstrong.
A new television dramatization of the world’s most popular musical, transmitted live from London`s Three Mills Studio. Excellent presentation with an all-star cast. A+

The Sound of Music
Date Unknown ~ New Jersey
A regional company's summer stock production. Unfortunately, there is no information about the cast but indeed it`s a nice production and performances. Semi-pro filmed using two cameras on tripods. B+

The South Bank Show: "Stephen Sondheim: A Master Class"
Episode of this British television series showed Sondheim teaching a class of students from the Guildhall School of Music. This episode was also shown on Bravo in the US.  Directed by Alan Benson.  - Getting Married Today - Jane Shaw, David Adair, Elizabeth Rodger, Send in the Clowns - Hyacinth Nichols, Send in the Clowns - Janet Griffiths, My Friends - Brian Torfeh and Jackie Dankworth, Later - Richard Morris  (55 minutes)

The South Bank Show: The Andrew Lloyd Webber Story
Documentary following six months of Lloyd Webber's life, during which he talks about his career and current projects.  This 1 hour 20 minute show mostly covers the opening of the original London production of The Phantom Of The Opera. A

The South Bank Show: Cameron Mackintosh
1990 ~ BBC-TV Broadcast
British TV an in-depth interview and look back over the career of Cameron Mackintosh, includes clips from Cast, Miss Saigon, Les Miz, Just So, plus more; interviews with Andrew Lloyd Webber, Stephen Sondheim and others

The South Bank Show: Lionel Bart
1994 ~ BBC-TV Broadcast
Celebration of the life and work of composer plus lyricist Lionel Bart, filmed while he was working on the1994 West End production of Oliver! which was directed by Sam Mendes and produced by Cameron Macintosh Cast: various multi-camera pro shot.  A

South Pacific
5/17/52 ~ London
Mary Martin and Wilbur Evans
Professionally recorded on 16mm at the Theatre Royal on Drury Lane. Black and white, complete show. Contains credits and a full cast list. Says "Property Of Rogers and Hammerstein."  Classic historical find; good video B

South Pacific
1995 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita
Cathy Wydner
Stage shot with no closeups and some generation loss; good clear sound B

South Pacific
1997 ~ Cabrillo Music Theatre, CA
Stephanie J. Block, James Anest, Joseph Bearss, Mark Bodner, Tony A. Briant, Scott Brodie, Stephanie Mieko Cohen, Bonnie DeGrood, Steve Giboney, Erika Ishii, Jana Kovalivker, Ted Kuenz, Steve Lanter,
Asuncion Deiparine Liebe, Glenn Meister, Cecilia Nocum, Steve Perren, Eric Rutz, Dino Solis.  Proshot video, filmed for the cast; good clear video with slight generation loss but a good video A-

South Pacific
2001 ~ London
Phillip Quast, Lauren Kennedy, Sheila Francisco
Beautiful shot of this great production; good close-ups and well captured. Nicely filmed from the left side A

South Pacific
2001 ~ US National Tour
Erin Dilly, Michael Nouri, Lewis Cleale, Armelia McQueen
About an hour and a half of highlights only; not the complete show. Nicely filmed from the balcony. A

South Pacific
5/4/02 ~ Philadelphia, PA
Robert Goulet, Amanda Watkins
Nice clear video of revival with Goulet. Good production.A

South Pacific in Concert
4/26/06 ~ Carnegie Hall, NYC
Reba McEntire, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Jason Danieley, Lillias White, Alec Baldwin
Pro shot from PBS, great video A+

South Pacific
3/4/08 ~ Broadway, Revival
Kelli O'Hara, Paulo Szot, Matthew Morrison, Danny Burstein,  Loretta Ables Sayre, Sean Cullen, Victor Hawks, Li Jun Li
Beautiful production of this revival and beautifully captured. The cast was terrific and the set was huge and fantastic; good video with great closeups and clear sound 2 DVDs A

South Pacific
8/5/09 ~ Broadway, Revival
Laura Osnes, Paulo Szot, Andrew Samonsky, Loretta Ables Sayre, Danny Burstein, Li Jun Li, Murphy Guyer, Laurissa Romain
Almost obstruction- free with a couple of very short blackouts.  The video starts during the scene between "Dites-Moi" and "A Cockeyed Optimist" due to ushers and latecomers; sometimes a head on the left side of the screen during wide shots, but it never blocks anything important 2 DVDs A

South Pacific
10/4/09 ~ San Francisco, CA
Carmen Cusack, Christopher Carl (u/s Emile), Keala Settle, Matthew Saldivar, Gerry Becker, Anderson Davis, Sumie Maeda
About 4 minutes of total blackouts within the first 15 minutes due to late comers; great capture of the national tour. A

South Pacific
8/18/10 ~ Broadway
Kelli O'Hara, Paulo Szot, Loretta Ables Sayre, Danny Burstein,
Professional PBS Live from Lincoln Center telecast;  pro-shot video on A+

South Pacific
10/24/10 ~ Costa Mesa, CA
Carmen Cusack, David Pittsinger, Anderson Davis, Mary Ann Hu (u/s Bloody Mary), Sumie Maeda,
Timothy Gulan, Gerry Becker
Excellent capture of the tour. Includes curtain call. One very short dropout during Bloody Mary, but no other blackouts at all.; one head at the bottom of the screen at times; some slight washout in the wides; excellent sound 2 DVDs A

South Pacific
2012 ~ U.K. tour
Matthew Cammelle, Samantha Womack, Loretta Ables Sayre, Alex Ferns, Daniel Koek, Elizabeth Chong
Top notch cast, A+, 2 Dvds

11/10/05 ~ Broadway
Judy Kaye and Donald Corren
Opening night video; very minor head obstruction, fantasticclose-ups are , plus the mid stage and full stage shots are timed perfectly. Very nice A+

A Spanish Play
2/3/07 ~ New York
Zoe Caldwell, Katherine Borowitz, Linda Emond, Denis O'Hare, Larry Pine
A total of 3 short cover-ups none last more than 30 seconds; amazingly clear picture and excellent sound; great video A

Spatter Pattern (or How I Got Away With It)
10/23/04 ~ New York, NY
Deirdre O'Connell, Peter Frechette, Darren Pettie, John Lavelle
Occasional blackouts and heads in the frame; otherwise good picture and sound throughout A-

Spider Man, Turn Off The Dark
12/17/10 ~ Broadway
Reeve Carney, Jennifer Damiano, Patrick Page, Gerald Avery, Collin Baja, Emmanuel Brown, Matt Caplan
Filmed during the third preview performance. Unfortunately not the best filming. The filmer sat in the back of the balcony and it looks like he left the camcorder in his lap, so what was filmed is the top 3/4 of the stage, and the ceiling.  You miss much of what is happening on stage, because the camcorder was aimed too high. But you can still hear everything and occasionally get a glimpse of what is going on C-

Spider-Man, Turn Off The Dark
9/17/11 ~ Broadway
Reeve Carney, Jennifer Damiano, T.V. Caripo, Patrick Page, Michael Mulheren, Ken Marks, Megan Lewis (u/s Aunt May), Timothy Warmen
This is the revamp Spider-Man 2.0 Version. A completely reworked show from the original. A Nice capture of the show; some of the flight sequences above the audience are a little hard to see, because everyone leans forward and ushers come foward to make sure no one gets out of their seats. A-

Spiderman, Turn Off The Dark
10/14/12 ~ Broadway
Matthew James Thomas (alt Peter Parker, Spiderman), Kristen Martin (u/s MJ Watson), Robert Cuccioli, Katrina Lenk, Laura Beth Wells, Ken Marks, Isabel Keating, Michael Mulheren
First act is slightly shaky with some head obstruction but act 2 is better; about a minute of blackouts towards the start of the each act. 2 DVDs B+

The Spitfire Grill
9/17/01 ~ New York
Garrett Long, Liz Callaway, Phyllis Somerville, Steven Pasquale, Mary Gordon Murray
Produced by Playwrights Horizon. The show opened on 9/7/01, and this was recorded at the show's first performance after the events of 9/11 interrupted the show's run. Very nicely filmed. Some slight generational loss, and some slight occasional spotlight washout. A

The SpongeBob Musical 

6/7/16 ~ Chicago

Ethan Slater, Danny Skinner, Lilli Cooper, Gavin Lee, Nick Blaemire, Carlos Lopez, Gaelen Gilliland, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Carlos Lopez.

Excellent HD capture of the first preview performance! This is the PreBroadway Premiere of the Nickelodeon musical based on the Tv Show! Fun show and music with no obstructions! 2 DVDs A+

Spongebob Squarepants
11/7/17 ~ Broadway
Ethan Slater, Lilli Cooper, Gavin Lee, Brian Ray Norris, Danny Skinner, Wesley Taylor, Gaelen Gilland, Kyle Matthew Hamilton, Curtis Holbrook, Stephanie Hsu, L'ogan J'ones, Jai'Len Christine Li Josey, Tom Kenny, Kelvin Moon Loh, Lauralyn McClelland, Vasthy Mompoint, Oneika Phillips, J on Rua, JC Schuster, Abby C. Smith Robert Taylor Jr., Allan K. Washington
Top of a head or two visible at the bottom of screen in the very wide shots. A

12/5/54 ~ NBC-TV
Jimmy Durante, Sonja Henie, Jack Buchanan, Jeannie Carson, Pat Carroll.   Ice show revue program with music, comedy skits and song & dance featuring Olympic gold medalist and movie star Sonia Henie.   Presented by Max Liebman.   In black and white.   (Also includes "Big Time")     A-

Spring Awakening
7/9/06 ~ New York
Skylar Astin, Lea Michele, Lilli Cooper, John Gallagher, Jr., Gideon Glick, Jonathan Groff, Brian Johnson, Mary McCann, Lauren Pritchard, Phoebe Strole, Frank Wood, Jonathan B. Wright, Remy Zaken
Filmed from the near front row; some shakiness in act 1 and a couple of brief cover up and some minor spotlight washout; act 2 has lots of close-ups; no Curtin call; great video. Off-Broadway version prior to current Broadway production A-

Spring Awakening
2/10/07 ~ Broadway  
Lea Michele, John Gallagher Jr., Jonathan Groff, Lilli Cooper, Phoebe Strole (u/s Ilse), Frances Mercanti-Anthony (u/s Adult Women), Krysta Rodriguez (u/s Anna), Stephen Spinella, Brian Charles Johnson, Gideon Glick, Skylar Astin
Amazing picture and performances with clear sound and excellent closeups; nice video A+

Spring Awakening
2/21/07 ~ Broadway
Jonathan Groff, John Gallagher Jr., Lea Michele, Skylar Astin, Lilli Cooper, Gideon Glick, Brian Charles Johnson, Christine Estabrook, Lauren Pritchard, Phoebe Strole, Stephen Spinella, Jonathan B. Wright, Remy Zaken
Filmed from the far left in the orchestra with many coverups and spotlight washout; camera not always focused on the stage unfortunately; really nice sound though C+

Spring Awakening
8/18/07 ~ Broadway Matinee
Lea Michelle, Gerard Canonico (u/s Moritz), Jonathan Groff, Lauren Pritchard, Matt Doyle (u/s Otto), Jonathan B. Wright, Gideon Glick, Skylar Astin, Jennifer Damiano (u/s Martha), Phoebe Strole, Remy Zaken, Christine Estabrook, Ken Marks
Absolutely beautiful capture; camera is very steady and follows the action perfectly. The quality is colorful and crystal clear. It is the full show with no blackouts. 2 DVDs A+

Spring Awakening
2/22/08 ~ Broadway
Jesse Swenson (u/s Melchior),Alexandra Socha (u/s Wendla), Blake Bashoff, Skylar Astin, Kate Burton, Lilli Cooper, Blake Daniel, Glenn Fleshler, Emma Hunton, Brian Charles Johnson, Phoebe Strole, Jonathan B. Wright, Remy Zaken
Great video with new cast members; a black bar at times, mostly in the beginning and full stage shots from the walkway railing in front but filmed around it; good sound and closeups A

Spring Awakening
2/23/08 ~ Broadway
Matt Doyle (u/s Melchior), Alexandra Socha (u/s Wendla), Blake Bashoff, Jesse Swenson (u/s Hanschen), Skylar Astin, Kate Burton, Lilli Cooper, Blake Daniel, Glenn Fleshler, Emma Hunton, Brian Charles Johnson, Phoebe Strole, Remy Zaken
Two headsin the shot at times, but more closeups than wideshots; good video with excellent sound A

Spring Awakening
4/24/08 ~ Broadway
Jonathan Groff, Lea Michele, Blake Bashoff, Matt Doyle, Skylar Astin, Christine Estabrook, Lilli Cooper, Blake Daniel,Glenn Fleshler, Emma Hunton, Brian Charles Johnson, Phoebe Strole, Remy Zaken
The first eight minutes are a mixture of full stage shots, close-ups and cover-ups but once taper gets to "All That's Known" it gets a lot better with an exception of a few cover-ups (in both acts) and missing about thirty seconds of "Whispering" A-

Spring Awakening,
5/18/08 ~ Broadway
Johnathan Groff, Lea Michele, Blake Bashoff, Skylar Astin, Christine Estabrook, Lilli Cooper, Blake Daniel, Glenn Fleshler, Emma Hunton, Brian Charles Johnson, Phoebe Strole, Matt Doyle, Remy Zaken
Final performances of Johnathan Groff as Melchior and Lea Michele as Wendla; amazing audience with a 3 minute entrance applause pause; filmed on the aisle so a good clear shot with only a little wandering and no blackouts; includes the very cute speeches. Very good clear video A

Spring Awakening
5/30/08 ~ Broadway
Kyle Riabko, Eryn Murman (u/s Wendla), Blake Bashoff, Gerard Canonico (u/s Georg), Christine Estabrook, Lilli Cooper, Blake Daniel, Glenn Fleshler, Emma Hunton, Brian Charles Johnson, Phoebe Strole, Matt Doyle, Remy Zaken
A little shaky at times due to a less than full house but good closeups and excellent sound with a great picture; very nice video A-

Spring Awakening
7/19/08 ~ Broadway Matinee
Matt Shingledecker (u/s Melchior), Alexandra Socha, Brian Charles Johnson (u/s Moritz), Skylar Astin, Jesse Swenson (u/s Otto), Blake Daniel, Matt Doyle, Phoebe Strole, Emma Hunton, Remy Zaken, Christine Estabrook, Glenn Fleshler
Some cover-ups during Act 1 due to an usher; sometimes there might be a bar, other times black. Act 2 improves greatly; good closeups and sound; a nice video A-

Spring Awakening
7/19/08 ~ Broadway Evening
Kyle Riabko,Alexandra Socha, Blake Bashoff, Skylar Astin Christine Estabrook, Lilli Cooper, Blake Daniel, Glenn Fleshler Emma Hunton, Brian Charles Johnson, Phoebe Strole, Matt Doyle, Remy Zaken
Good video, although slightly dark at times; the audience was very into the show with lots of screaming throughout; clear picture with nice closeups; very nice video; final show for Skylar Astin, Lilli Cooper, Brian Charles Johnson, Phoebe Strole, and Remy Zaken A

Spring Awakening
8/2/08 ~ Broadway
Kyle Riabko,Alexandra Socha, Blake Bashoff,Andrew Durand, Amanda Castanos, Gabe Violett, Emma Hunton, Emily Kinney, Caitlin Kinninen, Blake Daniel, Matt Doyle
Nice video with great picture and clear sound; final show of Kyle Riablo and Blake Bashoff; great video A

Spring Awakening
8/7/08 ~ Broadway
Matt Doyle (u/s Melchior),Alexandra Socha, Gerard Canonico, Jesse Swenson (u/s Hanschen), Morgan Karr (u/s Ernst)
Good video with nice picture and sound with some coverups but excellent close-ups 2 DVDs A

Spring Awakening
8/15/08 ~ San Diego
Kyle Riabko, Blake Bashoff, Christy Altomare, Julie Benko, Gabrielle Garza, Steffi D, Kimiko Glenn, Sarah Hunt, Anthony Lee Medina, Andy Mientus, Ben Moss, Angela Reed, Perry Sherman, Matt Shingledecker, Henry Stram
First Tour Performance: no blackouts or obstructions from start to finish. very nice close ups and everything is captured very nicely; proudction is very different from broadway with a very solid cast and no black outs not even for applause and very steady; very good video A+

Spring Awakening
8/17/08 ~ San Diego, CA
Kyle Riabko, Christy Altomare, Blake Bashoff, Steffi D., Andy Mientus, Sarah Hunt, Ben Moss, Kimiko Glenn, Gabrielle Garza, Matt Shingledecker, Anthony Lee Medina, Henry Stram, Angela Reed, Julie Benko, Perry Sherman, Claire Sparks, Lucas A. Wells.
Good quality, some coverups and filmed around heads from the orchestra. ACT ONE ONLY. Includes Christy Altomare's Apple Store performance with Freddy Hall, the guitarist for the tour. Tiggular's master

Spring Awakening
11/4/08 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Kyle Riabko, Christy Altomare, Blake Bashoff, Steffi D, Andy Mientus, Sarah Hunt, Ben Moss, Kimiko Glenn, Gabrielle Garza, Matt Shingledecker, Anthony Lee Medina, Henry Stram, Angela Reed, Julie Benko, Perry Sherman, Claire Sparks, and Lucas A. Wells
Filmed from the center mezzanine with mostly wide shots and medium shots, and a few close-ups. excellent sound throughout, and the color/clarity is great, with almost no spotlight washout except in a few of the wideshots. There are no heads in the way at all, but the railing blocks the very front of the stage, so some of the action that happens low at the front of the stage and on the stairs is missing. Some blackouts but not too bad A- 2 DVDs

Spring Awakening: Live at the Apple Store
11/7/08 ~ Santa Monica, CA
Kyle Riabko, Christy Altomare, Blake Bashoff, Steffi D, Anthony Lee Medina, Andy Mientus, Ben Moss, Matt Shingledecker
Similar to the "Spring Awakening: Live at Soho" event, the touring cast appeared at the Apple store in Santa Monica, CA. Event consisted of a concert as well as a 10 minute Q&A session with cast members. Kyle Riabko acts as the MC for the event, doing intros/cracking jokes for each song. Songs performed were: "Mama Who Bore Me", "Word of Your Body", "I Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind", "Left Behind", and "Bitch of Living." The cast also participated in a fun Q&A session taking questions from a moderator as well as the audience, and all around they put on a cool show.Touring cast has great energy and feels rather fresh. Shot is clear with little to no obstructions. A

Spring Awakening
1/18/09 ~ Broadway
Hunter Parrish, Alexandra Socha, Gerard Canonico, Amanda Castanos, Blake Daniel, Matt Doyle, Andrew Durand, Christine Estabrook, Glenn Fleshler, Emma Hunton, Emily Kinney, Caitlin Kinnunen, Gabriel Violett, Morgan Karr, Alice Lee, Eryn Murman, Zach Reiner-Harris
Closing Performance; features the full curtain call speech and the full show; some blackouts due to ushers; great sound and nice video 2 DVDs A-

Spring Awakening
3/12/09 - Budapest, Hungary
Viczina Dalma (Wendla), Kossuth Gergo (Melchior), Pirgel Dávid (Moritz), Baranyai Annamária (Ilse), Moravszki Eniko (Martha), Kádár Szabolcs (Otto), Kocsis Dénes (Georg), Gulyás Balázs (Hanschen), Zádori Szilárd (Ernst), Kiss Tünde (Anna), Simon Boglárka (Thea), Szabó P. Szilveszter (Adult Men), Bajcsay Mária (Adult Women).
Filmed on a tripod in the balcony, one static shot of stage, but crystal clear quality and you can see details including faces. Very interesting non-replica production with rather unique staging and orchestrations. *IN HUNGARIAN*

Spring Awakening
4/25/09 ~ Providence, RI
Perry Sherman (u/s Melchior), Christy Altomare, Steffi D, Sarah Hunt, Matt Shingledecker, Andy Mientus, Krystina Alabado (u/s Thea), Gabby Garza,Anthony Lee Medina, Ben Moss, Angela Reed, Henry Stram
Excellent video shot from the front center mezzanine; no obstructions or coverups. Shot from a really nice angle making the show look very interesting. Great video A

Spring Awakening / Frühlingserwachen
5/24/09 ~ Vienna, Austria - Ronacher Theater
Rasmus Borkowski (Melchior), Jana Stelley* (u/s Wendla), Wolfgang Türks (Moritz), Jennifer Kothe (Ilse), Johannes Huth (Hänschen), Sonja Dengler (Martha), André Naujoks* (u/s Ernst), Dominik Hees (Georg), Jeannine Wacker (Thea), Jana Nagy (Anna), Marlon Wehmeier (Otto), Julia Stemberger (Erwachsene Frauen), Daniel Berger (Erwachsene Männer) Chairs of Rock: Senta Sofia Delliponti, Patrizia Leitsoni, Sebastian Smulders, Stefan Bleiberschnig Jana Stelley's last as Wendla

Spring Awakening
5/30/09 ~ London
Charlotte Wakefield, Sian Thomas, Evelyn Hoskins, Natasha Barnes, Hayley Gallivan, Lucy Barker, Richard Cordery, Edd Judge, Jamie Blackley, Harry McEntire, Jos, Slovick, Iwan Rheon,
Aneurin Barnard
Final Matinee Highlights of approximately 45 minutes of Act 2 only; filmed in widescreen with nice picture and sound with no coverups until the end "Totally F***d", then little snippets of video and a full "Those You've Known" after which the video footage ends. A

Spring Awakening
6/7/09 ~ Louisville
Kyle Riabko, Christy Altomare, Blake Bashoff, Julie Benko*, Matt Shingledecker, Sarah Hunt, Andy Mientus, Ben Moss, Anthony Lee Medina, Gabrielle Garza, Kimiko Glenn, Angela Reed, Henry Stram.
Act 1 only

Spring Awakening
11/19/09 ~ Costa Mesa, CA
Lucas A.Wells (u/s Melchior), Christy Altomare,Taylor Trensch, Steffi D, Sarah Hunt, Gabrielle Garza, Kimiko Glenn, Andy Mientus, Justin Scott Brown (u/s Georg), Ben Fankhauser, Anthony Lee Medina, John Wojda, Angela Reed
Nice video of the current cast with a couple understudies; first minute or so of each act are blacked out, and a couple very short blackouts; a few heads that block most of the stairs. Good picture and sound 2 DVDs A

Spring Awakening
11/21/09 ~ Costa Mesa, CA
Jake Epstein, Christy Altomare,Taylor Trensch, Steffi D, Sarah Hunt, Gabrielle Garza, Kimiko Glenn, Andy Mientus, Matt Shingledecker, Ben Fankhauser, Anthony Lee Medina, John Wojda, Angela Reed
Good video; balcked out for first minutes of each act; a minute long blackout during Latin class; slight washout on the sides and the railing blocks the shots on the stairs; good sound and picture throughout. 2 DVDs A

Spring Awakening (Probuzeni Jara)
1/15/10 ~ Brno, Czech Republic
Jiri Mach (Melchior), Lukas Janota (Moric), Ivana Odehnalova (Wendla), Jakub Ulicnik (Otto/Reinhold), Lukas Vlcek (Jenda Rilke / Albrecht), Viktor Polasek (Ernst), Katerina Kleckova (Thea), Katerina Krejcova (Anna), Sona Jany ova (Marta), Michaela Horka (Elsa), Robert Rosochatecky (Derek), Ondrej Babor (Rupert), Michaela Merklova (Jenn), Alena Knoflicova (Krysta), Irena Konvalinova (Adult Women), Zdenek Junak (Adult Men).
This is the musical but with some character names changed. Pro-shot on multiple cameras, excellent quality. In Czech. 2 DVDs

Spring Awakening
2010 ~ Rio de Janerio, Brazil
Pierre Baitelli (Melchior), Malu Rodrigues (Wendla), Rodrigo Pandolfo (Moritz), Debora Olivieri (Older Woman).
Non-replica production with interesting staging. Filmed using one camera on a tripod, with sound patched directly in. - PROSHOT *IN PORTUGUESE*

Spring Awakening
2/8/11 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Elizabeth Judd, Coby Getzug, Christopher Wood, Sarah Kleeman, Aliya Bowles, Courtney Markowitz, Rachel Geisler, Emily Mest, Mark Poppleton, George E. Salazar, Devon Stone, Daniel Plimpton, Jim Hogan, Jamie Rea Billings, Erin Burniston, William J. Lewis, Michael Linden, Jeff Ostermueller
Opening Night Performance of the current tour cast in Los Angeles; good capture with minor heads in the picture trouble. Nice video B+

Spring Awakening – Special Edition
A multi-angles montage of several dates of broadway and tour cast of Spring Awakening. The montage is professionaly made included if you want Italian Subtitles. Extremely rare

Spring Awakening
9/25/14 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Austin McKenzie, Sandra Mae Frank, Katie Boeck (Voice of Wendla), Daniel N. Durant, Rustin Cole Sailors (Voice of Moritz), Lauren Patten, Treshelle Edmond, Kathryn Gallagher (Voice of Martha), Ali Stroker, Amelia Hensley, Joseph Haro, Jimmy Bellinger, Joshua Castille, Daniel David Stewart (Voice of Ernst), Miles Barbee, Sean Grandillo (Voice of Otto), Troy Kotsur, Daniel Marmion (Voice of Adult Men), Natacha Roi
A beautiful production at Deaf West Theatre in Los Angeles with a phenomenally talented cast of both hearing and deaf actors. The entire show is signed by the actors; nice capture although there is a lot of head obstruction so there is some picture blockage throughout. Clear excellent sound 2 DVDs B+

Spring Awakening
6/13/15 (Matinee) - Los Angeles, CA
Austin McKenzie (Melchior), Sandra Mae Frank (Wendla), Katie Boek (Voice of Wendla), Daniel Durant (Moritz), Alex Boniello (Voice of Moritz), Krysta Rodriguez (Ilse), Treshelle Edmond (Martha), Kathryn Gallagher (Voice of Martha), Ali Stoker (Anna), Amelia Hensley (Thea), Andy Mientus (Hanschen), Alex Wyse (Georg), Joshua Castille (Ernst), Daniel David Steward (Voice of Ernst), Miles Barbee (Otto), Sean Gradillo (Voice of Otto), Howie Seago (Adult Men), Daniel Marmion (Adult Men), Hilary Baak (Adult Women), Natacha Roi (Adult Women).
A production of Deaf West Theatre in Los Angeles. Combines a cast of both hearing and deaf actors. Excellent quality. (2 DVDs)

Spring Awakening
10/18/15 ~ Broadway
Sandra Mae Frank, Katie Boeck, Austin P. McKenzie, Daniel N. Durant, Alex Boniello, Joshua Castille, Andy Mientus, Krysta Rodriguez, Camryn Manheim, Patrick Page, Marlee Matlin
Beautiful HD capture of the stunning new revival. The cast gives beautiful performances in this fresh new Deaf West production which incorporates sign language. Great picture and excellent sound; nice video 2 DVDs A

S.T.A.G.E. (Benefit Concert, Jerry Herman: A Musical Toast)
1989 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Betty Garrett, Pamela Myers, Marilyn Cooper, Rue McClannahan, Lucie Arnaz, Desi Arnaz Jr., Bill Hutton, more.
Southland Theatre Artists Goodwill Event (S.T.A.G.E.) 5th annual benefit concert, this time honoring the work of Jerry Herman. Some generational loss. B-

S.T.A.G.E. (Southern Theatre Artists Goodwill Event)
1/7/94 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Lucy Arnaz, Obba Babatunde, Sharon Brown, Betty Garrett, Debbie Shapiro Gravitte, more. 
A 10 year retrospective AIDS benefit.  Featuring the music of Sondheim, Bernstein, Kander & Ebb, and the Gershwins. A-

S.T.A.G.E. (16th Annual AIDS Benefit "Strouse, Schwartz & Schwartz")
March 2000 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Polly Bergan, Robert Cuccioli, Tyne Daly, Clifton Davis, Bonnie Franklin, Penny Fuller, Betty Garrett, Lauren Kennedy, Andrea Martin, Christopher Sieber, Jill Eikenberry, Bill Hutton, Stepfanie Kramer, Billy Porter, Linda Purl,  more... 
S.T.A.G.E. (Southland Theatre Artists Goodwill Event) Benefit concert featuring the music of Charles Strouse, Arthur Schwartz and Stephen Schwartz.  Mulit-camera pro-shot for video.  Some generational loss. B

S.T.A.G.E. (The Song Is You: Life Upon The Wicked Stage)
2002 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Marrisa Jaret Winokur, Bruce Vallanch, Bonnie Franklin, Charles Busch, Sally Kellerman, Joely Fisher, Robert Morse, Carole Cook, Grant Geissman, Brock Peters, James Anderson, Jane Lanier, Lauren Kennedy, Melissa Errico, Rod McKuen, Roger Rees, Steve Orich...many more! 
A concert for S.T.A.G.E. featuring the music of Jerome Kern.  Great video, but occasionally there is a glitch and the video goes to blue screen.  Semi-pro shot, using one camera on a tripod. B

S.T.A.G.E. (Benefit Concert, Loesser Is More)
March 2003 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Carol Arthur, Kelly Britt, Christopher Carl, Mary Jo Catlett, Carole Cook, Joe Warren Davis, Pam Dawber, Nancy Dussault, Betty Garrett, Gregory Harrison, Nathan Holland, Bill Hutton, Crista Jackson, Jean Louisa Kelly, Dale Kristien, Lorenzo Lamas, Maude Maggart, Pat Marshall, Karen Mason, Rod McKuen, Linda Michele, Karen Morrow, Robert Morse, Pamela Myers, Michelle Nicastro, Jack Noseworthy, Valerie Perrine, Valarie Pettiford, Stefanie Powers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Samantha Samuels, Honey Sanders, Sally Struthers, Rip Taylor, Richard Thomas, Jo Anne Worley, more.
The 19 Annual S.T. A. G. E. Benefit concert honoring the work of Frank Loesser.  Filmed using one camera on a tripod.  Some slight generational loss. A-

Standing Ovations
5/23/04 ~ Joe’s Pub, New York
Stephanie J. Block, Felicia Finley, Alison Fraser, Cheyenne Jackson, Erin Leigh Peck, Kate Shindle, Laura Bell Bundy, Matt Cavanaugh, Susan Egan, Max von Essen, Andrea McArdle, Mandy Gonzalez
Pro-shot video, incredible to watch A+

Standing Ovations 2
10/10/04 ~ Joe’s Pub, New York
Michael Arden, Liz Callaway, Matt Cavanaugh, Mandy Gonzalez. Jenna Leigh Green, Ellen Greene, Cheyenne Jackson, Michael McKean, Larry O'Keefe, Alice Ripley, Jai Rodriguez, Toxic Audio
Pro-shot video, incredible to watch A+

Standing Ovations 3
4/17/05 ~ New York
Shoshana Bean, Brandi Burkhardt, Kristoffer Cusick, Rob Evan, Cady Huffman, Cheyenne Jackson, Jessica Grove, more
Filmed at Joe's Pub in New York City, BroadwayWorld.com's benefit concert for BC/EFA . Pro-shot. The concert also features new songs and appearances by composers Neil Berg, Charles Leipart, and Frank Wildhorn. A+

Standing Ovations 4
10/16/05 ~ New York
Brooks Ashmanskas, Michael Arden, Adam Pascal, D'Jamin Bartlett, Jennifer Rae Beck, Polly Bergen, Sarah Uriarte Berry, David Burnham, Andrea Burns, Jaime Camil, Paul Castree, Natascia Diaz, Joey Dudding, Felicia Finley, Malcolm Gets, Nicolette Hart, Catherine Hickland, Cheyenne Jackson, Alexis Kalehoff, Mackenzie Mauzy, Andrea McArdle, Sean McDermott, Howard McGillin, Jane Monheit, Crista Moore, Melba Moore, Paul Pecorino, Paige Price, Anthony Rapp, Eden Riegel, Lea Salonga, Natalie Toro, Josh Walden, Jessica-Snow Wilson, The Original 1982 Urchins from Little Shop of Horrors (Sheila Kay Davis, Leilani Jones and Jennifer Leigh Warren)A benefit for BC/EFA filmed live at Joe's Pub at the Public Theatre. Single camera, pro shoot for video. A

The Star Spangled Girl
2005 ~ Louisville, KY
David Barnholdt, Craig Nolan Highley, Lisa Archer
Written by Neil Simon. Presented by the Little Colonial Playhouse. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. A

Star Wars in Concert
11/15/09 ~ Philadelphia, PA
Crowd filmed video of the large screen with scenes from the six Star Wars films shown and a life orchestra and narrated by Anthony Daniels 2 DVDs A

2/16/90 ~ Stamford Center for the Arts, CT
Betty Buckley, Christine Andreas, Hinton Battle, Michael Scott Gregory, Kevin Ligon, Karen Ziemba
Filmed from stage left; no closeups and slight generation loss but excellent sound B

Starkid: The Space Tour
11/27/11 ~ New York
Jamie Lyn Beatty, Lauren Lopez,  Brian Holden, Joey Richter, Dylan Saunders, Meredith Stepien and Joseph Walker
Proshot video, concert A+

Starlight Express - Workshop
Cast: Lon Satton, Jeff Shankley, Ray Shell, Drue Williams, Michael Staniforth, Tracy Ullman, Danny John-Jules
Quality: B (Excellent shoot transferred from 1st or 2nd gen VHS, but the audio is very quiet.)

Starlight Express
1988 ~ London
Cast: Maynard Williams, Drue Williams, Beverly Braybon, Peter Reeves, Shezwae Powell
Housecam with multi-cam feed for the races, and VERY high generation.  Colours are still surprisingly good, although there’s a yellow tint to a lot of the show.  Video is in widescreen for some odd reason, since everything done on video was 4:3 at the time…suspect errors with digital transfer.  Audio has some dropouts as it was patched in separately and the video therefore will pause at times to catch up - this is a master issue  Performance is a hybrid of the original London script with some of the new material for Broadway worked in as if to test how the show would run with the revisions.  Missing “The Light at the End of the Tunnel”. C-

Starlight Express
1989 ~ 1NT
Cast: Andrea McCardle
Quality: B- (Low gen, but suffers from the camera’s limitations – lots of washout, zooms aren’t too tight.  Shot from the lighting booth – you can hear cues for the bigger lights and set work being called.  A bit of hum/buzz, probably from fans or A/C in the booth.)

Starlight Express
1/8/89 ~ Broadway
Jane Krakowski, Michael Scott Gregory, Frank Mastrocola
Final Performance; missing the first 10 minutes; filmed from the lighting booth. DVD copy direct from the master-looks like it was filmed yesterday, good video A

Starlight Express
1990 ~ London Press
1995 and 1998 London Casts.
Minor gen loss. Mostly proshot or internal video. Has the 97-98 year press reels, TV appearance (four songs), backstage, rehearsal, and show footage (including a race from the upper side of the offstage track), 10 min. of Dennis Silkwood’s final as Elektra. The StEx footage is all great for its pedigree. Also has rather high generation copies of the press reels for the OBCs of Scarlet Pimpernel, Lion King, and Ragtime. B+

Starlight Express
11/7/90 ~ Detroit
Reva Rice, Sean McDermott
Blackout for the first minute or so. Stage shot from a high and left angle. Sound is muffled and typical for recordings of this age. No tight zooms and a good amount of washout. Does a solid job of showing the staging from this production. C

Starlight Express
7/29/93 ~ London
Matthew Cutts, Nigel Casey, Robert Yeal, Maynard Williams, Natalie Powers, Shelley Meredith
Steady stage shot, good view of the sets, shot between two relatively still heads. Lots of washout and cover-ups when people skate near the taper, but you can see the video screens during the races and some of the skaters going by. Analog glitches at times, including a distortion line at the top of the screen. Audio is good and clear. Has credits at the end. C

Starlight Express
12/19/93 ~ Las Vegas
Rod Weber, Steven Michael Skeels, Anthony T Perry, Jimmy Lockett, Reva Rice, Dawn Marie Church
Except for the fact that there is a brief cover-up during the Rap and the angle is odd, I’d have guessed this is a house cam. The audience isn’t overwhelmingly loud, and the camera is quite steady. Few zooms or camera movements, but some gen loss and analog glitches mean a fuzzy picture and few details in the actors. Otherwise a good preservation of the abridged production and perfectly watchable. Includes advert for the production. C+

Starlight Express
9/8/96 ~ Las Vegas
Greg Ellis, Dawn Marie Church, Ron DeVito
Final Las Vegas Performance: A little shaky, but great colors and nice and clear, though there's some minor generation loss. Includes rehearsal, warmup, and backstage footage before and after the show. Recorded for the cast and crew. B

Starlight Express
4/21/98 ~ Mexico
Rusty-Ricardo Santo, Pearl-Maru Duenas, Greaseball-Carlos Gastelum, Electra-Jaime Rojas.
One of the best Starlight videos. Peformed in Spanish. A-

Starlight Express
1/12/01 ~ London
Mark McGee, Jo Gibb, Dustin Dubreuil, Helen Latham, Trevor Michael Georges, Chris Copeland, Amy Field, Lucie Fentum
Blackout and highly obstructed video through Rolling Stock. Sound is decent but a little muddy. Video is tilted and frequently obstructed through 10 min. or so and is then a partial stageshot for the rest of the show (2nd act is better than 1st). Whiny audio. Standalone copy. FINAL LONDON PERFORMANCE. C-

Starlight Express
2002 ~ Bochum, Germany
Rommel Singon, Rachel Wooding, Nigel Casey, Jodie Jackson, Lothair Eaton, Ken Nelson, Rachel Marshall, Emma Raciti.  
This is the production that has played at a theatre built specifically for this show for more than 20 years.  Very nicely filmed with great close-ups, but some generational loss.  Mostly in German with a few passages in English. B+

Starlight Express
9/13/03 ~ Philadelphia, PA
Franklyn Warfield, Clarissa Grace, Drue Williams, Dustin Dubreuil, Katie O'Toole, Dennis LeGree
Clear picture and sound, very well shot with occasional obstruction and a few coverups. A

1987 ~ Broadway
Liz Larsen, Sharon McNight, Ariel Grabber, Bennett Cale, Freida Williams
Generation loss; good sound; some spotlight washout B+

March 2003 ~ New York
Mandy Gonzalaez, Kim Cea, Nicole Leach, John Hill, Shayna Steele, Tyler Maynard, Harris Dorian, Alana Reed-Hall, Doug Storm and Joe Carney
Cabaret version of the show performed at Don't Tell Mama's featuring all the updated material that's going into a potential Broadway revival. A

Stars In The Alley
6/4/99 ~ New York
Hosted by Bernadette Peters from Shubert Alley to benefit The League Of American Producers and Theatres. Featuring: Tom Wopat (My Defenses are Down-Annie Get Your Gun), Anthony Rapp, Roger Bart (Suppertime-You're a Good Man Charlie Brown), Cathy Rigby (I Won't Grow Up-Peter Pan), Ruthie Henshall, Roz Ryan (Class-Chicago), Mary McCormack (Cabaret-Cabaret), Alice Ripley (I Dreamed a Dream-Les Miz.), Bill Porter (Bui Doi-Miss Saigon), Linda Balgord (Memory-Cats), Hugh Panaro (Music of the Night-Phantom), Rob Evan (This is the Moment,-Jekyll & Hyde), Rachel York (Storybook-Scarlet Pimpernel), Gene Miller (Last Waltz for Dixie-The Civil War), Edie Falco, Scott Wolfe (Side Man), Tony Orlando & company of Smokey Joe's Cafe (Stand by Me-Smokey Joe's Cafe), Meg Tollis (Do Re Mi-Sound of Music), Company of Rent (Seasons Of Love-Rent), LaChanze, Alton Fitzgerald White (Wheels of a Dream-Ragtime), Stacie Francis, Jennifer Laura Thompson, Robin Baxter (Let's Hear It for the Boy-Footloose), Valerie Pettiford & Cast of Fosse (Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries-Fosse).  About 90 minutes.  Filmed from the crowd. A-

February 2011 ~ Chicago, IL
Joey Richter, Joseph Walker, Denise Donovan, Julia Albain, Brant Cox, Jaime-Lyn Beatty
Music and lyrics by Darren Criss from Glee. Presented by StarKid Productions at Chicago's Hoover-Leppen Theatre. The production uses puppets, similar to Avenue Q. Filmed using multiple cameras, but recorded from an online source, so it is a little pixilated at times. 2 DVDs B+

Stars of the Musical Theatre
1/2/14 ~ BBC4 Broadcast
Michael Grade (Host), Michael Ball, Elaine Paige, Dominic West, Imelda Staunton, Joel Grey, Chita Rivera, Hal Prince, Trevor Nunn
Features interviews with stars of musical theatre like Michael Ball, Elaine Paige, Dominic West, Imelda Staunton, Joel Grey, Chita Rivera, Hal Prince, Trevor Nunn

Starting Here, Starting Now
Starting Here, Starting Now is a musical revue with lyrics by Richard Maltby, Jr. and music by David Shire. With a cast of three and three musicians, the revue explores a variety of romantic relationships.
The revue was first produced at the Manhattan Theater Club in 1976 under the title "Theater Songs by Maltby and Shire." In March 1977, the show moved to the Barbarann Theater Restaurant in New York City, where it ran for 120 performances. The cast featured Loni Ackerman, Margery Cohen and George Lee Andrews.

State Fair
1996 ~ Broadway
This is definetly a bootleg version.

State Fair
1996 ~ Broadway
Kathryn Crosby, John Davidson, Andrea McArdle, Donna McKechnie, Scott Wise, Ben Wright
Filmed from the house camera. Full stage shot only. B

1973 ~ PBS-TV
Bill Bixby, Valerie Perrine, Stephen Elliot,  Herb Edelman, Kenneth Mars, Neil J. Schwartz
TV adaptation of Bruce J. Friedman's Off-Broadway play. Interesting to note that due to it's content and brief nudity only 9 PBS stations originally carried Steambath, making it very hard to find for a long time; nice video A

Steel Magnolias
1998 ~ Shelby County Community Theatre
A talented group shines together in this community  production of popular favourite.  Well shot at close range.  Enjoyable.  A-

Steel Magnolias
9/27/03 ~ Richardson, TX
Ruth Ellen Heaton, Laura Alley, Melissa Tucker, Leslie Austin. 
A production of The Repertory Company Theatre.  Semi-pro shot using one camera.  Crystal clear images. A

Steel Magnolias
4/21/05 ~ Broadway
Delta Burke, Lily Rabe, Marsha Mason, Frances Sternhagen, Christine Ebersole, Rebecca Gayheart
Great picture and sound throughout; first 10 minutes a little dark; very nice video A-

Steel Pier
4/14/97 ~ Broadway
Karen Ziemba, Gregory Harrison, Daniel McDonald, Kristin Chenoweth, Debra Monk
Some spotlight white out, great sound B

Steel Pier
2005 ~ Melbourne, Australia
Australian premiere of the seldom performed Kander and Ebb show. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Some generational loss. B+

The Stendahl Synbdrome
4/4/04 ~ New York
Richard Thomas, Maria Tucci, Michael Countyrman, Jennifer Mudge, Yul Vazquez
Interesting show of one-act plays which is disrupted in the first act by a lady in the audience who collapses and must be carried out. Good clear video B

The Steward of Christendom
1/4/14 ~ Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, CA
Brian Dennehy (Thomas Dunne), Mary-Pat Green (Mrs. O'Dea), James Lancaster (Smith), Abby Wilde (Annie Dunne), Kalen Harriman (Maud Dunne), Carmela Corbett (Dolly Dunne), Grant Palmer (Willie Dunne), Dylan Saunders (Recruit/Matt)
Nicely filmed, A, 2 dvds

XOXO-XMas: Stephanie J. Block
11/30/09 ~ New York
Christmas concert with Stephanie J. Block from Birdland in New York City; great clear video A+

Stephen Sondheim’s 75th Birthday Celebration
7/8/05 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Jason Alexander, James Barbour, Carol Burnett, Len Cariou, Barbara Cook, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Jason Danieley, Alexander Gemignani, Josh Groban, Anne Hathaway, Angela Lansbury, Marin Mazzie, Eric McCormack, Audra McDonald, Bernadette Peters, Elaine Stritch, Jubilant Sykes, Vanessa Williams, Adam Wylie
Awesome, complete concert with numbers from all of Sondheim’s shows perfromed by some of the greats. 2 DVDs A+

Stick Fly
12/5/11 ~ Broadway
Tracie Thoms, Dule Hill, Mekhi Phifer, Condola Rashad, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Rosie Benton
Show features new music by Alicia Keys; good video; disc includes NY1 Review & Interviews A

Stomp! Out Loud
Proshot - Off'Bway, international stage sensation takes to the streets of NY, including making of

Stoneface: The Rise And Fall And Rise Of Buster Keaton
6/6/14 ~ Pasadena, CA             
French Stewart (Buster Keaton), Joe Fria (Young Buster), Scott Leggett (Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle), Daisy Eagan (Mae Scriven), Jake Broder (Joseph Schenck), Tegan Ashton Cohan (Natalie Talmadge), Rena Strober (Norma Talmadge), Conor Duffy (Edward Sedgwick/George Jessel), Guy Picot (Charlie Chaplin), Pat Towne (Louis B Mayer), Ryan Johnson (The Pianist).  
Written by Vanessa Claire Stewart (French Stewart’s wife). “Chronicled through the lens of his own silent films, Stoneface recreates some of Buster Keaton’s most memorable gags live on stage, capturing the legend of a bygone era and telling the tale of the redemption of one of Hollywood’s greatest performers. It’s a parade of missteps and injustices, some perpetrated by Keaton and some upon him.  Presented at the Pasadena Playhouse.  The first minute or two are shaky with some blackouts, but the rest of the show is beautiful filmed with no issues.

Stop Kiss
11/6/14 ~ Pasadena, CA
Angela Lin (Callie), Sharon Leal (Sara), Jeff de Serrano (Detective Cole),  Amanda Carlin (Mrs. Winsley/Nurse), John Sloan (George), Brandon Scott (Peter).  
Produced by The Pasadena Playhouse.  “Originally produced Off-Broadway at The Public Theater, this critically acclaimed play received the GLAAD Media Award for Best New York Production.  Stop Kiss tells the story of Sara and Callie, who are walking through New York City's West Village late at night when they share their first kiss.  This leads to a vicious attack by an angry bystander, in which Sara is horribly injured. Throughout Stop Kiss, relationships are explored, formed, and even ended”.  Beautifully filmed with a High Definition camcorder.

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off
1978 ~ Long Beach, CA
Pro-Shot Pre-Broadway Revival Tryout starring Sammy Davis Jr. Pro-Shot capture of the show. Great quality and very enjoyable to watch.

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off
1989 ~ London
Anthony Newley
Pro Shot. Good quality video A

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off
3/9/96 ~ A&E TV
Peter Scolari, Stephanie Zimbalist
Great show shot for Clairol on Broadway show on A&E. Includes commercials A

The Story Of My Life
2/11/09 ~ Broadway
Will Chase, Malcolm Gets, Alex Maizus, Austin McKinnis
Filmed during previews. This short lived musical lasted for just 5 official performances. Filmed from the orchestra section, so there are heads at the bottom of the screen. Basically the filmer just put the camcorder on their armrest, so it's a mostly stationary full stage shot, but it's great it was filmed at all. Some spotlight washout. B

Story Theatre
1971 ~ Broadway
Mildred Dunnock, David Clennon, Alvin Epstein
Pro-Shot. Story Theatre consists of five fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm, each told with a lean, stripped-down production style with no sets or fabulous costumes; all the trappings are created by the actors with their bodies and voices. The stories range from well-known favorites like "The Bremen Town Musicians" and "The Golden Goose" to more obscure but excellent tales like "The Blue Light," in which a soldier cast aside by his king gets his revenge with a little magic help.

A Streetcar Named Desire
3/31/05 ~ Broadway
Natasha Richardson, John C. Reilly, Amy Ryan, Chris Bauer
Nice video with excellent picture and sound A

A Streetcar Named Desire
9/16/14 ~ London
Gillian Anderson, Ben Foster, Vanessa Kirby
This inventive production, directed by Benedict Andrews, is presented "in-the-round" with a revolving stage. Produced at the Young Vic Theatre in London and broadcast live to theatres around the world. 2 DVDs A

Street Lights Benefit Concert
8/17/08 ~ New York
Michael Balderrama, Kenita Miller, Andrew Arrington, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Krystal Brown, Kevin Curtis, Amber A. Harris, Natalie Weiss, Dominique Elise Porter, Lauretta Vaughn, LelundnDerond Thompson, Jasmine Torres, Jason Michael Miller, Jhon Christopher, Jose Luis Trujillo, Ebony Hood and Markita Prescott
Great video; lots of close ups with good sound and great picture throughout A

Street Scene
1992 ~ London
Caroline O'Connor, Philip Gould
Pro-shot from TV - filmed for BBC. Good video A

Strike Up the Band - Encores
February 1998 ~ Broadway
Kristin Chenoweth, David Garrison, Philip Bosco, Judy Kuhn, Jason Danieley
Steady shot of the stage, no zooms, great sound B-

Strike Up the Band!
3/17/13 ~ New York
Michael Padgett, Chelsea Barker, Natalie Newman, Josh Canfield
A production of Musicals Tonight Inc. Semi-staged concert version filmed from a back row so full stage but heads along bottom, spotlight washout and no zooms B-

String of Pearls
10/16/04 ~ New York
Antoinette LaVecchia, Ellen McLaughlin, Mary Testa, Sharon Washington
Nice video with good closeups and excellent sound A
Restricted Trades

The Student Gypsy
April 2008 ~ San Francisco, CA
Rena Wilson, Gabriel Grilli, Tony Panighetti, Richard Pardini, Juliet Heller
Presented by 42nd Street Moon. Nicely filmed using one camera on a tripod. Good video A-

The Styne Way
3/2/97 ~ London
Musical concert for composer Jule Styne B+

Suddenly Last Summer
1993 ~  BBC-TV
Maggie Smith, Rob Lowe, Natasha Richardson, Gillian Raine, Richard E. Grant.  TV movie presentation, based on Tennessee William's play. A

Suddenly Last Summer
11/21/06 ~ New York
Blythe Danner, Carla Guigino, Gale Harold
Show from first row of center mezzanine. No obstructions.  Beautiful video with great closeups and sound A

Suds:The Rockin' 60's Soap Opera Musical
4/1/88 ~ San Diego, CA
Performed at San Diego Repertory Workshop, prior to coming to New York. Amazingly fun show featuring various songs from the 1960's. Nice video A

May 2013 ~ Hamilton, Canada
Mariah Loaker (Cindy), Beth Rogers (Marge), Aaron Clause (Mr. Right), Nick Maylor (Mrs. Halo), Anna Nicole

Sugar Babies
1980 ~ Broadway
Ann Miller, Mickey Rooney
Not bad for a 20 plus year old video but heavy generation picture and sound loss and faded color C

Sugar Babies
September 1992 ~ San Bernardino, CA
Rip Taylor, Toni Kaye
Presented at the San Bernardino Civic Light Opera. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Some generational loss and spotlight washout. B

Summer And Smoke
1982 ~ PBS-TV
Mary Beth Peil (Alma Winemiller), John Buchanan Jr. (Robert Orth), Diane Barclay (Nellie Ewell), Charlotte Gardner (Mrs. Winemiller), Paul Kiegen (The Reverend Winemiller), Dennis Marshall (Archie Kramer). Music by Lee Hoiby, libretto by Lanford Wilson.  Based on the play by Tennessee Williams.  A production of The Chicago Opera Theatre where the work was given its premiere in 1971. It was revived in 1980, when this was filmed for PBS-TV. “Set in 1911 in Glorious Hill, a small Mississippi town, the story unfolds during several momentous months in the lives of two young adults who grew up as neighbors: John Buchanan Jr., a dashing doctor, and Alma Winemiller, the sweet but inhibited daughter of a pious minister. The action takes place within the confines of Alma's memory. She is seen, dressed in black, sitting and watching the winged statue of Eternity that overlooks the town square of Glorious Hill, Miss. Alma listens to voices from the past, the voices of children. A haughty little girl keeps urging a skeptical but impressed boy to be more imaginative and gentlemanly. He is more interested in kissing her. Jumping several years, the scene shifts to Alma, now a young lady, still preoccupied with John, who is studying to become a bacteriologist. Looking through microscopes, he tells her, ''you see a world and it's a mystery -part anarchy and part order.'' Fluttery Alma, daughter of a minister, is already having problems with a ''nervous heart.'' John tells her that she has a doppelganger, another person inside her trying to get out. Alma is passionately in love, of course, but will not admit it until, by the end of the story, it is too late”.   A

Summer of '42
11/7/08 ~ Montville, New Jersey

Sunday in the Park with George Reunion Concert
5/15/94 ~ Broadway
Mandy Patinkin, Bernadette Peters, Nancy Opel, Howard McGillin, Barbara Bryne, Danielle Ferland, Dana Ivey, Charles Kimbrough, Bruce Adler, Mary D'Arcy, Jeff Keller, Kurt Knudson
Full stage shot, goes into great close-ups with great sound and Bernadette at her finest UPGRADED A

Sunday in the Park with George
6/16/02 ~ Sondheim Celebration, Washington DC,
Raul Esparza, Melissa Errico, Linda Stephens, Florence Lacey, Cris Groendaal
Excellent video; A

Sunday in the Park with George
1/26/06 ~ Broadway Evening
Daniel Evans, Jenna Russell, Michael Cumpsty, Alexander Gemignani, Jessica Molaskey, Mary Beth Peil, Ed Dixon, Jessica Grove, Stacie Morgain Lewis
Great capture, few cover ups... shot from mezzanine, little shaky at times A-

Sunday in the Park with George
1/30/08 ~ Broadway
Daniel Evans, Jenna Russell, Michael Cumpsty, Alexander Gemignani, Jessica Molaskey, Mary Beth Peil, Ed Dixon, Jessica Grove, Stacie Morgain Lewis
A beautiful production with the two leads from the West End production. Beautifully captured and performed with great stage effects. A

Sunday In The Park With George
4/30/08 ~ Broadway
Daniel Evans, Jenna Russell, Michael Cumpsty, Alexander Gemignani, Jessica Molaskey, Mary Beth Peil, Ed Dixon, Santino Fontana, Jessica Grove
About par with the 1/30/08, but not as shaky and the sound is a little better

Sunday In The Park With George
11/4/12 ~ Chicago, IL Shakespeare Theater
Carmen Cusack, Jason Danieley, Linda Stephens, Heidi Kettenring, McKinley Carter, Rachel Cantor, Sean Fortunato, Kevin Gudahl, Drek Hasenstab, Ora Jones
Excellent HD capture of the stunning and much talked about Chicago Shakespeare Theater production. Very well filmed with nice closeups and excellent picture and sound 2 DVDs A

Sunday In The Park With George
4/17/13 ~ Paris, France
Julian Ovenden, Sophie Louise-Dann, Beverley Klein, Rebecca de Pont Davies, Jessica Walker, Rebecca Bottone, Nicholas Garrett, Nickolas Grace, David Curry, Francesca Jackson, Damian Thantrey, Jonathan Gunthorpe, Scott Emerson, Elisa Doughty
Presented by Theatre du Chatelet. Complete show; Pro-shot video, excellent picture and sound;
great video. In English. A-

Sunset Boulevard
Miscellaneous Clips (Volumes 1 & 2) - 4 hours of footage on 2 discs, includes pro-shot footage of Glenn Close and the original Broadway production from 11/10/94 (runs 60 minutes), Betty Buckley from London 6/29/95 and Broadway 8/13/95, Patti LuPone 1993 London Press Reels, Electronic Press Kit, Sunset Blvd. documentary, news coverage of the LA opening night, omnibus Sunset Blvd, performance by Alan Campbell and Alice Ripley, and more, from Dec 1993-June 1994. (2 DVDs)

Sunset Boulevard
12/3/56 ~ NBC-TV
Darren McGavin (Joe Gillis), Mary Astor (Norma Desmond), Gloria DeHaven, John Griggs, Walter Kohler, Carl Low.
Introduced by Robert Montgomery. Originally aired live as part of the "Robert Montgomery Presents" anthology series on NBC. Watered-down version of the non-musical film presented for TV.  In black and white.  About 1 hour, it seems to have been broadcast with no commercials. Very good quality.

Sunset Boulevard
9/5/92 ~ Sydmonton Festival, London
Patti Lupone, Kevin Anderson, most of the original London Cast
Professionally Shot. Filmed on a small stage, and performed concert style. Excellent video B+

Sunset Boulevard
1993 ~ London Preview
Patti LuPone, Kevin Anderson, Meridith Braun
Preview of the show, shot in Black and White.  No zooms.  Looks like it was recorded from a monitor.

Sunset Boulevard
1993/1994 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Glenn Close, Alan Campbell, George Hearn
Date unknown, surfaced recently; with understudies for Betty and Artie; good video although a static line at the top of the screen during Act 2 B-

Sunset Boulevard, OBC Press Reels
1994 ~ Broadway
Glenn Close, Alan Campbell, George Hearn, Alice Ripley.   
About 40 minutes of pro-shot, musical number highlights. Incredibly clear for being almost 12 years old! A

Sunset Boulevard
1995 ~ London
Betty Buckley, Glyn Kerslake (u/s), Anita Louise Combe, Michael Bauer
Filmed on a tripod. Full stage shot with some zooms. Clear picture and sound; nice video 2DVDs A

Sunset Boulevard
6/2/95 ~ London
Elaine Paige (Norma), John Barrowman (Joe)
Shaky, dark and generation loss. No close-ups.  B-

Sunset Boulevard
7/14/95 ~ Broadway
Betty Buckley, Alan Campbell, Alice Ripley, Steven Stein-Grainger
A decent copy of the show with enough generational loss and lower sound but still a decent video B+

Sunset Boulevard
8/20/96 ~ Broadway
Betty Buckley, John Scherer (u/s Joe), George Hearn and Alice Ripley.  
Not the complete show, but about an hour of highlights.  Beautifully filmed with amazing close-ups.  If not for the slight shakiness of the camera you’d think it was shot for press reels.  Some generational loss. A

Sunset Boulevard
2/7/97 ~ London
Petula Clark (Norma), Bill Champion (Joe), Michael Bauer (Max), Fiona Sinnott (Betty)
Shaky and generation loss. No obstructions.

Sunset Boulevard
3/3/97 ~ Broadway
Elaine Paige, Alan Campbell, Larry Small (u/s Max), Alice Ripley
Stunning capture and one the best captures of this show. Elaine gives an Electric performance as Norma. Includes special "Faces of Elaine Paige" segment. B+

Sunset Boulevard
3/22/97 ~ Broadway Highlights
Elaine Paige, Alan Campbell, George Hearn, Kristen Behrendt
Final Broadway performance. Some spotlight washout, includes speech by Elaine Paige, who acknowledges Glenn Close in the audience. B

Sunset Boulevard
8/20/00 ~ Nashville,TN
Petula Clark, Lewis Cleale, Jacqueline Piro, Allen Fitzpatrick
Spotlight washout and slight generation loss prevent this from being a great video but it has excellent sound and nicely filmed for the most part; good video and some good closeups B+

Sunset Boulevard
August 2005 ~ Austrailia, Melbourne
Judi Connelli, David Campbell, Roger Howell, Chelsea Plumley. B

Sunset Boulevard
1/15/11 ~ Arlington, VA
Florence Lacey, D.B. Bonds, Ed Dixon, Susan Derry, Sean Thompson, Harry A. Winter
Excellent capture from the Signature Theatre of Florence's turn on Norma Desmond. Wonderful production performed on a thrust stage, in a very intimate space with clear picture and excellent sound A

Sunset Boulevard
7/9/11 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Ann Morrison, Chris Peluso, Nicholas Saverine, Kaleigh Cronin, Charles Parker, Cody Davis, Timothy W. Robu
Beautifully filmed using one camera on a tripod, with sound patched directly in from the sound board. Crystal clear. 2 DVDs A

Sunset Boulevard
7/28/13 ~ Long Beach, CA
Valerie Perri, David Burnham, Norman Large, Ashley Fox Linton, David Aldrete, Marc Ginsburg,
Jeff Skowron, Tom G McMahon, Brad Fitzgerald, Will Huse, Caitlin Humphrys, Karla Franko, Tiana Okoye, Marisa Field, Kirklyn Robinson, Chelsea Franko
No obstructions or washout; two quick dropouts in the first act. The Entr'acte is missing the first minute or so, but the show is otherwise intact, and some scenes are fairly dark, especially the projections, but the action can always be made out; filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Great clear sound. Includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A

Sunset Boulevard
12/29/13 ~ Luneburg, Germany
Masha Karell (Norma), Kristian Lucas (Joe), Luisa Rhöse (Betty), Ulrich Kratz (Max), Volker Tancke (Cecil), MacKenzie Gallinger (Artie).
Very good quality, except for some noisy/chatty patrons behind the filmer. In German

Sunset Boulevard
June 2014 ~ Plays in the Park. NJ
Julie Steil, Billy Piscopo, Scott Daniels, Emma McGahan, Kirk Geritaino, Bob Nutter, Jeff O'Neill, Abe Vorensky
Pro-shot video with clear picture and sound; very nice video A

Sunset Boulevard, The American Premiere Celebration
12/9/93 ~ KCOP-TV, Los Angeles
This special, produced by KCOP’s news department, takes a behind the scenes look at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical from beginning rehearsals, to it’s opening night at Los Angeles’ Shubert Theatre.  Hosted by Alex Trebek, with Glen Close, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Christopher Hampton, Don Black and others.  About 45 minutes, commercials have been edited out. A

The Sunshine Boys
9/29/13 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Danny DeVito, Judd Hirsch, Justin Bartha, Gibby Brand, Frank Kopyc, Matthew Bohrer, Annie Abrams, Johnnie Fiori
Very well filmed with only a couple quick dropouts in the first act; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Great clear sound and steady video; includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A

Superior Donuts
11/27/09 ~ Broadway
Michael McKean, Jon Michael Hill, Yasen Peyankov, Kate Buddeke, James Vincent Meredith, Jane Alderman, Cliff Chamberlain, Robert Maffia, Michael Garvey
Some obstructions with a few heads at the bottom, as well as one head on the right that blocks part of the front of the stage; couple minutes of act one are blacked out and shorter blackouts throughtout the show; low sound 2 DVDs A-

Supermodels In Space
October 2005 ~ Kansas City, MO
Chadwick Brooks, Cory James Dowman, Justin Van Pelt, Jessalyn Kincaid
A production of Late Night Theatre. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Great video with good sound and closeups A

The Supporting Cast
1981 ~ Broadway
Sandy Dennis, Betty Garrett, Hope Lange, Jack Gilford, Joyce Van Patten
Written by George Furth, directed by Gene Saks.
Broadway flop with just 36 official performances. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Some slight generational loss. A-

Sutton Foster: An Evening With Sutton Foster
9/25/10 ~ Chicago, IL
Excellent Capture with no obstructions, songs include: Something's Coming (West Side Story), Not For the Life of Me (Millie), NYC (Annie), Astonishing (Little Women), Up On the Roof, Air Conditioner,
Warm All Over (The Most Happy Fella), Show Off (Chaperone), Supposin'/Say That (Cut Songs from Millie), More to the Story (Cut song from Shrek), My Heart Was Set On You, Down with Love, I Like The Sunshine, Don't Rain On My Parade, The Late Late Show, Sunshine on My Shoulders, Anyone Can Whistle, Being Alive, Come the Wild Wild Weather, Once Upon A Time, Gimme Gimme (Millie), Defying Gravity A

Sutton Foster and Seth Rudetsky: "Broadway @ The Art House"
7/4/13 & 7/5/13 ~ Provincetown, MA
This show was part of a series of 10 unrehearsed shows produced and hosted by Seth which featured him asking a series of questions of his guests (other shows featured Audra McDonald, Betty Buckley,
Andrea Martin, Judy Kuhn, Alice Ripley, and Patti LuPone), then running to the piano to illustrate a point, or just an excuse for the guest to sing a song. Recorded live on July 4th and 5th, 2013 and edited together A

Swan Lake
1996 ~ London
Adam Cooper, Scott Ambler, Fiona Chadwick, Barry Atkinson, Emily Piercy, Andrew Walkinshaw
Video release of the Matthew Bourne's Olivier Award winning original cast; pro-shot video A+

Sweeney Todd
January 1980 ~ Broadway
Angela Lansbury, Len Cariou, Betsy Joslyn, Cris Groenendaal
Excellent video and audio but dark and hard to see at times A

Sweeney Todd
1981 ~ Broadway
Dorothy Loudon, George Hearn
Amazing clarity for being 25 years old! Includes TV commercial for the show A-

Sweeney Todd
1982 ~ Broadway
Angela Lansbury, George Hearn, Cris Groenendaal, Betsy Joslyn
Pro-shot for PBS with some generation loss as it is a VHS transfer; still has good sound and picture B 2 DVDs

Sweeney Todd
July 1986 ~ New Brunswick, NJ
Pro shot video from the Plays in the Park theater company; great production, well filmed with slight discolorization and generation loss B+

Sweeney Todd in Concert
2001 - PBS Television
Patti LuPone, George Hearn, Davis Gaines, Neil Patrick Harris
Pro shot for TV with Making of Special and more A+

Sweeney Todd
6/14/02 ~ Sondheim Celebration, Washington DC
Brian Stokes Mitchell, Jane Pesci-Townsend (u/s for Christine Baranski), Walter Charles, Hugh Panaro, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Mark Price
Great picture and sound with nice closeups, A

Sweeney Todd
Summer 2002 ~ Sondheim Celebration,Washington DC
Brian Stokes Mitchell, Christine Baranski
Highlights only, about 105 minutes. Starts with "Barber and his Wife," through "My right arm is complete again" then jumps to "Lady, Look at Me," through "This elixer is piss!" Then "Wait." Then it jumps to "Kiss Me" and goes until the end of act one.  Missing a chunk of "More Hot Pies," and then runs through until the Asylum scene.A cut, then it picks picks up at "By the Sea."  The asylum scene is cut, it picks up at "City on Fire" and then plays til the end. Shot on an angle from the mezzanine, lots of
dead space. B+

Sweeney Todd
September 2002 ~ Riverside, CA
Norman Large, Debbie Prutsman, Doug Carfrae, Justin Robrtson, Roger Befeler, Kristi Holden, Joanne O'Brien, Corey Greenan, Carey Curtis Smith, Vilhelm Towers
Directed by Calvin Remsberg (the Beadle in the 1982 televised version of the show), and winner of the 2002 Los Angeles Ovation Award for Best Musical. Great production. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. A

Sweeney Todd
3/6/04 ~ New York City Opera
Elaine Paige, Tim Nolen
Great picture and sound; A

Sweeney Todd
3/13/04 ~ New York City Opera
Elaine Paige, Mark Delavan
Great picture and sound; A

Sweeney Todd
10/18/05 ~ Broadway
Michael Cerveris, Patti LuPone, Mark Jacoby, Donna Lynne Champlin, Manoel Felciano
Shot from the mezzanine with nice picture and sound; digital A-

Sweeney Todd
10/29/05 ~ Broadway
Patti LuPone, Michael Cerveris, Donna Lynne Champlin, Manoel Felciano,Alexander Gemignani, John Arbo, Diana Dimarzio, Benjamin Magnuson, Lauren Molina
Very good video of this show with amazing closeups and excellent sound throughout; includes NY1 reviews, opening night story and interviews A+

Sweeney Todd
2006 ~ UK Tour
Jason Donovan, Harriet Thorpe, Oliver Beamish, Peter Head, Joanna Hickman, Gemma Page, James Spilling, Susannah van den Berg
One full-stage shot, filmed through the house camera with excellent sound from the soundboard; spotlight washout and no closeups at all but good video B+

Sweeney Todd
4/2/06 ~ Broadway
Patti LuPone, Michael Cerveris, Mark Jacoby, Donna Lynne Champlin, Manoel Felciano, Benjamin Magnuson, Lauren Molina, Alexander Gemignani, Diana Dimarzio
First 10 minutes are a little shaky but clear picture and sound. Lots of closeups. A

Sweeney Todd
9/3/06 ~ Broadway
Michael Cerveris, Patti LuPone,Mark Jacoby, Donna Lynne Champlin, Manoel Felciano, Alexander Gemignani,John Arbo, Diana Dimarzio, Benjamin Magnuson, Lauren Molina
Final performance, includes curtain calls; shot is decently steady, but shaky every once in a while; there is a slight hissing noise in the background from the sound of the camera and it is a bit grainy it some areas 2 DVDs A-

Sweeney Todd
3/08 ~ Mistlebach, Germany
Andre Bauer (Sweeney Todd), Katharina Dorian, Matthias Koffler, Christoph Fath, Jasmina Sakr, Reinhard Hirtl, Elisabeth Heller, Hannes Wiesinger, Georg Pfleger, Michael Jedlicka.  Seems to be a regional production.  Filmed using multiple cameras.  In German. A

Sweeney Todd
2011 ~ London
Michael Ball, Imelda Staunton, Lucy May Barker, John Bowe, Luke Brady, Robert Burt, Gillian Kirkpatrick, James McConville, Peter Polycarpou
One full-stage shot, filmed through the house camera with excellent sound from the soundboard; there is one scene, "A Little Priest" is a great pro-shot multi-camera shot that is cut into the rest of the show. Great clear sound  A

Sweeney Todd
5/20/11 ~ Paris, France
Caroline O'Connor, Rod Gilfry, Rebecca Bottone, Nicholas Garrett, Jonathan Best, John Graham-Hall,
Rebecca de Pont Davies, David Curry, Pascal Charbonneau
Produced at the world-famous Theatre du Chatelet in Paris. In English. Pro-shot video, excellent picture and sound; great video A

Sweeney Todd, Live From Lincoln Center
9/26/14 ~ PBS-TV
Bryn Terfel, Emma Thompson, Philip Quast, Christian Borle, Kyle Brenn, Jay Armstrong Johnson,
Erin Mackey, Audra McDonald, Jeff Blumenkrantz
Directed by Lonny Price. Recorded March 8, 2014 A

Sweeney Todd
10/12/14 ~ Mountain View, CA
David Studwell, Tory Ross, Jack Mosbacher, Mindy Lym, Spencer Kiely, Mia Fryvecind Gimenez,
Lee Strawn, Martin Rojas Dietric, Caroline Altman, Noel Anthony
A really nicely staged production of this Sondheim classic at TheatreWorks Silicon Valley; no blackouts and no washout; some slight obstruction when the actors come into the audience, but no obstruction when they are on stage. Excellent sound, nice video 2 DVDs A

Sweeney Todd
Date Unknown ~ San Jose, CA
A production of the San Jose Civic Light Opera, a professional Equity theatre company. This is a different interpretation of the show, set during World War I, and very well done. Beautifully filmed. Occasionally dark, and some generational loss. Semi-pro shot using one camera on a tripod. B+

Sweet Charity
1986 ~ Broadway
Original Revival Cast-Debbie Allen, BeBe Neuwirth, Michael Rupert.
Some generational loss and occasional video glitches. C-

Sweet Charity
3/14/87 ~ Broadway
Ann Reinking, Bebe Neuwirth, Michael Rupert
Recorded from the house camera. Excellent sound, but some generational loss. Upgraded video B

Sweet Charity
10/21/87 ~ Tour
Donna McKechnie, Ken Land, Lenora Nemetz, Stephanie Pope, Mark Jacoby, Christine Colby, Michael Cone, James Stovall
Donna is a wonderful Charity.  All around great cast.  Runs an hour and 45 minutes.  Includes all of the musical numbers, but missing some book scenes.  Directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse, and it shows.   Occasional date stamp on bottom.  Excellent sound and great video quality for its age.. A-

Sweet Charity in Concert
6/15/98 ~ Avery Fisher Hall, New York
Bebe Neuwirth, Debbie Allen, Gwen Verdon, Chita Rivera, Betty Buckley, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Whoopi Goldberg, Robert Goulet, Hilton Battle, Marisa Tomei
Pro shot of the concert A

Sweet Charity
June 2002 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Kirsten Benton, John La Londe, Eric Anderson, Susannah Hall, Meloney Collins, John Massey Jr, Catherine Garrison
A production of LA's Performance Riverside. Great production, based on the 1986 revival. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. A

Sweet Charity
2/24/05 ~ Chicago, IL
Christina Applegate, Denis O'Hare, Ernie Sabella
Pre-Broadway tryout before the broken foot. Very clear picture and great sound. There are about 10 minutes of blackouts total, mostly during minor scenes; short blackouts after songs or whenever there was applause. A

Sweet Charity
4/28/05 ~ Broadway
Christina Applegate, Denis O'Hare, Kyra DaCosta, Janine LaManna, Ernie Sabella
Some cover ups at the end of numbers; clear and amazing. Also includes, scanned Playbill info. 3 clips from NY1. Broadway Backstage Clip. Opening night coverage and interview with Applegate. A+

Sweet Charity
4/10/07 ~ Baltimore, MD
Molly Ringwald, Guy Adkins, Kathryn Mowat Murphy (u/s), Francesca Harper, Aaron Ramey, Richard Ruiz, Jessica Leigh Brown, David Glaspie
Very clear picture and sound for a first-timers video; heavy focus on Molly, but the overall picture and dance numbers are well-captured, too. Includes curtain call. Nice video A

Sweet Charity
4/29/07 ~ East Lansing, MI
Molly Ringwald, Bridget Berger, Francesca Harper, Guy Adkins, Aaron Ramey, Richard Ruiz
Wonderful Capture of the Tour cast with no obstructions. Nice clear video with excellent closeups and sound A

Sweet Charity
Date Unknown ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
A production of The Music Theatre Of Wichita. Filmed using a tripod, with sound directly from soundboard. A

Sweet Smell of Success
2/26/02 ~ Broadway
John Lithgow, Brian d’Arcy James
Digitally shot from 2nd row mezzanine, no heads. A-

A Swell Party
Date Unknown ~ London
Nickolas Grace,Angela Richards, Anne Wood, David Kernan, Martin Smith, Gary Hind
Pro shot video with Japanese subtitles A

Swimming in the Shallows
7/8/05 ~ New York
Logan Marshall-Green, Michael Arden, Rosemarie DeWitt, Mary Schultz, Susan Pourfar, Murphy Geyer
Filmed around a head but very good video; very close picture and great sound A

February 2002 ~ Los Angeles, CA
David Engel, Rachel Oliver, Danny Michaels, Michelle Lane
A presentation of Musical Theatre West. Filmed using one camera on a tripod with sound patched in directly from the soundboard. Some slight generational loss. A

Swinging Nutcracker
2001 ~ Bravo
Pro-Shot Debbie Timuss, Todd Talbot, Jeff Hyslop, Ashley Hale, Paul Becker

Sympathy Jones
10/4/07 ~ New York Musical Theatre Festival
Kate Shindle, Charlie Pollack, Jimmy Ray Bennett, Christopher Carl, Jane Summerhays, Lucy Sorensen, Glenn Peters, Thursday Farrar, Tony Chiroldes, Amanda Ryan Paige
Shot from 2nd row, slightly upward, some washout. Kate Shindle hurt her ankle and sat in a chair on stage left and performed the role from there. Her music stand occasionally blocks some of the action.  Small glitch at the beginning. A

Table Settings
1982 ~ New York
Robert Klein, Stockard Channing, Mindy Cohn, Eileen Heckart, James Kushner, Dinah Manoff, Peter Riegert
Filmed for HBO; good clear video A

Extras DVDs - London/Broadway. (2 DVDs)
Disc 1: Television interviews, performances, etc. (About an hour)
Disc 2: Press DVD about the broadway production. (About 20 minutes)

2003 ~ Venue Theatre, London
Euan Morton, Paul Baker, Lyn Paul, John Partridge, Boy George
Mix from the first and the second London cast when Boy George took over the role of Leigh Bowery; filmed live from the very small theatre where the show was at, and you can easily feel the atmosphere. A+  2 DVDS

11/1/03 ~ Broadway
Boy George, Euan Morton, Raúl Esparza, LizMcCartney, Cary Shields, Sarah Uriarte Berry, Jennifer Cody, Asa Somers
4th preview; great show and great video with nice close ups throughout. Video includes the Today Show performance, a NY1 story, the 2003 Gypsy of the Year skit and a Inside Edition show finale report: A+

1/21/04 ~ Broadway
Boy George, Asa Somers (u/s), Raul Esparza, Liz McCartney, Cary Shields, Sarah Uriarte Berry
Good picture and fun to see someone different playing a main part in this show. A

2/8/04 ~ Broadway
Boy George, Euan Morton, Raul Esparza, Liz McCartney, Cary Shields, Sarah Uriarte Berry, Jennifer Cody
Closing Night video; includes appearance by Rosie, added dialogue and audience asides by the performers, very enthusiastic audience - great show, great songs. Great video-nice close-ups, great recording; ;video includes the Inside Edition show finale report  A+

Take Me Along
1984 ~ East Heddam, CT
A presentation at The Goodspeed Opera House.
House camera,poor sound with some generational loss. C

Take Me Along
4/14/85 ~ Broadway, Revival
Kurt Knudson, Beth Fowler, Robert Nichols, Betty Johnson, Gary Landon Wright, Taryn Grimes
Music and lyrics by Bob Merrill. Originally produced at the Goodspeed Opera House, the production was moved to the Martin Beck Theatre on Broadway, where it had 7 previews and closed on opening night. Recorded through the house camera, so it's a stationary full-stage shot, with audio patched in directly from the soundboard. Some generational loss. B+

Take Me Out
3/26/03 ~ Broadway
Daniel Sunjata, Denis O' Hare, Neal Huff, Frederick Weller, David Eigenberg
Digital, excellent picture and sound qulaity. nice closeups. A+

Taking My Turn
1984 ~ Pro-Video
Margaret Whiting, Marni Nixon, Sheila Smith, Cissy Houston, Tiger Haynes, Victor Griffen, Mace Barrett, Ted Thurston. 
Pro-shot for video.  A

A Tale Of Two Cities
8/20/04 ~ New York
James Barbour, Gavin Creel, Gary Morris, Billy Gilman, Ed Dixon, Jenny Powers, Katherine McGrath, Alex Santoriello, Tim Shew, Nick Wyman, Allen Fitzpatrick, Rebecca Robbins
This is a reading of the new musical. Good video with great sound. The first act is 1 hour and 40 minutes; there are 2 cover ups after 1 hour and 20 minutes but nothing major missing; A-

A Tale Of Two Cities, In Concert
June 2009 ~ PBS-TV
James Barbour, Natalie Toro, Brandi Burkhardt, Kevin Earley, Mark McVey, Ed Dixon
Narrated by Michael York, this is the 90-minute non-PBS verison of the concert with about 30 minutes of pledge breaks; concert staging of the Broadway musical A Tale of Two Cities, filmed in England in June for PBS; concert is a hybrid performance, complete with costumes, projections and other design elements; score of the 2008 Broadway musical by composer-lyricist-librettist Jill Santoriello includes a new song, "Never Say Goodbye," written by Santoriello (lyrics) and composer Frank Wildhorn; pro shot video concert; DVD extra s include "Without a Word" bonus song and Michael York interviewing Lucinda Dickens Hawksley A

A Talent For Murder
1981 ~ Broadway
Claudette Colbert, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Nancy Addison Altman, Shelly Desai, Barton Heyman, Liane Langland.  
RARE!  Full show, recorded from a tripod.  This is probably unedited Press Reel footage, that was intended to be edited down and used for media promotion.  The story concerns an internationally successful mystery novelist whose relatives wouldn’t mind killing her to get their hands on her art collection.  The play ran on Broadway for just 77 performances.  Some slight generational loss.   A-

A Talent For Murder
1984 ~ (Drama/Mystery/Comedy)
Angela Lansbury, Lawrence Olivier, Charles Keating. 
Rare Showtime movie, based on the short lived Broadway play. A-

The Tales Of Hoffman
Date Unknown ~ Australia
Joan Sutherland, Anson Austin.  A production of The Australian Opera Company.  
RARE!  This was taped during a dress rehearsal just prior to the show being aired live on Australian TV.  However due to a television strike, the show was never broadcast, and this is the only record of the performance.  Multi-camera, pro-shot.  Some generational loss.   B+

The Tales Of The Allergist's Wife
6/20/02 ~ Los Angeles
Valerie Harper,Tony Roberts, Michele Lee, Shirl Bernheim, Anil Kumar
Full stage shot, but you can see everything throughout A

Tales Of Tinseltown
1991 ~ Miami, FL
Karen Quakenbush, John Scherer, Marcia Lewis, Michael Tucci
A production of Coconut Grove in Miami. Semi-pro shot.  Good picture and sound; 2 DVDs A

Talking Heads
7/26/03 ~ New York
A Lady of Letters performed by Christine Ebersole
A Chip in the Sugar performed by Daniel Davis Miss Fozzard Finds Her Feet performed by Lynn Redgrave Nice video; audio only for first 5 minutes; video almost all closeups with nice clear sound; good video A

The Tallest Tree in the Forest
5/4/14 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Daniel Beaty
A near perfect capture of this fascinating one-man show at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles; a one minute blackout in each act; no washout or obstruction; filmed in 16:9 in mostly mediums and close-ups with the occasional wide shot to show the projections on the back wall; excellent picture and sound. Includes curtain call 2 DVDs A

1983 ~ Off-Broadway
Helen Gallagher.
Music by Arthur Siegel, lyrics by Mae Richard.  RARE! ''Tallulah'' is basically a one-woman show with a background of a male chorus, some of whom step out to play various men in Tallulah's life, such as L.B. Mayer, John Barrymore or her husband, John Emery.  The show didn’t do too well, and closed after just a few performances, despite favorable reviews for Helen Gallagher’s portrayal.  After reworking the book a little, the producer’s took the show to East Hampton, Boston, and Los Angeles, where it didn’t do much better.  Filmed using one camera on a tripod.  Some slight generational loss, but nothing too bad.   A-

The Taming of the Shrew
1976 ~ San Francisco, CA
Raye Birk, Earl Boen, Ron Boussom, Barbara Dirickson, Bobby F. Ellerbee, Harry Hamlin, Rick Hamilton, Charles Hyman, Daniel Kern, Michael Keys Hall, Deborah May, Fredi Olster, William
Paterson, Stephen Schnetzer, Sandra Shotwell, Marc Singer,Al White, Laird Williamson, James Winkler, Daniel Zippi
Pro-shot video for Great Performances hosted by Hal Holbrook filmed at American Conservatory in San Francisco; good picture; sound is kind of low but still good A

The Taming Of The Shrew

6/17/16 ~ New York 

Cush Jumbo (Katherina), Janet McTeer (Petruchio), Gayle Rankin (Bianca), Rosa Gilmore (Lucentio), Latanya Richardson Jackson (Baptista), Candy Buckley (Vincentio), Donna Lynne Champlin (Hortensio), Judy Gold (Gremio), Adrienne C. Moore (Tranio), Stacey Sergeant (Grumio), Teresa Avia Lim (Biondello). 

This is an all-female version of the show presented by the Public Theatre’s Shakespeare In The Park.  It includes a lot of modern day references including a lot about Donald Trump.  It’s not a perfect capture, unfortunately; there are blackouts over 25 of the first 32 minutes, and there’s another 5-minute blackout about halfway through the show. What is captured is crystal clear.  At one point, the show is stopped due to a set malfunction, and Judy Gold improvs for about three minutes-and she’s hilarious.  B-

Tanz Der Vampire
October 1997 ~ Vienna
Steve Barton, Cornelia Zenz, Aris Sas, Gernot Kranner, Eva Maria Marold, Nik, James Sbano, anne Welte
Pro-shot. This is a 2-DVD set with much less generation loss than some circulating videos of this show. It also includes English subtitles that can be turned on or off. 2 DVDs. (NTSC format) PRO-SHOT FOR THEATRE ARCHIVES.

Tanz Der Vampire
10/15/98 ~ Vienna
Steve Barton, Cornelia Zenz, Alex Melcher

Tanz der Vampire
10/26/97 ~ Vienna
Opening night. with Steve Barton, Lyn Liechty, Aris Sas, Gernot Kranner, James Sbano, Eva Maria Marold & Ann Welt

Tanz Der Vampire
10/28/97 ~ Vienna Steve Barton, Lyn Liechty, Aris Sas, Gernot Kranner
Decent video; generation loss but good sound B-

Tanz Der Vampire
11/19+20/98 ~ Vienna
Steve Barton, Lyn Liechty, Aris Sas, Gernot Kranner, James Sbano, Eva Maria Marold
Gorgeous quality with lots of close-ups. Seems to deal well with the poor lighting in the Raimund Theatre, and the entire cast has a lot of energy, making for a fantastic performance. Second act seems to be recorded from the front row (or pretty close). Footage cuts off right before the last song, and someone pasted the final song and curtain call from a different performance at the end. 1 DVD. (PAL format)

Tanz Der Vampire
11/29/98 ~ Vienna
Steve Barton, Cornelia Zenz, Aris Sas, Gernot Kranner, Anne Welte, James Sbano, Eva Maria Marold.

Tanz Der Vampire
12/19/98 ~ Vienna
Steve Barton, Cornelia Zenz, Aris Sas, Gernot Kranner

Tanz Der Vampire
1/17/99 ~ Vienna
Steve Barton, Cornelia Zenz, Alex Melcher
HIGHLIGHTS ONLY (about 1 hour and 30 minutes). Picture quality varies quite a bit, and the camera is shaky. There are some problems with the sound in the beginning. During filler scenes, the visual is black for about 10 seconds. Taper clearly focused on Barton and Melcher. Some nice close-ups and strong audio. 1 DVD. (PAL format)

Tanz Der Vampire
5/18/99 ~ Vienna
Nicholas Saverine, Cornelia Zenz, Harald Taubner, Suzanne Carvey

Tanz Der Vampire
9/11/99 ~ Vienna  
Nicholas Saverine, Michaela Kovarikova, Bruno Grassini (u/s Alfred), Jens Janke, Peter Faerber, Valda Aviks, Suzanne Carey(u/s Magda), Máté Kamarás

Tanz Der Vampire
9/21/99 ~ Vienna
Heiko Stang, Bettina Oswald, Aris Sas, Noud Hell, Peter Faerber, Ursula Vincent, Mate Kamaras

Tanz Der Vampire
10/12/99 ~ Vienna
Nicholas Saverine, Bernd Julius Arends (u/s), Michaela Kovarikova (u/s), Gernot Kranner, Peter Faeber, Petra Madita Kobitz, Ursula Vincent (u/s), Mate Kamaras, Thorsten Flach

Tanz Der Vampire
1/12/00 ~ Vienna
Steve Barton, Bettina Oswald, Aris Sas, Gernot Kranner, Mate Kamaras.
Barton's Final Performance of Tanz Der Vampire and in any musical. Lots of in-house jokes and changes to the show made that make it especially fun to watch. There is a lot of fan girl chatter, screaming, and occasional obstructions of view. The screaming after Die Unstillbare Gier lasts a full minute, for example. Some very good close ups. Includes the curtain call. NOTE: This does not play on a DVD player. It appears to be VOB files copied onto a data DVD.

Tanz Der Vampire
4/12/00 ~ Stuttgart
Charles Fornana (Krolock), Lillemor Spitzer (Sarah), Fritz Schmidt (Alfred), Werner Bauer, James Sbano, Anne Welte, Maryanne Kelly, Thomas Mülner

Tanz Der Vampire
4/16/00 ~ Stuttgart
Kevin Tarte, Barbara Köhler, Aris Sas, Werner Bauer, James Sbano, Maryanne Kelly (u/s), Anne Welte, Thomas Mülner
Tanz Der Vampire
11/28/00 ~ Stuttgart
Aleks di Capri (Graf von Krolock), Christina Köb (Sarah), Fritz Schmid (Alfred), Werner Bauer (Professor), Thomas Mülner (Herbert), James Sbano (Chagal), Maryanne Kelly (Magda), Anne Welte (Rebecca), Alexander Wengel (Koukol)

Tanz Der Vampire
1/12/04 ~ Hamburg
Thomas Borchert, Jessica Kessler, Fredrik Wickerts, Jens Janke, Jerzy Jeszke, Stephanie Tschoppe, Tim Reichwein, Anna Thoren.
Shot from the balcony. Camera is a bit shaky, but picture and sound are both clear. Great energy and performances from everyone, especially Thomas. 1 DVD. (PAL format).

Tanz Der Vampire
11/10/05 ~ Hamburg
Kevin Tarte, Jessica Kessler, Max Niemeyer, Stefan Poslovski, Franziska Forster, Tim Reichwein.
Pro-shot. German show with English subtitles. Quality is SUPERB.

Tanz der Vampire
8/24/07 ~ Budapest, Hungary
Egyhazi Geza, Andradi Zsanett, Santa Laszlo, Jegercsik Csaba, Pavletits Bela, Pirgel David, Kecskes Timea, Dobos Judit

Tanz der Vampire
9/2/07 ~ Budapest, Hungary
Nagy Sandor, Nadorfi Krisztina, Heger Tibor, Sandor David, Pirgel David, Bot Gabor, Kecskes Timnea, Urbanowits Krisztina

Tanz Der Vampire
8/21/09 ~ Oberhausen, Germany
Kevin Tarte (Graf von Krolock), Anne Hoth (Sarah), Christian Stadlhofer (Professor Abronsius), Krisha Dalke (Alfred), Matthias Stockinger (Chagal), Linda Konrad (Magda), Eva Maria Bender (Rebecca), Jakub Wocial (Herbert), Stefan Büdenbender (Koukol).
The set malfunctions after “Bitte,
meine Herren!” and cannot be repaired quickly enough to resume the performance. There is an announcement by the manager of the theater (subtitled in English) and the after this, the cast performs an abridged "Best Of" version of highlights from the show for about 45 minutes. The songs performed include “Draussen ist Freiheit,” “Die roten Stiefel/ Stärker als wir sind,” “Tot zu sein ist komisch,”  “Totale Finsternis,” “Ewigkeit,” “Die unstillbare Gier,” “Für Sarah” and “Tanz der Vampire.” Excellent
quality, filmed near the front of the right section of the orchestra. In German.

Tanz Der Vampire
9/3/09 ~ Oberhausen, Germany
Jan Ammann (Krolock), Anne Hoth (Sarah), Christian Stadlhofer (Abronsius), Krisha Dalke(Alfred), Jerzy Jeszke (Chagal), Linda Konrad (Magda), Florian Fetterle (Herbert), Stefan Budenbender (Koukol), Heike Schmitz (Rebecca).
Excellent quality, filmed near the front of the right section of the orchestra. (Same location as the 8/21/09 DVD). In German.

Tanz Der Vampire
9/6/09 ~ Oberhausen, Germany
Matthias Stockinger (Krolock), Anne Hoth (Sarah), Riccardo Greco (u/s Alfred), Christian Stadlhofer (Professor Abronius), Jerzy Jeszke (Chagal), Linda Konrad (Magda), Florian Fetterle (Herbert), Stefan
Büdenbender (Koukol), Eva Maria Bender (Rebecca), Tanzsolisten: Kym Boyson, Csaba Farago, Paul Knights, Ross McDermott,   Gesangssolisten: Florian Fetterle, Vanni Viscusi, Ensemble:  Amanda Huke, Raphaela Pekovsek, Andras Simonffy, Els Smekens, Lyndsey Stokes, Milena Alaze, Sanne Buskermolen, Fanny Drenthe, Tibor Heger, Kerstin Zinser-Zwanzig.
Excellent quality. In German.

Tanz Der Vampire
9/9/09 - Oberhausen, Germany
Jan Amman (Graf von Krolock), Nele-Liis Vaiksoo (Sarah), Riccardo Greco (Alfred), Jerzy Jeszke (Chagal), Florian Fetterle (Herbert).
Excellent quality, in German. (2 DVDs)

Tanz Der Vampire
9/27/09 ~ Oberhausen, Germany
Kevin Tarte (Krolock),  Nele-Liis Vaiksoo (Sarah), Krisha Dalke, (Alfred), Christian Stadlhofer (Professor Abronius), Jerzy Jeszke (Chagal), Linda Konrad (Magda), Florian Fetterle (Herbert), Andras Simonffy (Koukol), Janaina Bianchi (Rebecca) Gesangssolisten: Michel Driesse, Riccardo Greco; Tanzsolisten:  Kym Boyson, Csaba Farago, Kevin Hudson, Ross McDermott;  Ensemble: Milena Alaze, Eva  Maria Bender, Sandra Bleicher, Tibor Heger, Anne Hoth, Sven Prüwer, Maciej Salamon, Lyndsey Stokes, Sanne Buskermolen, Ian Oswald, Raphaela Pekovsek, Els Smekens, Veronique Spiteri, Cale Stanojevic.
 Excellent quality, filmed from the balcony. In German.

Tanz Der Vampire
10/28/09 ~ Oberhausen, Germany
Jan Ammann (Krolock), Nele-Liis Vaiksoo (Sarah),  Krisha Dalke (Alfred), Christian Stadlhofer (Professor Abronsius), Jerzy Jeszke (Chagal), Linda Konrad (Magda), Florian Fetterle (Herbert), Stefan Büdenbender (Koukol), Martine de Jager (Rebecca), Gesangssolisten: Michel Driesse, Riccardo Greco. Tanzsolisten: David Baranya, Kym Boyson, Ross McDermott, Vanni Viscusi; Ensemble: Milena Alaze, Paul Knights, Raphaela Pekovsek, Lindsey Stokes, Lucas Theisen, Samantha Turton, Sabrina Auer, Eva Maria Bender, Janaina Bianchi, Senta-Sofia Delliponti, Sanne Mieloo, Sven Prüwer, Matthias Stockinger, Jakub Wocial.
Excellent quality. In  German.

Tanz Der Vampire
11/15/09 ~ Oberhausen, Germany
Kevin Tarte (Graf von Krolock), Senta-Sofia Delliponti (Sarah), Christian Stadlhofer (Professor Abronsius), Krisha Dalke (Alfred), Jerzy Jeszke (Chagal), Linda Konrad (Magda), Florian Fetterle (Herbert), Eva-Maria Bender (Rebecca), Michel Driesse (Koukol). Excellent quality, filmed from the
One big chapter per act. In German. (2 DVDs)

Tanz Der Vampire
9/17/11 ~ Stuttgart, Germany
Graf von Krolock: Jan Ammann, Sarah: Angelina Markiefka, Professor Abronsius: Christian Stadlhofer, Alfred: Krisha Dalke, Chagal: Christoph Leszczynski, Magda: Linda Veenhuizen, Herbert: Jakub Wocial, Koukol: Stefan Büdenbender, Rebecca: Jeanne Marie Nigl / Tanzsolisten: Pierre Damen, Paula Ferreira, Lucas Theisen / Gesangssolisten: Christopher Busse, Florian Soyka. Tanzensemble: Zoltan Fekete, Brett Hibberd, Anna Lopusny, Lieselot Meurisse, Sandra Milly, Raphaela Pekovsek, Vanni Viscusi / Gesangsensemble: Juliane Bischoff, Antje Eckermann, Tim Edwards, Laura Greer, Joana Henrique, Dennis Jankowiak, Thomas Schweins, Gemma West.
Angelina Markiefka's last performace. Excellent quality. In German.

Tanz Der Vampire
12/1/11 - Berlin, Germany
Drew Sarich (Graf von Krolock), Michael Heller (Alfred), Veit Schäfermeier (Prof. Abronsius), Angelina Markiefka (Sarah), Kai Hüsgen (Chagal), Goele de Raedt (Magda), Marc Liebisch (Herbert), Stefan Büdenbender (Koukol), Barbara Raunegger (Rebecca).
Excellent quality. Bootleg, filmed on 2 cameras. In German. 2 DVDs

Tanz Der Vampire
5/8/12 ~ Berlin, Germany
Kevin Tarte (Graf von Krolock), Amelie Dobler (Sarah), Veit Schäfermeier (Professor Abronsius), Michael Heller (Alfred), Kai Hüsgen (Chagal), Goele de Raedt (Magda), Marc Liebisch (Herbert), Stefan Büdenbender (Koukol), Miriam Lotz (Rebecca).
Excellent quality, some coverups. In German. 2 DVDs

Tanz Der Vampire
6/2/12 ~ Berlin, Germany
Florian Soyka (Graf von Krolock), Michael Heller (Alfred), Veit Schäfermeier (Prof. Abronsius), Angelina Markiefka (Sarah), Kai Hüsgen (Chagal), Goele de Raedt (Magda), Vanni Viscusi (Herbert), Stefan Büdenbender (Koukol), Barbara Raunegger (Rebecca).
Excellent quality. In German.

Tanz Der Vampire
7/31/12 ~ Berlin, Germany
Thomas Borchert, Amelie Dobler, Michael Heller, Veit Schäfermeier, Jerzy Jeszke, Marc Liebisch, Goele de Raedt, Miriam Lotz, Stefan Büdenbender.
Excellent quality. In German.

Tanz Der Vampire
3/1/13 ~ Berlin, Germany
Udo Eickelmann, Mercedsz Csampai, Veit Schäfermeier, Michael Heller, Jerzy Jezke, Goele de Raedt, Vanni Viscusi, Stefan Büdenbender, Conny Braun, Tibor Nagy, Paula Ferreira, Matteo Vigna, Christopher Busse, Florian Soyka.
Excellent quality, but encoded oddly, so some of the video almost appears in slow-motion, but the audio remains fine. One big chapter per act. In German. 2 DVDs

Tanz der Vampire
5/3/13 - Berlin, Germany
Udo Eickelmann (Graf von Krolock), Mercedesz Csampai (Sarah), Michael Heller (Alfred), Jens Janke (Professor Abronsius), Jerzy Jezke (Chagal), Linda Veenhuizen (Magda), Vanni Viscusi (Herbert), Stefan Büdenbender (Koukol), Conny Braun (Rebecca), Dennis Jankowiak (Nightmare 1), Florian Soyka (Nightmare 2), Csaba Nagy (Tanz), Tibor Nagy, Paula Ferreira.
Excellent quality. One big chapter per act. In German. 2 DVDs

Tanz der Vampire
5/29/13 ~ Berlin, Germany
Ivan Ozhogin (Graf von Krolock), Dorothea Baumann (Sarah), Michael Heller (Alfred), Veit Schäfermeier (Professor Abronsius), Florian Soyka (Chagal), Goele de Raedt (Magda), Vanni Viscusi (Herbert), Sven Prüwerr (Koukol), Conny Braun (Rebecca), Christopher Busse (Nightmare 1), Dennis Jankowiak (Nightmare 2),  Csaba Nagy (Tanz), Tibor Nagy, Paula Ferreira).
Excellent quality. One big chapter per act. In German. 2 DVDs

The Tap Dance Kid
1985 ~ US Tour
Dule Hill, Hinton Battle, Martine Allard, Harold Nicholas, Monica Page
For the national tour, substantial changes were made to the book and score from the original Broadway version, and the production was re-directed by Jerry Zaks. Complete show, recorded from the back of the house from a tripod. Some generational loss, but nothing too bad. A

Tap Dogs
January 1995 ~ London
Darren Disney, Ben Reed, Dien Perry. Pro shot for video. Some generational loss. B

Tap Your Troubles Away,The Music Of Jerry Herman
2001 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Bernadette Peters, Angela Lansbury, Carol Channing, Carole Cook, Leslie Uggams, Joley Fisher, Rod McKuen, Rita Moreno, Karen Morrow, Sam Harris, Ken Page, Wilson Cruz, Charlotte Rae, Lynne Redgrave, Tyne Daly, Nancy Dussault, Davis Gaines, Jason Graae, Hugh Panero, Lee Roy Reams, Jo Anne Worley
Actor's Fund Benefit concert, featuring the music of Jerry Herman, presented by S.T.A.G.E.Too. Features an appearance and performance by Jerry Herman near the end. Pro-filmed, using one camera on a tripod. Some slight generational loss, but not that bad. A

2011 ~ UK
Pro-Shot Duncan Wigman, Jamie Sims, Charley Newton John
A recorded dress rehearsal presentation from the UK's Prometheus Theatre Company of Stephen Belber's play

Tarzan in Concert with Phil Collins
1999 ~ TV Broadcast
Phil Collins, Rosie O'Donnell, Justin Timberlake, Glenn Close, Minnie Driver, Lance Bass, J.C. Chasez, Joey Fatone, Tony Goldwyn, Chris Kirkpatrick, Wayne Knight
multi-camera pro shot

3/30/06 ~ Broadway
Josh Strickland, Jenn Gambatese, Merle Dandridge, Shuler Hensley, Chester Gregory II, Tim Jerome, Donnie Keshawarz
A little dark at times, but a clear picture with nice sound; includes the producers speech at the beginning about how this was the first performance with newly added scenes.

7/30/06 ~ Broadway
Josh Strickland, Jenn Gambatese, Merle Dandridge, Horace V. Rogers (u/s), Chester Gregory II, Tim Jerome, Donne Keshawarz, Daniel Manche
Nice filming, not as dark as the above video and filmed later in the run with changes since previews; good picture and sound throughout and nice closeups A

6/23/07 ~ Netherlands
Chantal Janzen, Chaira Borderslee, Ron Link.  
Professionally filmed with single house camera. No zoom, full-stage-recording, but soundboard-audio! Includes some footage of working on stage after the show. Proshot A+

7/2/10 ~ Hamburg
Simon Thomas (Tarzan), Isabel Trinkaus (u/s Jane), Peti van der Velde (Kala), Kevin Kraus (Kerchak), Arcangelo Vigneri* (u/s Terk), Ingolf Unterrainer* (u/s Porter), Mathias Sanders* (u/s Clayton), Leo Ilic (junger Tarzan); Tim Edwards, Armin Kahl, Christina Lagao, Mark van Beelen* (Gesangssolisten); Gregory Antemes, Ádamo Dias*, Nancy Gonzalez*, Gianluca Passeri, Freya Rowley*, Aisha Ruof*, Romeo Salazar*, Darlan Santos de Jesus, Nadja Scheiwiller.
Great musical based on the Disney cartoon. Very impressive visually, and with several new songs added - Auf einmal (For the First Time) and Wer ich wirklich bin (Everything That I Am) are standouts when it comes to new material. Filmed from the extremely well-raked stalls, meaning that there's practically no head obstruction - only some in extreme stage right/house left. There are, however, around half a dozen short blackouts during the scenes when the monkeys enter from the side. A-

7/18/10 ~ Hamburg
David Boyd (Tarzan), Isabel Trinkhaus (Jane), Melanie Ortner (Kala), Mathias Sanders (Kerchak), Arcangelo Vigneri (Terk).  
Nicely filmed and crystal clear.  Entire production is in German.  2DVDs A

July 2011 ~ NSMT
Brian Justin Crum (Tarzan), Andrea Goss (Jane), Eric Collins (Mr. Clayton), Todd Alan Johnson (Kerchak), Christopher Messina (Terk), Robin Payne (Kala)
Pro-shot. Disc also includes 3 minute montage which was used for media and promotion, A

Taylor-Made Monday

2/26/96 ~ CBS-TV

In a TV rarity, Elizabeth Taylor appears as herself in 4 CBS sitcoms that aired back to back in a story line that tied the shows together. (She was promoting her new perfume "Black pearls" at the time). "Elizabeth Taylor’s priceless black pearls are missing, and before the night is over, you’ll find out who’s got sticky fingers and who’s got butter fingers". She actually appeared on 'The Nanny' and 'Can't Hurry Love'; had a smallish cameo appearance in 'Murphy Brown', and then had a substitute stunt hand fill in for her on the final show "High Society". All four episodes, in order, are included on 1 disc. Commercials have been edited out. A

Tea at Five
3/29/03 ~ New York
Kate Mulgrew
A one woman play based on the life of Katherine Hepburn, digital, A

Teddy & Alice NYC
1997 ~ Broadway
RARE! Len Cariou (Teddy Roosevelt), Beth Fowler (Edith Roosevelt), Nancy Hume (Alice Roosevelt), Nancy Opel (Eleanor Roosevelt), Karen Ziemba (Belle Hanger).
Book by Jerome Alden, lyrics by Hal Hackady, and music adapted from the work of the late John Philip Sousa, with some new songs by Richard Kapp. (In its very early stages, Alan Jay Lerner contributed material before he died). The patriotic spectacle focuses on President Theodore Roosevelt's relationship with his feisty daughter during his reign in the White House. Stubbornly independent, Alice smokes, dresses provocatively, and speaks her mind about foreign policy issues in an era when modest young ladies are seen and not heard. Complications ensue when she begins a romantic relationship with considerably older Congressman Nicholas Longworth. Teddy & Alice suggested Roosevelt's problems with his daughter Alice stemmed from an obsession with his late first wife. Neither the psychoanalysis nor the many familiar Sousa tunes combined with new lyrics scored with the critics or audiences. Frank Rich in the New York Times compared it to "a halftime show at a high-school football game" and chastised the producers for using Alan Jay Lerner's name: "If the show's creators had any respect for the dead, they would not give the defenseless Mr. Lerner partial artistic 'credit’ for such a bad show. After eleven previews, the Broadway production, directed by John Driver and choreographed by Donald Saddler, opened on November 12, 1987 at the Minskoff Theatre, where it ran for just 77 performances. Nicely filmed from the balcony. Some generational loss. A

Tell Me On A Sunday (in Concert)
1979 ~ BBC TV
Marti Webb.
This is a semi-staged concert of the original "Tell Me On A Sunday" concept recording by Marti Webb. This is filmed in front of an audience on a soundstage on multiple cameras, and was a huge hit when it was broadcast on TV by the BBC. Includes introduction by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Rather rare that someone found this (and that it's in such good shape), since it hasn't been broadcast since 1979/1980. VHS to DVD transfer, slight quality loss due to age, but very clear audio and video. There are subtitles in a foreign language. A+

Tell Me On A Sunday
1979 ~ BBC Television
Marti Webb, with an introduction by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Producers copy; has counter numbers on screen throughout. DVD includes The Songwriters: Rice & Lloyd Webber 1978, Andrew Lloyd Webber News Clips Collection A-

Tell Me On A Sunday
November 1991 ~ El Paso, TX
Cristen Susong
Filmed on a tripod, very good quality. Act 2 consists of a revue of Andrew Lloyd Webber songs. A-

Tell Me On A Sunday
8/15/03 ~ London, UK
Denise Van Outen
Nice video; clean and good sound and picture; camcorder shot A

The Ten Commandments: The Spectacle Musical
December 2004 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Val Kilmer, Lauren Kennedy, Kevin Earley, Adam Lambert, Michelle Pereira, Alisan Porter
Pro shot, broadcast quality video of the LA flop, produced with the expectation that the show would be a hit and the video would be sold while it toured the US. Great video! A+

6/4/05 ~ New York
Elizabeth Marvel, Adam Alexi-Malle, Alex Draper, Laura Esterman, Anna George, Darren Goldstein, Daniel Oreskes, Lola Pashalinski, R.E. Rodgers
Missing first 30 seconds and shot around a head with a cover up for about a minute; nice picture and sound. A

Texaco Star Theatre

1/20/53 ~ NBC-TV

Milton Berle, with guests The Andrew Sisters, and Gertrude Berg and Arlene McQuade from the TV show "The Goldberg’s". This episode was broadcast on the night of Eisenhower’s inauguration, so there are many references to it, including an opening musical number. In black and white. 1 hour, complete with original commercials. A-

Texas Chainsaw Manicurist
1985 ~ Seattle, WA
A Seattle repertory Theatre Production. Performed cabaret
style. Hilarious and odd little musical. A

Thanksgiving Day Parade
Legally Blonde, Young Frankenstein, Xanadu, Mary Poppins, Rockettes, Lea Michelle and Jonathon Groff, Hairspray (Movie Cast), Sarah Brightman, Micheal Feinstein and Anika Noni Rose, Spamalot

That Day We Sang
12/26/14 ~ UK
Michael Ball (Tubby), Imelda Staunton (Enid), Conleth Hill (Frank), Lyndsey Marshal (Sal), Daniel Rigby (Mr. Kirkby), Sophie Thompson (Dorothy), Dorothy Atkinson (Gertrude Riall), Vincent Franklin (Mr. Stanley), Jessica Gunning (Pauline), Malcolm Sinclair (Sir Hamilton Harty), Harvey Chaisty (Jimmy), Ian Lavender (Commissionaire), Christopher Jordan (Gavin), Jessica Casby (Young Enid), Sam Burles (Hewitt), Tracy Gabbitas (Evelyn), Alan Bentley (Gatekeeper), Helena Rochester (Edna), Charles De'Ath, Michael Jibson, Kaya Brady, Marvyn Dickinson, David Swift, Pam Shaw, Leslie Hattersley, Carl Sanderson, Mark Rowlands, Robert Maxfield, Gareth Ronan, Caroline Featherstone, Jo Gerard
BBC Broadcast. TV musical by Victoria Wood (1.5 hours long); includes making of (1 hour long)

They're Playing Our Song
1981 ~ Broadway
Victor Garber, Marsha Skagg
Surprisingly good video with nice picture and sound for a video of its age; steady cam shot of the stage but close A-

They're Playing Our Song
10/2/10 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Jason Alexander, Stephanie J. Block, Daniel Guzman, Jamey Hood, Christa Jackson, Dennis Kyle, Sylvia MacCalla, Christopher Zenner
A couple quick dropouts during applauses, but no significant blackouts; one head that blocks a small portion of the front of the stage, but it's rarely noticable; sound is a little quiet during the dialogue scenes, but very nice overall. 2 DVDs A

13: A New Musical
5/15/08 ~ Pre-Broadway Goodspeed
Graham Phillips, Aaron Simon Gross, Allie Trimm, Eric Nelsen, Elizabeth Egan Gillies, Ashton Smallings, Kyle Crews, Alberto Calderon, Eamon Foley, Joey LaVarco, Ariana Grande, Caitlin Gann, Taylor Bright.
Filmed fifteen feet away from the stage, heads, seats and other random things in frame, mostly clear shot center stage with extreme sides out of view, some cover-ups and some action not caught in the frame, dvd is a bag of mixed nuts but still worth having, very cute show. Also can be mistakenly dated 5/22/08. C

13: The Musical
9/16/08 ~ Broadway
Graham Phillips, Allie Trimm, Eric M. Nelson, Delaney  Moro, Aaron Simon Gross, Malik Hammond, Al Calderon.
Wonderful, fun  and cute show. The young actors are very talented and great  performers. High engery from the audience as it was the first  performance. Beautiful capture and a solid show with terrific music by Jason Robert Brown.

13: A New Musical
12/29/08 ~ Broadway
Graham Phillips, Allie Trimm, Eric M. Nelson, Delaney Moro, Aaron Simon Gross, Malik Hammond, Al Calderon
Good capture with only a few quick cover-ups here and there. Some heads in the way but did best to shoot around. A few minutes in the middle of the show missing during the "Movie Theatre" scene. B+

13 - The Musical
March 2013 ~ East Sussex, England
Andy Rose, Sarah Coleman. Jack Edwards, Glenn Siggins, Jade Vause, Polly Dempsey, Jordan Standell, Luke Willard, Ryan Harman, Craig Duncan, Gaia Hancock, Laura Waller
A Bexhill College Production; very well filmed with great picture and sound; great production of this show A

13 The Musical
2014 ~ Ramaz School
Evan: Jeremy Gruen, Patrice: Lillian Pravada, Archie: Jack Hartstein, Brett: Ben Schiffm, Lucy: Malka Chu, Kendra: Emily Stemp, Malcolm: Max Deutsch
Pro-Shot. A very well done Jewish high school production in New York

13 Daughters
1969 ~ Hawaii
Napua Stevens; Kam Fong Chun; Richard Kuga; Augustina Santiago; Tamara Long; Mark R. Dara; James Kaina; Robin Rankin; Lordie Kaulili; Jack Annon; Sherry De Boer; Granville Abbott; Wildred Richardson; Irwin Lane; Daniel Klein; George Channing; Joseph Lau
RARE! World premiere performance. Eventually this show made its way to Broadway (with Don Ameche in the lead role) but closed after only 28 performances. Multi camera, pro shot, some generational loss. B/C

The 39 Steps
6/13/09 ~ Broadway
Sean Mahon, Jill Paice, Jeffrey Kuhn,Arnie Burton
Very nice rare video, filmed from the left side with clear sound and good picture throughout

33 Variations
2/27/11 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Jane Fonda, Samantha Mathis, Greg Keller, Don Amendolia, Grant James Varjas, Zach Grenier, Susan Kellermann, Scott Barrow, Caitlin O'Connell, Yvonne Woods Slaten
A couple quick dropouts, but no major blackouts; some washout in the wides, but nothing too terrible; no obstructions from heads or railings; excellent sound 2 DVDs A-

1998 ~ Berlin
Bolk, Junge, Graw, Polster, Wintergrün, Rieckhoff

This Is How It Goes
3/12/05 ~ New York
Ben Stiller, Amanda Peet, Jeffrey Wright
A little spotlight washout in the first 7 minutes and one minuteofthe show is missing (camera problems) but great sound and picture throughout A-

This Is Your Song-Broadway Salutes Elton John
4/3/02 ~ New York
Adam Pascal, Heather Headley, Sherie Rene Scott, Andrea McArdle, Linda Eder and others
BCEFA Pro Shot benefit concert B

The Thorn
1994 ~ Film
Bette Midler's first debut film, also featuring John Bassberger.
Bette Midler portrays the Virgin Mary in a biting satire of the commercialization of religion.  Originally titled The Divine Mr. J (where Bette received her Divine Miss M nickname) So bad it's great. A-

Thoroughly Modern Millie
2001 ~ La Jolla preview
Sutton Foster, Sarah Uriarte Berry, Jim Stanek, Marc Kudisch, Tonya Pinkins, Pat Carroll
Shot from the front row, so it's at a weird angle. VERY different from Broadway version. B

Thoroughly Modern Millie
4/13/02 ~ Broadway
Sutton Foster, Gavin Creel, Marc Kudisch, Sheryl Lee Ralph
Nice picture and sound with good zooms and stage shots; A

Thoroughly Modern Millie
5/10/02 ~ Broadway
Sutton Foster, Harriet Harris, Marc Kudisch, Gavin Creel
Fantastic video includes 2002 Drama Desk performance by Sutton Foster A+

Thoroughly Modern Millie
9/8/02 ~ Broadway
Catherine Brunell (u/s), Gavin Creel, Marc Kudisch, Harriet Harris, Sharon Scruggs (u/s)
Nice picture; some spotlight washout; very good sound and zooms throughout. A

Thoroughly Modern Millie
September 2003 ~ National Tour
Darcie Roberts, Matt Cavenaugh, Diana Kaarina, Pamela Isaacs,Hollis Reszik
Excellent video; not many closeups but not many cover-upseither; good picture and sound A

Thoroughly Modern Millie
12/2/03 ~ London
Samantha Holden, Maureen Lipman, Sheila Ferguson, Craig Urbani, Mark McGee, Helen Baker, Rachel Izen
Full show, filmed from the orchestra. A little obstruction on the right side, especially when wide shot, but really nothing major. Lots of zooms and close-ups; digital video A

Thoroughly Modern Millie
1/3/04 ~ Houston, TX
Juliana Ashley Hansen (u/s), Diana Kaarina, Pamela Isaacs
Excellent video, A

Thoroughly Modern Millie
1/7/04 ~ Florida
Darcie Roberts, Diana Kaarina, Pamela Isaacs, Hollis Reszik, Sean Allan Krill, Joey Sorge
Nicer picture and sound and filmed from the center. A

Thoroughly Modern Millie
6/12/04 ~ Broadway
Susan Egan, Harriet Harris, Christian Borle, Kevin Earley, Emily Rozek, Leslie Uggams
Nice video with excellent closeups and good sound. A-

Thoroughly Modern Millie
5/8/05 ~ North Shore Music Theatre, MA
Milena Govich, Ryan Silverman, Terry Burrell, Beth McVey, Richard Roland, Amanda Serkasevich, Becky Barta
No closeups and some heads and blackouts in Act 1 but better in Act 2; close-ups are nice and clear; theater in the round some when the light comes from differentdirections, it causes some spotlight washout; nice first timer vid B+

Thoroughly Modern Millie
2/10/06 ~ Rockford, IL
Alex Ellis, Adam Zelasko, Elizabeth Murff, Courtney Brown, Kriste Belt, Jason Fleck
Some different staging than Broadway version. Crystal clear picture and sound, nicely shot. A

Thoroughly Modern Millie
July 2006 ~ Gateway Playhouse
Kristin Maloney, Nick Spangler, Susan J. Jacks.
Pro shot, in house camera. A

Thoroughly Modern Millie
August 2006 ~ Music Theatre of Wichita, KS
Megan Osterhaus, Chris Peluso, Kathleen Huber,Anne Horak, Jeremy Stolle, Nedra Dixon, Eng Kian Ooi, Devin Ilaw
Beautiful Proshot recording from the top notch MTW productions.  Good video 2 DVDs A+

Thoroughly Modern Millie
Summer 2007 ~ Plays in the Park, NJ
Kristen Bussiere, Megan Bussiere, Moggie Davis, Russell Fischer, Eric Harper, Judi LaGanga
Pro shot video; great picture and sound 2 DVDs A

Thou Shalt Not
9/30/01 ~ Broadway
Craig Bierko, Kate Levering, Norbert Leo Butz, Debra Monk, Leo Burmester
Digital, shot from front row mezzanine, so the bottom of the stage is cut off at times, but not too distractingly. Terrible show, great video. Includes cut songs "Such Love" and "I Like Love More"; nice video A

Three Days of Rain
4/13/06 ~ Broadway
Julia Roberts, Paul Ridd, Bradley Cooper
Amazingly clear video with great closeups and sound; one of the nicest videos I’ve seen; A

Three Days of Rain
5/31/06 ~ Broadway
Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd
Digital, shot from the mezzanine, left side; one or two moments where the actors are out of frame; good picture, sometimes low sound but you can still hear it A

3 For Tonight, A Diversion in Song And Dance
6/22/55 ~ CBS-TV
Marge & Gower Champion, Harry Belafonte, The Voices of Walter Schumann (a chorus of singers), narrated by Hiram Sherman. Televised presentation of the 1955 Broadway musical directed by Gower Champion.  “The Producer, Paul Gregory, invented a new recipe for musical entertainment; the principle ingredients are equal parts of the dancing of Marge and Gower Champion with the singing of Harry Belafonte, add a generous portion of The Voices of Walter Schumann, and season with a few dashes of Devil-may-care, and don’t forget to bring your imagination.”  The show ran for 85 performances at the Plymouth Theatre in New York from April 6th, 1955 through June 18th, 1955, this telecast aired live on June 22nd 1955 4 days after the Broadway production closed.  Surprisingly, a very good show, which seems way ahead of it’s time for 1955. In black and white.  Some generational loss.   B+

3 Guys Naked from the Waist Down
1996 ~ New York
Scott Bakula, John Kassir, Jerry Colker
Multicamera pro-shot; picture is fairly clear but has some generation loss and very dull colors. Sound is quite muffled B

3 Musketeers
Unknown ~ The Netherlands
Joost de Jong (D´Artagnan), Ellen Evers (Milady de Winter), Willemijn (Queen Anna), Stanley Burleson (Richelieu) B

3 Musketeers
January 1995 ~ London Workshop
This is the the same show as the audio English Demo version. Quite informal and was performed inside a gym. The performers rehearsed for only 9 days. Quite funny and interesting to watch and hear. A-

3 Musketeers
2003, Rotterdam, Luxor Theatre
Bastiaan Ragas, Pia Douwes, Stanley Burleson, Henk Poort, Cees Geel, Rein Kolpa, Tooske Breugem, Ellen Evers
Pro Shot DVD with menu for Scene Selection, Extras including Musical Gala Award 2003, Mamma Mia and Lion King Previews. A+

3 Musketeers
10/6/05 ~ Berlin, Germany
Pia Douwes, Oliver Mülich, Patrick Stanke, Marc Clear, Mathias Sanders, Christian Schleicher, Kristin Hölck, Nikolas Gerdell, Norbert Kohler, Karim Khawatmi, Sabrina Weckerlin, Marcus Heze
Highlights. Songs only. Around 90 minutes.

3 Musketeers
12/18/05 ~ Berlin, Germany
Patrick Stahnke, Ann Christin Elverum (Milady de Winter), Marc Clear (Kardinal Richelieu), Karim Khawatmi (Athos), Tobias Weis (Porthos), Mathias Sanders, Sabrina Weckerlin, Susanna Panzner (Konigin Anna), Norbert Kohler (Konig Ludwig XIII), Cusch Jung, Nikolas Gerdell (Herzog von Buckingham), Patrick Stamme (James/Conferencier) 2 DVDS A-

3 Musketeers
12/20/05 ~ Berlin, Germany
Marcus Hezel, Susanna Panzer (u/s Milady de Winter), Uwe Kroger, Sabrina Weckerlin, Marc Clear, Ann Christin Elverum, Christian Schleicher, Matthias 2 DVD A

3 Musketeers
12/23/06 ~ Stuttgart
Rasmus Borkowski (D’Artagnan), Pia Douwes (Milady de Winter), Ethan Freeman (Kardinal Richelieu, Marc Clear (Athos), Enrico De Pieri (Porthos), Jens Janke (Aramis), Annemieke van Dam (Constance), Sabrina Harper (Königin Anna), Peter Stassen (König Ludwig XIII), Paul Stampehl (Rochefort), Kevin Tarte (Herzog von Buckingham), Gerben Grimmius (James/Conférencier) A-

3 Musketeers
8/20/07 ~ Beverly, MA
Kevyn Morrow, John Schiappa, Jimmy Smagula, Aaron Tveit, Kate Baldwin, Chad Ackerman, Mark Aldrich
Nicely-filmed multi-camera proshot from the North Shore Music Theatre A

3 Muskteers - Tag der offenen Tür
No further information??

The Three Penny Opera
June 2000 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Bets Malone, Michael Hawkins, John Massey Jr, Laura Ware, Renee Jensen.
A Production of Performance Riverside. Well filmed using one camera on a tripod, A

The Three Penny Opera
3/29/06 ~ Broadway
Alan Cumming, Jim Dale, Ana Gasteyer, Cyndi Lauper, Nellie McKay
Clear picture and sound, nice closeups throughout; an excellent video A+

Three Sisters
2003 ~ London
Kristin Scott Thomas, Douglas Hodge, Kate Burton, Madeleine Worrall, Eleanor Howell, David Burke, Tobias Menzies, Tom Beard, Margery Mason, Eric Sykes, Robert Bathurst, James Fleet, Susannah Wise, Sebastian Bates, David Antrobus, Brian Greene.
Professionally shot with 4 cameras.

Three Wishes for Jamie
11/3/10 ~ New York
Michael Mahany, Rita Harvey, Jessica Wagner, Douglas B. Giorgis
Concert version of Abe Burrow's 1952 show as part of the Musicals Tonight! series; filmed from the left with some heads in the way and spotlight washout but good clear sound B

tick tick BOOM! A Rock Monologue
11/25/91 ~ Village Gate, New York City
Jonathan Larson performing selections of his own work with
Roger Bart singing back up vocals A

tick tick BOOM!
9/18/01 ~ New York
Raul Esparza, Amy Spanger, Jerry Dixon
Shot from front row mezzanine with lots of close-ups, and only a few jumpy bits. Digital. Beautiful video. Amy Spanger's second-to-last performance. A

tick tick BOOM!
2001 ~ Korean Tour
Joey McIntire, Natasha Diaz, Jerry Dixon
Performed in English. Great video and nice audio capture of show A-

tick tick BOOM!
1/11/03 ~ Dallas
Trey Ellet, Nicole Snelson, Wilson Cruz
Shot pretty steady with zooms with occassional spotlight washout on faces on wider stage shots A-

tick tick BOOM!
2/27/03 ~ National Tour
Trey Ellett, Nicole Ruth Snelson, Wilson Cruz
Shot pretty steady with zooms with occassional spotlight washout on faces on wider stage shots B+

Tidy Endings
1988 ~ HBO
Deeply moving drama adapted from Harvey Fierstein's play about settling the affairs of an AIDS victim by his ex-wife and gay lover, took four awards. It was named best dramatic special and Stockard
Channing won an ACE award as   best actress in a dramatic or theatrical special. Fierstein, her co-star, won an ACE for writing and another went to the director. A

1978 ~ Broadway
Eartha Kitt, Gregg Baker, Bruce Hubbard, Vanessa Shaw, George Bell, Ira Hawkins, Gilbert Price, Daniel Barton
Amazing rare video with some generational loss and occasional audio dropouts. Missing the last 5 minutes. B

Time and Again
6/9/96 ~ San Diego, CA
Howard McGillin, Rebecca Luker
World premiere of the musical tryout at the Old Globe in San Diego; no close-ups and some heads in the way throughout; date stamp stays on the screen all show B

Time and Again
Winter 2000/2001 ~ New York
Julia Murney, Laura Benanti, Lewis Cleale, Melissa Rain Anderson, Ann Arvia, Amy Walsh, Lauren Ward. 
A musical adaptation of Jack Finney's popular 1970 novel.  This production has been a long time coming to New York, with workshops and staging's dating back to 1993.  This was recorded during the show's limited run at New York's Manhattan Theatre Club.  Generally panned by the critics, but with favorable nods to the three female leads and some of the music.  It is currently undergoing some reworking in an attempt to bring it back to Broadway.  Nicely filmed, but occasionally heads in the way.   A-

Time Stands Still
1/22/11 ~ Broadway
Laura Linney, Brian D'Arcy James, Christina Ricci, Eric Bogosian
First minute of Act Two is audio only. Disc also includes around 50 minutes of talkbacks and interviews. Good video A-

Times Square Angel
December 1985 ~ New York
Charles Busch, Robert Carey, Arnie Kolodner, Theresa Marlowe, Meghan Robinson
Very nice video with great closeups and sound A

The Times They Are A-Changin'
9/25/06 ~ Broadway
Michael Arden, Thom Sesma, Caren Lyn Manuel, Lisa Gajda, Neil Haskell, Jason McDole, John Selya, Ron Todorowski
First Broadway Performance of Twyla Tharp's new Bob Dylan Musical set in a Circus. Clear picture and nice sound and closeups; very nice video A

The Times They Are A-Changin'
10/11/06 ~ Broadway
Michael Arden, Thom Sesma, Lisa Brescia, Lisa Gajda, Neil Haskell, Charlie Neshyba-Hodges, Jason McDole, Jonathan Nosan, John Selya, Ron Todorowski
Sound is very loud for first 4 minutes; great close ups.some dark spots but the show is dark.; 2 cover ups that last less then 30 seconds; excellent video; includes TV performance from The View and NY1 On Stage reports A

The Times They Are A-Changin'
11/2/06 ~ Broadway
Michael Arden, Thom Sesma, Lisa Brescia, Lisa Gajda, Neil Haskell, Charlie Neshyba-Hodges, Jason McDole, Jonathan Nosan, John Selya, Ron Todorowski
Shot from Stage-Left box. Great video with excellent closeups and nice sound throughout the show A

The Times They Are A-Changin'
11/14/06 ~ Broadway
Michael Arden, Thom Sesma, Lisa Brescia, Lisa Gajda, Neil Haskell, Charlie Neshyba-Hodges, Jason McDole, Jonathan Nosan, John Selya, Ron Todorowski
Shot from Stage-Right box. Beautiful video. Excellent sound. A

1/11/81 ~ Broadway
Lynne Thigpen, Jerry Zaks,Trey Wilson, Carolyn Mignini, Mary Catherine Wright
Nice video of the Broadway closing performance; video includes the Kennedy Center performance B+

1/29/89 ~ San Diego, CA
Adam Peltry, Andrea Griffin, Marilyn Rising, Sarah Lang.
A production of the United States International University as presented at Old Town in San Diego.  Great production of this rarely performed show.  Semi-pro filmed using one camera on a tripod.  Some generational loss.  B-

Tip$: The Musical
3/1/14 ~ Grand Rapids, Michigan
Shot with a few camera's on tripod, back and side A-

[title of show]
7/5/08 ~ Broadway
Jeff Bowen, Hunter Bell, Susan Blackwell, Heidi Blickenstaff, Larry Pressgrove
First Broadway Preview; mostly full stage shots with some close ups throughout; slight camera wandering but not too much; tape switch during "Christines Message" but nothing else is lost; great video on a great night for the fans of the show A-

[title of show]
7/6/08 ~ Broadway
Jeff Bowen, Hunter Bell, Heidi Blickenstaff, Susan Blackwell, Larry Pressgrove
About 10 minutes of total blackouts, which is mostly a chunk in within the first 13 minutes. Despite that, a nice capture and the audience was very into the show. Good sound and closeups and good video otherwise A-

[title of show]
10/7/08 ~ Broadway highlights
Jeff Bowen, Hunter Bell, Heidi Blickenstaff, Susan Blackwell, Larry Pressgrove
Includes the first half of the show, up to the end of "Die, Vampire, Die!" plus all of "A Way Back to Then". Runs about 55 minutes. Filmed in 16:9 widescreen; a few blackouts and a tall guy's head in front that blocked some of the frames when the action is farthest downstage B+

Titanic on Broadway.  Host Pat Collins.  Featuring Dana Ivey, Andrew McCarthy and Anthony Rapp, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Roshumba Williams and the Cast of Titanic the Musical.
About 1 hour 30 mins or Behind the Scenes footage about Titanic itself and the musical. A

1997 ~ Broadway
Michael Cerveris, David Garrison, Larry Keith, Judith Blazer, Jody Gelb, Brian D´Arcy James, John Cunningham,Victoria Clark
The pro shot video that was used to make the reviewers reel; excellent quality with the time code bar at the bottom; not the complete show, highlights only but great video; approximately one hour long A

November 1997 ~ Broadway
Michael Cerveris, David Garrison, Larry Keith, Judith Blazer, Jody Gelb, Brian D´Arcy James, John Cunningham
Filmed on a camcorder. Clear copy A

9/2/00 ~ San Diego, CA
William Parry, Joe Farrell, Marcus Chait, Melissa Bell, Thom Sesma, S. Marc Jordan, Kay Walbye
Digital Camera; incredible video with many close-ups. A-

3/20/01 ~ Redondo Beach, CA
Presented by the Civic Light Opera of South Beach. 
Pro shot, using multiple camera's.  Excellent production.  Slight buzzing sound due to tracking issues.  A-

July 2002 ~ Plays in the Park, NJ
Tom Straffi, Matt Hagovsky, Timothy Skarbek, John Tutela, Matthew Sabo, Danielle Haber, Robin Joyce
Filmed using multiple cameras. Good clear video with closeups and stage shots A

2006 ~ Sydney, Australia
Hayden Tee, Belinda Wollaston,Alexander Lewis, KatrinA Retallick, Nick Tate, Brendan Higgins, David Goddard, Cameron Mannix,Ana Marina, Robert Gard, Joan Carden, Matthew Willis
Original Australian cast at Sydney 's Theatre Royal. Filmed using one camera on a tripod with sound directly in from the sound board. Nice production, a bit different than the Broadway version, but just as great. A

8/16/12 ~ Thun, Switzerland

Tom Kitt and Friends in Concert
10/6/08 ~ Joe's Pub, New York
Tom Kitt with Kelli O'Hara,Aaron Tveit, Alice Ripley, Amy Spanger, Gavin Creel, Billy Porter, Amanda Green, Jenn Colella, Julia Murney and Brooks Ashmanskas
Shot in 16:9 widescreen.The first song was filmed a bit too dark and the second song is audio-only, but the rest of the concert video is intact.The video is steady with close zooms. No obstructions on main performers, but off-stage singers in a couple of the group numbers could not be filmed. Great music written by Tom Kitt (including songs from Next To Normal and High Fidelity), performed by some of the greatest talents on Broadway. A

Tommy Tune Tonite!
Winter 2003 ~ Broadway
Tommy Tune
Concert show of his greatest songs; good quality A-

Tonight at 8:30
6/24/00 ~ Williamstown Theatre Festival
Terrence Mann, Charlotte D'Amboise, Bill Irwin, Deborah Rush
Good video with nice closeups; missing the last 10 minutes of Act 2. Curtain call, however, is intact and very nice. B+

Tony Awards
Tony Awards ~ 1960 2 DVDs
Tony Awards ~ 1961 (this is included on above DVD)
Tony Awards ~ 1967
Tony Awards ~ 1968
Tony Awards ~ 1969
Tony Awards ~ 1970
Tony Awards ~ 1971
Tony Awards ~ 1972
Tony Awards ~ 1973
Tony Awards ~ 1974
Tony Awards ~ 1975
Tony Awards ~ 1976 (2 DVDs)
Tony Awards ~ 1977
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Tony Awards ~ 2007
Tony Awards ~ 2008
Tony Awards ~ 2009 + pre Tony's (2 DVDs, please specify if you want both)
Tony Awards ~ 2010
Tony Awards ~ 2015

Too Close to the Sun
8/8/09 ~ London
James Graeme, Helen Dallimore, Tammy Joelle, Christopher Howell(u/s Rex de Haviland)
Sadly incomplete video begins with Rex de Haviland's visit, specifically at the "Every time he sneezes, he cures someone" line; a few blackouts during act 1, usually lasting about a minute  or two. Filmed from the back of the empty stalls, this video gives a clear and unobstructed view of the action, which is followed well, using a mixture of zooms and wider shots; no spotlight washout and extremely steady filming; nice video of one of the biggest flops in West End history. A

Top Banana
1954 ~ Movie
Phil Silvers, Rose Marie
"A filmed version of Phil Silvers' hit Broadway show about a television comic who tried to regain his ratings on TV." Interesting to note;This film was originally shot in 3-D, the idea was for the audience to experience a major Broadway show in the best seat in the house for the price of a movie ticket.  Unfortunately the film was released "flat" when the 3-D craze ended. This is the abbreviated version shown on TV. Some generational loss. A

Top Hat
2011 ~ UK Tour
Tom Chambers, Summer Strallen, Martin Ball, Vivien Parry, Ricardo Afonso, Stephen Boswell
Filmed in 16:9 wide-screen; very nice capture of this new musical based on RKO 1935 cinematographic version starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Featuring classic songs from the original film Cheek to Cheek and Top Hat White Tie and Tails as well as additions from Berlina's extensive back catalogue like Let's Face the Music and Dance. Very well filmed 2 DVDs A

Torch Song Trilogy
1982 ~ Broadway
Harvey Fierstein, Grant Shaud, Court Miller, Susan Edwards, Paul Joint, Diane Tarleton
Recorded from the balcony. Some generational loss-but amazing clarity for being almost 25 years old! B+

Torch Song Trilogy
12/9/06 ~ Brooklyn, NY
Seth Rudetsky, Brad Thomason,Andrea Wollenberg,Andy Phelan, Marc Tumminelli, Laura Sommer Raines,Yolanda Batts
Great video; nice sound and excellent capture of the show; good closeups and zooms 2 DVDs

1985 ~ Washington, DC
Kathleen Turner, Brad Davis.
Following productions in Los Angles and the Actors Studio, it was produced at the Eisenhower Theatre and then finally here at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.  Due to stage lighting the first 10 minutes are dark.  Recorded using one camera on a tripod.  Some generational loss.   B-

Toy Story
Disney Cruise Line
Original Musical created for Disney Cruise Line with all new music.  Proshot and includes a brief 'making of' after the show

The Trap of Solid Gold
1967 ~ TV
Cliff Robertson, Dina Merrill, Conrad Nagel, James Broderick, John Baragrey, Dustin Hoffman, Joan Darling, Bernard Hughes and Ruth White

The Trapp Family (Die Trapp-Familie)
1956 ~ Germany
Ruth Leuwerik (Maria), Hans Holt (Captain Von Trapp)
West German film, based on Maria von Trapp's memoir, which served as the inspiration for "The Sound of Music." Directed by Wolfgang Liebeneiner. Very good quality, in German with English subtitles.

Travelling Light
2/9/12 ~ London
Mark Extance, Colin Haigh, Paul Jesson, Sue Kelvin, Abigail McKern, Damien Molony, Lauren O’Neil, Karl Theobald, Alexis Zegerman
Proshot. Broadcast live in cinemas through a satellite feed and this was captured from it. 2 DVDs

Treasure Island
1/22/15 ~ London
Arthur Darvill, Daniel Coonan, Claire-Louise Cordwell, Nick Fletcher, Paul Dodds, Joshua James, Patsy Ferran
Robert Louis Stevenson's story of murder, money and mutiny is brought to life in a thrilling new stage adaptation by Bryony Lavery, broadcast live to theatres throughout the UK from the National Theatre A

The Treatment
9/23/06 ~ New York
Dylan McDermott, Portia
Excellent video with great picture and clear sound A

1982 ~ TV
Obba Babatunde, Carmen Balthrop, Dolores Ivory, introduced by Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee.
Recorded at the Houston Grand Opera for PBS TV

Trial By Jury
2005 ~ Australian Opera
Anthony Warlow, David Hobson, Ali McGregor, John Bolton-Wood, Richard Alexander
Pro-shot video, excellent quality A

The Trip to Bountiful
9/20/14 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Cicely Tyson, Blair Underwood, Vanessa Williams, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Devon Abner, Wade Dooley, Arthur French, Pat Bowie, Russell Edge, Dalila Ali Rajah, Keiana Richard, Duane Shepard Sr., Desean Kevin Terry
Nice video filmed in 16:9 with no blackouts or washout, and only some small heads at the bottom that don't affect the action; excellent sound and picture; nice video 2 DVDs A

Triumph of Love
1997 ~ Broadway
Susan Egan, Betty Buckley, Nancy Opel, F.Murray Abraham, Roger Bart, Kevin Chamberlin, Christopher Sieber
Unedited pro-shot press reel, with time code on the bottom; excellent quality. About 65 minutes total. A

Triumph of Love
November 2001 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Misty Cotton, Eden Espinoza, Paul Green, Debbie Prutsman, Steve Glaudini, Michael G Hawkins
A production of Performance Riverside. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. A

Trouble in Tahitti
Judy Kaye
Pro-shot version of tis Bernstein Opera.
Also includes several other Judy Kaye clips from the Tony Awards, talk shows etc.

1992 ~ PBS-TV
Robert Morse
Pro-shot for TV; filmed live for television at New York's Powerhouse Theatre A-

2011 ~ NYC
Laurence Fishburne
Laurence Fishburn gives a thundering performance as Thrugood Marshall, the first African American to serve on Supreme Court.  Filmed at the Kennedy Center’s Eisenhower Theatre in Washington D.C A+

Trying Times: "The Visit"
1987 ~ PBS
Jeff Daniels, Julie Hagerty, Swoosie Kurtz.  
Writen by Christopher Durang, directed by Alan Arkin. Aired as part of PBS' anthology sitcom series, "Trying Times."  About 30 minutes.  Some generational loss.   A-

4/2/06 ~ New York
Maxwell Caufield, Amelia Campbell
Last show in the Promenade Theatre; first 10 minutes are shaky and a few momentary blackouts due to late people being ushered in and out, good clear video A

Tuck Everlasting
2/5/15 ~ Atlanta, GA
Carolee Carmello, Sarah Charles Lewis, Michael Park, Terrence Mann, Robert Lenzi, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Fred Applegate
Beautiful HD capture of the PreBroadway tryout in Atlanta. Carolee's final performance due to leaving for Finding Neverland. Well filmed with clear picture and nice sound; good video 2 DVDs A

Tuck Everlasting

 4/4/16 ~ Broadway

Carolee Carmello, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Sarah Charles Lewis, Michael Park, Terrence Mann, Fred Applegate

Excellent HD video with clear picture and wonderful sound; very nice video A


Tuck Everlasting

4/4/16 ~ Broadway

Carolee Carmello, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Sarah Charles Lewis, Michael Park, Terrence Mann, Fred Applegate, Robert Lenzi, Michael Wartella

Excellent capture of the Broadway transfer from Atlanta. Many changes and direction from the out of town tryout. Clear picture and great sound; nice video 2 DVDs A

Tuscaloosa's Calling Me (...But I'm Not Going!)
1979 ~ Showtime TV
Karen DeVito, Ted Pritchard and Jerry Zaks
Pro shot; slighty aged but still nice A

Tutankhamun: A Musical
1992 ~ London
Sally Ann Triplett, Martin Smith, Mary Millar
Written by George Stiles and Anthony Drewe. Musical tells the story of Howard Carter and his strange 30 year quest to find the tomb of a young, unknown King. Pro-shot Producer's video. Some generational loss. B

Tutanchaman: Das Musical
2008 ~ Austria
Jesper Tyden, Sabine Mayer, Rob Fowler, André Bauer.
Pro-shot on multiple cameras. Excellent quality, in German.

Twelfth Night: Live from Lincoln Center
8/30/98 ~ New York
Helen Hunt, Paul Rudd, Kyra Sedgwick, Philip Bosco, Daniel Sunjata, David Patrick Kelly, Max Wright.  
Filmed for PBS, clear picture and sound A.

Twelfth Night
2012 ~ London
Stephen Fry, Mark Rylance, Samuel Barnett, Liam Brennan, Paul Chahidi, Johnny Flynn
Presented at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London. Pro-shot, and simulcast to theatre's worldwide. A

Twelfth Night
11/27/13 ~ Broadway
Mark Rylance, Liam Brennan, Samuel Barnett, Stephen Fry, Peter Hamilton Dyer, Paul Chahidi, Colin Hurley, Angus Wright, Joseph Timms, John Paul Connolly
Amazing show by the RSC company all-male cast; faithful adaptation with wonderful comedy; some obstruction at the front of the stage, and moments of shakiness. Complete show, includes curtain call and BCEFA speech. 2 DVDs A-

12 Angry Men
10/30/04 ~ Broadway
Tom Aldredge, Mark Blum, Philip Bosco, Larry Bryggman, Robert Clohessy, Peter Friedman, Boyd Gaines, Kevin Geer, Michael Mastro, Matte Osian, John Pankow, James Rebhorn, Adam Trese
Good video with excellent picture and sound, Includes Philip Bosco on Theatre Talk.  A

12 Angry Men
11/8/13 ~ Pasadena, CA
Scott Lowell, Jeff Williams, Gregory North, Robert Picardo, Jacques C. Smith, Ellis E. Williams, Barry Pearl, Jason George, Adolphus Ward, Bradford Tatum, Clinton Derricks-Carroll, Adam J. Smith
Three of the first five minutes are blacked out, but the show is completely intact after that; one head that can occasionally be seen in the lower left corner of the screen, but it never blocks the action; no washout, filmed in 16:9 with mostly wides and mediums to capture the large cast, but there are close-ups throughout; great sound is excellent. 2 DVDs A

Twentieth Century
3/13/04 ~ Broadway
Alec Baldwin,Anne Hecht,Tom Aldredge, Dan Butler, Stephen DeRosa, Julie Halston, Kellie Overbey, Ryan Shively
Excellent picture and sound, nice closeups; 1st generation from the master. Video includes the 1978 Tony Awards performance of the nominated musical "On the Twentieth Century" A

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
2/15/05 ~ New York
Derrick Baskin, Deborah S. Craig, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Dan Fogler, Lisa Howard, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Jose Llana, Jay Reiss, Sarah Saltzberg
Head in the way so lots of coverups in first 15 minutes; slight digital distortion near the end but still an excellent video with great sound A-

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
4/9/06 ~ Chicago, IL Highlights
James Earl Jones II, Bill Larkin, Cristen Paige, Eric Roediger, Jen Sese, Lucia Spina, Derrick Trumbly, Brad Weinstock, Christine Werny
Highlights: full audio but only about 75% video; camera wanders at times, but when you have a picture, its clear, good sound and great cast B

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
5/21/06 ~ San Francisco, CA
Aaron J. Albano, Stanley Bahorek, Jenni Barber, Jim Cashman, Jared Gertner, James Monroe Iglehart, Sara Inbar, Greta Lee, Betsy Wolfe
Some good closeups; large gap after”Woe is Me until “I Speak Six Languages”; new copy from the master so no weird music replacement; two coverups one after opening song and one during Jesus scene; decent video with nice sound. 2 DVDs B+

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
6/28/06 ~ Chicago
Julius Thomas III (u/s), Bill Larkin, Cristen Paige, EricRoediger, Jen Sese, Lucia Spina, Derrick Trumbly, Brad Weinstock,Christine Werny
Beautiful dvd with amazing closeups. Clear picture and sound filmed from middle of the theater; very nice A

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
1/7/07 ~ Portland, OR
Katie Boren, Chuck Rea (u/s Chip), Alan H. Green, James Kall, Eric Peterson, Jennifer Simard, Sarah Stiles, Lauren Worsham, Michael Zahler
No obstructions, mostly full-body to medium shots. Somewhat shaky in the beginning and a not-quite cover-up moment when the house lights went on during the audience selection; turns out to be a very nce video and possibly the nicest Bee A-

Twice Charmed
2006 ~ Disney Cruise Line
Pro- shotm, billed as 'An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story', a new origional musical presentation.

1984 ~ TV
Cloris Leachman, Jack Callahan, Tony Mockus, Ralph Foody, Frank Wirth, Ward W. Ohrman, George Womack and Weldon Boyce Bleiler, 2 DVDs

Twin Spirits
2007 ~ Royal Opera House, London 2007
Sting, Trudie Styler, Der0ek Jacobi, Simon Keenlyside, Sergej Krylov, Iain Burnside, Rebecca Evans, Natalie Clein, Natasha Paremski
A unique and intimate, live theatrical performance by a chamber ensemble of actors, singers and instrumentalists, portraying the deep and ultimately tragic love between the composer Robert
Schumann and his pianist wife Clara Wieck. Pro shot concert video with extras on disc two 2 DVDs A+

Two by Two
11/14/02 ~ New York
Pat Suzuki, Walter Willison, Ryan Driscoll, Gregory Zaragoza, Buck Dietz, Jo Anna Rush, Christina Seymour, Hallie Brown and Douglas Holmes.
Presented by The Jewish Repertory Theatre.  Walter Willison (who plays Noah) played Japheth in the original 1970 production, RARE pro-shot, A

Two by Two
11/1/09 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Jason Alexander, Faith Prince, Steven Weber, Justin Robertson, David Burnham, Shannon Warne, Vicki Lewis, Megan Hilty
Several heads in the way although it improves in Act 2; watchable video of this concert/reading but not great; sound is good and picture is okay but performances are great; worth watching for the talent involved 2 DVDs B

Two Gentlemen Of Verona: The Musical
March 2011 ~ St. Louis, MO
Zachary Allen Farme, Eeyan Richardson, Jeanitta Perkins, Taylor Pietz, Joel Hackbarth, Mike Dowdy, Terrie Carolan, Tom Conway, Aaron Allen, Michael Jones, Nikki Glenn
Presented by St Louis' New Line Theatre. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. A

November 1993 ~ Paris, France
The English language version of the 1976 French hit musical "Starmania," for which Tim Rice adapted the lyrics. Proshot, filmed on multiple cameras from the same location in the balcony, with audio from the soundboard. Excellent quality, performed at Theatre Mogador, in English. A

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
1979 ~ New York
Barbara Williams, Dean Pitchford, Portia Nelson, Leslie Denniston
Author Sheldon Harnick introduces the Staged reading from the Public Theater, filmed in black & white; rare and amazing for its time; clear sound and good picture A

The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg (Les Parapluise De Cherbourg)
9/14/14 ~ Paris, France
Marie Oppert, Vincent Nicio, Natalie Dessay, Laurent Naouri, Louise Leterme, Jasmine Roy,
Franck Vincent, Franck Lopez, Arnaud Leonard, Elsa Dreisig
New musical, presented by Paris' Theatre du Chatelet, and broadcast to cinemas throughout Europe. In French. A

The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown
4/28/09 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Patti Murin, Jenni Barber, Nick Blaemire, Lisa Brescia, Stephen Bogardus
A good mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups shots with very little obstruction, just some heads at the bottom of the wides, and one that pops into frame occasionally and slight washout in the wides; the dialogue is pretty quiet sometimes, but it's all still understandable.The only original song not included here is Bury Me, which was cut before the first night of the workshop and was never performed in front of an audience. A

The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown
5/3/09 ~ Los Angeles, CA
Patti Murin, Jenni Barber, Nick Blaemire, Lisa Brescia, Stephen Bogardus
Final performance: a good mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups shots but a little more obstruction here, but it mostly just blocks the actors' feet/legs sometimes; some washout in the wides, and the dialogue is pretty quiet sometimes, but it's all still understandable. Many changes had been made since the previous video, most notably in The Girl Who Drove Away, Drive, and Sam's monologue after I Wouldn't Change Anything. A

The Understudy
1/17/10 ~ New York
Justin Kirk, Mark Paul Gosselaar, Julie White
Shot in the orchestra so shot around heads. Clear video and good sound; nice video A

Under Their Hats
8/5/94 ~ London
Stefan Bednarczyk, Susie Blake, Peter Ledbury, Louise Tomkins, Moray Watson, Duncan Wisbey, Ian Wallace.
A revue of the works of Flanders And Swann (Michael Flanders and Donald Swann) performed in the style of Flanders and Swann's two long running reviews 'At The Drop Of A Hat'.  Some buzzing in the audio, A

An Unexpected Evening With June Havoc
1985 ~ London
Televised version of June Havoc's one woman West End show from London.  She talks about her life, her mother Rose and sister Gypsy Rose Lee and her years in show business from starring in vaudeville, barely surviving the depression in marathon dance shows, and becoming a Broadway star in such shows as the original Pal Joey. Very interesting and entertaining. Some generational loss. B+

Unnatural Acts
7/22/11 ~ Off-Broadway
Jess Burkle, Joe Curnutte, Frank De Julio, Roe Hartrampf, Roderick Hill, Max Jenkins, Brad Koed, Jerry Marsini, Devin Norik, Will Rogers and Nick Westrate.
Filmed from the front-row near the left side of the stage in a small theater, at an angle. Very clear quality.

The Unsinkable Molly Brown
date unknown ~ Houston, TX
Debbie Reynolds.   
National Tour. Great archive of the show. Speech by Debbie Reynolds after the curtain.  B-

Unsinkable Molly Brown
Date Unknown ~ Los Angeles, CA
Debbie Reynolds, Harve Presnell
Surprisingly good video, with nice clarity and great close ups. Filmed at the Pantages Theatre in LA. B+

Up Against It
11/19/89 ~ New York
Roger Bart, Phillip Casnoff, Alison Frasier, Toni DiBuono, Dan Tubb
Music by Todd Rundgren. Book by Joe Orton. Produced by Joseph Papp for The Public theatre. Originally meant as a screenplay for The Beatles, which if produced would have been their third film (following "A Hard Day's Night" and "Help"). Following the screenplay, the story chronicles the
misadventures of three prodigal friends (Orton had eliminated the George Harrison role after the Beatles turned down the script) who are victimized in a flagrant battle between the sexes. They become
involved in a plot to assassinate the first female Prime Minister of Britain.  Generally panned by the critics, the show closed after just 16 performances.  Because it was filmed in a small Off-Broadway theatre, there are heads in the bottom of the frame, but not too bad A-

Up Here
8/15/15 ~ La Jolla, CA
Matt Bittner, Betsy Wolfe, Eric Petersen, Nick Verina, Zonya Love, Kikau Alvaro, Andrew Call, N'Jameh Camara, Giovanni Cozic, Mary Glen Fredrick, Jacob Haren, Jeff Hiller, Gizel Jimenez, Zakiya Markland, Lorena Martinez, Sarah Meahl, Devin Ratray, Tamara Rodriguez Mehl, Devere Rogers, Charles South, Graham Stevens
Very nicely captured with no major blackouts and just a couple of quick dropouts and no obstruction. There is a bit of washout in some high contrast scenes. Excellent sound; good video 2 DVDs A

Upright Caberet - The Revue
10/11/08 ~ West Hollywood, CA
Performances by Natalie Lander, Seana Harris, Nick Sweet, Briana Lane, Colin Kim, Leslie McKinnel1, Julie Stevens, Nicholette Robinson, Julie Garnye, Ben Goldberg, Carly Menkin,
Dawn Sheel, Spencer Day, Caissie Levy (partial)
Filmed on a tripod with the camera pointed at the projected screen, so it's very steady and only very briefly obstructed once when someone leaned back in their chair.The sound is excellent throughout, and the color/clarity is perfect with absolutely no washout at all. About 70 minutes long before camera failed halfway through Caissie's performance; rest are complete A

Upstairs: A New Dramatic Musical
June 2013 ~ New Orleans
Garrett Marshall, Nicholas Losorelli, Alxander Jon, Brian Brown, Katrina McGraw, Keith Beverly, Sean Alexander Bart, Patrick Dillon Curry, Jeff Roberson, Charles Romaine
"Upstairs" is a dramatic musical providing a fictionalized yet fact-based account of the night of the 1973 arson fire that took the lives of 32 LGBT men and women in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The musical recounts the night of the fire, dramatizing events, and follows the lives of some survivors a year later.  It was directed by Zachary McCallum, with musical direction from Stephanie Lynne Smith and vocal performance direction by Sean Bart.

Urban Cowboy
11/23/02 ~ Coconut Grove Playhouse, Miami, FL
Matt Cavenaugh, Jenn Colella, Leo Burmester, Marcus Chait, Sally Mayes, Rozz Morehead, Jodi Stevens
Pre-New York production before massive changes; interesting to compare this one and New York below A

Urban Cowboy
3/3/03 ~ Broadway
Matt Cavanaugh, Jenn Collela, Marcus Chait, Sally Mayes, Leo Burmester
Clear picture, good closeups.  A

8/29/01 ~ Broadway
John Cullum, Jeff McCarthy, Spencer Kayden, Hunter Foster, Jennifer Laura Thompson.
Shot from fourth row center mezzanine. Lots of close-ups. Beautiful video, even has the conductor being led onstage at the beginning. Excellent digital video. A-

10/20/01 ~ Broadway
John Cullum, Jeff McCarthy, Spencer Kayden, Hunter Foster, Jennifer Laura Thompson.
Shot from second row center mezzanine. Lots of close-ups, as good as the other video. Includes changed dialogue lines at the end of act two, and the curtain call and 'dance' at the end. Even better digital video. A

3/18/06 ~ Ann Arbor, MI
Josh Rough, Janine DiVita, Nick Blaemire, Rachel Soglin, Bethany Heinrich, Greg Pearl
A production of the University Of Michigan at Power Center for the Performing Arts in Ann Arbor. Beautiful production. Filmed using multiple cameras. Video has been enhanced to include a main menu and scene selections. Crystal clear. A

7/9/06 ~ Simi Valley, CA
Joshua Ziel, Samantha Mills, Michael German, Farley Cadena, Ed McBride, David Daniels
A presentation of the Actors' Repertory Theatre of Simi. Multi-camera shot. Also includes some backstage footage after the show. A

Uwe Kroger Christmas Gala
12/15/03 - Vienna
Uwe Kroger, Jesper Tyden, Lukas Perman, Olegg Vynnyk, Marika Lichter. A bit shaky for the first few minutes but then excellent after that. *SUNG IN GERMAN AND ENGLISH*

Uwe Kröger in Concert
5/22/04 - Hamm
Filmed from the left orchestra, very nice, clear quality. *SUNG IN GERMAN AND ENGLISH*